2/2 SMK Stats: The Long Christmas Eve

Ho, ho, ho!!! Merry Christmas!  I hope you are all nice and cozy and warm (well, nice and cool for you Southern Hemispherians) and hopefully at home or with a loved one somewhere enjoying good food and drink – not beans, herring and wodka with the KGB!  Although I hear herring tastes better after you’ve had some wodka Winking smile  Then again, I suspect there may be one or two of you out there would would gladly eat herring with the KGB if that meant you got to be Lee’s nursemaid for a night and sit on his lap and sing Christmas Carols.  Hehehe….



Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee

lee hit 2

Look out!  The bullets are flyin’!  Dive for cover, Scarecrow!

lee hit 3





Man down!  Man down!  Scarecrow’s hit!

lee hit 1

Ouch!  Now that’s gotta hurt!  Okay, Lee’s shot in the chest, so how does he get that blood on the back of his hand?  Did he get a cut or something while diving for cover?  Shrapnel embedded in his wrist?  Anyone got any ideas??  Or is this a blooper?


a saves lee 2

Lee’s been shot and looks like he’s hurt pretty badly.  Night has fallen and Amanda is very concerned.  She remembers the medical kit in the car and decides to go get it.  Look at the determined look on her face – she’s made up her mind!

a saves lee 1

Still determined, off she goes so she can help Lee. 

a saves lee 3

Rudolph tries to stop her, but Amanda doesn’t really care what he has to say.  A:  I don’t care about national security. All I know is I don’t want him to die. 

a saves lee 4

Rudolph doesn’t give up, he doesn’t want his daughter to try get by the KGB.  A:  I’m not your daughter!  Rudolph is stunned and Amanda just broke her cover to save Lee.

a saves lee 5

A:  My name is Amanda King, Mr. Rudolph.  I work part time for the Agency, rank GS-7 Seasonal Employee.  I’m very sorry.  How sorry do you think Amanda really is?  The Bite-Sized Amanda post for this episode will be a good one!!

ramble 9ramble 1

A:  May I have your attention, please?  She is one very brave woman!   And still using her manners in the face of danger!

A: We have a wounded man inside and he is hurt very badly and I need to go to the car to get the medical supply kit. So that I can help him. So,

ramble 2

A:  It’s awfully cold out here, so if you’d like to come inside the cabin and wait for me that would be alright. Look – voice breaking – it’s Christmas Eve. Ahem. And I don’t know what that means to you.

ramble 3

A:  But to me it means that we should be thinking about peace. And helping each other.

ramble 4ramble 6

We can see Rudolph and Dimitri are affected by what she is saying.  I Wonder what Scarecrow would be thinking and if he would be affected.

ramble 5

A:  I shouldn’t, ah, I shouldn’t be here. I should be at home. I have two little boys.

ramble 7

A:  Phillip, he’s 10 and Jamie, he’s 8. And I should be at home filling their stockings.

ramble 8

A:  And I wish I were but I’m not. I’m here. All I’m asking you to do it just call a truce for a few minutes so that we can help each other. And that’s all and now I’m going to step down and please don’t shoot me.  Like I said, this episode is going to make for a good BSAmanda post and comment discussion!


a booboo 1

At the end of her ramble, Dimitri grabs Amanda by surprise.  Does scaring the heck out of her count as a booboo???  Love KJ’s face – she is sooo good with her face – like we saw in the ramble.  Bravo, KJ!


touch 2

Lee’s just been shot and makes it safely back to the cabin.  Amanda’s all over him in this scene.   Two hands here.

touch 3


Two hands again, but in different places.

touch 4




Two more hands, plus she’s got her chest on his shoulder.

touch 5




She’s moved her left hand and her cheek is on his forehead.

touch 6




Her thumb is just barely touching his cheek and his head is now snug against her right shoulder.

touch 7

Two new hand positions, Lee’s head is propped up by her chest now and it looks like her chin is keeping his head up.

touch 8

New hand  and head positions again!  Amanda is really being very careful with Lee’s body here.  Love how she keeps his head up with her thumb and forefinger.  Her other hand is on the back of his head. 

touch 9touch 10

Rudolph gets in on the action!  Amanda has both hands on Lee in both pictures.  Lee really looks like he’s in pain!

touch 11touch 12

More two hand touching here too.  Amanda is telling Rudolph there is a medical kit in the car.

touch 13

Awwww, love this pic!  The pain is gone – or Lee’s passed out from too much pain – and Amanda is right there by his side.  Love how they are resting their heads on each other and Amanda’s got his chin.  Again.  Gosh, there’s a lot of plaid in this picture!

touch 14

Amanda is just sitting here with Lee.  I wonder what Rudolph thinks of her.  This is before he finds out she’s not his daughter.  I didn’t include the pics, but Amanda pats his head three different times here.

touch 17

In this scene, Amanda gets in another two hand touch as well as six additional head pats or rubs.  Six!  She can’t keep her hands out of his hair! 

touch 19

Lee is waking up after a quick nap.  She’s back at it!  More two hand touch and head patting.

touch 20



L:  What the hell is going on here?

More patting as Amanda explains.

touch 21

L:  Ivan and Dimitri?  Oh, I don’t believe this…I’m in the middle of The Brothers KaramazovI know that’s a book by a well-known Russian author, but will someone out there explain the relevance to those of us who’ve never read it?  The patting continues.

touch 22

Is she sitting on his lap?  Probably the arm of the chair – but they are very close – much closer than your typical co-workers if you ask me!  I’m counting this as a touch – If she’s not on his lap, then his right hand might be on her, I think. 



dimple 4

LOL – Lee is listening to Amanda tell her ‘father’ how she usually spends her Christmas…at home with a guacamole dip, champagne and a football game.  How does it sound, Lee?

dimple 5

L:  It’s a crazy business we’re in, huh?  Yep!!  Even though it’s directed at Ivan, I had to include this dimple shot!

dimple 6

A: Hi, how ya doin’?  L:  I’m fine, just fine!  Does he look happy to hear her voice, or what?  Laughing out loudIn love

dimple 7

L:  It was a hell of a Christmas Eve, wasn’t it?  Awww.  What is he thinking, here?  Looks to me like he’s thinking admiring thoughts of the bravest woman he’s ever gonna know!

Here’s another view of it – a split-second later:dimple 8

A: Yeah, it was.  We’ve got two dimples in this one!


christmas wishes amanda

L:  Merry Christmas, Amanda.  Damn, this is one of those times I wish I could have an Audio Play button.  This just makes me go weak in the knees!  It’s a good thing Amanda is sitting.

christmas wishes lee

A:  Merry Christmas (pause…), Lee.  Ahem, I think it did affect her!  That is a pretty big grin right there.  If she were Rudolph, her nose would be glowing full on!

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Peace on Earth and Good Will toward men…and women!  

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.  Here is iwsod’s first TLCE post if you’d like to go back and read her episode recap.

43 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: The Long Christmas Eve

  1. When Lee first comes into the cabin, he’s hunched over. It’s possible the blood fell on his hand then (gravity).

    I was confused on the sudden recovery too but aside from the fact that Vodka probably does help, two things come to mind.

    GSWs to that area can be written with a lot of latitude according to my doctor (writing research I swear!) Also I think what we see here is Lee being in medical shock.

    The ep has a few similarities to an NCIS episode Bete Noire, where a character sustains a similar GSW, loses consciousness almost immediately, but seems to have regained his strength more than expected after regaining consciousness.

    In Lee’s case the shock seems much more severe — his face is very sweaty and he remains conscious longer which is probably harder on his body. I think the adrenaline helped a bit but as soon as the fight or flight is gone, he’s in trouble. He also seems barely conscious (at best) when Amanda is ready to go for help.

    Then when Amanda brings the drink of water, then shock seems to be wearing off and his face isn’t quite as sweaty, but he seems fairly weak.

    We don’t see the medical care but if it involved bandaging the wound the contact might have caused enough pain to put him out of it again. Plus his body has been through enough that he’s just plain exhausted. The next time he wakes up it seems more like normal sleep, not unconscious and he sounds a little stronger when he asks Amanda about the Soviets. She has also gotten some liquids into him by that point.

    By the end when he’s more alert, he has had some food, sleep, and the vodka, and several hours have passed. We also don’t know what was in the medical kit. It’s possible either Rudolph or healthy Russian got the bullet out and there may be a pain killer in there. With the basic medical care and no longer being in shock, there are a few reasons why he’s probably feeling a little stronger.


  2. Oh pleass include the other shots of Amanda caring for Lee! Can’t get enough of those!


  3. Bjo, love how you are enumerating all the lovely swooyn touches and then throw in, ” Gosh, there’s a lot of plaid in this picture!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or just swoon!
    The Brothers Karamazov reference I took to be just a throw away line, but great catch on the names Iwsod! I vaguely remember that the book is about the multiplicity of ideas and contrasting philosophies between the brothers and within each of them. It’s been a 100 years since I’ve read it, I may have this all wrong, but it was a vey influential book for me growing up because of it’s depth.
    Here in Morro Bay, California it’s 80 degrees! When it hits 65 here it’s considered a heat wave. LOL! KC, we’re having Santa Ana’s too only they are called the Santa Lucia’s; same wind, same sneezes and allergies come with it 😉


    • And headaches, from the humidity in the teens… :p Not much wonder they call them the devil winds!
      Hopefully they clear up for you soon!


      • And for you too! Hah, when I was teaching we dreaded “the devil winds” because it just made the kids all crazed and hyped up. I often thought that I should patent the idea of a spray bottle full of liquid Valium to use on my class at those times. Oh dear, did I write that out loud? Bad Jule! *slinks back to her corner, shamefaced*

        (But it would of helped…..just saying *wicked laugh*)


  4. Good call, Jenbo – I should have called it a shoulder wound, but I’m still not sold that he bled enough so that his shirt was soaked and flowed onto the back of his hand. See my reponse to KC above.

    So how were those pigs in blankets??? Yummy, I hope!


  5. Hiya BJo! LOL I responded to Morley, and then I read your post.. oopsie..
    Awh aren’ t you sweet to think of us in the southern Hemisphere!! There are a few readers who stop in to read from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.. [I’d love to hear from you !!] so thanks for the shout out!

    I actually had an overcast Christmas day.. but glad it wasn’t really hot – that’s never pleasant when the oven is on!

    Yes yes!!! *iwsod raises her hand* That’s me BJo! I’d eat Herring to caress Lee ahem. I mean nurse him back to health.. ahem..

    yeah- you would see from the meme I did – I agree it looks like Amanda is sitting on Lee’s lap – though she is probably sitting on the arm of his chair.. Lee manages to do lots of things once he gets shot and regains consciousness with that painful shoulder of his.. I especially get a kick out of his movements in his hospital bed… he seems fully recovered 😉 Amanda’s skills are amazing!!! [That or.. beans and vodka are powerful!]

    Whoa! great pic of Lee diving!

    I like the blood on his hand reveal – it gives us a moment of tension – where has he actually been hit? how bad is he??
    I figured it dripped down his arm.. made sense to me – even though you can’t see blood on the arm of that green shirt he wears.. but whatever!
    Amanda is at her best in this episode.. what a trooper she is!!!

    This reminds me of Saved by the bells – Lee couldn’t live with Amanda dying in his place – to me, when Amanda goes outside to confront the Russians – it’s like she’s saying she can’t live with just sitting there and letting Lee die just to keep herself out of danger. What a good woman! Her voice as she makes her plea to the Russians makes this moment for me.. so crackling it’s fabulous!

    It is sad when Amanda confesses to Rudolph she is not his daughter – but.. I also figure he asked for it – he was burned out and made an impossible demand of the agency. If he had given them more time – they would have found his daughter – which we later learn they do 🙂
    Guess the agency are not complete scrooges eh! 😉

    Oh yeah! Bite –sized Amanda on this ep is going to be awesome!! you are writing up to this ep aren’t you BJo is that correct?

    I figure we’ll finish Burn Out, then we’ll have KC’s Vehicle patrol posts (fabulous!!) then maybe one Bite Sized Amanda post(what episode is next? ) and then on to Murder Between Friends.. is that okay? We are nearly on to season 3.. wow!!

    Mmmm nice! Lots of touches! Thanks BJo! me like!!! I already replied to Morley regarding the touching so I’ll say no more on this – other than: Love it!!

    The Brothers Karamazov is a novel by Dostoevsky – I haven’t read it so I’m not much help.. It’s a big dramatic Russian story.. tragedy, love the usual! 😉 But two of the main Russian characters are brothers called.. you guessed it: Ivan Karamazov and Dimitri Karamazov.. smk loves it’s little literary or film classic references.. I think that is why Lee’s line when he first hears Amanda say the names of the Russians, is: ‘Ivan and Dimitri? Oh I don’t believe this.. I’m in the middle of The Brothers Karamazov’
    Wikipedia has a run down of the plot.

    Wow.. those are some mighty fine dimple shots you have there BJo – thanks for the lovely Christmas present!! Lee toasting Amanda with his injured shoulder?? Uhhh huhhhh….

    I think part of the reason for Amanda’s huge smile at the end on the phone is- Lee called her – wow!! He is saying thanks in his way (IMHO) and .. even better – he wishes her Merry Christmas- Amanda knows that Lee doesn’t do that sentimental stuff from their conversation in the car.. “just like any other day of the year”? No it isn’t! He called her and said ‘Merry Christmas’ – Amanda is happy because it shows Lee has been touched by the events of their Christmas Eve – and what they shared.
    Well.. this is my interpretation of it!

    Thanks BJo!!! Really enjoyed your dimples err I mean stats on this episode!!! 🙂


    • Hey iwsod – lots going on tonight -the comments are flying! Just wanted to get a few things down first though in response to your comment. I did not know about New Zealand and South Africa – cool!

      Yes, KJ’s crackling voice is amazing – she does such a good job in that entire scene! It is only a little sad to me that she confesses that she’s not Rudolph’s daughter. You’re right – he did ask for it by putting the Agency in an impossible situation. I’m glad she does it and I’ll reveal a little bit – I don’t think she is really that sorry about it IMHO. And yes, I believe I did say I’d go up to TLCE with the BSA posts. But if there is anyone out there who really, really wants that episode, speak up and they can have it!

      Ahhh, thanks for the Brothers Karamazov explanation – makes sense. I wonder if they plot has any similarities or if it’s just the names of the two Ruskies?

      Thank you for the compliment on the screen caps! They are fun to try to get just right! It truly is a sacrifice to watch up close over and over again for Lee’s dimples….LOL.

      Oh dear, it’s now my turn to be the buzzkill. Amanda calls Lee. Yup, I even went back and checked. After she sends the boys off to wake up Dotty, she pulls Lee’s number out of her back pocket and then gets her phone and dials his number….sorry! I do think that Lee has for sure been touched by their Christmas Eve together though!


      • hahaaaa!! You buzzkill BJo!!!! 😉

        Nah.. you aren’t.. me thinking he had called wasn’t the best part – to me it was most moving that he wished her a Merry Christmas – you can’t take that away from me!!! 🙂


      • One more comment….maybe….. I think Amanda is sorry, not that she told Rudolph the truth, but that she was part of the whole deception and for what Rudolph was going to feel as a result of her honesty.

        We study Bros. Karamazov in our curriculum and I know there is something about redemption and grace and families in there, but I can’t bring up the finer points right now. I will look at my Teacher’s manual and see if there is anything pertinent later. Yup, Dimple Fog, Christmas fog…whatever. I should probably go to bed.


    • Overcast Christmas Day, huh? 😦
      We’re having Santa Anas here in Sandy Eggo, so it was probably about as warm here today as it was at home in NZ yesterday. :p Only the humidity would’ve been different. *rolls eyes*


  6. Haven’t had time to do anything but look at the photos *swoon thud*
    A heartfelt thanks BJo! 🙂


  7. You know, I was looking at those shots of the tag and I thought of what Amanda said after Lee tackled her earlier in the episode. Something about it changing their professional relationship. But that “professional relationship” did get changed a bit here in this episode by the way she cared for him and took care of the situation in the cabin. Jus kind of funny to think about as he toasts with champagne there. Actually those two never had purely a professional relationship did they?


    • I’m intrigued by what you say here, Morley. I think my initial reaction is to think they did have a purely professional relationship until SBTBells. At least that’s what I’m thinking without going back and looking at things. Why do you say they never had a purely professional relationship? Maybe I’m in just in the fog of Christmas….


      • I guess I don’t think it was purely professional ever because Amanda from the get go was interested in “helping” Lee. It wasn’t a job opportunity until TGTN for her. And Lee was emotionally responding to Amanda almost from the beginning. My mind keeps going to their conversation at the Jefferson Memorial. That was not a purely professional exchange. Lee wanted it to be, but he couldn’t keep himself there. He was opening up all over the place. Like an old suit whose seems keep bursting even if you try not to move (I don’t know where that illustration came from, it just popped in my head). I guess that is what is so compelling to watch, huh? The two of them being very personal even when they are trying to be purely professional.

        I think that is what their touching and lack of personal space is also screaming to us. And even though Lee may not be 100% aware what is happening to him there in his fog of pain, I do think he is able to rest and let Amanda care for him. I agree that if he wasn’t in a fog he would not have let Amanda care so tenderly. It even seems to me as though he is fighting with himself as she strokes his hair later on. It is tenderness that he hasn’t experienced since he was 4. I am sure that the larger reaction is discomfort but there is a part of him that is craving it. He has successfully kept that part of him under lock for so long, but Amanda has opened Pandora’s box for Lee. It must be some combination of her mothering and her womanhood along with her ability to pursue this line of work that undoes him. “Poor thing.”
        BJo, you asked why people do this, why they are so contradictory. I bet Iwsod has all the terms for it. For some reason I think of it as a “man who walks alongside of himself.” That may be hard to explain, but I will try (from my Christmas Fog.) Have you ever wanted something so bad that you are more afraid of the disappointment you will feel if it doesn’t work out, or you can’t get what you want than you are of not actually getting it. So you spend a lot of energy pretending you don’t want it and are ok without it than you do trying to get it. Convoluted, huh? So somehow you become one person while deep inside you are another. I think that is Lee. He really does want connection and deep personal intimacy with another caring, loving person. But he has never really had it and every time he has taken a step anywhere near it, it has been ripped from him. So he has pretended it isn’t for him and he has taken on the persona of a risk taking playboy bachelor and he says he is happy with it. Only problem is he has met Amanda and Amanda has the “magic mirror” and she keeps showing Lee the reflection of the real Lee. Like I am fond of thinking, “poor Lee.” Contradiction just oozes from his pores.


        • Hey Morley, that’s not bad in a post Christmas fog 😉 seriously, these comments of yours are great!

          I like your insights too Valerie.. heartily agree from the start they have been personally involved..
          ‘poor thing’ – whaahahaha! Morley that’s funny!! Are you still thinking of Burn Out? 😉 I am totally absorbed in it.. am looking forward to picking that discussion back up again..
          I’ve even made references to conflicting actions/beliefs which can be contradictory.. so I won’t get into that here – other than to say I loved how you described it Morley..
          Lee’s journey is a real victory of the human heart..


          • yup, Burn Out. TLCE is actually a great companion to our discussions of Burn out. The trust and caring touch juxtaposed with the slap and Amanda’s recoil. Add that to the drama of the scenes we haven’t gotten to yet and compare it to the high drama and the way Amanda is willing to put herself in danger in TLCE. They compliment each other nicely and it will be fun to move on with Burn Out after having spending time revisiting this one. Thanks BJo!


        • Okay, I need a more than like button here!! Awesomeness, Morley! What Christmas fog?


        • Holy @!#@%, Morley! Wow. All I can say is that I’m glad I asked. If this were American Idol and you just did your audtion, the judges would be saying you could sing the phone book and I’d listen!

          And if you wrote that in a post Christmas Fog, I’m going to save up some questions for post New Year’s Even and see what happens 😉

          You’re amazing!


          • ROTFLMBO!!! And all my kids, who are still awake are looking at me like I have 4 heads. And my glass of wine is still half full….I am sure there could be more amazingness coming up…not 😉
            I just love Lee, that’s all.


            • Well, I love Lee too, but nothing like that will ever make it’s way from my brain to my computer. Actually, nothing like that will ever occur in my brain on its own. I’m going to blame it on PDCD – Post Dimple Coma Disorder. LOL! It’s a permanent condition, ahem.


          • Hear Hear!!! I second that BJo! I am blown away by all the comments here. Morley, at my best, I could never put it so well. We are all such a mass of contradictions and conflicting impulses. People who truly have it together are that way because they have a real solid grasp who they are. You really cut through to the heart of the matter, so bravo! “Lee’s journey is a real victory of the human heart.” Iwsod, so beautifully put and so awesomely true.


        • OMG! You’re amazing Morley! Do your fabulous insights come from living in Rivendell? Or raising a half dozen kids? It’s fascinating how often I find myself thinking of what is said here and applying it to people and situations in my life.


          • You are all so sweet, but it must be Rivendell that make me think such thoughts.. I is most definitely not my children. They all think I am Chicken Little, running around telling them the sky is falling because they do not make their beds or feed the dog. Oh well. sigh


    • As soon I read “never had a purely professional relationship” I went back and just checked all the titles up to LCE just to see if I could refresh my memory. I’m thinking that I agree with you Morley. Didn’t Lee get into trouble with Dirk from the outset for handing the package to Amanda in the first place, because it wasn’t protocol? But Lee has a reputation for not always following protocol anyway. Other non-professional behavior…asking what she’s wearing in the helicopter when she’s trying to save him; the whole who gets the bed discussion in TGTN and making comments about Dean later on; the getting a woman discussion in ITCK; having Amanda at his apartment to watch Alexi and feed his fish; using Amanda as arm candy/window dressing in SAAB cause he didn’t want to go alone; committing treason; the kiss in Sudden Death. I’ll stop now, but I’m sure there’s more. There could be something there. Still mulling it over.


      • Great examples, Valerie. And I see what you mean here and what Morley is saying. I guess I was just thinking more along the lines of the big picture and that Lee wasn’t pursuing Amanda or really considering her as a friend until SBTB. He does behave non-professionally before that though. So what you said plus what Morley said totally makes sense!


  8. I love the way Amanda takes care of Lee, so caring and tender. I really wonder if he has ever experienced anything like that. Even when they are initially becoming aware of his injury with all those tender moments of Lee with his head resting against Amanda I wonder if he has even had someone tenderly handling him like that. He seems to just let himself sink into her.
    Everyone mentioned in the first stat post for this episode how close the two of them stand together, here they are again, after some wodka, sitting close to each other during this carol singing moment. I think they can feel that connection. It is just there.


    • I love it too Morley! 🙂
      Yes I think it would have been rare for Lee to be treated with such tenderness.
      I picture Lee’s character being both attracted and repelled by it.. but when injured and vulnerable – his defences are down and he doesn’t mind it one bit.. He accepts Amanda’s caring tenderness. 🙂
      I picture early Lee as being afraid of this tenderness – it’s so unfamiliar and powerful, so he pushes it away.. but deep down, there is another part of him that actually desperately needs it and wants it. He’s a walking contradiction early on 😉
      Morley wrote: “He seems to just let himself sink into her” -Morley I LOVE this!!!! Too swoony!!! 🙂 and sooo true!! I see it that way as well.

      Yes this standing close thing is curious.. LOL KC you are a total buzzkill! 😉
      I want to see it as different between Lee and Amanda- so I will! haa! 🙂
      I have noticed Lee seems to be a touching person with others also – but I like to think he does it more and differently with Amanda.. If anything their close physical proximity would at least convey the trust Amanda has in Lee to look after her safety [Amanda leaning into Lee in the post office looking for the package in The First Time springs to mind – where they get busted, and Lee puts his arm around Amanda.. awh!!]

      This whole touching thing is a part of the story of Burn Out – which we are currently walking through – so it’s brilliant this has come up now!!!
      In Burn Out-Lee slaps Amanda. He reaches out to her to apologise and comfort – Amanda tells him to not touch her, she removes his hand – Lee is devastated.. Amanda is devastated.. touch between these two is more than touch alone – it speaks of their special connection, bond, trust – so it is very powerful when suddenly touching is not okay. 🙂
      The phone ‘connection’ at the end of this episode has a double meaning wouldn’t you say?? they are talking on the phone – but they are also connected because they are enjoying and appreciating each other. they are not touching, but they are very much connected 🙂 TLCE bonded Lee and Amanda 🙂
      Interesting.. TLCE is an ep where Amanda pretty much saves Lee and the case singlehandedly.. just like in Burn Out [the ending of which we aren’t up to but I’m 99% sure everyone knows Amanda is the heroine! ]


      • I like this, iwsod – Lee is a walking contradiction! Why do people do that? Why do they act as if they don’t need or want the one thing they most need or desire? I guess in Lee’s case it would be seen as weakness.


        • Thanks! We have competing motivations at play.. people want love, but don’t want to get hurt. They want to be cared for, but don’t want to risk rejection.. people are not terribly logical at times.. so funny – because I have said something like this in an upcoming post of Burn out.

          I think Lee has contradictory feelings about Amanda in general – which are tied to her family orientation – family is scary for Lee.. and IMHO early Lee seems drawn to Amanda’s family, while at the same time fighting it.. [he’s no bomber father!] 😉

          I love this writing.. really well done 🙂


    • I love what you say here too, Morley! Although I do wonder how aware he is of just how tender Amanda is being with him. Or maybe how able he is to really think about what’s happening to him. Sometimes when we’re hurt badly or in a lot of pain we don’t much notice who is touching us or how they are touching us. I think you’re right in that he’s probably never had someone touching him in that way. He does seem to sink into her. I must admit I really enjoyed getting the screen caps of this scene! I find the whole sitting together singing carols so closely as sort of odd. Maybe it is just the effects of the wodka, but even Lee seems to not mind it at all. Connection!


      • This awareness issue is interesting. This happens after SAAB where Lee carries Amanda and she is unaware of it until he tells her. When Lee regains full consciousness he becomes aware of what Amanda has done. Both situations are eye openers for both of them that they sort of file away for later on.

        Lee continues to leave his defenses down and let Amanda continue to take care of him. He even allows her to feed him the beans. If he is able to sit up and sing and slam a few shots of wodka I’m sure that he could have fed himself. I like how Morley says he sinks into her. There’s that trust again. While not always conscious of it or willing to admit it, it’s still there. I think it was there from the moment she agreed to take the package and then reinforced when she showed up to save him later on. I think it just got deeper and deeper as they continued to work together.


  9. Sigh… I love this episode!

    I’m with Jenbo–the blood has dripped ‘cos he was lying down then standing…

    Yes, I think she’s sitting on the chair arm… but it’s still very close to him. 🙂 (I don’t think she’d sit on his lap when he’s injured… if at all, at this point in the show. LOL!)

    Amanda *does* touch Lee a lot while she’s looking after him. It’s a good thing Lee is out of it, or he’d be p*ssing and moaning. 😀 This makes me think of something else… why didn’t Amanda go into nursing? She seems like a natural; so compassionate, so together… I guess Bedside Bluebell was enough.

    Yes, Merry Christmas Amanda and Merry Christmas Lee, indeed! Swoon-thud. 😀

    Merry Christmas to all of us! And best wishes for a happy, healthy and stellar 2014!!!


    • I see what you and Jenbo are saying about the blood, KC, but it seems inconsistent to me that a wound that only bled a few inches directly down would bleed so much to the side and all the way down his arm. There is a lot of fabric between the wound and his wrist to soak up blood. I don’t think he was laying down that long.

      Why didn’t Amanda go into nursing? Good question – she does seem to be a natural. Maybe she doesn’t like dealing with bodily fluids that much…eeeew. 🙂


      • If you look at his jumper when Rudolph is stuffing the towel into his wound you can see the blood stain looks like it’s running towards his arm. This is probably from when he was first shot and rolling on the floor. And maybe a bit of artistic licence 😉


  10. Awwww just lovely seeing this as a steal a moments peace for the kids 🙂

    The blood on Lee’s hand is because it’s dripped down his arm as it looks more to be a shoulder wound IMO.
    I love how Amanda takes care of him, she’s sweet, gentle but gutsy when she has to. Just the sort of person you want lookin out for you 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂 Hope Father Christmas spoils you all, am very much looking forward to my turkey, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets 🙂


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