7/15 Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We find Lee and Amanda walking down the street.. Just think.. if Lee had let Amanda follow Zorbel – she could have thrown a baseball in the window and saved Lee and Billy! Winking smile
Anyway.. Lee has changed out of his butt kicked outfit (bye bye squares!) and into jeans (hello gorgeous!).  Amanda is in the same outfit though, so guess this is the same day.
Lee and Amanda walking down the street while talking = very frustrated iwsod.. Think I can get many clear images of this??!!!! Not many.. these season 3 discs don’t seem to like movement as much as the season 1 and 2 discs.. I’ll do the best I can- guess that’s all I can do!
Amanda: Look, you can’t blame yourself. [whooo it’s like Amanda is talking to me and telling me not to worry about fuzzy pictures! 😉 ]
Lee:  Then who can I blame?
[I blame Lee! whwhahaaaa.. Poor Lee! Winking smile ]
Amanda: You don’t blame anybody.
Lee:  Do I blame Billy?  A guy who’s out there risking his career, maybe even his life for a friend’s memory?  No, Amanda, we’ve got to find him.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001511945Amanda is Keen (get it??) to solve the riddle..
Amanda:  We’re going to find him.  Now look, I found out a lot about that building…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001521450…Okay?  First of all, ha ha!  I found the extra floor!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001524008[funny that of the few clear shots I have on this walk down the street, you can see the white haired extra who manages to always be in shot – we see this guy a lot.. we need to give him a name!!! anyone want to name him? ]
Lee: What?
Amanda:  You counted 40 floors, right?
Lee: Right.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001528628Amanda: Now, the blueprints registered with the fire department …these are all the numbers…show that there are 41.
Lee: That key box in the elevator had to be for that hidden floor.
[I’m guessing the fire department didn’t know about the key they would need to fight fires on the missing floor.. lol]
Amanda: Yeah, and I finally found out who owns the building.  Look at all these, I’ve never seen so many fake corporations in my life.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001537303Lee: What?
Amanda:  If it hadn’t been for Love’s Fatal Flaw I never would have figured it out.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001542976[phew! so glad they stop walking for this bit.. so I can get good pics!!]
Lee:  Love’s Fatal Flaw?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001544310Amanda:  Yeah, it’s one of those romance novels that my mother reads.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001545145(Lee looks off into the distance smiling)
[hey anyone else wondering if Lee is thinking yeah right.. ‘what your mother reads! Winking smile‘ I suspect Amanda reads them but says it is her mother- she knows an awful lot of detail about the books her mother reads Winking smile ]
I love these little moments.. where the normal world intrudes on spy stuff.. it’s charming and doesn’t IMHO make Amanda seem ditzy..]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001546980  …You know, the, uh, the main character in it was this guy who,…3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001547814

…uh, tricked women…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001549983Lee: Ohhh…
[Lee runs his hands through his hair.. his body language screaming ‘oh Amanda!’ but.. affectionately Winking smile tee hee..
rofl yes now it makes perfect sense that there are 41 floors!]
Amanda: and their daughters and their daughters and their daughters, you know, and he’d seduce them and then…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001552318Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: but he was a real estate crook…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001553319Lee: Uh huh.
Amanda: and that’s how that I got most of my clues.
Lee:  Please, get to the point.
[ err yeah.. come on Amanda.. we’ve got less than 48 hours to work this out!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001556990Amanda: Yeah, I’m going to.  The building is owned by Charles Canaan, and I checked Central Data and they don’t have a thing.  Does it ring any bells?
[Central data.. hmm interesting.. is that how they have ‘their ways’?]
Lee:  Charles Canaan.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001561995Amanda: Yeah, Canaan.  C-A-N-A-A-N.
Lee:  No, it doesn’t ring any bells for me, but it might for T.P.
[Lee doesn’t know him?! shocked!!! this guy must be VERY hidden!!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001567834Amanda:  Who’s T.P.?

We cut to a  wide shot of Lee leading Amanda across the street to a park.. whooo a crane shot- SMK is trying for an interesting and different look.. just looks like a warner bros lot to me.. 3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001571004
Hey, Amanda has her sneakers on.. looks like there’s action ahead Smile
Lee:  T. Percival Aquinas.  He works at the Library of Congress nowadays, but back when I was being trained he was an instructor, one of the best.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001575442[TP trained Lee?? Who hasn’t?!! Winking smile ]
Amanda:  What did he teach?
Lee: Organizational Conspiracy was his specialty.
Ten years ago he was sending up red flags about Cyclops.  No one ever then believed it existed.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001581047
[Lee knew this when Billy was talking about Cyclops??!!! Hmm.. maybe he only umm remembered this later? Hmm]
You can even see white haired extra yet again!
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001584250

Amanda:  Does it exist?
Lee:  Billy thinks so.
[Awh.. he was a bit slow getting there.. but Lee has realised if Billy thinks so- that’s enough! Smile ]
Amanda:  Well?
Lee:  He mentioned it today and now he’s disappeared.
What’s with the random holes in the park grass? looks like there was a tent or building there.. lol.. Another dog..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001590056

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001591858Next thing we see Billy in a darkened room…
Man in white lab coat (script says his name is Denz):
Physical punishment is useless with this man…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001602469
  ……We’ve tried everything.  Extended psychological trauma could work, but there isn’t the time.  Now this was his fourth shot of zybillium,… (is that stuff for real?!)
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001603670
…he should be babbling uncontrollably, but all we get is this.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001608274Billy mumbles continually throughout this scene.
Canaan:  What is he saying?
Denz:  It’s a Vedic Sanskrit text.
  [Sanskrit? Billy! I’m impressed! Winking smile ]
…A mantra, if you will.  Freely translated, uh, one heart, one life, one truth…
[Iwsod’s attempt at a deep thought: whooo does this say something about the underlying themes of this episode?? one heart…
Iwsod reverting to superficial nark: Also, how is it this sciencey guy can identify vedic sanskrit text and translate it’s pure essence for us with such poetic expression? whahaah!!!!]
….That and his social security number are all we can make him say.  This is an interesting man.
[and how does he know the number is Billy’s social security number?! could be the code to set off nuclear bombs no?! Winking smile  Sciency guy is an interesting man! haaaa!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001611878Canaan:  Increase the zybillium.
Denz:  We must be cautious; too much
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001612479could kill him.

Canaan:  I said increase the zybillium.  Now.
Denz nods.

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001621688Billy continues on with his sanskrit mumbles…skrumbles? Winking smile 

3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001646312The bored cop in the background is hilarious!! Just what is he doing??
Uh oh.. this is serious.. Billy is being interrogated under a lamp! Smile
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001655522
Hurry up Lee and Amanda!! come save Billy!!!! errr before I fall asleep here!!!!

Back to Lee and Amanda who have met TP in the park.. TP gives Lee and Amanda a lecture titled ‘Highlights of Cyclops’. [I guess this is a bit of a milestone – Lee introduces Amanda to TP (and TP to Amanda!) Lee is sharing more and more of his life with Amanda Smile]3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001660527

T.P.:  I’m sorry to hear about Mr. Melrose, particularly if Cyclops is involved.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001664931[white haired extra photo bombs again!]
Lee:  Are you sure it exists?
T.P.: As positive as I am that this checker game is going to go very bad for me, Lee, my boy.
Lee: Well, look, forget about the checkers, huh, T.P.?  Now tell me what you know about Cyclops.
[but the checkers help the audience who all have attention deficit disorder to continue to be entertained while we get lots of exposition!]
T.P. laughs.:  I could filibuster into the next week and hardly scratch the surface.
Amanda:  Maybe you could just hit the highlights for us. [good plan!]
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001684150Lee: Yeah.
T.P.:  Alright.  Cyclops is the codename for one of the most powerful and secret
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001691758criminal organizations in the western hemisphere…
[Western Hemisphere?]
…It was founded here in Washington in the mid-50’s….
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001694361
  …Six members, replaced only in the event of death, uh, natural or otherwise…
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001708975
  …All of whom share one common trait: a voracious appetite for money and power… 
[sounds like Plato!!! Winking smile tee hee]
…Uh, both of which they’ve accumulated in great amounts.  Funny how it’s never enough.
Lee:  T.P., we’ve got a name.  Uh, Canaan, Charles Canaan.  Does that mean anything to you?
T.P.:  Mr. Canaan.  Very good, Lee, my boy!  Uh, Mrs. King.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001716182Amanda:  We know he owns, um, Omega Resources.  Is he involved in Cyclops?
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001725392T.P.:  Involved?  If Cyclops was the devil himself, Mr. Charles Canaan would be his black heart.
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001727193With this, TP goes back to the checkers and jumps all of Amanda’s pieces.. whatev..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001738805
Lee gives him a look..
3.08 REACH FOR THE SKY.avi_001739205
And TP seems pretty contented with himself. I guess because it would appear he was right about Cyclops all those years ago?
The scene ends there.. ‘Black heart’ is such a great description.. and there is that concept again – the heart!!! the head or the heart..
Only this time.. it’s a black one.. whooooo..
you know this reference to the black heart of the Devil that is cyclops makes me wonder.. is Dr Smyth the black heart of the agency??

Another thing-‘Love’s fatal flaw’ – what do you think of the title?? Is this saying something about the deeper theme of the episode maybe?? I don’t know.. what do you think?? Love’s fatal flaw is that it asks you to be loyal? to take risks?? to trust others?? Maybe also the theme is that, while it has flaws, it is still very precious, and it is worth that risk??[provided you avoid shady real estate men Winking smile ] whwhahaah.. wonder what kiwismh will make of the shoddy real estate crook! Winking smile Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! byee for now!!!

46 responses to “7/15 Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. So Lee gets kicked in the face several times but has 000 bruises, nada, zip. Hilarious.


  2. I always saw Amanda’s reference to Dotty’s novel “Love’s Fatal Flaw” as she was only partly paying attention when Dotty explained it all to her – thus the daughters and daughters and daughters. She probably only was interested in the crook who used an extra floor in some real-estate scam. She’s more interested in the criminal’s tricks since they might help her in the spy life. 🙂


  3. Anyone else wonder how old the villain in Love’s Fatal Flaw was in Dotty’s book if he seduced women and their daughters and their daughters’ daughters?

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    • I’ve actually been pondering what love’s fatal flaw is and I’ve finally concluded it must be that the villain was a time-traveller so he was unable to settle with one woman and seduced women and their daughter and their daughters’ daughters across time and space…
      Thanks to KC for my new avatar 🙂


      • hiya! lovely avatar.. looking forward to be able to discuss that moment eventually!

        I figured Amanda got a little carried away with her daughters and their daughters and their daughters 😉

        Hope you are all well- I am lovin all the insights! Adding so much to this episode which I find a bit blah..


  4. Just a random comment … I don’t think the elevator keybox would be such a mystery to the fire department. Isn’t that the name of the box in most elevators where you can insert a master key (which the fire department has) and use it to override all the other settings? [I’m not an expert, but years ago I lived on the 25th floor of a dorm during its record-breaking year of 56 false alarms, and got plenty of experience with firemen and the elevator bypass capabilities as they dealt with getting 1500 kids back into the building efficiently at 2am! Ah, the 80’s 🙂 ]


    • soooo true!!!! So great to hear from ya Raffie!!


    • 56 false alarms? What kind of building was that?

      We had one jerk pull a fire alarm during the middle of the night at one apartment complex I lived at (and it was embarrassing how few people didn’t’ evacuate) and that was it. Oh, and at a different complex we had the fire department come when a senile old lady down the hall decided to smoke…even though she was on oxygen. (No damage that I know of but I was thankful I was moving out that week!)


  5. Watching the vid, I just noticed a nice little finger touch the first time Amanda says the name “Charles Canaan” before she goes on to say, “and I checked Central Data…” Is someone still cataloging the touch count?


    • Hi ruthp221, I am the author of the stats posts so far on the blog and I catalog the touches for those posts. I’m still only in season 1 though. I will keep my eyes peeled though for it when I get there!

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  6. Am I the only one amused by the fact that Billy has been injected with zybillium? (Would Lee have been injected with zyleeum?)

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  7. I don’t get the Amanda is Keen reference. Is this a head slap moment? Have I drunk too much wine?

    Oh my gosh, can I just say that this scene was a total pain in the butt to transcribe? Even with the captions, it was hard to follow this ramble and ALL the interruptions! I hope I came close to getting it right!

    I like the name “Whitey” for the white haired-dude in the background. Pretty original, huh??? In that one pic though where Amanda is holding up her teensy notepad his nose looks elongated. So maybe Pinocchio? Or what about Mr. Extra? Or Extra-man? WHD?

    I find it very comical that Amanda made a connection from a romance novel to figure this missing floor thing out. I think Lee finds it comical as well. He also finds it endearing. It is soooo typical Amanda. He is finally learning to just go with it, accept it as part of his life now, and even maybe start to embrace it. He is finally getting it! Amanda is pretty darn special!!!

    Gosh, Lee is looking migh-ty fine in those pics!!!!! Swoon!

    Who’s T.P.? Ayyyeeee….this is one of those times I wish we could fast forward…Love TP! Anyone surprised? Bet not! I wonder what his fighting music is??? But I won’t get ahead of the game!

    Hahahaha! Those blue and yellow cars in the background when Lee and Amanda are crossing the street remind me of the “lemons” in Cars 2 – anyone? KC? C’mon!!

    Ugh, I don’t think zybillium is real. I wasn’t sure how to spell it, so I googled and googled several different spellings and found nothing. I finally gave up and looked at the script for the spelling. At least I think that’s what I did. Ha! Vedic Sanskrit is real though!!

    “Skrumbles” ROFL!!!! Love it, iwsod!

    Poor Billy…I feel bad for the guy. But I’m very impressed he’s giving up NO imformation. Other than his social security number. I guess he’s not worried about identity theft!

    Ok, I have a beef with this scene. TP is as sure about Cyclops existing as he’s sure that the checkers game is going to go badly for him….but then he wins! So what does that mean???

    I love that Amanda just jumps right in with TP and asks him to get to the bottom line. She is all business! She is the only one who is allowed to ramble! She is the housewife! Rambling is only permitted if you still only get a guest pass!

    Sorry, but I’m going to leave all the deep thought’s on Love’s Fatal Flaw to all the deep thinkers out there…. It sound’s a bit oxymoronic to me. Fatal flaw sounds like a synonym to death blow, so I just don’t get it.


    • Amanda being ‘Keen’ is a pun referring to Amanda’s cover name which is often used – and which Lee used earlier at the bank – she’s Mrs. Amanda Keen 🙂 but don’t worry it was a pretty lame pun!

      WHD?? ummm Is that white haired dude? Whitey sounds good to me! Mr Whitey it is!! 🙂

      Great to hear from ya BJo!!!

      Billy not concerned with identity theft? rofl!! so true!

      Thanks for the heads up on Zybillium! Maybe it’s a sci fi or ancient greek reference? 😉


      • Yup, total head slap moment on the Keen thing. As the person who transcribed the episode you would have thought I would have gotten it. Sigh…

        Yep, WHD = white-haired dude!


        • it was a while ago you did it BJo 🙂 I am sure I’ll come back to this post in a year or two and think.. why am I thinking that’s a pun?! tee hee..

          oh haaaa I guessed!! 🙂 hooray!

          About to publish the next post now 🙂


        • I’d like to propose an alternative name: Pinocchio – look at the first sceen cap of him above, in the side-view. He looks like his nose is just starting to grow. (What was he lying about??)


  8. Just to quickly deal with your superficial nark. Firstly it is perfectly possible to be a scientist and have a knowledge of something else as well. Secondly at the time in most popular culture it was generally accepted that the way the good guys counteracted brainwashing was to train themselves to get onto a safe track, like a mantra, and stick to it no matter how confused they got, so you would expect an evil henchman whose job was brainwashing to have a better than average knowledge of mantras. Finally, given that he is being expected to extract knowledge from Billy by a boss who does not seem to have a high tolerance of or a forgiving attitude to employee failure and Billy seems to have been babbling this mantra for a while, might he not have gone and looked it up?

    Have I restored your faith in the verisimilitude of the SMK universe?


    • LOL Lyssa, what a great attempt! 🙂
      but I’m not really looking to cure my superficial nark 😉 I just mention it because I understand that other smk fans may not appreciate it like I do 🙂 it is fun to try and come up with ways to explain the ridiculousness… or find ways just to laugh at them 😉

      I think you’ve made a valiant effort here Lyssa thanks for giving it a go! 🙂
      I believe smk will never quite have the appearance of truth – which I kinda like..
      This is interesting to think about – [Brace yourself.. iwsod is going off on a tangent] For me, the truth that I do actually care about in the show, and thus find it difficult to laugh at when done badly- is the truth of who the Lee and Amanda characters are – and their relationship. So when Lee the superspy comes off suddenly looking like an inept dufus who should really be dead?! I can’t really laugh at it [the fight scene as a whole (though I do love that moment through the car window.. )] does that make sense? I’ve never really stopped to think about all this so hope it’s not to boring..

      The bit with the Vedic Sanskrit mantra – I completely see what you are saying.. and that all makes very logical sense:) nice try! 🙂 But for me, the choice of this language to be used as Billy’s mantra is so over the top that I see it as a bit of smk having a dig at the spy genre-(or if it’s not it should be) they seem to have gone for an extremely obscure language.. I think it makes sense to snigger at the sciency guy happening to know this very obscure language, and to be able to translate it with such poetry 😉
      The way he did it made me bring out the nark.. and I found that funny! If it had been latin (latin billy? I’m impressed) or Urdu (Lee speaks a little) – this would not have been half as obscure as some super ancient language – where we would be amazed billy knew some.. much less that the evil genius sciency guy knew it also (and translated it with such flair) – the more I think about it the funnier this gets for me!
      I think partly I laugh at myself too.. that I could be so into a show which is never going to have that verisimilitude you mentioned.. I love it anyway! 🙂
      Billy mumbles away – how could you discern the syllables.. the words to look them up from that?!
      Anyone here speak Sanskrit and can translate? whahahaaha

      For me – Nark is mostly funny I guess.. but Lee getting his butt whipped by Daisy? Not funny..
      Does this make sense? I do hope that my nark at smk sometimes does not diminish anyone’s enjoyment of the show – I find what I love about the show (Lee and Amanda) is not harmed by identifying where smk was pretty lame at times haaaa.. I think my love of the show is strong enough to take it! and.. I just enjoy the superficial nark, the simpleness of the 80s.. and also hints that maybe smk was poking fun at itself and the genre.. together it’s a package full of fun!! 🙂
      Well I have enjoyed pondering all this.. I best get off and go write the next post huh?! I have a busy week ahead and if they are not written before the week starts there might be delays! byeee for now!!


      • Agreed. I actually think something like ‘Mary had a little lamb’ would have been better. It didn’t NEED to be a mantra, so why bother with it? I do have a sort of happy place in my head where all these strange things make sense, but sadly cannot spend a lot of time there. I find the ‘luck’ thing more annoying because it is not true to the characters (IMO) and so cannot be explained away even by silliness. To me the strength of SMK is the characters, so I can laugh at and play with the practical inconsistancies and the Mrs Walkers but when they make a major goof with the characterisation it is much harder.

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      • Having just weathered Class Act earlier this week, I completely agree about protecting the characters (thus my Guardian of Lee’s DIgnity club! 🙂 ) On the other hand, I enjoyed the break from predictability with the fight scene! After all, as Amanda has told us, Lee’s just a man, not a superman. A little come-uppance for each of us can be an eye-opening experience. So I got a giggle for the rude awakening that Lee experienced, suspecting that in the end the writers will give him the last laugh and looking forward to what that will be! The cheesy lines that Lee gets are what kills me, and no redemption later in the script for those! (Haha, maybe one of the tags should have been Lee man-handling a writer the same way Daisy woman-handled him!)

        And thinking about it, either way Lee would be a loser in that scene. Him winning a fight against a woman would have been a pretty lame plot ploy!

        I agree with the earlier comment — I like to think of that Sanskrit nugget as another case of SMK spoofing the spy business and laughing at itself. All in good fun, just the way we like it!!


  9. The old ‘baseball through a window trick” gotta love it, Iwsod! I love how Lee is just venting to Amanda about what has happened and how he feels about it. I wonder if he shared how Daisy got the better of him. That might have been TMI! I also like how it’s Amanda that gets them back on task with the case.

    Unless Dotty discussed and shared the plot of the book with Amanda, Amanda had to have read the book herself. She knew too much about it. Lee is so wonderful here. He listens, is patient, and he now moves Amanda forward. Lots of give and take here with these two.

    The look on Amanda’s face when TP wins the game is awesome. So much for the game not going his way. Lee has had an interesting set of male mentors at the Agency, from Harry to Billy to TP. They seem to have made an impression and have had somewhat of an impact on him. Harry said that Lee was like “his own boy”. Here TP says, “my boy” to Lee a couple of times. I wonder if these men felt somewhat fatherly towards Lee. Lee, on the other hand, seems to see them as mentors, trainers, and very good friends. He respects them and appreciates them, but I don’t think he sees any of them as a father substitute or anything. I think that’s one of those firewalls he still has up. Of course, dealing with his uncle didn’t help.

    I like that we get to see a glimpse of what Billy must have been like as a field agent. I agree that he is pretty interesting. The mad scientist/doctor seems to be pretty impressed with Billy. It’s almost as if he would love to have more time to experiment with and see how Billy reacts to all this stuff they are doing to him.

    TP’s attire is a lot better than when we first saw him, however, he seems to be wearing that spy trench coat.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes very interesting to see how they have altered TP a little from our first introduction to him..
      ‘my boy’ does seem very familiar.. so glad ‘Leezo’ is history! 🙂

      Don’t forget humbug.. he helped train Lee too.. oh and Emily!!! like I said.. who hasn’t?! 😉 technically we could say Amanda has been training Lee too haaaaa.. you know in stuff the agency doesn’t teach you! 🙂

      Great hearing your thoughts Valerie.. lol glad you liked the baseball reference 😉


    • Agree with you Valerie about Lee not identifying with Billy, TP, Harry, or even the Colonel as father figures. All might feel some degree of paternal care for Lee, but he sees them as friends or mentors. This probably goes back to the same reason he has shied away from serious relationships – protecting himself by not becoming emotionally attached to anyone. Or so he thinks – despite trying not form deeper attachments, he does.


  10. So many interesting little tidbits in this scene… I’ll just hit the highlights.
    The first thing I noticed was the nature of the conversation that Lee and Amanda were having. They aren’t really talking about the case directly. They are talking about how Lee is feeling about the case, about how he has handled it. Lee is forthcoming here and he is confiding about his feelings and sense of confidence to Amanda. That is huge!

    When I hear the Love’s Fatal Flaw part of the conversation, I wonder if Lee is going to be feeling a bit defensive, or thinking there will be a dig about his past, maybe? It almost sounds like a set up for a question from Rep Faber and her interest in Lee’s sordid case details, or a quip from Francine about what a ladies man he is. But Amanda doesn’t go there, she is solving the case.

    Yes, Amanda meets TP and plays checkers with him. I think TP was smug because he jumped all of Amanda’s pieces in the game. In this meeting Amanda and Lee seem very much like equals. I also notice another Greek and Biblical word there in “Omega”. I don’t know what to make of that… I have some thoughts but they have to do with my own personal views and I bet the producers don’t share them with me, so I’ll hold onto those for a bit and see if they flesh out any further.
    I like the black heart idea. And Billy’s mantra fits into this theme as well.

    The photo bomber made me laugh. hehe

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    • The thing I wonder is, where did the checker set come from? Seems a random thing to be carrying around for a meeting in the park.


      • In some areas you’ll see people with chess and checkerboards set up at parks and people just get together and play. I know it happens in New York. I’m not sure where else, but I know that it happens.


    • I agree, Morley – Lee and Amanda definitely seem like equals with T.P. And as the conversation with him goes on, Amanda seems to even take the lead!

      Lee and Amanda’s conversation as they are walking definitely feels more like true partnership – give and take. Before it was all one-sided.


  11. I love how Lee handles the “Love’s Fatal Flaw” ramble – he looks affectionately amused but manages to bring it to a halt tactfully.

    Also love how Amanda is the one who stops TP’s potential outflow (“Maybe you could just hit the highlights for us”) – interesting role change for a notorious rambler :).

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  12. I like to think that Lee’s test pattern suit got scuffed during his little fracas with Miss Daisy. Hopefully it has been consigned to the garbage bin and shall be seen no more. 😀

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  13. Oh we’re all crooks in real estate – that’s why we work 7 days a week and only get a pay day if we are completely successful. If I was given to dishonesty I’m sure I could think of an easier way to make a crust. Sheesh ! 😉
    Anyhoo, I don’t think Amanda is normally a regular reader of romance novels. I see literature, poetry, Kerouac (mentioned in S1 or 2?), and similar as being more her thing. However, maybe she is dipping into a few more of her mother’s novels these days to satisfy a deeper need. But I bet they aren’t doing the trick. Only one cure for that need – Lee Stetson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hear ya kiwismh! Good on you for doing the profession proud!!

      Yeah I can see Amanda escaping into a novel – the trouble I have with it is: when would she have time to read them?!!!

      I like your idea of satisfying a deeper need there kiwismh.. a bit of transference onto the hero in the novel might help Amanda cope with her growing feelings for Lee!


    • SMK loves its sweeping (and wildly inaccurate) generalisations. Dotty’s reporting that Buck is a statistician (according to Mrs Gilstrap) touches a (professional) nerve for me…


    • I agree, kiwismh. I could see Amanda reading a romance novel here and there interspersed between spy novels in the past – we know she reads spy novels. But nowadays, I think all her reading is focused on that which can help her develop professionally.


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