1/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

JEG.avi_000077811On to another episode!!! and my goodness.. a very non-typical opening to an smk episode! We see a building with a white Volkswagen parked out front…JEG.avi_000082916
Inside.. we cut to a naked woman in bed!!..
(she seems to be wearing no top- smk is shock implying some frisky behaviour here!! my my!)
who is this person?
Next thing.. there’s a loud ZZZIIIPPP!!!! And some guy is zipping up his trousers?!.. Oh hang on.. maybe I’m watching the wrong show?! no noo.. I did see the titles ‘J.Edgar’s Ghost’ – and there is an smk episode of that title.. eek!
my oh my.. definitely frisky behaviour going on!
I don’t remember this episode very well! Who sees this one as a favourite?? ( maybe as we go through you can tell us why!) – it’s not one I go to immediately but I’m looking forward to discovering all the little goodies to be found in this episode with you all.
The guy sits on the side of the bed and the woman sighs in her sleep..
JEG.avi_000107540Nick: Sleeping, Cupcake?
JEG.avi_000136970Checking she’s asleep the guy  sprays something in cupcake’s face and then covers her face with the sheet -[made me think:- surely her breath isn’t that bad! Winking smile ]
-I am guessing that he covers her face to increase the effectiveness of whatever he just sprayed.. it’s clear something is really wrong here!
This charmer then goes into the living room and starts searching. [It’s very clear he is up to no good – the smk ‘baddie sneaking’ music is playing while he snoops!]
JEG.avi_000147480That’s a very strange place to put a lamp… the middle of the dining room table?
He starts taking photos of documents..
JEG.avi_000168802In a thick book of pension reviews he finds a photo of a yacht..

JEG.avi_000177210You know what.. I remember what’s up with this image..[oh dear- I just realised that is a very unintentional and totally non PG pun!!! 😉 I’ll leave it for you to snigger at.. but just be sure to please keep JWWM chatter PG! 🙂 iwsod backs away.. doo dee dumm dee daaa… ] and..I think I can see it!!
JEG.avi_000177811He smiles and takes a photo of the pic.
A large amount of time seems to pass… judging
JEG.avi_000184718by the huge stack he has worked through.. I guess he sprayed something in cupcake’s face to stop her from accidentally waking up and realising what a dirtbag he is.. ahem..
But wait!! He has been photographing for so long, cupcake has awoken.. we hear her calling: Nicky??!!!  His name is Nick? I wonder if that’s a pun name? I mean.. this guy is stealing secrets.. he is a thief and he is called Nick?! Maybe this is just a pun to Brits and Aussies.. ‘Nick’ is slang for stealing something – does that translate with Americans?
Nicky scrambles to put the books away before cupcake appears..
Cupcake: Nicky, are you feeling sick to your stomach at all? I think there might’ve been something wrong with that champagne.
JEG.avi_000221054[Ah so he’s been winning her over with Champagne huh.. bet it was cheap! Winking smile and he left the price tag on!!!!]

Nick: Aw, I’m sorry, Cupcake...Uhh… Maybe…  maybe you caught a bug?
Agnes (I’ll call her Agnes and leave cupcake to this creep) is pretty groggy as she asks: Are you leaving?
JEG.avi_000236069Nick: Got a ton of meetings tomorrow.  But I’ll JEG.avi_000240273tell you one thing. Just as soon as my ship comes in, we’re gonna be together forever, Cupcake.
[whahahaaha did you guys notice his pun here?? His ‘ship’ will come in??!!! I never noticed this before!!! But he is having a private joke with himself about the  information he has just uncovered. creep!]
Agnes: Mmm…
Nick briefly kisses Agnes, and gives her a hug.
JEG.avi_000243276Agnes (still groggy):
I hate it when you leave.
Well…  I’ll meet you tomorrow at the JEG.avi_000247480usual place. Kelsey’s?
Ugh, this reminds me of Castille in Vigilante Mothers – ugh!!!! I looooathe the scenario of a baddie deceiving a woman into thinking they love them when they are only using them. Only thing that’s worse I guess is selling women in Brunettes are in! ugh!!!
Agnes agrees to meet Nick at Kelsey’s.
Nick: Good. You get some sleep.
JEG.avi_000249883Nick leaves, and Agnes notices her briefcase is open and the secret documents are right there!!! JEG.avi_000260694Right next to where Nicky was sitting!!! And the bag is open!!!!
Is she groggy enough to not realise what’s going on?? (on drugs or love?!) I guess if you love someone you make excuses for it because you can’t believe it until you have no choice but to believe it.. very sad!
On to suburbia!

In the kitchen, we find Phillip is reading the front page of the paper..
JEG.avi_000267901Are Oaties a real breakfast cereal? we see the Cracklin’ Critters again!
Awh…  Jamie has made Dotty a coffee – what a sweetie! Dotty thinks so too..
Dotty accepts the cup:
Awhhhh Sweet!
Jamie: Good morning.
JEG.avi_000274507Dotty: Aren’t you a sweetheart! I love you.

She gives Jamie a kiss on the cheek.
You know, with Jamie making Dotty a cup of coffee, and Phillip reading the paper..they suddenly appear quite grown up! I wonder if this is deliberate – and plays into the whole Amanda moving away a little from the day to day needs of the boys?? They don’t need her as intensively as they did when they were little..but it does make sense that it would be an adjustment (I just wish smk had done it better!)

Realising what’s on the cover of the newspaper, Dotty takes it from Phillip.
Dotty: Oh. Uh-huh. Uh-uh. No, no, no, no.
Phillip: Grandma, I was just looking for something for my social studies report.
Dotty: Okay, then why don’t you try the sport page?

Dotty passes it to Phillip.. yes sports is very central to social studies in a way! Smile
Dotty: Now, hurry up with your breakfast, you’re gonna be late for school. What’s this trash? (Dotty is immediately engrossed!) ..Huh.

Yes Trash Dotty. ahem.. and she becomes totally absorbed in it haaaaaa..

In rushes chirpy Amanda!
Amanda: Good morning, fellas.
Phillip & Jamie: Good morning.

Awh Jamie has poured a cup of coffee for Amanda too!! He’ll be a fine husband one day Winking smile
Amanda doesn’t slow down as she grabs the cup of coffee –she keeps goin! -yes that blur in the pic is Amanda.. she rushes on in!
Amanda: Good morning, Mother!
Amanda (as she takes the coffee from Jamie): Thank you, sweetheart.
Amanda: What you got there this morning, Mother? Let’s see.
JEG.avi_000296129Dotty: I don’t believe it.

Amanda: Look at… (Amanda reads aloud.. I guess for us the audience Winking smile ) “Midshipmen drop skivvies. Nude sail up Potomac.” What is that doing in the newspaper?!!
I can’t help but cringe seeing this – the stuff in the papers nowadays is a lot worse!
You know, in Australia skivvies are turtlenecks! not underwear! This got an Australian friend of mine living in Canada into a whole lot of trouble Winking smile
Dotty: They’re trying to sell papers. Listen to this…
Amanda: Mmm…

JEG.avi_000305739Dotty: “Did the United States Navy squash an FBI probe into midshipmen behavior at Annapolis during the 1960s?”.…..JEG.avi_000311444
JEG.avi_000313847…”Recently discovered FBI reports suggest midshipmen and their dates sailed nude”…
Hearing ‘Nude’ Amanda and Dotty have Phillip and Jamie’s full attention! 😉
“up the Potomac”…
… “during the 1966 incident”…
Amanda: Hmm…
JEG.avi_000323757Dotty: … “that was apparently hushed up.”
Amanda: Ohh…
Dotty: “Today, some of the same, unnamed, cadets are commanding this nation’s nuclear fleet”…

[How ridiculous.. the people in command of all weapons have at one stage or another made a dumb youthful mistake.. have worn nappies or have farted in front of company Winking smile.. a nude sail is not as terrible as if they had previously been convicted of selling government secrets or something.. ugh]
Amanda: Moootheeer…
JEG.avi_000328561Dotty: “Picture, page six.” (Dotty simply must open to page six for a look!)
Amanda: Come on, that’s probably not even true. Look at that… (pointing to the page)
…You can’t tell from that… that could be anybody, anywhere…
[By the way, a look at the tiny text around it is funny! all very meaningless and long winded chatter about nothing!]
JEG.avi_000336670…The only thing you can tell is…
Amanda moves in for a closer look!
JEG.avi_000337570… Well,… it must’ve been very cold. JEG.avi_000340573

Jamie and Phillip share a look and a little snigger!

So the picture on page six was the one Nicky found in Agnes’ books. Seems he has leaked it to the press. So is this his game?? or is there more than that going on? we’ll see!
By the way, not only was it very cold – Amanda has fantastic eye sight to be able to tell!
Though it did look plausible that the crew were all naked in the much closer shot of the image we saw earlier … but even then – you needed very good eyesight to confirm what Amanda observes Winking smile ha!

Interesting.. so far there are two moments which refer to some frisky behaviour going on! Is this a theme of the ep? I don’t have a set idea of this.. just throwing it out there as we walk through the ep..

I best finish up here for now.. After reach for the sky it’s great to see Dotty being Dotty again.. and the boys and home life.. Can’t wait to hear from ya! byee


edited to add: I forgot! With a new episode- we have a new transcriber!!! HUGE THANKS to KC for transcribing this episode for operation sandstorm!!!! We Salute you KC!!!!

Thanks also to Learjet for being the beta 🙂



41 responses to “1/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I just remembered–Phillip was helping fix their lunch bags on The First Time.


  2. Lee looks like he wishes that remote had a mute button for Francine! (Don’t we all!)

    The way he doesn’t say anything and doesn’t pull rank on her (even though he has a right to with this promotion) reminds me of how informal he is with Billy and I think in both cases, it’s hard for him to see rank when they worked together in the field as equals. (At least I think they implied that on one ep that he and Billy had worked in the field together — maybe I’m wrong.) They build up a friendship/cameraderie and it’s got to be hard or at least weird to discard that when one of you is higher rank than the other.


  3. Am I the only person who totally gets grossed out when Nick kisses Agnes right after she says she’s sick to her stomach and he tells her maybe she caught a bug!?!?!?! 😖 I’m a quarantiner in my house at the first sign of any kind of tummy trouble. Gloves. Mask. Different rooms. The works. No kissing. I mean, I know he knows her nausea is from the spray, but still…ugh…


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  5. While I haven’t seen JEG in a while, it brings warmth to my heart just thinking about it. It’s either in my top 10 or 15 I think, but I’m not sure why. I’ll have to see if I feel the same after we’ve walked through it. And for some reason, I find the baddie in this episode quite funny and therefore likeable. It must be a character flaw on my part or perhaps it’s because he calls Agnes “cupcake”. I’m a sucker for cake.

    LOL- yeah, don’t think the ‘Nick’ bit translates with Americans, unless they like to watch British TV, like I do…just check out my avatar. And I just googled the definition of nick and there are all sorts of interesting definitions out there for this word….but since it’s PG, I’ll leave it at that.

    I do think the boys acting older in the show is deliberate. They do need to show them growing, as they are physically growing. It is a bit choppy though. On a side note, I think that top Dotty is wearing is quite fugly. And I don’t care for her hair cut and styled this way. I like her much better with longer hair. I think Amanda looks very pretty in this scene. She seems to be glowing. She must be excited to get to work to see a certain spy.

    I’m with you, iwsod, a nude sail up the Potomac isn’t that shocking nowadays. But back when it purportedly happened, well then it would have been considered very shocking behavior for naval academy students, I think. And I think Dotty is more troubled by it than Amanda – which I would also expect, because of the generational difference.


    • I think Dotty’s hair style would have been considered ‘granny-chic’ in the 80s – a rounded set with ‘artfully’ placed waves and lashings of hair spray (you could probably throw a ball at it and the ball would bounce back at you). My grandmother had the same ‘do (or is it a ‘don’t?)

      I keep seeing the red claws – don’t go with the coral lipstick and top, or with cleaning a house….


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Well, we know from Our Man in Tegernsee that Amanda has really good eye sight, are we seeing some continuity 🙂

    This guy does remind me of the baddie in Vigilante Mothers…what a sleazeball!!


  7. Like how Jamie makes the coffee for Dotty and Amanda. I used to do that for my parents on Sundays before getting ready for church. It was like breakfast in bed for them.

    Bo Hopkins who plays Nicky was in Dynasty for a while. He also guested on The Rookies and was in the first episode of Charlie’s Angels. So he and KJ crossed paths a few times. This scene at Agnes’s does remind me of Vigilante Mothers. Nick does seem a bit skeezy.

    Love how Dotty gives Amanda the little side eye while they are perusing the paper. It’s funny how Dotty takes the paper from Philip, refers to it as trash and then stares at it herself.

    Terms of endearment are always tricky. Don’t like it when women are compared to pastries. The “cupcake” though reminds me of the recent Star Trek reboot as it was used sarcastically a few times.

    I agree about the lamp, Iwsod. It seems weird to be on the dining room table, unless there was a point where he moved it to the table to get better pictures. And he didn’t want to turn on the ceiling light for fear of waking Agnes.


    • I just remember Bo Hopkins from American Graffiti – that’s what I identify him with. Interesting to see he had a history with The Rookies and Charlie’s Angels


  8. “Nick” sort of translates in the US. We know what it means but it’s not likely the word we’d choose, at least not in the regions I’ve lived in.

    I never noticed the “ship comes in” pun either until I saw it in writing just now — I like little nuggets like that!

    And I too vote for Nicky as being one of the worst baddies. His behavior (so far) is disgusting and reprehensible. And where there is a victimizer, there is a victim. We see Agnes here being terribly needy and clingy and naive — a perfect victim for some sleazeball, and very difficult for me to watch without trying to reach through the screen and give her a good shake to wake her up!


    • Nick is nicking classified info and should probably nick off or he will end up in the nick! 😀

      Liked by 3 people

    • Yep, there might be a ‘slimeball’ award add to to the Baddies of Season 3 Award Ceremony and Nicky, so far, seems to be a strong contender.


    • Hi raffie! Oh cool thanks for letting me know about use of ‘Nick’ 🙂

      Yeah I didn’t notice ‘ship comes in’ till I saw the words with my eyes too!

      Agreed.. I think I’m going to struggle a little with watching Nick. So far, I don’t see Agnes as being that needy. she’s groggy from being drugged, and she feels sick.. and sadly – she loves this man.. I’ll give her a break – so far for me, I only see Agnes giving her love to a man who is pretending to love her back – but I can see so far there isn’t enough indication he is anything other than that..
      the bag with the books open? I think.. or hope.. the realisation is starting to take place – but when you’re in love…..
      well.. I can’t jump ahead! 😉 ha haaaaa!


      • Yeah, I would think cupcake would begin to wonder about Nicky once she saw the open box of her files. But since we don’t know much about her or their relationship up to this point, it’s hard to say. Nicky is acting like a sleazeball, but if Agnes suspects something is off and doesn’t challenge him, then I think she shares a small part of the blame of whatever may come her way next.


  9. I never could really see that picture of the ship while watching the episodes. They actually used a real photo with “cold” navy cadets and guests in it. Wow! This episode is delving into the risque.

    Your Skivvy comment cracked me up. Skivvies most definitely means under dressed here in the US. They would have been much warmer if they were in turtle necks.


  10. Hardly seems much of a scandal – some risqué behaviour by some junior navy personnel. And why would the FBI care or be involved? Surely it anything it just warrants internal Navy disciplinary action. Even in 1966 this would have been yawn material. And such a harmless prank hardly impacts on the positions those involved hold currently (“currently” being 1985 of course 😉 )
    The premise for this episode is so far pretty shallow and shaky for me. However, good to have an episode where SMK does venture into more risqué (i.e. real life) territory.
    I also like that they show that Philip and Jamie are intelligent, responsible kids. A shame they haven’t had more episode time for character development throughout the series.
    Dotty loves a good scandal 😀 and I don’t see Amanda as being prim and proper, or prudish. I think she is mature and at ease in sexual matters and her own sexuality, but also careful because she is mindful of the example she needs to set for two impressionable children entering their teenage years. So I see that for this reason and because her heart and confidence took a bit of a beating with that break-up, she has put the physical aspect of relationships pretty much on hold since her break-up from Joe. She and Dean didn’t seem particularly intimate – I got the feeling he was a kind’ve “by the rules” person, i.e. no sex before marriage. We didn’t get to see much of him but he did seem to be quite boring and pedantic (so was his mother!).


    • Oh, dear — hope this episode doesn’t head too far into the “risqué, real-life” territory — I just got WAY too big of a dose of that kind of thing in my own RL, and was heading here to get away from it! This is such a great place to hide from RL!


    • I should add that of course we don’t know yet if there is something about this scenario the FBI might be interested in – some criminality? It’s been a while since I watched this episode so I can’t quite remember what, if any, significance a boat load of happy nudies would connote.
      I’ve never understood what compels people to go nude in public – be they streakers, nudists, thrill seakers, whatever. Seems to me Amanda’s comment is probably apt – “it must have been very cold”. 😉 Amanda must’ve been studying that pic very, very closely… close enough to notice some “shrinkage” perhaps? (Seinfeld reference) Oh dear, how ever are we going to keep this discussion from sliding into the gutter Iswod?


      • Yeah there’s one or two things I’d like to say kiwismh, but based on what we know so far.. I can’t say ’em! 🙂

        we’ll definitely come back to this!!! If I forget.. can you remind me??


  11. ‘Cupcake’ reminds me of ‘Babycakes’ and not in a good way. Why do men refer to women as baked goods? Feeds (‘scuse the pun) into the whole housewife stereotype.
    Jamie is such a nice child. Maybe his grandmother and mother coffee without being asked!! Gold star!
    Also thanks to KC for this perfect transcription 🙂


    • Thanks to Learjet for a wonderful beta job! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • indeed.. well Sam axe likes to call his lady friends ‘pumpkin’ 😉
      Isn’t it a way to not get the woman’s name wrong?? you just call all your girlfriends the same thing?!
      wasn’t that what that destiny’s child song was about??

      by the way – I’m about to go on holidays for 4 days.. this could mean I have loads of time.. or none.. it’s hard to tell what kind of holiday it will be lol!!! soooo if you don’t hear from me you’ll know why – but as always I’ll do my best to keep the posts comin!


    • Oh I mean’t to ask what your kids thought of Jamie making coffee for Amanda and Dotty Learjet?!


      • The Minijets don’t seem to notice anything except Lee, iwsod :D.
        Have just checked: the older one knows who Jamie is but can only remember that Amanda’s other son’s name ‘starts with a ‘P’.

        Having pointed out how Jamie spontaneously made his grandmother and mother some coffee. I’m hoping this may spur them on….

        Liked by 1 person

    • I remember when my cousin lived with us for a year — I was ten and he was 13 and we felt so grown up when we could make coffee and breakfast (cereal) and serve it to my parents in bed.


  12. Loved the ‘it must have been really cold’ remark. It reminds us that Amanda is not as prim and proper as she often appears. 😉


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