10/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda start following Nick and Agnes in his van. LOL.. bad Lee! He doesn’t indicate to pull into traffic Winking smile nothing suspicious about that!
Nick’s van drives down a suburban street with Agnes…
Is it just me or have we seen this street before? many times?!
Nick glances at Agnes…
Nick: You’re shooting straight with me, aren’t you, honey?JEG.avi_001385852

 [Of course she isn’t! lol..]
Agnes: I should be asking you that question, Nicky. How come everything’s so secret?
JEG.avi_001391858Nick: It’s something important.
(Nick hands Agnes an envelope.)
National security work—and guys like Stetson are trying to stop me…
JEG.avi_001403870(We see Agnes look at the piece of paper) …I’ve got to get the rest of this series of Inter Agency Pension Review reports. They’re declassified.
[How does Nick know this? does he have a source in the agency/FBI/CIA/NSA whatever? The whole it’s national security thing is so totally lame… and not even remotely convincing to someone who works at the agency – I think this is just a surface attempt to convince Agnes that he is convinced she is not going to try and double cross him.. lol is that a Nick Cross triple cross??!!]
Agnes: Ohh. These have been declassified for two years. Routine…
JEG.avi_001411411(Nick looks confused here for a second-why I don’t know..anyone?  to falsely let the audience think he buys it?! sorry I can’t pretend I don’t know he knows! lol..)
They’re scheduled for destruction. I don’t even know why they were secret, except maybe they related indirectly to budget.
JEG.avi_001416182[Call me crazy but I think Agnes does a pretty good job here – she’s keeping it together and I think she’s quite convincing! but.. it was always destined to fail.. lol we are only 20 minutes into the episode! ha! Winking smile
Knowing the homing device was busted and Agnes calling Nick –it’s flippin obvious this is an attempt at a set up.. blind Freddy could see that! So even though Agnes is convincing, Nick was never going to believe her! drat!]
JEG.avi_001417384Nick: Which way, which way?
Agnes: Ahh… 30th Street Depository.
JEG.avi_001421588Gee if only that was an audio bug in Agnes’ bag…

Nick pulls into the government impound yard!! rofl!!! Anyone see Gino?!! lol I guess it’s not the compound today!
JEG.avi_001426693Nick brings his van to a stop- right where the marker on the road told him to! (see the white tape? lol not the big ‘stop’ painted on the road.. lol like that wasn’t enough!)
Nicky switches vehicles to confuse Lee.. confusing Lee is embarrassingly easy Winking smile 

When Nick barks at Agnes: Get in the back and stay down!
I think he sounds really nasty.. and he is showing his true colours.. this is no top secret mission!

Lee is staying waaaay back out of sight. Amanda is holding the homing device tracker.. lol it it looks like she’s holding a radio?!  Why does it go so dark outside when Lee and Amanda are driving?? it’s the middle of the day.. are they in a tunnel or something?? cos if that’s the case no wonder the beeps are getting quieter.. weird! 😉

Lee and Amanda are driving along that same, very familiar road..
Amanda: I sure wish we could get a little closer.
JEG.avi_001465131Lee: Amanda, the range on that homer is two miles. And that sound that you hear means we’re right on the beam. Now, we’re gonna lay back a couple of blocks, here.
JEG.avi_001474441Amanda: Yeah, I’d just feel better if we could see him.

Lee: Well, if we could see him, he could see us. Okay?
Amanda: Right.
JEG.avi_001485251[Anyone else think Lee comes off a bit too confident and casual for his own good here?? It’s a shame.. sometimes the plot requires Lee to make pretty basic mistakes –and he is suppose to be a top spy.. it’s not a good look! Where’s Raffie?? Protector of Lee’s dignity?! look out! tee hee.. lol maybe you won’t see this the same way I do Raffie (it’s all good!) For me, Lee is too casual considering he knew Nick could suspect it was a set up and there’s no fall back plan!]

We cut to Nicky in his crispy crunchy incredible corn chips delivery van pulling away from the original van..
Hey, when it drives off we see this:
No, not the Hollywood sign! but.. Does that sign say ‘Lot’ something?

Back in the corvette.. Amanda is increasingly worried.. (I’m worried too- because it is suddenly very dark in the corvette! lol!) Amanda: It’s not as loud.
JEG.avi_001496796Lee: Will you relax? We’ve got to give them a little…
(Lee searches for the right phrase..)
… breathing room.
They pull up in the compound (careful to avoid Gino seeing them! Winking smile )  to find Nick’s van there.

I have a question here.. If they were setting up Nick- and Agnes was going to lead him to the files – why didn’t Lee and Amanda already know where Agnes was going? (she did know it was pension files he was sneaking a look at) If she knew, why didn’t she just tell them???
And if she didn’t know, why didn’t they have all the warehouses covered? It was only nine different warehouses she visited!!! I think they could have managed to cover it if it meant not exposing err I mean squeezing all of America’s toothpaste out of a tube..
Plus- why did Agnes tell Nick the correct warehouse?! why not send him to another warehouse she had been to so there was no risk of him getting the files?
Oh boy.. I am having a field day with this one.. how about you? was anyone else find this whole set up rather flimsy?
Also, if they wanted to catch Nick, why not go with Agnes and collect all the sensitive information first, preventing Nick from getting his hands on them- and then call Nick and say I’ll lead you to the files?? Why just leave them all there? especially when they already admitted that Nick will probably know this is a double cross (get it?!) 

Anyway, Lee pulls up in the yard looking for Nick and Agnes.

 but no Nick or Agnes.. Ooops.. they’ve lost them.. poor Agnes!
Lee: Dammit!!!!
He guns the corvette in reverse and then slams on the breaks just in time to stop from blowing out his tyres- eek!!
sheesh! Nick was not as dumb as you thought he was Lee!
The homing device goes silent..
Amanda: And it looks like your homer just struck out.
JEG.avi_001525792Amanda dramatically turns off the homing device and dismantles the antenna..
Commercial break time!
Moving on to here:
LOL that it actually has a sign saying it’s the joint intelligence records depository.. I thought it would have a cover name like umm pensions and boring stuff depository.

Inside the depository… it looks like Agnes has been extremely helpful and already shown him where some of the files are?!

Agnes leads Nick into an office, and checks a card file, Agnes: Inter Agency Pension Review. It’s aisle seven, row J.
JEG.avi_001557023[what are the boxes he was pulling already?! If he hadn’t gone to the location of the agency pension review files yet?]
The poster behind Agnes is kinda interesting huh! Kind of screams: Male workers don’t get hurt because you have a wife and kids who would miss you.. how ironic..
Nick smiles at Agnes,.. a rather creepy smile!!!
[Interesting that they chose a rather unattractive man to be Agnes’ love rat.. or.. is it just me?! ]
and pulls out a pair of handcuffs.
Nick: There’s a reason for everything I do.
JEG.avi_001566633Agnes: No, Nick. Please.
Nick cuffs her to the pipe..
Nick: Don’t worry, you won’t be here long…
…This won’t hurt you. Trust me…
…Just remember that.
[Yeah! remember how you trusted him and he LIED!!!!!!! What a creep!!!]
Nicky sets off a smoke bomb.
Agnes: What is that?
Nick: Just a little smoke bomb.
Of course, the fire department won’t know that.

LOL Love how in the close up Nick’s vest suddenly changes colour! whwhahahaa..
I’d say Agnes got off lightly here..
JEG.avi_001596363Nick leaves Agnes, without a backward glance.
At this point, I’d be cranky with Lee and his lame plan to trap Nick.. not really good enough given what’s at stake!
If he’s such a top agent, what’s Agnes doing tied up to a pipe?? [Perfectly good question! Winking smile ] whhahaaaa..
Okay I’m going to have to pause here for the moment.. Hope you are all well and getting ready for the holidays! I’m hoping to have more time for writing blog posts over the break.. so hopefully delays won’t be too frequent – will anyone be around? Is anyone still around?? or lol has Nick and Agnes driven people away?!!
What we need is.. Some Lee the fireman! Coming up next!! Winking smile tee hee..
Can’t wait to hear from anyone who is still reading! I find this section a bit of a chore.. but I guess it’s part of the plot.. and it’s always fun when we are walking together!!! I try to look for any gems..(including the so bad it’s good gems 😉 )  you never know! Did you find any?? Do tell!!!! Or if you want to complain? well.. go right ahead too haaaa.. bye now!

15 responses to “10/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I do feel sorry for Agnes here. She’s trying to act like things are normal, but I’m sure it was obvious to Nicky that things were very different. And Lee does still occasionally pull the arrogance-card – whether to assert that he’s still in charge or to show us he’s not completely changed, I don’t know.

    Was gonna drop a note on Bo Hopkins, aka Nicky Cross, here, but moved it on over to Ned’s.


  2. Those two screen caps of Nick when he gets out the handcuffs are hilarious; with the slightly bluey light, he looks like a creepy alien. And he’s wearing a gold chain. And some people know I don’t like gold chains on men (or is it a string chain?). What is at that on the chain? KC????

    ‘Accidents hurt more than the victim’. Is it just me or does the style of that poster seem more 60s than 80s?


    • LOL you will laugh.. but I thought of KC when I saw the gold chain too haaaa.. I thought KC might mention it – missing ya KC!

      I was thinking maybe it was some kind of catholic medal – you know.. one of the saints – it fits with that catholic/religious motif he had going on earlier.. what it all means no idea.. and not even sure if I am correct. lol!

      Agree! Nick is creepy!


  3. I still get the sense that there is competition going on between Lee and Amanda like it felt there was when they were deciding who could do the interview or how to dispose of a bug. But maybe that is the point, competition between equals can be kind of fun and flirtatious. I like the way Amanda is not afraid to say her piece and Lee doesn’t respond with irrational anger like he would have in season 1. He admits she was right, he was wrong and he isn’t too bothered by being bested by Amanda.
    I have no idea what to mke of Nick and agnes, other than Agnes is getting a raw deal. I hope the catch Nick at least she will have some satisfaction from knowing she helped capture a dirty rotten scoundrel crook.

    Liked by 1 person

    • True Morley, there is an element of Lee finding Amanda’s attitude kinda charming.. oh dear Amanda.. if you can see him, then he can see you! oh boy!

      I love the flirty competition between them generally, but when Agnes is putting herself at risk and counting on them – I’m thinking it’s not the time for it!

      [fixed the typo.. the brain knew I was talking to Morley…but the fingers really wanted to type Cindy! dohhh!!]


  4. Yep, Where’s the Protector of Lee’s dignity when you need her?


  5. I too find this episode ridiculously hard to make sense of. I agree, Iwsod — surely they knew where Agnes was taking Nick. Why so dependent on the tracker? Unless they feared more for Agnes’s safety than they’d let on. But still, I have a hard time finding enough glue to hold the whole story together!

    Yikes, yes, Lee is behaving in a most cocky and undignified manner. Luckily we have Amanda giving him a “I told you so” when his technique doesn’t work. Why oh why did she never also occasionally say to him, “Lee, sweetheart, ‘toothpaste from a tube’ … no one really talks like that.” But without that valued guidance, no doubt Lee will continue to deliver cheesy lines, thinking that she admires his keen wit! (Armin, our man — he admitted way back in ‘Weekend’ how awful those lines were! Sigh.)

    I wonder if Lee was being a bit cockier than usual because, as much as he appreciates Amanda’s consoling of Agnes, it is his case and he wants to show that he is the senior agent and she has a lot to learn. In his defense, he doesn’t seem jealous of her taking the lead with Agnes in earlier scenes … he seems admiring and appreciative. So who knows what triggered this male-ego display!

    I don’t know about that street looking for familiar, but the van in the driveway sure was an 80’s throwback that I had forgotten all about. Before minivans, there were quite a few people with vans similar to that, colorful and upscale from a blue collar Econoline-style van, and with the extra bubble on top. Looks a bit blimp-like to me, but to each his own. Ah, the 80’s!


    • Maybe Lee is “showing off” a bit for Amanda – like boys tend to do when they’re keen on a certain girl.
      PS. Iswod – I’m still here and reading the posts. My job has slowed own a bit this week and I don’t really do the Xmas thing, so plenty of time to keep up with JWWM! 😉


      • Oh my heck – Kiwishmh — I think you may be on to something. It’s a trait that many males never really outgrow,


      • lol Kiwimsh, again – this makes good sense! and.. again! I think while Agnes is counting on Lee to protector her and she’s facing a scary situation (physically and emotionally) – Lee should put the ego away for a bit.. lol but as raffie said, once things fall apart he does let go of the ego – I can imagine Lee giving himself an internal shake at how careless he has been..
        Old Lee would have been snapping at Amanda because things didn’t work out perfectly. And! Old Amanda would have been scrambling for a way to make things better!! I think they’ve both come such a longway – Amanda now doesn’t have to fix all Lee’s boo boos 😉 and Lee doesn’t take it out on Amanda – I guess we haven’t seen what happens next.. oopsie.. I’ll pause here! nearly finished writing the next post so shouldn’t be delayed in publishing.. hooray!

        Kiwismh I’m so glad to hear you’ll be around over the Christmas/new year – me too!! we can have a little smk party 🙂



      • I agree that it’s partly Lee showing off but I think it’s partly Lee’s cockiness (or to call a spade a spade: his arrogance.) It’s not his most endearing characteristic IMO. Yes the petulance is less but the arrogance is still there. I think Amanda is remarkably restrained: I would have called him on it!


        • LOL.. yes the cockiness is not a good look 😉
          A little reminder of early Lee.. and ‘how do my legs look’.. and ‘I am cute!’ oh and ‘who doesn’t like me?!’

          It seems a little misplaced in this scene to me, given the stakes.. but then.. I guess Lee was underestimating Nick. and.. chastened Lee will be able to rise up from the ashes a better man and agent no? 😉


  6. Hi iwsod! I’m still reading, but haven’t been commenting much because of time pressure (the Christmas season can get pretty crazy in retail where I work, but all the more need of a little distraction!) and because I haven’t seen this episode yet. Love the snow coming down on the blog!

    From reading the walkthrough, it does seem like this episode is one of the lamer ones … and too much Agnes and Nick, not enough Lee and Amanda. It’s lame enough I don’t even really feel sorry for Agnes. Too much melodrama to seem real. But I’m enjoying your comments and the details you manage to notice. Your posts always make me feel like I know the episode inside out, but at the same time make me curious to watch it!


    • Hey happycamper! Great to hear you are still stopping by when you can – yeah this can be a crazy time of year!

      awh your comment made my day – thanks! glad to hear you do want to watch the episode – even if I give it a little nark 😉


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