9/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So back in the Q bureau, Lee enters: Well, Cross has skipped out of his apartment, and his answering service hasn’t got a forwarding.
Amanda: Oh, boy.
Lee: How are we doing here?
JEG.avi_001229095Francine: Well, it appears that, uh, Agnes here certainly gets around…
[whoa! see Agnes react?!
I think she takes this comment the wrong way for a second – that Francine is referring to her and men or something!]
JEG.avi_001231197…She works at nine different federal records warehouses. Thirty five floors of paperwork. That is about, uh… (Francine checks the print out)
… 250,000 different documents, per floor. It’s a big haystack, Lee.
Ohhh myyyy.. Francine – You’re under Arrest!! Aha! I see Amanda has passed on her huge ugly ear buttons to Francine !!! (take that Francine!!)
We see Amanda react.. like hmm things don’t sound good.. (her hair looks different do you think?)

Lee sighs loudly, Lee: Agnes, how many are we talking about here? [how many what?
this question seems little random before Agnes says the next statement! I guess When Agnes told Amanda about catching Nick looking, Lee must have been told too.]
JEG.avi_001248615Agnes: Well, we dated for… six months. I brought home 12 documents, every day. JEG.avi_001252218But I have no way of knowing which ones of those Nicky might’ve seen.
Lee: Have you ever heard of J. Edgar Hoover’s secret files?…
(Agnes shrugs.)
See, maybe you found some of them… hidden in some old reports that you weren’t even aware of, buried in one of those warehouses.
JEG.avi_001265732[How does Lee know about J.Edgar’s secret files? how does he guess they were hidden in old reports? I’ve never really gotten how Lee could automatically made this leaps in logic –Anyone else? I guess because old reports are all Agnes brought home.. but still Lee’s guessing it is the JEH files has always seemed a stretch to me.. but hey.. there’s at least one per episode no? Winking smile and .. I love smk for it! Smile haaaaa..]
I only look at the table of contents. If there was anything like that hidden inside, I wouldn’t know.
JEG.avi_001272038Lee: Yeah, but Cross does. See, he probably waited ‘til you were asleep and then he went through your homework.
You only brought home samples, right?
JEG.avi_001272939Agnes: Yeah, just one or two from each batch. Just as a precaution to check, before we’d declassify and burn them.
Lee: Hmm… So, he’s hungry for the rest. He knows what files he wants, but he can’t know which warehouse they came from. 
Agnes: Oh, but I do. Th-they’re all coded.
[Agnes seems excited to be able to contribute this here – Go Agnes! get back some control here and stop Nicky!!]
JEG.avi_001293059Lee: Coded? Look, if you contacted his answering service…  and when he called back, you offered to turn him on to some more files… he takes the bait, and we follow him right to that warehouse.
Amanda: Think he will take the bait?
JEG.avi_001304771Lee: Well, he probably suspects that Agnes is working with us, but if I remember Nicky Cross
… he always stuck his neck out for the big score.
[Lee remembers Nick Cross? oh lol.. someone else Lee knows! Smile
Lee is about to take a big risk here huh! Knowing it is probably an obvious set up,
JEG.avi_001317684Nick will aim to fool Lee..the battle of wits begins!]
Lee: And they don’t come any bigger than the Hoover files.
JEG.avi_001320086Agnes turns to Amanda..and Amanda gives her a comforting/reassuring smile.
The scene ends here..

So how did Nick know where to find the J.Edgar files? did he start dating Agnes in the hopes the agency librarian would have something juicy in what she takes home? Only to one night check one of her boring pension report files to find it stuffed full of secret blackmail materials??
It all seems like a huge stretch to me..(Oh dear another one!) I get the impression Nick knew, and so targeted Agnes.. but.. this doesn’t seem to be explained and IMHO doesn’t seem at all plausible! But.. I’ll go along with it!

You know, I was thinking, it’s a shame Amanda destroyed the homing device in Agnes’ purse – because thanks to that Nick has confirmation he is busted.. and had they left it in her handbag, they could have used it to lure him to a warehouse in the back of nowhere Winking smile but.. I guess that would all be too easy!

JEG.avi_001323089We move on to Agnes’ apartment again.. Lee and Agnes are sitting at Agnes’ dining table watching Agnes is dangle the carrot in front of Nick on the telephone.
JEG.avi_001326393Agnes: I will. I just wish you’d told me, Nicky, that’s all.
Nick (off camera, on the phone):
I just didn’t have time to explain, Cupcake. You know I love you.
Agnes: I love you, too.
[oh noooo that must be soo hard for Agnes to listen to .. and to say.. how painful!]
JEG.avi_001333299Nick: I’ll talk to you soon.
Agnes: Okay.

(Agnes puts the phone down and sighs, then looks toward Amanda.)
Agnes: I don’t know.
JEG.avi_001338705Amanda: You convinced me.
Amanda looks towards Lee, who then looks to Agnes.
JEG.avi_001340206Agnes: He’s gonna pick me up outside in JEG.avi_001342308five minutes. [lol.. better move the corvette parked out front Lee – a dead giveaway!
Lee: Okay, you’ve seen one of these before, right?
JEG.avi_001345011(Lee holds open a makeup compact, in the close up we see it contains a homing device the same as what we saw earlier)
[ LOL how is it described in the script kiwismh? so bizarre what you shared about the first one! thanks for sharing that!]
JEG.avi_001345912[Is this BB’s hands?]
Lee (off camera): A homing device… Now, you just stick this in your purse… And it’ll help us stay right on your tail.
Agnes takes the compact.. and looks worried..
JEG.avi_001353119Amanda adds: Yeah. And don’t be afraid…
JEG.avi_001354020 … ‘cos you’re his meal ticket,…
(at this, Lee looks at Amanda and smiles – awhhhh – he’s so proud of her! Hooo haaaa.. now this is quite a look!!! iwsod fans herself)
JEG.avi_001355522…so he won’t do anything to hurt you, right?
JEG.avi_001356423(Amanda to Lee for confirmation/support.. and he nods and smiles.. swoony!)
Lee: Right. [lol I think ‘right’ is usually Amanda’s line.. here, Lee backs up Amanda – awhhhh!!!]
Amanda: Right.
Agnes smiles, feeling more reassured by Lee and Amanda. I think it’s a – this is scary but let’s do it kind of smile.. what do you think?!

Agnes must be nervous about seeing Nicky again huh.. even if she can be confident he won’t hurt her.
Next thing, we see a white van pull up out front of Agnes’ place and Agnes gets it..
Oh phew.. Lee moved his car Winking smile tee hee..
Okay I better stop here for now..
How are we finding Agnes in these scenes? to me so far she seems to be holding up okay. I thought she did well with the phone call.. and all things considered is holding herself together okay.. but.. what’s going to happen when she sees Nicky again?.. we’ll see!

I also enjoyed seeing Amanda use initiative with how she reassured Agnes.. she’s certainly growing as an agent. Not only does she reassure Agnes, and understand how Agnes must be feeling – she also uses the logic of the situation to reassure her. good job Amanda.. and ohhh my.. anyone else swoon at the way Lee is looking at Amanda here??!!! He is looking to me to have fallen hard Smile 

Looking forward to hearing from you! thanks for stopping by and reading.. I hope you are enjoying the journey with Lee and Amanda Smile Share what you think if you like!! Smile byeee

13 responses to “9/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. JEH’s files were not such a big secret, except that the general public probably didn’t know a fourth of what was in them. Things were so different then than now with government secrets. (Sometimes I think too much information is made public now.) I’m sure the original picture probably lit up someone’s radar that this may be the type of thing in JEH’s files, and Lee was giving this intel. He immediately starting putting some scenarios together and came up with some possibilities.

    As to Nicky, I imagine he did a lot of homework before he found Agnes. He probably watched her for while, too, before deciding she would make a good target. He seems to be a patient baddie, in that he’s willing to take the time to be careful and stay alive while “working to earn” his big payoff. Creepy, I gotta say.


  2. I was also wondering how Nicky knew to target Agnes to get hold of the “secret” Hoover files. Maybe he was just fishing around on the off-chance that she might have something that would interest him?

    I also like “secret” stuff that turns out to be not that secret, like how everyone knows that the Secret Service guys are the guys in the dark suits who stand near the President when he’s making speeches and how Victoria’s Secret plainly displays what they sell in the store window (and not everything labeled “Pink” is actually pink . . . >.> ). At least certain people seem to know about J. Edgar Hoover’s “secret” collection of scandalous information. 😛

    Actually, if you read up on J. Edgar Hoover, he was known for collecting sensitive information (and even rumors) about people’s private lives, and he may have had a few “secrets” in his own private life. No one’s ever been able to prove anything for sure, and there are plenty of people who dispute the rumors about him, but some people think it was possible that he used some of the information that he collected about presidents and other influential people to keep himself from being fired from the FBI. People who live in glass houses?



    • LOL, Jestress, just like the huge “Top Secret” label being smacked on anything sensitive. I think that’s more a cartoon device than reality, but it still makes me smile at the irony..

      I always figured Nick zeroed in on Agnes because he heard her job dealt with government paperwork, and he decided that was worth pursuing to see if anything could come of it. Then he tripped over the motherload, JEHoover files. Not sure I buy the whole thing either, particularly it not being a one-off discovery, but perhaps JEHoover really went crazy sticking files within files, all overlooked by Agnes but sitting there for Nick’s ultimate discovery.


  3. Fashion police are having a field day here. I just noticed the Agnes’s reading glasses on the very fashionable pearl chain around her neck. Can we get any more clichéd? At least the chain is very matchy matchy with her necklace.


  4. I think Agnes is coping well. This is hard, but she is trying to be truthful, responsible and brave as well as acknowledge that her world has been turned upside down and she has a broken heart.
    Someone mentioned Agnes as being a weak character, or something like that. I guess I never thought of her as weak, just shy and maybe due to that she has had a low self image. It is hard for shy people to feel confident about themselves unless they have a very strong selnse of their shy self. I imagine that she was very glad to have been able to have someone fall in love with her. Not because she is unlovable, but because it would be hard for her to put herself out there to meet people. That is why her going to M Street would be such a significant thing, maybe even why she would have to justify it to Amanda, “You know, just to be with people”. But after such a blow she really is doing well, I think.

    I do love the look on Lee’s face. And I love it that Amanda is saying the “agent” lines. What I really like is that Lee is going gaga over Amanda the agent right then. I love watching him fall for her.:D


    • I agree, Morley – and I think Amanda’s progression in her abilities as a spy are part of why Lee is falling for her. He is proud of her and amazed by her growth, I think. It reminds me of the Amazed by You song. I don’t know who sings it but it’s a country song. I’ve seen a fanvid of it to a different show I like, but think it would work for Lee and Amanda as well! Someone’s probably already done it already.


  5. Is it just me, or is Amanda looking particularly frumpy today. Her hair is beautiful but her outfit is a frumpy fashion felony. Francine, on the other hand, really is looking very classy today… apart from the heinous earrings.
    Like Lee’s jacket, and are those black corduroys he’s wearing? Casual but still stylish. Me like! 😀
    I wonder if we will ever have an episode where we don’t need to alert the fashion police about someone’s outfit.


    • I can’t stand those fluffy jumper/vest/cardigans that they put Amanda in. Many 80 year old women would balk at wearing those things!
      I don’t like Lee’s jacket but I do quite like his shirt (surprisingly). But it does look like they went a bit heavy on the bronzing powder which spoils my viewing of his perfect profile.

      Do other people carry around makeup compacts in their bags/purses? I don’t and I don’t think the homing device would fit in my lip gloss tube which is my only concession to make-up on the trot 😉


  6. Agnes shows a bit more aggro towards Nick in the script :
    AMANDA : “And don’t worry…you’re his ticket. He’s not going to hurt you.”
    AGNES : “He’s the one who should be worried about getting hurt.”

    Be afraid Nick, be very afraid. Agnes’s gunna get ya! 😈 You go girl!

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