19/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

.. Brace yourselves!! It’s action finale part II!
Lee sees Harcourt has taken off with his favourite speed boat!

Well that won’t do..
Lee spots a jet ski.. time for Lee the human fly!
He dives into the water
Lee reaches the  jet ski….
Once again.. Lee is in
oh so heroic pursuit of the bad guy!
Hey as Lee gets on the jet ski – Lanz can be seen in the background getting out of the water – who stopped him from getting away? I think a bad guy might have gotten away!!
Oh dear.. okay, not Lee starting up the jet ski.. rather it’s stunt Lee.. oh well..
FTF.avi_002557290Whooo hoooo! Yes Ladies.. we have… (drum roll)… Wet Lee!! It’s been a while!
So tell me.. who here thinks Lee is really riding the jet ski across the water at great speed here in these close ups?!
gif of jetski
You can actually see with the first close up of Lee as he turns the jet ski- that he is not on water but on land.. Look you can see land right behind him! bottom right corner- I can see a light and trees right behind him!
light on land

.. I think BB is sitting on the back of a truck pretending to be in the water!
Ohhh the indignity!!!
Well, Lee’s pursuit of Harcourt goes on.. and on.. and on and onandonandonnnnnn!!
Quit showing off (stunt) Lee.. and get Harcourt Winking smile
Lee’s hair is so styled.. it doesn’t even move when he is racing along the water on a jet ski! Winking smile
Ohhh acting must be one of the funniest professions ever! How does Bruce do this with a straight face?? Paired with a look of such determination to catch Harcourt- this is flippin hilarious!!! Poor BB.. Poor Lee!! where is Raffie? She should be here to protect Lee’s dignity!!
At least it seems Harcourt’s on land and not really speeding along either! (that should make him easier to catch! Winking smile ) FTF.avi_002586853

.. anyone else confused at why Lee decides to go to the far left and then the far right while trying to catch up with Harcourt who is straight ahead of him?! lol.. this reminds me of the dirt bike action finale in the ACM Kid!!
Man.. I think too much.. Look! there’s wet Lee again!! Winking smile

FTF.avi_002602869Anyway.. after a grumpy windsurfer gets dumped,..
a bit of possibly topless sunbathing..
a hilarious – ‘curse you speedboat driver!’ from the windsurfer..
… and two fisherman cranky their fish are being disturbed.. (oh my.. this does go on! )
FTF.avi_002618885…lots more speeding and jet ski jumps..
Lee finally catches up with Harcourt..
FTF.avi_002632232one punch and he’s overboard! FTF.avi_002640240Sweet!
After such a long chase.. this fight is short and very sweet! Winking smile
Such an obedient baddie.. Once FTF.avi_002642375he’s been punched overboard, Harcourt very FTF.avi_002647180obediently just swims back to Lee in the boat.. good boy! (give him a treat Lee!)
Lee’s got a treat for him alright!!! Lee gives Harcourt a total wedgie as he is helping him back into the boat..
and then leaves him with his butt in the air for the trip back to land Smile Oh hey.. another butt reference! tee hee..
I think this felt very sweet for Lee.. a good day’s work!
Lee's catch of the day
Love Lee’s look of determination here as he brings back the bad guy for Justice!

Okay guys I’m going to stop here while I recover from all this heroic swoony Lee Winking smile Love to hear your thoughts – byee for now and back with the tag soon!

27 responses to “19/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. To quote Amanda ‘Oh my Gosh!’ I can’t watch this scene anymore without tears streaming down my face…the jet ski stuff is soooo hilarious. The close-ups of BB (you’re right, this must have been a funny day on set) never fit with what the stuntLee is doing. And boy, the pointless ways the jet ski goes to chase after Harcourt, it looks more like he is at a jet ski tournament trying hard to score points, ROFL.

    Anyway, BB makes the best out of this looking all determined. Would love to see the bloopers, there must have been some.

    I’m totally with you though, the action scenes usually leave me yawning and hoping they won’t be too long.


    • Lots of fun reading your thoughts Huginacup!
      Yeah this side to smk has become one of my favourite parts.. and I love that this fandom doesn’t take it and the show too seriously – we can laugh at the show and ourselves! 🙂


      • Thank you 🙂

        It’s funny, on any other show, things like this would be a reason to turn me off, but in SMK it IS half the fun. And it works, because as you mentioned they don’t take themselves too seriously, so these parts become charming instead.


    • Hart To Hart had a jetski chase scene that looked even worse. I can’t complain about SMK after seeing that one. (And I loved H2H).


  2. The best part of this whole action sequence is Iwsod’s summary and comments. Sometimes these do drag on, unnecessarily so. I tend to fast forward through them to get to more good stuff.


  3. If Lee was riding directly into the wind he may have zig-zagged to reduce the drag/resistance, which would enable him to catch up with Harcourt quicker. I’m stretching as far as I can to find a logical explanation.
    This is James Bond stuff really. Was there a Bond movie out at the time?
    So much precious episode time wasted on stunt doubles and tedious chase scene. I’m sure there must have been a smarter way Lee could have stopped Harcourt. The yacht they were on probably had a phone or communication radio on it – why not just call Billy and get the agency helicopter in the air to track Harcourt, or alert the Police or Coastguard to go get him. That way we could have had more Lee and Amanda time on screen. Sheeesh! :/


    • I’m wondering if these tedious action scenes are there to reduce BB and KJ ‘s screen time (given the bruising filming schedules). Heck, I’d rather have seen more of Billy and Francine. Or Mr Smyth or Beaman for that matter.


  4. Really, why did the powers that be throw in an extended fight/chase scene at the end of every episode? Just who did they think their demographic audience was? It sure wasn’t the dudes watching. Just sayin’

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lee, tuck your head down more when you dive! It’s going to hurt!!!!

    I find this scene very tedious. Except for wet Lee (how long did it take to get his hair looking that good? How many tubs of gel were involved to get that perfect distribution of “wet” locks.)
    Iwsod, I salute you (double salute you) for making this scene funny. This might be one of your biggest JWWM triumphs 🙂

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  6. Oh gosh, this jetski scene…groooann. How on earth did BB do that with such a straight face? I think there should be an awards show for actors who can pull off the most groan-worthy scenes without cracking up or throwing a tantrum. I’m just glad we got to see wet Lee. I don’t miss the poofy hair with all that product in it.


    • .. I think BB is sitting on the back of a truck pretending to be in the water…

      I wonder if he was making “vroom-vroom” noises while he was pretend-driving the jet ski? (Oh dear! Raffle’s certainly going to come after me for that one!)

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    • But, really, how do we know BB didn’t crack up or throw a tantrum? There could have been 100 takes of that scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. 😉 Just sayin’…

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      • Cuz in all of SMK fandom, there are no reports on him doing this! Surely someone would have found out… Don’t make me get out the penguin slap, KC! LOL! Not that I could do it anyway….

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  7. I LOVE action scenes on JWWM!!!!
    There is something a little less arrogant about Lee in this scene and a whole lot more attractive… (even though half of it is the stunt double and Lee isn’t really in the water, my imagination can still do the gymnastics to make it work.) Where is Amanda? Is she still holding the gun on the rest of the bad guys?


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