3/11 Season Two, Episode 23: Vigilante Mothers- Scarecrow and Mrs King

After the MSE meeting it’s time for tea and scones kind of thing. Outside we find Lee saying goodbye to two of the ladies from the meeting (one had been the one to congratulate him on joining their cause).
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000652385
Call me crazy but interesting to compare Amanda’s wardrobe with that of the other suburban mothers here at the meeting – interesting to see that for the time, Amanda dressed quite smartly compared to some others! (IMHO) .. well hey! It makes me feel better! 😉
Lee moves to join Amanda who is in conversation with Jean Kearsley.
Lee clears his throat:
Excuse me.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000658391Amanda [casually]:
Hello, Lee. Uh…
Lee: Hi.
Amanda: Jean, this is Lee S-
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0006598932.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000661394Lee quickly interjects:
Amanda: -S-Sampson. 
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000664397Jean: Mm-hm.
Amanda: Uh, Lee, this is Jean-
[stumbling here too]
Jean: Kearsley.
Amanda: Kearsley.

haa.. It’s Kearsley.
[Ugh poor Amanda! Half the time Lee uses his real name, so how is she suppose to know what he wants to do?!  It throws Amanda a little off balance, but she recovers quickly. Do you think Amanda stumbles over Jean’s last name because she stumbled over Lee’s and so wants it to seem like she is bad with names? ]
ha haaa…I’m so sorry!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000667400Everyone has a good natured laugh about it.. and they move on..
Amanda: Jean’s actually responsible for founding Mothers for a Safe Environment.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000670403
Lee : A very worthy cause.
Jean: Thank you. I feel it’s the most important issue we face right now, so I’m glad you’ve joined us.

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0006779112.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000676409
[If Jean is the founder, why is it called ‘Mothers’ for a safe environment. I don’t think Jean is a mother!]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000682415Lee: Thank you, thank you. Uh, tell me something, ah…
Jean: Um-hm?
Lee: …what do you think of our speaker there?

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000683917(We see Dr Fletcher in the background)
Jean: Leonard?
Actually, I felt sorry for him. I thought they were pretty rough on him. I’ve known him for eight years in this neighbourhood.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000688421
Lee: Well, I’d like to meet him.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000691424
[Why am I reminded here of Lee telling Amanda to ‘get rid of the woman’! (in TTAAChangin) ]
Well, sure, I’ll introduce you. Excuse us, Jean.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000694427
Jean: Okay.
Lee: Okay.
Lee and Amanda walk over to Dr Fletcher, who is in conversation with Mrs Courtney (LOL he’d probably appreciate the rescue!)
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000704938
Amanda excuses herself and joins their conversation, introducing Lee Sampson to everyone..
Love how Mrs Courtney just seems to evaporate here.. Guess she didn’t want to hang around now she could no longer harangue Dr Fletcher!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000710944Lee to Fletcher: I was impressed with your speech.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000712445
Leonard: It’s a welcome compliment compared to most people’s reaction inside, but, uh,..
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0007169502.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000718451
  …I knew what I was getting into.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000721454Lee: Well, I thought your arguments were…were very persuasive, really.
[Gee I wonder what the arguments were- I’ll touch on this at the end of this post. Flattery will get you everywhere Lee Stetson Sampson!]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000724457Leonard: Don’t tell me that I’ve made a convert of a member of this group?
Lee: Well, not quite, but, uh…your work does sound
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000730463fascinating. I’d love to see your operations sometime.
Leonard: Well, that could certainly be arranged, uh…I’ll tell you what, how
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000739472would you two and a few others, uh, like a tour of our lab? I could set it up tomorrow through, uh, Dr Mallory, my supervisor.
[Amanda looks sideways at Lee.]
Lee: Oh, I’d love to. Mrs King?  [Is that a date Lee? Winking smile Funny to hear Lee call Amanda ‘Mrs King’ huh!]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000743977Amanda: It’d be very interesting. Yes. [So does Amanda know all about the case? she wasn’t in the office when Billy gave the brief- all she knows is Lee wants to ‘get close’ to Fletcher no? Ahhh Amanda.. she really has to go with the flow huh!]
Lee: Yes.
Leonard: We’ll do it.

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000746980Lee: Thank you, thank you very much.
Amanda: Thank you very much.

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000751484
Leonard: Thank you.
Amanda: Thanks for being with us today. Goodbye, doctor.

Fletcher leaves, and Lee and Amanda turn to also leave together.. My goodness just look at that huge smile on Lee’s face.. Stick with Amanda and she makes things easy! [err though she also tends to lead to complications no? Winking smile ]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000753386
Things could not have gone any better!!!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000754487
Lee really doesn’t hide his happiness huh.. He walks off with Amanda, his arm around her – umm Lee, not so close! These people are from Amanda’s neighbourhood, won’t they all be watching who this hunk is that stands and walks so close to Amanda??!! It’s not like no one would notice this man huh!
On to Bethesda Ordnance Laboratory for the tour!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000755989

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000098331Interesting the red and white sign doesn’t say where the lab is like it did with the first lab! Remember?! too funny!
Dr Ann Mallory, is giving the tour to Lee, Amanda, Mrs Courtney and a few other concerned mothers Winking smile I would have loved to see Francine pretend to be a mother so she could join the tour- why did we never see that??!!  A missed opportunity!
Dr Mallory: We are now entering the high-security area of Biological Testing and Experimental Chemical Analysis.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000768001
[Oh noooo!!! What is Amanda wearing???!!!!]
Mallory: I am afraid, though, that we won’t be able to go any further.
Amanda: Oh.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000772505
Mrs Courtney: Um, I assume we can’t go in because 2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000775508
those substances they’re working on are dangerous?
As Mrs Courtney speaks- we see the worker turn – it’s Dr Fletcher in his white getup!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000774841
Mallory: Although not technically classified as toxic, yes, they are potentially dangerous.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0007785112.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000780013
Amanda: What exactly are they working on?
Mallory: I’m afraid that’s classified.
Amanda: Oh.
In the script here Mallory does add that she can tell them they are working on making X-12 crystals safe! LOL!!! very classified! haaaa!!
Lee: I was impressed with the guards outside, but how do you treat security regarding the employees? I mean, what if somebody wanted to steal something?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000787520Mallory: Everyone is thoroughly searched each night before leaving.
Mrs Courtney: How about accidental contamination?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000795028Mallory: Lab clothes are changed several times a day.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000799532See there.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000801034
…The lab clothes are then sent to a local cleaner for special treatment.
[The lab worker takes off his hood and coat and puts them in the laundry..]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000807040
Everyone watches – so fascinating! A coat removal! Winking smile

We cut to the Tri-County Laundry Service. A van is unloading laundry.  Jean Kearsley grabs one of the bags full of laundry labelled “Bethesda lab”
Jean (to someone off camera): See? Like clockwork.  Twice a day, six days a week. And we do the cleaning for the X-12 Unit, so all Leonard has to do…
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000816049
As Jean continues she puts the laundry bag on the ground and takes out a lab coat- with her bare hands? ummm I thought this laundry was dangerous?? potentially??!!! And that is why they are changed all the time and why they are specially treated?!
Uh oh.. the person she is talking to steps into view-
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000826559
Jean continues: (all Leonard has to do..) …is slip the crystals into the pocket and send it to us. It’s simple and perfect.
Rofl! Yes go ahead Jean, give the potentially dangerous lab coat probably covered in spilled chemicals a big old hug there.. that explains how she could have fallen for this guy!
😉2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000829562

Her listener is revealed to be Robert Castille –uh oh!! This guy has found himself another woman to manipulate?! ugh…
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000831064
He walks her away from the van his arm linked with hers. They seem very comfortable with each other [So comfortable, I am guessing that Castille has been grooming Jean for this job for sometime..also probably encouraging her to hug toxic lab coats Winking smile ]
Castille: Not quite perfect, there is one problem.
[Castille opens a large gate and they walk through it.]
Jean: What?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000836269
Castille: Well, never mind. He’s my concern. And I have a solution.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000837303
[Ah!! I am guessing the one problem is Lee. And it turns out Castille spotted him after all.]
Castille leans in and kisses Jean passionately and the scene ends. A kiss seems to solve everything for Castille. He uses kisses like they are a tool in his arsenal.. he is loathsome!
So it makes me feel good to see him wearing that awful sweater – humiliation!!!! haaaaaa.. check out all the squiggly lines.. Is this a clue that Castille is not playing it straight with Jean?! haaaaa..

Okay well I will spare you a pic of them kissing.. and I shall finish up here for now.

Iwsod’s comments:
– I find myself frustrated at how the MSE meeting was portrayed.. we didn’t learn anything more at the reception, just what were Dr Fletcher’s comments? It makes the women’s group seem very silly – whooo chemicals in our neighbourhood! we say noooo!!! Nooooo to chemicals!! We still don’t know what the problems at the ordnance labs are that Fletcher referred to at the end of the last post – which was cut off by the scene ending! Amanda introduces Fletcher saying we should hear ‘the other side of the problem’ – but what exactly is the problem???!!!!  The fears of housewives??

So Ordnance is military stuff right?  From what Dr Mallory says they are dealing with biological testing and chemical analysis. Chemicals that are not toxic, but potentially dangerous. Okay.. that really tells us very little.. and makes MSE look stupid if you ask me. I mean this testing could be protecting their precious children from future harm – finding cures to illnesses or biological hazards.. ugh.. the script  provides more explanation of what the labs do and what was in Fletcher’s speech. In the script Fletcher says he will outline some positive ways chemical research benefits the community – while Mrs Courtney shouts that they’ll get smoke stacks and leaking waste in their water supply.  But it still begs the question- what is the problem they are fighting? and has something happened in the past?

I think the environmental angle is a cool one.. I just wish it had been better justified and explained-just what was actually the problem – I guess environmental concern was pretty forward thinking for the 80s no? But for me it misses the mark so far.. maybe later in the episode this will make more sense – what do you all think?

-Lastly, since I am in such a positive mood here (not!) -I was about to shout kudos to the smk writers for giving the labs a female boss in Dr Mallory! Only.. it is because Castille has traditionally had a lovesick woman on the inside that he manipulates – so if the boss is a woman.. she is a possibility – Seems to me that the only time SMK has a female boss is when it is relevant to the plot or a plot device – otherwise the default is a man. Meh!

-Oh and love the blue shirt, no tie on Lee – swoony!!! Give me more of that please!!!! But Amanda!! Ohhh Amanda, what are you wearing??!!! that handkerchief in her pocket is right up there with the headband and the tie… guess there was a bit of a trend toward fashion androgyny in the 80s wasn’t there? Still, I do love that you can actually see Amanda’s waist in that outfit too! What do you think?

Okay well I shall finish up here for now…What do you make of this MSE stuff??!!!! Byeee for now! 

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  1. Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I have visited the site. Wow, so many comments…many of them seemed to read my mind. My thought about Amanda and the Victoria’s Secret ….err I mean….. Rebecca’s fantasies catalog : ) is that maybe Amanda was a little jealous that her mother was considering a sexy nighty for a special man. Also, the fact that Amanda was not even dating might have been a sharp reminder that her life was in limbo while mom appeared to be light years ahead of her in the romance department. I am sure she knew that catalog wasn’t an insert, she knew her mother bought or ordered that catalog….Amanda wasn’t a prude, she was just very private….


    • Hi Gruvy Granny! Great to hear from you!
      I see you’ve added this comment on over the limit to a vigilante mothers post – if you can copy this comment and make it a comment on an over the limit post – I’ll delete this one 🙂


  2. Ugh – when are the days of Amanda not being told anything about the case but being expected to act like she knows all about the case going to be over??? Grrr, this is a pet peeve of mine. We are getting there, I know but this bugs me this late in S2.

    iwsod, why do you think Jean is not a mother? Did I miss something?

    And I’ve always taken that smile on Lee’s face to mean that he’s thrilled everything is going so easily with this case so far. It won’t be long before he’s inside the lab to check everything out! But, doh! You are so right, iwsod, how does anyone not notice Lee??? Granted he’s not in a tux or wearing wet clothes or anything, but they’ve all got to notice this hunk-a-dunk of a man! I wonder which of the women was the first to call Dotty and ask her about this Mr. Sampson?

    What is Amanda wearing???!!!!

    Is it her Sound of Music outfit without the coat? But I really want to know what Mrs. Courtney is wearing. The neck of her shirt looks like something you’d see in a painting from the Renaissance era. That or it’s a coffee filter.

    I hate all those fugly man sweaters with random generic designs on them. I’m glad Lee didn’t ever wear too many of them and only in S4, I think.

    Thank you for sparing us that kiss pic, iwsod!

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  3. So much good stuff and discussion goes on here. Always so much to catch up on. Just want to throw in a little tidbit about my students today. During Art class today some of my 5th grade boys were having this huge discussion about Scarecrow. All I kept hearing was Scarecrow this and Scarecrow that. I just had to check it out because you know where my mind went. When I found out what they were really talking about I laughed hysterically and confused them immensely. They were having a discussion about a Batman character. I am fully SMK obsessed!!


  4. BJo just made this comment on the last post of MBF,” I think for him the whole idea of being a suburban step-father is not something he wants so he is just not going there with Amanda.” And I know you don’t like the conscience/ pre-conscious/ un conscience talk, but I have to point out that I do believe Lee’s decision to rent the Cooperman house may be his pre- conscience feeling out the territory. (I love the pre conscious stuff, tee hee)


  5. Been busy working and trying to keep my house and grounds in order, so not much time to comment. I pretty much agree with everyone’s gripes about this episode including what is it that MSE really trying to achieve, and of course the wardrobe felonies that continue unabated, except Lee who continues to look mighty fine 😉 In fact, it’s a testament to how beautiful KJ that she still manages to look attractive in some of those outfits they made her wear.
    I remember thinking when watching the show in the 80’s how little “show” there actually was. Each episode is only about 46 minutes long, then take out another couple of minutes for beginning and end credits. NZ television had trouble finding enough ads to fill the hour – I guess US TV was a lot more saturated with advertising. NZ TV is like that now too, so for the last few years I have hardly turned on my TV (once a week for UK Antiques Roadshow and that’s it). Back in the 80’s we watched a lot of UK TV – their programmes always nearly filled the half hour or hour (compare an hour long episode of Taggart or Minder with similar fare coming out of the US at the time – the British shows were considerably “meatier”.) So I really noticed how the US shows suffered from a lack of time to really flesh out a storyline.
    Hence, for this episode, not enough time to really get into MSE or avoid plot holes, but then the action races on so fast maybe they thought we wouldn’t have time to notice the plot holes….heh, heh, heh, little did they know a cohort of obsessed (some might say “crazed”) women would revisit 30 years in the future armed to the teeth with modern technology and an insatiable desire to tease out every second of the show for examination and comment. 😈

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    • Lots of head-nodding here about the pace of the episode(s). When DH and I first watched the pilot episode on DVD, I remember thinking how rushed it all seemed and how a 90-minute movie version would be much more satisfying. JWWM fills in those extra minutes very well!


  6. So, after this meeting in the morning at the agency, they are supposed to rent the house for Lee that day, Lee is supposed to move in, and make it to the MSE meeting at 4:30??? Also, in SAAB, the agency was all about making this complex scenario for Amanda. Now it just seems they just go under cover and hope for the best. Lee doesn’t even tell Amanda what name he is using???? In SOS and Weekend, he tells Amanda as they arrive what the plan is. They also need to learn how to act like they don’t already know each other because they would have just met that day when Lee moved into the house (or at the MSE meeting). And I agree that there would be so much gossip about Amanda with the new hunk in the neighborhood.


    • Ha haaaa yeah LAAL.. I’m guessing Lee hired the agency removals truck to move straight in 😉 or heck.. maybe the Cooperman place was furnished (though lacking in BBQ tongs 😉 )

      Absolutely! Amanda would be the talk of the neighbourhood!! Crazy!


  7. Jean Kearsley doesn’t make a whole lot of eye contact with Lee… she’s looking elsewhere 50% of the time. Not that I’d expect her to make eye contact 100% of the time, but still… (Maybe she was trying to remember her lines? LOL.)

    Squawking parrots! Ugh!

    It really does look like Amanda stuffed a serviette in her pocket. I guess she’s really on a teal kick–she was wearing it previously, too.

    Everyone is thoroughly searched each night before leaving.
    Uhhh… just how thorough is the search… if you get my drift? (PG. PG. PG.)

    So… they take off the gloves, then take off the potentially contaminated coats with their bare hands, then remove their ID badge–which presumably isn’t replaced–and then put on a new coat with their possibly now contaminated bare hands, and attach the ID badge that’s been hanging around and potentially contaminated how many times…???… waving hands Whatever.

    Call me crazy, but the kiss that Castille gave Jean didn’t look all that… appetising? Sensuous? Fun? Ugh! I certainly wouldn’t be breaking the law for that. (Well, I wouldn’t anyway, but definitely not for that…)

    Maybe they didn’t show more of the MSE meeting ‘cos they needed to keep the time down? Or didn’t want to bore the audience? Or…? I dunno.

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    • You make me laugh, KC 😆


    • Ha ha KC! I just figured the lab workers and everyone who came in contact with their clothes were dead meat and I couldn’t bring myself to care because I rather loathe this episode. Bad Jule!
      Love love love your avatar BJo! ROFL!


      • No bad jule! If you don’t like it then you don’t like it..
        I’d be interested to hear why this episode bugs you jule – if you’d like to tell us

        Yeah.. Jean hugging that toxic lab coat explained a lot 😉 tee heee.. with this episode I’ve ended up hand waving a lot of safety/tech stuff away.. telling myself this is an 80s show and no one cared back then about making it look super safe 😉

        KC has demonstrated very well the lack of gloves, well.. and door! haaaa haaaa..

        I’m interested to hear what you don’t like Jule, but at the same time – I can also find what there is to enjoy here in this episode – and I think there are a few upcoming scenes that are great and worth watching this episode for alone.. I hope they improve your opinion of the episode! [but if not? no matter! 🙂 ]


        • It’s just always struck me the wrong way. I was less than happy with the presentation of women as gullible, annoying and/or obnoxious. I never felt it really moved the Lee/Amanda story forward and hated it as a season finale. But, I am less grumped over as we walk through because y’all keep pointing out the significant moments, and there are a few delicious ones to come. And seriously, where else can we talk about chloroform and kids in the same breathe??!?

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      • Thanks,Jule 🙂


  8. It’s so funny how Amanda’s visitor’s badge is the only one that is clipped to the center of her blouse. Everyone else’s is off to the side. It must be to highlight the totally fashionable hanky sticking out of her pocket.

    Love Lee’s casual look. Maybe he’s going for a “Dad” look.


  9. Random thoughts
    * Don’t even get me started with the lack of security and safety precautions at the lab. UGH!
    * The Mothers for a Safe Environment being a tad unreasonable doesn’t bother me so much — the title is Vigilante Mothers and often protest groups are reactionary. Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a tree hugging environmentalist with the best of them, but there has to be trade-offs.
    * Wow, Castille has been a busy, busy man, carrying on a close relationship with 2 woman. I’m assuming the other lab was not in Portland, Oregon, 😉
    *Not digging the napkins in the breast pocket look, Amanda
    *Ummm, flying under the radar Amanda and Lee? No way ANYONE is going to buy that Amanda and Mr. Ummmm, Sampson just met. He is a hunk and Amanda does not have the reputation for having casual flings and they sure are touchy feely. How much time (measured in minutes or seconds, your choice) until someone phones Dotty with the gossip?
    *Is it wrong for me to be jealous of blue striped sweater lady? SIGH.


    • Very true about MSE.. that makes me feel better.. though it doesn’t make Amanda looks fantastic to be running it.. ahem..

      Yeah I figured Castille travelled between the two women, and set it up over months and months.. after all this was a big job which would have made him lots of money 🙂

      Haaa true.. the neighbourhood hotline should be running hot already!! haaaa..

      *Is it wrong for me to be jealous of blue striped sweater lady? SIGH.

      Only if you’re jealous of that sweater!!
      (guessing you were jealous because she got to talk to Mr Sampson?! )

      Okay on my way out now.. byeeee!


    • Mrs Courtney probably jumped straight onto the horn with Dotty after she left Lee and Amanda with Dr Fletcher…


      • Maybe that was why Dotty was checking him out…. That poor woman must have been so frustrated by her daughter. Reminds me of a character from Sense and Sensibility, I forget her name, but she loved to “winkle” information out of people…


        • Oh, gosh, yeah …. that dear busy-bodied woman whose home they stayed at in London. Her husband even attests, “She’s awfully good at winkling!” I loved her character. So much a woman of her time …. married, stuck at home, servants around so she doesn’t have any work to do of her own, so all she can do is meddle.


  10. I don’t understand the point of that enormous napkin shoved in Amanda’s pocket! It doesn’t even match her skirt. Does she have a bad cold?!

    I love how Fletcher (who isn’t the boss) can just authorise random folks visiting a classified lab and more to the point he doesn’t think it weird when Lee wants to visit, especially after you would expect the lab to have been warned after the other theft. Plot holes schmot holes…..
    They get taken to to the biological testing section. They can’t go in but they can loiter in the doorway?! Too funny. And what…..no airlock?!!! Didn’t these guys see Outbreak? Oh wait that was 20 years later LOL so their clothes could possibly be contaminated but they get sent to the cleaners with other people’s laundry for their special treatment. And not even sealed bags or special van. Let’s hope they don’t doing testing for Ebola virus or anything 😉
    (As a slightly boring tale when I was at secondary school we went on a school trip to a nuclear power station. At the end of the visit we all had to stand in a machine which was essentially a giant Geiger counter to be checked for radiation. One kid lost his shoes because they showed as radioactive! They didn’t scrub him down a la Silkwood though 😉 This would have been late 80’s, least they had better procedures than the Bethesda Lab ;))
    My gripe about the MSE group is how they’re portrayed as a bunch of hysterical women rather than sensible people who want to look after the environment. IWSOD you make a good point about Jean not being a mother………seems quite odd to be earning a living off the lab you are lobbying…..SMKland where anything goes….

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    • Hahaha – I hear ya Jenbo. VM is one of my least favorite episodes. I think there is about 3 minutes of it worth watching.

      And yes, KC, someone did pee in my corn flakes this morning! Actually, I’ve got family coming to town tonight so I’ve been “getting ready” all day long. That has helped contribute to my mood as well.


    • Enormous napkin?? tee hee.. yep it’s scary!!!!

      yeah the 80s biological lab procedures are pretty funny!!!

      That poor kid who lost their shoes! I bet they never lived it down with his friends either.. radioactive boy! 😉

      I’m confused over MSE.. it would have helped if there was some kind of toxic waste spill that started the protests.. but oh well… I”ll hang in there – maybe I’ve missed something and you guys can help make it clearer!

      IWSOD you make a good point about Jean not being a mother………seems quite odd to be earning a living off the lab you are lobbying…..SMKland where anything goes….

      Why thank you! 🙂 I actually think these things about Jean you mentioned are not plot holes, though they seem like they are at this point – I later realised that they are clues Jean isn’t who everyone thinks she is.. I think she keeps it secret that her laundry has a contract with the lab so she can smuggle the crystals out and starting MSE is later explained – so I’ll hold off on that.. but this is the first time I’ve ever put these pieces of together.. so I’ll be keen to hear what you think! byee!

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    • Jenbo, I completely agree with your gripe about MSE. And I think that is your point, too, IWSOD. They seem to be this excitable group of woman without a true defined cause. It makes me think a little of Mrs. Banks and the suffragettes on Mary Poppins … not that women’s right to vote wasn’t an established and worthy cause, but Mrs. Banks is clearly embracing the energy and social aspect, but not the cause (since we see her kowtow to Mr. Banks from the moment he walks in the door). It’s hard to take her, or SMK’s MSE, seriously! (which of course is the point in Mary Poppins, but not in VM!) Yet I would have liked to take MSE seriously. It was a missed opportunity to lend substance to the collective power of suburban moms, and women, in the 80’s. (Or anytime for that matter — women have been strong and intelligent and motivated for all of history, even if they didn’t really step full force into the working-outside-the-home world until the 80’s. (Well, I didn’t mean for that to turn into a soapbox — it’s just that I think SMK’s portrayal of the issues faced by women in the 80’s is pretty well handled throughout as we see Francine, Amanda, and Dotty all regularly contrasted against each other. Here they missed. OK, lucky you, it is time to step off the treadmill, so I will step off the soapbox as well!)


      • I agree with you raffie5 on SMK generally portraying issues that women faced in the 80’s well but dreadfully missing with VM. It is one of the reasons why I really dislike this episode.


        • oh my.. BJo your avatar is hilarious!!! just look down the sidebar it’s all little pics of Lee and Amanda undercovers 😉

          Yeah I’ve struggled a bit with what this episode says about women.. I’m wondering if that’s the point they are trying to make.. that women are frustrated at their place in society..
          but.. I won’t say more – as I’ll only be repeating myself in future posts.. 🙂


          • LOL – thanks! Unfortunately it is the only time we see them lying in bed together under the covers. Too bad they didn’t have to cuddle just a little bit to make their cover more convincing 😉

            Maybe that is what they are trying to say – if they are they did a good job of it because I find it a little bit frustrating.


            • oh spoiler! you mean never ever??!! 😉 I’m kidding. don’t worry I know we don’t ever see it.. we do see them laying on a bed together though 😉 ahem.. but.. we’ll get to that!


  11. MSE is probably right to home in on a military lab; military bases and testing facilities have a reputation for being sub-par, environmentally speaking. (Not trying to offend anyone here!)
    Blue striped sweater lady certainly seems to be enjoying her conversation with Lee.
    “If Jean is the founder, why is it called ‘Mothers’ for a safe environment. I don’t think Jean is a mother!” — Not to mention Mrs. Courtney!!! She certainly doesn’t seem to have motherhood carved on her bones. [Ok, I’m officially done with putting down Mrs. Courtney and will endeavor from here on out to view her in a more generous light. Good for her, for putting her energy toward safeguarding the future for children.]


  12. The uniforms in the lab remind me of the umpha-loomphas in Charlie and the chocolate factory! Perhaps they were laid off from the chocolate factory and ended up in SMK world?


  13. The only comment I have to make at the moment is that there, in that last bit at the meeting with Lee and Amanda sauntering off so happy together with his arm around her, they have forgotten themselves again. Just like in Billy’s office, they so easily just respond in the new found intimacy and closeness of their work and personal friendship that they aren’t noticing how it could look to others around them. I know they did it a lot before, but it was somehow smaller? I wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda had neighbors asking about her and Mr. Sampson all the time now.

    Your comment about Amanda’s clothes was similar to what I noticed in TGTN. Amanda is a pretty nice dresser when among other suburban housewives, she just looks so different at the Agency, but then I guess that is the point isn’t it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whoooooo very true Morley, it is very telling them are so close in front of others!!! 🙂 Gosh.. this may not be a fab season finale.. but it certainly does set things up for season 3!

      Liked by 1 person

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