5/13 Season Three, Episode 02: We’re Off to See the Wizard- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 04)

Moving on.. we find a random blonde running down her stairs to answer the phone in a semi-open bathrobe.. my goodness lots of women’s bodies on display in this ep.. Women’s bodies on show? Women being randomly killed as part of some game between male spies? If I focused on this.. this could reaally bug me.. women are not objects, they are people! Sad smile okay okay.. snap out of it iwsod..
Sooo the blonde answers her phone call – a friend is meeting her at the courts or something.. we see in the background Amanda pull up out front in her car.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000725492
I love the note pad she writes her note on.. like 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000738505something a little girl would have! Uh oh.. a menacing hand comes into view behind the 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000740507blonde.. this can’t be good.. uh oh.. the music confirms it: this can’t be good!!

Amanda is seen walking up the stairs and knocking on her door..
The blonde answers..
Amanda: Hi, is this Cheryl Bartlett’s house?
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000752519Cheryl doesn’t answer.. instead she slumps to the ground dead. Poor Cheryl.

We see a car parked across the street.. someone 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000756523is watching Amanda through a long lense and taking her photo..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000761528Who is it?!!! eek!!

The scene ends there.. Okay – maybe I am overthinking things (again) but.. if it is Paul or Serdeych – just how does this person know Lee once dated Cheryl Bartlett?! Is she an agent? It’s not like the baddie followed Amanda there, he beat her to the place.. oh well.. This plot is such a drag Sad smile
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000767567
Back from the commercial break and Lee is looking mighty shaken up..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000771738
he checks out the scene and then walks over to join Amanda at her car.
Lee: Ah, it’s Cheryl…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000776409
…I only worked with her a couple of times.

[but you dated her no?! And other victims have been non agents you dated so why say that? me confused.. is it who he has dated or worked with? anyone?]
Ohhhhh kaaayyy so Cheryl is someone Lee worked with a couple of times..
Amanda (quietly): 
I didn’t see anything, I didn’t hear anything.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000777477
[Is it just me or is it unusual that Lee doesn’t touch Amanda at all in this scene?  he has his hand on her car.. not her..]
Lee: Look, he was standing right there, only a few feet from you. Now, I want you to go home, alright? [Lee’s panic seems to be rising..]
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000786553
Amanda: I can’t help if I go ho-
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000788555
Lee: Amanda!…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000789556
…I don’t want to argue with you about this…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000792559
…Now you please go home and stay there until you hear from me, alright?…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000794561
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000796563
…Now you almost walked into a murder today Amanda King…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000800567
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000801568
…That could have been you.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000802569
(Lee pauses a moment)…Please?
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000803169
I love that Lee says please Smile sweet..
Lee is seriously on edge.. and the last thing he can cope with is Amanda so close to danger.. Everything is piling up for Lee here – and he is becoming an emotional mess – which IMHO makes things more dangerous for everyone..

Amanda wisely doesn’t argue anymore once she sees she can help the most by going home- and reassuring Lee that she is out of harm’s way..She nods..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000804504
It is awesome to see Lee so upset that Amanda was so close to the action and contemplating her nearly being killed.. yeah that matters – but I also think this is Lee reacting to the whole situation. Which is soooo not awesome!
I find most fascinating about this moment Amanda’s surprise at Lee’s reaction – she seems surprised at how deeply affected Lee is here.. IMHO she shouldn’t be Winking smile – maybe it’s because Amanda underestimates how much she means to Lee – for self preservation reasons??

Interesting that Amanda stands there with her arms around herself.. almost hugging herself – Lee doesn’t offer to take her in his arms?? boooo.. he did in Over the limit! hmm maybe this episode belongs before over the limit?? where Amanda’s brush with death had Lee holding her for comfort? Just sayin…
Also, in over the limit, Amanda is not surprised by how much Lee cares – like she is here.. hmm..

One other interesting thing about this scene:  ‘go home’ and ‘ I don’t want to argue about this’ are very similar to what Lee says in the fight in Over the Limit.. [Lee says: Lee: Amanda King. I am not going to fight with you about this. ]– he even uses her full name, just like he does here in wizard.. Hmm.. coincidence? thoughts? Sorry- I can’t fully explain my ideas on the order till the end.. but I’m thinking of it as we walk through this episode..

Looooove Lee’s pleading eyes here.. oh my..

And to top it all off, Lee opens Amanda’s car door for her Smile 

Sooo the scene ends there with Amanda going home..

In the script, next up we have the infamous scene between Lee and Leslie..surprise!! kisses!!.. well.. it never made it into the episode.. anyone like to transcribe it? Feel free to.. I won’t – I’ll just ponder why it was cut..
If wizard is before OTL, it was maybe cut so that Leslie’s reveal was more of a surprise (to the audience along with Amanda) in OTL.  or..maybe it was cut because Lee had not yet made the realisation he wanted a relationship with someone ‘normal’??
But.. if OTL was before wizard, maybe it was cut so that the relationship was not seen as that serious? to appease the fans? hmm.. [Am I messing with your head enough here guys?!! ] thoughts???

Well.. moving on to the episode we got!.. it’s night time at the King home..
Uh oh!!! the boys have found Amanda’s Russian tapes!!! Phillip looks very confused!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000820587
Tape: When all else fails, create a diversion. [Oh my goodness.. well Amanda could have written that part herself! she’s been doing that since day one!] …Something totally unexpected. [Again.. Amanda has been doing the unexpected since day one! She’s a natural Winking smile ] …For example, shouting “The Red Chinese have taken Vladivostok” – “Krasnyye Kitayskiy vzyali Vladivostok” [Kudos kiwismh!! thanks sooo much for transcribing this!!!]

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000825091Amanda: Hey! What are you fellas doing?.. 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000828161
…C’mon you’re supposed to be upstairs in bed. Now move it!
Boys: Awhhhh Mom!
Amanda: C’mon, scoot, scoot, scoot, go, go, go on, go on, go on. [wow.. we saw the boys for like 5 seconds! Is this the only time we see them this ep? LOL I have no idea..I’ll see! ] Off the boys go to bed.. leaving Amanda alone with her Russian.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000837604Behind her, Lee knocks on her side window and motions for her to come outside.. No smile from Lee.. Hmm things are pretty serious..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000838605Amanda joins Lee outside.. Ohhh dear.. her sweater is actually tucked into her jeans? LOL!! Now that is ridiculous looking!! Focus iwsod!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000850617Amanda quietly:
Hello, what are you doing here? There are not any new…?
Lee: No, no.
Amanda: Oh, good.
Lee: Now look, this morning, outside the Agency, I saw someone – remember? [that was outside the agency? didn’t look it.. but okay!]

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_0008546213.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000857724Amanda: Ohhhhh, yeah.
Lee is sounding pretty intense.. curt..
Lee: You looked at her too.
It’s clear from his tone he wants her to say yes. It would have been tempting for Amanda to humour him.. but she doesn’t.. she goes with honesty..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000858191Amanda: No I didn’t see anybody.
[I agree with Lee. Amanda should have seen her in that reflection, we even saw her looking. but heck.. the plot requires her to suddenly not be able to see reflections so.. we’ll go with it.. Gee what would that do to Morley’s
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000860527window Reflections huh?!! I guess Amanda looked at her, but didn’t see her!]
Lee: Yes you did.
Amanda: Lee, I didn’t see anybody.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000861327Lee: Amanda, you had to –
Amanda: I didn’t see anybody.
Lee: Amanda, look…
Amanda: Lee, I’m sorry.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_0008626623.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000864531
[it’s hard.. Amanda wishes she could say yes.. but she isn’t going to lie to him – she thinks she didn’t see anybody.. ]
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000864664Lee pulls a picture out of his pocket.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000865899Lee: Alright, here. [He says this almost gruffly- like fine! make me show you the picture!]
… This woman.

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_0008706373.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000873640as Amanda looks at the picture she responds: I’m sorry, I didn’t see her. Who is she.
Lee: Her name is Dorothy. She died 10 years ago.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000876810
[her name is Dorothy?.. Hmm.. her codename was Dorothy.. Hmm..] The implication of what Lee is saying is just starting to sink in for Amanda– you’re seeing a woman who died 10 years ago??
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000877644
and just at that moment.. we hear Dotty approaching.. what timing! ugh!! Is it a coincidence or mildly disturbing that they are discussing Dorothy who died 10 years ago and then Dotty (full name Dorothy) calls out to Amanda???!!!]
Dotty: Amanda!
Lee leaves.. and Dotty opens the back door.. Amanda still has the picture.. and holds it behind her back so Dotty can’t see it.
Amanda: Yes, mother! Hi mother.
Dotty: What are you doing out here?
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000884651
[man.. she’s so suspicious this episode! Can Amanda not stand on her back veranda without explaining herself?!! ugh!!]
Amanda: Oh, I’m just out here practising my Russian, mother. You know, “The warthog wants more caviar.” It’s a very important phrase although no-one understands why. 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000894661Dotty: It’s probably the reason why our two countries just don’t get along. Not so loud Amanda or we’re going to have the same problem with the neighbours.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000896663[Amanda was being loud?! Hmm.. I guess Lee 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000901668was so worked up about Dorothy and all they forgot to keep their voices to a whisper? hmm.]
Amanda: Right mother.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000903670Dotty & Amanda: The Warthog wants more caviar –
Amanda: Yes mother, I’ll be very quiet. 

Dotty heads back into the house and Amanda pulls out the picture for another look..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000911678
She turns it over and reads the writing on the back.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000919686
Hmm interesting.. before she turned it over- there was no writing on the back! Winking smile
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_000925692
Soo looks like Dorothy gave Lee a photo of the two of them together – smiling, looking happy.. but not touching each other at all in any kind of a romantic way.. and Dorothy calls him ‘Lee’ not scarecrow..(rofl though the writing makes Lee look like ‘Wee’! whhahahaa)  hmm.. but.. the message on the back of the photo? is all about work – and the oz network never having it so good.. I’m leaning towards their special relationship being non-romantic and work based.. but still a special, touching relationship for Lee.. and Dorothy’s loss was a significant moment for Lee.. what about you?

Well I guess I should finish up here for now.. As always, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!! Very excited to hear some of you have started watching the section of the episode along with me! whoo hoo!!!! byeee for now!

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  1. My two cents on Dorothy. I not sure if I can express myself clearly (English isn‘t my first language).

    Why was Dorothy special to Lee? I think not because he lost the love of his life but more because he never knew whether he did, or not.

    I always thought and still do they were just at the beginning of something, what? Who knows? Because Dorothy was killed before they could find out whether it’s just a more or less short lived affair or something deeper or even the one real thing that lasts for a lifetime. Finding closure to that kind of unfinished business was probably impossible for Lee.

    To avoid this kind of hurt and dwelling on what could be surely is a reason why Lee stuck to meaningless short flings leading up to 4 black books. No matter how sudden/unexpected things end and what way at least the status of the ‘relationship’ was always clear.

    Just my interpretation as we never learned more about their personal relationship.


  2. About that patio scene — why didn’t Lee come back out of hiding after Dotty went back in so they could finish their conversation? Hasn’t he done that before?


  3. I saw Lee’s black books as containing professional and personal contacts. Amanda was going to contact those who had been involved with the Agency, and I always assumed that she and Francine would trade books at some point to complete the work.

    I ignore the fact that Leslie was even supposed to be in this episode. Not happening in my SMK-verse.

    I agree that Lee is so overwhelmed with what is happening that he can’t take the chance of touching Amanda. She is becoming special to him, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

    I’m one of those who said the evening after OTL was a date. I think Lee is cautiously, carefully moving their relationship forward, while Amanda is carefully pondering what is happening. She’s not sure what’s going on, but she does realize that something is beginning to shift in their relationship. I’ll come back to this in a later scene.

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    • I agree with everything you said, Debilyn!! Every single part. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


    • Plus I thought I remember a line where he refers to one abbreviation for PIs, one for some other business-related thing and then something else when he’s giving the books to Amanda & Francine. I think some were actual dates, some were work contacts only, and some might have been a thing where he pretended to be interested while undercover to get information and then obviously never called them to actually breakup, hence the twit at that embassy party “You always send me flowers when I get home from Gstaad” and his “Uh-oh” expression. (Why he didn’t use one book for each thing is beyond me!)

      I think he’s trying to send Amanda home hoping that if she’s not seen with him, Sergeyvich won’t make the connection, but doesn’t realize it’s too late.


  4. Ok i’ve been out a touch for a while and I don’t have time to get all caught up on everything at this point, but I do want to comment on the whole cutting Leslie out of the scene. I actually do think wizard does come after OTL and originally the writers probably meant for the Lee/Leslie relationship to go on a little longer but cut that because of back lash from the fans. If Leslie was in the picture at this point surely there would have been some concern for her safety as well being close to Lee. My take is in the rough draft of the script Leslie was still around but smarter heads pervailed and they finished with her in OTL meaning ultimately when this episode aired she and Lee were no longer dating.

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  5. I’ve been thinking about the question of Dorothy’s name/codename. Like some of the others, I’ve wondered whether Dorothy was her real name as well, but the show never actually said. Then, it struck me that I can’t think of any female agents in the show who have had codenames separate from their real names. It always seems to be the men who have both their codenames and real names mentioned:

    Lee = Scarecrow
    Paul = Wizard
    Billy = Lancer (mentioned in the first season)
    David Benson = Nightlight (The Mole)
    Ronnie (David’s partner) = Go
    The older man in The Mole (Lee said his real name. I think it was it Walter, but I’m not sure now) = Humbug

    Yet, Francine, the most prominent full-time field agent besides Lee, doesn’t have a codename that anyone mentions. Billy sometimes calls Lee “Scarecrow,” but he never calls Francine anything but Francine. Dorothy is similar, that’s all anyone ever calls her.

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    • Hey Jestress yeah!!! that bugs me!!!

      Francine was called ‘Babysitter one’ in 3 faces of Emily.. I love the idea of her codename being ‘babysitter’ – since she is so great with kids and all 😉 tee hee!!


    • Good point, Jestress! I never thought about that before. I wonder why Francine never had to use her codename. I’m sure she had one.


      • It seems like a lot of the code names end up being something either tied to a specific mission (Scarecrow, Wizard, Dorothy, etc.) or else somehow tied to their personality in some way (Humbug, Go, Nightlight). The Oz op seems to be an exception and based on Francine’s personality, maybe she didn’t get one because what can you use as a code name for her personality that she’d accept?

        It also seems to be a kind of term of affection, kind of like the fighter pilots we see on JAG. (Humbug, the way Billy always calls Lee Scarecrow) Billy uses his in a business context but I can’t think of when Francine is really by herself that we see. In which case I think it’s very telling Francine doesn’t have a code name that the others use in affection. We can tell Billy and Lee both get exasperated with her (as do the rest of us).

        Just a thought.

        Amanda should definitely get one though if that was the case. And it makes me wonder about Billy getting Lancer. Given his age, I honestly wonder if there’s a tie to “Lancer & Lace” (JFK & Jackie) — maybe because he’s section Chief, that’s like Commander In Chief, and I’m assuming that was the most famous presidential Code name they could think of at the time. (Plus a current President wouldn’t have had his code name released and some of those between JFK and the 1980s when the show is set were controversial, so they wouldn’t want the tie in). But it’s what I think of every time I hear them call Billy Lancer.


    • At first, I was thinking that it was too bad that Amanda doesn’t have a codename, but then I realized that none of the other women really did either, except for Dorothy, who apparently lacks a real name.

      Of course, we could always give Francine and Amanda codenames. 🙂


      • Hi Jestress, I remember there was discussion on yuku about Amanda’s code name before I headed off into the www on my own and got obsessed with my own blog 😉

        Someone (sorry can’t remember who) had liked my idea of Amanda being Lee’s ‘North Star’ so had given her the codename of the name of the north star – which I don’t know or remember lol.. I was thrilled they enjoyed my ‘north star’ comment – but for me, I prefer Amanda have a code name that does not relate to Lee in anyway!!! She’s earned her place at the agency.. it’s not just about what she means to Lee.

        But what codename to give her? gosh.. no idea.. can we start a thread at Nedlindger’s about it?
        I’ll do it now.. hang on… dooo dee doooo…

        Okay! it’s done.. http://nedlindgers.proboards.com/thread/83/smk-codenames-amandas-codename

        I’ve copied this comment over to there.. maybe some of us would be interested in discussing codenames further.. I’m especially interested to hear if you guys have any suggestions for Amanda’s codename! 🙂

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    • Maybe Dorothy (real name) was part of the inspiration for the network being called ‘Oz’. Someone called Paul “the Wizard”, they all noticed that “Hey, we’ve got a Wizard and a Dorothy, let’s call ourselves the Oz Network!”.


  6. I haven’t had time to read anyone else’s comments yet, but here are my random thoughts… (How are there so many, so soon? WordPress must be smoking!)

    “Okay – maybe I am overthinking things (again) but..”“oh well.. This plot is such a drag”
    Um, seriously – if he wanted to kill her why wouldn’t he shoot her instead of the looooong grab for the neck, blah blah blah. Oh, wait – that’s right… the viewer wouldn’t be worried that he might catch Amanda if he took long enough about it… :p Whatevs.

    “Is it just me or is it unusual that Lee doesn’t touch Amanda at all in this scene? he has his hand on her car.. not her..”
    I’m thinking he’s upset with himself here (his four black books, many “friends” [workmate/playmate – who knows?] of his dying) and either doesn’t feel like he deserves to touch her, or he’s putting up part of a wall again.

    “Now, I want you to go home, alright? “
    I think that’s a tad silly–surely she’s safer at the Agency, or even with Lee, than at home. All the other women have (presumably) been killed while they’re alone. Duh. Send Amanda home alone. Whatevs. Again.

    “maybe it’s because Amanda underestimates how much she means to Lee”
    Yup – I think so. And I think there might also be a bit of shock at how affected he is in general… Lee, as far as she has seen, is usually the unflappable agent. Seeing him flapping is eye-opening for her, let alone thinking that maybe some of the flap is because of concern for her, not just the women he’s known who’ve died.

    “Lee doesn’t offer to take her in his arms??”
    Like my comment earlier, I think he’s upset and either doesn’t feel like he deserves to touch her, or he’s putting up part of a wall again.

    “Is it a coincidence or mildly disturbing that they are discussing Dorothy who died 10 years ago and then Dotty (full name Dorothy) calls out to Amanda???!!!”
    Is Dotty Dorothy or Dorothea? Maybe that’s just how a certain someone later in the series pronounced it? shrug

    “Hmm interesting.. before she turned it over- there was no writing on the back! “
    Must be special invisible ink!!!


    • Response to minor point: Dotty is called Dorothea in One Bear dances… and Dorothy in Any Number Can Play (part of my Dotty research) – by different ‘male friends’


      • hiya.. I was just thinking I may have gotten Dorothy from a later episode and it had creeped into my picture of the character..

        So I guess at this stage we don’t know Dotty’s full name.

        Dorothea is still very close – and bizarre that her last name is West.. as in the wicked witch of the?? 😉

        I guess they intended it as a little nod to the wizard of oz, but later.. as the show progressed and the idea of Dorothy came up – then it seemed a little weird.. or at least.. it did to me.

        Thanks learjet


    • Magic Ink!! 🙂

      Good call Happy Camper and KC have both made about the killer reaching out like that.. it totally doesn’t make sense! and that he’s back in the car? lol..
      Maybe the guy in the car wasn’t the killer.. and he had an accomplice? lol.. I’m happy with concluding it didn’t add up! 🙂

      Haaa good point KC, yes Amanda is safer if she stays close to Lee.. very close 😉 ahem..

      ‘Flap’ is a fabulous word!

      Great to hear from ya KC!


      • That is always the way I have made sense of that scene. I guess I have concluded that the murdered isn’t one person. This is an organized, systematic plan that is executed (bad pun) by more than one person. Still not sure about that gloved hand, but this is one thing I have never had a problem ignoring.


    • Hi, KC!! Hope you’re well 🙂

      Yeah, that home thing is odd, now that I think more about it. The woman that was just killed, was just killed in her home. Duh! Lee should have told her to go to the Agency if he was concerned about her or at least mentioned that he’s put protection around her house like he has in he past. Oh wait, that’s not always worked out either! A lot of baddies know where Amanda lives – Fearless Dotty, ARSituation, BAIn, YODTwice, MBus, OOADPigeon, TTFOEmily, TMole, hmmm, where else have we seen the baddies go to Amanda’s home? In FR she had protection, and the baddies never came – they called – how nice 😉 Lee really should not have sent her home!


  7. Something else I thought of after rewatching OTL. It really wouldn’t make sense for Lee to walk in first thing as the “Midnight Rambler” directly after this episode. It does make sense for OTL to be a lead up to this. So I am more convinced of the new order as being right. 🙂

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  8. OK, this could so not happen. Look, there’s Amanda’s car pulling up outside while Cheryl is on the phone. The guy with the gloves is inside the house. He kills Cheryl (how? He shot Pamela, and isn’t his MO supposed to be the same? I suppose she could have been shot and still answer the door before finally collapsing. But what was that gloved, empty hand doing? No gun, no knife, no syringe). A few seconds later, Amanda is at the door and the guy is across the street taking her picture. There definitely wasn’t time for that.

    I saw the women targeted as being some work associates of Lee, some dates/girlfriends, some work associates whom he dated, and maybe some casual contacts, either for information purposes or possibilities to date if he ran out of material. So I figured when he said he only worked with Cheryl a couple of times, he meant that that was the extent of the contact he had with her, and he’s shook by the fact that even such a little contact resulted in her death. Of course, this work/date thing is further complicated by some confusion about who exactly Amanda was supposed to contact. Lee gives her one of the black books, but I think Francine actually says something like, “I’ll take this one, and Amanda, you contact the ex-agency people”. That, coupled with having to look up their contact info in the agency computers, makes it seem like Amanda is doing a group separate from what’s in the books. Or a sub-group within the book she held, but why not all of them? Francine has a whole book to do, and Lee has two. Or, that book included only ex-agency people, but Amanda sees the little moons in that book, meaning Lee is using a cover, and why would he have to use a cover with agency employees?

    There’s been some good points brought up about episode order already. I still don’t know what to make of it, but I think I’m going to keep a running list of the things people mention as evidence for which episode came first — or evidence that it could go either way. By the end of the episode, I should have lots of info to digest.

    Billy says Dorothy is her code name, and it fits with the Wizard/Scarecrow thing, but Lee’s evidence points to Dorothy being her real name. That’s the name he shouts when she is in danger, and that’s the name she signs on the photograph. I could accept the explaination that it was both a real name and a code name, but then what’s the point of a code name? Isn’t it to hide and safeguard a person’s identity?

    After Lee convinces Amanda to go home and shuts her car door for her, just as the scene cuts away, you can see him lean down towards her like he’s going to say something. I really, really wish we knew what it was.


    • Yeah I was getting confused over which women were what.. whatev! I’ve given up trying to work it out!

      I think it was expressed more clearly in the script when Francine gave Amanda the black book – she says some of the women in the book could be ex agents or classified.. so I think they are all mixed up.. but not sure if that is current agents/ and ex agents who are mixed. oh whatever! 🙂

      Yeah it is very weird how Lee leans in like that. I figure it was something like – I’ll come by later tonight see ya! 🙂

      I think the writing is off with Dorothy’s name.. I agree with you happy camper – it isn’t logical to give someone their name as a code name! lol!
      I think the writers were trying to avoid giving Dorothy two names – so the audience don’t get confused – you know too much info.. and there are already many characters with two names in this ep.. but by not giving Dorothy a real name they have messed up Lee’s connection to her… or confused it.. and made it difficult to put the pieces together there to create a clearer picture of who she was exactly and what she meant to Lee exactly.. at least that’s my impression so far.. we’ll see if things become any clearer I guess!

      Good idea re the episode order.. I’m going to do the same and I’ll hold off engaging in further discussion about it till the end of wizard. I don’t want to get bogged down with it while the episode is still going – not everyone is interested in the ep order or finds it fun like I do.. so I’ll make a few notes too – good thinking!!


      • Iwsod, if you are planning on doing a post about the episode order at the end of Wizard, you will be welcome to use my notes as well.


        • Oh thanks happycamper! I’ll take you up on that! Not sure how I’ll go about it.. just want to be able to explore both points of view.

          it would be awesome to go back to Over the limit and walk through it again, with the assumption that wizard is before – but I don’t think that people will be up for that LOL.. we want to get on to ALLA!! 🙂

          But maybe we can allocate one post to exploring this and get away with it 🙂 ha!


          • I think maybe we need a Morley/Iwsod interactive post on episode order

            Liked by 1 person

            • That could be fun 🙂
              I will try to hold off on episode order comments…. but I may still interject behind the scene ideas if any more come up. I don’t know if I have anymore, that Leslie scene was the biggie I think. I hope I can keep it in…this is hard, but I”l try….I have such a hard time controlling my SMK urges 😉


  9. Cheryl standing at the door reminds me of Jennifer Grey in her dirty dancing time 🙂


  10. Carp! The computer ate my brilliant response 😦
    I haven’t read the comments yet, so please forgive me if I restate what everyone else has.
    First, I will give Lee the benefit of the doubt and believe him that he only worked with Cheryl. I thought it was very nice of Francine to give Amanda the task of contacting Lee’s former agency people rather than his straight hook-ups (I wonder if she did this consciously or was it done this way for a necessary plot device. I will choose to think it was a rare considerate gesture on Francine’s part. She does care about Lee and Amanda and now is not the time for cheap shots).
    As to the targeting of women — it is dark for SMK and I think shows of the 80s. If I recall, shows of that era were more equal opportunity killers or were skewed to male victims. (Darn! I wish I could find my stats on Remington Steele to confirm this!). Nowadays with CSI and their clones, overwhelmingly the women are the ones stalked, victimized and brutalized in increasingly graphic ways. So I don’t watch and find refuge in SMK 😉
    I understand Lee not touching Amanda — and I think he is acting more subconsciously here — he is trying to push her away and protect her from her association with him and protect himself from getting too close to someone who will be taken away from him (good luck with that one, Lee!)
    And poor Leslie seems to have been forgotten in all this mess.


    • And does anyone else think Dorothy’s handwriting looks a little masculine? I think my cursive script is less flourishy and definitely more messy than most woman I know, but it is way more recognizable as written by a female than the magic sometimes-there-sometimes-not inscription on the back of the photo.


      • Yup! Definitely masculine! Actually, it looks a little like my dad’s writing. Oh, daaad! Is there something you want to tell me???


      • rofl! yes!! It’s masculine!! because it was written by a 10 year old boy.. who decided to make ‘Lee’ look like ‘Wee’ because that is oh so funny!!! 😉


        • You’re not kidding! That is the bane of my existence now…. Not only is “Wee” funny, but “butts are awesome.” And he’s only almost 9. I was telling my child psychologist friend about this the other day and she told me that I was probably going to be listening to this type of stuff for about a year…oh joy! How did all you multiple-son moms cope??


      • I have two female friends whose writing looks decidedly masculine. In addition, my dad’s writing was nicer than mine.


    • I like this Cindy, especially about Lee only working with Cheryl. I don’t think that everyone in the black books were specifically just Lee’s dates. I think some of them were also just contacts and people he would get info from.

      I also agree with Lee sorting putting that wall up again between himself and Amanda. Women are dying because of some connection to him and he is trying to prevent that from continuing to happen. Also, I think he is just so anxious for Amanda to get home. I think he does touch her as he gets her into the car, but am not able to peruse this part of the DVD at the moment.


      • Cindy, good point about Francine and I like to think the way you do. She’s got some good qualities that some poor slob will eventually tease out and fall for. 😀 There I go again always being hopeful.
        I was thinking the same thing Valerie, and also that Lee needed to hold himself together in this episode as best he could and if that meant not touching Amanda to stay focused, so be it.


        • I think Francine needs some unconditional love from someone, like Lee has got from Amanda. Then maybe she’d turn into a decent human being – she does show brief sparks of it occasionally


    • Lets see if Lee touches Amanda at all before this is resolved.. 🙂

      Hey Cindy good point with Francine haaa! I like it!!


  11. A comment on episode order. Another reason I believe OTL is before is the absence of the Q Beaurea which doesn’t come til Weasel. If it was around in OTL they would have went there to discuss the case instead of Lee’s apt I think.

    And the non hug here I think is because he doesn’t want to tip his hand that she is special to him in case they are being watched still. Plus he is in blaming himself mode, focused on his building fears for Amanda and his own sanity over Dorothy so he may just not notice that the girl needs a hug. 😉

    PS I am finally all caught up with these discussions. I was gone for awhile when I had my last baby!


  12. Oh boy, more plot holes and huhs and how did that happens? I’ll ignore it and move on…the plot is not the number one reason I watch this show!! At least TPTB finally decided not to use Jack in a group of men extras.

    You know, I never noticed the lack of touching in this scene. Makes me think that Leslie is still in the picture/or just in the picture depending upon how you order them. In OTL, Lee didn’t know where Amanda was and thought she could be dead or missing, hence the hug. Here, he always knew Amanda was safe, so the no hug bit here doesn’t bother me.

    Amanda does seem surprised by Lee’s reaction here. But maybe she’s not reacting to that at all. Perhaps it didn’t really hit her until Lee points it out at that moment just how close she was to a murderer and possibly being killed herself – Lee wasn’t there to save her. If the killer had wanted to, he could probably have killed her. If she can’t be with Lee physically on this job, then perhaps she should be at home?

    As far as the dialogue being similar, that doesn’t seem like a big deal to me either – I never really noticed it until you pointed it out here. Actually, Amanda’s response here leads me to think that OTL is before. In that episode, she is good and pissed because of Leslie and her jealousy jumping out like that, but here she doesn’t fight with him, she just gives in and goes home. This is different – this involves murder and is heavier. In OTL is it much lighter and focused on other things besides the case. I guess I don’t see this as a strong indicator of episode order. After we’ve finished this episode, I’ll have to watch them both in the two orders and see if that makes a difference to me.

    Ugh, more of this sweater and the braless look. I’m glad Lee is still in his nice grey suite here and I can focus on him.

    Initially I thought Amanda would have seen the woman’s reflection like Lee, but perhaps she wasn’t at quite the right angle to see what Lee saw. I’m too lazy to check, but I think our viewing angle and Lee’s was the same. Perhaps those filming lights made it hard for Amanda to see the reflection 😉

    Hmm, so I guess Dorothy was her name and her codename? Not sure that this detail matters that much. I do wonder why they named Amanda’s mother Dotty. With the props in TFT, they had to have been thinking about using this whole Wizard of Oz plot line somehow, so why name Amanda’s mother Dotty? Agh, whatever.

    We’ll see what unfolds, if anything, but I don’t ever recall thinking that Dorothy was a love interest for Lee. Then again, you know me, if it’s not handed to me on a silver platter, I tend to not pick-up on things.


  13. As far as Dorothy and Lee’s relationship. I guess I think that it got to the point where Lee and Amanda are now and then got snuffed out when she was killed. I agree the focus point seems to be work related, but something had started to spread roots more deeply in Lee. Plus she wrote “love” which doesn’t sound like a purely professional relationship. It seems like Lee was a bit more whole at that point. Losing Dorothy on top of the traumatic loss of his parents in such an important developmental stage would really mess with his emotional well being. I could see how from that point on it would be very hard, if not impossible for Lee to have a real, authentic loving relationship, with or without the physical component. I could also see how his need for interpersonal relationship and intimacy could be channeled into purely fleeting physical liaisons.
    I read a CS Lewis quote this morning that made me think about both Lee and Paul in this episode. [C.S.] Lewis so wisely said, a heart that is protected from the possibility of breakage “will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.” Are they beyond hope? Is that what we are supposed to be asking ourselves. Is Amanda asking that?


    • Like this, morley. I’m still a bit on the fence about Dorothy, but do agree that she meant quite a bit to Lee because of his reactions about her now and how deeply affected he has been about her death. It is obviously something that he has not truly dealt with and with those feelings being brought to the surface along with all these murders Lee is most definitely traumatized. Interesting quote from CS Lewis, especially talking about the heart and were dealing with the Wizard of Oz…two troubled hearts…


  14. Here’s the missing scene from the script. Was it ever filmed, or was it filmed and cut. Wish we knew someone who worked on the show who could tell us these things.
    Once again we have Leslie in Lee’s apartment without him knowing she would be there, and sneaking up on him – creeeeepy. 😯
    Lee comes into the apartment looking haggard. He checks his answering machine, but there are no messages. He crosses to the sofa, flops down, closes his eyes for a beat, then sits upright, reaches for the phone, dials. As he does a pair of hands cover his eyes.
    LESLIE (O.C.) : Surprise…
    Lee turns, sees a smiling and very beautiful Leslie.
    LEE : Leslie! What are you doing here? Why didn’t you phone?
    LESLIE : I came straight from the airport. I wanted to surprise you.
    LEE : You should have stayed in New York.
    Leslie looks closely at Lee, suddenly concerned.
    LESLIE : Are you all right?
    LEE : Something’s happened. Something I can’t explain without some time.
    LESLIE : I’ve got all you need.
    LEE : Not this trip…and please, don’t ask me to explain. Just go back to New York … (beat)
    Even better, call in sick for a few days and see Atlantic City or go up in the Poconos. Please? I don’t want to have to worry about you, too.
    LESLIE Too? (beat) I suppose I bargained for this.
    (off his look) Fine, no explanations … for now. But, one of these days you owe me a big one .
    Lee runs his hands through her hair, kisses her, then looks toward the window. He glances out, sees:
    There, again, we see the woman in chic fatigues. She’s passing directly in front of Lee’s apartment, glances up as though she knows precisely which is his apartment.
    BACK TO LEE who can’t believe his eyes. He turns, races past a thoroughly startled Leslie.
    LEE : Get packed and call a cab. Lock the door after me.
    Before Leslie can respond, Lee’s gone.


    • I’m glad we didn’t have to cope with that on top of four black books…


    • I am glad you transcribed that, kiwismh. Actually this deleted scene is one of the reason I watch these episodes in this order. It shocked me so badly the first time I became aware that Leslie had been considered to be in more than one episode and I wanted to see what that would have done to Lee’s character development. So this is what I came up with… Ready?

      This is why I don’t think Lee ended it in OTL and part of the reason why I put OTL first. In OTL Leslies makes iit sound like the two of them are just getting to know each other, here it seems to me that she has been around a bit longer. So I place her surprise here after her initial surprise visit to his apartment in OTL. I don’t think that lee ended things abruptly, because here she still seems to think things are moving along with lee. So I think Lee told Leslie that something work related had come up and that is why he had to cancel and not go to the Russian embassy party. He wasn’t really lying, his working relationship with Amanda was all off kilter, especially the way he had spoken to her the night they caught O’Keefe.
      In my SMK world he didn’t see Leslie again after that, she had to depart for NYC the next morning. I assume the spoke on the phone and Lee tried to continue the relationship, but he was beginning to realize that he was not thinking about her as he should and he was also beginning to look forward to his lunches with Amanda and feeling fulfilled by that friendship more than his thoughts of building a relationship with Leslie (long distance).
      And then Leslie shows up at the worst possible time. Right now, when being a woman connected to Lee in any way is a death sentence. And all this dialogue makes sense. Even the kiss, which I see as a little obligatory peck because that is supposed to be the nature of the relationship. Lee is annoyed that she popped in unannounced again. Lee is freaking out because here is another woman that could be in danger because of him and he cares for her, maybe not enough to be in this type of a relationship ( I do think he is aware of that at this stage) but he is a caring person, it is his Achilles heel. And Lee wants her out of there asap. Leslie would not understand. I do think it would be one more odd hurt that she would register, even though she is trying to understand (I suppose I bargained for this, she said). I bet she sees the writing on the wall. She leaves, goes to wherever. And in my mind she has to go to the Hague for a business trip next week. And the next time Lee sees her it is to break it off with her, but he doses it honorably (I know where I place that dinner, but we aren’t there yet 😉 )
      Lee sees Dorothy again, and to whom does he run, Amanda. Perfect!!!

      How is that? Works for me…:D

      I suppose the TPTB took the scene out because of all the nasty letters they got when they tried to introduce this new love interest for Lee. Nobody would tolerate it. Poor Leslie ;( I am glad we didn’t see it, but I kind of like having it there in my mind.


      • Okay, morley, I’m going to join you in your SMK world. This works for me. Like this a lot.


        • There is lots of room, I’ll scooch over. For some reason I am thinking about the group W bench from Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Resturant.” Anyone else know that song? I used to be able to sing it word for word when I was a kid. I’ll take that one over to Ned’s if anyone else is interested.


          • ROFL I was in middle school when this album came out. I was very politically aware and a bit of a young activist (which is hysterically funny to me now). I just loved this song! Such a rebel 😉 I’ll join you on the group W bench, Morley. 🙂 But, caveat here, I always thought that Lee ended things with Leslie at the time of the tag for OTL. If not then, not much later. And since I have always felt the airing order wasn’t correct, I changed it around after it was first aired waaaaay back in the 80s (I immediately taped them of course(!) on my new VCR). I think your order works beautifully Morley, even if it’s only because in a stuck in my ways 😉


    • Thanks Kiwismh!
      I’m very glad they decided to rewrite the whole Leslie/Lee story arc!


  15. I thought the women being killed were women that Lee had worked with or dated (although no doubt some he had both worked with and dated). I might have got the wrong end of the stick but the implication seemed to me that he had probably dated most of them but not necessarily all of them. Some may simply have been work colleagues.
    I got from this scene that Lee is seriously worried about Amanda and that worry is exhibiting itself in his intensity, which almost seems like anger. In OTL he hugged her but the danger was passed – there was no more threat to Amanda’s life at that point. Here, he doesn’t hug her and the danger is still there – Amanda could be next! I think part of the reason he doesn’t touch her or hug her here is that he might have begun to suspect the culprit is possibly still around and watching. Maybe he doesn’t want to exhibit any action towards Amanda that could make her a target if they are being watched. (Which of course would suggest that the women being killed are those whom hehas had personal relationships with. Oi, this is getting complicated. :-/
    Interesting in the script Lee’s dialog is slightly different “Amanda, people I’ve worked with are being killed – go home!”
    Anyway, this scene still fits okay for me after OTL – Lee is super concerned for Amanda and I think the realisation and acceptance of their close friendship he came to in OTL is playing a big part in his actions here. He’s horrified that he might be the common denominator in this series of murders, and I think he absolutely dreads prospect of Amanda becoming a victim. Losing Amanda is a loss he just couldn’t live with.
    Yes, his words are similar to OTL but here he is definitely wholly and solely concerned with Amanda’s safety, and that is motivating his language. In OTL Amanda’s safety was not at issue and he was sending her home simply so he could have some alone time with Leslie (and also because he was totally uncomfortable with Amanda and Leslie sharing the same space).
    I’m still convinced OTL happened before Wizard. I’ll be interested to hear Morley’s take on this scene. Morley I consider you the oracle of SMK character development – I bow to your superior knowledge. If I could figure out how to put animated smileys in this blog I would have a row of smileys prostrating themselves before your awesomeness. 😀


    • Um… OK. In my understanding an oracle spoke the apparently wise and knowing words she did because she was exposed to gases that made her high 😉 Not sure what I am exposed to. It could simply be that I am surrounded by too many teenage boys and so SMK makes me giddy. But here goes.
      This is the scene that shows me progression from OTL, the one I tried to not so subtly mention. The way Lee politely and sweetly tells Amanda to go home seems to build very nicely from the way he did it in OTL. I like the way he is using her full name, he did it in Weasel as well, didn’t he? I think he knows not to let the anger that usually comes out when he is aggitated and instead, in the context of their growing personal relationship, he can speak to her like this and she will understand. This is not a boss speaking to a trainee under him, this is friend to friend. I think that transition was made someweher after OTL and during Weasel. And here she respects it and isn’t angered. I think she was angry before because she was experiencing jealousy, but also because she felt like she was being undervalued and also she was losing her place in their friendship (jealousy). Here I think she can see how shaken Lee is, but I think she is affirmed in their friendship so she doesn’t have the jealous reaction. I think her surprise may have something to do with the fact that she could be a candidate for these murders. I am not sure if she was aware of that before now. As much as she and Lee are close friends now, I wonder if Amanda does not see herself as connected to Lee like the other victims would have been. I think that realization might surprise her again.
      It is not hard to imagine Lee not touching her. I do think he is feeling like being connected to him is a fatal disease at the moment and he doesn’t want to contaminate anybody else. I love his concern for Amanda here, Connecting the dots that Amanda could become a target has got to be almost undoing him, especially considering where he is right now in relation to hi past. If he is living on a twilight edge of when he lost Dorothy, having Amanda so close to danger has got to be a living nightmare for him. And I do think he is becoming aware that that is true for him. I think he has emptied his subconscious by this time 😉
      I like what you said about the hug in OTL happening because he is relieved that the danger is past. And I agree that not all of the women were ones he dated. I do think the f act that he hadn’t dated Cheryl and she was targeted may be bothering Lee a lot. No one is safe, and that may make him panic about Amanda all the more. I do think Amanda is becoming increasingly alarmed at Lee’s precarious emotional state.


      • Morley, between this comment and the other one on this post you are building a pretty solid case for having OTL before Wizard. I am really curious to see iwsod’s or anyone else’s case for having OTL after Wizard, if that is in fact where she or anyone else ends up. But after the episode is completely walked through! This way of walking though the eps makes it a impossible to not be a bit one-sided until we’ve finished and can talk about Wizard as a whole episode. Let’s see!


        • I know, I need to be patient. I have been looking forward to this part of the episode so I could paint the picture that has been forming in my head. In my SMK imagination it fills in all the holes and completes the characters journey. So, I am not commenting just to be a lawyer for the OTL before Wizard camp. Just sharing my thoughts on the journey. So read them and ignore them, or say, “hmm, interesting” and stroke your chin wisely. File it in your SMK order Tupperware and put it on the shelf until the end of the episode. I don’t want to come across as dogmatic, I just get excited about this stuff. It is fun! 😀


          • Oh, but I think you are being patient! You’re not getting ahead at all. In fact, I think it’s really good to have all your thoughts here in this post rather than at the end. I was just trying to be diplomatic with my comment because we can’t yet discuss this episode in it’s entirety until we’ve walked through it. But by the nature of the walking process, comments can’t help but be one-sided, like cases are presented in a court of law. I’m not saying you’re the prosecutor trying to win your case, just using the analogy of the process. If we had walked through Wizard first and were now walking through OTL, I think the way the comments are coming would be a little different. Those who see OTL first would have had to be patient and wait until we made it to Wizard to share their opinions.

            I am taking all your comments in and tucking them away and am also looking forward to reading everyone else’s comments. Episode order to me isn’t that critical, but I really do enjoy reading all of everyone’s thoughts about every aspect of it!


          • Oh I probably have been making it tricky for you Morley.. with my little comments about episode order.. maybe what I can do is – after we are finished walking through this episode, we can do one post on the order of the two.. looking at both sides.. and we can vote on it – I’d go with the majority view for the order recommended by JWWM.. but we’ll get to that later 🙂


        • Yeah.. I’m seeing this is the way to go.. good thinking BJo!


      • I like the thoughts about how worried Lee is about Amanda in this scene. It makes sense that here is where the penny finally drops for him about the danger she is in — if someone he only worked with a few times is killed, shouldn’t Amanda be as obvious a target as if she was wearing a bull’s eye?


    • I am so liking everything that everyone has to say. And it has all been said so well. Liking this, kiwismh.


  16. Now, didn’t I say that Dorothy’s real name might be Dorothy – not that this scene proves it, but I’m just saying. 😉
    Notice Lee doesn’t have them awful sideburns in the photo.
    Also notice that Dorothy is brunette, not blonde like so many of the bimbos Lee has dated. I always had always thought he and Dorothy were developing a personal relationship, if not in the early stages of a romance, when she was killed.
    So how did Cheryl die? She had enough energy to make it to the door, didn’t seem to have an injuries. Did the murderer inject her with something?
    Sweater tucked into jeans doesn’t look ridiculous to me, but then I was in my teens and early 20’s in the 1980’s and like everyone else I considered sweaters tucked into jeans or pants to be very stylish. I’m feeling old.
    No problems translating the Russian, Iwsod – Google translate is awesome, plus I double checked against other translation sites. Hopefully it is all correct. If not I am sure we will hear from Russia – Mr Putin may not be happy with me mangling the language. (I may need the services of a handsome Agent for protection – although knowing my luck they’ll probably send Duffy. 🙄 )
    I’m more concerned about the English, i.e. my transcribed “all right” becoming “alright” by the time it had been through Iwsod Translate . 😉
    From dictionary.reference.com :
    The form alright as a one-word spelling of the phrase all right in all of its senses probably arose by analogy with such words as already and altogether. Although alright is a common spelling in written dialogue and in other types of informal writing, all right is used in more formal, edited writing.
    I have a feeling that “alright” might be an American spelling but it seems to be acceptable spelled either way, it just looks funny to me as one word with just one “l”. To quote Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords when he and Brett were getting picked on for being New Zealanders : “It doesn’t matter that we spell words differently – some would say more correctly.” 😉


    • I’m in the all right camp but then all I do is academic writing so that makes me a bit weird. I think the official scripts use alright so maybe Iwsod is adapting to them??
      Really, really don’t like how the women are portrayed in this episode. And Francine is the stereotypical opposite extreme (catty career woman). Makes Leslie look surprisingly attractive as a model of a female – never thought I’d say that!
      When I see the tucked in jumper, I keep thinking how uncomfortable it must be with such a snug pair of jeans. I was pre-teen at the time so stylish hadn’t entered my orbit yet.


      • Hey learjet, I just recently started graduate school and so am venturing into academic writing again…hence my attempt to be funny with it in my comment below. But I don’t think it makes you weird, it makes you smart! Not that a person can’t be smart if they’re not an academic writer. I just mean that I feel smarter when I write academically, so maybe you do too?


    • To-may-to, to-mah-to…no? I think as long as we all know what it means then the spelling differently or more correctly is less important? And since this isn’t a scholarly blog, well unless you consider the study of Lee’s outfits, dimples, and injuries to be scholarly and academic…. It is possible that one may posit the study of the fictional character of Lee Stetson blah blah blah… 😉


      • Sign up sign up!!!
        Complete your Bachelor of Dimples, Tuxedos and swoons here!!! 🙂
        [I can do up a testamur no problem! 🙂 ]


        • Now that would be something! A Bacehlor of Dimples, Tuxedos and swoons! Although I have a feeling if I make it through all 88 eps of stats, I may earn myself a PhD, a couple of post docs and perhaps “Expert” status. We may need more than one testamur! (Ok, keeping it real here, I had to look that one up 🙂 )


    • All right! Hi Kiwismh, is it not alright that I changed all right to alright? alright! 😉

      Yes I changed it to what I thought was a less formal form ‘alright’ -should I not have done that? I do occasionally adjust spelling or add a line that’s missing.. I sometimes cut a few lines too – but didn’t think I needed to say I’d adjusted the transcript – you kiwis take great pride in your spelling huh 😉

      Yes Everyone!! I changed All right to alright – I wanted less formal writing – I write very differently here for the blog than I do for say academic writing – I try and write on the blog like we are together having a chat about our fave show.. 🙂

      I’m sure I make the odd spelling/grammar mistake.. but I’m not going to stress about it – this is for fun.. so skip my spelling mistakes and just enjoy the journaay! 😉


      • So some people see the woods and some people see the trees. And some people see the leaves rofl! The “all right”/”alright” people are leaf-viewers. I actually find it hard to transition from academic to everyday writing, but you do it very well Iwsod!! (BTW I heard that I passed yesterday so part of my academic journey is over)


      • Oh Iwsod, don’t take me seriously… ever. Like most Kiwis I enjoy taking the mickey, especially on Aussies. 😉 It’s okay, it’s your blog and I don’t mind at all If you change the spelling just so long as the blog keeps on rollin’. ;-D I’m not going to get in the least bit serious about a wee spelling difference in a blog about a 30 year old, long forgotten (by most), TV show. (Hey, there are people still starving in this world, kids and animals being abused, and people killing each other over ideology, and so on – that’s the sort of stuff that gets me seriously upset. Everything else is just varying degrees of amusing.)
        Like I said, some of the Russian might be suspect especially as I was relying on the notes at the end of the script and the on-line translations. I don’t know a word of Russian so the translations could be completely wrong – although they do sound like what is being said on screen.
        But learjet5 is right – I not only see the leaves I see the dew drops on the leaves. In fact, I see the glint of sunlight on the arc of the dew drops a nanosecond before it falls to the ground.
        I’d say I have an overactive mind except that if you asked me what happened yesterday and I’m liable to stare blankly at you for several seconds before sheepishly shrugging my shoulders. 😯


        • It’s alright Kiwismh 😉 I figured you were taking the mickey 😉 which is why I wrote the intro with all the all right/ alrights – All right? 🙂 tee heee.. Flight of the conchords rock!

          I took the opportunity to reassure others while I was at it: typos don’t matter.. what matters is smk fun 🙂

          I really do appreciate you transcribing the ep for me Kiwismh! you’ve done an amazing job and made my life so much easier! thank you!!


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