9/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Oh dear…Amanda’s protection is not only extremely obvious but really lame!  One guy? in an obvious van??!!!
[LOL what’s the shadow on the road?] Dotty comes into the family room with another arrangement. Dotty: I will never read the obituary again! Did you thank Aunt Ruth for her arrangement?
Looks like Amanda is writing thank you cards – lets hope everyone knows Amanda is actually still alive or they are all going to think Dotty has a very macabre sense of humour Winking smile
well, it really is touching to know that all these people cared enough to send flowers.
At this Dotty slumps: I wish they’d sent food we have nothing to eat. [are the oranges in the background fake?] YODT.avi_001779694
Amanda: well the groceries that I ordered should be here soon.
At this, the bad guy Macey shows up alone.. and walks to Amanda’s front door.. surprise he wasn’t alone – the two other baddies surprise the ‘protection’.. pathetic! Love how Eiger leaves the unconscious agent slumped in his front seat.. yes- no one will notice that in suburbia!
Hey.. look at the thing above Amanda’s door – it’s the big one that sticks out again. that’s weird!
YODT.avi_001834290Inside the phone rings and Dotty answers it.. it’s Mildred- She’s having a dinner party and now Amanda’s not dead YODT.avi_001835708she wants her flowers back. Nice!! She’s got food?? give Dotty some!! why doesn’t Dotty ask for some?!
Love Amanda’s headshake at how Mildred is asking for the flowers back. but.. typical Amanda she tells Dotty:
Tell her thank you all the same.
What a classy lady she is! The doorbell rings..
YODT.avi_001843508and it’s Macey here to collect Amanda.. oh dear.. there are flowers all on the staircase behind Amanda too. the YODT.avi_001842799house will smell in a few days – imagine changing all that water!
Macey actually checks this is Mrs King. LOL.. about flippin time haaa..
Macey tells  Amanda she has to go with him.. saying he’s from the agency.. Amanda calls to Dotty to explain she’ll have to go pick up the groceries – Dotty is busy looking for a blue
YODT.avi_001869033basket of flowers, and starving so she doesn’t question it. Amanda resists leaving till Macey pulls a gun on YODT.avi_001871160her.. [he holds it funny.. oh well what do you expect from a clown Winking smile ]
Love the look on Amanda’s face here! haaaaa!! It’s like – ugh again??!!!
Amanda has to do everything, leave her groceries, get in the car.. get shot.. [anyone remember that line? Winking smile ]
BJo- you are right- that white top is terrible!!!
Poor Amanda.. dying, being kidnapped, being kidnapped again..and in that outfit? it’s been a very rough day!
Next thing…
YODT.avi_001893224Things are looking up!!! Lee in a Black YODT.avi_001901107Jumpsuit!!! Lee in a Black Jumpsuit!!! why this day is just glorious!!!!
Lee arrives at Teldar.
He ‘came in on whisper mode’ – ROFL! errr Lee.. you came in on a big noisy and noticeable chopper.. what’s this whisper mode business! YODT.avi_001927550lol!  Billy on the radio in his office is just.. YODT.avi_001929677ridiculous! But.. we the audience needed to be told the moment Lee gets through the door there is no security! In this Teldar technology HQ which had a special red light for when Sylvia went into the red file??

Okay *Iwsod attaches her disbelief to a rope and suspends it*
Sooo much time is taken here –
Lee hooks up his weird little wire gadget to get past security – and it just looks really fake! One little metal clip? a wire?
oh wait.. there’s tricksy music playing. this must be clever! YODT.avi_001974722
Oh dear.. *focus on the black jumpsuit*
Lee’s inside!
YODT.avi_002029068 Check out Ned’s for KC’s funny meme of Lee here Winking smile good one KC! Feel free to use these pics for memes.. there are some funny ones here begging for a Meme! YODT.avi_002031237BTW- Lee goes in backwards.. how does he turn around in there? Winking smile
YODT.avi_002039078Lee does some serious crawling in air conditioning tunnels and serious folding and scanning of a blueprint.. all while wearing his gorgeous Black jumpsuit ensemble..
You know what’s funny about all this crawling around tunnels? the squeak squeak! every time Lee moves haaaaaa it’s especially hilarious when he hurries out of there in a minute! have a listen! tee hee.. Polyester jumpsuit?? nnnnot bringin sexy back..

Crawling around tunnels.. Wait a minute.. what was it that Eiger said at the start of the episode? If Amanda King (aka Sylvia) had gone to the authorities then the place would be ‘crawling with feds’ – well.. we have one very fine fed crawling- does that count?? tee heee! 😆
It’s not a coincidence – it’s Lee and Amana’s psychic connection!!! -Lee just
YODT.avi_002082705happens to stumble upon the baddies performing their interrogation trick on Amanda (they squirted Amanda’s face with water from a flower they asked her to smell off camera)
Love how Macey tells Amanda he assumes all YODT.avi_002103434the information she gave them in her job application was false – only… you picked her up from the address YODT.avi_002105603she gave you.. and you don’t believe her when she says someone took her identity?? Aie!  Yeah.. you can’t reason with idiots Amanda- you’re in a lot of trouble!
ahhh yes.. and so it is time to hear the whole of the baddies plans and motivations.. yes- the presidential candidate had to go! Kill Rojas before he stopped Teldar from making $800 million.. You are so ignorant!! Muahahahaa!
Amanda is to be taken on a ‘tour of Teldar’s quarry’ and Lee is in frantic pursuit.. he must have nearly had a heart attack watching from that vent there – they could have shot Amanda there and then.. I can just make out he has his gun pointing at them [watching this without the quality dvds- I never saw he had a gun before] –
but he had to shoot through the vent and it was never going to work.. Never mind… this is smk!! 🙂 The baddies don’t act that fast!
Lee squeak squeaks it out of there pronto tee hee! Sorry there is simply no sexy way to do that.. it really looks like a spoof here!

BTW- interesting that on hearing of her fate – Amanda simply says – ‘oh nooo’!!!
This time, no cries of I’m the mother of two small boys! I just wanted you to know that! Maybe Amanda is beginning to realise the baddies don’t really care! Winking smile

Lee radios Harry the Helicopter pilot.. ‘Punch it man!!! Amanda’s in trouble!! hurry’!! errr Lee, does Harry know Amanda? or are you just frantic with worry? bless him..
Lee radios his backup boss Billy to say the baddies are taking Amanda to the Teldar YODT.avi_002260007Quarry- Billy is on his way! Ohh hooo hoooo this is too funny.. I just love how Lee’s boss comes and cleans up his mess.. Off Lee goes in the errr silent helicopter..
Is that a Hollywood sign in the distance? Winking smile I wish! [that last split second there where we see the helicopter, does it look like the rotor blade hit something?? ouch!! could have been deadly! check it out and let me know if you see it..]

I’ll be back soon to finish up this episode. Any thoughts? insights? gripes? questions? suggestions? go for it!!!
byee for now!

15 responses to “9/10 Season Two, Episode 20: You Only Die Twice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. “Crawling with feds.” Snicker. Good one, iwsod!
    Lee crawling through the ducts is one of the few things I remember from watching SMK as a child. The Int’l Spy Museum in DC has a place for children (and others) to crawl through ductwork and peek out at other museum goers; that was a big hit with our kids.


  2. Meant to explain whisper mode IWSOD. Ever seen the 80’s film Blue Thunder? It was a super doper fancy pants police helicopter. That had whisper mode and I reckon so did Airwolf. I think maybe Lee has helicopter envy 😉 lol


  3. Every time I watch this episode I think about that hysterical fan video, “Spy Hard.” So many cliches here, it really does feel like a spoof. Well, as the song says, if you’re gonna spy, you better spy hard!


  4. So what is the difference between Lee in the black jumpsuit in this episode and when he wears it in Murder Between Friends? I like him in that scene, but here, maybe it is just the context of the scene?


    • It’s funny you say that Morley as I quite like Lee in the MBF and I am generally not adverse to jump suits…..just here in this it doesn’t really float my boat. Maybe it’s just my overall disappointment with this episode?


  5. Lame-O Protection Agency – they need one of those magnet signs for the side of their van. You know for all the fun SMK like to has with the idea of suburbia and neighbors talking and knowing your business, I just wonder what the neighbors must think of the King household. Between the limos, gunshots, kidnappings and late night back yard visitors I wonder what the rumor mill is and why Dotty never gets wind of it. And surely someone has seen Lee skulking around. He is kind of good looking and drives a rather expensive sports car. Are there any fanfics out there written from the point of view of the Fergusons (or their dog) or the McConnell’s? Every neighborhood has a Mrs. Kravitz type, doesn’t it? Maybe the old neighbor got sick of the weirdness at 4247 Maplewood and so decided to move paving the way for Buck to move in.

    The Mole, the Mole! That line is like Lee’s in the Mole! I love these little line games. 😀

    Uh oh…have to say I’m with Jenbo on the black jumpsuit…doesn’t do it for me. 😦 I prefer the snug jeans or the spiffed up lovely navy blue dresscoat look – just have to wait very patiently for that one. Ahhhh….Lee pics are floating through my mind.

    You know the whole thing about him climbing into the air duct backwards is ridiculous. Just think about the body mechanics. He can do one heck of a split to get his body in there like that.

    If it wasn’t Amanda, how did she know the “other” Amanda King fell off the roof??? Wonder what Lee is thinking when he finds Amanda at Teldar instead of at home with the Lame-O Agency protection. Damn!

    Of course Teldar has a quarry! Where else are they gonna bury the bodies? I wonder if the dead guy from San Rafin is in there too?

    LOL – like your clown squirting water flower joke! Too bad Amanda didn’t have a little sweat on her forehead – then I’d really believe it! 🙂

    I looked but couldn’t tell about the rotor blade hitting something. Amazon cuts the screen size. The chopper does appear to do a little jerking motion though – I wonder!

    Funny recap, iwsod! You’re on a roll with this episode!


    • “Wonder what Lee is thinking when he finds Amanda at Teldar instead of at home with the Lame-O Agency protection.” I’d like to think that, by now, Lee is no longer surprised to find Amanda in any situation related to his current case. But maybe that’s expecting too much. 🙂


  6. It’s nice to see that Lee’s perfect hair does actually move in the breeze created by the helicopter blades.
    I am not overly turned on by the black jumpsuit, sorry ladies it just doesn’t add anything for me. That little device to break into Teldar is hilarious. As if that door looks like it’s on some sort of electronic lock bwahahahahah!
    I see Lee is channelling a bit of Die Hard crawling around in those air conditioning tunnels. Now stick on a white vest and that would make this scene 20 times better 😉 IWSOD I am sniggering at the idea of polyester jump suit. I wonder if that gave Lee a lot of static LOL


  7. I’m still confused about what type of company Teldar is. Do they ever really say? They seem to have a lot of people working on computers. What do they need a quarry for?

    I do admire the fact that these supposedly respectable, successful executives don’t just have an underling take care of Amanda. They’re actually willing to take care of their dirty work themselves. It’s a very hands-on style of crooked management.


    • Hands on style of crooked management…….snigger 🙂


    • “They seem to have a lot of people working on computers. What do they need a quarry for?”
      Data mining!!! 😀 Ha ha ha!!! 😀 I just couldn’t resist. Now I gotta catch some zeds (zees for you ‘mericans).


    • Agree Jestress.. I was scratching my head over Teldar and why it had a quarry too.. Macey says Rojas was going to nationalise their ‘land, equipment, currency’- and they’re apparently a business which uses Technology to make (baddies’) lives better.. sooooo technology where you need big rocks? umm.. I was thinking it wasn’t explained – but I guess there are companies that have mines and create technology- we don’t find out what their technology is.

      ROFL you are so right Jestress – they are very hands on baddies.. even the head baddie who hired Eiger to do the killing is wanting to be involved.. ugh..

      This episode is wonderful – when skimmed over huh!!! I put this in the ‘doesn’t improve on closer inspection’ category for smk episodes! 😉
      For me, this category is pretty small..only four or five episodes I can think of.
      Still for just the few wonderful lines it has – got em with the whipped cream, and the ‘she’s obviously a pro’ lines? it is still a fun little romp! 🙂

      You know, I’m kinda glad we don’t find out more about Teldar – they are silly enough already! 😉

      Good one KC! haaaa Data Mining.. quit ‘clowning’ around here! 😉 Teldar is a place for serious people.. ahem.. 😉

      haaa Jenbo indeed – I still think Lee looks gorgeous.. but the squeeking has taken the shine of the black jumpsuit somewhat – I’ll vote for the blue jumpsuit anyday now! When I think Polyester jumpsuit I think sweaty, icky and.. heat rash haaaa..Actually with the belt, he looks like a downhill racer! 😉 where’s the ski mask?

      ohhh static! yes that’s it Jenbo! if that little contraption didn’t open the door Lee was going to rub the door with his elbow- he had collected enough static electricity with his polyester jumpsuit to electronically short circuit their system and open every lock in the Teldar security system! 😉 Poor Lee!


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