15/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee tells Ronson to slide the folder under the fence.. Ronson follows Lee’s order lol..
JEG.avi_002499065Agnes bends down and picks up the folder still looking at Ronson, to me, she looks terrified.. and seems to be pleading silently to Ronson to help her- but what can he do?!
It seems to me like she is hoping and waiting for someone to help her – and not thinking of how she can help herself..
She begins to take steps back.. not noticing the random old pipe that has suddenly appeared behind her on the ground!
Agnes trips on the stick, and everything goes nuts! Nick runs out to grab her and the folder –the sharpshooter fires, and misses.. both Nick and Agnes- I guess Lee never gave him the order to not shoot lol..
Lee: hold your fire dammit! You’ll hit the woman!
JEG.avi_002515882Ronson runs across the courtyard away from Nick.. but at that moment, Nick fires a shot at Ronson (why he takes the time to I don’t know).
Ronson gets hit in the shoulder..and Nick hustles Agnes into her car.. He seems to still have a use for her to stop the shooting..she’s now  beginning to resist Nick..

We see Lee running toward Nick..
Amanda watches on too..
JEG.avi_002523390[just a gorgeous shot this!]
Nick notices Lee running towards him..
and fires a shot at him as he yells at Agnes: come on and drive! Let’s get out of here!
JEG.avi_002532399Nick’s shot misses Lee..
Agnes struggles to get the car into reverse while Nick screams at her to move it-
Okay Agnes is at her wits end now alright! Nick is totally terrorising her now.. 😦
Amanda runs for her car.
JEG.avi_002533900Lee runs to Ronson – who tells him he’s fine ‘it’s just a Nick’ – get it??!!!! that’s hilarious!!! I wonder if that was intended!! was it in the script? It sure was a Nick- Nick Cross!!
Ronson reassures Lee: go get Cross, I’ll be fine.
JEG.avi_002536903Agnes gets the car moving.. and Amanda pulls out and cuts off Nick and Agnes..
very risky of Amanda.. she must have been prepared for them to run into her (and she didn’t have her belt on!).  Go Amanda!
At least Agnes manages to run the car into a stack of boxes and a mattress- oh there smk goes again with the random furniture appearing from nowhere haa!
Nick recovers and says to Agnes: Let’s get out of here.
JEG.avi_002556122Agnes: No
Nick: give me the package.
Agnes: No!

JEG.avi_002558825Nick yells at her:
Give me the package!!!!!!!
JEG.avi_002559125Agnes has had it, she cries: N
…You used me enough!!!!!!

JEG.avi_002561828Whooo hooo!! this is the point where Agnes chooses to fight for herself, she no longer expects anyone to rescue her here. She’s taking a stand!!!!
JEG.avi_002563630Agnes actually starts punching Nick as she says this – way to go Agnes!!! Not only is it fabulous that she has accepted Nick is not the man she thought he was – she has stood up for herself – and managed to get in a couple of whacks! take that Nick Cross you evil lowlife!  It’s like the whole episode leads up to this moment for Agnes – I am soooo happy that she gets to have this moment!
And to top it all off? Nick cries: argh!!! Like she hurt him with those punches whahahaahaa…. She is grabbing onto those files and is not letting them go.
Coward that he is, Nick starts to run without Agnes or the folder.. Good riddance Nick Cross!
Lee comes running by Amanda telling her: Amanda stay put!!
he (stunt Lee) takes a flying leap at Nick (stunt Nick)..
Looks like someone in props is a redskins fan!
JEG.avi_002569336ahhhh Lee and his flying.. always cracks me up..
Phew.. Lucky they handed on a randomly placed armchair that just happened to be there.. no really- an armchair!!!
JEG.avi_002569936Lee and Nick exchange blows.. and Nick manages to land a few, but it’s okay there is a randomly place mattress and another couch for Lee to land on and soften his blow!! whahahaa!.. man DC is so great to leave out all it’s soft furniture for Lee..
Okay, Lee’s had enough.. a few kicks.. and Nick lands on the mattress whahahaaha…
Is it just me or is it really funny how Lee just waves his fist in Nick’s face and he knows he is defeated and looses all fight in him? One little shove would send Lee flying backwards, he’s crouched down .. it’s weird! Anyway..
Lee: All right, now it’s time to deal, Nicky. [Nicky? don’t call him that!]
JEG.avi_002596663Nick: What kind o’ deal you got in mind, Stetson?
Lee: The files. Hoover’s files. Now, where are they?
Nick: I threw ‘em away.
JEG.avi_002602969Lee: You’re not making this any easier for yourself! Now, where are they?
JEG.avi_002606272Nick: Okay. All right. I put ‘em in a dumpster for safekeeping… I swear to God.
JEG.avi_002616182You know, I’m not usually a violent person, but I think Nick gets off way too lightly here.. I wanted him to suffer more for what he had done to Agnes!!!!! When Lee punched him, he shouldn’t have landed on a mattress, he should have landed on a large spike! I loathe this guy.
And I don’t like that even when he’s been caught, he’s smiling and enjoying himself – that he gets to deprive Lee of the files too.. Ugh! I wanted  Nick to be miserable…and because I loathe him so much, I can’t find him funny.
Lee reacts to Nick’s surprising disclosure.. he looks over at Amanda.. as if to say – can you believe this?!
And Amanda gives a wry kind of ‘oh boy’ reaction.  JEG.avi_002622489
Agnes on the other hand couldn’t give a toss I think, she looks exhausted.. but she’s still clinging to that file – and maybe clinging to her power that she has taken back.. and the good job she did not letting Nick leave with it. I say kudos to Agnes.. yes she may have not reacted perfectly, she may have given Nick a chance when we would all scream noooo!!! but in the end, Agnes’ story (IMHO) is about overcoming her betrayal- and standing up for herself.. -finding her courage (I think it makes sense that finding her courage could also relate to how she lives her life in general after this experience, I like to think the character made some changes in her life for the better once this was all done..)
Lee and Amanda head to the garbage dump to try and find the files.
We see an establishing shot of a dump – to convince us we are really at a dump!
A man with a very umm robust figure rounds a corner.. and approaches Lee and Amanda – lol are we really suppose to think this is the garbage dump? looks like a warner bros car park!
JEG.avi_002628495Man in hard-hat:
Well, how can I help you folks?
Lee: We’re looking for a dumpster.
JEG.avi_002632999Man in hard-hat: Well… ha haa … maybe I could scare one up!
[He looks around as if to say – hey we are surrounded by them!]
Well, you see… this particular dumpster was behind a hardware store on 46th Avenue.
JEG.avi_002639906Lee: Yeah.
Man in hard-hat
(shakes his head):
We get all kinds, lady.
Well, could you check it out?
Man in hard-hat: Check?
Amanda: Yes, please…
…Do you think you could just do that for us?

Man in hard-hat: Oh, boy. There ain’t no justice. I come here at the break a’ dawn,…
[here we see Lee and Amanda share an ‘ugh!’ look between them, behind the worker’s back]
…I work hard all day long;…
…they want me to check on a dumpster!
Why doesn’t Lee show him his ID? I guess they don’t want anyone to ask questions about what it is they are looking for.
Amanda sighs. The man picks up a clipboard. Lee and Amanda look in through the door, at the man.
Amanda: Havin’ any luck?
Man in hard-hat: Yeah, here it is… We JEG.avi_002658525picked it up at 4:26.
Amanda: Oh, great!
Man in hard-hat
(to Amanda): What? Is it your wedding ring?
JEG.avi_002660927Amanda: Engagement.
JEG.avi_002661528[Is it my imagination or does Lee quickly look at Amanda and smile when she says this?]
Man in hard-hat: Oh, my, my, my. That would be number three this week.
Amanda: Oh, really? Well, could you tell us where you dumped it?
Man in hard-hat: Oh, no problem. Right there…
(Garbage guy points to a grouping of empty dumpsters in the distance)
JEG.avi_002669336Lee: Yeah, but…
Amanda (at same time): But those, uh…
Lee (continues):
… they’re all empty. Where…  where are the contents?
JEG.avi_002672939Amanda (at same time): Yeah, we need to know where the stuff is, and…
Man in hard-hat:
It’s there.
JEG.avi_002674441Garbage guy points to a huge pile of papers.. from multiple dumpsters.. so many that it is virtually impossible to find the files.
JEG.avi_002675342And.. Garbage guy walks off..
Amanda: Shoot!
JEG.avi_002680447Lee and Amanda share a look..
The scene ends here..
I think it’s for the best the files got thrown out..and were never tracked down by the agency – too dangerous! [It’s like the one ring to rule them all! gah!!] what do you think?
I can just imagine Dr Smyth using them to further his and the agency’s interests and the agency become a very dark place indeed.. If they had been found – where would they have been stored? [with the arc of the covenant in a wooden crate in the basement of the museum maybe?!] I guess this way they can be sure no one else is going to find them either huh? Or.. maybe they should come back later that night and set the place alight to be sure Winking smile [they can always blame the garbage guy and his cigar! Winking smile ]

I guess we get sort of a little cover story here of Lee and Amanda engaged couple huh! I had forgotten this!

The highlight of the whole Nick/trying to catch him scene? Ronson’s line about his gunshot wound being ‘only a nick’ – that made my day! haaaa!!! Oh that and the random furniture appearing again just in time to cushion Lee’s fall in a fight Winking smile  What did you make of it all? I know lots of people are away busy with the holidays – so do feel free to come back to this and comment on it anytime – your views would always be welcome! I’d love to hear what everyone makes of this whole Nick/Agnes story..

Well there’s no way I’m rushing through the fabulous tag of this episode.. soooo I’m going to stop here and finish up in the next post.. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this episode so far! byeee!

19 responses to “15/16 Season Three, Episode 9: J.Edgar’s Ghost-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh, I wanted to add one more thing. Is it just me or does anyone else out there think “finally!” when they think about Ronson? He is actually a good guy who knows he’s in a tough spot but actually does what he’s told and doesn’t try to take things in his own hands or do something stupid? He totally trusts Lee, and therefore listens to him and does what he’s told! Are there any other characters like that in the show? Heck, even Amanda isn’t that good! LOL!


    • That is true, BjO. This is military training and protocol gone right. Ronson trusts another man is service and knows how to acknowledge training and rank in an operation. We don’t see that often and I think it is interesting that we see it hear a this stage of the story. Thanks for pointing that out.


  2. I forgot about the scene in Agnes’ car with Nicky when she tells him no and won’t give him the papers, but it is a good piece of evidence to back up my opinion on the post before that I don’t think Nicky would have shot Agnes. He could have even whacked her on the head with the butt of his gun in her car and gotten away. He doesn’t even do that. I think he was totally bluffing about shooting her. And I love how he tells Lee about the dumpster. This is my second favorite line of his. I love his delivery – good facial expressions. my favorite line of his is when he looks to heaven and says “May he rest in peace” in reference to JEHoover. He is a crook with a code of honor. Hey – if you’re gonna be a baddie, at least have some honor! LOL That makes them more interesting to me instead of just an idiot baddie with no conscience.

    I never gave much thought to the whole engagement ring cover thing actually having any meaning for these two, but after reading what you folks here have to say, it is quite interesting to consider! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I just love it when Nick says that he left the files “in a dumpster for safekeeping.” Right, Nicky. What safer place could there be? What could possibly go wrong with this? 😛

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  4. Yes, the homeless people in DC actually have a pretty good set up with the abundance of soft furniture under bridges. I am surprised there aren’t any pictures hanging on the girders or welcome home mats visible. 🙂

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  5. I like the idea that the script has Lee mentioning the engagement ring. I notice these things… 😉 Why would either of them pick that of all things to make up? Because I think brains are beginning to connect dots.

    Yes, so glad Agnes lets it loose. Nick’s face is perfectly maniacal. I do love Lee’s care for Amanda. Maybe he is just getting used to and content with the fact that where ever he may be Amanda will be as well? And Ronson takes one for the good guys.


    • hiya! Here’s a comment from Learjet:
      I can’t get onto JWWM on holiday as my tablet is blocking the email I use iwsod. Could someone raise the issue of why Amanda said it was her engagement ring she lost in JEG, not her wedding ring??


      • Ok, I had a few more thoughts about this.
        The concept of marriage I think has always been present for these two. Amanda is a mother and no matter how attracted Lee was to her he never would have tried a casual thing because she has attachments. I don’t see the boys as baggage though, as if they were something that he just didn’t want to be bothered with. I think instead, they moved Amanda from the category of one of his girls into the category of a real woman that must have a real and solid relationship with a good man. I think early on it was easier for Lee to just place himself in the not a good man for Amanda category and that was how he dealt with any attraction or growing affection for her and be done with it. I think Lee has always know that if anything progressed in his relationship with Amanda he would have to consider the finish line as being the one of marriage.
        As much as Amanda had tried to consider the fact that her mother brought up in FR that she might be entitled to some fiery affair, she knew she wasn’t that type. She tried not to care sometimes (SW) but I think she always just wanted the real thing with someone she could really love and be loved by in return. Any relationship for her would also be one that she could see moving towards marriage.
        I think they have both become very aware that things have changed in their relationship. But I like to think up until that moment in Agnes’ apartment they had still been playing the denial game by not calling it what it is. It was a flirtation, or a fun change in their partnership. But those passing comment they spoke the “L” word and it resonated with both of them loudly and deeply. I am sure that under all the goings ons with the JE Files and Agnes etc the two of them are feeling shock waves from that conversation. I think the engagement ring comment came from those waves. And, as great as it would be for Lee to say it, it makes more sense that Amanda would. Although I love that little shocked look that Lee gives her.
        Here is a critical point in their relationship. Will the forge ahead knowing what could lie on the horizon and around the bend (either the huge risk to their comfortable friendship and partnership, or huge commitment that I do think both of them are scared to death of), or will they stick their heads in the sand. I think they both want to move ahead, I think they are both waiting for a sign from the other (especially Lee) and I am not sure either of them knows what to do next.
        I am looking forward to writing the stories for this one 😉

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        • Something you said Morley seem to stick in my head about how Lee and Amanda have played the relationship cover and I looked at a Wikipedia article with the list of episodes to double check how it was described. As Lee and Amanda moved forward as partners and friends the relationship cover sort of went backwards, while the relationship itself was moving forward. The only exception being Sour Grapes, but in that they weren’t on a trip where they had to truly play as being a couple. In TGTN they were an established married couple, in Weekend they were newlyweds, and in Ship of Spies they were engaged and about to be married. This make me wonder too about Iwsod’s hints at episode order and where JEG and SG are.


          • hiya!!! I’m posting the final part of this ep and running out the door..

            I’ll be back when I can to comment on what Valerie, Morley and Jestress have added here- byeee!


        • I agree with most of what you say here, Morley. Well done!


  6. It all finally snaps into place for Agnes. It’s bad enough that Nick goes from calling her cupcake to referring to her as “the woman”, but he also threatens to kill her. She was willing to give him another chance even after he handcuffed her to the pipe, but enough is enough. I’m glad that she had the moment that she did. I, too, would have loved to see more happen to Nick. He should have sustained more injuries. Too bad Agnes couldn’t get a kick or two in.

    So far, the only one who gets anything out of all of this is Ronson. He gets to keep his reputation in tact and keep his daughter protected. Nick doesn’t get the files, Agnes doesn’t get Nick, and Lee and Amanda don’t get to recover the files. Very unsatisfactory up to this point.

    What is satisfactory is how Lee continues to look out for Amanda and tells her to stay put. She is no second thought to him, she is his first thought. Always have to keep her safe and out of harm’s way.

    In going through this episode like this I have come to really despise Nick. Bo Hopkins played such a good guy on Dynasty. It’s so hard to see him as such a jerk in this. Hopefully Agnes won’t be left to deal with this on her own. She’s one of these characters we never get to see again. It would have been interesting to see how things turned out for her after this.


    • I agree Valerie.. pretty unsatisfying ending.. the agency did get to stop a blackmailer from squeezing America’s secrets out like a tube of toothpaste though lol!

      I’ve said more about this in the next post.. sooooo I’ll say no more for the moment! 🙂 but.. enjoyed yoru comments Valerie.. yes that ‘the woman’ was an ouch moment!!!!

      Bo Hopkins was a good guy in dynasty? I didn’t know there were good guys on dynasty! 😉 I guess this explains why he is listed as a special guest star…


  7. Oh, I forgot to mention it looks like DC has the tamest taggers in the world – the graffiti in this scene is positively genteel. Meanwhile, we have some graffiti under one of our bridges that would make a sailor blush! 😮


  8. Iwsod, there is no mention of the bullet wound being a “nick” in the script. In fact, in the script Ronson gets shot twice – first a glancing shot as Nick fires wildly, then it is Ronson who eventually tackles Nick (before Lee gets to him) and Nick manages to shoot Ronson again (in the thigh) – another non-fatal wound. Of course then Lee dives in (literally) to save the day. Is it common in America for soft furnishings to be left outside? The abundance of conveniently placed mattresses and chairs in this scene is hilarious. 😀
    Love your reference to the Hoover files being stored along with the Ark of the Covenant in a huge US Govt warehouse, Iwsod. Who knows – maybe such a secret storage facility really exists. (I remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark more than once when it was first released. Before video tapes were common and way before DVDs and digital downloads, it was the only way to really cement a good movie in your mind.)
    The script suggests that the dump may not be end of the J Edgar Hoover files :
    “Angle – to a gigantic machine that grinds and incinerates refuse. As we watch, another load is dumped in. The Hoover files are gone for good… or are they…”
    Also interesting from the script, it is Lee who suggests that they (he and Amanda) have lost their engagement ring. 😉

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    • hiya! hey glad you liked the raiders of the lost arc reference kiwismh! I was taking a risk that anyone would know what I meant! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing the script with us.. very interesting!
      yes Lee had to be an even bigger hero than the script huh! lol..

      and.. I prefer Lee came up with the engagement ring cover too!!! 🙂 oh well..

      I was lol’g at your comment that the US has an abundance of outdoor furniture kiwismh! good one!!


    • Regarding the furniture: In a way, There are actually some people who will just abandon furniture and other things they don’t need or want somewhere in the hopes that someone will just pick them up and do something with them. I had professor who (believe it or not) actually did this with his old shoes. If I remember right, his justification was that he had bought some better ones and the shoes were too worn to give away to a thrift store or charity but yet they had enough wear left in them that someone really poor might still be able to use them. So, he would just leave them somewhere public, like a grocery store parking lot so if someone wanted them they could just take them. I’ve seen people put out furniture in a similar condition (slightly broken but possibly still useable) in front of their houses or sometimes on street corners or other odd places. There are also people who make a hobby out of scavenging this kind of stuff, either for their own use or fixing it up to sell or donate.

      But, realistically, the placement of this furniture is probably for the sake of the stunt. 😉


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