14/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and Travis in the big Semi are fixin to get to the reservoir!
Meanwhile the armoured car has arrived. Jack opens the back doors of the armoured car. He’s holding a gun on Lee-heck everyone is! Brackin too! Brackin throws Lee’s gun into the grass.. Oh dear.. Just what is your plan here Lee?!

Brackin (stupid moose face! Winking smile ) gets Lee to unload the truck before they kill him. so he’s evil- and lazy.. ahem..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002481748
Lee grabs the money bags and starts unloading- take your time there Lee.. think! think! what you gonna do??!!!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002482549
One happy thought here: Lee-In-Uniform!!! and in the great outdoors? ..Nuff said..

Back to the Semi.. Travis has well and truly worked himself up into a Berserker Battle Frenzy!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002497764
Amanda’s cries have grown even louder and more ridiculous [ does this cry remind anyone of I love Lucy?? Gruvy Granny you love Lucy- do you think Lucy did this?] 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002497997

So funny how we quickly cut here to the inside of the truck and all that’s going on is Travis’ crazed laughter,  Amanda’s cries and really really loud music!!!
Hysterically funny IMHO!!!!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002499366
Travis is fixin for a fight with them subversives!
Back to the reservoir and Lee’s finished loading up..
Brackin: All right, Harris. You take care of Stetson. I’ll hide the truck.
We see the Semi-Trailer pulling into the reservoir.. then Lee, Brackin and Harris hear the Ride of the Valkyries booming- gosh.. if they’ve seen Apocalypse now it’s a bit of a giveaway! Winking smile   [Napalm coming!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002510210
Lee seems to notice the truck before Brackin. I think whatever the truck is, Lee sees this distraction as his chance to make a move when it gets closer.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002511711
Back to Amanda in the truck..
Interesting.. the song starts over here! We hear the very beginning of the song no? Travis must have it on a loop Winking smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002514114
Amanda: There they are!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002515015
Travis: Hang on, little darling….
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002516182
…We’re coming in low out of the rising sun.

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0025189182.21 BURN OUT.avi_002516983
Love how Travis bounces up and down in his seat- and Amanda doesn’t tee hee.. [only his side of the road is bumpy? Winking smile ]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002520186
This sounded a bit random to me.. so I checked – it’s an Apocalypse now quote! – man.. I really want to see that movie again now! Kilgore says ‘We’ll come in low out of the rising sun.’ – nearly an exactly quote.. I actually found the script on line.. HERE if you are interested..
Amanda off camera: Oooh, nooo!
[I reckon Amanda is off camera here because she sound like she is having way too much fun! Winking smile ]
Travis blasts the horn speeding down the hill..

Nervous Brackin orders Lee to get inside the Mill: Come on. Get inside.  Go on.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002526426
Not even Brackin could have had a contingency plan for … TRAVIS!!!!!!!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002529129
Back to Beserker Travis: I love the smell of diesel in the mornin’!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002529429
I’m pretty sure everyone knows this famous line from Apocalypse Now!!! where Kilgore declares: ‘I love the smell of Napalm in the Morning!!!’
Looks like Travis is definitely inspired by the Kilgore character!
Travis blows the horn some more.. as the Truck approaches the Mill.
Brackin is distracted by the Truck, so Lee seizes this chance and kicks the gun from Brackin’s hand. then Lee starts fighting Harris.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002532932

Brackin retrieves his gun, but is unable to shoot.. looking confused as the truck approaches and Harris 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002537804and Lee fight, Brackin wonders what to do..  2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002538338

Lee knocks the gun out of Jack’s hand and throws him to the ground.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002541808Brackin eyes the approaching truck and decides to get the heck out of there! The truck drives straight through a sign and in the cab, we see Travis’ transformation into cowboy Beserker is complete.. He is in an utter frenzy. Ohhh my gosh – this guy is soooo funny!!!! I don’t know how I could ever have thought this wasn’t funny: pure farce!!! genius!!!
[I sent myself into hysterics making this gif!!!! ]

Travis_yeehaaTravis: YEE HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda: No!

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002546913
[Her expressions here are so funny!! Amanda sees the wooden Mill ahead.. and realises they are going to go- straight through it!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002547414

The truck drives through the wooden planks.. and is about to hit the Mill when again Amanda cries: Nooo!! 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002550617
Travis: Ha haaa!!!! Hang on, little darling!
We see the truck crashes through the wood building, the old mill, phew.. that was close for the two stunt guys wrestling in the foreground!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002553019
When that truck goes through the mill – you can see it blew out Amanda’s side of the windscreen! Ouchy!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002557824
Amanda had no seatbelt! she should be in a land of hurt right now! ahhh smk..
The truck comes to a stop, and we see Brackin run away.. [I thought he had already started running.. I guess he stopped fascinated by the truck!]
Travis comes out of the truck swinging- literally! swinging out of the cab down the ground. sooo funny!!!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002561828
Beserker Travis is in a crazed trance!  continually manically laughing or yelling  yeee haaaaa! He is too funny.. why didn’t we see him again?!
Travis:  Yee ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha!
[Raffie, I love how you transcribed that line Smile genius!! I’m leaving it just the way you captured it haaa!]
Travis runs straight for Lee and Harris fighting on the ground- we see Amanda get out of the truck behind them.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002566833
Love Travis’ final leap!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002569436
Travis picks up Lee like he is a feather haaaaaa!!!
He turns Lee to face him – Lee seems to have a: who are you? what’s going on? look on his face haaaa!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002570503
Travis grabs Lee by the lapel, and his tie in his fist he growls: I hate subversives!!!!!!
He makes a fist and pulls back to line up a punch. Harris crawls out of the way and makes a run for it.. [LOL why didn’t he get in the car and drive off? the money is in there – dummy!]
Amanda cries: No, no, no, no! Not him! He’s the good guy! [I would have cried: Nooo Nooo!!! Not that face!!! That’s a gorgeous face! Winking smile ]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002572238
Lee turns to see Amanda calling out to save him. yes Lee- Amanda is there to save you-Again!!! Smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002573039
but no time for acknowledgements now..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002574307In a split second hilariously, Travis’ demeanour changes – he is almost reverent towards Lee haaa!!! Like he senses Lee is his commanding officer or something!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002574641
Travis quietly:  Sorry about that. [Haaa he hands back to Lee his clip on tie. haaaa..]
Lee:  Go on, get him!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002576242
Lee motions to Travis in the direction Harris has run.. and in another split second, Travis reverts back to Beserker Travis! As Lee eyes Brackin in the distance you can hear Travis back to his maniacal laughter in the background haaa love it!
Lee retrieves a gun from under the car and takes off after Brackin.. Amanda runs a couple of meters and stops randomly. LOL.. this is all a bit of a yawn.. Brackin shoots at Lee.. and vice versa.. Brackin gets the reservoir watery bit.. (whatever! yawn!)
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0026026692.21 BURN OUT.avi_002605071
Though I do like how Travis catches up with Harris- and has a rip in the back of his jeans Winking smile LOL I think Travis may tear them on camera! Look:
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002605872
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002606673
[inside left leg]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002607474Yeah the tear is about as exciting as this fight sequence gets.. ahem..
Ohh I do like this bit:
Jack punches Travis as hard as he can in
the stomach and it has zero effect on Travis..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0026185182.21 BURN OUT.avi_002619185
Love Harris’ Uh oh look!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002620920
Another glance at Lee and Brackin, they’re fighting over on that weird looking concrete thingy.. [yawn!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002624290
Back to Harris and Travis.. Harris has a go at Travis’ face to see if that will hurt..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002626960
This is very Kilgore-esque!!! No effect! haaaa.. well I lie.. actually – it tickles! Winking smile2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002627227
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002627360It makes Travis laugh! haaaaa!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002627761

Back to Lee and Brackin. Lee is out of bullets..Okay.. so can we wrap this up now??
Brackin: It’s all through, Stetson!
Amanda somehow realizes Lee is in trouble (Lee and Brackin were quite a distance from her- she must have super hearing) She rushes to something..soon to be revealed!
First, back to crazy Travis- he’s still laughing!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002637137
He’s lovin fightin subversives!! Travis punches Harris and he’s out for the count.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002644144Next, Amanda rushes over to the water valve and with the strumming of a harp [no really- you listen! there’s a harp!! Winking smile ] Amanda releases the water! Yep.. even the water on SMK knows who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Lame! err I mean.. magical water that!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002645111
The water blasts Brackin knocking him over!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002646713 Lee captures Brackin.. yawn..
Travis picks up Harris like he’s a sack of potatoes and brings him over to the little darlin.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002663530They all come together.. whoooo now this is the winning trifecta! Lee wet, in uniform, in the great outdoors! swoony! Winking smile
Wow.. Lee barely acknowledges Amanda here.. he thanks Travis though with a handshake..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002682248
Maybe we can say this is because they are partners?? and he will thank her more ‘thoroughly’ in the next scene – if you know what I mean Winking smile tee hee!
Lee: Thanks, my friend! [Interesting, Lee seems to have expanded his definition of friend! He spent half season 1 telling Amanda they weren’t friends Winking smile ]
Travis: Anytime!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_002683550
Lee: Come on, let’s get out of here.

What do you think of how Lee barely looks at Amanda here, and doesn’t say anything to her?
I think the show should have had Travis come back in some other way. Has anyone done a fan fic with a Travis cameo?? I bet they are out there.. [maybe you can list them at Nedlindger’s… ] They could have had Amanda rushing to save Lee in some way, she hops in a Taxi and pleads for him to step on it – only to find Haa haa haaaaa!!! it’s Travis the Taxi driver!! He senses there are more subversives on the loose and he’s fixin to take this little darlin for another ride!!! Winking smile
Oh dear.. this post is getting huge! Oopsie.. I shall finish there for now.. next up is the tag.. I do hope though that Travis not only got a thank you, I hope the agency paid for the repairs on the truck (hey just give Travis the cash out of the car!) and.. some kind of thank you from his country.. and lastly but most importantly – some counselling! Winking smile
Back with more soon.. will return to finish up this fabulous episode! Can’t wait to hear from ya! Smile yeeeeee haaaaa!

59 responses to “14/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hi guys! One last random thought before I have to sign off. It occurred to me that here in this part of the episode we see another example of how Amanda has completely forgiven Lee for the slap and everything he has put her through.
    Amanda has Travis at her command pretty much. He grabs Lee, and lines up a punch – but she stops Travis from punching Lee just in time. She could have let Travis give him one 😉 You know, a punch for a slap.. 😉
    but of course, she doesn’t.. there isn’t an ounce of anger or vengeance about her – the thought doesn’t even cross her mind: because she has truly forgiven Lee – just a thought I had..
    Gah! My electricity is about to go off.. gotta go!! byee everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm…I tend to think that even if she hadn’t forgiven him she still might have stopped Travis from decking Lee. She’s just that kind of person. I think if there was going to be any physical punishment, the feisty Amanda would have wanted to do it herself. Do we get feisty Amanda this late in S2?


      • hiya! yeah you’re right. she never would have let Lee get hit anyway.. I enjoyed giving it a ponder though 😉
        LOL well we’ll have to keep an eye out for feisty Amanda in future! I’m a bit vague on the future details and prefer to keep it that way.


    • Hi IWSOD, I can’t stop laughing at your hilarious comments as you are going thru this episode…funny that you asked if I thought KJ was channeling Lucille Ball during this scene….I made that very comment last night when I posted on 13/15….that is so Lucille Ball…..I would love to see some out takes of this, (are there any?) it had to be hilarious …..I agree with you that it is hard to tell whether KJ might have been trying not to laugh during her hysterical ranting of “oh no”…this part with Travis is just so darn comical….


      • Hi gruvy Granny! You’ve done well to get through Burn Out without… well.. Burn Out! 😉 there are a lot of comments and posts! 🙂

        When I read your last comment I thought you were responding to what I said about Lucille Ball – I vaguely remembered saying something – but it turns out you thought it too and hadn’t gotten to my comment yet? that is sooo cool!!!! I’m so glad you said that because I can’t go back and read a post anytime someone comments on it- and it gets a little fuzzy exactly what I wrote and when! haaa you know how it is..

        But Yes Gruvy Granny I remembered you were a Lucille Ball fan.. so when she springs to mind now I think of you! You are my go to person for Lucille Ball questions 😉 You don’t have red hair do you? 😉
        That scene is hysterical- indeed! thanks for sharing your enjoyment of it with us all!!! 🙂


        • No, IWSOD..I.don’t have red hair…have just been a Lucy fan my entire life…both of my grown children love her and now my 14 yr old granddaughter has decided that Lucy is kinda funny too…that’s pretty remarkable in this day and age for a 14 yr old to like anything her parents like! LOL : )…..I would he happy to be the Lucy aficionado…anytime


  2. Travis’ facial expressions are fantastic, he’s like a crazed maniac. But a good one 😉 he loves the smell of diesel in the morning? Me too 🙂 and petrol. I luuuuuurve the smell of petrol. I blame growing up next to a petrol garage where my dad worked. The smell of engines, cars, grease and tankers full of fuel…..heaven, *ahem* I digress…..
    I love Lee’s expression when Travis us about to hit him….. fear, pure fear lol
    Clip on ties……is that so any potential robbers can’t accidentally strangle you with it?! But Lee still rocks a uniform 😉
    The whole water thing……a big yawn for me but I’ll never turn down an opportunity for wet Lee.

    As for why Lee doesn’t acknowledge Amanda, cos twos company and threes a crowd 😉 knowing Lee is a bit reticent when sharing feelings with Amanda there is no way he would get personal with a third person around.


  3. More Travis! Yay!!! Oh and Lee in a uniform in Nature…where’s my fan…Lee definitely looks good in blue and green 😀

    Yes, I do think KJ may be channeling Lucy here – love her screams and faces! All we need is Dotty to play Ethel – can you imagine Amanda and Dotty being driven to the reservoir with Berserker Travis??? I’m not sure who would be the funniest! I am ROFL just thinking about it!

    Love Travis’ faces here! He is a riot! Hang on, little darlin’…almost makes me go weak in the knees. Just more reasons to love Travis – he is an admirer of nature and an early riser and he loves the smell of diesel in the mornin’. Yup, if Lee doesn’t answer his phone when I call, Travis is next! Blue-eyed Brackin’ is forgotten. Talk about going on the ride of my life!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…Lee and Brackin’…bring back Travis! Yee haaa! I wish we did get to see him again! Love how he just picks Lee up – Travis looks huge but I checked on line and if my sources are right, Travis is 6’3” while Lee is 6’2”. Love Lee’s face as Travis winds up….I would have cried the same thing, iwsod – not the face! Awww, what manners – Travis, I love ya!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…more Lee and Brackin…bring back Travis! Ripped pants and all! I wonder just how tight those jeans were to rip on him like that. Travis even has a sense of humor! Harris – you’re pathetic – from that horrible haircut, to being knocked out by Amanda to Brackin not filling you in on the plan to not even causing Travis to flinch with your wimpy punches…. I wonder how you managed to make it this far.

    Oh dear – I guess I managed to just have some more fun with Travis and totally ignore the rest of the scene. Sorry, iwsod! I’ll be better behaved in the tag, I promise! Oh, and by the way, I did watch that video you put in the post, it just didn’t tickle my funny bone. And there’s no way I could watch Apocalypse Now…BJo doesn’t like those kinds of movies. The last time I saw a war movie I was in high school and I left the movie theater in the middle of it – too much realistic blood and guts.


  4. Huh, I wouldn’t have taken Lee for a clip-on tie kind of guy.

    The whole “not the face” thing makes me think of The Tick and their battle cries:

    The Tick: “Spooooooon!”
    Arthur: “Not in the face! Not in the face!”


  5. “Love how Travis bounces up and down in his seat- and Amanda doesn’t tee hee.. [only his side of the road is bumpy? Winking smile ]”
    I guess Amanda should’ve petitioned for one of the shock-articulated seats that the drivers have…

    “One happy thought here: Lee-In-Uniform!!! and in the great outdoors? ..Nuff said..”
    But he’s not in the shrubbery… oh well.

    “Thanks, my friend! [Interesting, Lee seems to have expanded his definition of friend! He spent half season 1 telling Amanda they weren’t friends Winking smile ]”
    Well, Travis is a guy… ’nuff said. (Why am I reminded again of the State Farm ad?)

    Did Amanda turn the water off? Water’s a precious commodity here in SoCal *cough* SMKland *cough* oh, wait… maybe not quite so dire in DC.

    Lee doesn’t speak vocally to Amanda, but he nods at her… which is a reflection of the nod Amanda gives herself when Lee’s wrestling Brackin back to the vehicles. Symmetry. Not that I think Lee sees Amanda’s nod, but whatever. I think Lee’s concentrating on Travis ‘cos he expects to see Amanda again later–maybe not Travis, though maybe he would need to be debriefed (LOL!)–and maybe doesn’t want to disclose too much with Travis there? Maybe? However, I also like Debilyn’s idea.

    Hmmm… Travis reminds me a little bit of the Agency’s own Leatherneck. Just something about them… maybe they’re brothers? 😀

    I think these Travis scenes rank among some of my favourite non-L&A moments in SMK… I seriously crack up every time I watch this!


    • You know I used to hate the Travis whole schtick and this scene, but every time I see it nowadays I just laugh out loud! too funny! And I love the way Travis picks Lee up and that whole bit. Lee’s look is priceless!

      (Did Amanda turn the water off? We desperately need it here! I’m north of you KC and live two blocks from a veeeeery dry state park. Been doing my rain dance but no luck…..)

      I love the SMK characters like Travis, Auggie and Leatherneck. They bring crazy humor and a bit of fun! (My hubbie’s keeps babbling about the football game that’s on and I just say “uhhuh”, and type, coz I know what’s important here! *wicked laugh as I ignore the poor man*) (oh dear, I’d better get dinner on and feed him 🙂 )


      • Really dry here, too, Jule. Probably going to be a really bad desert wildflower year…
        On the upside, Sandy Eggo’s one of the very few places in the contiguous 48 US states forecast to be in the 70s tomorrow… 😀 http://www.usairnet.com/weather/images/high-temperature.png


        • Did I get it right, KC?


        • I’m jealous! Here in Atlanta, GA, school is cancelled tomorrow because of the extreme cold weather forecast. Think it’s supposed to be like 6 degrees or something in the morning. Normally it’s about 30 degrees warmer, I think.


          • Melissa Robertson

            Must be cold about everywhere in the US…it’s -13 here and is not suppose to get past freezing until 7 tonight…everyone stay safe!!!!


            • -30 degrees here; high temps for yesterday was -18. The Minnesota governer called off school statewide, and we’re laughing up here, because if it was too cold to go to school yestereday, it’s been too cold in this area all last week but nobody thought anything of it!


              • Melissa Robertson

                Go figure, Govern’t!!! They found an elderly lady frozen to death here in our town yesterday, so I’m staying in although the govern’t officials have us under a snow emergency so we could get ticketed if we are on the streets anyways.


        • I love the desert and go to Joshua Tree National Park regularly for a fix, especially in the spring. Must have wildflowers! I feel bad talking bout weather in the 60s/70s in San Luis Obispo when the rest of the country is freezing. Sorry BJo! *still feverishly doing that rain dance*


          • Oh Jule, don’t feel bad, it is nice to know it is warm somewhere. We had 50’s and thunderstorms today but tomorrow I don’t think we will get above freezing. They say it is going to stay in the teens. We had a few inches of snow that melted today and now the mud ruts are freezing. Should be fun. I will imagine wildflowers in the desert.


            • I’m toggling between JWWM, Neds, and my blog and getting dizzy. Do you get mud days instead of snow days? 😉


            • I’m glad I didn’t pick this year to travel to CA to see desert wildflowers (seriously, I was considering it). What about non-desert wildflowers in the north of the state? Anybody know?


              • It was still gorgeous here (SLO County), poppies everywhere by mid-March last year, and the hills were green all the way to the wineries in Paso Robles (the important places to go of course)! I’d wait and check in a couple of months.


                • Good wildflower season can depend on good rain in Nov/Dec or Dec/Jan… and we aint’t had diddly-squat here in Nov or Dec or the first part of Jan… (how’s that for bad English?)


                  • We ain’t had squat here either. We need a magic water transporter to take Jenbo’s toreential rains and bring em here, darn it! Grammar and spelling are too restrictive for SMKland folks KC, we be special (certifiable maybe?!)


                    • Hey, we use “diddly-squat” a lot around here. And “whatchamacallit” and stuff like that. We ain’t too proud to “mess with the king’s English”. 🙂 lol


      • Please have our water, we’ve had torrential rain storms for over a week, everything is muddy, rivers flooding everywhere 😦


        • Oh dear! Jenbo, you are not floating away are you?


          • Ohhh my!!! I just saw a news report.. I had no idea the weather was being so amazingly bad in so many parts of the world!!!

            I hope everyone is okay and hanging in there!!! I wrote over at Ned’s yesterday that it was Apocalypse S-Now.. I didn’t realise how close to the truth I was!!!


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I’ve been thinking about Lee barely acknowledging Amanda and IMHO I think right at this moment he doesn’t know what to say. I think Amanda has blown him away she trusted him not to actually shot her and then she played like he did kill her. And when they left her there she had the presence of mind to find someone to help her save Lee and he knows that he would be dead if she hadn’t shown up. So IMHO he wants to make sure that he can properly thank her! Maybe with a kiss too 😉

    I have wondered if Travis got a plaque for saving Lee from the Pinko Subversives 🙂


  7. Melissa Robertson

    Oh my gosh…Travis is hilarious!!! And KJ eyes in the last pic before they run into the mill…LOL!!!!

    To funny Lee getting picked up like a sack of potatoes because really at 6’4″ he’s not small. Lee’s look of what is going on here until he hears Amanda’s voice…priceless…loving these last lighthearted scenes 🙂

    I’ve never seen that moving, but I always think it’s funny when TV shows spoof movies…Get Smart does that a lot.


  8. Cindy’s and Jule’s comments about saving Lee’s face make me think of Sudden Death and the complaints that Lee didnt ‘stick it with the face’ (If memory serves me). Not that I object at all.
    I quite like that Lee doesnt say anything to Amanda at this point. I think that after all they have gone through, it is much more appropriate and sweet that the ‘thank you’ is private rather than in front of everyone.
    There is a lot of deep feeling in this episode ( probably even more powerful for being un e xpressed)and I like the subtly and sensitivity ( although I accept I may be reading a bit more into than intendef)


    • LOL, michele – it is SD where Lee gets called for not
      stickin’ them in the face – great memory! And no objections from me either!

      I’m with you and also like that Lee doesn’t say anything to Amanda at this point. I’d never thought about it until folks commented on it here – I never really even noticed it. When I watch the scene, he just seems so high on the success of capturing Brackin and Harris when at the beginning it was looking pretty grim. Amanda showing up with a berserker trucker seems like an unlikely scenario for rescue – at least not one that Lee would wish for. But after the baddies are captured, I’m thinking that Lee really doesn’t care how, just that they are and he’s alive to tell the story.

      I wonder if Lee isn’t done with being surprised very much anymore with Amanda’s ability to help him get out of a jam. I think he’s still impressed, just not that surprised – it happens all the time. Reminds me of ALSALS when Lee finds out that Amanda witnessed the murder of Chris Gelles and says, “I should have known.” Yes, Lee should know by know that Amanda’s gonna be there for him every time!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Everyone! I agree with you BJo, you’ve summed it up well here. For me I’d never really noticed that Lee barely acknowledges Amanda – I’m thinking it wasn’t a plot device.. though debilyn’s explanation sounds good! It never bothered me.. because he more than makes up for it in the tag 😉 plus.. when watching the episode there may have been a commercial break, but the show comes straight back to the tag which is coming up next – so I think we’d barely notice.. that’s the conclusion I’ve drawn anyway..

        Yes so true BJo – I think Lee is not so surprised! – but he also wasn’t expecting it either! 🙂 He recovers very quickly when he learns Amanda is there when he hears her telling Travis he is the good guy. [Awh.. After everything- Amanda is still calling Lee the good guy awh!!]

        Amanda doesn’t try to talk with Lee either really does she. I think they know they’ll catch up after the bad guys are put away and Travis calms down 😉 tee heee
        I had another thought – I hope Lee finds those guards he double crossed and whose clothes they stole, that they tied up and left behind a dumpster?? and he makes it up to them bigtime!!!!! Poor guys!!
        oh and thanks for watching the Beserker vid – don’t worry if you didn’t like it BJo – sorry you didn’t find it funny but I completely understand it’s not for everyone. I also think horrible histories is funnier when you know the show well..
        Anyway.. I’m going to try and get up the final post of this episode now.. oh boy.. can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts!!!


  9. “Not even Brackin could have had a contingency plan for … TRAVIS!!!!!!!!”
    HaHaHa! Exactly! . . . and isn’t this true of Amanda, too, for the whole series? The bad guys just aren’t ready for her!


    • Very true!! Isn’t it ACA where the head baddie tells the junior baddie to watch out for that one unexpected element or something like that? And then Amanda gets Pavlova by stepping on the floor button to release the spring loaded board person!! Just how does one have a contingency plan for THAT?


  10. Loving wet, uniformed, outdoorsy Lee!! Travis is awesome!! He is ready for some action and just in time for the requisite fight scene in SMK. It is so funny how when he grabs Lee that Lee just has no idea what to do or say. He just stands there being manhandled. He doesn’t protest or try to fight back. So funny! Again, there’s Amanda, not only for the big rescue with the arrival of Travis, but the smaller rescue of keeping Travis from pummeling Lee.

    I like what you say Debilyn about Lee not looking at Amanda after all that has happened and she still is there for him. He is still getting used to someone being there for him so much and doesn’t know how to respond. He is still processing everything.

    Again, love how Amanda has time to change shoes in this scene. Maybe Travis had a spare pair in his truck.

    So much craziness in this scene, Travis swinging from the truck, Harris’s reactions to his non-effectiveness in hurting Travis, Travis’s exuberance for going after the pinko subversives, the clip-on tie. It makes the whole water scene bearable. Travis could have become part of Lee’s family or been like Augie. It would have been nice to see him again in a later episode.


  11. Travis the taxi driver, ohh sooo funny, I like that! And in Season 4 he can drive Amanda and Lee to their secret wedding… Ta ta tata … honk honk 😉


  12. I just laugh hysterically at this whole fight sequence. Not only is Travis over-the-top so is this scene. Amanda screaming “No, not him, he’s the good guy” is too funny. And, Travis listens. (music taming the savage beast? lol) Lee’s faces from the arrival of the truck are too funny. (How can I use this to my advantage? Who IS this guy? Amanda? Whaa? Oh, better get Bracken. Geez, thanks for getting me wet, too, Amanda. Hey, this guy isn’t so bad after all.)

    I don’t think Lee can look at Amanda at the moment. After all that’s happened (the slap, the apology, shooting her), she’s still come to his rescue, and he doesn’t quite know how to respond. But, when he does – oh, how lovely.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Debilyn, I never thought about why Lee didn’t look at Amanda here. It always bothered me. But I like what you are saying here. There is just too much to process. I wonder if he had a moment of doubt about whether Amanda could move on after the shooting? I know we all noticed the trust they had there during that scene and I do think that is what got them through that. But I have always felt that Lee has suffered with a fear of people leaving him. Could he feared a bit that shooting Amanda just would have been too much and she would call it all quits? I don’t know, but the idea popped into my head. I am sure that here again he was amazed at her pluck and resourcefulness, especially when he had made such a point of being on his own and having that not work out so good. Kind of like the meat hook realization only now it will go even deeper. Thanks debilyn.


      • Well, after all, Lee had to just walk away and leave Amanda in the middle of nowhere; no ride, no phone. She could have easily been the one needing rescuing; instead, she heads up the effort to rescue Lee!


        • Yeah, happycampero, I do see Lee as being just amazed at Amanda right now. I’m sure he’s overwhelmed with everything. He probably thought he could singlehandedly beat these guys, put them in custody, then ride back and pick up Amanda on the way to the Agency. As if. Superman he’s not. (Okay, I just skipped ahead. Sorry.)

          Oh, and I forgot to mention, Lee must do all that and still look good. lol.


          • Yeah–that was probably what Lee was thinking, as misguided as it was (ride back on his white steed and save Amanda… or, at least, pick her up on the way to the Agency)…
            You know–it really makes me think of all the superhero cartoons where the hero has no clue (or not a total clue) about how the baddies are really brought to justice, and it’s the sidekick that’s often really the saviour (but they need the superhero too)… e.g., Hong Kong Phooey’s cat Spot, Darkwing Duck’s adopted daughter Gosalyn, the Blue Falcon’s robot dog Dynomutt… 😀 Ahhh… blasts from the past…


  13. Yep the gif of Travis had me laughing out loud too.
    The instant switch Travis has when he realizes Lee is a good guy (I was shouting at the screen — “not the face!, Don’t hit the face!”) is so over the top hysterical I laugh even thinking about it. Brilliant!
    I would like to think that Travis got some official recognition to help defend ‘Merica from those pinko commie subversives.
    And Lee in uniform in the outdoors. SWOON!


  14. Oh, my god that gif of Travis is among the top 10 funniest things I have ever seen. I literally burst out laughing slamming my hand against the wall. Love how Travis picks up Lee and spins him around like he is nothing. Super spies need a little dose of humility from time to time. Whole thing just too funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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