10/12 Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King

The baddie has shot Jean Pierre and gotten away.. it’s time to regather the troops.. In one of the main rooms of Escoffier,  Billy and Francine have joined Lee and Amanda. Looks like they have found the case of 45’ Chateau Monet that Jean Pierre had.. and have checked it to see if it was laced with heroin.
thankyou2A  huge thank you to Debilyn! who has transcribed the remainder of this episode!!!!!

Billy: If that’s just a normal case of wine, then we’re still missing a full case of wine that’s laced with heroin.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002300092
Both Lee and Amanda respond at the same time:
No. / Amanda: No, sir.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002304291
Lee: Not anymore. It’s at the auction.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002305536[I am stunned.. I am actually following it this time.. I’ve avoided looking directly at Lee too much.. that seems to help Winking smile ]
Amanda: Yes, sir.
Billy: How do you know that?
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002307479Lee: Ask her.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0023086573.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002309290
[Amanda her name is Amanda. though I do love that he lets Amanda answer Smile Just think.. if Knucklehead hadn’t gotten fired, Amanda wouldn’t have figured out anything.. and she wouldn’t have her little moment here to shine!]
Amanda: It’s very simple, sir. You see Congressman McNeil loved W.C. Fields. So he donated the wine to the auction under the name of Mr Twillie…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0023180463.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002318314
  …That’s a W.C. Fields character in My Little Chickadee…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002321736
[Love the looks here from Lee – curiosity ‘I don’t know how she knows that but she does!’, & Francine? scepticism!]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0023233543.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002324587[don’t worry.. if you hang in there Amanda does make sense! I like that Billy doesn’t switch off here – he listens intently expecting Amanda to make sense eventually- which she does]
…See, I know because I was at Congressman McNeil’s house when the receipt for the wine came and it was addressed to Mr Twillie.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002327599

Billy: That make sense. (Francine responds with an ‘it does?!’ kind of expression!!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002328925
…What’s the plan?
Lee: Jean Pierre was tracking the wine full of the heroin, right? So was his partner. Now, all we’ve gotta do is put out the word that tomorrow the wine will be auctioned off and see who shows up to buy it.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002332194
Amanda: Yes, sir!!! (Amanda’s excited!! Smile )
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002340520…, and we start right here at the Escoffier.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002343396Whooo Billy’s happy with their progress! they have a good plan!!
[and they’ve nearly ‘nailed down’ the case before the FBI!  sweeeeet!!- yeah that nailed down pun has made my week! Love a good pun!!!  Jestress I hope that you liked it- I know you especially enjoy puns too!!]
Billy is happy with
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002343968Amanda’s work!! Smile hooray! Francine? she’s still trying to figure out what’s a twillie me thinks..

3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002346233On to the Sherman hotel, I mean Charity HQ for the auction!

Auctioneer: This is a truly exceptional cabernet from Kenwood Valley. That’s number 107 on your program….. 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002348485…But more importantly, all the sales benefit a superb charity… [Let me guess: mothers for a safe environment?! or.. Hmm.. Save the clams?!… Oh I know! the fans of good fashion charity – working hard making fashion arrests and trying to rehabilitate Francine! anyone else got one?!] … So do I hear 700?… 700, thank you, sir. Do I hear 8?… 800, thank you, sir. Do I hear 9? … 900, thank you, ma’am. 900 going once, going twice…. Sold for $900.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002373630Just look at that work of art in the pic above! Blue is gorgeous..  I just love Lee in Blue!!! [You didn’t think I was talking about the blue vase did you??!!! Oh and love how Amanda matches Lee and is wearing a lovely colour – love to see Amanda in colours!]
Lee to Amanda:
Ahhh… good… The Chateau Monet is next….
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002380617
[oh my gosh. Lee looks so good in that blue outfit!head slap emoticon]
…The higher we go, the better. See, that’ll burn off some of the collectors and the philanthropists. Whoever is left should be our man…
[I just love how Lee decides to wait until the very last moment to explain to Amanda how this is going to work Winking smile tee hee BTW- Lee is still assuming it’s a man?! Hmm… Lee doesn’t usually seem so fixated on it being a man for no good reason- I think he’s pretty equal opportunity… I’m going to put it down to the writers wanting to steer us toward the baddie being Robison-setting up a  big twist (not!)  and completely forgetting about the little scene where Cecilia bosses around Jean Pierre and tells him to ‘take care of it’! 😉 so stooopid!  LOL that little scene was probably added in later because  they thought we were too dumb to just go with Jean Pierre following Amanda..IMHO!] Back to the ep…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002393090…Look, I’m gonna go up to the balcony and take a look. You keep an eye on me… [heck,  I’ll keep two eyes on you!!]
…Once things start here, you keep kicking up the price until I tell you to stop.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002396077Amanda: (whispering) I got it.
Lee: (whispering)
[Love the smiles they give each other here.. the plan is set.. they’re a great team.. and they enjoy working together!! and Lee just has to reach out and touch Amanda Smile ]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002399381
Amanda: (whispering) See you later.
Lee: (whispering) Yeah.

Lee heads up to the balcony, and Amanda takes her seat in the audience.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002404833
Auctioneer: Uh, ladies and gentleman, before we continue the directors of the Potomac Community Services Center wish me to thank you for your wonderful support and donations..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0024092633.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002407632
[We see both Billy and Francine are in the crowd watching too]
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002412293… And particularly our friend in the White House for his generous support. [Reagan yes?]
The audience applauds,
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002416498and Amanda looks up to see Lee is in position on the balcony. Lee gives Amanda a nod. my my.. he is so distracting up there lookin good..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002419574Now, our next item for bid is number 108. That’s a broken case of Chateau Monet ’45. [a ‘broken case’?] 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002425687
…Now, those of you who know great wines know the reputation of Chateau Monet, particularly the ’45. Shall we begin the bidding at 5000?
Robison: 5000!

3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0024326523.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002434306Auctioneer:
5000, thank you, sir. Surely, that’s just the beginning for such a fine vintage…
(Amanda motions to bid. Is it just me or is her little pout and point combo hilarious?!!!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002439468
Another thousand, the bidding is at 6…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002442917
(Robison motions to bid again)
 65 hundred. Do I get 7? Ladies and gentleman, there are 10 bottles here. [hmm maybe ‘broken case’ means an incomplete case.. as in not 12]
…Normally, they go for 15 hundred dollars. Do I get another bid?..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002451219
(Amanda motions again to bid..)
[Blue eyeshadow.. now that’s matchy matchy!]
…Ah, 7000, thank you, ma’am…
(Robison bids again – could he be the partner?? I think we are suppose to wonder.. though it’s flippin obvious he’s not when I actually pay attention to the plot! I think if they had left out the little scene where Cecilia tells Jean Pierre to follow Amanda and take care of things had been cut- this would have all made much more sense. Thoughts anyone?!)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002454043…75 hundred, excellent…
(Amanda bids again) …8000!…
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0024574743.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002458085
(Robison bids again) …9000!… (Amanda bids again) …10,000!… (Robison bids again) …11,000! Very good!.. (We see Lee motion to Billy- is this Lee believing now it’s 11,000 that 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002464964Robison is their man? I suspect we were suppose to think so.. but when we 3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002466082cut to Billy we see a women who looks extremely suspicious with her big hat and black scarf covering her face lol! )
…11,000 going once!… (Amanda places another bid)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002468329
…$12,000! We have a bid for $12,000 going once… [Robison motions like he is out of the bidding]
…Last call… (pause)
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0024769593.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002476364
…12,000 going twice… (the very unnoticeable lady hiding her identity up the back raises her gloved hand and places a bid)
…$13,000!! We have a bit for 13,000.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002479240
…Do I hear more? (no takers!) Sold for 13,000! [what no going once going twice? just sold for 13,000?! it’s a conspiracy!! Winking smile] (the audience applauds) …The Community Services Center thanks you, madam. That was a very generous bid.
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002481518They all turn to see who was the bidder..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002493050

I just can’t stand the anticipation! who is the mystery bidder??

That Black veil is so effective at revealing to us that it is Cecilia no?! Winking smile tee hee..then again.. who didn’t already know it was her? (other than Lee, Amanda, Billy and Francine!)

Anyone else find Amanda’s ‘pouty finger point’ bidding technique hilarious?! Or find it super swoony how Lee looks so commanding up there on the balcony watching over the proceedings.. inching closer to catching the bad guy while looking really really good?! lol..

Anyone not think it’s obvious for the audience that it’s Cecilia? what a yawn! Ah well.. Sour Grapes isn’t so bad.. they can’t all be like Wizard, Over the Limit or A lovely little affair..huh! yeah- no Sour Grapes over Sour Grapes.. thanks to a fabulous Tag Winking smile coming up soon!! hang in there!! Can’t wait to hear from ya!! byeeee!!!

26 responses to “10/12 Season Three, Episode 6: Sour Grapes-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Love all the comments, made me giggle out loud! Iwsod, you are on a role, making even this so-so episode entertaining. Kudos to you! Took me twice through since was not able to take my eyes off of Lee in all his scrumptious glory.


  2. Today was a particularly long day, that seemed to go on and on. How nice to come home and see this new post in my email. Lee posing at the Escoffier and looking so wonderful in blue at the auction has made my day. Ahhh!! I do like how Lee lets Amanda explain it all. He seems so relaxed as if he knows it’s just a matter of time before they wrap this thing up. Amanda has done it again and he is impressed and bemused by her. Love how he looks at her.

    I just don’t know what to say about Francine anymore. She seemed intrigued at first, when she was more in the background of the scene. Then she gets that look on her face. I know that she has Amanda-issues, but what more does Amanda have to do to prove herself to Francine.

    KJ is so good with her facial expressions. This would be where Francine would insert a comment about Amanda being out of place. That veiled hat atrocity on Cecilia is just plain ridiculous. If she was trying to be inconspicuous or blend in that was an epic fail. You know Amanda did follow directions in this instance. Lee did tell her to keep her eyes on him and she surely did. Of course, how could you not? I took a little scroll-stroll before I replied to get some good Lee swooning in. Now that I’m done I’m going to scroll-stroll again to help me have some pleasant dreams tonight.

    One other thing…that auctioneer looks familiar. Going to check on that tomorrow.


    • Awh Valerie! that’s lovely!!! it totally makes my day to hear from you guys even when the episode is feeling rather lame – we seem to manage to just laugh at err I mean with it anyway! 😉

      Yeah I agree about Francine – her reactions seem all over the shop! Maybe part of Francine’s annoyance/ resistance (?) with Amanda here is that Francine wanted this job – dealing with high society and all.. but.. in the end it was Amanda and her knowledge of the rather low brow WC fields which has cracked the case (haaa pun!!!!) yep.. cracked the wine case wide open! 😉
      This has a lovely irony to it- had Francine heard about Mr Twillie she never would have gotten the connection!

      whooo do let us know if you know the auctioneer.. if he is coming up in smk.. let us know he is coming ( but just don’t tell me when okay? 😉 )

      Veiled hat atrocity? preach it sister!!!!
      Hmm I think there’s a meme in all this.. I might come back with one later!


      • I’ve had some time to reflect on Francine. Initially Amanda was truly an annoyance to Francine. I think it was due to the fact she had a preconceived notion about housewives and suburbia and assumed that Amanda was typical of her preconceived notions.

        As time has progressed and Francine has had the opportunity to see what Amanda can do, is capable of, and even worked with her I think she has moved from annoyance to jealousy. Francine knows fully well Lee’s position at the Agency and his capabilities as an agent. She also knows how anti-partner he’s been and most likely the reason why.

        But Amanda comes along and blows all that out of the water. Billy accepts Amanda and uses her over Francine. Lee has moved from siding with her and joining in snide remarks to siding with Amanda, not wanting to hear snide remarks, and willingly partnering with Amanda.

        Amanda has been able to do all of this without any formal training and without having to pay any dues. She didn’t work her way up through the ranks like everyone else, but she gets to be in a prime position. Francine was impressed with Amanda in Life of The Party and I think that deep down (way deep down) there is respect if only begrudging. I think Amanda is an enigma to Francine and she is just so confused by her. Also, I think that deep down Francine admires Amanda because of all that she handles. I think that her admiration and respect confuse her and she would definitely not admit it.

        I think if the show had continued that some sort of friendship between the two would have developed. Francine and Lee were a lot alike in some ways, but Lee spent way more time with Amanda and was able to really get to know her. Francine hasn’t.

        And the auctioneer was a maitre’d in the first Beverly Hills Cop movie. It was the standing behind the podium that was making him look familiar as he was behind a podium in BHC.


        • I like your thinking, Valerie. I think it’s probably really hard to accept that Amanda can be both a good homemaker and mother, and a promising assistant/apprentice (whatever) intelligence operative, as Francine has effectively sacrificed the “softer”, domestic side of herself to get where she has.
          I think the possible jealousy is threefold:
          1. jealousy that Amanda can excel in these different domains
          2. jealousy that Lee wants to partner Amanda at work, having rejected others as partners
          3. jealousy of the personal nature of Amanda and Lee’s relationship (friendship and potentially more) which goes beyond more superficial relationship (friendship and “backgammon”) that Francine has had and has with Lee.


        • I pretty much agree with you about Francine, Valerie. I do believe she and Amanda went on to become really good friends, and that she was supportive of Amanda and Lee’s relationship. She gave up everything to be treated as an equal at work, and Amanda breezes in and gets it all. I’m sure she is jealous and envious, as well as impressed – especially after Life of the Party.


        • I think the other thing that is happening here to Francine is that she is noticing that Lee is changing. In LOTP that wasn’t apparent yet to her, but I think by this time, especially after Wizard, Francine is seeing a change in Lee. If she had always identified with him in the past, it would be unsettling to see that change and even be aware that it had something to do with Amanda’s influence in Lee’s life.


          • I love all the insights into Francine. I would have loved to see her friendship with Amanda develop if the series had continued. I still think at this point, though, despite the grudging respect she has for Amanda VERY deep down, she still finds her irritating at times. And yes, I think she’s definitely unsettled at the changes she sees in Lee.


    • It is pretty cool how dissecting SMk and swooning over Lee can brighten an otherwise dull day, isn’t it, Valerie?

      I take this scene as Francine having trouble following Amanda’s train of thought. It’s going at diesel speed and Francine is still using coal. It takes her a while to catch on. (Sorry, my son was a bit of a Thomas the Tank Engine fan. I can’t see trains in the same way anymore.)

      As to the auctioneer, I had the same thought myself but haven’t taken the time to look it up. I’m pretty sure he was one of those actors that were in a lot of shows, but never with a huge role.


      • Definitely awesome to dissect and swoon!! Also, agree about Francine following Amanda’s train of thought. Didn’t she say she didn’t get Amanda’s lightning-intuitive leaps in Weasel? I think her feelings about Amanda get in the way of that sometimes. She won’t give her the benefit of the doubt like Lee and Billy have come to do. She listens with a closed mind.

        The auctioneer was in Beverly Hills Cop. He had a small role as a maitre’d that interacted with Eddie Murphy.


  3. I think Amanda is great here and I like the reaction when she thinks she could have cost the agency $12000 for the wine. Lee should always wear blue!


  4. Totally frivolous quick comment, that first screen shot of Cecilia coming in to the auction room looks like she has a giant black spider draped over her head! ROFL. 😀


    • I think she looks like a beekeeper in mourning… 😛


      • Oh My Heck! Beekeeper in mourning describes her look perfectly!


      • Nice one KC!!! I always thought she looked like a beekeeper too. LOL

        As to Valerie’s/ Debilyn13’s comment re the auctioneer, he also appeared in an episode of Remington Steele (Gourmet Steele) as a Greek restauranteur whom Remington thought was winking at him all the time (one of my favorite episodes). And yes, I am also an avid Remington Steele fan! :-). Actually, I have seen a lot of former RS characters in SMK, for example the guy that plays agent Duffy … he could also be found in many of the background shots for RS. I know those types of actors have a name but I can’t recall what it is … “character actors” maybe??

        I’m not really sure how to explain Francine’s reaction to Amanda either. I think she is just snooty and Amanda just annoys her. She sees her as a simpleton that (as someone said) hasn’t paid her dues to be there so she can’t understand why they (Billy and now Lee) are taking her so seriously and giving her so much attention. Although I do think she was extremely impressed with Amanda in LOTP; maybe she just thought it was all an act until she witnessed Amanda’s instincts and selflessness first hand. While it appears to have been a fleeting revelation, I know the memory of that experience is still in there … somewhere! LOL

        Glad to be back dialoguing with you all about SMK! August was a long, grueling month, but I’m excited to get back just in time to see Lee looking incredibly dashing in blue. 🙂 I just LLLOOVVEE him up on that balcony (drool)!


        • Loving the spider hat or the beekeeper in mourning. And I have to agree with Iheartsmk, it is great to be back here, I hope I have escaped the vortex that is my real life. Let the SMK rabbit hole suck me back in, I have the wine right here with me.

          I do love the look on Lee’s face as he listens to Amanda explain the case to everyone. He isn’t looking like he is proud of his prodigy, even though I see pride there. It looks more as if he is admiring Amanda for who she is completely unrelated to himself. I think he is amused, impressed, enjoying it and I kind of think it is exciting him too. I think Lee would really like a woman who could hold her own in this business. I think that part of Lee is taking notice too…

          As for Lee on the balcony. Um yes, he is looking particulary strong and masculine up there. But I am think part of that is because something is happening in his life that is bringing out the best of that strong, masculine quality in him. It always seems to come out when a man begins to relate rightly with a strong and beautiful feminine person as well. Recognizing the reality of that in his life will unleash the best of the man in him. At least I would like to think of it that way 😉


    • Speaking for myself- I love totally frivolous! 😉


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