2/2 Dauntless Dotty by Learjet

Dauntless Dotty: part two

Dotty:Amanda King!
Amanda: Who??
Dotty: Oh dear.. oh this is sad.. died of an apparent suicide.Divorced mother. Two children. She…she lived here.Amanda, you passed away two days ago. This is your obituary (You only Die Twice)

In this post, we’ll be exploring Dotty’s thoughts on Amanda, Lee (I slipped him in because I can clip_image002[3]_thumb) and relationships in general. Thanks again to iwsod for the screen caps and administrative support!

Dotty on Amanda’s love life

Dotty has great hopes of Amanda finding love again. Dan, I mean Dean, appears to be the first man in Amanda’s life since her divorce a year before the series opens (The First Time). In fact we meet Dean the meteorologist (or the back of his head clip_image010[5]_thumb) before we meet Lee. But since I’d rather look at Lee’s face than Dean’s rear, here’s an early Lee/Amanda moment just after we see Dean at the train station.

Back on topic….Dotty is a huge Dean fan. According to Dotty, he is: …a rock in my darkest moments (you want your mum to like your boyfriend but that’s beyond weird)…he’s so patient. It’s like talking to a registered nurse (The First Time). Sensing that Amanda is less than blown away by Dean (after all Dotty knows know when [Amanda’s] fires are fannedclip_image010[6]_thumb), Dotty reveals that Dean is going to name the next major hurricane ‘Amanda’ (Saved by the Bells) – I would run screaming for the hills if Dean did that for me, but that’s just me.

Dotty even arranges a lunch with Evelyn, Dean’s (awful, smug, boring) mother (I am not now…a Spy).
And Dotty bravely defends Amanda who hasn’t turned up (as she has partial amnesia and has forgotten who Dean is!):
But the girl is a wonder. I mean, we had this fichus once that just drooped over and quit one day….
…Well, Amanda would not let it die. I mean, she repotted it; she nursed it; she talked to it; she
pleaded with it. Soon it was back on its feet.


Poor Dotty – what you do for your kids!

The incident with Dean’s mum seems to mark the end of that relationship – a man who gives you bookends was never going to compete with Lee anywayclip_image002[4]_thumb.

Dotty is ignorant of some of Amanda’s more interesting romantic affairs (e.g. James Delano in Service Above and Beyond), but continues to suspect that Amanda is having an affair when she’s actually becoming a spy/intelligence operative/agent. Even in Munich, Dotty is convinced that Amanda is romantically involved with men…

Dotty: You see? First you meet a businessman friend, then you meet a friend that lends you a wild outfit, and then you meet a baron. You do have the touch, Amanda. Your grandmother, she met a lot of men. (The Times They are a Changin’)

2.02 TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN.avi_001751151

Dotty: I think it’s wonderful that you have a date with an Englishman (Welcome to America, Mr Brand) – ahem, if you say, so Dotty…

3.05 WELCOME TO AMERICA MR BRAND.avi_000271838

…and that even learning Russian (from Agency tapes!) could lead to opportunities for love – Dotty: You know, I want to tell you something. I think it is a wonderful idea that you are learning Russian. With all the poets and the dancers coming over here, you could land yourself an artist (We’re Off to See the Wizard).

Dotty on Amanda’s activities and her job

It takes Amanda a while to tell Dotty that she is working at IFF: we go through a range of bizarre excuses – her club and the clams (The First Time), the rummage sale with the stuffed head contribution (Here Goes the Neighbourhood)…
39 I don't like this!

…being a Bedside Bluebell (If Thoughts Could Kill)…

…and taking in a child as part of a ‘big sister’ program.

Dotty seems to swallow the excuses in the early period of Amanda’s involvement with the Agency. But she does become increasingly sceptical as time passes – Dotty: You know, Amanda, sometimes you puzzle me. I mean this only in the most loving way. But last night, you didn’t get home until morning. Then, dear, you do get these rather odd phone calls, after which you go rushing out of the house. I mean, I’m sure it is perfectly innocent (Sudden Death) – and thinks Amanda may be living a double life.

By the middle of season one, Amanda has established a ‘pet and plant’ caring service cover to explain her bizarre absences (I am not now…a Spy)

 Dotty (to the awful Evelyn, Dean’s mum): Um, she, uh, she owns a service. She walks dogs and waters plants for people who, uh, can’t do it themselves….Disease [of a pet or plant] could delay her. 21

Lee’s fish were cared for by Amanda (and she paid a high price for it – Saved by the Bells)

Nonetheless, Dotty suspects Amanda of having an affair with a married man (Bud Marcher – Dead Ringer)

Amanda: This wasn’t a date, this was business! And I can’t say anything else about it.

Dotty: Amanda, I am not pressing you, am I? I mean, that’s just not my way!  If you say it’s business, it’s business…Business. What kind of business is she in that she can’t tell me about?…I know you don’t want to lie. I have my own theories.

Amanda: Oh, you do?

Dotty: Yes, you see, I haven’t read Agatha Christie for thirty years for nothing. I don’t have one theory. I have at least six….Give my best to Bud Marcher.


Dotty is clearly wildly curious about Amanda’s unusual comings and goings and she doesn’t fool Amanda

Dotty:All right, don’t ask.  I tell myself don’t ask, it’s Amanda’s business, I tell myself.

Amanda: Thank you, Mother.

Dotty: Unless you’d like to tell me.

Amanda: Mother.

Dotty: Fine. Fine. It’s all right (Saviour)


By the latter stage of season one, Dotty knows that Amanda works at ‘IFF’ and feels that they don’t appreciate her (Fearless Dotty).

Dotty: Did they like your work?

Amanda: They didn’t say.

Dotty: Ah, well, you see? That is big business for you. Ninety words a minute, no mistakes, and they haven’t even got the decency to say thank you. It is a big company, isn’t it?

But, in response to Amanda’s garbled anecdote about a pet, she maintains:  Amanda, you know me better than that! I wouldn’t pry into your life. I mean, I have too much of my own life to worry about. 


Dotty: Work, work, work. Darling, you’ve got to take some time for yourself. You need something exciting (Weekend).


Dotty continues to remind us how downright weird Amanda’s job appears from the outside:

Dotty: And what about that outrageous tale about how you got your sweater ruined at a muud-wrestling bar?

Amanda: Oh, Mother, that’s the truth. Now, the film company that I work for, IFF, wants to buy a book and the contact was at this… bar.

Dotty: A muud wrestling bar?

Amanda: Well, Mother, you know how crazy those movie people are (Double Agent)2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_001082349

Dotty: …I’m waitingFor you to tell me why you’re taking our laundry to work.

Amanda: I don’t know.

Dotty: Amanda, this film company you work for is *very* strange...But our machines work just fine. All you have to do…

Amanda: I know.

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000353787Dotty: …You’re gonna do a commercial…You know, those secret cameras? That’s why they won’t tell you. They want to catch you in the act with your detergent (Brunettes are in).

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_000368201

And a parting Dotty-ism: Just don’t say that you like the product if you really don’t. I mean, they really try to trick you, you know.


And more on dirty laundry – Dotty:  Amanda dear, why don’t you invest in a nice pair of overalls for work (Welcome to America, Mr Brand) – Please use *any* excuse to get rid of *those* 3.05 WELCOME TO AMERICA MR BRAND.avi_001151918‘pyjamas’, Dotty!!

As her mum, she worries about Amanda’s well-being – Dotty: I am not going to talk about your work with this film company because I agreed it’s none of my business. But I do have the right to be concerned about your well-being. Film people are different, Amanda. They have strange views and attitudes. I’m not so sure that they are the kind of people you should be with….Film people are not always what they seem…. (Playing Possum) clip_image006[2]_thumb

Dotty:..You have been with IFF quite some time. I think you ought to ask for a raise. You deserve it.

Amanda:… I think you’re right.

Dotty: Of course I’m right, I’m your mother! (Murder Between Friends) – Yes Dotty, the mother is always right, or so I keep telling the mini-Jets clip_image010[7]_thumb (I don’t really; I don’t want them to be too disillusioned in later life!!) 

2.22 MBF.avi_000153553

She wants Amanda to move on but doesn’t tell her until she gets her new (and ill-fated) job with Byron Jordan (Murder Between Friends)

Dotty: I never liked the idea of you working for IFF. I mean they should’ve moved you up, given you something challenging to do. I think you’re gonna find this new job much more exciting…you never know. I mean one of these days you might open your own security company… Do you know anything about security Amanda? clip_image006[3]_thumb

2.22 MBF.avi_0007941942.22 MBF.avi_000796196

Dotty on relationships

Dotty believes in love but she has rather a pragmatic approach to it –  

Dotty: With some men, you can have an absolutely thrilling evening and there’s no guarantee that you’re ever going to see them again. You know what I mean? (The First Time)

Dotty: That’s what we need around here. Someone handsome who can fix the sink and barbecue and has his ownhair… Yes, he’ll be sweet and gentle and wonderful and have a good job (A Lovely Little Affair). clip_image088_thumb

 If at first you don’t succeed….Dotty: Amanda, you will not believe this. This is from your great aunt Irene. She is getting married again. …Is this the 5th or 6th time? …Well, I tell you something. You just have to keep doing it until you get it right. That’s what I always say (Burn Out).


Dotty believes that a woman should take care of her appearance and devotes some time thinking about this – Dotty:…Darling do you think a woman becomes more or less attractive as she gets older…to men?
Amanda:…I guess it depends on the woman.
Dotty: And the man (Over the Limit).

She researches this (to Amanda’s shock)…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000276943

and acts on her research….

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001532198 Dotty on Lee:

Dotty and Lee have not connected yet in season three..although Dotty wants to invite him for dinner on two occasions:

·       As an unknown work colleague of Amanda with burn out

Dotty: Burn out? ..Oh, well, why don’t you invite her for dinner?

Amanda: Mmm. It’s not a ‘her’, it’s a ‘him’ and I really don’t think that would do it.

Dotty:Well, this might be very good for him. I mean, you know what they say. Social activity can cure a lot of ill (Burn Out).

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000804838  The Burn out…


·       When she spots him when he goes undercover as their neighbour (Vigilante Mothers)

In true Dotty style, she establishes that: his name is Mr Sampson, he’s nice-looking (yes we agree, Dotty clip_image010[8]_thumb), he’s not married, he has a strong profile and very good posture.

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001626893  Mr Sampson, struggling in the suburbs.

Sadly, that’s all that Dotty sees of Lee for now..
55 pause

…but at least we see lots of Lee clip_image010[9]_thumb.


And finally, for the health sciences types, Dotty’s tips for a healthy body and mind:

Dotty: I cannot find the vitamin C anywhere, so I am going to boil a grapefruit. That’s what your grandmother always did (Dead Ringer)

Dotty: Now, as soon as we get these things put away, I want to take a look at that knee.

Amanda: It’s okay, Mother, I only just barely skinned it.

Dotty: You can’t be too cavalier about knees and elbows. They are very tricky propositions (Fearless Dotty)50

Dotty : Oh! Well, that’s the spirit! A positive move is the best thing when you’re depressed. I can see a change already (Playing Possum).

2.10 PLAYING POSSUM.avi_000415415

Thank you for joining me as I sift through what we know about Dotty.
I’ve enjoyed how she keeps me laughing, especially into the third season. I’d love to hear everyone’s favourite Dotty moments.

23 responses to “2/2 Dauntless Dotty by Learjet

  1. Learjet – awesome post! I love this part in YODT that you started it with. Only Dotty could read Amanda’s death notice and not realize it was Amanda they were talking about! And I’m glad you can slip Lee in. He’s a good thing to slip in 😉

    If ANYONE would rather look at Dean’s rear than Lee’s face, they are on the wrong blog. I’m with you. In fact, give me Lee’s rear or face over anyone else and I’m happy. 🙂

    Dotty is amazing. As a mother, I’m not sure that I could quite pull of what Dotty did with Dean’s mother. I love my kids, but Dotty is a bit OTT in that I Am Not Now scene. What a good mum!???!

    Yes, Dotty is very forgiving or unsuspicious or something. She definitely believes in giving Amanda her space and freedom. Sometimes I wonder if she isn’t more clued in than we see in the show, but then again, I’m not so sure.

    I have to laugh every time I see that scene in BAI when Dotty thinks Amanda is being asked to do a secret camera commercial for a laundry detergent. I laugh because I used to work for one of those companies that made products like that, and that’s not quite how it works!

    I do like Dotty’s attitude about marriage – keep doing it until you get it right. It’s just too much pressure if you ask me.

    I love that despite Dotty’s grandma status, she still wants to buy some lingerie for a weekend away. I guess we see where Amanda gets her self-confidence or self-esteem from. Ahem.

    You sneaky, devil, Learjet – love that open shirt Lee pic!!!

    Does anyone know if boiling a grapefruit really works? My mother used to make me cover my head over a bowl of boiling water poured over Vicks Vapo-rub. The boiling grapefruit water sounds much more appealing….

    I don’t think this was in post one, but if it was, oh well. I think it’s my favorite Dotty moment of S1-2 that you didn’t’ cover. It’s in YODT when she’s one the phone with the casket company and she tells them that she’s not being insensitive, that she’s not interested in a casket for her and she doesn’t care if they are on sale!!! I love how she delivers that line.

    I’m so glad you did this Dotty post, Learjet – great job and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you! Hint , hint!


  2. Hey Learjet! I really enjoyed this post on Dotty! so many fun moments!!! How can I pick one as a favourite!
    Dotty is simultaneously nosey and believing in privacy.. lol She would drive me nuts!

    I loved your comment about the pink pyjamas.. heck yeah! Overalls would have been much better! 😉

    whooo thanks for the lovely gratuitous Lee pic there at the end!

    The line of Dotty’s in Times they are a changin’ – where she says Amanda’s grandmother use to meet lots of men had me very curious!
    Does this hint that maybe Dotty’s father died when she was young?(or ran off!) And so her mother was dating? Could explain why Dotty was so keen on Dean being the boy’s stepdad. [She’d grown up without a dad and didn’t want the boys to also] We hear so few things from Dotty about her childhood – have we heard any comments about her father? Dotty’s father?

    I think Dotty has been a bit quiet the end of season 2.. and at the start of season 3 we are reminded that she likes to see men and live her life to the fullest.. you know? So I’m looking forward to seeing what Dotty gets up to in Season 3!

    The section you did on health was my fave part Learjet! Such a great idea!!

    One of my fave Dotty moments which you didn’t mention is when Dotty is stuffing her face with popcorn (hmm maybe it could be organised in the how Dotty suggests you deal with stress category!) and ranting at the doctor about how unfeeling he is because Dotty can’t find her baby (who herself is the mother of two children!) and he doesn’t care!!! hilarious that scene!! 🙂

    That’s it from me! Thanks so much Learjet I’ve really enjoyed your take on Dotty!!! I hope you had lots of fun compiling it!! byeeee


  3. Ah, yes – Dottie’s advice always had comedic timing, though she was unaware of it. lol. I think that was a part of her charm for me. She wants the best for Amanda (which Amanda eventually gets), but she just doesn’t understand Amanda as well as she thinks. I somehow get the feeling that Amanda was more open with her father than with Dotty.


  4. I love Dotty’s comments about marriage being something that you have to keep doing “until you get it right.” So subtle. Hint, hint, hint, Amanda. 😉

    I also love it that Dotty is constantly convinced that Amanda is having affairs. I heard somewhere that the things people accuse others of doing (especially false accusations) are often things that the accuser has done herself. (ex. If someone has “everyone has stolen something at some point”, what they’re actually saying is “I’ve stolen something at some point.”) They hint at Dotty having a wild past, and I think her suspicions of Amanda are further proof. 😉

    Dotty is fun, and I like it that, even though she occasionally expresses concern about Amanda and her life and offers advice, she recognizes that Amanda is an adult and lets her make her own decisions.


    • I think there’s always a visible tension between Dotty trying to treat Amanda like and adult, and her instinctive desire to “mother” her as if she is a child. And a lot of the humour of the character comes out of this. I definitely think Dotty had a naughty past – I suspect the unknown Mr West was the staid, sensible one.


  5. Melissa Robertson

    DOTTY!!! I love Dotty’s character…I agree she is my favorite secondary character! Great posts…hope there are more 🙂 My kids love the episodes that feature her, I always wished there was one in season 2 like in the other 3 seasons.


  6. I just recently saw a rerun of a “Friends” episode where BG played the aunt of Monica and Ross and she was teaching the women how to play poker so they could play against the guys. She looked awesome.

    I liked how Dotty knew how to relax. She enjoyed her tea, her splashes of Galiano, her bubble baths, and her treks to Mr. Emelio’s. And while she may have pushed Amanda about IFF and settling down, she always had Amanda’s best interests at heart and always supported her. Two of my favorite moments are in ROTP and MBF where Dotty senses how upset Amanda is and is ready to drop or stop whatever she is doing to be there for her daughter. Such touching moments and a great relationship.


  7. I love what Beverly Garland does with her character. It was interesting to contrast Dotty with the character of Abigail Holt on Remington Steele. They both are meddle in their daughters` lives and want them to get marriend but where Dotty is loving and kind, Abigail is quite toxic.
    Thanks for the posts, Learjet. I hope these are the first (and second) of many.


    • I’ve never seen RS (but always thinking maybe I should). I don’t think I want to see BG in another mother role if that’s what she’s like, as it might spoil Dotty for me. But it’s fun seeing how versatile BG could be. She manages to exude this “star of the show” quality as Dotty but doesn’t dominate her scenes.


      • I love the ‘grande dame’ character. It’s one of the things I love about the show ‘Castle’, too – both Martha Rodgers (from ‘Castle’) and Dotty are elegant, quirky, and decadent without being trashy. It’s really a lot of fun to watch; I hope I have that much spunk and grace when I get older!


  8. Yep. Dotty is awesome! 🙂

    I think this is my favourite quote this second part:
    Dotty: Amanda, I am not pressing you, am I? I mean, that’s just not my way! If you say it’s business, it’s business…Business. What kind of business is she in that she can’t tell me about?…I know you don’t want to lie. I have my own theories.
    Or maybe this one:
    Dotty: Amanda, this film company you work for is VERY strange…

    “Please use ANY excuse to get rid of THOSE ‘pyjamas’, Dotty!!”
    Bwah hah hah! Did anyone like that pink monstrosity? I guess, maybe, someone in wardrobe liked it. Either that, or they wanted to torture KJ… or make Amanda look like a fashion wreck… or both. I wonder which is more likely? 😛

    Thanks for slipping in the gratuitous Lee shots, Learjet! 🙂 Jule will probably want her swoon-helmet and/or drool bucket for the open shirt pic…

    And thank you for giving us a great tour through Dotty-ville. BG played her so very well and made her so lovable, even when she was hounding Amanda.

    I think you did a great job, and I look forward to more of your posts! 🙂


    • About the “pyjamas” – i think this is the only time I agree with Francine’s mooing about her mother’s set in “fuschia”. Maybe KJ had rubbed someone in the wardrobe dept up the wrong way once too often…
      Yes open-shirted Lee is up there with the SOS kiss for swooniness.
      Glad you enjoyed the posts, KC


  9. Great job of highlighting Dotty winsome ways Learjet! She’s just is so much her own person and BG does a terrific job of bring her to life in a funny, endearing and always enjoyable way. I love her comment to Amanda, “Film people are different, Amanda. They have strange views and attitudes. I’m not so sure that they are the kind of people you should be with….Film people are not always what they seem.” Lol! They must have had a hard time filming that with straight faces. Thanks for the fine wrap up on Dotty Learjet!


    • “They must have had a hard time filming that with straight faces. “
      Oh, yeah! I bet that scene caused more than a few giggles–maybe even re-shoots… 😀


    • Again, it’s great to see SMK laughing at itself and the entertainment industry 🙂


    • Is there any hint of “film-people vs. TV-people” in this comment?? Whether there is or not, this was a hilarious part of the script.


      • I don’t think SMK ever has any TV people comments – I’ve just been trawling through “Filming Raul” and there are more film people comments – e.g. about awards and how one forgets them straight after receiving them (felt like someone eg the scriptwriter had an axe to grind about awards!)


        • I don’t remember any TV-people comments either. But, yes, several film-people ones, including Lee’s comment about Bryce Topping’s name (“sounds like a movie star”). I was remembering a BB interview in which he said that television had been very good to him, so that made me wonder if the film-people comments (especially Dotty’s!) were more “the joke’s on us” or “the joke’s on them”.


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