2/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

Amanda heads into the agency..whoo hooo we see Amanda’s car gets to enter via the garage under the Q 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000302936_thumbbureau.. so it’s not just Lee then Winking smile
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000306139_thumb
Amanda enters the bullpen smiling at everyone hello. whooo a hello to some new random male agent..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000310944[I see the new handbag is still more modern. hooray!]
Amanda: Morning Francine.
Francine: Morning.

My goodness.. why that is quite evil err I mean civil of Francine no?!
tee hee.. okay- what’s with the flowers on everyone’s desks?? Amanda takes a seat next to Francine.
uh oh! Billy is almost sprouting poetry about the beautiful sunrise.. and Francine’s filling with dread!! tee hee.. she knows him so well!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000318952
Francine: Ugh.. we’re in trouble….
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000321721
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000327761

Billy: The complaint I get most is that some of you feel cooped up, chained to your desks!…

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000333366Well, today (he reveals a big pile of folders)
…that’s all going to change.

Francine:Oh no. Spring cleaning.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000334968
[rofl.. maybe Billy put all the flowers on the desks because he was so excited about spring! Winking smile ]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000338171Amanda leans in and whispers to Francine: what is spring cleaning?
Sure enough, Billy announces it’s spring cleaning time..
[Billy is too cute here! LOL!!]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000339839

This is an interesting choice of assignment for this episode. Spring usually suggests new beginnings, changes, things coming to life.. new life.. even- frisky behaviour Winking smile Do you think that is part of what they are hinting at here?? Dotty’s catalogue suggests she is getting frisky!  Could this also be hinting at this episode’s theme of changing relationships.. new beginnings..?? Will be interesting to see how this plays out.. again – I’m thinking this through with you all as we walk through this!

By the way, we saw Amanda spring cleaning in Life of the party- does this mean it has been a year since life of the party??

Francine reacts to something off camera behind Billy: whooo it’s the midnight rambler.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000341374

Francine is reacting to Lee.. whoa.. he’s looking pretty casual and scruffy.. me like Winking smile
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000342175
Anyone else reminded of Lee in Burn Out here?? and .. he isn’t even suppose to be playing burned out here.. uh oh! Winking smile
Gee thanks Francine.. love how she announces his lateness. just in case people didn’t notice Lee arriving late!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000344577
Billy silently points to Lee and motions to him.. probably that he wants a word in a minute..
Billy: now, every year a couple of hundred new organisations crawl onto the shore seeking their place 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000350183in the sun, struggling to find a voice (Like mothers for a safe environment were!), rouse some rabble
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000350984(tee hee!) we want to know who, what, where and why they are.
As Billy gives his speech we see Lee in the background put his jacket on and yawn.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000353386

Billy passes out the folders..

Okay, is that a new ID badge on Billy?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000354988

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000358191

The random agent (Do we ever see this one again?!) passes the files onto Francine.. and…

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000360694

Francine passes many of the files onto Amanda..

Francine: oh I am not getting stuck with these!

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000365398Amanda checks out her files..
Amanda: Oh some of these do look a little strange Sir!
We see the groups Amanda has are called:
Ladies Auxilliary of the Cosmic Cabal
(Isn’t the correct spelling ‘ Auxiliary’? or is this American spelling?)
Citizens for Celestial Celibacy
Save our Bay
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0003670003.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000371004Billy: okay! Everybody set?!
(Lee behind Billy has gotten himself a coffee and is guzzling it with great need!)
.. Let’s hit it!
Billy walks to Amanda:
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000375008Amanda: yes sir?
Billy: I want you to get on to this for now, but err.. tomorrow  I’ve got you set up at the firing range.

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000378211Amanda is stunned by this! It seems to me this is the first Amanda has heard of it!!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000379012
Amanda nervously looks at Francine who looks up to Amanda on hearing this) Billy continues: … I think it’s about time… [Love that Billy says this– rofl!!! what an understatement!! Smile ]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000380613
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000381414Amanda smiles: Yes sir.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000382215
[though her smile doesn’t seem to be genuine.. more one of terror! As much as Amanda has wanted more training and is ready to progress- she seems taken by surprise here and not at all expecting the firing range- of all things! gosh.. couldn’t they give Amanda a tranquiliser gun to use?! 😉 ]
Billy: and don’t shoot yourself in the foot. [I love how pleased Billy looks with this decision to give Amanda some new training Smile good decision Billy! ]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000383817Amanda: No Sir.
Billy leaves Francine and
Amanda.. Interesting that Francine doesn’t say anything about Amanda going to the firing range.. instead she diverts attention right back to Lee and his midnight rambling.. I would have thought Francine would have a snide remark to make about Amanda you know.. Look out world! kinda thing..  I think it’s quite positive that she chooses not to comment on Amanda and the firing range.

Watching this episode straight after WTAMB, the idea that Billy is suddenly pushing Amanda on to broaden her skills in this way is interesting! It could be seen as Billy acknowledging the work Amanda did in WTAMB- [which Billy had completely, wrongly dissed don’t forget! Winking smile ]
I like it! This seems to be Amanda’s reward for the strides she took in WTAMB! Smile
 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000387020
We cut back to Lee as Francine tells Amanda: the last time I saw him 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000389422look this bad was when the Russian Circus came to town. (Francine and Amanda stand up and join Lee who is fixing his collar/tie) Aha!!!! Playing into spring again- Francine is assuming Lee is getting frisky with a new lady friend!
Francine continues to mumble: … Bulgarian sword swallower.. what was her name?
Amanda to Lee: Good morning.
Lee doesn’t say anything to Amanda but smiles at her.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000395829Francine is still determined to catalogue Lee’s exploits: Sasha?? Sonya??
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0003966293.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000398231Lee puts Francine out of her misery: Svetlana.
Francine: Oh!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000399265Lee: she was a juggler.

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000399666Francine is looking down at Lee’s feet as she chuckles:
Oh! excuse me..

In the exchange about Svetlana.. Francine is having a good time  – Amanda though remains quiet and just takes it in..most of the time with a big smile plastered on her face..but I don’t think she’s happy. Jealous? What do you think?
Me? -No I don’t think she’s jealous.. I don’t think Amanda has ever really enjoyed hearing about Lee’s errr busy social life with the ladies.. it makes her… uncomfortable.. why??
Maybe it’s a part of his life she doesn’t want to be a part of. She respects him but doesn’t agree with that kind of lifestyle, so she puts it to one side and focuses on Lee’s good qualities and stays out of it. That’s my guess- how about you?? I think at this point, Amanda has no reason to believe that Lee’s dating life is any different than it’s always been.

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000400467Then.. Amanda looks down at Lee’s feet and does  a double take. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000404070
What are they looking at??!!!
Francine: well, on a national scale of dissolution and dissipation
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000404871(Amanda looks up to Lee’s face shocked at whatever she saw down there Winking smile )
… I’d say you rate a strong thirteen today Stetson.
What’s so shocking down there???!!!
Why do Francine and then Amanda give Lee’s feet a funny look?? LOL maybe he has two different argyle socks on just like Mr Brand- we all know now that means he isn’t a grabber! Winking smile
AHA!! I found the reason for the random shock at Lee’s feet in the script (thanks Petra’s site for hosting it!!)…. I actually kinda wish they had kept this exchange..because to me the looks make no sense without it, I find this all confusing the way they edited it in the end..  As it is, they’ve left Amanda’s thoughts about Lee’s late arrival unarticulated.

In the script, they had Lee talk to Billy and then Billy walks off leaving Lee alone.. yawning.. then Francine says to Amanda: This must be one hot little mud wrestler
Amanda: I think it’s more serious than a mud wrestler. He’s got on two different socks.
Francine: Yesss.. I guess he does. Is this some kind of wash day voodoo? I don’t see the significance.
Amanda: To get two different socks, you have to reach in your own drawer. (the script says Amanda is ‘beat and dismayed’ while saying this) I think he took this girl home!

End of script quote.

I guess this was cut late in production, maybe edited out,  and we were left with the weird expressions from Francine and Amanda.. but no explanation for it!
By cutting this, it seems to me they’ve left Amanda at this point in the episode, assuming Lee has found a new Randi baby.. there is no reason for her to think this girl is serious because the random expression is never explained. bit of a dog’s breakfast..  whereas the non matching socks and dialogue to explain the significance of this leaves Amanda knowing Lee’s new squeeze is serious.. I think this realisation would change what Amanda thinks.. so I find this change unfortunate.
For now I guess I’ll go with what we got in the episode: Amanda is thinking it’s a woman and it’s the same old same old! thoughts??
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000406873Francine seems to relish Lee’s womanising ways.. I think she’s very comfortable with Lee in this role.. and were he to every change his way of living- I think Francine would be very put out! [okay, I know this is dealt with in season 4 but I think I can infer this from what we know at this point]- Recounting this story to Amanda, Francine seems to be very happy with this state of things.. very happy to see Lee arrive late, looking like he’s getting plenty of action.. ahem! ]
Lee: Francine, do you mind. Huh!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000408875Lee: It’s insomnia that’s all.

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0004108773.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000411678Francine wordlessly seems to motion that she isn’t 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000412078buying it..

Lee says it’s insomnia.. Francine assumes it’s a woman..  what do you think? I’m not drawing conclusions just yet about this – but I will say, if Lee is whooping it up with a new woman and having a good time? he doesn’t look it! He doesn’t look happy or energised or ‘giddy’ you know?? He seems kind of subdued.. can’t wait to hear what you guys make of Lee here!

Do you think Amanda is jealous here?? After having seen Lee’s socks?? I don’t believe Amanda is jealous here when realising Lee has a new ladyfriend – as she really doesn’t see a relationship with Lee as being a possibility for her, and without the socks comments – I think she has no reason to see this is a serious ladyfriend. (I’m sure we’ll revisit this idea in future scenes!!!)

Lee walks over to Billy who is waiting to talk to him.

Lee whispers: yeah?
Billy gives a quick side glance at Francine and Amanda..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000414881
and then says: insomnia huh? chronic too.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000417283[Billy notes that it’s chronic – does this mean he isn’t buying insomnia either?? ]
Lee turns to give a sideways glance at Francine and Amanda.. why?? Are they not wanting to be overheard?? what’s going on here?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000418251Billy again glances sideways before adding:
Same 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000424657problem for the last four days….
There’s a way you can make it 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000425458up to me.…Amanda’s never been spring cleaning.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000426259Lee doesn’t want to have a thing to do with spring cleaning!
Lee: ohhh now wait a minute Billy..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0004294623.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0004278613.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000430263…She doesn’t need a nursemaid. She’s been around enough to know how to handle a few crack pots. Come on!

[Lee is usually happy or at least expecting to keep an eye out for Amanda – he feels responsible for her-  but here?? he seems to be putting a little distance between them.. or wishing to.. Why? because he doesn’t like spring cleaning?? because he’s too tired and just doesn’t want to work?  thoughts?? do tell!! ]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000431064Billy:
Listen handling is one thing but Amanda gets…. enthused!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000434267Lee kinda sighs.. and looks to the side.. he can’t argue with Billy on that one..
[While it’s  great Lee is giving Amanda more independence- here IMHO it seems a little neglectful of Lee, because he is tired and doesn’t want to do the work??… IMHO Lee knows Billy is right-  Amanda does get ‘enthused’ and regularly into trouble 😉 Lee should go along with Amanda for this one..]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0004350683.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000435869Billy continues, while Lee looks over at Amanda (what do you see here?)
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000436670 I think he looks at her with affection.. but with something else also.. sadness? Pain??? yeah.. to me he looks to be feeling pained about what Billy is staying about Amanda.. but why?? I’m not quite sure what to make of Lee here..
what do you all think? I’m feeling with this episode that I don’t have as clear a picture of this episode as I do of others starting out – so don’t be surprised if throughout posts I toss around ideas… I think this one is going to be a ‘process’ !

Billy: Like any other day in DC anything can happen. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000438271Listen, I got a mill full of funny rumours. who makes rumours?

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000443076

Lee and Billy together: Crackpots!

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000446279

Billy: Take care of her!!!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000447080Billy gives Lee a look up and down.. like come on man! and he walks off. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000448682
Lee is left with a thoughtful small smile3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000450283

Hmmm I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep but he even seems to me not happy.. a little sad?.. thoughtful? Whoa!!! there goes Lee’s cheek..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000451084
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000451885
Except for his famous cheek.. he looks quite calm..
[and ruggedly handsome Winking smile ]
Seems underneath that calm looking exterior Lee is a bundle of tension at the moment.. why?? I think at this point we haven’t been told this yet.. it is only hinted at.. at least.. I think so!
I’m going to keep this in mind as we continue to walk through this episode.

What do you make of this conversation between Lee and Billy??
Is there a subtext to what Billy is telling Lee here?
I think Lee is tired, and has been for four days.. Billy wants to teach Lee a lesson – because this lack of sleep is beginning to affect his work – turning up late is not okay. Billy even says there’s a way Lee can ‘make it up to me’ . So Billy makes sure Lee can’t get out of spring cleaning.. he’s going to make him help Amanda.

Well at a minimum, we are left knowing Lee has had trouble sleeping for the last four nights. Lee says it’s insomnia, but everyone assumes it’s a woman Lee is dating called ‘insomnia’ Winking smile but we don’t know which is the truth.. do we??? do we ever?? we’ll see..

I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think!!! Got any questions of your own? Love this episode.. but it is not a straight forward one at all IMHO! So maybe there will be lots of different ideas on what’s going on! byee for now!

91 responses to “2/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

  1. Amanda gets a spot next to Francine in the office??? No wonder Francine isn’t all that overjoyed with her hello. I thought Francine was Billy’s #2 – why doesn’t she get her own office or something? Actually, I’m a little surprised, but pleased, at Francine’s show of office camaraderie here. I don’t blame her for sticking Amanda with the weirder sounding cases. That’s what happens, the s%#% rolls downhill.

    Walking through SMK on this blog, I’m pretty much convinced that just about every word of dialogue is deliberate. So I’m just going to nod my head and agree with the Spring Cleaning thing here stuff that you say, iwsod! Oh, wait, that’s a good point you bring up about LOTP. I guess it’s not a literal “spring” cleaning at the Agency. Knowing Amanda and Dotty, I’m sure they did their spring cleaning in the spring. ;).

    Hey, my smilies look different on my computer these days. Why is that? Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

    I don’t have time to look it up, but does anyone know how much time there was between S2 and S3 fiming? Lee just looks so much older here. And when I think back to S1, it certainly seems like it’s been waaay more than 2 years. Maybe he’s finally growing up. Awww…so cute to see. 🙂

    Tranq gun, iwsod?? So glad you remembered!! “Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.” Bwahahahaha! And I have a theory on why Francine doesn’t say anything about the firing range. I think she is in favor of it and helped to push Billy to see that Amanda needed to do it. Why??? Because Francine figures that this will finally help to put and keep Amanda in her place. She doesn’t belong doing agent work if she can’t handle a gun.

    I agree, iwsod, I think Amanda is a bit uncomfortable hearing about Lee’s past exploits, not jealous. Like how you say this:

    Maybe it’s a part of his life she doesn’t want to be a part of. She respects him but doesn’t agree with that kind of lifestyle, so she puts it to one side and focuses on Lee’s good qualities and stays out of it.

    I think there’s no maybe about it. And Lee must have on two different socks, or maybe he has on ladie’s socks – LOL. Oops – you called it! I never noticed the looks until you pointed it out here. And so what if Lee had to get his socks from his own drawer? It’s not like Amanda’s never seen Lee entertain at his apartment before.

    Love how Lee looks at Amanda while he’s justifying his behavior here. He feels he owes an explanation to her. I take this to be as a friend and a partner. Whatever is going on, he’s not shared it with Amanda yet. We don’t know why here, but he hasn’t. He doesn’t look happy or giddy, as you put it. I don’t remember what I thought the first time I watched this, but I probably thought the worst of Lee. LOL!

    Aww, love how Lee sticks up for Amanda here. Heck, if she can handle Mr. Brand, she can handle the Ladies of the Cosmic whatever they are! I think he wants nothing to do with spring cleaning, it’s not work for superspys like Leezo. He’s forgetting that if Amanda is involved, then something big’s about to happen and he needs to be in on it!

    Yeah, that look of Lee’s toward Amanda after Billy says enthused. He does look pained. Maybe he is just really tired. He seems so different here. Hence what I said earlier in this post about the time difference between filming S2 and 3. He just doesn’t look like he really wants to be at work today. Lee doesn’t have his typical energy for the job like he usually does.

    I’ve often wondered about Billy’s comment, “Take care of her!!” What does he mean by the way he says that? He gives him a look after he says like he’s trying to send Lee a message. Billy is so good in this whole scene. You’ve done a great job capturing him, iwsod!

    Oh dear, two masseter flexes…you know what that means!! Lee is not happy! Guess he doesn’t want to be spending the day with Amanda AND crackpots. Hahahahaha!


  2. Ok, I don’t have a lot to add to this discussion, but I will say this. I don’t particularly care about the sock dialogue. I’ve always thought that perhaps his pants weren’t perfectly creased or maybe his shoes weren’t perfectly shined – and this wasn’t like the Lee they were used to seeing. Honestly, maybe I simplified it too much, but it works for me, so….

    I enjoyed the fact that Francine didn’t comment on Amanda at the firing range. This was a signal to me that Francine was more accepting of Amanda, which is further played out as this season progresses.


  3. I have skim read the comments and loving the discussion.

    The sock thing. Maybe they cut it because it was sooooooo stoopid. I mean unless Lee has had a growth spurt how the heck do they see his socks?!
    I don’t see Amanda as jealous. I do see dismay and a fair amount of uncomfortableness. Is that actually a word? Oh well I rewrite the English language 😉
    I think Amanda manages very well to just see Lee in a platonic way and has done it well. However it appears as if that wall she’s built is starting to crack and the hearts wants are edging further to the forefront. It’s almost as if she mentally wants to stick her fingers in her ears and say “la la la. I’m not listening”. I don’t think she likes the reminder that Lee is a man with needs 😉
    Having said that for a man immersed in a new relationship he sure isn’t bouncing off the walls with happiness. The new girlfriend isn’t shaping up. I wonder why?! 😉 no wonder he’s got insomnia……
    I love Billy when he smiles, he’s got a great smile 😀


    • Great image with Amanda and good point about Lee Jenbo. He doesn’t seem like a really happy camper for someone in the throes of a new romance. evil grin


    • I don’t think she likes the reminder that Lee is a man with needs.

      Err, nope, not at all. Love how you said that!


  4. Can someone help me here without me having to read all 50+ comments? (Treadmill time is almost up for the morning.) I have always been glad they cut that sock conversation because it makes no sense to me. I must be missing something, but to me it makes Amanda more naive than even I am willing to give her credit for. I mean. what does she think Lee does with his female friends if not have them stay over at his place? Yeah, it could be her place or his, but we see Randi-baby in ALSALScandal stop by his apartment and Amanda sees this too. So she should have a pretty good idea that Lee has overnight house guests from time to time.

    What am I missing????


    • I agree, I don’t see what the surprise is here. Amanda knows from the past Lee has had company over. And on another sock tangent, as LAAL says, how could you see Lee’s socks when he is standing?! Maybe two different shoes, but I checked and they are the same (such dedication, I had to watch the whole episode again ;)). The entire thing was just a silly non-working plot device that didn’t communicate anything that made sense.


      • The whole episode again?? We appreciate your sacrifice 😉

        PS Thanks, glad it wasn’t just me who didn’t get it.


      • Oh My Heck! Maybe Lee is wearing capri pants and that why they could see his socks.


      • Oh good. I am glad that neither of you get it because I really want to just throw that whole potential scene out, it actually complicates my thinking. So now that you both don’t get it and have research to back it up, I think I am just going to erase it from my SMK memory and think about what was actually just put on the screen. Thank you.


        • LOL Raffie, Jule, Morley – I totally hear ya! It doesn’t make sense!! lol..

          I find it confusing because either way it doesn’t make sense.. if the sock dialogue is left in – it’s clear to us Amanda is thinking Lee’s new woman is serious – but yes the logic of how she figures it out is kinda dumb! lol!!!

          At the same time, if you leave it out – you have these bizarre looks from Francine and Amanda at Lee’s feet!! that make no sense at all and are never explained!!!

          Either way something doesn’t add up..

          I figured if I share the cut dialogue we can explain away the expressions as a mistake in editing.. and so I just over look it. and go with Amanda not presently thinking Lee’s woman is serious..

          So true that Lee did have Randi around to his place.. so this logic doesn’t make much sense! tee heee..

          Ohhh sorry if I muddled things with pointing out this cut scene Morley! 🙂

          Yeah.. I’m thinking I’m just pretending there were no weird looks at Lee’s feet.. and movin on from this dog’s breakfast!! 🙂


    • I noticed the part about the socks had been cut, because I had read the script before watching this episode. I agree that it doesn’t make sense as a means to intuit that Lee’s relationship was serious, as others have mentioned. I always wondered if it got cut because they decided to downplay the seriousness of it, but some other things about the episode make more sense if it was serious.


  5. So I agree that Randi was the last fling until now. I think that Lee really enjoyed having cake and coffee with Amanda in ALSALS after Randi storms off. I think he starts to realize he wants more. Maybe he was surprised that he enjoyed spending a non-sex evening with Amanda. He may have tried to hook up with one of the women in his black book(s), but I thick he found something lacking. We know from Lee’s reaction in BO that he is afraid that he has pushed Amanda away for ever and he just can’t lose her. I think that is a huge thing for both of them. Do you risk your friendship on a romantic relationship? What happens if it doesn’t work out?
    Poor Amanda. First her mother’s odd (to her) behavior this morning, now Lee’s. I don’t know if she knows what is going on but the last time he looked like this was BO. And Billy wants her to start training with a gun. She must be thinking it is a full moon.
    OK, as far as the socks, it looks like Lee has been standing up the entire time, so unless his pants were way too short would anyone have been able to see his socks? We could see James socks because he was sitting and the pant legs rise a bit then.
    I also think Billy did mean more when he says Take care of her to Lee. (I thought the same thing when I first saw the episode back in the 80’s). I don’t know, it’s just they way he says it. Billy may have realized that Lee has backed off from dating and maybe he did pick up Amanda’s comment in VM about going out to dinner (he didn’t want to embarrass her, but just filed that information away for later use). I think he might see something there. It may be like a lot of things that are purposely left vague so that the viewer can make their own interpretation.


  6. ISWOD, I am SOOOOO GLAD you added the cut sock dialogue. I was so confused about Amanda and Francine’s reaction to looking at Lee’s feet and I was wracking my brain to figure out what the big deal was. Did he step in some gum? Or something worse? Was he tracking a long piece of toilet paper on his shoe? Or maybe he put his clown shoes on? Maybe his shoes didn’t match his suit, or even worse he forgot to put shoes on. Maybe he forgot to put shoes on and revealed his hairy Hobbit feet (NOOOOOO! SAY IT ISN”T SO!!!!!!) Or maybe he was wearing a strappy pair of woman’s sandals. Or maybe he had nail polish on his toe nails. Or nail polish on his big hairy Hobbit feet toe nails! (OH THE HORROR – GET ME SOME BRAIN BLEACH – STAT!) See, Mr./Ms Editor — just leave the dialogue in. It is really not a good thing to let my imagination fill in the blanks. Seriously.

    Interesting how Amanda and Francine jump to the same conclusion on seeing Lee’s appearance and feet.


    • Hairy hobbit feet with red nail polish in strappy heels, ROFL! You be so funny Cindy! So even if Lee has mismatched socks, it doesn’t warrant the reaction it got. I mean haven’t we all made fashion faux pas when getting dressed in the dark? Hmmmm, maybe it’s just me who puts navy tights on when it should have been black or run out of the house with my blouse buttoned incorrectly among other errors (forget to zip my pants….:/). Cindy, your explanation makes more sense!


      • lol! When I’m tired, I sometimes end up putting shirts on either inside out or backward. If you do both, I think it’s a sign that you should return to bed immediately, especially if you didn’t notice it yourself and had to have someone point it out to you. Recently, I was really tired from a long day at work, and I ended up wearing my nightgown to bed inside out and didn’t notice it until the following morning.


      • When I get dressed in the dark I tend to wear my clothes inside-out . . . I made it halfway through a workday one time before my boss said “Uh . . . isn’t your shirt inside out?” I was very embarrassed, but I guess I should be glad he didn’t jump to the conclusion that I had a new, serious relationship! Poor Lee.


    • I tried to figure it out, then my brain spun off on a tangent thinking of a scene in a late Season 3 episode where someone else stares at his feet (DMLNT) and I gave up wondering.


      • LOL I honestly don’t remember what you are referring to.. but don’t tell me ! I’ll look forward to figuring this one out when I get there!


      • LOL, KC, because what you are remembering is the DMLNTrails scene with Lee and the new young recruit, and she compares his shoes to her father’s. I’ve watched it about 10 times in the past month as I slowly beta along!


        • Pssttt… Raffie – I know. 🙂 I was trying to hint without saying anything ‘cos I didn’t want us to get ahead of where we are in the journey. (The especially funny part of that scene is who plays the newbie agent!)
          My bad! I’ll keep quiet from now on.
          (And thank you SO much for beta-ing for me!)


    • Yeah, crazy, crazy, crazy that they took that sock dialogue out when it is absolutely critical to Amanda’s reaction and realisation in this scene.


      • crazy crazy crazy is a good description!!

        Why do you all think they could have removed it?? any ideas??

        I’m wondering if they were wanting to draw out the suspense a bit more of what was going on with Lee – why was he acting this way? Is he alright?? a new girl?? but he doesn’t look happy!!! insomnia?? really?? what’s going on?? 😉

        I’m full of questions about it now the socks dialogue has been taken out.. and.. I guess if Amanda never said the socks dialogue – she would be too!!

        So what does everyone think of Amanda and the firing range??
        I found it interesting that she doesn’t get sent off for the next level of training after section 1.. they said something about that in the tag of ACA but I’m too traumatised by that ERA button to go back and find out what it was 😉

        Does Lee know about the firing range?? would Billy have run it by Lee first?

        I like Amanda’s reaction.. I actually think it mirrors nicely whats happening between Lee and Amanda.. This extra training is something Amanda has wanted for a long time.. but when faced with the reality of getting on with it?? the immediate reactions is – eek!!! this is really scary!!! Even though Amanda really wants it!! Hmm.. This is how I see Lee looking at families.. we’ve discussed that before – Lee’s longing for it, but at the same time, he pulls away from it and is afraid of the power of … hmm.. what? the power of the family?? or.. the power of his longing for a family? Hmm.. anyway- I thought it was an interesting thing to see at this point.
        Amanda’s dream has just come true – and her immediate response is : terror!
        Well IMHO – feel free to share your own interpretations!

        Okay really heading off now.. I’ll try and check in later today.. byee and hope you are all well!


        • I’m not sure about the whole socks issue. I loved Amanda’s (and Francine’s) reaction to the firing range appointment. Amanda’s first request regarding extra training was wanting to know how to hit. At Station One they did all sorts of things, but no firing. It’s odd that the one thing that Amanda has probably the biggest issue with is the first one she really has to face. She already mentioned in Lost and Found how she felt about guns.

          Maybe the goal was to tackle the hardest issue first and work backwards from there. If she could get over that hurdle first maybe the rest of training would go smoothly. Amanda could be terrified that if she doesn’t do well at the firing range she might not ever get that training. She already washed out (sort of) at Station One so she has to be thinking about that as well.

          I could see how this could be a mirror to what Lee is thinking. He has no experience as to what a real family is like. He might be terrified of messing it up and ultimately losing out. He’s lost his family before and never bonded well emotionally with his uncle. I think they are both afraid because they could either miss out on something or possibly get everything they’ve wanted. Scary stuff to step out on a limb.


          • “I think they are both afraid because they could either miss out on something or possibly get everything they’ve wanted.”



          • Valerie, I like your last paragraph a lot!!!


          • I love how you’ve explored this idea of fear and stepping out on a limb here Valerie.. really beautifully put!!

            Oh good call with the Lost and Found quote! I’d forgotten about that!!!

            We did see Amanda shooting a shotgun in A Class Act – I remember it was part of a sequence that seemed to be making fun of how inept Amanda was.. so through the steam coming out of my ears, I vaguely remember Amanda missing the target and getting a disapproving look from Francine. I’ll try and include a pic (and link to ACA) of it when I get to the gun part in this episode (no I haven’t written it yet). If I forget, which is quite possible, please do remind me! thanks

            LOL you might be right with that tackle the hardest issue first goal.. haaaa! yeah it is a lot of pressure on her! I think this is one of the things that adds to the growing pressure on Amanda throughout this episode..


        • Why do I think they removed the sock discussion? Probably because they were trying to cut it down to 46 minutes to fit in the requisite number of commercials. Hmm, I suppose that would be the cynical view.
          I suppose it’s just as likely the implied all night (or all 4 nights?!) bedroom marathon that led to our boy arriving late and looking like death warmed up was just too much for the censors?? 😉


        • This comparison between Lee and his reaction to his possible feeling for Amanda and her reaction to training with a gun is really great! Thanks for bringing it up.


    • ROFL I love it! All brilliant explanations for the horror of looking at Lee’s feet!

      I thought maybe his shoes weren’t shined again! 🙂


    • Oh, Cindy…you really know how to make me laugh!! I happen to be listening to TLOTR – TFOTR right now, so I’ve been thinking a lot about hobbits lately. I think I will be laughing all night long on this one!


  7. Ugh! I so badly want to sink my teeth into this discussion, but I don’t even have the time to read all of your comments. I hope I can sneak some time tonight… but I may not be able to until tomorrow night late. Oh that is going to drive me crazy….


  8. Everyone else has pretty much covered elements of what I would say about this scene, so I will try to be as brief as possible. Oh c’mon! You know this topic is just too huge – this ain’t going to be brief but I will try my best. 😉
    Amanda enters in a genuinely upbeat mood, which is her normal mood most of the time but here I think she is really at a point where both her work and her friendship with Lee are giving her a great deal of joy.
    Billy clearly thinks she’s now got the confidence and skills to get into some serious agent training. Knowing how to shoot (not just “how to hit”) is an essential for an agent. He knows this goes against the grain for Amanda but he also knows she ready for this step. Billy knows and Amanda must know too that if she is going to advance in the Agency from guest pass to agent id she must become competent in all aspects of the job, even the ones she might find personally distasteful.
    I think Francine keeps her mouth shut here because if she draws Billy’s attention with a snide remark about Amanda she might just end up with some of those nutcase files she doesn’t want. She’s smart enough in this moment to keep her head down and her mouth shut, although she does smirk.
    Yes, they should definitely have left the dialogue about the mismatched socks in. Amanda’s reaction doesn’t make sense otherwise. I think since Randi-baby was seen off Lee’s behaviour has been noticeably more positive and more mature, to the point that Amanda is probably satisfied that he has put his womanising ways behind him. This makes her happy for him as she sees the real Lee Stetson emerging and the worst aspects of Scarecrow, which devalued the real man, receding. Somewhere inside it makes her happy for her too. Since Burn Out I believe she has been putting some effort into ensuring she doesn’t dwell on the possibility of their friendship turning into romance, but deep down I think this resolution has begun to falter. Her heart wants what her mind desperately denies.
    She barely has much of smile on her face at the outset of this conversation – she’s trying to look unconcerned but you can see the disappointment on her face. I think the disappointment is as much about wishing Lee wouldn’t cheapen himself in this way when he is such a good man in so many other ways, as it is about her own personal feelings about Lee.
    But, when she notices the socks I see the shock of realisation on her face – not only has he been with a woman but he’s serious enough about that woman to have had her at his place! It’s like a gut punch to Amanda, and she probably can’t even understand right in that moment why it is so hurtful to her. At that moment, she is just raw hurt. You can see it in her eyes. She recovers with a wan half smile, but I think as she does it begins to consciously dawn on her that she did indeed see the hope of romance in their future – now that hope is cruelly crushed. As Lee walks over to Billy she has a small, forced smile on her face (more of a grimace actually). I see her feeling utterly bewildered and entirely alone in this moment.
    I think Amanda’s reaction to the notion that Lee has apparently been tom-catting again, based purely on circumstantial evidence and Francine’s tawdry inferences, supports the fact that she had begun on some level to contemplate a romantic relationship with him.
    Is it insomnia? I have thought about this a great deal. We all want it to be insomnia, we don’t want to think about the alternative. I did think Lee must be sleeping with Leslie despite not wanting this to be true. But when I thought about it a bit more I realised he doesn’t look like a man who’s satisfied in any sense of the word – certainly not physically nor emotionally. If he is trying to make this a more normal, longer term relationship he will be concentrating on getting to know her, not just getting her into bed. The beginning of a romance should be a happy, giddy time, not a time of turmoil. I would say Lee is desperate to convince himself that he wants Leslie but it’s just not happening. Lee Stetson isn’t used to forcing himself to be interested in a woman, let alone forcing himself to sleep with her. This will be bothering him immensely, not to mention the inexplicable feelings of guilt and shame that will be niggling at him. The “lack of action” may also be bothering Leslie and maybe she is getting impatient for him to move things along, further adding to Lee’s stress about the situation.
    I also imagine Leslie’s work schedule as an interpreter keeps her busy many evenings, so we can safely assume Lee hasn’t been with her each of the last four evenings, let alone nights.
    There is one more factor that makes me think it may well be insomnia. Lee looks Amanda in the eyes when he says this. I think if he was lying he couldn’t look her straight in the face.
    I assume Lee and Leslie’s “relationship” is a few weeks old now. He may have slept with her, but I think on the balance of the evidence and how he is presenting, probably not. Has he got to the point where his inner and so far not consciously acknowledged feelings for Amanda are preventing him having a normal relationship with another woman? I think so.
    Billy looks a little disgusted here, and he clearly assumes Lee is up to his tom-catting ways again. I’ve always thought that his “Take care of her” line is as much about Lee taking care with Amanda’s heart/feelings as it is about watching over her with the spring-cleaning caseload. Billy is a wise old soul and right from day 1 I think he recognised the special connection between Lee and Amanda.
    As for Lee’s look as he contemplates what Billy is saying and then looks towards Amanda, I see sadness and longing for something he desperately desires but can’t yet acknowledge. As he looks at her with that small smile on his face, it is like a moment of sunshine that fills his heart with peace and happiness – again he can’t quite comprehend it, but he is so close now to his heart’s revelation.

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    • Hey kiwismh! I am so glad you raised the other big event that’s happening here – and that gets overshadowed by the big Lee/Amanda questions.. Amanda’s booked into the firing range!!! whooo hooo!!! this is huge!!!! 🙂 this really is a major moment for Amanda’s character!!!!!

      As for the rest of your analysis.. I’ve skimmed it -so sorry – I am sure it’s fabulous but it’s referring to stuff I haven’t covered yet.. I haven’t finished writing this episode (I’m only up to half way life is busy 😦 ). soooo when we cover what we learn that informs how you’re seeing this scene. please let me know. I’ll try and come back to these comments – I can see you’ve taken a lot of care in laying out your thoughts. I do love that..and I do really love to hear your thoughts kiwismh!
      I guess others can respond..or you can always head to Nedlindger’s to discuss as much as you like about anything – no one asking you there to not get ahead of the story!
      I feel like I’m being a bore here maybe.. sorry if I am.. but I’d encourage you all to try to stick to where the story is if you can.. and hang on to those answers.. we can discuss as they are revealed to us all.. I suspect there will be lots of looking back throughout this episode as we understand what happened earlier in light of what we learn later – it’s part of the journey!

      If we stick to what we’ve covered so far – we pay more attention to things like Amanda and the firing range, rather than only discussing Lee and his insomnia – maybe?
      I won’t to tell people what to write.. but let’s try and let the story unfold as it happens – pretty please? 🙂


      • I Iwsod, I’ve read and re-read what I wrote and can’t see that I’ve skipped ahead. Aside from mentioning Leslie, who we all know Lee is seeing currently and who is very relevant to Lee’s current state of turmoil. Yes, a viewer watching for the first time would be in the dark at this point but I can’t really see how we can properly analyse what’s going on in this scene without reference to the relationship we know Lee is already in.
        I don’t imagine Billy thinks at this stage there is going to be any kind of romantic relationship between Lee and Amanda, but I think he is astute enough to see that Lee’s tom-catting could be harmful to their friendship and working relationship.
        I do think there is an element of “guilt” to Lee’s reluctance to accompany Amanda. He probably can’t identity the feeling at the moment – he is simply aware that he is not comfortable in himself at the moment and that he is feeling this more acutely when he is in her company.


        • Hiya Kiwismh, yeah we haven’t met Leslie yet.. and yes I agree, when we find out about her, more of Lee’s reactions here will be explained – which is why I suggest when we meet her we come back to this to discuss it further. I’ll keep coming back to it based on anything that I learn as we continue to walk on.. I’ve noted a few things that I think may help to answer it.. [ but I still haven’t gotten to writing about Leslie yet! ]

          I’m trying to watch the episode by staying in the moment and not thinking ahead..As I try to do with all episodes..
          Yes you are right- we all know Leslie exists and that she is coming..(duh duh duuhhh!!) but. this blog walks through the episode as it happens – and doesn’t discuss the whole episode in the first two posts knowing everything about it – it tries to experience the story as it unfolds.

          So while I know Leslie is coming, at this point, discussing how she is affecting Lee here is jumping ahead – Amanda doesn’t know about Leslie and at this point the audience doesn’t know about Leslie, so I try to watch it -not knowing about Leslie.

          Yes at times this can be frustrating.. it means forgetting what you already know! But.. by doing this – we see things in a new way, and experience the show as it would have been experienced by the audience as it aired on tv.. At least this is my experience of looking at the episodes this way..

          I’m especially interested to see how this Leslie reveal will play out given we are watching the episode in a revised order – based on Morley’s big picture of what happens in all the episodes.. so I am following the order, sitting back and enjoying the ride.. and trying not to think forward as much as I can.

          I love to hear your thoughts kiwismh, please keep sharing them.. but if you can – hold off answering questions the episode asks which the episode hasn’t yet answered.

          We all jump ahead from time to time.. but lets give it a go.. does anyone here know what I’m on about?

          I’m gonna think some more on the guilt! An interesting idea! 🙂 bye for now!


          • Hi Iwsod, I guess I thought I wasn’t jumping ahead as I was simply putting myself in Amanda’s head-space and how she has reacted at this moment only knowing (or suspecting) what she knows and feels, and also putting myself I Lee’s head-space also knowing what he knows and feels at this point in time.


  9. I watched a Youtube clip of an interview with KJ, and I don’t know about Amanda, but KJ was none too happy with the new gal in town! She was sort of gritting her teeth talking about it, and mentioning fans issuing death threats. I always saw Amanda as seeing red here. Maybe she was choking on it for the time being, but hard to deny. She’s pretty invested in Lee by now, and with no one overtly hanging on him since Randi-baby, I believe she thought maybe there was a real chance Lee was changed for good. I think she was terribly disappointed, and working her way into a full-on mad.


    • Well, maybe it’s time Amanda does get mad By this time Lee and Amanda’s lives are intertwined whether they like it or not and even someone as patient as Amanda has got to be coming to her limit with him. I’ve given Lee a lot of passes in the past because I think he was totally unprepared and illequiped for having someone like Amanda come into his life. He maybe a ladies man but he really doesn’t know much about love. How could he? His parents died when he was a kid, his uncle didn’t seem entirely plugged into me, and the very life he leads makes it near impossible to get close to someone and the couple times he did it ended in disaster. I’ve cut Lee a lot of slack because i see him as not only being afraid of love but because the limited experience he has had with it has been painful I wonder if on some level he relates love and pain. The man almost does look like he is in pain sometimes when he’s dealing with his feelings for Amanda. But at this point Lee doesn’t just seem afraid to me, he almost seems like he’s cowering and I don’t like it. It’s not just his life he’s messing with. You can’t just avoid everything your afraid of. Time to man up. I know it’s not obviously what it’s referring to but it’s a fitting title for this episode. I was getting over my limit with Lee and I think he was in danger of pushing Amanda to far here if he hadn’t cut out the crap as quickly as he did. Whatever in the end she forgives him and so do I.


      • Okay- I’m back!! phew.. lots of good discussion here!! I look forward to hearing from everyone who hasn’t joined in yet – do feel free to jump on in – even if it’s been a while! Even if it’s your first time!

        I think it might be helpful if I clarify how I approach these discussions.. I think some of us speak in general overarching views on an episode.. whereas I try to stick to where we are up to in the episode.. early on in walking through an episode – that means often my response may be – I’ll get back to that! 🙂

        I think this question of whether Lee really is experiencing insomnia, or a new squeeze or what is going to be answered by information we learn later in this episode.. so I haven’t completely decided.. I’ve just shared a few thoughts based on what I’ve seen so far..

        LOL at your SBTB thoughts Misty! I figured Lee is now keeping house much better nowadays.. and the pig sty is a thing of the past.. what that’s based on who knows.. lol.. it’s funny how we all fill in the gaps in areas like this in different ways, and how this can in different ways influence how we interpret different things we see in episodes.. this is why I prefer to discuss as we walk through the episode – then I can hear what someone thinks, and have a good chance of understanding why and how.. whether I agree with it or not..

        I agree Misty, Amanda covers here with her plastered smile.. what though? seems we have different ideas here of where Amanda thinks Lee is at.. some think she has seen evidence of a change in Lee lately..and that could mean Lee could have changed his ways with the ladies? [I speak of what Amanda is thinking here, not of what I think is happening with Lee- two different things]

        I think Amanda may have wished Lee would change his ways with women..and has probably wished this for him since the day she met him (TFT ‘I hope you don’t go to clubs, you’ll never meet a nice girl there!’ ) – because she cares about him and wants him to live what she thinks is a healthy, meaningful life. To me this is no different-Yet!
        I speak only of where we are up to in the episode – and just because I say this now, doesn’t mean I think this is still how Amanda thinks at the end of the episode..
        Which is why the removal of the socks dialogue grates on me so much! It was very meaningful for where Amanda was at this point. With the socks dialogue in- Amanda has become aware now that Lee’s new woman is serious and different. With the socks dialogue out- Amanda has no reason to think this woman, if there even is one, is any different to any of the others…

        I think I’m especially not keen on thinking ahead in this episode because there are a number of big changes that take place throughout this episode.. where, when and how is all part of the journey I look forward to exploring with you all.

        What’s going on with Lee? well.. again I’ll say this is presently for me a question up in the air.. speculate if you like..but I’ll hold off..
        I just note a few curious things that are taking place in this scene.. but I’ll expand on what I think is happening and why later when we know more. Yes Misty I like how you put it- it is curious that Lee is not wanting to help Amanda!!

        Misty your idea on why Lee looks sad is interesting. Lee feels guilty? Hmm.. Maybe.. at this point we don’t know what’s happening.. and there’s lots of questions hanging in the air now over a lot of this scene IMHO! I’m happy to leave these questions suspended – awaiting an answer as we find out what’s going on.. I kinda think that’s what they were aiming at. Only they weren’t cruel like me and didn’t leave the questions hanging for two flippin days huh!
        Speculate away.. but I’m going to resist..

        Hi Jule, good call.. we have seen Lee date before and it hasn’t resulted in him being late and not groomed properly! It does suggest there is more here than meets the eye! 🙂

        Regarding Billy and his comment to take care of Amanda? Hmm I am not convinced he is referring to any romance here between Lee and Amanda…. but I’m open to be convinced otherwise! 🙂

        Hi Valerie! like how you put it about Lee-

        he’s allowing himself to be seen in a state that is not quite top shelf.

        I agree- that is telling!!!
        You know what I found funny about the socks idea in the script? Lee having two different socks was a sure sign he was in the throws of a serious relationship.. but last week in Mr Brand? two different socks were a sure sign that he was not a grabber.. certainly not a ladies man! 😉 Hmm.. maybe that’s why they ditched the idea.. lol.. nah I suspect they wanted the audience at this point to be a little confused and curious at what was going on with Lee (I guess like Amanda is too).. and without answers so far..

        Maybe Lee is dating.. maybe it’s insomnia.. either way – I think we see enough to know something isn’t right.. and Lee is not a happy camper (Ohhh happy camper!!! where are you??? Miss you!!!)

        ROFL! Too right Cindy! It really is not fair how good lookin the man is! No wonder Amanda has to resort to a bit of repression!! yeah Lee doesn’t mind reference to Svetlana.. it’s true.. do you think he would after WOTSTW? hmm.. I get the impression he is less forthcoming from then on but maybe I am just remembering wrong.. will be interesting to come back to this when we get to that episode.

        Yes I agree Cindy.. I think Lee’s unconsciously pushing Amanda away.. why though?
        stay tuned!!! or.. speculate away!!! or.. do you think we’ve already been told at this point? do tell!..

        KC.. I will say.. -yes miss trying to look innocent.. the thought occurred to me.. and I repressed it to be a responsible blogger!!!

        Gosh.. I remember that KJ interview Paula.. I don’t see the new woman as a reason to be mad though.. because of what I think it all means.. but eek.. I’ll get to that!

        Amanda reaches her limit with Lee? true Misty. very true.. but for me… at this point of the episode Amanda has not reached it yet – that point is yet to come (but yes I agree this happens in this episode!).. you may see it as being here and now.. but for me I think Amanda is confused, brushing it off as same old same old and not angry.. but that’s just me!

        Okay, I gotta run!
        It’s been very thought provoking.. and apologies for my constant – hmm we’ll get to that.. or I don’t know yet! 🙂 Byeee


        • Oops sorry about the Amanda reaching her limit with Lee comment. Most of what I was saying I was referring to what I was seeing going on in this post, but that comment was in reference to an interview done about this episode. I guess I was referring to a general idea about the episode because the interview remark was referring to a general idea about the whole episode. I actually don’t see Amanda having reached her limit with Lee yet. I don’t think she even realizes she close to doing that yet. But I do think the point of no return does come in this episode. but I’ll come back to that. Hasn’t happened yet. I was just on a rant. This episode both intrigues me about Lee and makes me mad at him. I got carried away.


        • “KC.. I will say.. -yes miss trying to look innocent.. the thought occurred to me.. and I repressed it to be a responsible blogger!!!”

          Oh, come on. You leave those gems sitting there for gutter-dwellers like me to pounce on, right!?!?! (Or am I totally irresponsible? I made it PG… at least I think I did. Uhhh…)

          I want to be able to contribute to the blog somehow, but everyone always says everything ten times better than I could. –> All I’m left with is humour… oftentimes just gutter humour. 😀 (And even when I try to say something profound, it often gets taken as humour. shrug)


        • Iwsod, note the up and down look Billy gives Lee as he says “Take care of her”. I’m convinced he is meaning more than just looking after her on spring-cleaning. I don’t think Billy thinks they are romantically involved in any way at this point, but I think Billy has maybe noticed Amanda’s increasing “admiration” for Lee and knows Lee’s “activities” will hurt her heart.
          Being around Amanda is uncomfortable for Lee at the moment, even if he can’t entirely put his finger on why – yes, that’s guilt you’re feeling lad! Anyway, he’s tired and confused this morning and somehow he just knows that being with Amanda right now is only going to exacerbate his inner turmoil.
          Billy’s determined though not to let Lee dodge this. It’s not really necessary for Lee to accompany Amanda on Spring cleaning so I do wonder if Billy is deliberately trying to get Lee to wake up and see the prize that’s in front of him by making him be with Amanda today?


          • Oh thanks for responding about Billy kiwismh! I truly am a little confused by what was the point.. For me, if Billy was telling Lee to stop messing with other women and treat Amanda well – this was very very oblique.

            I took the look up and down to be Billy chastising Lee yes. but I guess it’s simpler to understand it as Billy chastising Lee for turning up late, and neglecting to look after Amanda like that (with the spring cleaning)..

            I’m not convinced Billy sees true love between Lee and Amanda as of now.. when does he? gosh.. I have no idea.. I reserve the right to come back to this and say yep.. he sees it now haaaaa 😉

            To be honest the whole scene seems to me to be a dog’s breakfast.. and one of the harder scenes for me to get my head around..
            I’m curious to hear what BJo thinks.. as BJo you are very straight forward in your thinking! Do you see Billy is warning Lee to stop with the other women and treat Amanda right? [or heck sorry if I have misunderstood what you are all thinking Billy is saying to Lee here do set me straight! it is quite possible I’ve understood wrongly!]

            Guilt?? still with this guilt huh.. was it Misty that mentioned this earlier? Lee could be feeling guilty at neglecting his supervision of Amanda doing the spring cleaning.. that to me is enough to feel guilty about. But.. guilty about other things? Hmm.. we shall see! I’m not sure what you’re basing that on – but when we get to it, can you explain it for me? [if it’s based on stuff that’s ahead, I’d rather hold off discussing it..]

            Thanks again kiwismh.. I think of all the scenes in this episode, this one perplexes me the most! byeee


            • What sticks out to me in this scene is that both Billy and Francine jump to the conclusion that Lee is immersing himself in some fling. I am not sure that Amanda thinks that. I think Amanda is concerned that Lee is showing up high on the scale of dissolution and dissipation. I was thinking of the comments about Lee’s messy apartment and I wonder if it wasn’t because Lee had some sort of self destructive thing going on back then and since then, since working with Amanda he has tightened up his act. I wonder if Billy thinks he may be slipping again and he wants him to take care because Lee is also in a supervisory role with Amanda and she looks up to him. I wonder if Amanda is seeing Lee here and is thinking about BO? I guess the sock comment would shed a different light on that. But where Francine is getting a kick out of Lee’s condition and jumping to a conclusion, Amanda seems to take a pause and think and she seems slightly concerned about her friend. I do not think at this point that she is jealous, only worried maybe that Lee is going backwards when she has seen him mature a lot. Maybe in the following moments she will give some though as to how this change in Lee’s life will affect their relationship. I still think that she is not trying to focus on her personal feelings for Lee much at all. I don’t think she thinks it is an option to have anything more with Lee except a close working friendship. But you never know what you had until you think it is gone…


              • So true.. there’s a whole lot going on in all the assumptions flying around in this scene!

                I’m seeing it the same way as you – for me, there’s no jealous for Amanda… so far!


                • Yes Iwsod, I don’t see Amanda as being jealous in this scene. She wouldn’t be jealous of another woman having a roll in the hay with Lee, because this is not the sort of relationship she would want with him anyway. I just see disappointment that it looks like he is back to his old ways and hurt that what she was possibly beginning think could be, isn’t.

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              • Hi Morley! I like how you said this:

                I do not think at this point that she is jealous, only worried maybe that Lee is going backwards when she has seen him mature a lot.

                Thinking back to the end of S2 and how they became closer personally and professionally, I do see Amanda thinking that Lee has ‘fallen off the wagon’ here. Amanda has never wanted anything other than the best for Lee and she has never thought that the playboy lifestyle was it. I agree that she still does not think of Lee here as boyfriend material, no matter how close a friendship they have. Not only is she a friend, but she is his biggest fan. How disappointing is it for us in RL when we find out someone we’re a big fan of has done something that shocks us? We can feel like we’ve been punched in the gut when this happens and we don’t even need to know the person to feel that way.


            • Hiya, iwsod! I didn’t say too much in my initial comment on this post, but thought I’d say a bit more when I read this comment of yours. I’m not 100% sure what I think Billy meant when he told Lee to take care of her. I do think he is trying to send him a message though. I don’t see Billy making this comment in relation to Lee’s personal life. Or Amanda’s. Billy seems to have stayed out of Lee’s personal life and his playboy ways. Heck, he knows firsthand what it is like to be married, a parent and an agent. And he knows Lee. So I think here, he is saying this in a professional sense. Knowing what we all know for the future, I think it is easy to take it to mean something more.

              I think he is irritated with Lee for his behavior the past 4 days. It is time for the unexciting, boring, spring cleaning work and he knows Lee isn’t too interested in doing it. But it’s Amanda’s first spring cleaning and he’s just told her she’s going to be going to the firing range, so she’s going to need her partner’s help. I wonder if after Mr. Brand Lee and Billy had a little chat about Amanda and that she was ready for something more. Well, Billy’s giving her more and he’s telling Lee he needs to take care of his partner, whether he’s sleeping well or not.


              • Hmmm, I still do think Billy’s comment to Lee means more, especially when you cut out all that we know happens in the future. Given that Lee and Amanda just have a working relationship, Billy seems more intense here with Lee than he really needs to be. There is more than a hint of a deeper meaning in what he says and how he says it. I’m not saying Billy sees any potential for a romantic relationship between them but I just can’t see Billy being so pointed with any other partnered agents. Is it just because he thinks Lee and Amanda have been good for each other’s personal and professional development and he doesn’t want Lee’s tom-catting to interfere with this?


                • Well said, kiwismh, and after pondering this a little further and how Billy has teased Lee and enjoyed sticking him with Amanda in S1 and when he knew Lee would not be pleased, I think I am perhaps coming round to your view. I do agree that Billy wouldn’t be so pointed with other agents. He’s got the warm and fuzzies for ‘the King woman’ and Lee, not so much Francine – at least not that he shows on the outside. I think I can agree most with your last two sentences. I don’t think Billy is thinking romantic future for these two at this point, but that he doesn’t wan’t Lee’s tomcatting behavior to interfere with their partnership. He has witnessed first hand good changes in Lee because he’s worked so much with Amanda.


                  • I am thinking that Billy’s comment comes out of concern due to Lee’s appearance. I am sure Billy is always on the lookout for signs of burnout in his agents and Lee sure looks like something is going on. Maybe if he appeals to Lee’s care for Amanda it will pull him out of this apparent slide?


  10. Just a quick comment on this scene. Other than TFT and BO I don’t think we’ve ever seen Lee come into the Agency so out of sorts. He’s allowing himself to be seen in a state that is not quite top shelf. The assumption might be that he is probably seeing someone, but his appearance might be truly as he says, based on insomnia. Maybe Lee is dating, but the person he is dating is causing him to truly face what he really feels for Amanda and it is causing him some sleepless nights. It’s getting harder and harder to row up that river of ‘denial’. That compartmentalizing seems to not be working so well of late.

    Typically one would be happy and excited about a new relationship and not deny that it existed, unless they weren’t sure about it. Even Francine knew about Randi so Lee didn’t necessarily always hide his relationship status. Francine seems to know about a few of his escapades so he seemed to be pretty forthcoming with some details. Makes one really wonder what is going through his heart and mind at this moment.


    • Valerie, this is exactly how I see Lee in this scene. I do think this is insomnia, pure and simple, and I think he is losing sleep because he is trying so hard to pursue something that he thinks will fit in with how his life should be working. He does care for Amanda and I think he knows it, but he can’t date her, she is his partner, she is a mother, she would mean a serious commitment and I think he thinks he isn’t good enough. Not sure if he has thought all that through yet and articulated it to himself but I think it is there, pretty close to the surface. But he is trying to be a new normal Lee, so he is trying to have a relationship. But it isn’t working, every moment with Leslie is probably a battle and every moment after he drops her off is probably even worse. And coming into the office and being asked to take care of Amanda has got to just turn up the volume of all the noise in his head that he is trying to tune out so unsuccessfully. I also think the sadness may be because he knows that his relationship with Amanda and the closeness that they have both been enjoying can go no further and may even need to subside if he continues to try to make this other relationship happen. I think he looks like he is in a bit of pain here.

      Yup, I like what you say, Valerie

      Liked by 1 person

      • Like, like, like Morley.


      • Leslie who??!! I’ll need to revisit this and what Lee’s thinking here when we know more of what’s going…
        I don’t want to rush ahead.. I want to savour this wonderful episode slowly 🙂
        …and I think I’ll go bang my head against a brick wall.. I’m officially a broken record 😦


        • Sorry about that. I just jumped in last night and responded without reading any of the other comments and discussion. As I went through I thought, oops, I did it again, I jumped ahead. So sorry… Please don’t bang your head against a wall, Iwsod!


        • In response to the fact that I once again jumped ahead, I spent some time thinking about how I view this scene without any omniscient knowledge… This is what I took note of:
          Sventlana- Lee really does sound cavalier and even proud when he says that. Like he is still in the habit of bragging about past conquests. It makes me thing of the “attaché’s daughter and a limo?” What episode was that in? But (and here I am lifting my eyes and scanning the horizon of episodes to come) I think it is something to take note of, because I have a feeling there is progression to this theme. I also notice that this comment is in retort to Francine’s dig about his behavior.
          Lee doesn’t acknowledge anything else in respect to their comments or the conclusions that they are jumping to, other than to look Amanda in the eyes and tell her that he is suffering from some insomnia and to tell Francine to basically cut it out, kind of like he did when she teased him about Randi in DOA.

          I do think he looks at Amanda with affection that quickly turns to a grimace, but not the old kind of grimace, this one looks like he is afflicted with some private discomfort or pain. And that is interesting because the last time we saw him he was walking away from Amanda and James, chuckling and seeming pretty care free and happy. So I ask myself, what has happened to Lee? Something is happening, probably just with him, because Amanda seems to be pretty happy and comfortable, until she notes his level of dissolution and dissipation and I have already commented on what I think she is thinking.
          One other thing I noticed was that Amanda appears to have a desk? And it is next to Francine’s. Amanda and Francine seem to be rather like office colleagues. Amanda seemed to be there on her own, not necessarily there as Lee’s sometime sidekick. I think she may be an employee on her own right more now and not so linked with Lee. I wonder how that affects the dynamic of the Lee and Amanda relationship?


          • Oh Morley! You are so sweet!! I saw your other comment – don’t worry.. these things happen from time to time – all is well 🙂

            Thanks so much for getting into the spirit of this walk through- and having a go at viewing the scene without knowing what’s ahead -it sounds like it has helped you to notice something you didn’t notice before.. where Amanda is sitting.. interesting! I hadn’t noticed that before! I figured Billy had called a meeting, and that was why Amanda plonked herself down in that chair.. I find where Amanda sits very confusing at this stage – well her place at the agency in general really! Lol!

            Yeah!!! what happened between his laughing at Mr Brand and then turning up at the agency here? Hmm.. we shall see! something is definitely going on!! I guess Amanda is thinking this too now.. just what’s up with Lee??!!!


    • Like this Valerie, you’ve probably said it a lot better and more succinctly that I have.


  11. I think Amanda looks uncomfortable because she is stuffing the heck out of her tupperware and this conversation just gives it a bit of a shake. You know, at first I rejected Lee’s “insomnia” explanation out right. After all, Francine just mentioned past adventures that kept Lee up all night. But then again, we’ve seen Lee date before without dragging in high on the dissolution and dissipation scale. I think Lee is a walking mass of contradictory feelings that, ta da, dating a new “normal” woman is engendering inside of him. Therefore, maybe it is really insomnia. Perhaps his reaction to Billy (whom I just love in this whole scene) is a heightened sense of internal confusion within Lee’s caldron of mixed emotions and disclaimer because it forces him to focus on Amanda. Also, when Billy says to take care of Amanda, I personally think he’s trying to refocus Lee on what Billy sees clearly, ie two people who are struggling with their feelings but deep in the river of de-nile. I can hear the sound of Tupperware tops popping all over the place huge grin, dives down the rabbit hole


    • I think we were thinking the same thing and writing about it at the same time. I agree with you so much, Jule.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh how funny Valerie, I was just writing back to you the same thing! Don’t you just love this season?!?! You know, when it’s me in the middle of all this emotional confusion, it makes me nuts. But it’s so much fun to watch these two be all over the place and lovely to see them work it out. We can all empathize I am sure!


        • It’s so funny, when first watching this show back in the 80s I was all about S4–up to a point, But now I’m finding that I like everything in S3 that leads up to and part of S4. It’s so amazing to see them starting to give in to their feelings. All so swoony!! And now, since I’ve recently purchased some new wine glasses I’m going to pop a cork and go for it.


  12. Okay, I really wished they had left all the missing stuff from the script in because frankly I got a kick out of it. Maybe the man just didn’t do his laundry. Maybe his housekeeper quit. He obviously got one at some point after the pig sty his place was in SBTB and then immaculant from there on out. Amanda probably nagged him so he hired some one. I find this funny because for some reason I’ve actually given some idea to what it would be like to be his house keeper after SBTB. I actually think mister I dress to kill and expect perfection from everyone because I am so hot I can get women to go back to my place with me and be romantic even though my apartment looks like a breeding ground for rats would not be a very reasonable boss. Ok these are just random ideas I had left over from SBTB that made the socks thing funny to me because other than that one episode Lee actually strikes me as a spit and polished til it shines kind of guy so maybe the mismatched socks would really communicate something to Amanda.

    Okay, I actually do want to talk about Lee and Amanda here because I actually always saw a lot being expressed between Lee and Amanda in the beginning of this episode. I think Amanda is covering up a lot with that plastered on smile, and it’s more than being uncomfortalbe, though I am not sure it’s quite jealousy yet. Maybe a little pang of it but I think it’s probably more disappointment and a little sadness. I think it’s probably been awhile since she has seen Lee act like this. I kind of agree with other’s thinking that there hasn’t been a woman since Randi Baby, and even with her he wasn’t being so obvious. I think Amanda reigned in whatever feelings of jealousy she had when it came to Lee a long time ago because simply accepted that it was his life and whatever she felt for him he just wasn’t an option she could explore. I don’t think the feelings of jealousy hit Amanda in this episode full force until she realizes it’s not just another fling. However, I do think that after how much their relationship shifted at the end of season 2 on some level Amanda was starting to hope there would be a possibility of something with Lee at some point and seeing him act like this means it’s not and what were seeing is disappointment in that.

    As for Lee I have a very strong opinion on what’s going on with him here. Making excuses for his actions, not really wanting to work with Amanda, seeming even kind of sad when he looks at her. And though I don’t believe insomnia was all that was taking place the past 4 nights I think it probably was going on. I think what were seeing here from Lee is a whole lot of guilt. I think for the first time Mr. suave and sophisticated’s great compartamentalizing skills are completely failing him and he is starting to feel guilty about spending his nights with one woman when he feels something so strong for another. Very likely is having trouble sleeping after his nightly activities. Maybe I am just projecting what I think Lee should be feeling here, but it really struck me here that while usually Lee would be the first one to complain that Amanda shouldn’t be out dealing with wackos on her own, now he’d rather her be on her own than have to be around her. And while I do think part of it is he probably does see spring cleaning as a little beneath him, I think in the past he would have begrudgingly insisted on being there to protect her. I think those looks of sadness Lee is giving Amanda are because while at this point he genuinely likes being around her because of his own actions he doesn’t want to be.


    • I particularly like your point about Lee having trouble with his compartmentalism here Misty. Walls are crumbling down around him.


      • Ditto on the compartmentalizing and also in agreement about the insomnia.


        • Ditto on the ditto. When I first saw the episode back in the 80s (gulp!) I assumed (like Francine) that Lee had been tearing up the sheets with a new lady friend and was really ticked.
          The fact that he so nonchalantly talking about Svetlana the juggler makes me think that maybe it was truly insomnia (I would have thought he would have deflected his past exploits if he were sleeping with someone new to avoid answering questions about who she is). I also don’t think he’s consciously realizing why he is pushing Amanda away. I am assuming he feels uncomfortable around her and wants to avoid her (the old denial mechanisms kicking in full force in a last ditch effort to protect him from admitting what is going on with his heart).
          And Good Lord — your screen caps emphasize how gorgeous that man is. Totally unfair!


          • Definitely drool bucket time!


          • Triple (?) ditto. I think that’s the reason for Lee’s insomnia/sadness, but you said it so much better than I could have.

            I also think that Amanda’s plastered-on smile has something to do with her thinking that maybe Lee had started to change his womanising ways, and now she thinks he’s fallen off the wagon, so to speak.

            (And by the way, “sword swallower”? 😀 I’m sure she was! And a juggler. tries to look innocent Stopping there, and running back into the gutter entrance to the rabbit hole…)


            • I looove the gutter bleachers in the rabbit hole!


              • Oops, meant gutter bleacher seats down here in the bunny hole. Gotta have somewhere to sit, drink my wine and eat my chocolate easter eggs (yep, I’ll share!). Don’t bother trying to look innocent KC, coz from where I sit, the seats here are pretty full- ROFL!


            • I am actually surprised the sword swallower comment got past the censors of the day.
              And yes, I snickered. Very immature of me, I know. 🙂


              • Okay, I’ll guess I’ll join you all down in the bleachers now. I actually had never even thought of that but now I can’t think of anything else and I want some easter eggs.


            • KC, I’m shocked! 😯 Ha, no I aint! 😉
              I like to think the writers were deliberating sliding some naughty stuff past the censors here. Sure is crowded in this gutter. 🙂 Pass the chocolate please.


            • Ditto on the wagon bit, KC – I just said that in a comment right before I read yours!

              Don’t ever think you don’t contribute to this blog! Gutter or no gutter!


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