9/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We find Lee and Amanda have been chained together on the back of the truck.
Well.. technically the scene opens with two pairs of legs chained together..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001677650
Then the camera pans up and we find out it’s our favourite couple! (I do believe Lee’s foot is touching Amanda’s Winking smile )
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001683983
Things have gone from just went from bad to worse!
Chained to Lee? wait a minute!!.. what am I saying??!!!! Yeah!!! Amanda is chained to Lee!! Lucky woman!! tee heee…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001684994
Lee is preoccupied with figuring out what locks the cuffs are maybe.. but then they look up over to the baddies walking towards them..
Rogan: Hollis is right, Mr Sacker. If we kill them here, some of these men aren’t going to like it.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001689476Sacker: Take them out in the woods but I want them dead and I want them taken care of now.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001693677Hollis: Yes, sir.
(Hollis salutes Sacker and walks off toward Lee and Amanda..closely observed by Sacker and Rogan)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001696086As he gets in the truck, Hollis mumbles under 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001703945his breath to Lee and Amanda: …Well folks, time for a little drive in the country.

Sacker and Rogan in the distance watch them..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001704645Sacker: Watch him, see that he does his job.

We cut to Lee and Amanda looking at each other on the back of the truck. Swoony swoon swoon!!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001708437
I guess they can have no way of knowing if Hollis is friend or foe here.. Ohhhh swoon..
Both Lee and Amanda seem full of emotion here in this quiet moment.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001709040You see Lee stroking Amanda’s arms right when they are about to start driving there?? awh!!  I think Lee really wishes he wasn’t there but.. at the same time, he is glad he is there to help Amanda and look after her because this is officially no longer a chicken feed assignment!!! awhhhh..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001709206

They look so sweet in this moment.. the sun shining on their hair..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001709491
Lee is so tender with Amanda.. there is lots of eye speak/comforting going on!!
Ahhh this is one of those very rare moments in SMK where Amanda is on the left and Lee is on the right! (don’t ask me when is another time! maybe this is the only time?! Have we seen any other times so far? Be on the look out for moments in future eps! let us know if you see any!)

You know what.. it seems to me that once again it’s much earlier in the day!! It’s like when they were first captured it was getting dark, now they have been captured again it’s bright sunlight again!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001713716And we cut to IFF, where it also seems to be bright and sunny outside.. the day isn’t coming to an end at all?! The time is so weird in this episode!!!

In IFF, we cut to a very dark and serious looking room! lol!!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001718616
A big ‘PREDEC’ label is being ripped off a big book. whoa! The way that label gets torn off it looks like the prop guy did it in 10 seconds with some glue from the local kindergarten.. aaand this is some high security operating procedure of some kind? too funny.. 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001720525
Ok this is smk genius!
Billy: I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got to go on right about now.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001723328General Mailor: You’re asking us to go to a PREDEC 3 because some trucker named Baby Moon relayed an SOS to some CB Nut named GearJam Granny?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001733382[Okay, firstly.. GearJam Granny?! flippin hilarious!!!! This makes me think of Gruvy Granny!! if you are out there- hiya Gruvy Granny!
Secondly, earlier when the baddies were discussing the plan.. they discussed PREDEC2?!
And Thirdly, you gotta go to PREDEC anything because you just ripped open THE book!!]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001734096

The look Billy gives in response seems to be an ‘I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s serious and it’s true- Lee and Amanda are in trouble!’
LOL I think now Billy knows how Amanda feels when she has to relay things that sound ridiculous but are true!
Billy: That message that those “nuts” relayed just happened to include the call letters for one of my best agents.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001735417[ah bless him… if Lee says it.. that’s enough for Billy!]
General Mailor: Gentlemen, [Yep! all men! Sad smile ] …I don’t have to remind you that a PREDEC 2 entails evacuating the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the underground White House. Now we’d better be damn sure of ourselves. [great but why are we discussing PREDEC2 when Billy asked for PREDEC 3?]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001740656Billy: We do know that the Washington communication lines are in danger – codename Red Bravo. That much the agent was able to relay to us.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001748408[Do you understand this to mean the Washington communication lines are in danger is the code ‘red bravo’?
I was kinda hoping it was the code for ‘imminent attack on president from nuttier than a fruitcake tax reformist’!]
Aaron Pressor: Why hasn’t this agent of yours been able to give us any more specific targets?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001759496Billy: Obviously they were in trouble just before the communications were cut off. If you’d ever been a field agent you’d know that…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001764728[Ouch.. insulting the guy might not help him to agree with you Billy.. lol this sounds like something Lee would say! Winking smile ] …Right now we don’t even know where they are.Gentlemen, the bottom line is—
Aaron Pressor: Excuse me, Mr Melrose. The bottom line is, we can’t take the chance this information is false. If this is a subversive (subversives??!!! where’s Travis when you need him!)
terrorist attack from the inside or part of a co-ordinate external attack on the United States, we have to secure the safety of the President and his Joint Chiefs of Staff. I’m afraid if there’s any threat at all, we have no choice but to initiate a PREDEC 3, and be prepared for PREDEC 2 state of alert.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001771463[lol I thought the guy was going to disagree with Billy.. but seems he has agreed! who is this Aaron Presser anyway?! Maybe he is secret service.. he seems to outrank the general and Billy in making this decision?? anyone?]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001793273General Mailor:  You’d better be right on this one, Mr Melrose.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001794743

Billy:  Yes, sir.
[ahhh Billy treats Generals with respect.. unlike Lee!] Billy is looking quite glum.. I guess because he is concerned for Lee and Amanda..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001795711Man the whole PREDEC 2/3 business is confusing.. they should have said that in the first place. you listen to the conversation wondering why they are discussing two different things! Meh! but.. hey.. I can’t dis the writer too much.. I LOVE gearjam granny!!! yeeee haaaa!

We cut to the evil countryside again.. Hollis pulls up in the truck with Lee and Amanda standing in the back. whoa.. hope there’s no low lying branches over the road! ouch!

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001797684Lee and Amanda silently look at each other..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001802525
and wait to see what Hollis’ next move is as he gets out and joins them.
Hollis: We’d better hurry up – there’s not much time.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001812812Hollis starts unlocking the chains from around their ankles.
Lee: All right (alright!), now you’d better tell me just what the hell is going on here?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001815582Lee takes over with the keys as Hollis explains.
Hollis: Look, this thing has gotten way out of hand. Now I thought that I could handle it but I’m in way over my head.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001819570Lee: What is Sacker up to?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001824471Hollis (now much less cocky and more contrite!): I’m not sure. He’s got guerrilla teams blowing up Washington’s communication 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001826096network day after tomorrow but it’s just a diversion. I’m not sure what he’s really up to…

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001829171…He keeps talking about “revenge” but I don’t 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001839929know who, or how, or— I just think the man’s gone off the deep end.

Amanda and Lee react to a noise in the distance..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001841158
Amanda: Lee!
We see Rogan’s truck coming down the road towards them.
Hollis takes out his gun, like he was aiming it
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001845109on them and says to Lee: Look, hit me and make it look good!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001845951Lee doesn’t hesitate Smile 

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_0018462053.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001847137Hollis goes flying.. and so do Rogan’s bullets! 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001849499hitting all over the truck (Lee and Amanda are so lucky!) they jump off the truck to run away-their hands still chained together (did you see- Lee helps Amanda to jump! )
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001852288
but Amanda suddenly remembers..
Amanda: The key!
She turns back to get it but Lee stops her.
Lee: No time for it. Come on!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001854905Rogan’s truck arrives as Lee and Amanda disappear into the bushes.. so he gives the 3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001862928bushes one more spray of bullets – maybe to make himself feel better Winking smile
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001865961
Hollis all groggy struggles to his feet: Nothin’ I could do, he surprised me.

3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001869727Rogan snatches Hollis’ gun from him.
Rogan: Save the performance for Sacker. I’m not buying it.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001870973Now held at gunpoint, Hollis makes his way into Rogan’s truck. Guess Lee and Amanda are free for now!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_001877760
LOL! you can totally see the artificial lighting being reflected very un-naturally by the truck!

Any thoughts you’d like to share guys??!!! go for it!!!! Is PREDEC for real?!!! and all those levels?? do tell! And.. any interesting insights from looking at the script? I’ve got no time to look – so feel free to share with us anything interesting!!!byee for now! 

49 responses to “9/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch

    He will take no chances with the President! I like Aaron Pressor, he cuts to the chase. Bright red does stand out, but I’m still distressed that Amanda’s lost her red coat and whatever vital stuff she had in the pockets. They’re headed into the wilderness and it will get cold. The plus side of being chained together is they can’t get separated!


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  3. Gearjam Granny….That’s hilarious…..it’s does sound like my screen name…I am a gruvygranny though…..nothing old fashioned about this grandma….
    OH MY so swoony in the back of that truck….the unspoken words between them were explosive, the light touching with such need….they were boring holes into each other’s souls with those soulful looks….think I must watch this episode tonight after hubby goes to bed so I can swoon and drool in private! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the screen caps, iwsod!! They look sooo good here together, out in nature, with the sun shining on them, highlighting their hair…touching…..staring into each other’s eyes….sweet!

    I think Lee is really concerned here until Hollis clues them in that he’s on their side. Amanda looks very frightened and Lee is picking up on that and doing his best to comfort her. I wonder if she is picking up on Lee’s concern here.

    Ahhh, now we know why Lee used Red instead of Romeo – Red Bravo refer to the communication lines…wonder what Romeo Bravo refers to? Lee’s backup codename if Scarecrow didn’t stick? LOL 

    Love how Billy puts that guy in his place – stick a pipe in it – you’ve never been a field agent! Ha! And good point, why didn’t they try to get a hold of Travis on the CB? He’s the first one I would have called!

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Romeo” and “Bravo” stand for “R” and “B”, respectively, in the international phonetic alphabet. When Lee identifies himself to Hollis earlier, he says he is “Scarecrow, 7 Alpha” which would mean 7-A. Hollis calls himself “Delta 5”, but I’m not sure why he used “SC” when giving his security clearance, instead of “Sierra Charlie”. (OK, OK, I’m showing off. I’ll stop now.) Boo at no code name for Amanda.


  5. Really enjoying all the walkthroughs, but particularly this one. I am planning to look at all the good scenes (heck, all of it) again soon. My inner pedant wonders if we have missed a bit (a very boring bit where Lee ignores Amanda and they crash in the water) or whether I am remembering something from another episode. I suppose I will have to force myself to watch the whole episode again just to check 🙂

    BTW – off topic, can anyone remember a scene in an episode where a message from Amanda is delayed and either Billy or Lee says something along the lines of any message from Mrs King is Priority One’ ? It is driving me mad trying to remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome Lyssa!!!! I just checked – you are right!! This is so weird! I actually wrote up that scene where Lee ignores Amanda and they end up in the water.. but it seems to have vanished.. whoa!!
      It’s a small scene but a good one! so what I’ll do is I’ll insert a post between post 8 and 9 which covers this scene.

      I confess I am under lots of pressure in RL at the moment.. which is why I haven’t noticed – but I’m really glad you did!

      Whoooo where did the scene go?? into the Jwwm rabbit hole?! Thanks again Lyssa!


      • What confused me is that the screen cap of the vehicle arrive in the pond actually showed up as the ‘header’ photo in the wordpress app for post 8. I blame WordPress; I think it ‘ate’ part of your post, iwsod 🙂


        • LOL you are too kind! 😉 The dog ate it!

          No I think what I must have done in my current craziness is cut it off the end of post 8 (as the post was getting too long) and forgot to add it to the start of post 9. My bad.. but really glad it was picked up by Lyssa. It’s a cute scene.. I”m just putting post 8b (lol) together now 🙂

          Yeah lovesmk has done the headers and they sometimes mix various scenes – which can go over different posts.. so you never know what you might see in them! 🙂
          I actually have a couple of nightcrawler headers that are amazing but I figured best to hold off on that because it’s not fair to put all that goodness up and then ask you not to discuss it! tee hee.. what torture!!

          Liked by 1 person

      • I noticed the scene was gone but just figured Iwsod had some deep and meaningful reason to leave it out. Trusted Iwsod’s good judgement completely! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think the scene where Lee says that messages from Amanda King are now Priority One is in ***** !

      [Iwsod has edited this out..as it refers to a future episode (with details too)
      – Jestress will maybe share this spoiler over at Nedlindgers if we are lucky 🙂 ]


      • Oi!! That’s a blatant spoiler Jestress!!! 🙂

        Great info.. but please – head on over to Neds for that!! 🙂
        [Or iwsod will ‘kick some butt and take some names’ – whahahahahaa.. I’ve just been looking at Travis!]


      • Welcome to the “naughty kids’ corner” Jestress. Although I hope Iwsod notes that I have been on my most bestest behaviour of late. 😉


        • I have noticed! How have you found it kiwismh?? has it altered your experience of the walk through?

          I appreciate you not jumping ahead – thanks!

          but.. don’t be worrying about it Jestress – it’s all good!!


        • At least Iwsod is nice about how she puts us in the ‘naughty corner’ (I’ve been there too 😉
          My boss put me in the ‘naughty corner’ during a meeting on Monday and I’m still smarting about how she did it two days later!!


          • Oh noooo!!! that stinks!!! Sorry to hear that Learjet!!

            well I am in the naughty corner for stuffing up and skipping a very groovy little scene 🙂 and am about to rectify that now! 🙂


    • Welcome along Lyssa101. 🙂


    • Please let me add my welcome as well, Lyssa! And we all tend to be pedants here at one point or another and appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the blog and continue to comment!


  6. Just think about the “practicalities” of it Learjet…. think about it… 😯


    • Arghhhh! Pfaffing WordPress. That was supposed to be a reply to your comment Learjet. Sorry for any befuddlement caused folks.


      • Message received kiwismh;) I’m thinking about a certain vitally important scene that is coming up soon (well the first of two)…


    • SMK doesn’t always deal in practicalities, does it? Personally, I find the whole chained together plot device a bit over the top, but it has its uses — as I will explain later.


      • ROFL happycamper!
        You experiencing some deja vù??!!
        I’m sure KJ was when filming this..

        I can hear it now – BB what are you complaining about?! when I was in Charlie’s angels I had to run like this with 3 of us chained together!!!
        BB responds: yeah but at least you got to do it without having to keep your hair perfect!
        [I note in the image how utterly ridiculous both Jaclyn and Farrah’s hair are- soo styled and they’ve been in prison?! what was it the Beauty school prison?! but.. KJ’s hair actually looks feasible.. good on KJ! I can imagine she had to fight for that.. like many things!!]

        Okay! I really gotta run! been lovely but I have to scream err I mean run off now byeee!!


  7. My goodness, the swoon factor is off the charts in this episode. Walking through these episodes this way and being able to really look at some of the scenes up close this way is so amazing. Even with all the craziness that is swirling around them Lee and Amanda have that brief moment to share a bit of peace with one another. So much seems to be said in that fleeting moment. They are able to say to much with just a look. And they look so great together here. More heavy, deep sighing here.

    I don’t think I have ever heard of PREDEC. I don’t think it’s real. I have heard of DEFCON, which is defense readiness condition. It’s an alert system used by the armed forces. DEFCON 5 is a low level of readiness whereas DEFCON 1 is the highest level. Not sure at what level the President might be evacuated. I think on 9/11 we were at DEFCON 3.


    • And the President was evacuated from Washington on 9/11, if I remember correctly, to Air Force One.

      Never heard of PREDEC either. What do we think it stands for?


      • I believe President Bush was at a school in Florida when he was notified of the attacks. From the school he was taken to AF One. He was taken to an AF base in Louisiana, then moved to a bunker at another AF base before he eventually went back to DC.


      • I was wrong – he wasn’t evacuated from DC. He was in Florida that morning and did board Air Force One, stopped in Louisiana and Nebraska, then returned to Washington 9 hours later. Apparently the real “underground White House” is actually under the White House.


    • Totally agree about the swoon/squeeeeeee! factor of this episode. People are surprised to find out that I am a hopeless (hopeful?) romantic at heart, but I get easily annoyed if I feel like my emotions are being manipulated (which are most movies/tv shows). SMK will always have a special place in my mushy heart because of the beautiful, slow evolution of their relationship.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I am so glad you captured that moment in the back of the truck in 4 frames. I love the look they share and it is such a fleeting moment. It is such an intimate, personal exchange. I think it is so full of meaning, but blink and you miss it.
    My life seems to be spiraling out of control at the moment/ I wish I could spend more time with this episode. But I like the little snippets we are walking through. All these fleeting moments add up to such a special moment. Ahh, I love Smk, even when real life isn’t fun.


    • I’d never noticed how they look at each other despite watching this scene many times. They really rely on each other for the strength to cope with a difficult and uncertain situation.
      Sorry you’re having a rough time in RL, Morley 😦
      It’s great that we can escape into our shared fantasy world of SMK


      • Almost seems like these looks are foreshadowing of what is coming. Oh, but I am not running ahead, don’t have time anyway.
        And, thanks, Learjet. You are all a great part of an amazing escape!


      • I like this moment because it seems so natural. In season one sometimes it seemed at least for Lee, relying on Amanda was not something he wanted to be left to, rather she was the only one he could, and even then being the loner he was he still refused sometimes, but Amanda came through anyway. I think now they have had to rely on each other so many times out of pure necessity, and even more to the fact have managed to come through for each other so many times even when the other didn’t think they could, that now relying on each other for strength is as natural as breathing. Says a lot about how far they have come, especially for Lee. I don’t think he’d ever admit out loud just how much he depends on Amanda because for so long he believed he couldn’t count on any one but himself it’s probably a little scary for him that he depends on her so much, but at the same time it’s also become pure instinct for both of them.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I had this post up on my computer the other moment as my little girl walked by. She is at the age where she likes to notice people kissing, she always thinks it means they are going to get married. She saw those pictures of Lee and Amanda sanding in the back of the truck and remarked that Lee was going to kiss her and theyu would get married. She hasn’t seen the show ever, but she noticed the romance between them. That is what I see in that scene, not just comfort and friendship, but there is longing in their looks at each other.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. According to the script, Aaron Pressor is head of Presidential Security. In the script the scene at the Agency takes place before Hollis takes L&A for their little drive the woods.
    Also in the script Amanda drops the key and Lee pulls her on saying there’s no time to pick it up. I’m glad the scene the filmed was changed so it wasn’t Amanda being clumsy that left them chained together.
    Okay, from this point onwards I always imagine them not chained together… but I’ll get to that in the next post. 😉


    • The script for this episode (and other early season 3 episodes) seem to paint Amanda as a bit ditsier than the filmed version, and L&A’s relationship as more adversarial than what we see: a lot of KJ and BB input? Also prefer the version we got.
      That ‘not chained’ teaser has aroused my (ever active) curiosity…


      • From what I recall, KJ really became involved with the show in season 3 to get it back on track. And I am eternally grateful.


        • Absolutely! And we got four seasons, each with its own ‘personality’. So us die-hard fans can choose a season based on our mood at the time. Ironically, I think this is part of the reason SMK didn’t outlast four seasons – its character changed over the four years.


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