16/16 Season Three, Episode 7: Utopia Now-Scarecrow and Mrs King

In gratitude for your wonderful, supportive attitude everyone – I’m going to go right ahead without delay and finally cover the tag- Utopia now?? Indeed!!!!
Grab hold of your picnic baskets!! we are in for some swoony detail!!!!!
In the bullpen, Amanda hangs up on Dotty, and Lee approaches..
Amanda: Hello there.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002749582Lee: Hi.
They are both extra bright and animated here no?? !!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002750083Amanda:
Well, thanks for the picnic…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002751084
Lee chuckles a bit
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002752686
Noting Amanda’s lack of I told you so over the ‘chicken feed assignment’? I tell ya- I can’t wait to read Morley’s stories for this one!!
Amanda seems keen to get out of there.. she picks up her picnic basket and briskly walks out of the bullpen with Lee accompanying her.
Amanda continues: … You sure know how to give a girl a good time.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002754187
[Seems Amanda is playing it light, as they head out of the bullpen.. ah! the mysterious picnic basket is back! Is she going to go along with it meaning nothing?? Shades of the tag to Ship of Spies??]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002754387
[Amanda is a tiny bit blurry.. but just look at the expression Lee gives her in response Winking smile ]
Lee: Well, you make a pretty mean chicken sandwich.  [whoooo!!! so he ended up eating it after all??!! There’s gotta be a fan fic for that! Almost as tasty as humble pie! 😉 ]
(they are partly obscured here by the glass doors)
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002755388Amanda: Oh my BLT’s even better.
Lee: Oh, toasted wheat, pressed bacon, touch of mayo?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002759426[I’m hearing ‘crisp bacon’ but I’ll go with kiwismh’s ears!]
Aie!! you two!! I’ve just OD’d on the light small talk!!! I like the thought that Lee is yet to sample all of Amanda’s cooking talents..
Amanda: Just a touch. 
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002760927Lee:  Sounds perfect.
[ohhh close your eyes and listen.. they’re not talking about sandwiches are they?! tee hee]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002761227
Now they are out in the hallway, Amanda turns to Lee..
Amanda starts:
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002761928Amanda pauses a moment.
Lee responds with a: hmmm?
–oh my.. slowing it down.. I think Amanda licks her lips and looks at Lee’s mouth!!! and No I am not imagining it!!! I’ve never seen that before!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002762696
Amanda takes a breath… [You want detail?? you got it!! ] Lee seems to wait patiently, and attentively.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002763697
She reaches out and almost touches his lapel.. [as she loves to do Winking smile  and we love to dream of doing Winking smile]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002764798
[btw- I don’t see Lee minding a bit]
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002765699and she begins to speak: About last night-
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002766599
Lee immediately responds gently with: I know, I know.
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002767901He looks at the ground..
[What’s going on here with Lee everyone?? In denial?? Is he feeling a bit guilty about his lapse in self control by the campfire?? Scared to go there?? Giving Amanda an out because he doesn’t think she’d want to go there?? Or curious?? happy to keep pretending? thoughts?? everyone?? come on!! do tell!!! no right or wrong answers here!! Just lots of fun exploring!!!]
Lee continues:  It was just two cold people-
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002768802(at this point Amanda starts speaking at the same time.. both of them waving their arms and neither meeting the other’s eyes)
Lee: –two cold people seeking / Amanda: – Two people, just—
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002769602Lee finishes:
– a little warmth…
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002771304Lee smiles and looks at Amanda.. what do you make of Lee here?? reassuring?? pleading?? playing it as relaxed? Questioning?? I’m just throwing options out there I’ll share below what I think when the tag is finished.
Lee adds with a smile: – right?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002772005They look at each other silently for a beat.
cue the romantic music.. there’s another revelation taking place..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002772706Amanda begins to smile..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002773506Amanda answers: Not exactly!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002775408with a  chuckle and a big grin!!
Lee is speechless..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002775909
and Amanda turns and walks off and leaves him to his thoughts – love how Amanda walks off almost chuckling to herself..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002776509And Lee?
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002777110
He looks after her, watching her walk away as he processes her answer- what do you make of his expression everyone??!!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002777711Lee is catching flies – do you have that expression or is that an Australian thing?? that you stand there with your mouth gaping?!
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002777811
The episode ends here..
3.07 UTOPIA NOW.avi_002778611I guess as Raffie would say – BB leaves lots of ambiguity here for us to play with Winking smile
I think Lee is a bit stunned and intrigued – that’s what I’m going with!!! Right at this moment, I don’t see Lee respond with fear or anger.. he’s curious.. surprised and kind of impressed that Amanda has responded as she did!!!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think.. squeeee!!!
So much is unsaid as they make small talk about the sandwiches.. I think it’s a sort of replay of
the Ship of Spies tag – they act like what happened was nothing more than the job..(hoo haa that’s some job! Winking smile )
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002766499
The banter over the sandwich is like a little exchange with that vibe – let’s pretend nothing happened.. it was just all part of the job.. but then.. out in the hallway, this begins to play out differently.. Whereas in Ship of Spies Lee broached the subject of what had happened – this time.. Amanda did….
Do you think she planned to?
Or did she change her mind halfway through listening to Lee pretend it was just two cold people seeking warmth?!
I think there will be some different ideas about all this..  hope so!! 🙂
At the moment, I’m thinking that having that same conversation with Lee – brushing it off like it was just the job – Amanda noticed that Lee seems different  (I’ll get back to that!) and so is Amanda! She’s okay with the pretending and playing the game.. but if they are going to pretend, she wants them both to admit that’s what they are doing.. and this is why she hits Lee with ‘not exactly’ and then doesn’t wait for him to respond- or even given him a chance to – he doesn’t need to.. and she doesn’t want to force anything.. She knows from his reactions at the campfire that he isn’t yet able to put anything into words –  she just wanted to put it out there! Does that make sense?

Because it is new and they are unsure and it’s scary, I think Amanda understands and accepts the need (for now) for a pretence.. but she wants them both to know that is what this is.. and that what happened by the campfire wasn’t just two cold people- it was very real.. and special.. and not exactly just two cold people Winking smile It’s like now it’s dating but they aren’t calling it dating and they know it 😉 lol!

I think smk gives us fans a lot of room to theorise on the character’s internal journeys at this point.. and my views may change..but at this point, I see Lee as being a little impressed with Amanda and her assertiveness (amongst many things!).
By comparing Lee in the tag of Ship of Spies to here – the difference in him speaks volumes to me.. In Ship of Spies – Lee is anxiously back peddling..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002755088
intensely trying to convince himself that nothing of significance happened when he married Amanda (whaaaaha!!)
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002759592
And Lee is relieved when Amanda agrees there was nothing more to it..
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002777911
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002780313here?? In Utopia Now?? I don’t see any anxious back peddling. Lee is different.. I think the way he asks ‘right?’ he was tentatively testing Amanda – and giving her the chance to respond.. he wasn’t about to point out that there was more to it than the job..but there was no adamant back peddling like there was in Ship of Spies. I have to go back and watch that ep now!! 🙂
In earlier viewings I’ve seen Lee here in this moment as similar to Ship of Spies – wanting to pretend like nothing happened.. because that’s what the words are saying – but I see it differently now – to me I don’t see his words being backed up by how he is behaving.. he isn’t frantically trying to convince Amanda..  he’s not freaking out!
So in contrast to the end of Ship of Spies,  the words that match their actions are spoken between them by Amanda – very briefly, and only hinting.. but it’s enough – this is more than just the job.. something  happened.. there is something there.. At least this is how I see it.. And this fits with how I saw both of them by the campfire as having an inkling that they both have real feelings for each other.. but it’s too soon to fully declare anything.. when they are unsure of themselves, each other and these new growing feelings between them you know? I like that Amanda’s answer in essence says – I’m not sure what is is.. but it’s something!! It’s not nothing!!
Sorry!!!!! I ramble!!!!

The tag of Sour Grapes? Would you like me to do up a post for us to discuss the order more fully??  I see the Sour Grapes tag coming after this moment.. yes it is another contrivance of Lee’s.. but it’s not about the job.. and he is so obviously making an excuse that I see it as the two of them having admitted there’s something between them – they both know it, but they are not ready to own it completely..say the words- you know? And thus, the ‘knowing’ look and big smile from Amanda when Lee suggests Penny made him promise..
3.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_0027664523.06 SOUR GRAPES.avi_002767081
whoooo I think it balances well with Amanda stepping up a little here in this tag. as in the next, Lee steps up – but is thwarted by Dotty! Gah!!

Okay well I am busting to hear what you all think!! I am sorry I’ve rambled on so much.. do feel free to also ramble away as much as you like (just don’t jump ahead Winking smile and stick to smk chatter yeah?! Smile ) oh and one more thanks to Kiwismh for transcribing this episode! Smile Job well done Kiwismh!! Without it I think we’d still be up to Lee looking at the agency map 😉

I will be reading all your comment and relishing them  – as you guys share your thoughts on this final part of the episode, and the episode as a whole, and how you see the characters at this point – can’t wait!!!

I’ve adjusted the header to the tag header, and then over the coming weeks I’ll add the Action Lee utopia now banner.. hoo haaa.. I think I’m beginning to understand why this episode was called ‘Utopia Now’!! Sooo stay tuned on that one! as we are finishing up Utopia Now- I’m happy to linger a bit longer on this episode and give plenty of room for everyone to discuss.. haven’t even mentioned the scripts’ version of this episode’s ending.. feel free to discuss away!

It’s going to be 3 or 4 days before I get the next post written I think.. life’s busy! But next up is a post on the order of Season two episodes, then Reach for the Sky!!!  I’m wondering how Reach for the Sky will fit into the sour grapes/utopia now episode order  thing but if you want to discuss now (without taking into account Reach for the sky) No problem- I can create a post just let me know.
Byeee now!!!

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  1. Amandarambler

    Alas, I went through all the posts for this ep and saw no screenshots of the Vigilant, but I would love to hear if anyone else has ever noticed it or another RV that looks like it at Sacker’s camp.

    As for this episode, I feel strongly about it coming before Sour Grapes – I actually love Morley’s revised order for all of Season 3. But you know, things have been gradually getting more and more real betwen them all season, and especially in this Utopia Now tag. And Lee leaves his keys in the car twice in Sour Grapes, seemingly (IMO) to really skedaddle to open the car door for Amanda, and so I kinda feel like the sweet flutters of a potential blossoming relationship kinda still have him on his heels and sweetly off balance a tiny bit following Amanda’s “Not exactly”.

    My rambles probably never make sense the way I mean for them to. But then maybe I’ve got a Billy out there who almost always follows me and it bothers them a bit. 😉😁

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  2. #Rewatch
    Yet another interesting scene..worth comparing with SOS.
    In SOS..I feel Lee was afraid if Amanda knew how he felt..was afraid she was not on the same page as him….so,before,Amanda could say anything,he prefered to shut off whatever he felt and took charge of the conversation.

    Here,Lee and Amanda knew exactly where they were in their relationship..Yet,i see him very vulnerable when Amanda initiated the conversation abt “last night”….He tried ever so reluctantly to deny the passion but was plesantly surprised when Amanda acknowledged the passion between them..😍😍😍😍
    For me, i would go with UTOPIA before SOUR GRAPES👍

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  3. #2019 rewatch

    I adore Amanda’s unpredictable, “Not exactly.” It gives Lee something to think about. The ball’s in your court now, Lee! Whatcha gonna do?

    Great selection for October, Cindy!


  4. #2019rewatch

    I think that, in the past, when they have had these conversations explaining away things that had happened between them as just part of the job, Lee always initiates them and comes from a place of arrogance that any woman would obviously read more into their intimate encounters so he has to make sure Amanda knows that none of it was personal. But she always agrees so easily and quickly that of course it was business that it kind of bruises his ego a little.

    But this time when he almost kissed her in the swamp, he knows it wasn’t just business. When she initiates the conversation, I think he’s expecting more of an ego-bruising than he can handle so I see him kind of slump with his, “I know, I know…” and then decide to minimize what happened himself because it will hurt less than if she says it.

    So when she comes back with the “not exactly,” he is so shocked and can hardly believe he hasn’t taken the hit he was braced for.

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  5. It looks like I’m alone in this thought, but to me, it looks like Amanda does not walk away with a “chuckle and a big grin,” she looks a little annoyed or irritated at his attempt to diminish the experience. I probably only say that because my mother-in-law has an Amanda-ish personality and when she gets ticked she manifests the “smiling snarl” that I perceive of Amanda here. UN probably precedes SG. This is fun because hubby is watching season 3 with me right now and he has had the privilege of watching in the better order as established by this group. 🙂 Thanks y’all.


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  7. Wow. So enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on the Utopia Now tag. My thoughts run a little like this –

    I’m one of those (few) who think that Amanda and Lee have been spending several evenings together. Lee has been carefully exploring the “dating scene” with Amanda. He’s finding himself interested more and more in her life and her as a total package. He’s still unsure where she stands at this point. I believe he realized early-on that she had a bit of crush on him. Now, however, she’s not falling for his charm as quickly, she’s pushing back occasionally, and she’s his friend. He’s proceeding very cautiously, and the almost-kiss has knocked him for a bit of a loop. The tag is his attempt to clarify what ground he’s on. She appeared to be a willing participant in that almost-kiss, so maybe she’s interested in taking this deeper. Still, he’s not sure, so he reverts back to the usual “it was just two people …” Her “not exactly” reply leaves him a little stunned. More like “whoa, what??”

    As to Sour Grapes before or after. I can actually see it work either way. Just for the sake of arguing SG before UT: Playful Lee wanted to test the waters and used Penny as an excuse for a playful kiss, a “peck” so to speak. The almost-kiss in UT would have been a natural followup because it would have had serious undertones, especially following their discussion about how much they valued each other – definitely more than a peck. Their work as a married couple in SG underlined much about how well they work together, so UT is a natural followup of them working well without explanations of every move. They use “eye talk” very well in UT, which follows his acceptance of her quickness in figuring things out in SG. This is why I can see it working either way.

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  8. I think I just love their ease of being around one another and working with each other and anticipating the other ones moves or thoughts….they pretty much have a working marriage……they are becoming so close but because it’s been so gradual, it hasn’t really sunk in yet….and….Lee is still fighting it and Amanda is uncertain about Lee’s stability to a committed relationship, (his play boy reputation is probably still popping up in her head every time her heart strings are pulled)! I’m fighting for them and I’m impatient…..get to the good stuff!!!!


  9. Awww…thanks everyone for sending the welcome wagon!

    I thought I remembered seeing another Michigander here, Valerie. I’m about halfway between Detroit and Lansing. Where are you?

    You score 8 paws out of 8, Raffie! Two golden retrievers it is. And if I can figure out how to create an avatar, you’ll likely be seeing them.


    • Um…the box was supposed to be a smiley. It worked last night… 😦


    • I am in Royal Oak, actually not far from the Detroit Zoo.


    • 2Goldens: Welcome from North Carolina, but I am actually a Jersey Girl. I am fairly new here too and love this blog. It is fun to read IWSOD episode review and then all the comments that follow. This was a great tag. I agree with Cindy Davis comment about “the ball is in your court now.” As for the episode order, in my opinion Utopia Now needed to come before Sour Grapes. After Amanda’s comments in UN, it makes the tag in SG make a lot more sense.


    • Melissa Robertson

      Welcome 2Goldens it’s great having you on the blog. I’m about two hours south of you in Buckeye land…but don’t hold it against me because I’m a transplant from Virginia 🙂 My husband’s from Michigan (Adrian) so I’m a U of M and Tigers fan!


  10. It seems that there were many episode (not just SOS) where Lee reminds Amanda that it is just business, not personal and that there is nothing going on between them. I wish I could remember another example at this time, but I’m sure this conversation has happened several times. This time, though, Amanda starts it. Maybe she was just expecting Lee to go there as he has in the past and she beats him to the punch so to speak. I agree that Lee is not enthusiastic about responding. He’s not sure where Amanda is going with this. He wants it to mean more, but will let Amanda off of the hook if it didn’t mean anything to her. Like everyone else, I love Amanda’s not exactly line and Lee’s reaction.
    As far as episode order, I agree UN before SG, but I do have one small problem. I agree that the almost kiss in UN should be before the almost kiss in SG. In UN the kiss was a “heat of the moment” thing. Take away the baddies chasing them, it would actually be a romantic setting. They are under the stars, in each others arms, by a fire. They are having a very personal conversation, but then they are so close and looking at each other. Now that this kiss was broken up, Lee realizes that he really wants to kiss Amanda, and uses Penny as an excuse. I also see Amanda’s flirty “Not exactly” coming after Lee’s “technique” of asking Amanda out at the end of ALLA. Then in SG Lee is getting the car door for her and they are holding hands all of the time.
    My only problem is that it really seemed like Amanda was going to say “I love you” in UN. I see her falling in love with Lee at that point, but not to the point of admitting it quite yet. I realize that she stopped because she knows that neither one of them are ready for that step yet.


    • Hi Everyone – what a fabulous episode this has been!! I have really enjoyed hearing all your takes on Lee and Amanda and on what’s going on in the tag..

      I don’t know if this is a cop out (LOL) but I pretty much agree with everything you have all said!!! Because I think at this point Lee and Amanda are very jumbled up- things are not simple or clear..and they are experiencing multiple things at the same time.. I think Lee is hesitant.. but at the same time he is questioning.. at the same time.. he is giving Amanda an out, feeling guilty about ‘taking advantage’ (I can see Lee worrying about that with Amanda 🙂 love that!) and maybe just a little, he is reverting to his old way of saying it wasn’t personal.. when things are scary and new who could blame him?! 🙂 Lee’s everything all at once… but there’s a few things he isn’t.. He isn’t doing his frantic backpeddling like he did in Ship of spies, he isn’t horrified by Amanda’s not exactly (ha!) and he isn’t ready to put any words to his feelings for Amanda.. he isn’t ready to now start a serious full on declared relationship with her. (IMHO of course! 🙂 )
      After reading everyone’s comments.. this is what I’m going with 🙂

      Amanda is lots of things too.. I agree with LAAL-she’s not ready to declare her love.. and I figured by the campfire was when she truly realised how deeply she loves him – but she isn’t ready to act on it either.. facing death it was tempting to share this info with Lee in case they die.. but Amanda in the end was wise and didn’t give up hope of getting out alive (LOL!) and spill the beans!

      You guys rock! I was unable to get online yesterday and the night before.. had malware doing something weird to my internet connection.. but I’m back now.. and going to get started on writing Reach for the Sky.. will it be before or after SG? who knows.. we shall see – and hopefully discuss together as we progress through that episode!

      I think BB and KJ should be proud of the job they’ve done portraying these characters up to this point – our connection with the characters is very much thanks to them I think.. I wish KJ knew I appreciate her fighting for Amanda King’s character and reducing the silliness!! Even if it did mean she had to cop stupid sexist press at the time about being difficult.. ugh.. (if you are interested in this – there is a media thread over at Nedlindger’s for discussing this sort of thing further)
      Anymore thoughts on UN before I publish the episode order of season 2? well.. I’ll get back to publish that in about 10 hours..and.. posts never close! they are always open to add more to!
      Byee for now..


      • Hi Iwsod! Know you’ve been busy, but you’ve been missed and it’s nice to hear from you, as always. Also, loving everyone else’s comments.


        • Hi Valerie – you are so sweet – Thanks it’s lovely to know I am missed! I miss you guys!! but been loving reading all the discussion!


          • Hi Iwsod, of course you are missed! Glad you can pop into the rabbit hole now and then despite a crazy schedule. And hello and welcome to 2Goldens and Carol and any other delightful SMK lurkers! I am maintaining a bit of a low profile due to health but love all the discussion and new folks adding to the mix. Cheers!


            • Sending good thoughts and prayers to you, Jule! Remember chocolate is good for whatever ails you.


            • awh sweet thanks Jule!!! and I miss hearing from you too – but I know that you stop by as much and as often as you are able… 🙂 I guess we all do.. and in different ways at different times in our lives that frequency of visits will vary.. Real life needs to come first.. that’s the beauty of smk.. it enriches the real world.. and can fit around it when it needs to – I love that there are 88 episodes and there won’t be anymore.. haaaa am I evil to say that??!! but it’s good to know the episodes are finite.. so we can linger.. and just enjoy the journey..

              HOpe a little smk escape is therapeutic for ya Jule.. but no pressure – you are always welcome 🙂 as much or as little as you like!


              • Awwh, you guys are so sweet! RL can be so real sometimes 😉 But that’s why I love this blog and the Ned forum- you get to meet terrific and diverse people and share thoughts and chocolate in the many connecting rabbit holes we inhabit (of course Lee is there too, right?!). Cheers!


      • IWSOD – I agree that both BB and KJ did a great job with these characters. I did go over to Nedlindger’s and read the media thread. I am hoping to post my comments tonight.


    • Hi everyone! Is there room for one more down in the rabbit hole?

      I’ve loved SMK since it first aired in the ‘80s. I was just finishing college then and beginning my career. (I’m an accountant, so maybe I’ll get back to some thoughts on WTAMB at some point.) I videotaped the show then, I’ve watched it in reruns over the years, and last Christmas DH got me all four seasons on DVD. (If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is.) Shortly after that I discovered this wonderful, warm, homey space you’ve all created here. I’ve been quietly enjoying all of your conversations for several months now and, by gosh, this UN tag has finally convinced this introvert that she wants to join in the fun, too! This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a blog, so please forgive me for any breaches in blog etiquette.

      I, too, love this conversation between Lee and Amanda in the hallway and what it says about the changing dynamics of their relationship. Up to this point their “dance” has been all about keeping each other at a distance, each for their own reasons. When Lee looks down at the floor after Amanda mentions the previous night, yes, I see a little guilt for thinking he might have not acted honorably (I agree that Lee truly honors and respects Amanda), but I also see the disappointment of dashed hopes. Lee certainly had a revelation during this assignment about his feelings for Amanda. Perhaps, when Amanda begins the conversation “about last night” Lee automatically assumes that this will be their “business, strictly business” dance. After all, he’s the one who has usually led that dance and Amanda has always followed. But…holy cow!… things have changed for him and he doesn’t want to dance like that with her now! And maybe he feels a little trapped and disappointed because he believes that Amanda has bought into the strictly business mindset and he fears that it’s too late to change her mind? Or that he doesn’t know how to?

      However, Amanda’s been way ahead of him and SHE changes the music. I have fun imagining the next expression on Lee’s face once he’s finished catching flies. 🙂

      Good night from Michigan!

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  11. Maybe the “not exactly” is Amanda’s way of moving the relationship forward, if it is going to move forward. She is emotionally mature – more-so than Lee – so in a sense she is the one that has more of a handle on what’s starting to happen between them and she knows it would not be healthy for their friendship (and possibly more intimate future relationship) for them to continue to avoid giving it serious thought, i.e. each of them has to face and contemplate their feelings head on, not keep on avoiding or explaining away moments that are increasingly occur between them. In saying that I don’t think she is trying to make something happen In the short term, she just knows that in order for their friendship to remain healthy they have to start giving it some serious attention.
    It’s too soon for them to have that discussion with each other yet, but I think here she is attempting to nudge Lee into seriously having the discussion with himself (just as she need to have it with herself) so that eventually they can have the discussion with each other.


  12. I kind of thought that Lee might be giving Amanda an out with his comment. He’s used similar comments himself when he’s trying to back out of embarrassingly emotional situations, so I figured that he was allowing Amanda to do the same thing if she was having regrets about the way they’d acted and the almost-kiss. I’m not quite sure what to make of his expression, though. He’s certainly surprised. Happily, he doesn’t look upset or worried. He isn’t grinning, but he doesn’t look unhappy. I think he might still be in “Did she just say what I think she said?” mode.

    I wondered about chicken salad, too, but I think they just call them “chicken sandwiches,” not “chicken salad.” Maybe it’s just sliced chicken without mayonnaise.

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  13. Oh how I love this tag! And how I love this blog! I always assumed Lee was trying to minimize what had happened in the swamp (huge denial kicking in) but in light of many of your comments I will go back and watch the episode again and see if I detect any remorse or apology on Lee’s part. Yes, a huge burden for me, I know. 😉
    Oh My Heck — go Amanda! What a perfect comeback, perfectly delivered and WAY better than the scripted version of the tag. Ball is firmly in your court Superspy and what are you going to do about it? Seriously, my favourite tag (or maybe top two) of the series.
    Is it just me or anyone else worried about them getting food poisoning after eating chicken salad sandwiches that had been sitting in the truck all day and night?

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  14. Iwsod, could be crisp bacon. I’m a veggie so not too familiar with types of meat. The pig and I are both happy to gloss over that part. 😉


  15. I think I will just keep going… Glad to have time right now!
    I love the color choices of the tow tags, SOS and UN. SOS looks like it is in sepia, old fashioned, (maybe I have been looking at too many old family photos?). UN is so bright and colorful and alive. Hmm?


  16. I’m with those who think that Lee was feeling somewhat remorseful, as though he had betrayed Amanda’s trust. In that way, I don’t see him as fishing or looking for the conversation to go in the “not exactly” direction. He was giving Amanda an “out”, and the wonderment in his expression as she walks away shows that she has, yet again, surprised him. Not only in what she said, itself, but the cheeky way she said it. I think there might be a bit of “she got me that time” in his look, if you know what I mean. Fooled or caught off guard, flatfooted, without a comeback. There is also a touch of admiration.

    It’s not just the kiss that Lee has to feel remorse over. I’m sure he remembers, very well, her reluctance to share even a room in Weekend. She was uncomfortable to even sleep (which is, actually, a very personal and vulnerable time) with him in the room or able to come in. Since then, they of course have grown much more comfortable together, but I think he attributes it to her growing professionalism and willingness to do what is necessary. Now, (if we are accepting the chained together plot device) they have spent a night and more very much in each other’s space, something she was previously unwilling to do even for work, and he’s probably expecting her to be very uncomfortable with that. By almost kissing her at that time, he probably feels like he took unfair advantage of her in vulnerable circumstances.

    I’m squarely in the camp that says Utopia Now came before SG. I guess I could see SG’s tag happening at some point without the events of Utopia Now, but can’t see Utopia Now happening after the SG tag.


    • Again, it would be so much more meaningful especially in terms of Amanda’s journey if they weren’t chained together and she chose to spend the night sleeping close to him.
      It occurs to me that in or near a swamp you would want to sleep close anyway for safety.
      I like the concept of not being chained together as it would be so much more meaningful to where L&A are at in terms of their comfort level with each other now.
      And then there’s also the practicalities of being chained together, which we have already discussed. This silly plot device would necessarily have L&A getting intimately acquainted with each other in ways they probably don’t want to be…. sooooo, no chains in my SMK world as the scenario works so much better is so much more special without them.


      • I have been thinking about the chained together device after reading your comments. I guess that I think they still needed it. Meaning, I don’t think they would have had the same experience together if they hadn’t been. It was a bit metaphorical, but I just think there still was too much residue from the thought patterns that would have kept them apart. That chain and maybe even the practicalities of it would clean that residue right out. I am not one who takes the plot and realities of their situations seriously, I can jump over a plot crater in a leap and a bound with my eyes closed, but I wonder if agents aren’t trained to deal with personal needs and others taking care of their personal needs while tied up, etc. Maybe the whole experience was just one more thing that impressed Lee that Amanda was made of something that really would make her a good match for him?


        • I agree the chains are needed. The chains are important because Lee always tries to leave Amanda “in the car” and would have tried to leave Amanda by the wayside for her safety (even if that was beside a tree somewhere.) He would have felt obligated to try to protect her and his focus would have been on ditching her rather than working together for survival. She would have been fighting to stay by his side rather than their closeness being “required” and allowing the wonderful swamp scene to happen with the same dynamic. Amanda is used to camping and taking care of “personal needs” in the great outdoors and she is also a practical girl. But I bet all of this did impress Lee; Amanda is a real trooper!


    • I am with you happycamper I would also see UN before SG, for exactly the same reason.


  17. This tag wraps so uch up. “Thanks for the picnic” wraps up the whole conversation after they cross the covered bridge in the Jeep. Doesn’t Lee say something about the assignment not being a picnic? I think I shared how I see that crankyness of Lee’s as not being sure who to combine their work and growing personal relationship. If this comes right after the opera in ALLA he may still be gaurded in where he feels are wants this relationship with Amanda going, and he might have been worried about how she was viewing things. I can see Lee feeling compelled by his growing feelings for Amanda to take steps in getting to know her better outside of work and wanting to be with her, but also very conflicted about Agency protocol and his own view of himself as a bachelor, his freedom and who Amanda is and what she deserves. So he was a little defensive about Amanda mixing their work and growing personal relationship. Here in the tag Amanda’s wraps them all together. Which I think is kind of what this episode is about. Thanks for the picnic, it was no picnic, it was a scary assignment. But we did it, together, sharing our strengths, taking care of each other in our weaknesses. And sharing some pretty hones revelations as well as a rather heated, romantic and intimate moment. Yup he liked her chicken salad sandwich (which in and of it self is a loaded choice of a sandwich after DOA) .
    I kind of like the BLT conversation. It reminds me of the “I like blue curtains better” comment from TGTN. I find that little bit in the script interesting. Something about it being as close to perfect as you can get. Is that like close only counts in horseshoes? Doesn’t not exactly mean close but no cigar?

    Amanda has never felt the need to clarify anything before. Lee was always the one to do that. I don’t think Lee would have brought it up. I guess I am thinking he would have very cautiously pressed forward with her. Or maybe he would have tried to continue to ignore this growing attraction. I think he would have been unsuccessful.
    But I do agree with Raffie. I do think he had a bit of a guilty conscious about that kiss. I think he may have felt bad that he may have taken advantage of a scary situation and I think that is something that Lee Stetson wouldn’t want to do, especially with Amanda, no matter how much he wanted to. So when Amanda brings it up I think he sees the possible writing on the wall. Or else he jumps to what has always been his natural line. To make an excuse, can’t really talk about feelings, need to blame it on something.
    I love the “not exactly.” Amanda sure knows how to work with Lee. They were balanced on the case and balanced even here. She called him on the carpet, no more compartmentalizing, no excuses. She sees him and she lets herself be seen. But she doesn’t completely give it all away either. He needs to suss her out some more. I am thinking a guy like Lee would like that challenge. And she is so pleased with herself. I love it that she high tails it out of there leaving Lee with that look on his face.
    That look? What is that? He is flabbergasted, I think. Hope, fear,confusion all at the same time. I bet he never in a million years thought that she would ever say anything like that to him. I think the reality of this whole thing feels a bit surreal to Lee. And I kind of think he wasn’t sure if Amanda would feel the same way about him as he is beginning to be aware that he feels about her. And this “not exactly” is hope.
    Yes, I think this goes before SG. I think all of Lee’s behavior towards Amanda is an attempt to convey a positive response to what she left dangling in UN. I always read the kiss from Penny in the SG tag as Lee’s not exactly. I can hear Amanda saying something like, “Penny told you to give me a kiss?” and Lee responding with, “Not exactly.”

    And one last thing…
    If that kiss hadn’t been interrupted I imagine this tag reversed. I think Lee would have immediately felt guilty because he would have felt that he had taken advantage of the situation, and I think out of honor for Amanda he would have apologized. I imagine him thinking this would be the gentlemanly thing to do. But Amanda would have read it as Lee the womanizer taking the kiss back and she would have minimized it, to protect herself. And her minimization would have hurt Lee because he is aware that his feeling for Amanda are real and growing. But because they were in the middle of a dangerous case he would have put it aside until after the case. Which would bring us to the tag. I could imagine Lee wanting to talk to Amanda, to clear up his intentions about the kiss, that he had wanted to kiss her, that he hadn’t wanted it to be when it could be misconstrued as taking advantage of a situation. But Amanda would have cut him off, brushed it aside, maybe she would even have tried to laugh it off like she had been able to in the SOS tag. Maybe she would have said something about two cold people? To which Lee would have responded “Not Exactly” and walked off to Billy’s office or something, leaving Amanda flabbergasted in the hall.

    At some point these two are going to need to talk 😉 but I don’t see it happening anytime soon 😉 I think “not exactly” is as close to honest as these two will be with words at the moment. And close only counts in horseshoes 😉

    Alright, I am done with my novel now…

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    • I don’t know why I don’t proof read, sorry.
      I had one other thought about Lee’s “Two cold people seeking a little warmth, right?” In Latin a question can be written with the answer implied, it has something to do with the ending of the word. A question can be written with either a positive or a negative answer implied. I wonder which ending Lee’s “right” would have had if it was written in Latin? Would it have implied a “yes, of course” or a “no, not at all” response?


  18. Here’s the tag I have in my script copy. I like the filmed version but I wish they had amalgamated elements of both. The idea of the conversation taking place in the Corvette makes more sense, and having Dotty in at the end would help tie up with Dotty’s concern earlier in the show.
    Amanda’s more direct comment about them “going steady” is also intriguing. Did the writer intend for Amanda to be more forthcoming about her attraction to Lee?
    Jar of Moonshine?! Did they get drunk in the swamp? I must go back and read my script version again.

    As Lee’s Corvette pulls up and parks, we go inside to
    Amanda’s got her picnic basket and backpack on her lap. There’s a moment after Lee turns off the car as Lee and Amanda look at each other.
    AMANDA : Well, thanks for the picnic. (smiling) You really know how to show a girl a good time.
    LEE (shrugging) : You make a pretty mean chicken sandwich.
    AMANDA : I make a better BLT.
    LEE : Toasted wheat? No crust? Just a touch of mayo? (Amanda nods) Sounds perfect.
    AMANDA : As close as you can get.
    (beat) Lee, about last night it was…
    She hesitates, groping. Lee hesitates too, as their eyes meet saying a lot more than the words they can’t find. Finally-
    LEE : I know…just two cold people seeking a little warmth. Right?
    AMANDA : Right. Cold people trying to get warm.
    Another look between them, then Amanda takes the jar of moonshine out of the basket.
    AMANDA : You’d better keep this, A memento.
    Lee pulls out the cuffs.
    LEE :Why don’t you keep these? A memento…
    AMANDA : Oh, Lee, how sweet. Does this mean we’re going steady?
    Amanda laughs, stuffs the cuffs into her picnic basket. Before Lee can answer, she’s out of the car, walking down the street.
    CUT TO
    Dotty’s cleaning up the breakfast dishes as Amanda walks in, looking like, well, like she’s spent the night crawling through a swamp. Dotty’s mouth falls open, a plate slips from her hand and hits the floor.
    AMANDA : Mother, I know how it looks, but please don’t ask why…
    Amanda crosses to the counter, sets down the picnic basket, starts to unload it.
    DOTTY : Amanda, darling, you know I trust you and love you very much…and I know that you wouldn’t purposely do anything…wrong…(beat)
    But, are you in any kind of trouble? With criminals? Or bookies?
    Amanda stares at her mother, flabbergasted, as she continues to unload the basket.
    AMANDA : Mother, I can’t believe you’d ask me that! Me, your own daughter, involved with those kinds of people?
    (shaking her head) How could you even think something like that?
    Just as she says that, Amanda pulls out the cuffs Lee has given her. As both she and Dotty stare at them dangling in her hand.

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    • Thanks for posting the Script version of the tag.
      I really like the filmed version much better. Because for me only Amanda and Lee are supposed to be in the tag. I am a big Dotty fan, but not in the tag.
      I also find the “going steady” comment little out of character for Amanda.


    • Maybe they got the moonshine at Cobb’s Corner. Possibly the wife felt guilty for just missing Lee with whatever she threw at him and gave it as a peace offering….


  19. The only thing that could have made the filmed version better would be if Amanda had said, “Not exactly, Darling.”


  20. Ahh…the tag, this lovely little tag. So wonderful that it’s just the two of them as it has been pretty much throughout the episode. I love the return to the SOS tag. In it Lee initiates the “Let’s talk about what happened” conversation. But whereas Lee deflects and avoids and focuses on the whole of the experience, Amanda breaks it down and focuses on that one key component of that entire backwoods experience. There’s the possibility that Lee thought he was in the clear in regards to even discussing what transpired. But as Amanda has been progressively doing this season she is taking the bull by the horns.

    For whatever plot holes exist in this episode I do like the fact that we have been able to look back so much through this and see just how far they have come and moved from friendship to partnership and now boarding the next “ship”. Each progression has added a new and deeper level of understanding, trust, and caring, along with so much more.

    Amanda has always taken her cues from Lee in knowing when and how far to push him. She knows when to ease in, back off, and move forward. She sensed a significant change Lee’s feelings for her. She knows by Lee’s behavior that Leslie has to be out of his life by now or he would not have made a move to kiss her.

    While Amanda was definitely along for the ride (who wouldn’t be?) Lee was in the driver’s seat on that kiss. I think that Amanda was waiting for Lee to be sure and now that she knows, she letting him know that she is there with him and waiting for him to keep taking those steps at his own pace. I think that in order for the SG tag to occur they both had to be in the same place and they both had to know they were in the same place. In SG, Amanda doesn’t wait for Lee, she moves towards him and in doing so they are both moving forward now.


  21. Hi,
    It seems to me that Lee is disappointed by Amanda’s answer. He would have liked that she forces him to speak, to admit that it was not just 2 people who want to warm themselves. When she leaves, I have the impression that he wonders what would have passed if she had insisted;-)


  22. The tag, the tag…. I am so excited !!!

    I always wondered if Amanda was going to say something else, when they both start talking.
    “Lee: –two cold people seeking / Amanda: – Two people, just—”
    Because I always understood: Amanda: – Two people, kiss….”

    But that is maybe wishful thinking and because I am not a native speaker.

    I also had a look at the script. In the script the tag is very different and for this particular part it says:
    Lee: I know…just two cold people seeking a little warmth. Right?
    Amanda: Right. Cold people trying to get warm.

    There is also no “not exactly” in the script. I wonder if this was an ad lip from KJ. And that is why we have this nice expression on Lee’s face.

    I love the tag, much better than the script.


  23. Ooo, an invitation to ramble! And since I see I am the first to comment, I will start with something deep and insightful — squeeeeeeeee!

    I think Amanda knew exactly where she wanted the conversation to go right from the start. I think she had already played it through in her head over and over again, knowing exactly how Lee would act and how she would respond. And the result, again as she planned, was a finale that would leave Lee playing it through his head over and over 🙂

    I absolutely agree that Sour Grapes belongs after Utopia Now, although I admit I’m only thinking of the tag of Sour Grapes and I’m not familiar with the arguments for the reverse.

    And yep, “catching flies” definitely translates and is very appropo!

    Sometimes my treadmill viewing and the blog reading can highlight some interesting juxtapositions. I was just watching Weekend and reading a yuku write-up about all Lee’s advances (on the heels of Amanda’s “necking scene” comments in Filming Raul) and Amanda being nervous for various reasons, including being unsure of Lee’s intentions. (As they drive to the resort, she describes the scenario as “unsettling and confusing.) However, in the end, Lee makes a point of returning her toothbrush. A toothbrush is that symbolic way of saying “I’m ready when you are,”, and I think by Lee returning Amanda’s, this was an indication of showing Amanda that she was safe with him and would have only honorable intentions towards Amanda from there on out. And I think the Utopia Now almost kiss caused Lee a lot of remorse (thus my comments in an earlier post about what was going on in Lee’s head afterwards). So I believe Lee enters the tag with considerable regret if not remorse. He is nothing if not a man of honor and he knows Amanda is a woman of honor, and their friendship is such that he would not want to tamper with it. (Burn Out was not that long ago — I’m sure that loyal Amanda is still very clear in Lee’s memory.) So that’s where I think Lee’s head is going into the tag….

    How must Lee have felt after the “not exactly”? Well, I think the ambiguous expression says it all (yay BB!). He is stunned. I think he too had a general idea of how he “wanted” their conversation to go and Amanda totally derailed it. I’m betting he had another sleepless night!

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    • So well put Raffie! Go Amanda! I agree that this really begs to go before SG. I will just add a big swoon-thud


      • Put me in the SG after UN. I can definitely buy into Lee mulling over Amanda’s “Not Exactly” for a few hours, days, a week or two and decide to do something about it, but in a tentative, “Penny made me do it” kind of way.


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