2/3 Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15


Welcome back to the second Vehicle Patrol report! Woo-hoo! On with the show…


Magical moving license plates—different episodes, aka who stole my plate?!?  smiley-angry034

Which vehicles shared the same plate in different episodes? No surprise, there’s a few… clip_image003 so I’ll only mention those that appear in three or more episodes (including episodes 1-8 covered in the previous report).

My apologies in advance for some of the unclear images—some of the plates are difficult to capture in one frame…

Virginia MR8-589 – Sudden Death, Lost And Found, and The Mole

The brown Ford LTD Crown Victoria sedan that the baddies use to stalk/transport Bela in SD shares the same license plate—Virginia MR8-589—with Liberty Larry’s blue 1960 Cadillac Series 62 convertible in LAF and the random blue coupe that Amanda overtakes in TM before leading the sheriffs to Lee.

S1E9_Baddie_TanSedan_i2 S1E12_OldBlue_MR8589


S1E9_Baddie_TanSedan_175x117_2 S1E12_OldBlue_MR8589_175x117 S1E15_Random_BlueToyota_MR8589_175x117

Washington DC 7F9-615 – Sudden Death, I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy, and Dead Ringer

A random Chevrolet Chevette hatchback parked on the street where the baddies kidnap Bela (SD), baddie Polo’s Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine (IANNNHIEBAS) and Billy’s Agency Ford LTD sedan (DR) all share Washington DC plate 7F9-615.

S1E9_Random_7F9815 S1E13_BaddiePolo_7F9615


S1E9_Random_7F9815_175x117 S1E13_BaddiePolo_7F9615_rear_175x117 S1E14_Billy_Ford_7F9615_175x117

Virginia EN6-3K8 – Saved By The Bells, Sudden Death, and Lost And Found (x2)

Virginia plate EN6-3K8 was certainly busy… willy_nilly it was in a previous episode—on the ice-cream truck in SBTB (episode 8)—and in these episodes on a GMC truck parked in the District of Columbia Stadium (SD) and twice at Liberty Larry’s lot in LAF (per previous installation of Vehicle Report; Magical moving license plates—same episode).

S1E8_IceCreamTruck_EN63K8 S1E9_Random_GMC_EN63K8 S1E12_OldPalerBlue_EN63K8


S1E8_IceCreamTruck_EN63K8_175x117 S1E9_Random_GMC_EN63K8_175x117 S1E12_OldPalerBlue_EN63K8_175x117


Virginia TL7-609 – Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, Sudden Death, Lost And Found, and The Mole

SMK hit the quadrella with Virginia plate TL7-609 appearing in four episodes. It appeared in a previous episode on baddie Bo Johnson’s Jeep in ALAGHITM (episode 6), on a random white car parked on the street (while Amanda was tailing the baddies) in SD, on another of Liberty Larry’s old convertibles (LAF) and on the red Chevrolet Corvette C4 that the sheriffs stopped to help (TM).

S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_OnCliff S1E9_Random_TL7609

 S1E12_OldWhiteTL7609 S1E15_RedCorvette_TL7609

S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_175x117 S1E9_Random_TL7609_175x117 S1E12_OldWhiteTL7609_175x117


Washington DC 8B3-259 – Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy, and The Mole

Back to a quinella with Washington DC plate 8B3-259; it’s on one of the embassy Cadillac limousines in ALAGHITM (episode 6), the baddies’ brown Ford LTD II coupe that Lee rode on the bonnet of, and on the random brown Chevrolet Chevette hatchback that Amanda overtook in TM.

S1E6_Cadillac_8B3259 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_i2


S1E6_Cadillac_8B3259_175x117 S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_PlateBlooper_i0_175x117 S1E15_RandomHatchback_8B3259_175x117

Washington DC 7E4-965 – The First Time, The ACM Kid, and Dead Ringer

It appears that the Agency managed to wrestle Washington DC plate 7E4-965 away from the baddies… It was seen in TFT on the baddies’ black sedan that chases Lee and Amanda around the parking garage and on the baddies’ red Ford LTD sedan in TACMK, but then appeared on one of the Agency Cadillac limousines used in the switcheroo when Francine—posing as Magda—“escaped” from the arboretum.

S1E1_Baddie_7E4965 S1E5_Ford_7E4965_front S1E14_Agency_Black_7E4965

S1E1_Baddie_7E4965_175x117 S1E5_Ford_7E4965_front_175x117 S1E14_Agency_Black_7E4965_175x117

Washington DC 8Z3-526 – The First Time (x2), Dead Ringer, and The Mole

Remember Washington DC plate 8Z3-526 that appeared twice in The First Time—on a black Oldsmobile (?) in the parking garage and on an orange VW convertible at Moby’s Dock? It appears again, on another of the Agency Cadillac limousines involved in the Francine/Magda shell game, and on baddie Agent (Mole) Benson’s Agency issue Dodge sedan…

S1E1_Random_8Z3526 S1E1_VW_8Z3526 S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_i2


S1E1_Random_8Z3526_175x117 S1E1_VW_8Z3526_175x117 S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_175x117


This plate—8Z3-526—also appears in another of these episodes, but I’m keeping that instance under wraps for now. clip_image100 Muah hah hah…

Crashed/wrecked vehicles…

Lost And Found

I have to include this one, just because… In LAF, Amanda and Angelo hide in a car that is, quite literally, being wrecked (crushed).

S1E12_AmandaAndAngeloTrapped_i2 S1E12_AmandaAndAngeloTrapped_i3

Lee manages to save the day, stopping the crusher before Amanda and Angelo are squished… but shouldn’t Angelo the ESP expert have had a clue that the car would be picked up for crushing so that they could have avoided it in the first place…???… Just sayin’… poke)


I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been… A Spy

In IANNNHIEBAS, while trying to escape from the baddies, Amanda crashes the baddies’ sedan and manages to knock herself out smiley-shocked028 (and give herself amnesia)—but only after assuming the brace position for the crash, LOL:

S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_AmandaInBracePos S1E13_Baddie_8B3259_AmandaCrashes


Dead Ringer

In DR, Amanda is attempting to drive Magda to the airport but Magda is spotted by the baddies, who give chase to the station wagon. Amanda decides to try evasive manoeuvres, going off-roading through a park (which I still think is out of character for Amanda—she’d be concerned about pedestrian welfare—but I digress…) and taking out a couple of rubbish bins before landing the station wagon in a “swamp” (Amanda: “How did you find us?Lee: “Well, I saw somebody try to drive a station wagon through a swamp. 1hahaha_thumb3):

S1E14_Amanda_Ford_Offroading S1E14_Amanda_Ford_Offroading_i3

The Mole

Amanda helps to save Lee from baddie Agent Benson by taking out Benson’s car door with her station wagon, sustaining damage to said wagon. Amanda (to Lee): “And the Agency will pay for the damage, right? Because, I mean, it’s entirely, practically, the whole side of my station wagon is really messed up.” Funny thing is, the wagon appeared undamaged after the run-in… clip_image117 D’oh! clip_image118

S1E15_Amanda_TakingOutDoor S1E15_Amanda_TakingOutDoor_i6

Agency vehicles

Some of the Agency vehicles we see (exclusive of Lee and Amanda’s cars)…

Remembrance Of Things Past

While Lee’s Porsche was in the shop, he must have borrowed a car from the Agency vehicle pool… (it actually looks suspiciously like Billy’s car—clip_image123; see Dead Ringer, below).


Lost And Found

The Agency used a blue Ford Econoline van for showing Angelo around Los Angeles (Washington DC clip_image003[1]), and another—white—van was used for delivering Eva to, and keeping watch over, the safehouse.

S1E12_Agency_Van S1E12_Agency_Van2_i3

Dead Ringer

The Agency played a shell game with Cadillac limousines when Francine—posing as Magda—was whisked away from the arboretum in one car while three decoys tagged along to confuse the baddies…

S1E14_Agency_Black_8Z3526_i2 S1E14_Agency_Black_Decoys


Then, heroic Lee saved Magda, Francine, and finally Amanda, by swooping in on the skids of the Agency helicopter—a Hughes 500-D (mind your swoons, ladies—gratuitous Lee shot follows)…

S1E14_AgencyHelicopter_N1090S S1E14_AgencyHelicopter_N1090S_i2

Billy’s Agency car—a black Ford LTD fourth generation (1983-1986) sedan…


The Mole

The Mole (aka Agent Benson)’s Agency car—a blue Dodge sedan, possibly an Aspen…


Blue Leader’s car—a black Lincoln Town Car limousine (image lightened for clarity), complete with chauffeur…



Well, that’s it for the second installment of Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15; coming up in the third (final) installment: some amusing vehicle moments/trivia and the blooper reel. clip_image145

This is Vehicle Patrol signing off until next time…


17 responses to “2/3 Vehicle Patrol Report 2 – Season 1 Episodes 9-15

  1. Amanda’s poor car…it always seemed to get dinged at just the wrong time. I used wonder what her mechanic must have thought about all the damage that would have to be repaired. Amanda was a great repeat customer.


    • I hoped she would have started taking it to an Agency mechanic… maybe what-was-his-name, Gino? Ahhh… love Season 1 for the humour.


  2. I just love the crushed car scene in Lost and Found. I know it’s inappropriate behaviour but I find it hilarious (my insanity or stress from a difficulty to take episode??) Also enjoy Amanda’s off-road adventures with Magda but her driving is more Lee than Amanda. Oooh and love Lee hanging out the helicopter….


    • LOL! Hopefully I’ll be able to make the “crushed car scene” even more entertaining for you with my next post–that car is quite the blooper star…

      Nah–I think Amanda can handle “crazy” driving (even though she flunked out of the driving course at Station One–but we all have issues with that unlike-Amanda ep)… I just don’t think she’d go careening through a pedestrian area like a park. shrug Just my humble 2 cents worth…

      You’re welcome. (Lee in the helicopter.) Just wait until I do my next Tie Patrol… I manage to sneak in a few (!) gratuitous Lee-in-the-shrubbery pics. swoon thud


  3. Hi KC!! Great post! I love how you catch all this detail! And thank you for introducing me to the term ‘quadrella’. All I have to say is go get your lottery ticket – your pick 4 numbers need to be 6 9 12 15!! I’d go to the track, but all the horse people around here are equestrians, not racers. 😦

    I haven’t had a chance to read your last post – I’m behind on blog posts, but do pop on when I can!

    Hope you’re well! And Hi iwsod and Morley :wave: 🙂


    • Hah! Mis-spent youth, thanks to my grandparents… 😀 … but I still had to research the word for quadrella–I only knew quinella, trifecta, double, etc. 😀

      Sweet–you’re giving me my pick 4 numbers? I don’t need to get myself a fortune cookie this week, then. 😀 Thanks, BJo.

      Glad you could stop by… hopefully you’ll have more SMK time again soon!


    • Is that a random selection of numbers,BJo, or is someone learning the three times table in your house and it’s stuck in your mind 😀 ?


  4. Whooo hooo!! More magical moving number plates! Love those!
    My my my.. how do you do it KC!! You must look at every car that we see in every episode.. do you?! Amazing!! Especially with swoony Lee being a constant distraction 😉 you must have a strong constituition!

    Billy stole Polo’s number plates? How embarassment! 😉

    Wrestling plates away from the baddies?! tee hee.. well what better way to go unnoticed by the bad guys right?!

    you’ve done a fanastic job capturing so many of the plates – and making them readable!

    Oh totally KC – Angelo’s ESP seemed to have gone MIA for the whole of LandA! 😉 tee hee..

    love your knocked out emoticon! 🙂

    Phew thanks for the swoony Lee warning KC! Just managed to brace myself in time!!

    Blooper reel?!! cool can’t wait to find out what other gems you’ve discovered for us!!!

    Indeed Morley – another fabulous way to enjoy smk 🙂

    Thanks KC! Loved your post!


    • Sorry–I can’t give away my Vehicle Patrol agent secrets… “mum’s the word”–Lee and Amanda would expect no less. 😉

      Strong constitution, yes… except when it comes to Lee-in-the-shrubbery! Oy. drool

      Yep–there’re a couple of doozies on the blooper reel! 😀


  5. Details! How do you see those details?
    I guess what I wonder most has to do with those license plates. Why do they need to share them so often. Is that the props department? Do they only have access to a few fake plates and need to put them on all those different cars? Hmmm.?

    I continue to love all the different views that we get of our favorite show.


    • Well put morley! Great to hear from you!!!

      yeah I think the prop department doesn’t think it’s worth spending $$ on many plates. they figure we won’t notice.. well .. KC showed them!!! 🙂

      Hey, I’ve started writing Sour Grapes posts again..looking forward to getting back to the episode once we’ve enjoyed KC’s final installment!
      I’m trying to get ahead a little so that when we go back to our normal pace in September I’ll be ready to go with no delays!


    • Details are my forte? 😉 🙂

      I think, like Iwsod said, the props department didn’t want to spend too many dollars on something insignificant… Too bad that it tickles me so much when I find the duplicates!!! 😀 (Maybe the props department were having fun–seeing how many duplicates they could fit into an episode? I mean, really, the two in the same parking lot in TACMK (inaugural VP) and the two in Liberty Larry’s yard were pretty blatant… Shades of the ties strewn around Lee’s apartment, or the monkey statue’s clothing/accessories! Man–I coulda’ had a blast if I was in that props dept. sigh Oh, well. Que sera sera.)


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