4/11 Season Two, Episode 23: Vigilante Mothers- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Later that night, Fletcher meets Castille. LOL what’s with the match Castille lit? was that a signal? Fletcher was already heading towards him anyway!
Getting into Castille’s car, Fletcher finds Castille unwrapping a chocolate.
Castille: Little nippy out. I like warm weather, don’t you?
[Ohh wait.. this liking of warmth/heat is raised again later- I never noticed this before!]
Fletcher unconvincingly: Love it. What’s up?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000888121Castille: Chocolate?
Fletcher: No thanks, I’m allergic.

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000891124
Castille: Oh, that’s too bad. I’d kill for chocolate.
Fletcher: That’s good to know… (irritated) …
Why am I here, Castille?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000894127Castille: I need a half a pound of plastique explosive.
Fletcher: Plastique? That’s pretty volatile stuff. A half pound will almost take out an entire house.
Castille: Well, maybe a quarter pound will do.
[Okay, I find this confusing.. who is in charge here? Who is working for who? Why is Castille asking Fletcher for the explosive? Does Fletcher have easy access to it at the ordnance Lab? I guess.. weird!]
Fletcher: We’re not talkin’ hamburgers here, Castille. What do you need it for?
Castille: I need to blow up a car. W
ith someone in it.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000921154
Fletcher: Well, there’s not supposed to be any killing, remember? [Ah.. sooo Fletcher doesn’t know about Ms Waterston and what happened to get the C-12 crystals?]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000918151
[Hmm sounds to me like they started out as partners.. I guess? What do you think? They are confusing huh! ]
Castille: His name is Lee Stetson, you know him as Lee Sampson. He’s a government agent.
[How does Castille know Lee’s real name? or recognise him? I guess they have a history? The script says they ‘had a little misunderstanding in Bolivia 3 years ago’ ?]
Fletcher: No.
No, this is just getting a little too crazy for me. Bombs, agents…
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000927160Castille: Look, you think I like this anymore than you do? Here,

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000934668
…maybe this’ll make the craziness a little more palatable… [is it just me or does Castille’s mouth look to be saying something different?] Soo.. is Fletcher working for Castille? I guess he is but it was on the understanding there would be no killing? sorry I find these two confusing!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000936169
…Take it. Maybe it’ll ease some of those gambling debts of yours. [Ah so Fletcher is of the ‘weak-willed, flawed, regretful baddie’ variety! Gambling in suburbia- whoo! What’s Castille’s variety? We’ll see!]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000945178
…Good. Now fill me in on what’s happening with the X-12 crystals.
Fletcher: We’re working at neutralizing them, day and night. If you and I don’t work fast, it’ll be too late.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000961695
The scene ends with more chocolate eating and stating of the obvious Winking smile
On to Amanda’s place that night. Amanda and the boys are in the family room putting the finishing touches to Jamie’s’ volcano.
Phillip: I think we need to build a tiny little village there.
Amanda: That’s a good idea, sweetheart.
Jamie: Yeah, a village! And when the volcano erupts the lava flows down-

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000982716
Phillip:And burns up!
Jamie: Good idea! [Hey! I’m loving seeing the two boys not fighting! Hooooo Ray! Winking smile Let’s see if we can get through this scene with no whining Winking smile ]
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000984217
Amanda: That’s terrible.
[I agree with Phillip and Jamie- I think it’s cool!]
Phillip: But it has to be realistic for Jamie to get an A.
Jamie: Yeah, mom.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000987220
Amanda: Well, sweetheart, there’s realistic and there’s gory.
Jamie: And gory sells!
  [not in smk world it doesn’t! Smile No lettuce flying here! Smile ]
Phillip: Yeah, mom. Just trust me on this one!
Amanda: Sweetheart, we’re not gonna build a little village-
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_000996229

Phillip rolls his eyes exasperated and Dotty joins them..
Amanda: -that’s going to be burned up by molten lava.
Jamie and Phillip:
[Ah! there’s the whining.. ugh..]
Dotty: That’s marvellous!
Amanda: It’s good isn’t it, mother?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001002235
Dotty: Yes, it’s fantastic!
Jamie: Thanks, grandma.
Dotty: Reminds me of when I was in Hawaii.
[Dotty and Amanda laugh.]
Amanda: Okay, fellas, that’s about it.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001009743They all start packing up for the night.
Amanda: Why don’t you, uh, pack your stuff up and take those dishes back into the kitchen for me.

Philip: Okay.
[no arguments? good boy Phillip!]
Dotty to Amanda:  How about a cup of tea before we go to bed? [Dotty has something to discuss!]
Amanda: Oh, I’d like one, mother, thank you.
The boys head upstairs for the night leaving Dotty to speak to Amanda in private.. LOL.. Dotty looks after the boys to make sure they are definitely gone and starts straight in with: 
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001026259
Amanda: Um-hm?
Dotty: Tell me about our new neighbour.

Amanda turns to look at Dotty.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001029262Then Amanda turns her back to Dotty, finishing packing up she asks: What neighbour? [LOL I’m guessing she turns away because she has to lie to Dotty here!]
Dotty: Oh, that, uh, that nice looking man that rented Mrs Cooperman’s house. I saw him this morning when I was jogging. He was picking up his newspaper.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0010352682.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001038271Amanda: Ohhhh, you mean, uh,

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001039773
…Mr Sampson?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001041274
Dotty: Oh. haahaa Yes. That’s a good, strong name.
Dotty takes their tea cups over to the couch to discuss this Mr Sampson in more detail Winking smile haaaa.. too funny!
I love Dotty’s name pun ‘Sampson’?? a good strong name?? Was it Samson in the Bible?? close enough! hilarious!! Samson was certainly very strong.. until he cut his hair, parted it on the side
and used waaay too much hair gel…
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001047280
Dotty sits on the couch and hands Amanda her tea cup saying seriously: He’s not married.
Oh, he’s not?
Dotty: I checked.
Amanda nods: Mmm.
I love that as they discuss this there is a volcano erupting in the foreground! tee hee.. Almost like we are being reminded that Amanda’s secret life could erupt here if she’s not careful..
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001054788
Dotty: I didn’t get a very good look at him, but he has a very strong profile. [But Dotty managed to get the most important info! He’s not married Winking smile  Of course he has a ‘strong’ profile, his name is Sampson! Smile]
Amanda: Good.
Dotty: And very good posture.
Amanda: Good posture’s very important.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001057791Dotty: Very.
Amanda: Um-hm.
Dotty: Amanda

Amanda: Hm?
Dotty: -why don’t you, uh, invite him over for dinner? I mean, you know, uh…just kind of welcome him to the neighbourhood.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0010652982.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0010637972.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001066800Amanda: Well, he’s probably very busy, mother.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001068301
Dotty [flatly]: He has to eat, doesn’t he?
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001074307Amanda:
Mm, yeah, but he probably is the kind of man who just grabs a sandwich and runs out the door, you know…
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001075809Dotty: All the more reason why he would
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001077310like a home-cooked meal.
[We see Amanda grit her teeth here and change tactic..]
Amanda: Okay, mother.
Dotty: The next time you see him, why don’t you ask him over for dinner? 
[Dinner!!!!! they could just go to dinner!! 😉 ]
Amanda: I will.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001078812
Dotty: You know what I think?
Amanda: Mm-mm.
I think there should be a little village there at the bottom.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001084818
Amanda [with eyes shut]: Oh, mother!
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001086319Dotty: I mean, you know, make it a little more realistic.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001087821
Amanda: You’re right.
  There probably should be.
Just an idea.
And the scene ends there..

Iwsod’s random comments Winking smile
-So what’s with the chocolate? Is the chocolate that Castille is munching away on actually relevant to the plot? or is this just another random prop for a baddie to hold??!! And how is Fletcher’s chocolate allergy of interest? (other than it being terribly tragic!)
Or did Castille know about Fletcher’s allergy and he was threatening him? with chocolate? Winking smile 

-Remember Lee’s assignment for this episode? Billy told Lee he wanted ‘day and night blanket surveillance’ on Fletcher – sooooo Lee would be following Fletcher to this meeting between Fletcher and Castille right? Oh goody.. so Lee now knows Castille is behind it right? right????!!! well.. let’s see what comes of it huh! Winking smile 

-Ahhh! So this is the episode where the boys make a volcano!

-Love Dotty’s line about feeling like she is in Hawaii!!! This is continuity no?? Didn’t Dotty mention something about a holiday and dropping the camera out of the canoe? anyone remember what episode that was?

-Aha!! Another dinner reference.. I wonder if this is to link back to Amanda’s line in Billy’s office about going out to dinner with Lee?

-Dotty and Amanda’s conversation about Mr Sampson is delightfully awkward because we know the truth of the situation! Smile Dotty jogs? wow.. she is a bundle of energy.. I’m in awe of her! Smile lol though I suspect the jogging is so she can run blanket surveillance on the neighbourhood as she searches for new unmarried male neighbours! Winking smile (with good posture 😉 )
What do you make of Amanda’s reaction to Dotty here? I think when Amanda changes tactic here she decides to stop convincing her mother and just agree to everything – she knows Lee won’t come to dinner, and she knows he won’t be down the street for long anyway.. I guess when Dotty meets Lee later she doesn’t remember Mr Sampson?! She saw his profile.. though she says she didn’t get a good look at him I guess. thoughts?

Okay I’ll finish here for now- love to hear from you readers – do say hi!!! Feel free to share with us which parts you enjoy the most.. questions.. ideas etc. Anything and everything you’d like to share about this episode is very welcome!! byeee for now! 

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  3. Maybe that’s Castille’s way of getting the ladies to love him – he shares his chocolate. 😉

    I so enjoy this interplay between Amanda and Dotty. Their relationship is so fun, and Dotty can be so random, at times.

    I suppose Lee thought he could slip away from following Fletcher long enough to grab some dinner? Or Lee put a newbie on Fletcher that night, and he lost him in the dark? (just a couple of thoughts)


    • Nice try Debilyn.. yes it can’t be Lee’s fault he wasn’t following Fletcher.. he’s a top agent! 🙂

      Oh it’s wonderful to hear you enjoy Amanda and Dotty. Me too.. I use to brush over scenes like this because I was so focused on Lee and Amanda – but I am finding there is many rewards in spending some time focusing on these others scenes also 🙂

      Haa yes sharing chocolate could be the key to winning with the ladies.. that and ahem.. driving a corvette – or so I hear 😉


  4. I reckon if Amanda was more like Dotty all the eligible men in the neighbourhood would be lining up for dinner 😉
    I think the idea of a village is great for the volcano, Pompeii anyone?
    A chocolate chomping baddie? Hope he has a great dentist. I guess it beats being covered in white hair from a cat……


  5. Love how Dotty is practically ready to marry Amanda off to a man knowing nothing about him other than the fact that he has a strong profile. If Dotty is so focused on the fact that people should be married maybe she should be focused on herself. Personally, though, I know Dotty has wanted Amanda to get married again since the pilot, I think as time goes by a big part of the reason why Dotty gets so fixated on hooking Amanda up with someone and marrying her off is because Dotty hopes if Amanda gets married again she will settle down and stop coming and going all the time, not alone just outright disappearing sometimes. I can just imagine what runs through Dotty’s mind later on when she actually meets Lee. Even though it wasn’t really what was going on I bet you all of that coming and going and staying out all hours of the day and night all of a sudden made sense to Dotty. I am actually surprise Dotty didn’t march right over to Mr. Sampsons house herself and introduced herself and invited him over to dinner to meet her daughter and family. That seems like what Dotty would have done to me, but I guess they couldn’t write it that way because it wouldn’t have left the door open for Dotty and Lee to meet later.

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    • Yeah, Dotty and her attempts to marry Amanda off are hilarious. She’s definitely got a one-track mind. When she’s not trying to find a guy for Amanda, she does try to find one for herself. I liked her in One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn’t, when she has her romance with the mysterious Russian defector. Even when she’s talking with him in the park about her family, she can’t help but comment on Amanda’s marriage prospects . . . and her suspicions about “someone at work.” 😉

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  6. I never noticed the volcano in the fore ground. I love it!


  7. Fletcher’s obviously in well over his head with the gambling debts so that’s his motivation to “help” Castille with his nefarious plans. He needs cash and he needs a lot of it now. It’s not an uncommon problem with addicted gamblers. And, yeah, so much for the “blanket surveillance” on Fletcher – obviously he gave Lee & Co the slip at some point in the evening.
    I love the dialog between these two about the weather and the chocolate – makes it seem more realistic. I agree with Cindy, I think the chocolate is a baddie motif like the cup of tea or snifter of brandy, or stroking a white cat.
    Most of the baddies seem to be able to figure out who Lee is fairly easily – maybe that why he moves around between the various apartments in his building so much. He drives a reasonably distinctive car which is often parked in front of the same two buildings (the Agency and his apartment building). The Agency car park out the back seems incredibly insecure (Scotty isn’t exactly top-notch security) and the apartment building doesn’t seem to have any basement or secure parking. With all that opportunity, I often wonder why the baddies don’t just stick an explosive to the underside of Lee’s car (a-la this episode). Thank goodness most of the baddies in SMK-land prefer to go for “stupid elaborate” evil plans which always fail.
    It’s a wonder Dotty has had the self-control for a whole day to not invite herself along to Mr Sampson’s place with a Welcome to the neighbourhood cake. Well, I suspect she probably tried but I guess Lee had gone to work early and wasn’t home. Love how Dotty is dying of curiosity and Amanda hates the thought of having to lie or cover up again. Amanda is an amazingly strong person – between the stress of her work and the stress of having to cover up her work at home, the poor woman must hardly get a chance to mentally relax! It’s kind’ve like leading a double-life, which doesn’t come so easily to women as it does to men (who are generally pretty good at compartmentalising the various facets of their lives).


  8. Not that I’m an expert, but Fletcher’s line of plastique being volatile is annoying. Consciously annoying. I’m not an expert by any stretch, but since WWII, the US Military and others were already using that moldable C4 stuff because it is less sensitive and moldable. Guess this Fletcher guy isn’t very bright or doesn’t know diddly about explosives – only neutralizing deadly non-explosive chemical weapons. Maybe he meant to say it’s pretty explosive stuff based on the next two lines of dialogue.

    I think the chocolate inclusion in this scene is just to show how shallow Castille is. He’d kill for chocolate – to me that’s his way of saying I’m a big bad guy who would kill for no reason so you better watch it and get me what I want.

    This scene is a little confusing I think when we sit down and analyze it in detail. I think that Castile is the boss – he’s got Fletcher over a barrel because of his gambling debts and JK because he’s lied to her and she thinks she loves him. Fletcher and JK obviously know each other from the neighborhood, but I don’t think they are necessarily friends, more like acquaintances. I wonder if Fletcher doesn’t know that JK owns the laundry service that the lab uses. I think Castille could tell Fletcher what to do with the crystals and leave JK out of the conversations between these two.

    Cute little scene between Amanda and Dotty. Iwsod, I love your comparison on the volcano erupting to Amanda’s life erupting!

    Like mother, like daughter…Amanda already tried to get Mr. Sampson to go to dinner and he turned her down!

    Iwsod, I think Amanda made that volcano – she does all the boys’ projects!

    Yes, there is an episode about the camera dropping – I think it’s in the episode where Dotty’s ‘one and only souvenier’ from Hawaii is ruined – her grass skirt. Is that in TBWCBKing where Amanda has to have a yard sale?

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    • Melissa Robertson

      I thought it was from season 1 maybe Savior? I can just picture Amanda sitting at the island eating cereal.


      • I found it!!!

        It’s lost and found 🙂 I never would have guessed that!!

        I must say the dialogue that comes after the canoe comment is interesting!!! Especially since at this stage we are talking about Amanda and her feelings.. check it out:
        Amanda: Why it is it so difficult for men to open up sometimes?
        Dotty: Well, women are no better, Amanda. Sometimes it’s very painful to admit your true feelings, even to yourself. I’d like to think that I raised you so that you’re not that inhibited.
        Amanda: Uh, yes, well, yeah.
        Dotty : Amanda is there someone in your life that your afraid to admit your true feelings for?
        Amanda: No! no. There isn’t.

        In Lost and Found, Dotty was referring to Dean..but IMHO Amanda was thinking about Lee- I think it hinted at Lee.. but now?? I think this conversation has much deeper significance 🙂 squeeeee!!!

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        • Just catching up with a few past comments. This goes to my argument that Amanda has been conscious for a while that she could easily fall for Lee. The way to avoid doing that is not to dwell on it. If you think too much or too long about something, it becomes more real to you, or should I say begins to form a part of your reality. Amanda knows she can’t let this happen as whilst there is so much she likes and admires about Lee Stetson, she just cannot see their lifestyles ever meshing. I think this changes significantly in Burn Out when he apologises for the slap, she is faced with the reality that she does have romantic feelings for this man and he is someone she could easily fall deeply in love with. None of the men she has ever known have been able to make her feel this way.
          The happenings in MBF and VM reinforce her growing feelings for Lee, paving the way for her reactions at the beginning of S3. She also probably begins to suspect that Lee isn’t dating any more – they spend a great deal of time together and his demeanour has changed significantly in the last 2 years. I have always thought that by now he finds an excuse to drop by her place 2 or 3 evenings a week if possible on the pretext of discussing “business” (not to stalk around unnoticed like some fanfic would have us believe – that’s just creepy). The “midnight rambler” has disappeared, only to seemingly make a sudden and unexpected reappearance in a soon upcoming episode that we shall not discuss at this point. However, again it lends weight to Amanda’s reactions in that episode. So much good stuff to come! 😀


          • Hi kiwismh! hope you are well!
            I was hoping to get to reply to your comment yesterday but.. I came down with a head cold and couldn’t stop sneezing and couldn’t think lol! love cold and flu tablets!! 🙂

            Anyway the brain is working a bit better now! Loved hearing your thoughts here.. I enjoy hearing people’s thoughts laid out like this – sounds like you’ve gotten Amanda’s story well organised in your mind.

            This goes to my argument that Amanda has been conscious for a while that she could easily fall for Lee. The way to avoid doing that is not to dwell on it. If you think too much or too long about something, it becomes more real to you, or should I say begins to form a part of your reality.

            I can totally get on board with this. I wonder if Amanda has always been conscious of how easy and dangerous it could be to fall for Lee…

            Amanda knows she can’t let this happen as whilst there is so much she likes and admires about Lee Stetson, she just cannot see their lifestyles ever meshing.

            Again- yep!! totally on board with this! 🙂

            I think this changes significantly in Burn Out when he apologises for the slap, she is faced with the reality that she does have romantic feelings for this man and he is someone she could easily fall deeply in love with. None of the men she has ever known have been able to make her feel this way.

            I don’t see Amanda having a realisation in Burn Out..[I see Lee having a realisation though] For me she doesn’t cross that line.. to me her confusion over Lee and what’s going on is slowly growing at this point.. But realising she has real romantic feelings for him I don’t see as coming just yet.
            I think Amanda’s new found professionalism is at play here.. and part of the events of Burn Out could be put down to the excitement of the job and her work with Lee.. and her close friendship with him. Through this, Amanda can attribute the amazing feelings to a combination of these things – and not romantic feelings for Lee. This is how I see it.
            but I totally get what you are saying here kiwismh.
            We disagree on just this one little bit – which can be really great as an aid for thinking through what it is you do think you know?! hearing your thoughts here has helped me to clarify my own while I’ve explored your own ideas[but don’t worry I don’t expect anyone to remember my thoughts! LOL! }
            – so thanks for sharing with everyone your view! 🙂 I’ll look forward to hearing how you see things play out as we continue 🙂

            Ahh I see the rest of your comment is referring to early season 3 so I’ll hold off on commenting on the rest. Real food for thought here kiwismh! thanks for sharing! 🙂

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          • I’ve always thought Amanda wasn’t necessarily conscious of how strongly she does feel for Lee but very aware of how easily she could fall for him. I’ve said many times I think that is why Lee is almost more effected by things that happen between them like in Sudden Death and SOS because Amanda keeps herself guarded aware that there is more between her and Lee than either is prepared to deal with, but Lee despite their attraction just didn’t look at Amanda as being his type for so long that he never saw it coming when that attraction starts to turn to really deep feelings. And I agree I don’t think Lee probably is dating very much at this point because I can see how as his feelings for Amanda grow deeper his casual affairs probably are starting to feel pretty empty. I especially see that in the case in the early season 3 episode everyone keeps referring to. At that point it’s like he is trying find someone he can have a deeper reletionship with but still to scared to risk that with Amanda, but even that ends up not being enough because deep down he knows who he really wants. But even though I always thought so in the past I still don’t see Amanda consciously admitting how deep her feelings for Lee really are in Burn Out at this point. She is not yet aware just how much Lee’s feelings are going to change after what they go through in that episode and what they go through in MBF so she is not ready to risk her heart. I think at some point throughout these events Amanda is starting to cross a line where she soon won’t be able to krrp burying what she feels for Lee anymore either, but she doesn’t want to admit yet because she doesn’t want to get her heart broken. I think there are times throughout the show where Amanda’s deep feelings for Lee are tapped into like in SOS and ARS but she continues to bury them, and then we get into season 3 and she is less and less able to that.

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            • Misty, I like what you say here. I think there are more dynamics going on for her in season 3 but we will get to that when we get to that. But yes she is aware but she has buried it, sometimes pretty deeply, but it doesn’t take her by surprise as much as it does Lee when that growing underground “emotion” sourced gets tapped. I think the tag to SOS is a perfect example of how the tow of them react to a spring erupting to the surface momentarily.


            • Hi Misty – can I just say yes yes and yes?!
              This sounds good to me!
              I agree Lee gets taken by surprise more than Amanda does.. He never expected to feel something for Amanda.. whereas Amanda always knew she was at risk of falling for Lee if she wasn’t careful 😉

              As for season 3.. I’m really trying not to process what’s ahead for the characters until I get there.. so I’ll offer feedback on your thoughts then.

              I agree at this point Lee is showing progress in maturity and relationships – though the full extend of it is yet to be revealed. Sticking to where we are up to though – and not looking ahead – I think there is evidence of this (though not specific to him and dating)
              There’s a moment coming up in this episode that I think shows how he is changing and starting to become aware of this and ask himself what’s going on – BUT! I won’t say what I think that moment is just yet. I only say this to offer encouragement that there is things to see in the episode we are currently walking through – we don’t have to look ahead to see evidence of Lee changing 🙂 So keep your eyes out for it 🙂 tee hee..
              I’m thinking we might need a year to discuss over the limit. rofl..

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    • Hi BJo, yeah maybe they meant ‘volatile’ in a layman’s way.. as in big kaboom rather than unpredictable.. they love throwing these lines around when they don’t know.. a bit like the upcoming ‘unstable’ HCL compound.. which just sounds made up to me.. HCL would be bad enough 😉

      Anyway.. ha! you are teasing me with telling me Amanda did Jamie’s project!!! You know I hate it when Amanda does her kids’ homework!!! 🙂 it gets her mistaken for a Czech agent or something tee hee..

      Ahhh grass skirt.. yes that rings a bell – I think we’ve seen it already, it’s not ahead of where we are it’s too familiar..

      Yes sorry if I confused you more over Fletcher and Castille.. I wrote my thoughts down as I had them – rather than drawing conclusions..
      I’m on board with Castille being the boss.. though a strange relationship it is! 🙂

      Like mother, like daughter…Amanda already tried to get Mr. Sampson to go to dinner and he turned her down!

      Whahahahahaaaaa!!! Good one!! I love it!!! Makes the dinner line in Billy’s office worth it!

      I think the chocolate inclusion in this scene is just to show how shallow Castille is. He’d kill for chocolate – to me that’s his way of saying I’m a big bad guy who would kill for no reason so you better watch it and get me what I want.

      I like this explanation!!! Thanks BJo! yeah that rings true.. though I love how a few lines later Castille is all ‘I don’t like this anymore than you do!’ I suspect that’s not true 😉 haaaaa..

      BTW – I just realised loving chocolate and heat is a really bad combination!!! No wonder Castille is so ruthless!!! [and has on permanent cranky pants] 😉


      • Oops! I didn’t mean to tease you about Amanda doing the boys’ projects. I thought it was Cindy who was most irritated by that. Sorry – wasn’t even trying to be annoying there 😉 I really didn’t remember it was you who got irritated by that. Honest!


  9. Melissa Robertson

    Dotty’s comment about the needing a village at the bottom of the volcano cracks me up 🙂 My 6th grader just made one and I have to say that Jamie’s doesn’t look like a kid did it. Will I guess probably Amanda did most of the work! Or the prop guys 🙂

    I think when dotty finally meets Lee she says he looks familiar and just chuckles.

    A chocolate eating baddie…whooo…are they worse than a tea drinking baddie!!

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  10. When I first saw this, I thought it strange that Dotty knew Mr. Sampson wasn’t married but didn’t get a good look at him (super vision to see he didn’t have a wedding ring). Now I figure the phone’s been ringing off the hook with the MSE gals asking Dotty about Amanda and this mysterious eligible bachelor and she decided to go jogging to get a closer look. I wonder if she went with or without her binoculars. 😉
    RE: Castille and chocolate — maybe it’s supposed to be a juxtaposition, baddies drinking tea out of dainty tea cups, or an evil villain stroking his white cat.


    • But no baddie phone… 😦 Unless Castille has it stashed away in his centre console…


    • haaaa.. yes maybe that is how Dotty knew! It’s a bit tricky trying to figure out if Dotty knows something and isn’t saying.. there’s a slip up in Mr Brand I just noticed that is huge- can’t wait to discuss it!
      But here? Dotty asks Amanda about Mr Sampson – so maybe we can think she has heard Amanda met him? But.. I don’t get any sense that Dotty thinks Amanda is lying here, or keeping knowing Mr Sampson from her.. and I think if Dotty thought that it would have been revealed here..
      Though I love the thought that Dotty knows more than she ever lets on!
      I guess the neighbours could have told Dotty that Amanda met the new neighbour.. and he isn’t married.. and so find out his name!!?
      I don’t know!

      haaa nice theory about the chocolate! It seemed so random!


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