1/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

This episode opens with my favourite night time transition shot in Washington DC! Anyone else a fan of this?? Beautiful!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000080046Anyway, on to the State Department at night..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000085652
We see a serious looking sign…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000088455An officer approaches the policeman at the security desk.. : Captain Harry V Thornton. I have the NSC night watch.

where’s Lt Brooks?

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000109676
The captain explains Lt Brooks has been reassigned. The guard scans his ID card.. and we get a lovely close up on it..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000117283

The guard checks his info.. and reads a print out:
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000123289
He checks with the captain the code word of the day. Password: Steamboat!!! [Hmm another double password. Remember Amanda’s dream in DOA where she rattles off all the passwords?? one of those was ‘riverboat’ Winking smile ]
Captain Harry V Thornton passes through security, past the gate and the armed guards.. and into a room full of filing cabinets.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000135301
LOL.. why are the drawers labelled left to right I, K, E. That doesn’t make sense! were they wanting to have an ‘ike’ reference here maybe?!
Maybe the crew had a bet about how many times they could insert ‘ike’ into the episode! Smile
He heads straight to the other side of the room and opens his briefcase. He unlocks a drawer labelled as follows:
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000149716
The details seem to match the ID he showed at the security check point.. he searches through some of the files and takes out one sheet of paper.. shown here in close up..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000160527
He puts the letter in his briefcase, lights something and shoves it into the filing cabinet and closes the drawer, leaving the fire to spread through the rest of the files.. and the smoke begins to escape…. We see Captain Harry V. Thornton leave the way he came, as quickly as possible without raising suspicion.. and he is out of there before they know about the fire.. The fire alarm is raised.. and the fire starter has gotten away!

Moving on..it is now daytime, and we see a high rise apartment block- we hear Lee : I hate this.
Billy: who doesn’t?
  [Francine? Smile ]
Lee: why didn’t you get someone who hardly knows the guy, or at least likes him.
We see Lee and Billy are in the hallway  – Get out!!! Lee is wearing a trench coat!!! ROFL!!  Collar up and everything! lol..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000201768
Lee: It would go down a hell of a lot easier.
Billy: I tried…

(Lee cocks his gun)
… Nobody likes him.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000208174
Billy knocks on the door..
We hear a voice from inside call out: coming!
Billy continues to Lee: He’s a goof, been on probation for six months.
He isn’t improving.. He opens the door.. whoa.. it’s the fire starter in the opening scen3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000214981e!

what a coincidence!!! Sooo I guess this is not ‘Captain Harry V. Thornton’ after all.. Winking smile Harry and Larry.. lol! Such a coincidence that Lee came to do something so mundane as to fire this guy… as it is probably going to be important… ahem.. what luck ..
Larry Crawford is terminated! and Billy wants his ID and his cyphers..
Larry: you’re scooching me? what for?!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000226993
Lee: you know the routine Larry. He can’t say.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000228995Billy: you weren’t cuttin it, and now you’re out.
[lol.. I think that’s sayin! Winking smile ]
Lee: Clearances are cancelled, the agency and your office. Security will detain you if you try to get back in.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000230196Billy: do you have any classified documents signed out? Any covert operations in the works?…

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000240206
(Billy takes away his gun.. and Larry remains silent) 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000243410
We’ll check. [whooooo!! Why is Billy asking Crawford what he has?? lol.. errr this is kinda ridiculous!!! wouldn’t you find this out before you go and tell the guy he’s out of the spy business and he gets his nose all out of joint??? why ask him and then check it later? ?? too weird! ] Your oath of secrecy is still binding, but as of now you are out of the spy business.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000248615wow… this is nothing like how it was in Burn Notice Winking smile
Oooohhh kaaaayyy.. so why did the boss have to go and do scooching??!! so funny.. it’s like Billy is saying no one else wanted to do it. haaaaa.. does everyone order Billy around? haaaa

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000251818On to Amanda’s..the birds are chirping!!! the garage has shrunk..but at least that weirdo car is no longer parking in their driveway- right KC and BJo?! [I’m pretty sure it was you guys who noticed it? Smile ] aaaaaand.. Dotty and Amanda are torturing 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000255021themselves voluntarily.. trying to follow the aerobics on tv..Aerobics.. Ahhh the 80s! (What? mornings with Dave no good now 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000262629Amanda?) The lady leading the aerobics is lifting her legs to her waist, but it seems Dotty and Amanda are doing 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000265832sit ups! Weird!!!
Amanda tries to motivate Dotty.. but it’s not working!
Dotty: Oh! It is indecent  to be this peppy at 7am.
[rofl! Is Dotty referring to the aerobics lady?? or Amanda?!!! Winking smile ]

The look on Jamie’s face as he watches them is funny! Jamie and Phillip with their martian light green milk  moustaches!! tee heee.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000269836
Amanda keeps on with encouraging Dotty, and keeping an eye on the boys while continuing with the sit ups! : Fellas! what are you doing?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000275675Jamie: bbbbbbb martians like  green milk.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000279446
[oh boy, was milk an smk sponsor?! the dairy corporation or something?!]
Amanda: well, if the martians have used up all my food colouring they’re gonna be in big trouble.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000283850
Whoa.. who is that pervert spying on them at the window?? (not our gorgeous super spy with that loud shirt! He only wears that in Munich Winking smile )
Dotty: that’s either a very cold Peeping Tom, or it’s our next door neighbour.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000288355
(Maybe if you’re quiet he’ll think you’re not there!!)
Uh oh… Jamie says there’s a moving van next door..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000289456
Dotty exclaims: how rude of him to look through this window!
.. agreed!
Amanda: Ohhhh nooooo..
Dotty: Mrs Gilstrap said he was a statistician.

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000293059rofl.. like that explains everything!!! and rofl! Dotty has gotten the low down on the guy already! Winking smile bet she knows if he is married or not!! whahahaaa!!! I wonder if he is living in Mr Samson’s old house 😉
[The script had an additional gag from Amanda here, where she responds ‘Is he a polite one?’ ]
Amanda gets up to open the door to him.
Ahhh our introduction to Buck.. I don’t remember him very well.. you don’t think they introduced him as a potential love interest for Amanda do you??
Amanda is very polite, and greets him: hello! won’t you come in? it’s a little chilly out there isn’t it.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000309876
Buck comes inside..
Buck: yeah a little..
Dotty turns off the tv.
Amanda: I’m ah Amanda King
They shake hands.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000315482Buck: Henry McConnell.. my friends call me Buck… who are the martians?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000319886Amanda: these are my boys Phillip and Jamie ( they give him a wave, and Amanda points to Dotty) … and Mr O’Connell this is my mother, Mrs West. Mother this is Mr O’Connell.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000322689
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000323490Dotty is not very warm here huh.. not happy with Buck’s peeping tom antics.

Buck: McConnell! Smile
he seems good natured enough.. and doesn’t mind Amanda’s slip up.. Amanda welcomes him to the neighbourhood..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000335502Oh Amanda!! she is very sorry he doesn’t have any power, and offers for him to wait at their place.. but it is obvious Amanda doesn’t really want him to.. Amanda you are too nice!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0003415083.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000342709Luckily, Buck declines.. phew!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000343910Anyway, a letter came for Amanda that morning and Buck signed for it on her behalf..3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000359926
LOL how Buck tells Dotty she is looking good as he heads out! Dotty thinks he’s cheeky!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0003615283.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000361928The letter for Amanda is from Harry V. Thornton – the real one?? or the fake one?? 😉 There might have been suspense here on first viewing.. we would probably think it is the guy who just got scooched! Anyway, he provides his business card, with a note asking her to come see him ‘ Zulu Blue’
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000366733– Ahhh  Zulu Blue.. that was written on that print out the security guy looked at to see that he password was Steamboat.. what does that mean?? I guess we find out!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_000369135Love the close up on Amanda opening the envelope –Amanda suddenly has long nails! rofl!! Umm.. not her hands here!
The same address is written on the card as in the letter we saw earlier btw – which was suppose to have been written in 1954?! sheesh..

Maybe Buck was meant to be a complication the suburbs- you know, a nosey neighbour to cause some suspense about Amanda’s job being discovered? thoughts anyone?? Okay, I’ve checked the script and there is a bit extra in here which gives us a clue about what they were trying to do with his character.. add some colour to the suburbs I’d say.. an opportunity to add in more jokes about Californians maybe Winking smile the outfit makes me think he moved to Virginia from California!

here’s what the script says:
Amanda offers for him to wait there while he has no power..
“The unmuffled roar of a gasoline motor starts O.S. Rock and roll booms from exterior speakers next door.
BUCK: No prob… portable generator. At least they can get the hot tub going and crank up some tunes. Come on over and get wet. [ewwwwww!!!]
AHANDA: It’s fifty degrees.
BUCK: That’s why I’m gonna whip up some
punch…secret recipe… (winks; holds out
envelope) This came earlier. You were still in
the rack so I signed for it.
AMANDA: Thank you.
BUCK: Hey…what’s a neighbour for.
Buck exits.”

What do you think guys??? do tell!!!! Okay, well looking forward to your take on trench coats, floral tracksuits, aerobics and hawaiian shirts! byeeeee!!

51 responses to “1/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

  1. Just too creepy having some stranger pressed against your patio window peering in….at least when Lee does it he’s trying to make a covert contact with Amanda and he’s no stranger …btw…I believe that shirt Buck is wearing is Lee’s from the episode in Germany at the pub…it has the same markings.


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  3. I know there is a thread on Neds but as a Cincinnati native, I have to give a shout out here to WKRP in Cincinnati!

    Nice catch on the I-K-E, Iwsod!

    I love how Dotty is so shocked and annoyed that Buck would look through the window like that! Forget that Lee has been doing the same thing for years, but of course Dotty wouldn’t know that. I nice inside joke for those of us who do know 🙂

    Exercise on TV, leg warmers, all AManda’s outfits — when I watch SMK, I really miss the 80’s!


  4. Dancing Weasel! Yay! There is so much to like in this episode! Not least of which is Harry V.!

    Ahhh, yes, iwsod, it is a love shot of DC at night! My favorite view is from behind the Lincoln Memorial where you can see it, the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. I’m not sure if that shot ever made it into series. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Does anyone recall seeing that particular viewpoint?

    Oh look, it’s Kevin Nealon playing security guard. I bet this performance gave him his big break on Saturday Night Live. Lol – just kidding.

    Good catch with the IKE files. Too funny! I bet you’re right about the Ike bet among the crew.

    LOL – Lee in a trench coat! Too bad Amanda didn’t see him wearing it. Why oh why is his collar up? Come on. I’m not sure which is worse – this look or the plastic jacket in OTL. It’s got to be what, 6 or 6:30 in the morning? And Lee has his collar up? What for? Is he hiding a hickey? Maybe Leslie isn’t history after all.

    Haha! Yup, no weirdo car! And yes, I was one of the ones who noticed it. Glad to know Amanda’s station wagon is the only car in the driveway at 7am. And those boys of Amanda’s are looking very cute this morning with their green mustaches. And just look at the open collar shirt on Jamie!!

    Ok, I find this a little disturbing…Dotty’s sweatshirt is sooo typical 80’s for older women, and why the heck are these two wearing all that eye makeup at 7 in the morning??? Other than the obvious. And what is with that white ceramic dog on Amanda’step? My MIL has something like that in her living room. I don’t quite get it.

    Oooooohhh, a statistician! That certainly explains a lot. Guess we know what those Hollywood types think of us statisticians! Pha! I know you folks here like my stats, right?

    Oh, boy! Another TV star! It’s the guy from WKRP in Cincinnati – although I’m sure that’s already been pointed out. Buck seems like a nice enough guy. I’m not getting the creepy ick factor from him. Just when did that letter arrive??? It’s only 7am which means it had to come before that and Buck had to be outside before that. Guess he’s very anxious to move in! Love his comment to Dotty! She does look good – with all that eye make-up on.

    When I first saw this I though Buck was going to be a potential love interest, but that thought was a fleeting one. Amanda is sooo not interested in Buck or his drama that I think she’s actually a little rude to him based on Amanda standards. Maybe it’s just because he’s a man by himself. I bet if his wife were with him or a wife and child Amanda would have acted differently toward him.


  5. Did anybody else notice Kevin Nealon as the guy at the security desk? It was his first screen credit. A long way from Saturday Night Live!


  6. Another one who’s never heard of WKRP!!! Clueless am afraid!

    Sooooo they’re exercising at 7am and Buck is peeping in windows that early?! Sorry but that’s creepy LOL and that’s pretty early for mail to be delivered. Or maybe it’s just that Royal Mail postal service over here is just sooooooo pants I’ve forgotten what mail delivery is like before 9am…….

    I wonder if Lee is going with the theory that the higher the trench coat collar the more intimidating you are?! I do however love the word “scooched” such a great word 🙂


  7. WKRP was a hilariously funny show. One of my favorites. Herb was married, but was always after the secretary on the show. She was way too smart for him, though. LOL. While it didn’t last too long, it was fun.

    There were a lot of shows during the 80’s with the nosy neighbor. I remember just assuming that here was another one, and that maybe they were trying to lighten the show a little more. I was, however, annoyed at him from the beginning.

    I assumed asking the scooched agent if he had any active cases was like asking if all his case notes had been completed and turned in. This way they could assign whatever he might be working on with all notes intact. I also assumed that Billy always was involved in scooching agents, but needed another agent as a witness. They would have already pulled whatever they could find from his records when they terminated his access.


  8. Yes, Buck did remind me of Herb on WKRP. I did like WKRP a lot. It was hilarious. His character there, just as here was just a little off-beat.

    Not sure, but weren’t Jamie and Phillip making little martian sounds. I have to go back and check to see if they were doing it when Buck came in.

    So we finally get to meet someone that Lee is not ‘friends’ with at the Agency. Usually he seems to know and is friends with everyone. Now he knows someone and doesn’t like him.

    Not even sure what to say about the trench coat. Wasn’t there a trench coat discussion in TFT with Amanda? Gotta check that one out.

    The fads of the 80s were something else. Wasn’t there that TV show 20 minute Workout. It was all about aerobics.


  9. I am drawing a total blank on the neighbor – I must have seen him years ago, but maybe because he’s not Lee or Amanda my mind decided he wasn’t worth remembering?!

    At least all the WKRP talk tells me why he looks so familiar…

    OK, I have to ask this, even though it may be a bit “nitpicky” – how did Buck know to call the boys martians??? The kids having green milk on their faces shouldn’t have been enough to do it. Now if they were wearing those plastic headbands with the fake antenna, or even a set of Spock ears fine, but just from green milk? I don’t know…the windows look closed to me…he shouldn’t have been able to hear the comments about martians through the closed door…from the way all of you are talking I’m gathering that this neighbor is harmless, but my first thought was – is he spying on our lady spy? Is the place bugged?

    Re asking our “scooched” agent what he’s got at home, maybe it’s in case he took anything from the office without officially logging it out, or in case he’s following up on some leads unofficially?

    Re the changing house – LOL, are we trying to make this work? Because I suppose Amanda could have had some money left from her kitchen renovation and decided to redo the garage…
    LOL, it’s always fun to try to see just how a set was rearranged…I don’t care if a lamp has been moved, but one show I watch (the 80’s Beauty and the Beast series) kept doing odd things like moving the bathroom around the apartment…wait, maybe that’s what’s happened here…the garage was needed for some top secret assignment so it got moved around, and this is what we’re left with! Never mind, la-di-da, I”ll just go off and find my can of spackle to deal with this minor plot hole 😀


    • LOL we’ll see if he’s worth remembering Alyssa! 🙂

      I figured martians were all the rage in the 80s.. and that’s why he said it – but.. I think you are right – he’s KGB! 😉 totally spying on them! tee heee.. love it!


    • I’ve wondered about the story behind the Martians and green milk, too. My theory was that it was a parody of something from a kids’ show from the 80’s (probably some show I never watched) and that Buck recognizing what the boys were trying to do was supposed to mean that he likes to watch kids’ shows, adding to his eccentricity. (Jestress still likes to watch Scooby-Doo, which is why she got the joke someone made about the Flannan Lighthouse disappearances possibly being caused by a guy in a creepy costume on the history podcast she’s been listening to. Ruh-roh!)

      If Amanda had ended up dating Buck for awhile, they might have been building things up to show that Buck is not only a bit wild but that he connects more with Amanda’s boys than with her, kind of like Dean always seemed to connect more with Dotty than with Amanda. Amanda needs someone who connects with her, not just her family. Lee is kind of between Dean and Buck, responsible without being dull and exciting without being crazy.


      • I still like Scooby Doo too! It’s probably the one cartoon on today that I don’t mind watching with my kids – Rooby Rooby Roo!


  10. Can I just say… I love this episode?!?!? 🙂
    Pssttt… Iwsod… you didn’t mention that Harry/Larry was wearing the same as he was in the ID photo… 😉
    Is it just me, or is the filing drawer opened from the front not the same as the one seen from the side? From the front, there’s only a few inches (at most) of files and then nothing–in the side view, the drawer is chock-full. shrug
    Uhmm… that is one messed up filing system in that room! I-K-E. A-C-C-G. I-Harry’s special drawer-…-J?-N… I’m glad I didn’t have to do filing there. Or look for anything filed there.
    “Lee is wearing a trench coat!!!”
    And Billy’s wearing his overcoat. I think it’s cold outside… 😀
    “..but at least that weirdo car is no longer parking in their driveway- right KC and BJo?!”
    Not at the moment. Maybe the weirdo car is on holiday… or maybe it was on holiday when it was there…???… Maybe ‘Manda was car-sitting? Or it was a loaner car for Dotty? 😀
    Ahhh… the ’80s. Leotards and leg-warmers.
    Maybe Buck was stationed in Hawaii (the unfilmed script reference to being “still in the rack”)?


    • Uhmm… that is one messed up filing system in that room!

      Ah, but what you don’t realize is that there is method to the madness. This is part of their way of keeping secret documents secret. If they filed everything logically in alphabetical order, anyone could find what they were looking for. They had to do something to confuse the uninitiated.

      Oh, the C files are filed in the K drawer,
      and the K files are filed in the G drawer,
      and the G files are filed in the A drawer.
      Now hear the word of the bored!

      Actually, Jestress isn’t bored. She just wanted a break from proofreading her story. Things like this just happen when she’s supposed to be doing something else. But, first, can anyone explain that “still in the rack” comment? I’ve never understood it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am going to assume the rack was his slang for bed. I have visions of the original torture device being like a bed frame without the slats. But I am really just guessing……let’s hope he isn’t in actually referencing her assets 😉


        • I believe that “in the rack” is Navy terminology/slang for being in bed (from the way the bunks were like racks on a wall)–hence wondering whether he’d been stationed in Hawaii… but maybe he shipped in from Sandy Eggo? 😀


          • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks! 🙂


          • I always thought rack was short for bar-rack-s but is a reference to bed. Isn’t that where the army sleeps? Think Private Benjamin set-up – like one big room with a bunch of beds in it.


            • LOL! That sounds just as good as my idea, BJo! Maybe, even, better.
              I was curious, though, so I did some digging…
              The Online Etymology Dictionary attributes it to the Navy–rack being Navy slang for bed from the 1940s, apparently, and then picked up by teens in the 1960s.
              And then I gave up. Didn’t have the energy to search more. (Just call me lazy.)


        • Rack is a military term for bed. I’ve heard it on JAG and possibly NCIS. Evidently Buck is former military.


      • Hah! LOL Jestress! 🙂 Method to their madness… confuse the enemy!


      • ROFLOL! I see those stupid filing cabinets and I think of when I was out camping with my adopted grandpa (actually a family friend) and helping at the Scout Camp in the U.S. (I’m Canadian — it was a joint US/Canadian weekend). He let me help him place flags for a scavenger hunt and they were totally out of order and I asked him about it. With a completely straight face, he told me Americans count in a different order than Canadians….and their alphabet is in a different order too! I can’t remember if I believed it or not, but I was so young I think I did for a couple of days.

        No offense intended to any other Canadian or American readers on here:)


        • 😄 That totally sounds like something I would have fallen for when I was a kid, too! Probably for more than a couple days! Quick thinking on Grandpa’s part!


          • LOL No kidding! He was such a tease. Another time I came across rocks that had been spray-painted (which he’d been in on — he and our other friends made a banner for Mom and my stepfather’s wedding anniversary) and he told me they were from the leprechauns. I didn’t know they had leprechauns in Montana!


  11. I don’t have time to make a long comment. But I do have a question. Wasn’t Leslie’s last name O’ Connell? Why would Amanda slip like that? Maybe she has Leslie on her mind still?


    • I actually didn’t hear the Mc at first either… but, yes, maybe Amanda is subconsciously (?) stewing? Those annoying *Connells! 😀


    • whoooaaaa 🙂

      I figured it was just that McConnell is a bit of a mouthful.. but trust you Morley to find a Freudian slip in there haaaaa. I love it 🙂


    • Err, it was actually Leslie O’Connor.
      But, hey, she’s yesterday’s news now so O’Connell, McConnell, O’Connor – the only thing we’re getting mixed up is the Irish and the Scottish and no harm can come of that right? 😉


  12. The trench-coat does seem a bit OTT but maybe it’s raining outside, or particularly cold – but isn’t it supposed to be Spring, or Autumn? Is a trench coat mandatory attire when you’re scooching an Agent? Oh hell, life’s too short to dwell on vagaries of SMK-Land.
    But before I go on, I think this is the third house Amanda has had and I’ve lost count of the garages! What a zany neighbourhood.
    Hey, it’s Herb Tarlek from WKRP! I can never watch this episode without thinking that this is just Herb relocated from Cincinnati – even his dress sense hasn’t changed! 🙂
    I don’t think he was introduced as a possible love interest – this is Herb for Pete’s sake! However, I wondered if he was introduced as a new version of Dean whose antics would make Amanda even more certain that she wants more for her life-partner than an average suburban guy. Personally and professionally she is now in another league from the Dean’s and Buck’s of this world. I think this shows even in her initial reactions to Buck.
    BTW – the original WKRP is still one of the funniest US comedies of all time! JMHO


    • I agree, WKRP was an awesome show. It’s fun seeing Herb again; different name, essentially same character.


      • same character? really?! was WKRP set in California?


        • Pssttt… Iwsod – WKRP in Cincinatti, not WKRP in California. 😀


          • I have no idea what WKRP is 🙂



            • WKRP is a fictional radio station in Cinncinati, Ohio.. A very, very funny show. The Thanksgiving episode from season 1 gives me an asthma attack I laugh so hard.. Herb Tarlec (sp?) was the slightly sleezy but harmless ad salesman who favored cheap polyester suits with white shoes and matching belt.
              Back to SMK — I am assuming ‘Herb’ is not wearing one of the same Hawaiian shirts that Lee wore in The Times they are a’ changing.

              Anyone else think that Amanda is not doing her sit ups correctly? Poor girl is going to hurt herself if she is not careful 😉


            • Iwsod, you cannot possibly have not heard of the Might KRP – Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap, Andy Travis, Jennifer Marlow, Les Nessman…they even had a “Big Guy”, the Station Boss Mr Carlson. Then of course there was Mother Carlson who owned the Station.
              You must find it on DVD… you must! (There is very little of this show on You Tube)


              • hmmm zippo!!! bluey!!! casa de nada!!


              • But courtesy of youtube we do have the Thanksgiving episode, or at least a clip of it. Iwsod, “Buck” is only seen in the background here, but the sense of humor is pretty much of this nature for a lot of the show.Link here –

                On this clip, though, you get to see a bit of his character –

                Hope this helps!


                • Ack! Sorry – I was just trying to put in the links, not give you a couple of youtube boxes in the middle of the page!

                  Sorry 😦


                • Of course, I spent last night watching all the Youtube clips of this. How SMK lead me back to WKRP…funny! Worth re-watching, though. Sometimes I so miss the 80’s.


                • Thanks Alyssa! I’ll check it out.. don’t worry about the boxes, with wordpress, if you post a link to a youtube vid, it automatically embeds the vid into the comment – so it’s nothing you did 🙂

                  I would also suggest guys that if you want to continue to discuss WKRP further -apart from anything to do with smk- you guessed it- please head on over to Nedlindger’s and chat about it over there 🙂


                • FYI re WKRP! OTT? Ok! 😉
                  anyway.. just letting you know.. I started a thread on Neds about WKRP in Cinncinati in the ‘off topic’ section – and posted Alyssa’s suggested vids over there.. so head on over to chat about WKRP if you want.[you’ll need to log in to see it as it’s off topic and not smk]


    • LOL kiwismh.. I have never seen WKRP so I don’t see ‘Herb’ at all! Is he just like that character??!!! gosh.. I’ll be interested to hear what WKRP fans think of later happenings which we will get to! 🙂


    • Haha! Cannot see anything but Herb here! Buck, who’s Buck? Kept thinking that Herb showed up at the wrong set whenever he was on SMK. And always adored WKRP, truly a classic show 🙂


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