7/12 Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Next thing we see Lee alone in the cellar..lookin good! 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001523453
[Thanks to Lauren for transcribing this next scene!!!thank-you.gif]
Lee strolls around looking intense.. whoooo..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001528769
and mighty fine!
Amanda appears behind Lee..
Amanda: Psssstt!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001529986

…scaring Lee! haaaa.. anyone else reminded of Amanda in The first time meeting Lee in her trench coat?!
Lee wandering around looking for Amanda..
Amanda hiding behind a statue..
Lee looking sooo unimpressed at having to deal with Amanda..
But then.. a hint of tender amusement Winking smile as well- at least that’s my take! TFT.avi_001750952
I can’t think of any other time Amanda has done the Psst!!! Can you?
Well, back to Sour grapes..Lee does not like being surprised..by a Pssst!!  makes him grumpy Winking smile Lee: What?
[this ‘what’ seems like a reflex huh!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001532630Amanda: Hellooo – are you alone?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001533972Lee:
What are you doing down here, huh?
Amanda walks towards Lee and grabs his jacket lapel as she responds.. hoo haaa..err this is part of the cover right? ahem Winking smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002796694Amanda: Cecilia finished stuffing the bird and I got upstairs to the membership office.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001538976
Lee: You what?!!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001539640
[lol!! Lee is wearing his cranky pants!!]
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee moves Amanda over to a different part of the cellar to continue this conversation – why I don’t know. lol.. so they were perfectly located for what’s coming?!
Lee: Amanda, I told you not to…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001542694
Amanda: Listen. I found the membership list for the Escoffier. Now, there are hundreds of names on it,…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001547501
….but I found another list, a shorter one,…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001550001
…and Congressman McNeill, Stargate and Hallman were all on that list.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001552370

We cut to an upper level of the cellar.. where we saw Jean Pierre earlier.. someone is up there listening in.. uh oh! He’s working on that barrel too.. working it loose or something.. double uh oh!
By the way, love how Amanda neglects to mention that Jean Pierre busted her looking at that list!
Lee: The brotherhood..it’s got to be.
Amanda: There’s more. There was also a calendar in the same file and the day that they died was marked on it.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001557992[oh? we didn’t see her looking at a Calendar.. hmm.. the list wasn’t evidence enough?]
Above them.. we see those mystery arms still working on the barrel! eek!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001559938
Lee: They had their membership meetings right here in these cellars…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001561996
…Look what I found on the floor.
Lee pulls the buggy badge out of his pocket to show Amanda.
Amanda: Oh – the bug.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001565040

Lee: yeah!
Love the close up on their fingers.. hey Lee hand fans- is this really Lee’s fingers?!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001565288
Love when they both hang on to something Smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001568009Uh oh!!! Next thing Lee and Amanda hear creaking above.. they look up and see a 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001569835barrel well..  barrelling down towards them! They scramble out of the way… the barrel shatters when it falls spraying Lee and Amanda with red wine. Seems someone has sour grapes over Lee and Amanda or was that Gregory and Lilly?! I guess at this point we are left to wonder- were those mystery arms attached to Jean Pierre or Robison? We know Jean Pierre is after the heroin but we don’t know if Robison is in on it too.. I guess..

Are Lee and Amanda okay?…
yep! Ahhhh Love how Lee has tried to shelter Amanda from the shattering barrel!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001576072Smile swoony!!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001576660Together they turn to look down at the barrel and take in what’s just happened..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001578343
I love how they seem to cling to each other here..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001579160
Amanda especially grabs hold of Lee’s jacket there and isn’t letting go in a hurry (Atta girl Amanda!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001581358
The scene ends with both of them stunned and looking down at their clothes- They are both covered in red wine.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001582744We cut to the baddies..
thank-youHuge thank you to Debilyn! who has transcribed the remainder of this episode – thanks again to everyone who has helped with transcribing this episode!!!!
We find Jean Pierre is having a baddie meeting with… Cecila! Shock!! Winking smile
Jean Pierre: They’re with the cops, the DEA, maybe even Interpol.
Cecilia: I don’t care if they’re the Marines. We made a deal, we’re gonna deliver…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001596590
[Hey! looks like Cecilia has changed her hair for this little meeting- put it all down.. in the cooking demonstration it was half up/down]
…Follow her. Find out who she is, what’s she’s up to.
[hmm! seems Cecilia is the boss in this relationship!! but is Robison involved too?? I think we don’t know..]
Jean Pierre: And, uh, if there’s a problem?
Cecilia: Take care of it.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001609158[whoooo this can’t be good!] Doesn’t look like Jean Pierre is wanting to take care of anything!
We cut to Lee and Amanda (Gregory and Lilly) exiting the front door of Escoffier holding hands (too briefly!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001615454
all distressed at their run in with the barrel and red wine!
Robison simpers: We have never ever had an accident of this kind. Now, look, here, here, uh, here, here’s our lawyer…3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001616923
(Robison hands Amanda and Lee a business card)
  …And, uh, the insurance company is on the back, and please just send everything to them. Would you please? Once again, I am so sorry. I am sorry.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001619638
Amanda and Lee:
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001623913[Seems here in the close shot Amanda holds Lee’s arm..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001627980
but it cuts to the wide shot and they are not linked..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001629751
Lee: Some accident.
Amanda: What do we do now?
Lee: We go home and change, then we go right back to the agency. We’re gonna dissect the Brotherhood.
Amanda: Right.
Lee: Wait a second?
Amanda: Huh?
Lee: You think you can remember any other names from that list?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001637390
Amanda: Able brown bears cough deftly enough frightening grown hens.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001639181(at this, Lee gives a ‘what the heck?’ gesture.. 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001639761and Amanda continues to rush away toward the car)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001640331Lee: What?
Amanda: It’s word association. Able brown bears cough deftly enough frightening grown hens…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001646606
Abele, Brown, Barrett, Caufman, uh, Dickerson, Evans,…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001649458
(Lee hunts in his pockets for a pencil! but doesn’t find one)
…uh, Fergusson, Hallmark, ha yeah.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001655292[rofl- I hate to say this Amanda.. but they were not the names on the list Winking smile don’t forget all the crew and their shout outs! Winking smile ]
Lee grins wryly in response to Amanda’s memory! Can you remember that Lee? Amanda could! Smile
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001656694Amanda arrives at the car door, Lee opens the door for her (yippee!) as he responds: Yeah, I, I got it… I, I think.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001658455Amanda: You’re sure you want me to get in your car like …
Lee: Just don’t worry about it.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001660759Amanda: Oh, I’m really sorry about this. Ughh.
(Amanda gingerly gets in the car.. feeling sorry for the vette!)
They both sigh.
Lee shakes his head as he walks around to his side of the car and gets in – why??
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001666035
I think he’s amazed by Amanda’s remembering the list Smile What do you think?
The camera pans over and we see a car leaving escoffier.. about to follow Lee and Amanda..(It’s Jean Pierre)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001670836
We hear Lee add off camera: Maybe we should check in on Penny and see how she’s doing.
[that’s a bit random to suddenly mention Penny here.. me thinks that line of Lee’s was added post production –but why?  Hmm I’ll come back to this when we see what happens I guess.. Okay- I’ll put it down to the stress of the barrel attack!]
We cut back to the vette and see Lee drive away.. Only.. oh this is too funny! This corvette is parked where Lee parked his car out the front of the McNeil mansion!!!
Here it is when Lee and Amanda leave Escoffier!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001673077

And leaving the McNeil’s..See from earlier!:
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001011932
The car is parked out front of the McNeil’s not Escoffier as we see it drive away.. very sneaky smk! You thought I would have a life and not notice? well ha! I showed you!! Winking smile ahem! But as Jean Pierre follows that is a different location again!
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_001688577
It can be soo tempting to go down the rabbit hole when I notice things like this- the more you look the more you find! Only, I can’t address it all in depth or I’d never get an episode done! haa!! so I mention what I notice pretty easily and then leave the rest to you lovely folks to uncover if you are interested.. like how KC loves to do vehicles and ties lol! Maybe someone here has a passion for locations?
Okay well.. I digress!
Jean Pierre drives off following them..
Sooo I’ll finish up here for now.. What do you all think? anyone else find protective Lee and the random little moments of hand holding swoony?!! What do you make of Lee’s reaction to Amanda as they head to the car? Okay! byee for now!!!

23 responses to “7/12 Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Melissa Robertson

    Lee probably is amazed that Amanda can remember the names on the list so easily because in Class Act she couldn’t do the memory test she was given…she’s come a long way 🙂


    • Oh Geez — you had to bring up “Class Act” * EYE TWITCH! * 🙂 . Yes, she’s come a long way if that whole episode wasn’t a silly dream sequence.


      • Yep. I was tempted to refer to it and decided nope.. because I’ve decided it didn’t happen.. it was just a dream Amanda had once when she passed out from having her Amanda band too tight remember?!

        Those evil writers! so glad they’ve put Amanda’s brain back in the spotlight!! 🙂 err in a good way!!! 🙂


        • Melissa Robertson

          Haha!!! I saw an older lady at church Sunday with a head band on like Amanda used to wear and it was all I could do not to laugh 🙂


      • Melissa Robertson

        Dream sequence, I like that way of explaining that episode 🙂


  2. I, too, love the way Lee is continually amazed by Amanda, and now he is letting himself enjoy it. Fun to watch. And even with her disregard of his instructions he seems to let that slide and enjoy her contribution to the case. I think they are enjoying their continual discovery of each other now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Morley! hooray! so great to hear from you!! Hope you’ve had a great summer! (hope everyone has who actually had a summer 😉 )

      Lee’s continual amazement is fun to watch – good call Morley! Yeah! Lee is letting himself enjoy it!! that’s so true! I guess Lee has had moments of amazement before – but they’ve taken him by surprise, or been against his will almost lol!

      Anyone want to list the Lee is amazed with Amanda moments to date?! 🙂


  3. Each other’s personal touchstones. Awwwwwwwww!


  4. I’m totally glad that awful outfit of Amanda’s got ruined by a red wine soaking. Don’t you dare even try to get those stains out Amanda – into the garbage bin it goes! PS. Along with all your other parachute skirts and balloon blouses.
    Meanwhile, the ‘vette and Lee are lookin’ mighty fine. 😉


    • I think we can agree that SG is a major fashion low for Amanda. I loath the white oufit too. You have to worry about your outfit when you’re beautiful but the car looks better than you do….


      • while I don’t like the outfit. I don’t tend to remember this episode as a fashion low.. lol.. I guess it’s because the pink pyjamas fiasco and the short haircut catastrophe were just soooo bad!!!

        Luckily, Amanda is still lookin gorgeous, regardless of the outfit – phew!


    • I’ve missed ya Kiwismh!!! Welcome back!!!!

      lol.. I have to agree.. while I think Amanda has worn worse outfits.. I’m not a fan of this white ensemble which seems three sizes too big for her..
      As Gruvy Granny said in comments of post 2 of this ep – roomy clothes seemed to be in style back then.. but good heavens.. enough of Amanda in white! give us some colour!!!!

      I agree.. hopefully she threw out this outfit.. and got $$ off the agency to buy a better one!

      Ah yes! there’s plenty of opportunity to admire the vette (and Lee!) in this ep kiwismh!


  5. I agree with you, learjet about how Amanda handles Lee. She just moves on and lets him just get over himself. So funny.

    Whether it’s Jean Pierre or Robison they seem to be pretty swift of feet to get out of there so quickly and then appear the next scene. At least Lee and Amanda stay in their roles and try to protect their covers. I like how Amanda can still impress Lee. She not only got to see the membership lists and verify McNeil’s, etc. participation, she remembered the names without having to write it down or pull out one of those little spy cameras. Lee can’t even whip out a pencil to write what down she says. Go Amanda.

    I’ve been thinking a bit about the touching again. I know that we’ve brought it up before, but its kind of nice to look back as we move though this season and see all the progression. I think that the touching is one of those things that Lee has needed. I can’t imagine him touching Francine or another agent in the way that he touches Amanda.

    I know that there is some protectiveness there in how and why he does some of it, but I think that Amanda’s reception of his touching makes it a safe, comfortable, and inviting thing to do. Early on before their friendship deepened she would on occasion pull away like in Weekend and AABF. But they now have a comfort zone with one another and again they have relaxed with one another. Amanda no longer questions what’s behind the touches or hesitates with it.

    I am not in any way a psych major, but I remember way back in college I had this educational psychology class and one of the things that has continued to stick in my head was what the professor described as “emotional gassing up”. He observed how some young children may sort of wrap themselves around an adult’s leg whilst sucking on their thumb and then eventually wander off somewhere else. He said it’s like when your car is low on gas and you need to fill it up that children sometimes need that touchpoint to satisfy them emotionally.

    I think that Lee’s touches with Amanda are just like that for him. She is his touchpoint and when he is able to connect with her he is able to stay grounded, focused, and emotionally stable. What’s so great about it now is that it is done without thought, hesitation, and seems like a natural thing for them to do with one another.


    • Hi Valerie- as always, I loved your comments!

      I really enjoyed your thoughts about how Amanda is Lee’s touchstone. You know what occurred to me as I read your comments? I think the same can apply for how Amanda connects with Lee – I see Lee now as Amanda’s touchstone too, especially now that Amanda is getting well and truly serious about this spy work – She can grab hold of Lee’s lapels.. and everything seems okay in the world.. swoony!!! 😉


      • I agree about Amanda. Sometimes I forget that Amanda is making a journey as well. So glad that their individual journeys crossed paths and that they are walking together.


      • Valerie and Iwsod, I love these ideas! Yes, the emotional gassing up is just it. Both of them have such a need. I know as I go through a day with my kids I can feel like I am giving out so much. And then my husband will just rub my shoulders for a few minutes or place his hand on my back and I can feel refreshed. I bet the only physical touch like that Amanda has is with Lee. And since Lee has given up all his other ways of getting physical affection he really can identify his touches with Amanda as beneficial. I wonder if he is beginning to be able to place what all his earlier reactions to her were about?

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I love how Amanda ‘handles’ cranky Lee here. In the past she would have been thrown, but she’s learnt to ignore his grumpiness and get on with it. And then he cheers up. She really does clutch him too (shades of the Porsche/Lee clutch discussed, KC and Jule 🙂 )And who can blame her 😉


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