9/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So Lee and Amanda head off to meet the people on board Sea chance, play the cover of being a couple of old salts and build on it! Winking smile
Lee:  Ahoy!
Amanda:  Hello?

whooo whooo!! they’re holding hands?!!!! whoooooooo –notice yet again their outfits match! Smile
Diane:  Hello. /
David:  Hi.
Amanda:  Beautiful boat.
Lee: Yeah.
David:  Thanks.  That’s a nice ketch you came in on.
Lee and Amanda:  Thank you.

David:  You from DC?
Lee:  Ah — Annapolis, actually.

David:  Nice sail down from there.
Mr Sea Chance err I mean David Cummings is being pleasant enough, but.. not really very friendly either!

Amanda:  Yeah, we try to make it two or three times a year.  We live on board — how about you?
[OOhhh my.. did Amanda just say something? I just blanked because.. just look at these two?!
What a picture perfect pair who look like they just belong together!!! they just look like they should sail off into the sunset together Winking smile ]
Diane:  We’re weekending.  It — it’s back to solid ground tomorrow.

Amanda:  Aw, that’s too bad…
  …We have the rest of the week.

Diane:  Well, you’re lucky.
David:  Yeah. Have a nice time.
[David doesn’t sound like he means it Winking smile haaa]
Lee knows when to quit:  Thank you.  Uh-maybe we’ll see you again.

Amanda:  Nice to meet cha!
All:  Bye-bye, Bye.

Lee and Amanda head off.. back to the Mata Hari II.. Can’t you just imagine these two characters doing this in their future together for real??!!! Enjoying the water.. each other.. meeting the neighbours.. and just.. being normal?! Okay.. though here they are not normal while being normal. [because Lee is a professional gardener who is digging Winking smile haa]

Lee and Amanda are seen arriving back at the Mata Hari II- Love how Lee is excited at how things are going..
Lee: This is just perfect… (because you’re with Amanda too!)
…We can settle in here and look suitably yachty, and when they’re gone tomorrow we take a peek.
FTF.avi_001375875[I love ‘suitably Yachty!’ hilarious!!! Great to see Lee getting a fab line of dialogue Smile I think they also look ‘suitably coupley’!]
Amanda: You mean you want to spend the night on board?
FTF.avi_001379879Lee: Well, how else are we gonna keep an eye on what’s going on around here?
[my my.. just look at these two! How far they’ve come!]
Amanda: Well, no, that’s great, I just hadn’t planned on spending the night on board, that’s all.
FTF.avi_001384884[I didn’t notice this at first but there is quite a bit of growth here on display between them. firstly Lee doesn’t assume Amanda has a moral issue with sleeping there the night- as he had experienced previously. And he’s right! Amanda doesn’t have an issue with it – there is no awkwardness here or anxiety that things may seem improper, or that Lee might try something! for me, this speaks volumes about the level of trust and understanding that is between these two now – when I compare to previous episodes where they’ve had to stay the night – anyone like to remind us what those instances are?? I’ll leave it to you guys.. but I found this BIG- especially given what a huge fuss was made about it in previous episodes..  lol Amanda actually says it’s ‘great’! lol!!!
I just wish they weren’t going in and out of shadows and moving so fast – the images of this scene are tricky!]
Lee: Don’t worry about it – we’ll improvise.
FTF.avi_001387354[Okay, is Lee checking out Amanda?! heaven knows it’s a perfect opportunity Winking smile ]
Amanda: How?
FTF.avi_001388888Lee: If you have to ask the question – you won’t understand the answer.
(same time): — Question, you won’t — no, yeah, I know.

boooo I would have liked to see their faces properly with this last little exchange!
I think you can just make out Lee is smiling at Amanda’s reaction to his teasing.. what do you think?

We cut to Lanz and Heck watching them from a distance…
oh yeah.. there are baddies around.. and there is a plot here.. I got sucked into the Lee and Amanda are so cute vortex.. thanks for the reminder smk! Winking smile 

My my.. if I didn’t know how the next scene planned out, I might wonder just how Lee is going to ‘improvise’- Amanda wonders.. but she isn’t worried.. and that makes all the difference – she knows she is safe with him and that he respects her. He’s not going to do anything to risk the closeness they share now Smile 

Actually now that I think about it, what else is different here is Amanda is not concerned about her family! This kinda fits with the whole upheaval with Dotty I’ve been seeing over the last 4 or 5 episodes..  – this time, Amanda’s fine.. she probably is comfortable making a phone call and making up a cover story.. again – real growth here!

And to finish off all this goodness? Lee does a little teasing Winking smile lol.. I think Amanda’s heard that one before huh! I’m enjoying all this playful teasing..banter! yes I’ll go with that.. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts here guys! Okay short and very sweet from me.. bye!

44 responses to “9/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Is it just me and my love of Lee and Amanda or do they look much more like a couple than this Dianne and David do? I would need to review the episode, but those two seem a bit stiff where as Lee and Amanda seem more relaxed. I get that D and D are probably pretty suspicious, but they would have no reason to suspect L and A as of yet.

    Oh, and welcome back BJo. My phone was blowing up with email notifications the other day.

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    • Thanks, Valerie! I hope the notifications weren’t too much of a pain…. Ever since I started back up at school, my SMK time has been very episodic – a few weeks off, a couple weeks on, a few weeks off, you get the idea. I’ve not figured out how to make it more balanced yet.

      And about D and D…I wonder if they are a couple? Might they be undercover too?

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      • The notifications weren’t a problem. They never are. It was actually motivation for me to get my work done so that I could get back here. I wondered about D and D as well. I notice that he is wearing a wedding band, so either they are married or they are trying to go for some realism. I need to go back and see if Francine said anything about it back in Billy’s office.


        • Actually this is interesting. If they are married then we have another couple who feel strongly about a risky job and are willing to do it together, like Bart and Colleen. This is just more image casting for Lee (and Amanda), at least that is how I see it.

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        • In a previous post Francine says that the owners of the Sea Chance were identified as David and Dianne Cummings and Billy says that they are squeaky clean, so I guess that means they are married and not undercover, but working together for a cause they believe in.

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  2. Overnighting…so nice to see the growth in their relationship. I agree with what you said iwsod about their being so comfortable and trusting with one another.

    I also notice Amanda’s lack of family mention. I wish they had paid more attention to that aspect of her character. I could be wrong, but here in the US in the 80s was when (I think) women were really starting to be a force in the workplace and there was a bit of backlash from the more traditionally-minded women. There seemed to be some tension in the air between women who stayed at home and women who worked. SMK didn’t really try to make any political statements, so maybe that’s why they left it alone, but I would have liked to have seen how they handled it. Amanda was lucky to have Dotty at home who was very supportive of her daughter, no questions asked – or maybe no answers expected. I’m guessing by now that Dotty was not surprised at all when Amanda called her to tell her she wouldn’t be coming home that night.

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    • I wonder if any of Dotty’s actions in OTL influenced Amanda’s thoughts about not coming home? I don’t know? Except that some of Amanda’s previous ways of handling things or thinking about things were a little shaken up during thatone. Would she have applied that to things in response to overnight cases as well. If Dotty could act irresponsibly did that give Amanda some room to lossen up a bit too?


      • I would think that Amanda did some processing in her head of her mother’s choices in OTL. I think those thoughts are in the back of her head just filed away, but I don’t see her doing anything irresponsible – at least not while they’re on a case. I also think that Amanda’s progression in her growth as a professional would also loosen her up a bit. She knows that spending the night with Lee is part of the job and she can trust that nothing will happen – they are there to do a job.


        • Just to clarify, I don’t think that Amanda would do anything irresponsible, only that she would allow herself to do something that might seem irresponsible to her mother because she wouldn’t be able to explain it. I think she used to get stuck about things like that earlier.”What will Mother think?”, or “how will I explain it to my mother?” I don’t think she worries about that now as much.

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          • Ah, that puts a different spin on it. I agree – I think she probably does think about how her mother would view her nocturnal activities (work or otherwise) differently than before, especially since OTL. Less thinking = less worry in my book. Or like any good child would do – she could throw it back in Dotty’s face to point out her weekend getaway with Mr. Conrad if Dotty called her on anything.


            • This conversation becomes even more interesting when you think about this in light of Iwsod’s reasoning for episode order of the 6th-9th episodes in season 3. Check out her ideas in the episode order thread at Ned’s


            • Yes this all sounds good to me! I can’t remember exactly how I put it, but I do think that the events in OTL with Lee and with Dotty – jolted Amanda out of her comfort zone.. and challenged her to open herself up to new experiences when it comes to love 🙂


    • I’m loving hearing your thoughts on my posts BJo – thank you!!

      Yeah I would have liked to see this addressed in the show too but.. we’ll have to fill in the gaps for ourselves. I actually think Dotty went through a little err huffy phase with Amanda and the way she balances her work/family – but in this ep Dotty seems to have worked through this and accepted this is the way Amanda is now..


  3. Oh, and one frivolous wardrobe comment – I’ve decided I’m not keen on Lee’s rugby shirt. Those screaming horizontal stripes make him look dumpy. :/


  4. Love how Lee and Amanda play their cover so seamlessly. With no rehearsing their dialog is great and their story gels. Great progress since, I think it was SOS, when they were so out of sync with their cover story. It’s not just that they have got to know each other better since that time, it’s also that they are so at ease with each other now. The tension that existed around OTL and even UN has gone completely. Certainly in OTL it was suppressed emotional and physical (sexual?) tension that saw Amanda uncharacteristically demonstrating the negative emotions of jealousy and even anger. Lee was no better with his own seesawing emotions at the time including anger and exasperation at Amanda, and I also think some of that anger and exasperation arose out of his bewilderment at why he couldn’t rouse any real enthusiasm for his relationship with Leslie. Anyway, all that was well discussed in the OTL posts.
    Suffice to say that the relationship is greatly improved since they stopped fighting the emotional and physical tensions, and have instead accepted and, dare I say, embraced the feelings they share. 😀

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    • Yeah we don’t need to look back as far as ship of spies.. it was only just Sour Grapes where they flubbed their cover story 😉 that puts this ep definitely after sour grapes for me..
      yes the sexual tension seems to have eased slightly..at least.. in this ep so far.. what do you all make of it? the tag in JEG was full of it IMHO!

      Kiwismh wrote:

      Suffice to say that the relationship is greatly improved since they stopped fighting the emotional and physical tensions, and have instead accepted and, dare I say, embraced the feelings they share. 😀

      liked this kiwismh! 🙂


      • What I’m thinking is that the emotional and physical (sexual) tension has turned from negative tension to positive tension. 😉


        • Yes good call kiwismh!
          the denial has been taken out of the equation!
          ha! very positive tension!
          I’m waiting for the baking analogies.. or what was it umm.. a gardening analogy?! (appropriate given Lee is a professional gardener 😉 )


    • While reading your comment I found myself asking why there wasn’t so much palpable sexual tension between them now. It isn’t like they have initiated any physical romance with each other beyond some hand holding. Wouldn’t that build more anticipation or attraction between them. And so far, I don’t think they have had “the talk”. I guess what it suggests to me is that the stage of their relationship is just enough for both of them right now. They are content where they are, taking it slow and building on their friendship. That is actually an amazing thing to me. I think there is real trust and enjoyment of each other not that need to increase the adrenaline or a pursuit of thrills in the game playing that often accompanies romantic liaisons. They are just building and enjoying, aware that there are questions and hurdles they need to get over, but it isn’t stopping them. It sure is fun to watch them finally flowing instead of throwing up barriers. And I think that they are working so well together encourages them as well. The closer they get, the more comfortable they are, the more enjoyment they have and the better their team work gets. Perfect! (and Lee had thought Leslie was perfect. Ha!)

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      • I like this, Morley!


      • I’ve been thinking the same thing a lot lately.. though I can never put it as eloquently as you!

        I’ve been just relishing how comfortable they are – in a wonderful way ( not a boring meh kind of a way) – and how the two of them are just savouring where they are at this moment and just enjoying. It’s a lovely time in their journey.. I think I say more about this in the next two posts.. so for now I’ll say no more – other than : Morley! Loved this! 🙂


      • I also think that their jobs may act a bit like a fire extinguisher. They both take their jobs very seriously, so they can’t really get too carried away while on the job. And so I get the sense that while they’re on a case, there is only casual fun/flirtation and no focus on making progress in the romance department. It only when a case ends that they can make any progress in their personal relationship – a la dinner at Spencer’s.


      • Like this a lot, Morley, especially when you say they are flowing instead of throwing up barriers.


  5. PS. Iwsod, Lee is totally checking out Amanda’s derriere in those last two pics of them. 😉 Particularly the second to last pic. You dog, Stetson!


  6. I never really understood the part about “If you have to ask the question – you won’t understand the answer.” Is he just saying that the answer should be obvious, or is this making fun of something? From the way they said it, it sounded like it might be a quote from something. Or maybe an in-joke of theirs?


    • Yes, I’ve never really understood it either. My only conclusion is that it is an “Agency” saying. You know how some workplaces have their own slang or phrases. Maybe it’s a phrase more experienced agents use with rookies.

      Amanda is “great” with sleeping in the same close quarters as Lee 😀 but I think she is just trying to work out the logistics of how she is going to get up tomorrow looking fabulous without her overnight bag. Presumably she didn’t bring a change of clothes, cotton flannel nightie (“Hot Mama” nightie?), fresh undies, and so on. She’s going have to get by on what’s in her handbag unless, of course, Lee had this all pre-planned (which it looks like he did 😉 ) and he has brought along some supplies for her.


      • Well, I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve never understood it either. I’ve wondered if it’s got something to do with “Need to know”??
        It always felt like Lee was being a smarty pants and I want to swipe him everytime I hear him say this.


        • lol.. I didn’t think much about it.. figured it was a standard response for when someone asks a question when the answer should be obvious..
          but I took it as Lee teasing Amanda too.. don’t know If that helps 🙂

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          • I think I have heard that saying before and I always gathered that they threw that one back and forth to each other a lot. I guess it just suggests to me their growing familiarity with each other.


        • Me too – I don’t like this response either. I’m not sure what I thought it meant – because I don’t know – but it bugs me. How on earth would Amanda not understand improvising to spend the night on board a boat? She clearly has superior boating skills, she knows how to pack a bag, plan a meal, and improvise. So what gives? It doesn’t come across as teasing to me.


    • Maybe they rewrote part of the script and originally there might have been something else they said that would have made sense? I think it might have made more sense if Amanda had said the same thing to Lee earlier about something, so his repeating it to her would have made it kind of a running joke between them. That would also explain why Amanda was able to say it with Lee. Perhaps they cut out a part with Amanda saying it.


      • Looking at the script all the Mata Hari II scenes were reworked – there is no conversation around “if you have to ask the question”, the conversation is all about Lee and how he gets sea sick/doesn’t like boats, and the dinner/night on board is not in there at all. Maybe a lot of KJ & BB ad-libbing going on with what we saw in the finished product?


  7. They’ve come a long way from “Weekend” where poor Amanda’s nerves were so frazzled (my pet theory is that not that she didn’t trust Lee at the time, but she needed time alone to reset her reaction/attraction to him). I think now she feels more on equal footing with him so these ‘blindsides’ about covers, sleep arrangements don’t throw her like they once did.

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