8b/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Well put me in the naughty corner! 😉 Sorry everyone.. I am belatedly inserting this scene..  I somehow erased this from the start of post 9 – forgive me!!
I wouldn’t want to miss Babymoon! Winking smile
Thanks Lyssa for noticing!! Smile
We continue..
Amanda: This is an emergency. Somebody come in please!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001585236The baddies are very close behind them..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001589095Lee: Hold on, Amanda, this is going to get rough.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0015929573.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001594265
[Ah what a contrast to Travis’ “Fasten your seat belt little honey!“]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001595432
Rogan: They’re heading for the fire road. We’re right on their butt.
[Butt?? did Rogan just say Butt? Lee’s butt..hagoaoug ahem.. ]
Amanda: Hello! Does anybody hear me?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001605760Trucker: This is Baby Moon, Little Darlin. What’s your problem? [whahaha!!! Little darlin?! ahhh miss ya Travis!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0016078293.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001609623[Lee’s hair is suddenly looking awfully perfect no?!]
Amanda: Hello Baby Moon. We need the Police.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001613181Baby moon:  Uh Honey, I’ll try old Smokey but I know he’s over in the next county.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001615825Lee:  Nooo there’s no time for that! …
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001617297
…Tell him he’s gotta relay an SOS for us.

The shot cuts to a wide shot of the truck racing along the dirt road as we hear Lee’s voice over add: Call International Federal Film in Washington.

[I think they added that in later.. but umm what about IFF’s cover?? I mean you can’t exactly say on the CB all these government codes.. how bizarre.]
Amanda:  You’ll have to relay an SOS for us.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001622327Lee: 4-Delta-Charlie.
Amanda:  4-Delta-Charlie.
Lee: Red Bravo 33.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001624995
[Aie! why doesn’t Lee know the phonetic alphabet?? isn’t it international?? and suppose to be Romeo Bravo 33?!]
Amanda:  Red Bravo 33.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001626480Baby moon: I copy Little Darlin’. Baby Moon over and out. [lol how did Trucker babymoon know that the code was finished? maybe there was more to the code? rofl.. I guess he must have read the script Winking smile ]
Now she’s done with the CB radio.. Amanda can actually stop and think about where they are and where they are headed! She braces her leg up on the dashboard.. lol!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001634681Amanda: Lee, you’d better turn around. There’s something wrong with the way we’re headed.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0016361773.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001636666Lee: I can’t turn around!…
[Are you crazy woman??!!]
…What’s wrong with the way we’re headed?
Amanda: I don’t remember but I’ve been hiking up here before.
Lee:  Well think!
Amanda: I’m trying!…3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001647494

…Oh, I remember! Stop!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0016498523.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001650656Lee: Why?
He tells her to think.. and then when she says stop he doesn’t listen to her anyway. lol!
Lee sees what’s ahead of them! (rofl!! Love the look on his face!)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0016521943.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001652659
Amanda:  It dead-ends!…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001657123
We see exactly what it dead-ends into!
…Into a pond.
Love the looks here between Lee and Amanda!! so funny!!!3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001659517
Amanda turns to look at Lee.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001659809
Lee turns back with the weirdest uh oh.. err I guess I should have stopped when you said’ kind of look!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001660262
He looks so funny!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001660553
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0016614843.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001662232By the way – I love all the magically appearing foliage that’s behind them both when in the wide shot it was a wider pond!
Amanda looks away with a funny look of her own .3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001662567

[this pic is a meme waiting to happen!]
– I think it’s a ‘yer think?!’ kinda look.. what do you think? whatever it is .. she knows they are now in a whole heap of trouble!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001663413We see Rogan and his baddies pull up beside the pond – good thing he knew the road well and didn’t plough into the pond too or he would have landed right on top of Lee and Amanda in the truck!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001672692So we got to a commercial break here – wondering: Is this a dead end for Amanda and Lee literally and figuratively??!!!
We come back from the break with the shot of Lee and Amanda in chains
– which I’ve covered in post 9.
What do you make of this funny little car moment?! You think Lee should have stopped? I guess it was kinda tricky. If he had stopped the baddies would have caught them.. but.. Amanda did say stop! Smile tee hee.. look forward to hearing your thoughts! byeee for now.

Edited to add: Here’s lovesmk’s banner relating to this quirky little scene!

9 responses to “8b/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch

    It would have been dynamite if Lee and Amanda were able to weight down the accelerator, jump out into the vegetation and disappear before the baddies rounded the bend. Then all the baddies would see was the truck speeding into the scummy pond and think Lee and Amanda sank with it.


  2. Maybe if Amanda could have gotten Travis on the CB, he could have rolled in there and mowed them all down with his rig! LOL


  3. Travis again! Woo hoo! He can call me little honey, anytime!


  4. Totally tongue in cheek, but that look on Lee’s face in the picture where you notice how perfect his hair is…I bet he is taking exception to someone else calling Amanda “darling” 😉
    I like they way they are working together, Amanda takes Lee’s direction and Lee tries to listen to Amanda. I think he can’t respond to what she is telling him because the truck is moving too fast.


  5. I agree with everyone here about the great facial expressions of BB and KJ. And also agree with Melissa about Amanda again being a step ahead of Lee in the ep. She has more than proved valuable on this case. I did wonder where this little scene was. I just thought I somehow missed it somewhere.


  6. Love the great facial expressions here! As usual KJ a and BB are terrific!


  7. I just love this scene for the amazing facial expressions. We’ve come to expect them from KJ (and she doesn’t disappoint) but BB is great here too. And any reminder of Travis is a good thing 🙂
    I also discovered today that babymoon is a pre-baby couple break or a post-baby ‘stay at home’ break…


  8. Melissa Robertson

    Oh, I’m glad you added this!! I was wondering if you didn’t like this scene, but I didn’t want to complain about what you share in your wonderful blog 🙂

    I’m not sure if Lee would have had time to stop any ways…but it does seem to added to Amanda’s constantly being one step a head of him in this episode 😉


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