1/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi Everyone!!! It’s Utopia Now- now!! Smile
All of the dialogue in Utopia Now was transcribed by the amazing Kiwismh!!!
Thank you!!!!!
Kiwismh- we salute you!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000078137I’m approaching this episode and it’s order with an open mind.. Is it before sour grapes?? or after? or waaaay before sour grapes?!.. hmm.. well I’m going to keep working my way through in airing order and I’ll be looking out for clues, arguments for and against etc. as we walk through this episode.. I hope you’ll share your ideas if you see anything that might contribute to a decision on this order! Smile There’s no right or wrong answers so just go for it!! Smile

I’ve been looking forward to this episode- such a big relationship changer.. whoooo I best be prepared for all the swoony goodness!swoon emoticon
Got drool bucket? Check! Got smelling salts? Check! Got your swoon helmet Jule??!!!
On with the episode!!

So, we are all excited to be starting this episode.. and what’s the first thing we see??? Eeeek! One of those (boring! emoticon) SMK openings which starts with a crime being committed in the dark, by two 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000082578men we don’t know…and can hardly see..
But.. we know we are in Baltimore! (now that’s exciting… ahem!)

The men are stealing something from the Maryland National Guard Armory.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000093208
Do I care??!!! boring! emoticon
Man those guards are dumb.. someone knocks on the door? They just open it!.. no top security here!
One guy we don’t know:  Nice work Hollis.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000134222Hollis:
We got 10 minutes before the swing guard makes his rounds….
(to the foot soldiers) The rockets are in the second row! (they head to the second row to collect the rocket while Hollis and this guy supervise).
Guy: Mr Sacker’s gonna be real happy with you Hollis.   

Whoooo the rocket they are stealing (called the ‘Stinger!’- ouch!) is a surface to air missile.. (double ouch!)3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000142360
Mmmmm ohhhh kaaay.. maybe I care a little.. Winking smile
 I just love it when an smk episode starts with two people we don’t know talking about a third person we don’t know boring! emoticon!
Oh well.. onward and upward! Utopia now err not quite yet..

On to IFF.. where they probably definitely care about the stolen Stinger!
Billy: We haven’t heard from Curt Hollis – Codename Leprechaun – in over 3 weeks.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000152028Leprechaun[Codename Leprechaun?! – is it just me or is giving an African American that codename funny?! You can’t get less Irish looking!]
Oh.. My… Gosh!!!!!! Stop Everything!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000155287What is Francine wearing???!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh this is the episode of the lovely yellow tie ensemble..
Hmm it’s not ‘together’ so it’s a non-ensemble isn’t it?! ahh I remember! This came up when we were discussing
ALLA- post 3. fashion police badge and warningHappy Camper suggested we call it a ‘nonsemble’! Loved that!! 🙂  Whahahahahaha Hilarious!!!! A nonsemble definitely deserves an arrest!!!
How did Francine leave the house in that??!!
Lee: Isn’t this the guy that dropped outta sight in Morocco for over a month?
(Lee is just so across everything! He knows some agent dropped out of sight for a month on the other side of the world? heck! they aren’t even good or close friends! 😉 )
Billy: Right. We finally tracked him down in Tangiers living with a belly dancer… (We hear Lee give a chuckle at hearing this) …He’s a damn good agent but he has this thing with the ladies. [Okay, so not a good friend.. but he’s a damn good agent! 😉 ]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000164264Francine: Sounds like someone else we know.3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000164797
[Now that is what I call a ‘Stinger’!!!]
Lee: Cool it, will ya…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000165796[Lee tries to brushes it off (IMHO) well – Good idea Lee! It only encourages her.. Still it’s interesting that Lee chose to address her remark directly.]
…I thought he just got back from a hairy operation in Tehran.
[ah Lee.. you know everything! So funny how Lee knows where Hollis has been etc. but Billy still had to show Lee his photo haaaa!]
Billy: He did. But I’m worried I might have sent him back into the field too soon….
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000173057
[Oops.. given we just saw Hollis taking out security guards and directing men to steal the LeprechaunStinger- Hollis himself may be a loose surface to air missile! (which makes shoes and hides his gold at the end of a rainbow! )]
…It was just supposed to be a simple surveillance operation. Francine, could you fill him in?
[how can I pay attention to anything Francine is saying when she’s in that outfit??!! hmm I’ll just focus on Lee.. oh noo!!! that’s no good either!! he’s waqghoyahbhb!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000179523Francine hands Lee a photo as he takes his seat again explaining: Yeah, Hollis’ mission was to find Peter Sacker – probably the most outspoken tax reformer in the country. Lately there have been some reports…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000186543
… it’s beginning to look like Sacker’s followers aren’t quite the harmless revisionists that they claim to be…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000187336
…Hollis was sent out to confirm these reports….
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000190487
…He was
supposed to locate and infiltrate Sacker’s base of operations…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000193573
…– a small community he calls “New Utopia”.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000199240
We see Lee listening intently.. all intense and swoony! Maybe he too is wondering why the episode is called Utopia Now- Rather than New Utopia?? Hmm.. I’ll stew on that one as we continue.. Winking smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000202437Billy:  We sent a team into the location that he radioed from but there was no one 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000204767there.
(Billy hands Lee a folder of information)
Lee: You think he got burnt?
Billy: Burned out is the more probable explanation.
[whoooo a Burn out Reference!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0002064553.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000206771
Francine: Sacker is on a watch list. He’s not connected with any violent or subversive behaviour – yet.
[whooo look out for those pinko subversives! right Travis??!!! lol.. now wait a minute.. that’s two connections to Burn Out already.. could this be deliberate?? and I notice Utopia Now is a play on the title ‘Apocalypse Now’ – which was alluded to/parodied in the action finale of Burn Out – so that’s three connections to that episode and we are only a few minutes in! a coincidence?? Not sure what this all means and where it’s all headed.. but.. hold on to Something little darlin! Winking smile Ahhh I wish we’d seen Travis again! err I digress.. ]
Lee: Well why send me, huh? Why can’t you put a rookie on this?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000215092Billy:
Well I am…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0002154313.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000216706
…– I want you to take Amanda.
[some on the job training!!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000218339Lee: Aw Billy.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0002190083.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000219782
Billy: She grew up in Virginia, she should know the countryside pretty well.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000222235[yeah! Amanda will be able to train outdoors rookie Lee pretty well tee heee.. oh yeah.. and Lee might be able to teach rookie Amanda a thing or two also! Winking smile ]
I guess Lee’s gruffness is that he doesn’t want to be doing a  ‘rookie’ assignments – it’s not really about working with Amanda? What do you all make of this? Do tell!

Comparing this to Sour Grapes and Billy telling Lee to take Amanda to Charity HQ – it seems Utopia now makes more sense before Sour Grapes – here Lee is hesitant.. but in Sour Grapes, Lee is happy to take Amanda just like Billy tells him to! but you could argue the difference is down to this being a rookie job and Lee not wanting it. The wine was not a rookie job.. hmm.. thoughts?

Maybe Lee is so unimpressed with Billy telling him to go with Amanda because of the memories which spring to mind for Lee- being in the great outdoors with Amanda… and all those times she (the rookie!) saved his butt – Magic Bus?! (Leave me he says!) and in The Long Christmas Eve (eat the beans!) ?
And let’s not forget the indignity of Amanda saying Lee’s legs were only ‘not bad’ ??
Ahh they’ve had some adventures in great outdoors!
Francine: Yeah, she probably did a lot of camping there with the Blue Jays.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000225290
How Francine can act so high and mighty in that outfit I’ll never know! she must be truly deluded!!!
[Francine isn’t cranky to miss out on some time in the great outdoors?!]
Blue Jays??
Love the smile that isn’t a smile Lee gives her in response.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000225638
And the laugh he gives that isn’t really a laugh!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000225971
He’s not enjoying Francine’s jokes!! Smile Such a narky brother and sister interaction now between these two.. yep.. much preferring it to the the icky ‘you owe me dinner’ days!! Thank goodness that’s loooong gone!!!

Lee gives Billy the smile you give when you’re not really smiling too haaa.. (Clayton’s smile)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000226944
At least he isn’t putting up too much of a fight. Don’t worry Lee you’ll be glad you were there.. because – Amanda’s packing a yummy picnic basket! Winking smile
Yep, next thing, we find line backer Amanda packing  a picnic..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000229320
(seduction in mind Amanda???!! 😉 I’ll put it down to Amanda being a nurturer..)
– She looks like a football player to me- check out how huge her shoulders are in ratio to her tiny waist.. oh boy!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000238606She leaves a note for her mum saying she has a job with IFF but will be home that night.. 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_000241830

We see a close up of the note.. I find it curious that it’s a mixture of upper and lower case in a rather strange combination.. what does this mean?? (An indication of a learning disorder?! Winking smile spatial reasoning genius?! tee hee.. very curious!)

Okay everyone.. I shall leave it here.. before we catch up with Lee and Amanda in the great outdoors! Sooo what do you all make of the start of this episode?? any thoughts questions, insights you’d like to share?? Any gripes?? any compliments?? any wishes??!! Feel free to share what you like! okay bye for now!! and back with more soon!

55 responses to “1/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. If only the internet had been around when I was first watching SMK, which was when they originally aired! Quarantine’s got me strolling down memory lane and re-watching in earnest for the first time in YEARS. So stoked (there’s and 80s term for ya!) to find your site! But, I must disagree with one thing – I dig Francine’s outfit! It kind of reminds me of how Will Smith would wear his prep school blazer inside out on Fresh Prince, so it showed the paisley lining.

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  2. LeeLovesAmanda

    I just stumbled upon this blog and OHMYGOSH! I want to be your best friend!!! Your posts are spot-on and hysterical. I spit out my drink at one of your Francine’s outfit comments.

    I know this post was written years ago but I hope you will still see my words. I’m so happy to have found you!


    • Hi Christi, welcome!!! Glad you found us!! Glad smk and the fans on this walk have given you a good laugh during these tough times!
      Sorry for the delay in my approving your comments that have all gone into moderation.
      I’ll go ahead now and approve them all – you’ve been busy! 🙂
      Your comments shouldn’t go into moderation again in future (unless you include lots of URLs in a comment like a spammer would]


    • WELCOME,WELCOME WELCOME! Always room for more friends. 🙂


  3. #2019rewatch I’m here!! I made it to this point in time to join in the conversation! Yay! I love this episode!


  4. #2019 rewatch
    Valerie wrote an insightful analysis of Lee that I think is worthy of quoting for those, who don’t have time to read the original 2014 comments:

    “Lee is going through some changes but that has not yet been obvious to Francine and maybe only a bit obvious to Billy. What Lee is experiencing he can’t really share with Francine as he knows what her reaction and comments will be. He knows all too well what Francine thinks of him and how she views Amanda. He could only imagine what her reaction would be should she discover what is going on in his heart and head right about now. So I think he tends to play it cool and close to the vest when he is around Billy and Francine. The one person that Lee can confide in and talk to is the one he is perplexed about. He starts off grousing about the assignment and then is seemingly upset about having to work with Amanda. I think that Lee knows he has to continue to play that role a bit so that no one will notice that particular change in him, at least not yet. In SG he didn’t complain, but he wasn’t all enthusiastic and gung ho. He just accepted the assignment and moved on. When Francine commented about Amanda he didn’t say a word. When Francine makes her comment comparing Lee to Hollis he doesn’t say that he’s not like that any more or it would lead her to question him and his behavior and wonder why or for whom he had changed. Lee’s personal life is becoming more personal to him and he seems to be okay with letting Francine think what she thinks at least for now.”

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  6. Okay, I don’t know why I am admitting to this but I LOVE Francine’s outfit. I would totally have worn that shirt/tie combo in the day. Collar flipped up in the back and folded down in the front. I would have worn it tucked in the front and untucked at the back with black stirrup pants and a hat in the style of Debbie Gibson, chunky bracelet and earrings (yes, I distinctly recall wanting this outfit). I would have totally felt like a teenage fashion model. You may think less of me now but we are all different and that’s what makes all of this fun. LOL.

    I also find it highly amusing that SMK uses people’s professional head shots in place of regular pictures. I only wish I looked as good in every one of my photos. 🙂

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  7. I personally like this episode Utopia Now. I think it had a lot of closeness together and the holding hands. Lee was really overprotective of Amanda. We see that when they both were caught, hollis and the other guy were pointing the gun nearer to Amanda and Lee kept looking at the gun and Amanda to make sure she does not get hurt. How he made sure she was all warm and made sure she did not feel cold but of course they missed the near miss kiss. Later on when they slept, he wanted to sleep on the right but she on her left, in the end, he gave into Amanda because he groans loudly. At the tag, we see Amanda is sure there was something going on because she says ‘Not exactly’ but Lee just says that two people feeling cold and wanting some warmth. It is surprising how Amanda was so brave to tell him indirectly that there is definitely something going on between them. Overally I like this episode so much.


  8. Oh, yes and I really do want to comment on the episode order of this, but I will wait til later as we really aren’t to the spot where the debate really happens yet.


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  10. Melissa Robertson

    Maybe after getting stuck in a cabin in the woods with Lee in an easy assignment in TLCE with just beans to eat she thought that maybe she should come prepared with a basket full of food 😉

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  11. Yay! UN! One of the better S3 eps! I know I’m in the minority, but S3 is not my fave. In fact, I think I may be the only SMK fan who likes S1, 2 and 4 better than 3. I do waffle though…there really are some loser moments in S2. Ok, nuff said! I’m glad to be back on the blog. Actually I’m glad to have time to get back on the blog. Iwsod, I’m sorry I’m so binge-y with this!

    I also want to add my standard disclaimer on episode order…it’s just not my thing. So I’ll go with the majority, but I can offer my opinion on specific things. Otherwise, it’s just meh for me. I know there are those who love it, and I do love reading those debates though.

    No top security is right. National Guard Armories in the 80’s? I don’t think anyone even ever gave them any thought unless they worked there. So yeah, the lack of security is not surprising at all.

    “Utopia now err not quite yet!” ROFL!! When do we reach Utopia in this ep? Do we ever get there? LOL!

    And how would you like to have the codename leprechaun??? Oh wait, I guess it’s no better than scarecrow – the thing with no brains…. LOL. And Francine’s outfit here never bothered me, but I would never wear it. Although it is a paisley pattern which just happens to be our dog’s name, so…..I guess I have to sort of like it. The colors of the shirt and tie are inverse to each other – that’s just weird if you ask me. Inverse is a math or science word, not a clothing word!

    Oh, iwsod….you have some good ‘stingers’ yourself! Is it just me or is Lee looking might-y fine here in this scene? I’m loving the hair. Among other things 😉 Not that jacket though – that’s for the fashion police IMHO. I do like his tie though – tie patrol material, KC?

    Every time I see that Peter Sacker picture I laugh. He just looks like he’s a taco short of a combo plate, doesn’t he???

    Travis? Wha?? Where’s Travis?? I miss Travis the trucker!! Where’s my fightin’ music? Awww…love the little darlin’ nod, iwsod!! I really do miss Travis! Although I see his daughter all the time…ugh.

    I think Lee’s protest is more about not wanting to do rookie work than about Amanda. Although, after their hiking experience in TLCE, Lee may not be too anxious to head back into the woods with Amanda. He should be grateful though and realize at least he won’t get lost! Men.

    OH yes, the wine thing was NOT a rookie job. After all, Francine was bucking for it and was quite disappointed that she didn’t get that assignment. Roughing it in the woods? Rookie assignment.

    Oh dear, Amanda and her pic-a-nic basket…hey, hey boo-boo! Ok, sorry I couldn’t resist. I love that Yogi bear reference! And I totally do not think Amanda is thinking seduction here. I think she is all about being prepared and wants to have a nice lunch on hand.


    • “Every time I see that Peter Sacker picture I laugh. He just looks like he’s a taco short of a combo plate, doesn’t he???” Lol! Absolutely does! He looks like the completely wrong person to be in charge of anything. You must be enjoying your wine tonight BJo. I hope you have lots of chocolate with you down the rabbit hole. Meet you there!


  12. It seemed to me like Lee was unhappy with the assignment, not with taking Amanda. He complained about it before she was ever mentioned, and I took his reaction to Billy saying “I want you to take Amanda” as saying he didn’t appreciate Billy having an answer to his objection. I think Billy wants Lee on this job, and Lee sees here that he’s not going to be able to get out of it. Billy’s smile when he mentioned Amanda looks like he knew he was making her an excuse for Lee to take the case.


    • Yeah, I remember the first time I saw this episode I though what Lee is unhappy about having to work with Amanda, that doesn’t make sense as we haven’t seen that in quite a while at this point. But the last couple times I watched it since getting the DVDS, I think Lee is just grumpy about the whole assignment in general. If any part of that is due to Amanda I would reckon that it is because even as much as Lee cares about Amanda, he sometimes finds it hard to be around her constant cheery mood when he is grumpy. Reminds of the old days. Back in season one and beginning of season too Lee seemed to really drop his guard and enjoy And enjoy Amanda’s company when he was in good mood, but when he was in a bad mood, he really didn’t care to have her around.

      .And since it’s been a while since I’ve been here I really do want to comment on episode order but I think I’ll wait until were further into the episode.


  13. I almost forgot to mention… am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that they would still employ a guy who disappears for a month without contacting his boss and is found living with a belly dancer?


  14. I hope I don’t repeat what someone has already said. I am now having some computer issues and am quickly reading and writing lest I lose something. I was thinking about Lee’s reaction to the assignment and Amanda’s participation. I have also been thinking about that episode order. Lee’s reaction here seems to hark back to the old days whereas he seemed fine in SG. That does lend some credence to an episode re-order. I’m sure that will come up a few times as we walk through this episode. And I have some opinions about it as well.

    Lee is going through some changes but that has not yet been obvious to Francine and maybe only a bit obvious to Billy. What Lee is experiencing he can’t really share with Francine as he knows what her reaction and comments will be. He knows all too well what Francine thinks of him and how she views Amanda. He could only imagine what her reaction would be should she discover what is going on in his heart and head right about now. So I think he tends to play it cool and close to the vest when he is around Billy and Francine. The one person that Lee can confide in and talk to is the one he is perplexed about.

    He starts off grousing about the assignment and then is seemingly upset about having to work with Amanda. I think that Lee knows he has to continue to play that role a bit so that no one will notice that particular change in him. at least not yet. In SG he didn’t complain, but he wasn’t all enthusiastic and gung ho. He just accepted the assignment and moved on. When Francine commented about Amanda he didn’t say a word.

    When Francine makes her comment comparing Lee to Hollis he doesn’t say that he’s not like that any more or it would lead her to question him and his behavior and wonder why or for whom he had changed. Lee’s personal life is becoming more personal to him and he seems to be okay with letting Francine think what she thinks at least for now. I am not sure if any of this is making sense as I am trying to beat the clock on my ability to post anything. I may have to come back and clarify later.

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    • Interesting, Valerie! I like your train of thought here as it gives one lots to consider…. I do think Lee has moved beyond really caring what Francine thinks or sharing any kind of “truth” with her. He only shares stuff with Amanda now; his connection to Amanda is much closer and secure than with Francine. He knows Francine would throw him under the bus if she had to, whereas I think he knows Amanda never would.


    • I like this thought too… that the seemingly back-pedaling into complaining about working with Amanda is an attempt to hide his growing feelings. If that is the case I’m not sure if it’s conscious on his part or not. I think it’s probably conscious because he is not in as much denial about caring for Amanda as he has been in the past but he’s hardly ready to have anyone even suspect his feelings. Of course he’s seriously underestimating Billy.

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  15. I’ve never understood why he’s whining about working with Amanda here either. I agree with the poster who said it implies it could come before Sour Grapes but even within the episode itself it seems out of place. I’ll talk about that later when we get to those things but looking at the previous episodes he definitely is enjoying working with her and being with her more (Over the Limit tag) so why complain about this. Even in Over the Limit when he’s assigned ‘spring cleaning’ with her… he complains but because she can handle it on her own not because he doesn’t want to work with her. Here it sounds like he’s annoyed to be paired with her. It’s a strange turn from his character development.

    And on a personal note… I am highly offended by Billy’s comments that because she grew up in VA that she’d know the countryside pretty well… It’s those stereotypes that left me explaining to people constantly when I went to college that yes I am from VA. No I did not go to a one room school house. Yes there were people in my town. In fact a whole lot of people – 1100 just in my graduating class. So no, people who grow up in VA just outside of DC do not automatically know the countryside well…. in fact they don’t even live that close to the country.

    I have no words for Francine’s outfit 🙂


    • Too funny, allofakind! Your rant, I mean. What’s even funnier is that I don’t think I’ve ever thought of Virginians going to a one-room school house…that would be West Virginians. Doh! Isn’t that awful! Actually I do know a couple of WV’ers and they didn’t go to one room school houses either. Stereotypes are hard to avoid. Just like all New Englanders aren’t salty and crusty and all Southerners are NOT polite.


      • Hey! I went to a two room school (nowhere near Virginia)… is that better than a one room school?!?!?


        • LOL! I have NO idea! I’m not so sure there is anything wrong with a one-room school house anyway!


          • LOL – definitely nothing wrong with a one-room (or two-room) school house. It was the constant look of ‘gee you must be completely lost in this big city’ attitude that bugged me. There were 5000 kids in my high school so sometimes the idea of a tiny little school sounded good.


          • Well, regardless, I consider myself very lucky to have gone to my two room school in the country…!!!!!…

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          • I’d think it would be hard to focus because the teacher is teaching multiple grades at a time, so while most grades are working, they have to hear her teaching one grade. I was in a split class twice with two grades each time (3/4 and 5/6) and that was painful enough. Most of the time our teachers would just end up teaching both grades the same lesson. The worst was language arts, when the other class is reading aloud an interesting story and you’re trying not to pay attention!


    • Melissa Robertson

      I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts. in the Roanoke Valley and I wouldn’t know my way around the countryside, there’s a lot of it there 😉


    • I have always wondered what was the point to Lee’s distain at working with Amanda,it’s very early season 2, eh? I think that TPTB were trying to convey Lee being annoyed about them being put on such a chicken feed assignment, and perhaps being annoyed that Billy still thinks of Amanda as a “rookie”? Because the dialogue is as follows:

      Lee: why send me? why not put a rookie on this?

      Billy: Well, I am, I want you to take Amanda.

      Lee: Oh … Billy… !

      if you look it like this, it seems like Lee is annoyed that Billy still thinks of amanda as a rookie that needs to be babysat. Or at least that is what I take away from it.

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  16. I see things a little differently. It’s not just that Lee is being given a “rookie” assignment, it’s that Amanda is more than a rookie, too – though not officially. In addition, he knows her enthusiasm for the assignment might cause him to be short or abrupt. He’s working at meeting her halfway. In addition, I don’t think he’s crazy about going out into the woods anywhere. He strikes me as a city guy through-and-through. I think he’s most likely had to deal with a jungle or two in his past, and they weren’t pleasant experiences.

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  17. Lee’s crankiness here has always been a mystery to me. On the one hand, I think Kiwismh is correct … the thought of Amanda becoming overly enthused with this assignment makes him exhausted and he rather not have to deal with it. It has nothing to do with how he feels about her; he just isn’t up to it. I can relate. Sometimes I can just become utterly overwhelmed with the thought of my husband’s excitement over something and I would just rather skip the emotional drain of it all. Love him to death but sometimes I am just not up for it. I could see Lee thinking the same thing. But then again, his “cool it” comment to Francine suggests that how he handles his social life and views his casual relationships is evolving … I attribute that change in perspective to his growing relationship with Amanda. So, when I think about it that way, my eyebrow raises in confusion as to why he would then turn around and respond to a day with Amanda in that fashion. Ugh!!! I can’t make heads or tales of it at all.

    Yeah, whenever I see Francine in her “nonsembles,” I can’t help but think to myself, “Ah, the 80’s. How could we have possibly thought we were lookin’ good?!” LOL


    • New Lee theory based on iheartsmk’s husband story – maybe Lee is an introvert who had just had too much external stimulation. Billly, Francine (including the visual overstimulation of the nonsemble) and now he has to leave the office, with his over-enthusiatic partner – and he just wants to be alone. (See MBTI thread at Neds for exhaustive discussion on Lee’s I/E tendencies)


  18. I was things like Lee’s crankiness here that made me explore episode order. It always bothered me that he would belly ache about going on this mission with Amanda and I needed to make sense of it. It sure doesn’t work after his pleasure and even exultation at Amanda being chose to work that charity auction with him in SG. So, why does he have such a tude here? I like to think that he is still jumbled about his reactions to her. I love the way he brushes away Francine’s barb here. It is as if he is saying “come on Francine, that is so old. We are so far past that now, where have you been?”
    But then he gets all cranky about having to accompany Amanda on a rookie assignment. It is almost like we are back at the beginning of OTL, when he told Billy that Amanda could take care of herself. And I kind of wonder if that isn’t too far from the truth.
    If I push SG out of the picture and place this episode after ALLA, it can make a bit more sense, and I need it too. I wonder how much Lee thought through the ramifications of a very pleasant evening at the opera with Amanda? I wonder if he wasn’t just responding to the electricity between them in the bedroom that night and his reaction too Allen ( I do think he saw that kiss, and no, I don’t think jealousy lessons the value of his actions. I think Lee needed that kick in his pants because of the great fears that hold him back. I kind of think that without Allen Chamberlain, Lee might have lived in a no man’s land longer than he should have). So he worked up this training scenario in the tag of ALLA and went and had himself a remarkably good time with his partner that he is becoming increasingly aware of how attracted he is to, and now he has to go off into the woods with her. He isn’t ready for that, he hasn’t got a game plan yet, he doesn’t know what is going on with himself and the changes that are being wrought in his life. He hasn’t even had a chance to brief Amanda about changes, or even if he wants her to view it as a change to the status quo. In that light, I get the crankiness.

    That being said, Francine’s outfit is perfectly matched, for the 80’s. Boy am I glad that we don’t have to deal with paisley anymore. Although the pattern matching of today will probably make my grandchildren poke fun at my husband’s future wive’s clothing choices some day.

    So glad to be able to have some time to sink my teeth into this episode! Yahoo!!!


    • husband’s future wives? What the heck was I typing?! I am sure I meant to write my son’s future wives. Geesh!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL! I read that and was wondering what the heck you meant. I thought maybe you were talking about yourself in the third person! LOL. But your son’s future wives make much more sense!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm, lot to think about here, Morley. I agree; I think Lee saw that Amanda/Alan kiss too. I understand what you’re saying here, but I also think part of the crankiness is part of the rookie aspect of this assignment.


      • After re looking at Lee’s response in this scene, I can see how he is also responding to the rookiness. I do think it is a mixture though. I guess I am thinking that because of his attitude in scenes that are coming up. He just seems out of sorts for a while.
        I agree that he knows Amanda gets enthused. Her last solo assignment was to follow Chamberlain and hat would got a little too close for comfort. And, yes, being in the woods with her is never a straight forward thing for them. But I can’t help but think that Lee is a bit jumbled up inside. He does have growing feelings and I am not sure he is 100% comfortable with that. He can’t share them with anybody, I think he may be scared about how he feels about sharing them with Amanda even. Going to the opera is nice and it was in a controlled environment. He should be glad it is just a rookie assignment… in, out, easy, no complications. He can quickly come back to the office, done his business suit and continue to move forward with Amanda at his own ppace if he so chooses. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  19. I agree Lee’s reluctance to take Amanda really implies this episode was earlier than sour grapes. Amanda should not really be referred to as a rookie given her experience however I always love Billy’s pleasure at throwing Lee together with Amanda. He really is her biggest fan!
    Love the new word “non ensemble ” for Francine, truly hideous.

    Thanks for posting these recaps really make my day! Happy to see there’s lots of fans of smk out there and I’m not alone in my love of this show.


  20. “Surface to air missile” – I glaze over when I hear that. It’s worse than a discussion on the merits of two models of Porsche from the same year. SMK didn’t excel in the attention-gripping episode starts.
    If one can tear one’s eyes away from Francine, Lee is looking mighty fine here. But I do not like his reluctance at being teamed up with Amanda. But kiwismh’s explanations are certainly compelling.
    Having said that, Amanda and her picnic basket don’t exactly scream “I’m a professional intelligence agent – take me seriously”
    Billy wins my vote for being a cute leprechaun in this scene. Love his smile.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL!!! Billy as the leprechaun! Genius!!!! I am really LOL’ing! Maybe it’s because of the enormous glass of wine I’ve already consumed….


  21. Francine’s outfit : There was an unfortunate – and mercifully brief – fashion in the 80’s for woman to wear ties. I remember the female director of an organisation I worked for at the time went through a phase of wearing a shirt and tie. I recall thinking at the time that it made career woman look like they wanted to be men, or thought they could only get ahead if they behaved and dressed more like men.
    Having said that, not too many blokes would be seen wearing a violet blue paisley patterned shirt with a mustard coloured paisley patterned tie.
    Francine Desmond, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you in a court of fashion. You have the right to a wardrobe stylist. If you cannot afford a wardrobe stylist, one will be appointed to you… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • To add to the paisley/tie pairing, MS does not look good in purple.And those ear-rings add to the general fashion noise.
      I remember the purple/yellow pairing of the 80s. Also the turquoise/bright pink pairing (didn’t we get that in Wizard with the aerobics class?) Anyway, MS is actually beautiful – it seems cruel that they dress her like they do.


    • whahahahaah!!!! Kiwismh.. you are a narky genius! [iwsod loves that 😉 ]

      Love your fashion police Miranda rights!


    • Yeah that outfit is really special — my girls howled when they saw it (at least the paramecia on her blouse and tie match).
      It always bugged me that Lee was swooping in for the smooch at the end of Sour Grapes and is now griping about going on assignment with Amanda. It didn’t even occur to me to swap the episodes but I am leaning towards this idea.
      And I love how well the Stinger Missiles are labelled. They should have had a neon sign to be a little more helpful to the baddies.


  22. There was a time when Lee might have revelled in Francine’s comment comparing Lee and Leprechaun’s penchant for “the ladies”. Now he summarily brushes off Francine’s comment as a minor irritant – it is a thing that is of no meaning to the man he is now. However, you’re right Iwsod, he does address the remark directly and with no embarrassment, which suggests to me that he hasn’t just tried to forget or gloss over his past ways. He has at some point examined his social life, found it wanting, and resolved within himself to change that aspect of his life.
    I think Lee’s reluctance to team up with Amanda on this assignment is that at this point there is no evidence to suggest Sacker is any real threat but he knows that Amanda will be uber-enthusiastic to investigate every angle of Sacker and his operation. Lee probably doesn’t think the case is worth that much time and effort. I don’t think it is really about him not thinking Amanda is competent or not wanting to spend time with her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Having said that, if Lee thinks this is going to be a nothing case, why not take the opportunity to spend some extra time with Amanda? You haven’t thought this through properly Lee! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • kiwismh, I think that is just the point! Lee hasn’t thought this through properly at all! You hit it spot on!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes! And like debilyn? iheartsmk? says above, Lee can’t show how he truly feels in front of these two. Certainly not Francine because she would just see it as preposterous. And Lee also thinks Billy might see it that way too. Little does Lee know that Papa bear leprechaun already sees it all…or at least has a really good crystal ball he can consult. Maybe he bought it from the love guru in OTL.

          Liked by 1 person

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