8/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hooray!! Back to the episode Burn Out! Hope everyone has had fabulous holiday 🙂
Amanda leaves Billy’s office and heads to the IFF parking lot.. Whoa! Is Amanda’s car parked at the mysterious IFF car park?!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001317384
Hmm people don’t need to lock their cars or wind up their windows in this magic IFF car park.. whoooooo.. uh oh.. Amanda drives off, followed by Jack Harris, who is on a mission to ‘handle’ Amanda Watchdog King!

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001351818He’s travelling pretty close behind her considering they are now up in the mountains and he has been 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001365432following her the whole way.. Usually Amanda would notice.. Hmm maybe she is so distracted by her worries about Lee?? Uh oh.. that’s a big gun..  The look on Jack’s face as he pulls it out is hilarious!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001375041
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001379846Jack shoots out Amanda’s tyre [crack shot!], 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001381448

so she stops..
and sees her tyre is flat.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001391858

Well looky here! Amanda’s diamond pendant necklace has made a sudden reappearance! I guess she felt so down in the dumps over her Lee worries that she decided to perk herself up a bit and pull out her favourite necklace just like old times! [shame she left the ear buttons on! Winking smile ]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001399065
Harris stops and offers to help her..
Jack: Hi. I saw your blowout. Need some help?
Amanda: Yeah, thank you very much. You’re Jack, right?

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001403870
(Amanda recognises Jack from the bar.. I think Amanda 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001406272doesn’t look thrilled to see it is Jack- Amanda is learning coincidences like this don’t tend to be happy ones maybe!)
Jack: That’s right. Jack Harris.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001412679Amanda: Yeah, well, it’s, uh, lucky for me you happened along …
  [noooo not so lucky! love that smk irony! ]
Amanda turns to see Harris has pulled a gun on her..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001414280

I don’t think Amanda was expecting the gun.. LOL but might have figured Jack was up to no good..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001415882
Amanda looks almost resigned.. like yep here I go again.. another day at the office.. she is becoming quite an old hand at being held at gunpoint isn’t she!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0014166832.21 BURN OUT.avi_001419085
Jack walks Amanda down away from the road at gunpoint..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001429496
Jack: Stop right there….
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0014302962.21 BURN OUT.avi_001431898
…Turn around.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0014343002.21 BURN OUT.avi_001435101
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001436002He hears something in the bushes and turns to see what it is, momentarily taking his eye off Amanda.
[so funny how one moment he has just turned his head sideways- and the next, when it is time for Amanda to hit him, his back is completely to Amanda.. haaaaa!!! ]
Jack Be Nimble!
Jack Be Quick!
Amanda hit you with a whopping huge stick!!!!
Goooo Amanda!!! Home run Amanda!! Smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001437737
This pic is begging for a meme! 🙂
I think her baseball background has come in handy! Smile  She’s had enough of being pushed around by bad guys!!
Jack rolls down the side of the river bank unconscious. Now that’s what I call a ‘Cracker Jack!’ Amanda looks to check he isn’t moving..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001442809
She’s full of adrenaline!! Amanda timidly picks up the Harris’ gun and starts running..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001446279
…Only to hear a familiar (and gorgeous) voice call out: Good shot!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001447914
Amanda turns to see Lee: Argh!!!
Amanda hands Lee the gun.. preoccupied with the guy she’s knocked out lol! Interesting I don’t think Lee and Amanda touch each other here.. it’s going to be interesting to see when they next touch each other – after the scene at the bar where Amanda asked Lee to remove his hand, and removed it for him!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001449749
Lee: Are you alright?
[Whoo this is nice, the first time he sees Amanda after the slap and his first sentence is a compliment.. and his second?? Asking if she’s alright! awh!! Smile ]
Amanda: do you think I killed him?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001450150
Lee: ah no, he’s alright, he’ll be asleep for a while..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001451484
…I’ll throw the spare on your car (what a gentleman! Smile ) and I want you to meet me downtown at Chez Nouvelle on 21st street.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001456356
Amanda: right!
[he isn’t pushing Amanda away? well this is good! Smile ]
Amanda still buzzed on adrenaline runs off..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001459359
Lee looks back at Harris and has a good belly laugh and shakes his head at what she did.. like he can’t believe how great that was! Smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001459959
I love that last little moment in this scene of Lee looking back on what Amanda had done – it shows that he is thinking about it, and that he is impressed by her! fantastic!!
The scene ends there and it’s straight on to Lee and Amanda’s catch up at Chez Nouvelle.
They wait for the waiter to go before speaking.. Lee lets Amanda have a huge drink from her glass before he starts in – she’s really thirsty! I guess adrenaline, dry mouth and whacking bad guys does that to you.. it’s a nice touch!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001475141
Interesting that like his old self- Lee is drinking black coffee..
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: Mmm.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001477544
Lee: You were really terrific. He never knew what hit him.  [Ohh my goodness.. Lee is just full of compliments! Smile think he has a new appreciation for how much he values Amanda after the slap?!]
Amanda: Well, I just acted out of instinct. Fear mostly.2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001481548
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: How did you know where I was?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001484751
Lee: I’ve been following Harris since you left us earlier at Nedlindger’s. But I gotta tell you, I was really surprised to find him tailing you.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001492759
Ah- until this walk through, I always thought this was later the same day of the slap, but everyone’s wardrobe has changed. I didn’t realise this at first because Amanda’s outfit is so similar but it is different..and everyone else’s is different- I checked! BTW now the danger has passed – she’s taken off her lucky diamond pendant necklace Winking smile
Anyway, I digress- Lee mentions Nedlindger’s earlier like it was earlier that same day! So weird..I think this is a boo boo..  I guess this is a script rewrite issue. Lee tailed Harris all night! [and had a change of clothes in his car ahem.. I don’t know!]
Amanda: Well, why was he following me and why did he try to kill me and why were you following him?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001495962

Lee looks a little bashful at his thoughts on this question.. Yes once again- Amanda is in danger because of Lee haaaa! Winking smile Plus, it is plain Lee is on a case.. come on- time to come clean!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0014983652.21 BURN OUT.avi_001499165
Lee: Ha.. Jack Harris is trying to recruit me for something.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001501568
Amanda: What?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001503970
Lee: I don’t know. That’s why I didn’t bring him in. I want to see what he’s after.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001506373
Amanda: Why didn’t you just bring him in and question him?
[Whooo we switch to a lovely close up of Lee here.. Me like!]
Lee: Ah, Harris is a hired punk. 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001511978Somebody else is…
…pulling the strings…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001514381
…That’s why I have to let him run, see who he’ll lead me too.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001516783
Okay! Ummmmm… before this gets into shipper heaven here can I say.. umm after Amanda left Nedlindger’s, while Lee was following Jack (today, yesterday who knows), Jack went to Brackin’s import/ export.. Sooo Lee should already know who Harris is working for! Man.. it’s like this scene is written later the day of the slap, and then the import/export meeting was the next day.. but that doesn’t make sense because Lee and Amanda are meeting because Harris just tried to kill Amanda- which he was told to do at the earlier meeting..Ugh! this is just plain annoying. I’ll just treat this like it is the next day so I can enjoy all the swoony goodness here without further distraction!!
*Iwsod hand waves away the plot holes*

Amanda: Lee, how did I get involved in all this?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001518385
Lee: Harris is tapped in somehow. Now I am sure that he knows I’m agency…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001524791
…He must have thought you were an agent through your association with me.
[LOL you do both work for the same company… bit of a give away! The script has Lee saying Harris must have thought Amanda was a ‘real agent’ – interesting! Glad they changed that!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0015279942.21 BURN OUT.avi_001528795
Amanda: Well, yeah, but why …
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001530397
(Lee looks around to see if others can hear.. Amanda lowers her voice)
… why did they try to kill me? [Good question!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001533600
The answer to this question has Lee acting a little shy.. LOL yes, I do think Lee has his little shy moments.. and it is incredibly endearing! He is honest with Amanda.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001536002

Lee: Well, you have been awfully protective of me lately, you know… [too cute he can’t quite look at her!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001541408
…Lot of public shows of, you know, trying to help me through my troubles and all, and, uh, maybe he thought you were going to get in the way.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001544044

This is really interesting! Lee doesn’t quite have it figured out.. as cute as his manner and answer is!
From the way Lee describes it, to me he puts it down more to the personal relationship that Harris witnessed, when really it is down to the Agency connection and her doggedness.. [get it? cos she’s mistaken for a Watch-dog!]
Amanda wordlessly looks at Lee in response to this and smiles..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001545311

Lee: What?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001547213
Amanda: You sound like your old self.

So sweet, Amanda’s first reaction to this turn of events isn’t-Ohh you are on a case. It’s – you’re okay thank goodness Smile
I also really like how Amanda is unapologetic and not at all self-conscious about Lee mentioning her protectiveness and her public shows of helping him (interesting- the usual phrase is public shows of affection!! did he start to say that and stop himself?)
Plus I like the idea that Lee’s old self was a bit shy talking about feelings and that Amanda knows this about him.
I find it totally adorable when he forges on and talks about it even though he feels shy to discuss it! Smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001549616
Lee: Ha…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001551217
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001552819
I think Lee’s reaction here is too cute- it’s like- busted!!! ha! yeah I should have known you’d pick up on it straight away- you know me so well.
Lee continues:
I guess you have the right to know about my, uh ..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001555221

Amanda: No, That’s okay. You don’t have to tell me.
[Amanda has this need to know concept sorted Winking smile Only.. Aha! Lee doesn’t have to tell Amanda-  He wants to! Smile]
Lee: You have a right to know about my job …
Amanda has a right to know- well that’s fascinating!!! Why does Amanda have a right to know????
I reaaaaally wish Lee had finished that sentence!!
Is it because she is his partner?
Do you think it’s because they tried to kill her?
Lee says Amanda has a right to know, straight after he realises how well Amanda knows him and sees through him.
I’m guessing Lee thinks she has a right to know because she knows him so well, she’s been put through enough- and given what she already knows – she’s pretty much figured it out- I think it is a relief for Lee to tell her.
Amanda: You don’t have to tell me. I already know. It’s a cover. It’s all a cover, right?..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001563229
…It’s all a cover because of this Harris stuff.

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001565632
I’m with Amanda, by now it’s obvious Winking smile but great Lee wanted to tell her!
Sooo when do you think Amanda figured it out??
I am guessing she would have figured something was up after the slap- That is not Lee. But she may have had no idea it was a cover.. IMHO when she saw Lee jump out of the bushes – having been following Harris- she could have realised then that he’s on a case.
How about you? What do you think?
Lee: Shhh. Now you listen to me. Nobody else knows. Just Billy and I. Not even Francine.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001569636
[hooray!! Francine doesn’t know?  bonus!!]
Amanda: I won’t tell a soul.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001570804
Wow.. the look on Lee’s face here: he doesn’t doubt that for a second! He 100% trusts Amanda, and he is happy to!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_001571237
Lee: Good.
For a moment, Lee looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders now Amanda knows the truth. It’s very telling – It really mattered to Lee what Amanda thought of him. He is happier just knowing that she knows the truth awh! Wow!

I am going to stop here for the moment.. Yes, In the middle of the Chez Nouvelle scene! Before we get into the actual apology part of this conversation – I don’t want to rush it.. I want us to be able to take our time with it.. and there is plenty for us to digest in the first part of this conversation! Lee’s ‘you have a right’ – is fascinating to me!!! What do you make of this??? Tux or no Tux, I don’t know that Lee has ever looked more gorgeous! Winking smile Any particular part of these scenes which you find fascinating and would like to discuss? Please share with us Smile If we aren’t going ahead- I’m happy to discuss anything!!! Smile byeee for now..

38 responses to “8/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hooray! Back to the episode! I am traveling for a few days, but have finally managed to sneak in some SMK time.

    I think you’re right, iwsod, Amanda is distracted by her worries of Lee and so she doesn’t notice Harris so close behind her. And if you ask me, Harris’ is being wasted in his current job – he should be a sniper or something with those mad shooting skills! Two moving cars, left handed – chances are he’s a rightie (only about 10% of world pop is leftie), no aiming with his eyes down the barrel of the gun, first shot…that’s impressive.

    Love Amanda’s look of resignation when she turns to find Harris’ gun on her. She doesn’t seem surprised but at the same time I’ve always thought she didn’t know until that moment that Harris was a baddie. She’s in an alternate universe from Lee hitting her and so I think nothing at this moment is as surprising as that slap. Her lack of surprise at Harris revelation that he is a baddie is because at this point nothing could be as surprising.

    Cute rhyme!! 🙂 That’s a grand slam! I think she’s had enough of this alternate universe she finds herself in and just whacks him harder than she thought was possible.

    Ok, so what did Amanda do while Lee threw the spare on her car? Did she take his car and Lee drove hers? If Amanda waited for Lee to change the tire, why did he give her the scoop on Harris then?
    Yes, yes, yes! Love Lee’s look of appreciation here of Amanda’s knocking Harris out and sending him tumbling down the hill! What a gal! Just like at the end of LOTP, Lee is noticing and is very impressed with Amanda. I think this is critical in the development of their relationship.

    Hmmm, on those script issues, I think it was a boo boo in lack of foresight. Meaning no one in 1984 was thinking that 30 years into the future there would be people like us who are still obsessed with this show and analyze it frame by frame and notice these subtle wardrobe changes. Even after you telling me they are wearing different clothes I still can’t tell – not without putting the pics side by side. This moment is too charged emotionally that I’m not paying attention to anything other than their faces and voices.

    Okay, so why does Lee sound more like his old self when he’s talking about his personal troubles versus when he’s explaining about Harris before that? That makes no sense to me. I love the look she gives Lee right before she says it though. I have always thought – and still do – that Amanda doesn’t realize that Lee is undercover until this conversation. I think that until this one on one time with Lee she has been influenced by what she’s seen of Lee and heard at the Agency up until this point. I think had she thought something before that she would have done something or asked questions to Lee or Billy to try to find out surreptitiously if that was the case. And in saying this I don’t mean to intimate that Amanda isn’t smart enough or know Lee well enough to figure it out. I think that by now Amanda has become part of the Agency and also feels like she’s part of the Agency and so has heard the rumors and has been caught up in falling for the cover like everyone else. But as soon as she has this time with Lee, it takes just a few minutes for her to see through it.

    I love that Lee thinks Amanda has a right to know!!! Yes, she does, Lee! She has a right to know why you were awful to her and why you slapped her, you dog! IMHO, it’s because he does value her as a friend and sometimes partner and he truly cares about her as a person. I agree, iwsod, it does seem like a relief for Lee to be sharing this with her although I don’t know why he thought in this one on one situation he thought he could continue to pull the wool over her eyes. He totally underestimates her!

    Lee does look gorgeous here, but to me it’s his inner gorgeousness that is showing here to me more so than his outer gorgeousness.


    • ” I think that by now Amanda has become part of the Agency and also feels like she’s part of the Agency and so has heard the rumors and has been caught up in falling for the cover like everyone else. But as soon as she has this time with Lee, it takes just a few minutes for her to see through it.”
      Well said!


    • Jenbo wrote “I think I’d need a very large glass of water after sitting opposite smoking hot Lee” – Ohhh so that’s why Amanda was so thristy? 😉 makes sense! 🙂

      BJo! hello!!! awh.. thanks for responding to my post 😉 glad you liked the little rhyme.. LOL true.. not much could surprise Amanda now! 😉

      I picture Amanda continuing to come down off her adrenaline high while Lee fixes her tyre.. and she keeps an eye on the riverbank to make sure Harris doesn’t come back! That and.. she took off her pendant necklace now the danger was over 😉

      BJo you asked why Lee sounded like his old self when he’s talking about his personal troubles vs when he’s explaining about Harris – I figured Amanda was taking it all in from the moment Lee popped up at the riverbank – that he was his old self.. so the comment referred to everything he said and did since she saw him again – he’s even ditched the alcohol and gone back to his black coffee..
      Also, when Lee was talking about his personal troubles, he was being honest with Amanda, and he wasn’t pushing her away like he had done at Neds. Lee was a little bashful about Amanda fussing over him – this is very much Lee [and nothing to do with scarecrow] – a side very few people see of Lee.. so maybe this is what seals the deal for Amanda – and causes her to smile and be happy – and then remark he is like his old self. She likes that old self 😉


  2. Poor Amanda, she does take this whole being held up at gunpoint all in her stride, Ah so nice to see Lee with real, proper stubble *swoon* rather than the fake stuff they applied to whatisface from Lost and Found,
    Love how when the subject gets a bit personal Lee waves his hands around more, as though he is grasping for the right words. I think we was going to say public displays of affection and then chickened out 😉
    Love how Amanda is just grateful to have her old friend back. A woman like Francine would bitch and moan about not being kept informed and make it all about her but Amanda is classy, dignified.

    I agree the apology scene was supposed to be same day. The whole line about someone else pulling the strings makes no sense as he’s already met Brackin. Maybe someone decided to prolong Lee’s angst for a bit after slapping Amanda.

    On a final note I think I’d need a very large glass of water after sitting opposite smoking hot Lee 😉


    • Like your comparison of Francine to Amanda here, Jenbo! And if you need a glass of water now, will you need a fire hose to douse you after the next scene? 😉


  3. Melissa Robertson

    I’ve always honestly thought Amanda figured out that Lee was undercover when he slapped her…1) slapping woman is out of character for Lee. 2) she had seen Lee with Harris twice now. 3) Lee reverting back to his old ways of being angry with her and pushing her away. 4) Billy being almost sympathetic towards her defense of Lee. 5) Harris wanting to kill her confirmed it.

    Yes she had a right or need to know because 1) she is his partner and Lee knows it. 2) she has shown her loyalty to him by trying to help him through his troubles. 3) and most definitely because she was going to be murdered.

    I so enjoy Lee being so complimentary and impressed with her so far 😉


  4. What was it in that conversation that Amanda recognized as his “old self”? Was it the whole conversation, the fact that he wasn’t slurring his words, or was it something about him trying to express himself about feelings and Amanda’s shows of helping him with his trouble?
    I love Amanda’s soft smile and gentle “hmm” she is so gentle with Lee here, she could have ripped into him. She isn’t demanding or overly emotional, she is just letting it all unfold as it will. Maybe that is a sign of her trust in Lee as well. Although I still think Amanda is staying in the professional corner of their friendship at the moment.


  5. I love the role reversal in this scene — usually, it’s Amanda who distracts the baddies just enough so Lee can hit them. This time, Lee provides the distraction and Amanda takes the opportunity. I think Lee was coming to her aid here, probably not intending to merely provide her with an opening. If he had shown up and taken out Jack, what would have become of his cover???? Love that he is putting the case on the line here to save Amanda’s life!

    Amanda has a right to know: because she’s Lee’s partner and she knows him so well? Yes. Because they almost killed her? Yes again. And also, I think, he’s feeling she has a right to know because he slapped her. He’s not willing to let it go any longer without explaining. This cover has put Amanda through a lot, and he’s not OK with not telling her anymore. I love that he says “right to know”, not “need to know”. In strict Agency terms, she probably doesn’t have a need to know, but Lee’s operating on human, personal terms here.


  6. Well I have a question for you all. Is anybody actually doing what they really are supposed to be doing? Or are you all like me, stimming and obsessing on scruffy, gorgeous, to die for Lee? Absorbed by the jaw dropping and arresting beauty and warmth reverberating between Lee and Amanda? Raise your hands if you are paying attention to work, chores, kids. Nope, not a hand in sight, I thought so. Phew, I feel better now 🙂

    The subtext in the restaurant scene is subtle, full of unspoken feelings. Just beautifully done. The nuances and meanings beneath the dialogue are finely drawn and honed. This is one reason that I love SMK. Things that are long-lasting are those that I can watch or read or listen to repeatedly and find new significance, beauty, and import as I get older. Oh, and swoonworthy Lee helps a lot! 😉 Love the closeups of both Lee and Amanda! Gotta go find that helmet……


    • 😉 helmet alarm 😉 100 % agree!


    • I have a houseful of guest which I am strategically avoiding this morning so I can spend some time here. Rather rude of me actually.. I love what you say about the nuances and dialogue. “finely drawn and honed” Yes that is what I could spend hours with….But I need to be a good host and make breakfast for hungry guests…. Ugh


  7. HI Everyone!
    Whooo a greyfool sighting! 😉 Lovely to hear from you grey!
    I agree with you grey, I think Amanda always suspected it was a cover, but couldn’t be sure..
    Ahh I see you think Amanda knew for sure this was a cover when Harris pulled a gun on her. I see Morley agrees with you.

    I am thinking when Harris pulls out the gun- Amanda knows there is something going on – and that Harris is a baddie, but she still doesn’t yet know Lee is on a case. It could be that Lee is burning out, and the baddie is making friends with him without Lee knowing. So for me, this doesn’t prove Lee is undercover.

    It is not until Amanda sees Lee is following Harris- that she knows he is on a case in all this. So we see this one slightly differently 🙂

    I thought Amanda exclaimed when Lee called to her from the bushes (is that shrubbery KC?! 😉 ) so for me, I think Amanda had no idea Lee was following Harris..She may have hoped for it, who wouldn’t? 😉 At the same time, she recovers very well when she discovers Lee! 🙂 Amanda seems to be getting use to all these surprises! 😉 she’s such a pro! 🙂

    I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts Morley and Valerie – as I always do! 🙂
    Yes shy Lee is too adorable!
    I agree Morley, Lee wanted to be with Amanda, and wanted to ‘reconnect’ with her after their ‘disconnect’ from the slap.. I think he has missed this connection 🙂 I agree, Lee is in a very vulnerable place thanks to this cover, and the slap – and he really needed to talk with Amanda 🙂

    Hey Jule, make sure you return with your helmet.. this scene gets even more swoony! 🙂

    Hi Cindy! Agreed – BB knocks it out of the park here!! 🙂 yes so true about Amanda’s hair.. it’s all over the place in this episode.. I agree that there were probably lots of scheduling changes, some scenes were filmed as ‘pick ups’ – ie. filmed much later to redo something or add something – as the boo boo with timing/wardrobe shows, I think this episode had lots of fixing along the way – thank goodness they did get Lee and Amanda soooo right!! The baddie plot this week? Not so much – but in this ep who the heck cares?! 🙂

    Valerie wrote: “ Time works in its own way in SMK land” – so true 🙂
    A great shout out to Brunettes there with Lee admiring Amanda whacking the baddies Valerie!!
    Rofl.. I hear ya .. maybe after the next post you can gush about Lee? LOL.. feel free to 🙂
    You are sooooo right Valerie- this cover has really taken a toll on Lee. That slap and what he did has affected him dramatically. It’s almost like it creates a sort of identity crisis.. and leads Lee to question who he is, what he is doing… but.. I will say a little more about this struggle of Lee’s in post 10 and stop here for the moment 🙂 I agree Lee was struggling more than Amanda – and Amanda struggled a lot!
    LOL I just wrote ‘the truth shall set you free’ somewhere in the last few days! Where? No idea.. it could have been a comment.. could have been an upcoming post – they all tend to blur into one at times! but.. hear hear Valerie.. I absolutely agree – Lee is set free when he is honest with Amanda.. and she accepts him for who he is, mistakes and all 🙂

    Hi KC! LOL yes magical parking lot.. so much vehicle patrol fun to be had in there me thinks 😉
    that’s true!! Amanda could have taken Harris’ head off! haaaa.. home run!!
    Ohh I see it differently- I don’t think Amanda was counting on her white knight at all – which I love- she really comes into her own here – for me I see that as part of the story- how Amanda fights for herself and for Lee.. so I see her knocking out Harris to fight for herself..she wasn’t waiting for anyone to rescue her. IMHO 🙂
    Oh yeah!!! Me like scruffy, shy Lee here too!! Ohhh so true.. wish KJ had done more.. but I can understand with all the hollywood politics why she did!


    • No–I didn’t think that Amanda expected to see him before she smacked Jack… I just thought that she wasn’t surprised at all to see him (hear him) when she did ‘cos she knew that he would appear at some point… but she wasn’t going to wait around for him to save her–she’s not a “shrinking violet”–she’ll get herself out of a situation… but that doesn’t stop him being her white knight. Does that make any sense–or does it just make sense inside my scary brain?

      Shrubbery? Nah… I think that shrubbery implies shrubs that receive maintenance… maybe in a garden, but not necessarily, e.g., shrubbery around a lawn that isn’t a garden. Shrubs, maybe. Or bushes. Not shrubbery. (Then again, maybe I’m over-thinking it… :p)


      • Ah! coming in loud and clear! yep that makes perfect sense to me.. Lee is her white knight.. but she can also be her own white knight 🙂
        All sounds good to me KC!
        lol.. unmaintained bushes eh.. Over thinking?? smk?? not possible! 🙂


        • Trying so hard not to laugh at your comment… 😀

          And… I think I need to amend my shrubbery statement to shrubs that have been planted (transplanted?) somewhere, i.e., not occurring naturally, like–presumably–the ones that Lee is hiding in here. –> Not necessarily maintenance related ‘cos you could have unmaintained shrubbery. **switches off brain**


  8. Yes–the IFF parking lot… that seems to have moved since Filming Raul? Maybe?

    I love the little nod that Amanda gives to herself after Jack whips out his pistol. She figured it–or, at least, something–was coming, and–like has been said–she’s getting to be an old hand at being captured/held at gunpoint/kidnapped. 😀

    It’s a good thing Amanda whacked Jack on the arm, ‘cos with the wind-up she had, she probably would have killed him if she’d hit his head!!! “Do you think I killed him?” ROFL! And she wasn’t at all taken aback to see Lee there… I think she did expect him to appear somewhere at some point. Her white knight…

    Ah, the costuming plot hole! Love SMK!!! 🙂

    Public shows of affection? I’ve always known them as public displays of affection–PDAs. Not PSAs… (public service announcements, hmmm…)

    Lee here is looking closer to season four Lee… not so polished. Me likey. 😀 *runs off to find her helmet* Swoon-thud!

    Yep–more great KJ/BB acting moments. Wishing again that KJ hadn’t hung up her acting hat…


  9. Gorgeous, scruffy, smokin’ Lee!! Why couldn’t Santa leave him under my tree?

    I agree about the continuity, Iwsod. When I first watched this I thought it was on the same day as the slap, especially since it was so important that Lee get that report done. But time works in its own way in SMK land. And Amanda has got to be thinking this is way to much of a coincidence for this particular guy to show up. Love that she gives him such a good whack.

    I think Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s home run on Jack is similar to his reaction of her using the lamp in Brunettes Are In. He was impressed enough with her defending herself then to bring it up to Francine. The fact that Amanda has had no real formal training and can continue to do what she does is impressive. It continues to show her great instincts and innate skills. She is so used (especially these last few episodes) to being taken by gunpoint, she just waits to see what is going to happen next. I wonder if she was thinking that Lee might somehow be lurking in the shadows somewhere. He always seems to show up to rescue her. It had to be in the back of her mind somewhere.

    KJ/Amanda looks especially lovely in this scene. The hair is less distracting and they seem to have some awesome lighting going on. If I start on Lee I will get distracted, have to focus. With all that Lee was withholding from Amanda before he is just gushing away with the info now. I think he feels that Amanda has been through enough at this point and it is time to come clean with what he’s been doing. Confession is good for the soul and he seems relieved to be able to share all of this with her. Not only has this taken a toll on Amanda, it has taken one on Lee. Amanda is the only one he could be this honest with and be willing to share this much with. It’s funny how his allegiance with Francine has subtly shifted to an allegiance with Amanda. And I believe its a much more viable and stronger allegiance.

    His hesitancy and not looking Amanda in the eye when answering why Jack was trying to kill her is so awesomely adorable. I agree that he was about to say public show of affection. He knows it’s there, but still is not ready to give voice to it. There’s that shyness in dealing with his emotions again. What is it that they say, the truth shall set you free. Slowly, but surely that truth is coming to the surface.


    • “His hesitancy and not looking Amanda in the eye when answering why Jack was trying to kill her is so awesomely adorable. I agree that he was about to say public show of affection. He knows it’s there, but still is not ready to give voice to it. There’s that shyness in dealing with his emotions again. What is it that they say, the truth shall set you free. Slowly, but surely that truth is coming to the surface.”

      Valerie, I love this. But I think the affection that Lee is thinking of here isn’t his affection for Amanda, which he does have and I think he knows it now and is even experiencing it as he sits at the table with her. He is referring here to her affection for him, it was her public shows of…affection that Harris noticed and targeted her. Iwsod has a point here about the affection being misunderstood by Harris as a professional Agency watchdog job. But Lee is beginning to see it for what it is. It isn’t hero worship, or a crush. It is a real, warm, caring, sensitive, strong and brave woman who knows him, the real him and would go to great lengths to make sure he is being cared for and loved. Someone who is all those qualities that he has discovered about her, and all those qualities are there in spades for him. And even though he almost jeopardized it all with his role play and his dedication to his work, it appears that she is still there for him, caring for him and available to him. Lee is beginning to recognize this.


      • And the last part of comment is that Lee probably has not experienced that nor could he easily recognize it, which is why I like the way Iwsod pointed out how he doesn’t quite have it figured out yet, and why he didn’t know the cost of his role play in the beginning of the episode.

        I am sure I haven’t finished with my thoughts yet. They keep popping up in my head…


        • Ah Morley, love your comments here!
          OH and thanks for responding to my comments in my post!!! 🙂
          I loved your idea that Lee is beginning to see that Amanda isn’t hero worshiping or anything.. she sees him in reality – the real Lee – in a way no one else does- and she accepts that: and yeah.. Lee is discovering that is an amazing experience to be seen and known that way and accepted and valued– I wonder if we could say this is a first for Lee.. what do you all think?
          ‘Lee is beginning to recognise this’ –Morley sooooo true..
          Ah thanks again for responding to my comment – yes I see Lee as figuring this out in front of our eyes! by the end of this episode there is real clarity for Lee 🙂
          Agreed! Lee didn’t know the full cost of his role play at the beginning – he underestimated his relationship with Amanda, and over estimated himself..
          Having this cover be so painful and difficult- IMHO this leads Lee to make a mistake.. which I get to in post 10.. LOL.. I want to cover the whole ep NOW!!! Breathe iwsod.. and enjoy the journey 🙂

          I love how you keep sharing your thoughts as you have them Morley! If they keep popping- keep sharing please! 🙂

          BTW- I have guests arriving today to stay for a few days.. I am thrilled they are coming – but now?? while we are covering Burn out? Boo! 😉 tee hee.. sooo I am getting in some comments now before they arrive.. and I most likely won’t be around much for a few days – I’ll be reading and monitoring the site though, so have no fear..
          I’ve shared my thoughts on the scenes in the posts and I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts when I can..
          but….I’ll try and sneak in a comment or two if I can!

          Byeee for now


      • I’m thinking we really need to petition wordpress to install a like button function for comments…


        • Haaa.. yeah it would be easier! But.. I must say.. seeing someone pressed’like’ is lovely, but it is more lovely to see someone type ‘like’ – lol!!!
          Feel free to just comment in reply to someone ‘Like’ 🙂 tee hee!

          I think if you pay for the blog site you can add like buttons with wordpress.org – this blog is with wordpress.com so doesn’t have all the features.
          Though I’ve paid $ to get the domain name I’ve resisted paying for more features.. I’ll probably upgrade once I am no longer a full time students [that’s going to be at least two years away! ugh..] oh well..


          • Wow, a big *LIKE* to what you all have said here! Amanda does see Lee as he is and he’s beginning to absorb the implications and beauty of someone who cares for the person he is, the real Lee. This allows him to be that person and grow into a better version of himself.
            Iwsod, I just figured out what widgets are on wordpress and how to manipulate them. Hah, boy, am I slow. And this blog is terrific! Why upgrade when you are doing such an awesome job?!
            Enjoy your company 🙂


            • Oh my gosh *iwsod takes a break from furiously cleaning her house before guests arrive*
              Jule – you have a wordpress blog? derrr iwsod! I never noticed!!! Feel free to email me and discussing the ins and outs of blogging.. I’ll try and pop into your blog and say hi.. still got to get myself over to Kgmohror’s blog too – haven’t forgotten!! I’ll get there: eventually!


              • Hah! Got the idea of doing a blog from you Iwsod! WordPress asked if I wanted a free blog when I went to sign up for yours and I thought, ok, why not try? It’s just for my jewelry and stuff. It’s been fun and I get to ramble about anything I want. I got a comment today from someone in Bulgaria! Totally cool! Now, no more cleaning because your company just want to visit with you, not inspect your place (unless they are like my mother…;) )


          • Okey dokey. 🙂 ***LIKE*** (Valerie and Morley’s comments)


      • When I wrote this I was thinking of Amanda’s affection for Lee as opposed to vice versa. Maybe it came out wrong, but I agree with you about how he sees Amanda’s caring for him. I would say that we are on the same page on this.


      • I really, really like what you say here too about Lee beginning to realize that Amanda’s affection for him is real and not hero worship or a crush. I love how they are both realizing things about each other at the same time during this conversation. (I know we differ on when Amanda realizes Lee is under cover – I think Amanda realizes it here and not before – see my comment above).

        And just as important as I think Amanda’s ‘professional’ development is to Lee’s journey, this new realization of his for her affection is also just as critical!


  10. Some gorgeous screen shots of our intrepid spy (and really highlights what a good actor BB is).
    I did find the scenes with Harris a little distracting because they seem to have been shot at different times (Amanda’s hair at the car seems to be longer and softer and shorter during the walk in the woods). I wonder what the time lapse between the takes was.


  11. May I just add a *swoon thud* here because I gotta run but had to, absolutely had to read the post first! This scene just highlights for me what beautiful people these two are, inside and out, and how they grow together as people and in their relationship. So major Swoon Thud! Aarghjdkghqpjhiahaknj!!


  12. I’m with you there Grey Fool. That resigned look on her face when she saw Harris with a gun seems also to be the aha moment for Amanda that all this strangeness that she has just experienced with Lee is all part of a case.

    I do think Lee stopped himself from saying “public shows of affection,” His wording flows until he gets to that point and then he trips over them. The whole conversation is very revealing. But the thing I notice is that Amanda is very work focused here, on the case, on Harris. She seems relieved that Lee is his old self, but so far she has stayed professional. It is Lee who appears to be tripping around the edge of the personal parts of their relationship. He is the one who is shy and his facial expressions are different than I have ever seen him, he appears to be acting emotionally to every thing Amanda is doing and saying. I think he is treasuring the friendship that he almost lost, savoring it here. Even his comment after Amanda hit Harris was to create a moment to be able to just sit with her. He could have put her tire on and sent her on her way with a quick explanation, but he really wants to sit down and talk to her. I think he would have told her everything even if she hadn’t made her comment about being back to his old self. I think Lee is finally beginning to allow the goodness of this relationship with Amanda to sink in and it is sinking in very vast and very far into that dry heart.


    • I like what you say, Morley, about Lee wanting to just sit with her and talk to her. I think in this situation (the burn out cover) Lee was struggling way more than Amanda.


    • Morley, I like what you say here about seeing a new face of Lee. There is another episode in the future where that happens as well – and it is very noticeable to me. I love that – it’s almost like a signal to me that Lee is changing on the inside.

      Like Cindy says, that really just goes to say what a good actor he was. I’ve not seen many other things that BB has done so my next statement may not be fair, but from what I have seen, I think this role was his best.


  13. I am thinking that she wanted to believe it was a Cover from the beginning, but it was probably confirmed for her when Harris pulled out the gun.


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