15/15 Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the rooftop.. and Stunt Lee tackles Stunt Canaan..
Whoooo all those hills in the distance.. and no Hollywood sign?! boooo!
they fight.. or should I say – Lee punches the daylights out of Canaan..
Lee leads Canaan away..
LOL it seems the limo has moved and the dish is now pointing at a cloudy sky..
Back in the car park.. Billy stops the two male baddies..
Billy: That’s far enough!
[whooo Billy is tetramonomad!]
3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002684517My goodness.. Billy takes out two baddies practically simultaneously..ahhh slowing it down now I can see he shoots the baddie at the front who politely then turns to shoot his buddy as he collapses to the ground.
Not sure how, but Daisy got past Billy, runs out of the car park towards Amanda’s car.
well second unit Daisy runs to Amanda’s car!
Daisy is suddenly polite once again! she politely runs past Amanda’s car door within striking distance!
Amanda seizes the opportunity and opens the car door, surprising Daisy and knocking her to the ground.
3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002694794[2]Amanda looks down on her own handiwork

3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002695795 (that’s an Amanda Dispatch!)

Daisy is out cold. LOL I guess she cracked the back of her head on the cement..
The old whack the terrifyingly skilled and dangerous criminal with the car door trick! Winking smile (when were the other times?? fearless dotty?? any others?)
Billy and Lee happen along, with Lee dragging Canaan by the arm. So Amanda gets out of the car.
Billy:  Good work, Amanda.
(why is Canaan smiling?? Is the actor thinking- I have the best job ever because I didn’t have to fall and crack my head?! )
Lee looks down at Daisy with amusement..
Amanda smiles..
Amanda loves her work! Smile
Lee and Billy look at Daisy and Amanda with amusement too..

They share a look.. [Amanda sure is lucky! gag.. no noo Amanda sure is resourceful!!]
They look back at Amanda with amusement.. Err respectful amusement! (Ramusement?!)
[lol this is very similar to the end of Weasel.. almost a replay except Lee doesn’t call Billy an old Weasel! Winking smile]
Now I think about it this whole ending is very much like Weasel –did anyone else notice this?  Lee and Amanda working together to help Lee’s friend who is out in the cold and suspected of being a traitor (close enough to rogue elephant I think) – we even have the dazed and helpless baddie along for the ride as everyone is amazed at Amanda’s skills.. just like in Weasel..
LOL Plus Weasel had some big issues with the timing of things – that made zero sense of the plot too oh and Lee wears the same jacket in Weasel.. and jeans! Hmm!! (they must have been hoping the jeans would make the plot irrelevant! – did this work for anyone? Smile )
Interesting.. I know Weasel aired before this ep, but I’ve had an idea in the back of my mind.. that they filmed this ep, and saw the luck/guess thing doesn’t work well, it doesn’t progress Amanda’s character– and so in Weasel, they adjusted things slightly so that there was more emphasis on Amanda having good instincts – she makes educated guesses (e.g. that Amanda knew to look in the Dancing Weasel file was
‘pure instinct’ ). Not just random guesses.. This makes me feel a little better about this ep. This episode was actually being written before the first episode of season 3 aired – so it’s possible weasel was adjusted before season 3 commenced.. [hey it makes me feel better!]
Weasel aired on 14 October and this episode’s script is dated 16 September (shooting draft)..
Just an idea.. I think the early season 3 episodes were all jumbled up in writing/production..

Sorry I digress! It’s tag time.. Lee’s car pulls into the IFF garage.. We see Lee and Amanda in the middle of conversation enter the bullpen.
3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002722822– Lee sees
Francine and motions to Amanda to hang on a second..
Super happy Lee:  Well!! Francine!!
Francine flatly:
(Francine is not happy.. she doesn’t look up from her file to greet Lee.. )
Lee:  Ha ha.  I’ll bet you’re glad that Billy’s back, huh?  You don’t have to hold down the fort all by yourself.
Francine:  I think I sabotaged the fort.
3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002728828[2][LOL well this is curious! I didn’t expect Francine to be so upfront with her failure!!! Could it be that thanks to this whole experience Francine is a little more humble and the better for it??]
Lee: What?
Amanda:  (at the same time) What’s the matter?
Francine:  The requisition for employee coffee beans accidentally got typed on an Agency transfer form.
3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002735835[2][that is devastating stuff!!! not!! Seems to me Francine holds herself to very high standards.]
Amanda:  Oooh
Lee: (at the same time) Hmm.
Francine:  The computer allotment accidentally got filed with the Agency expense accounts, giving Johnson a $40,000 reimbursement check.
[Well! this is waaay worse than Amanda pressing the ERA button! Smile]
3.08-REACH-FOR-THE-SKY.avi_002740840[1][Lucky Johnson! haaa Okay this kinda matters! but I think Francine should have blamed the overpowering microwaves that were let loose in DC by Cyclops!]
Amanda:  Oh, gosh.
Lee:  (at the same time)  Oooh.
Amanda:  Uh, well, Francine don’t worry…
(Lee gives a little smile here. I like to think that he appreciates how Amanda is trying to make Francine feel better) … Just explain to Mr. Melrose, I’m sure he’ll understand.
[I’d say don’t worry Francine, Mr Melrose will be too distracted by your ear buttons to notice!]
Lee:  You know Billy.
We hear Billy off camera yell:  Desmond!…
(we see Billy looking all stern at his office door)
…  My office on the double!
Francine:  Excuse me.
Francine, Lee and Amanda are shaking in their boots!

Francine snatches the file back from Amanda.. who is transfixed by cranky Billy!
The guy can take all forms of physical torture and lots of drugs and not break.. but the wrong forms being completed?? the wrong cheques being issued?? Francine you are gonna get it!!! haaaaaa…  Remember your Mantra Billy! Winking smile
Billy:  Leave this place for ten minutes and all hell breaks loose!
Francine heads into Billy’s office..
Amanda:  Uh, sir….?
Billy winks.
and gives Lee and Amanda a quiet smile
– he’s not really cranky he’s just messing with Francine – and probably happy to have his office back Smile
We see Lee and Amanda react to Billy’s smile- they share a secret little sideways glance..
happy that Francine is getting a hard time? lol..
Definitely happy to have Billy back and his old self..
The episode ends with Lee and Amanda sharing the happiness of Billy being back – and IMHO the happiness of helping their friend Billy to come back!
I know not every tag can be a wow tag.. but this one is a ‘leaves me a little meh tag’.

A rather subdued ending to what for me has been a very hot and cold episode.. overall I am not thrilled with it!
A few fab little Lee and Amanda moments.. a highlight for me was Amanda pulling one over on Francine with her accusation of Amanda lying – whooo hooo!!
oh and how could I forget- Lee in jeans.. and Lee in uniform!!
I liked Daisy the baddie – she was evil fun!!
And the You’re a cab and I was a Kappa moments were great – both of which it seems are both down to ad libs and the writers can take no credit for them!.. why does that surprise me?! So many things I liked.. and yet the episode fell flat for me..

The plotting issues were kinda embarrassing.. and the time filling helicopter tour of Washington DC was a great big yawn.. but the episode had some visually really interesting frame composition / camera angles – especially of the baddies..

Oh and I’d like to point out that it seems in the end, they stop the robbery- but they don’t stop Cyclops!! and the organisation would most likely still be operating somewhere in the world.. I wonder why they didn’t bring them back again- (err and make it more interesting! haaa) This feels unfinished.. unsatisfying.. maybe they intended to one day bring back Cyclops?

The theme of loyalty is a good one.. and I guess this episode in the end was more Billy-centric even when Billy wasn’t present. which is why the tag is a bit Meh.. Just feeling a bit flat about this one guys.. Looking forward to hearing what you all think of it!!
I am also not 100% certain that this episode goes after sour grapes.. I’m pondering this one, what do you think? any reason why it can’t be? Dotty in Utopia now and Dotty in Sour Grapes and Dotty in this ep seems to be up and down.. Dotty makes a tiny bit more sense if this episode and her getting cross with Amanda on the phone comes before sour grapes and after Utopia Now- in sour grapes Dotty seems to accept what excuses Amanda makes knowing she will never find out the real reason from Amanda for what she is doing.. remember??
Does Lee and Amanda flow okay if this is before Sour Grapes but after Utopia Now?? Nothing is jumping out at me that makes it impossible..again I find myself thinking – I want to watch the next episode before I decide for sure which order I prefer..

One again- a final big thank you to BJo for contributing to the smk fandom with the transcribing of this episode- BJo we salute you!!

I really can’t wait to hear what you guys all make of this episode! How about you?! do tell!!!
Coming up next.. J.Edgar’s Ghost! Smile

41 responses to “15/15 Season Three, Episode 8: Reach for the Sky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. At the end of RFTS, I can now say what I’ve wanted to say through the whole recap. This is a totally lame episode, with highlights of Lee and Amanda – yet, it’s still fun, campy SMK at its best. Why? Because the most fun part of this show is its ability to make fun of the whole spy-genre while keeping the Amanda-Lee relationship playing out. To me, this is part of the charm of SMK – whether intentional or not. I fast forward through most of this episode, lingering on the “call me a cab” and “up-and-down” elevator and uniformed-Lee scenes. The tag is cute, in that Billy catches Lee and Amanda unaware, but they immediately get the joke and can enjoy a laugh together. (Francine obviously found out she’s not quite ready for Billy’s job – a little humble pie is good for you occasionally.)


    • And it doesn’t hurt to see quite a few Lee smiles and dimples ….:)


    • Sounds good to me!
      I give the show nark when I think it deserves it.. but I always love it! 🙂

      Yes Lee and Amanda’s little interactions made this ep.. makes me think the show wouldn’t have lasted 4 seasons but for KJ and BB’s banter and input!


  2. I thought that Daisy went down way too easily to be believable. Come on, with that kind of martial arts training she doesn’t know how to fall?

    I actually liked the moment of vulnerability that Francine shows in the tag. I do find Francine annoying most of the time, but I like the little bits of humanity she gets from time to time. I think it deepens the character.

    As far as episode order goes, I do like the idea of this episode as coming between UN and SG, because then we don’t get two near-miss kisses back to back. It just seems like there would have been a little time needed, a little processing, before the readiness they show in SG to take the next step.


  3. Iwsod, I’m glad you brought up Weasel. I thought of that when I saw Lee and Billy look at Amanda like they did. I mentioned then that it was a meeting of the Mutual Admiration of Amanda Society. This is the second meeting. I see Billy and Lee as admiring Amanda here. Amanda was able to accomplish something that Lee wasn’t as far as Daisy is concerned.

    It’s interesting how the episode begins with Amanda having to take a test that Lee seemed to feel that she was going to ace. The question Amanda asks is about disobeying direct orders if the agent’s superior is not in command of all the facts. In a sense that is what happened in this episode. Dr. Smyth told Lee he was on his own for this, but of course, he brought in Amanda. Billy also disregarded Dr. Smyth as well. Also, Amanda continues to show how that even with the Agency book knowledge and training, some of their work involves intuition and other abilities.

    And this episode begins with showing some of the closeness that is continually developing with Lee and Amanda, but that they can still focus on their work as agents. The tag continues to show just how in sync they have become even in their responses and reactions to Francine and Billy. I like how the tag ends with them being side by side as in how they are working now. I guess again I’m looking for the good in what was a bit of a blah episode. There were some good positives to at least balance out the negatives.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sounds good to me!!! 🙂 Oh Valerie by the way – hope you are okay after that tumble! ouch!!! I heard about the big lake effect snowfalls.. did you get affected? hope everyone is okay!!!

      yeah I agree about Amanda’s practice question on the test being applicable to the episode’s events- did you see Kiwismh’s snippet from the script about that?? seems Amanda was scripted to refer back to it once she had dispatched Daisy 😉

      yeah it wasn’t right up there with artful dodger or a class act this ep – so it’s not that bad! There were lots of things I liked about it 🙂
      Whereas for me.. there was next to nothing to recommend the artless dodger! 🙂


      • I forgot! Cool to hear you too thought of Weasel!!! 🙂 the mutual admiration of Amanda society Amanda (the ‘MAAS’) indeed! 🙂


      • I’ve just got some soreness now, nothing broken. This weather caught everyone off guard. Buffalo, NY is much worse. Praying for those there.

        Yes, I did see Kiwismh’s post. Sometimes we get the good stuff and sometimes we have to rely on edits or BB and KJ to make it all better.

        Oh my goodness, talk about using the fast forward. It really gets a work out on Artful Dodger and Class Act.

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    • I like the way you brought these ideas/themes full circle Valerie. We like the heavy personal relationship episodes, but it is important to see them in the context of their work environment as well. Some of the episodes let us see Lee and Amanda as maybe their coworkers see them, and even there we can see their increasing closeness. Is all good… even if the time span was weird. Maybe with all the focus on clocks and time the producers meant to screw the time frame for the episode up, just to see if we were paying attention? Am I reaching too far here? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • How about this for reaching? Maybe the time frame issues and confusion was to have us feel the same way with the timing of Lee and Amanda’s relationship. We seem to be confused as to where some of these episodes fit in and where and we seem to be in that two steps forward-one back as far as where Lee and Amanda are and what’s going on with them. And aren’t some new relationships like this? You’re kind of all over the place, things are up and down, nothing is really settled, can’t eat or sleep and nothing is settled, lots of confusion and you’re timing is off.


  4. Another different banner! From Weasel? I loved the last one for SD too!

    I love Billy here in this scene. We are reminded that he was actually an agent at one time and knows how to use a gun. Very well apparently – he can get two guys with just one bullet! Billy is for sure tetramonomad!!! Great one, iwsod!

    You know, I do think that at this point Lee and Billy are thinking that Amanda IS resourceful and not lucky. In fact, I don’t think they can quite believe it, but Lee and Billy are both thinking, okay, we surrender! You are resourceful and we will try to stop underestimating you! I do think Amanda earns some respect here, even though it may be a little bit unwarranted because Daisy was dumb enough to run close enough to Amanda’s door. Which brings up another point. Daisy is better than your average baddie IMO. However, just like the men, she underestimates Amanda, a woman. I think the reason she was close to Amanda’s door is that she was thinking Amanda was easy prey. She figured she could dispatch with Amanda and get away in her car. But she underestimated Amanda and is now lying out cold, flat on her back.

    I’m going to leave the whole episode order bit up to those who are better suited to figure it out. I do think this episode does come after UN because of Dotty’s behavior. I think I’m the only one who is glad Dotty finally let Amanda have it.

    Yes, this tag is meh, only because I was hoping for some sort of Lee/Amanda closeness or acknowledgement of their desire to be closer. However, I do love the fact that now we have Lee, Amanda, and Billy in on a private joke that Francine is not part of. In PPossum and in MBF, we saw Lee and Amanda having a laugh at Francine’s expense. In MBF Billy was part of it because presumably he had to agree to Francine’s wardrobe allowance adjustment, but here we actually see it. BJo likes it so much better when she can see it versus infer it. Anyway, this just shows me that Billy and Lee have now included Amanda in their “club” and it opens the door for Amanda’s future professional career if she wants it to. Yes, the plot may stink and there may be all sort of timing issues, but on the whole when I take a very large step back, I do really like this episode for all the good parts that are in it. I have a great ability to only focus on the parts I like of SMK and ignore the rest. That is probably why S4 is my favorite – LOL!

    Bring on JEG! I have a question or two about that episode that I know some of you deep thinkers will clear up for me, lickety split!

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  5. Why, oh why, oh for the love of God WHY did they not film this tag?! 😕
    It’s lengthy but rounds off some of the loose ends, and it’s so much more interesting and amusing than the filmed tag, so hopefully nobody minds if I post it. It might make for better analysis of the intent of the episode anyway and where L&A’s relationship is at.

    Billy’s seated at his desk with Lee and Amanda standing in front.
    AMANDA “I just wish we could have learned more from Daisy.”
    LEE : “No way…if you’re not in the hierarchy, your information is short. That’s how Cyclops assures its survival. They’ve probably already filled Canaan’s empty chair.”
    Francine enters, carrying a stack of file folders. She reacts with surprise at seeing Billy. In the bullpen the mysterious Dr Smyth can be seen bent over a computer terminal.
    FRANCINE : “Billy, I thought you were in hospital?”
    BILLY : “A little mix-up but thanks for holding down the fort for me.”
    FRANCINE : “I’m afraid I might have sabotaged the fort.”
    Billy signals Lee to see Dr Smyth in the bullpen. Lee slips out quietly.
    AMANDA : “From what I hear you did a great job.”
    FRANCINE : “Oh yeah…some how the requisition for the employees coffee beans got typed on an Agency transfer form…
    BILLY(picking up paper): “Which accounts for two of our Bulgarian agents being transferred to Bogota.”
    FRANCINE(nods, yes) “And the computer allotments were accidentally filed with the agents’ expense forms.”
    In the background Lee shakes hands with Dr Smyth. They talk for a moment and Smyth is gone before we know it. Lee heads back to the office.
    BILLY : “Which is why I got a $40,000 expense reimbursement check.” (Francine grimaces) “Relax, Francine. These kinds of mistakes happen every day in an organisation this size.”
    AMANDA : “They happen in a family of four. Jamie bought a pair of mice once. Guaranteed boys. A month later we moved out of the house and called in the pest control men…79 cents worth of mice ended up costing $640!”
    Billy and Lee laugh. Francine doesn’t.
    BILLY : “Come on, Francine.. .we’ll go through the rest of your snafus, and I’ll tell you about the orangutan named Cecil we had on payroll in Lichtenstein…for a year.”
    Francine and Bill exit, leaving Lee and Amanda.
    LEE : “Dr Smyth sends his compliments on a job well done.”
    AMANDA (pleased):”He did? To me?”
    LEE (nods): “He suggested some kind of commendation.” (Amanda beams) “Unofficial, of course, because none of this happened.”
    ANANDA : ”Of course.”
    LEE : “How’s dinner at Emilio’s sound?”
    AMANDA (teasing) “I hardly think so… I don’t know the man.”
    On Lee’s reaction:

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    • Oh that’s such an Amanda reaction, such a shame they didn’t leave it in! Thanks for all the footwork Kiwismh!


    • Thanks so much for sharing all that with us kiwismh! I love the script tag!!!

      agree with you, sometimes the scripts gives us insights into how to view other parts of the episode even if the scene didn’t air..

      Thanks so much for sharing the scripts!! 🙂 Dinner at Emilio’s huh.. Love Amanda’s gag about hardly knowing dr smyth- they totally should have used it.. all feels to me like they ran out of time for some reason.. it’s really off!!! oh well..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Melissa Robertson

        They ran out of time because of Lee’s drawn out aerial tour of DC. I think this is a rarity that I wish they filmed the scripted version of the ending and the tag.


        Liked by 2 people

    • Someone please send my apologies to my neighbors who are going to wonder why I am suddenly screaming like a lunatic after reading this at 2 in the morning.

      WE MISSED WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

      Okay, if Star Wars can do that weird hologram thingy to film scenes, we totally need to hijack that technology and get this filmed! Who’s with me?


    • Oh wow, this is so much better than what aired! I wish they would have kept it! Although I have to say, I do agree with BJo about enjoying the inside joke between Lee, Amanda, and Billy. I wonder if the tag was changed because they thought Francine needed more of a comeuppance after she let all that power go to her head during Billy’s absence?


  6. In some ways the script here at the end is more satisfying, rounding off where the episode started with Amanda having an exam to pass –
    Amanda climbs out of the car, turns and sees Lee and Billy, the guard firmly in tow, moving toward her.
    Amanda gives the guys a “high” sign. (Not sure what is meant by a “high” sign here… a “hi” sign maybe?)
    BILLY : “Good work, Amanda.”
    AMANDA : “Me? I didn’t do anything. She just sort of ran into my door. (impressed) But, you guys were great…”
    Billy and Lee, though please, shine it on. (“shine it on”? was someone high when they wrote this script??) No big deal. Still, it’s hard to hide their smiles.
    AMANDA (continuing) “Of course , you did violate seventeen … no, no ,eighteen basic Agency rules and regulations. I couldn’t help but notice, since I’ve been studying for my freshman test.(thinking) Violation of controlled airways over a metropolitan area, improper crowd clearance procedure, firing a handgun in a publically occupied area…”
    BILLY(quickly) ”You pass. With an ‘A’. Congratulations.”
    With that, Billy turns and walks away, leaving a surprised Amanda facing Lee. He grins.
    LEE: “Nothing like practical experience. Beats book learning every time.”
    Lee reaches out, gives Amanda “five”. She hesitates, chuckles, returns the five. As she does – FADE OUT

    I had to chuckle at Amanda’s list of violated Agency rules – they break those rules every episode! 😀

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    • …was someone high when they wrote this script??…

      Kiwismh, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Hence, the mish-mash of an episode we got and the title “Reach for the Sky”, perhaps? 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • 😀
        I was thinking of a “high five”, not a “high” and later a “five”.
        Seriously, thought, the typing mistakes in those scripts are ridiculous. Why didn’t they just use the delete button 😉


      • 2Golden’s and kiwismh have explained everything!


      • I was going to resurrect the question of where the title came from now that we’ve finshed, but I see that’s already been clearly explained now!

        It is ironic that an episode that starts and ends with the significance of accurate timing could have so many time warps in its plot line.

        BTW, I looked up Zulu Time. It’s real, but it’s too confusing and too boring to write much about here. It’s a reference to GMT which has now actually been replaced by UTC time. Z traditionaly was used to refer to GMT (zero-th meridian, maybe?) and Zulu is of course the military word used for Z. See, told you it was pretty dry stuff!


        • JAG used it all the time. Every episode opened with a time stamp and Zulu on it. I watched the series for ten years and I never did understand it.


    • Okay, I can’t take this. Who cut these scenes? They were so awesome!

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    • Wow. For me, this episode may always and forever be “the one that was filmed ALL WRONG!!!” (Although I want to keep all those looks between Lee and Billy and Amanda after she took out Daisy. Much better than her claiming she didn’t do anything!)
      So much goodness in the original script!


  7. I love how Billy takes out two baddies with one shot. As an accountant and as a U.S. taxpayer, I would like to commend him for his fiscally responsible use of ammunition. Now if only Francine hadn’t blown the departmental budget with the $40,000 expense check to Johnson. I also wonder just where those coffee beans got transferred to? Imagine that section chief’s surprise when his new field agent is a 10-pound bag of Colombian Dark Roast.

    I think it’s a cute tag, just not the tag that this episode needed. It might have been nice to give us a little less of Scarecrow’s Windless Helicopter Tour of DC and maybe a little bit of the conversation between Lee and Amanda as they are walking towards the bullpen. Maybe this could have included Amanda telling Lee about the ramifications of missing Jamie’s play. Even the end of that conversation? I mean, would just 10-15 seconds have hurt, really?

    I, too, love the many good things about this episode: some nice, subtle L&A interaction; some nice, less-subtle L&A interaction; Amanda’s UP AND DOWN! ramble; the cute ad-libs; Billy One-Shot; Daisy the Dispatcher; Amanda’s evolving work-vs-career struggle… It’s just unfortunate that those wonderful moments were put together in what seems like such a careless way. I really wonder what was going on in the production at the time that influenced the final cut of this episode.

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  8. My take on the respectful amusement – I think Billy and Lee look at Amanda in affectionate bemusement. And we see Lee looking at Amanda a lot this way in the early season three episode (in season one and early two, it was irritation; then confusion with affection: this confusion/affecton ratio has been altering so now it’s mainly affection that we see in his expression.

    This tag is one of the biggest let-down tags in this season 3. Couldn’t they have done something better after the rest of the episode???

    My highlights: the cab, the up/down, up/down performance, the looks Lee gives Amanda, and Daisy (best baddie award!)

    I am not good at the episode order debate but my take is that this does take place after SG – because of the way Lee looks at Amanda. There’s just a different quality in how he looks at her… ❤

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    • I agree, Learjet, there is something acknowledged between Lee and Amanda in this episode that was unacknowledged in both UN and SG.
      I like this after SG which should come after UN, IMHO.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not convinced of anything at this point. you may be right Morley.. or I may end up disagreeing with you – it wouldn’t be the first time! 🙂

        I think I am finding it easier to question the episode order this time I’m watching compared to previous watch throughs – because I have not sat down and watched season 3 in a very long time. even now as I walk through the episodes, it takes a few weeks to go through one episode -and I don’t watch the others while I’m walking through it (no time to!) – this may be good.. or may be bad.. but I like to think it lets me have a unique perspective on things this time I watch.. I tend to keep the possible orders in mind and hold them all in my mind as possibilities until I see something that discounts a potential order.. so while the walk has me paying special attention to one episode at a time – I do always try and have one eye on the bigger picture also.. which is why at this point I haven’t made up my mind still! 🙂

        So far it sounds like people’s view that Lee and Amanda are closer in this ep than in SG is why it should go second.
        For me their closeness works either way..

        Anyone interested in watching the eps in the different orders and reporting back on what they think?

        I haven’t 100% decided anything.. or discounted anything – well.. except for SG before Utopia now – I’m confident in that not being correct.. At this point I would agree that after ALLA, UN is the first of this batch of season 3 eps…
        but Dotty in UN and RFTS has me tossing around the idea that RFTS fits better before SG
        JEG? well.. we shall see on that one.. Maybe we should take episode order discussion over to Nedlindgers and save boring others??

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s getting close to a long vacation time for me as the holidays are approaching. I’m thinking of playing around with and watching the early S3 eps in a variety of orders just to see how they look. There are some interesting little subtleties going on with Lee and Amanda and trying to figure out just what happened when is just a nice little romantic mystery. Time for some wine, chocolate (hot), comfy socks, a pillow, comforter, and an SMK marathon. Sounds like a plan to me.

          Liked by 2 people

        • Vasugi Vasugi

          I honestly love this episode. Not so much for the story😂but just for Lee and Amanda’s personal and professional growth. I love all the scenes with them in it. I love how Amanda has tranformed into a partner,a team player. I especially enjoyed their scene where she uses “the intuition” to her benefit. Their scene in the elevator was amazing..the whole dialogue abt KAPPA was really good coz i remember CONRAD BARNHILL mention that Amanda was a cheerleader and was around the football players alot😍😂😂And i guess she must have been an academic too….and Lee played football in college..😂😂😂😂😂makes you smile isn’t it. That scene really shows their comfort level and that they have been going out alot too.


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