11/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the interior of the corvette (LOL how did Lee get it out of the impound?! especially without getting into trouble from Gino Winking smile )
Amanda is holding up the homing device receiver…
and we hear a voice say:  Agency web alert. Three-alarm fire at Joint Intelligence Records Depository 22, on 30th Street.
Lee: That’s them. It’s gotta be.
LOL I was confused and wondering if the homing device is a radio too.. then I realised they seem to look at Lee’s car radio or something when they hear the announcement.. I guess they were just holding up the device in the hopes of locking onto the signal again.. Hmm..
Back at the warehouse.. ahhh looky.. Nick has himself a fireman’s outfit..
He throws another smoke bomb on the floor in the corner again.. lol I think they’ve re-used the previous moment of the smoke bomb going off.. but have shot it from a different angle and reversed it.. what do you think? Nifty!
This time:
Nick hits pay dirt, finding a file with a picture of a dead woman in it.. lots of blackmail material there!
Is that tape on Nick’s helmet?! covering the ID?So sneaky, a kinda cool idea that J.Edgar Hoover’s files were labelled ‘pension plan’  or something.. not many people would be interested in those files!
The fire brigade arrive to put out the fire!
[Love how the identifying labels on the back are taped over.. the wardrobe dept all out of LAFD jackets that day?!]
Lee and Amanda pull up at the warehouse..
Lee: I’ll find Cross. You check the security entrance, and be careful.
Amanda: Right!
they both take off in different directions..

Do you think this is a real downtown street? it looks it!!! Drat.. no Hollywood sign!! one of these days…

Lee approaches a fireman, flashes his badge and says it’s national security (see now when Nick said it earlier he didn’t flash his badge!) – Lee says there’s a man and woman inside and asks for help with the equipment.. He can’t rely on a fireman to find them.. he’s gotta do it himself!
Ah man!!! We was robbed!!!
We almost got to see Lee in a fireman’s uniform!!!!
Nick is busy loading up the truck with files..
Oh dear..
You know my dreams of Lee the fireman.. did..not… look.. like this!!!
Lee uses the homing device to find Agnes.. Oh good.. so the homing device did actually come in handy in the end! Lee gives Agnes his mask so she can have a turn breathing oxygen..
Nick was pretty heartless to do that to Agnes.. and leave her struggling to breathe..

Lee unpicks the handcuffs (and it’s suddenly not smoky!)
Amanda (with her amazing luck!) finds Cross loading up for his getaway..  (and some incredible nachos)
JEG.avi_001734501_thumbShe cries: Leeeeeeeeee! Leee!!!!! there he goes!

Lee  runs after the van and shoots..
he hits the fuel tank and the petrol (ok ok.. Gas!) starts leaking out the back..
Lee and Amanda rush to the car- but Lee still has time to put a hand out and help Amanda up.. Lee calls to Amanda: Come on.
Amanda: All right.
Aawhhhhh what a keeper!!
I love it that now there is no question of even thinking about Amanda not coming with him Smile
Nick sees he is out of petrol. He gets out and sees the fuel leaking
Okay – did you guys see the label on his jacket? this one is different!
says: BHFD- is that Beverly Hills Fire Department?
JEG.avi_001791858Nick hides the files in a container or something nearby..
Lee and Amanda find the corn chips truck..
Nick can’t be seen..
Lee: Now you stay down.
JEG.avi_001826393Amanda: Right.
JEG.avi_001839305Amanda stays put in the corvette crouched down while Lee gets checked out Um I mean checks out the truck.
LOL.. Amanda sneaks a look
(who can blame her?!)
JEG.avi_001845311Oh yeah!!!!! whoooooo haaaaa .. Lee’s hair is looking less styled today.. it actually moves!
Me Like..  He looks mighty fine in this moment!

No sign of Nick Sad smile or the files!!!
Lee and Amanda share a look.. Yeah Lee, Nick bested you.. time to regroup.. and get smart!
The scene ends there..

We cut to an exterior shot..
Anyone recognise this building?
Back to the warehouse, Francine is looking very uncomfortable in that jacket crouching and asking Agnes questions..
Francine: Agnes, where were the reports, do you remember?
JEG.avi_001869636Agnes: Aisle seven, row J.
Francine: Aisle seven, row J. Thank you.

oh rofl Francine’s jacket is hilarious!!
[why are they taking Agnes’ blood pressure?!]
Lee finds the smoke bombs and says Cross is a clever guy.
– yeah well I don’t think he was that clever (he didn’t need to be!), I just think you guys were kinda dumb about it haaaaa.. Love what Amanda says here in response to Lee saying he’s clever: (He’s ) cruel too. It’s unforgivable what he did to Agnes.
JEG.avi_001885852very true Amanda.. Get him Amanda!!
It’s so cruel of him, I can see why it might be tempting to Agnes to deny the reality of things..
Lee: Well, he’s done it to other women. A dozen times. The same M.O.
JEG.avi_001890957[Whoa, Lee knew this about Cross, and up till now had failed to mention it? I guess it was not a bad idea to keep this from Agnes Winking smile why rub it in.. even in being used and betrayed Agnes wasn’t special! It’s Castille all over again! ugh!!!]
Amanda: I feel so terrible for her.
Me too!!
Francine joins  Lee and Amanda.

Francine: It’s a clean sweep. The Hoover files were apparently hidden in some inter-agency pension fund reports, and they’re all gone. [umm didn’t they already know this? lol maybe I’m giving them too much credit!]
Amanda: How’s Agnes?
JEG.avi_001898465Francine shakes her head to respond..
Amanda: Excuse me. (Amanda leaves to go join Agnes)
Lee: Yeah.
JEG.avi_001902369Lee: Look, there’s a chance … a very slim one—that Cross stashed the files somewhere in the warehouse.
The shot cuts to a close up on Francine for the first time.. oh rofl!
The first thing I thought of was Sandy from Grease!!! I got chills they’re multiplyin and I’m loosing controlol.. [If you don’t know Grease you are gonna think I’m crazy! oh well.. I crack myself up at least..or Francine’s jacket and ear buttons crack me up! Actually.. now I think about it Danny Zucko in Grease acts like a creep and winds up with the girl.. Am I the only girl who growing up thought- Sandy should move on?! whahahaaha]
Sandy okay okay! back to the episode.. sorry I’m getting distracted.. LOL!
Francine: I know, I already thought of that. I’ve got Agency janitors all over, but it’s gonna take days. Frankly, I would like to know if there’s a needle in this haystack before we start looking for it.
Lee: Yeah.
JEG.avi_001911378Whoa.. I think Lee fixed his hair before returning to the warehouse, it’s now crispy crunch and well.. he still looks incredible!

We find Amanda with Agnes..
Amanda: We’re gonna get you home, Agnes, and you can get some rest and you’ll feel much better.
JEG.avi_001915882[I love how as Amanda talks to Agnes the paramedic tries to listen to her breathing, through her clothing! lol!]
Agnes: I’m not gonna feel better until Nicky Cross gets what he deserves.
JEG.avi_001923390Whoa! seems the anger phase of grieving has kicked in!!! Go Agnes Winking smile 

The scene ends here.. so I shall too.. Has all the love Agnes felt for Nicky vanished? I guess we shall see.. but at the moment – she’s furious at what he just did to her. and that makes me happy Smile tee hee.. [I can hear it now, Cindy you will like this huh?! Smile ]

Okay guys.. would love to hear what you think! Hey BJo! Hey Valerie!!! Hey KC!!missing hearing from you guys! There are lots of us we haven’t seen here for a while.. it’s a busy time of year huh!
I guess I can’t list everyone lol.. – love to hear from you anytime you are able – but there is also no pressure or obligation SMK is for FUN!!!!! So stop by and say hi when you can Smile Hope everyone’s preparations for the holidays are coming along nicely! byeee for now!

15 responses to “11/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh, yes, I was never happy with Danny in Grease. I still think Sandy didn’t have to change for him, though it was nice that he tried to change for her. Hmmmm… is that a comment on Lee and Amanda? Changing for each other just a bit – her getting more professional, him getting more “real”???

    Oops, sorry, losing focus there. Must be Lee in jeans acting all helpful to Amanda… Moving on…


    • Yeah! Sandy shouldn’t have changed for him! booooo!
      and Danny seemed to have changed from when he was on holiday with Sandy- because of his mates.. so at the end of the movie, neither of them are really being themselves.. oh dear.. my head hurts..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You know my dreams of Lee the fireman.. did..not… look.. like this!!!
    Just what did he look like??? tee hee…just want you to know I am using restraint not to post a pic here….

    And the reason he looks so smokin’ hot in that one picture is because he’s being “Cheeky Lee” 🙂

    I’m pretty sure someone mentioned not liking Amanda’s outfit here, and I must agree. She is so tiny and those ugly tweedy pleated skirts bulk her up tremendously! That fuzzy sweater look is awful too. I hate to say this, and I wonder what’s it’s like in your neck of the woods, iwsod, but there are some 80’s fashions appearing in the store in the states nowadays…fuzzy sweaters and onesie pantsuits…blech! Fortunately my daughter doesn’t care for them. Can you hear my knocking on wood???

    Sorry my commenting is either on or off…between school, holidays and a sick husband at the holidays, and company I had triple duty!


  3. Yep, Grease is the word Lol! You know I used to have a coat just like Lee’s in the 80s. Great minds and all that 😉


  4. Wahha, now I can’t get that song out of my mind….. Your the one that I want uuu….


  5. I guess Lee goes into the warehouse himself as he knows Nick is dangerous and doesn’t want to put the fireman in front of that particular danger.
    Actually, I just checked the script and found that this is so :
    Lee tells Amanda to stay outside the warehouse and keep a look out for Agnes.
    AMANDA “Lee, you can’t go inside. Let the fireman…”
    LEE “They won’t know how to handle Cross. Be careful.”
    Lee then approaches the sceptical fireman and convinces him to give him a respirator by flashing his ID and saying “Come on man, worry about the rules later. I think there’s a guy in there you don’t want to tangle with. Help me out.”
    This episode isn’t standing up to scrutiny too well, is it? However, I guess we have to take what gems we can from it – the conversation about love and patience, L&A working seamlessly as a team, Lee trusting Amanda to be professional and do what’s required, Lee learning that over-confidence and “showing off” for Amanda doesn’t actually impress her (and could actually put the outcome of the case in jeopardy).


  6. Your Sandy/Francine comparison is spot on. I had a big belly laugh at your description too, iwsod. Made my day (well evening). You’re so right – Danny wasn’t that nice. And I hated his hair. I will admit to having a “Grease medley” on my iPod (blush). It’s good jogging music – esp greased lightning.
    But what works for Sandy, doesn’t work for Francine in the mid-80s. How many times did MS have to wash her hair at the end of the day???
    Rather a dull couple of scenes otherwise – although the sight of Lee’s perfect profile makes up for it 🙂


    • lol glad you liked the Sandy moment!

      It was a rather dull segment of the ep and kinda needed it.. I think that’s when I get the most distracted 😉

      The Grease soundtrack makes the movie! – Grease is the word! 😉

      oh indeed.. Lee’s profile here was so good!!


  7. Love that magic Lee-hair – from interestingly disarranged to smokin’ perfect all by itself. I want whatever product he’s using! 😀


  8. Sandy from Grease! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! You totally nailed it. But I am l sad you made me realize we missed seeing Lee in a proper firefighter’s uniform. Oh well, maybe in my dreams. 😉
    I can only hope Agnes can hold on to that anger and help take down the despicable Nick Cross.


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