14/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

As soon as Lee and Amanda leave Sea Chance, we see David Cummings call JJ (who is guarding Bart on the boat called ‘Endeavour’), to ask how he is..
FTF.avi_001713780David (to JJ on phone): We had some visitors today.  Official ones.  It may be necessary to move our friend to another hideout.

Yes move him! because at the moment, it’s obvious Lee and Amanda have noooo idea where Bart is! lol!!! Great logic David.. I’m thinking Lee was on the money when he said they were out of their league! lol!

FTF.avi_001715382JJ asks if maybe they should get help from the official people..but David thinks it’s too risky..
they don’t know if they can trust Lee and Amanda thanks to Harcourt’s connections.

Anyway, back to the Marina
[yep that brown car there is from Over the Limit!]
Lee and Amanda are walking toward Lee’s car.
Lee:  Amanda, you stay here and keep an eye on things.
[whoo hoo! love that he trusts Amanda to keep an eye on them alone!]
Amanda:  Can’t they be picked up officially now?
FTF.avi_001749549Lee:  Just barely.  I’m going to go back and light a fire under Billy, get him to cut some red tape.
Yeah! Lee will go back to his boss and put some heat on him! make him do what Lee wants! rofl!!! Oh Lee..
FTF.avi_001753286Amanda:  Yeah, cut some red tape and maybe we can find Bart.
FTF.avi_001758625lol.. red tape huh.. there is another way  you could find Bart….(but this will become evident!)
Lee:  Yeah.  The sooner the better — we don’t have much time.  Be careful.
FTF.avi_001761294Amanda:  Yeah, I will.

Ah sweet.. usually it’s Amanda telling Lee to be careful Smile 

Off Lee drives to visit Billy.. and ask him to get out his really big scissors to cut some red tape..

Ah! Back to Bart, and he is watching TV-

TV announcer:  I was there as the house subcommittee on foreign affairs began its final days of hearings this morning,…FTF.avi_001774641

…rocked by the rumour that Senator Rattragan, chairman of the committee, will present a surprise witness…
…Two protestors launched a verbal attack…FTF.avi_001785852

…against Ambassador Harcourt, US diplomatic representative to Santarilla…  [What did Amanda do?! lol.. she didn’t verbally attack anyone. She just stood there! and why would Colleen possibly be under arrest for having a big mouth?? eh??? Free speech and all that!! Get your facts straight – call yourself a reporter! Winking smile ]
Bart is shocked to see Colleen is alive!
…Ms Donnelly and Mrs King escaped arrest when an unidentified federal employee intervened in their behalf…
[Now that is hilarious!! Amanda was protesting and escaped arrest?! whahahaa.. Just look at Amanda in that shot? trying to fade into the background like she’s not there whahaahaa..
I don’t know where you get your info lady reporter.. but I will have you know that Lee is a gardener! yes a gardener.. the best in the agency let me tell you!
okay okay.. Lee stopped them from being arrested?! Hilarious! this reporter must be on Harcourt’s payroll Winking smile ]

FTF.avi_001797597…Although Ambassador Harcourt refused to press charges…
I love Bart’s excitement here as it sinks in – Hooray!!! Colleen is alive!!!!
 [Umm what charges? Illogical costume changes?!! oh purlease!!! Any reporter would be keen to publish the accusations Colleen made – as accusations of course – because after all there is a hearing being conducted about Harcourt’s conduct in Santarilla. This is just plain dumb.]

… he did recommend that security for the hearings be increased, in order to avoid the recurrence of today’s incident.

The timing in this report is all wrong! The reporter says she was there this morning when Colleen had her outburst – but- it was yesterday!!!! weird!! this is really distracting!!! It’s almost like they wrote the script to be all done in one day (but then why the different clothes? oh Heck – ahhh that’s where the baddies’ name came from..)
and then the writers decided whooo let’s have Lee and Amanda spend the night on the yacht together and a funny joke about big rats haaaaa.. (hey, not that I am complaining, that scene made the ep for me.. but err if you add a night, Yo! you kinda need to change the rest of the script!!)

Back to Lanz and Heck, who are now watching the Sea Chance – they see the Cummings are again Goings..
Lanz:  Something’s up.
I guess Lanz and Heck saw Lee and Amanda go snooping on their boat – so they know the Cummings are key to finding Bart and so decided to just tail them. Gee.. why didn’t Lee think of that?!
Amanda sees the two men watching the cummings and goings of the Cummings!- hey so that’s what the pointless fight was about earlier! We had to have a way for Amanda to recognise the bad guys later!
FTF.avi_001825892Amanda recognises Lanz as the baddie.. and so knows this is trouble..
Heck:  Let’s go.
FTF.avi_001824290Amanda runs off.. why we don’t know yet! But you know, it’s ironic..  Lee and Amanda do lead the baddies to the Cummings after all!
Surprising that neither Lee nor Amanda noticed the two baddies hanging out at the marina yesterday and now today! [You’d think Lee would have noticed the guy who punched him in the nose Winking smile ]
They noticed an obscure car, and knew the baddies were following them at one point – you’d think they would have been checking to ensure they hadn’t picked up their trail again..
I gotta let it go! SMK isn’t suppose to make sense right?? Winking smile I gotta stop expecting it to! when am I gonna learn?!  But hey, clever Amanda to notice the bad guys following the Cummings! Smile
Okay guys.. can’t wait to hear your thoughts if you’d like to share some! byeeee!!

19 responses to “14/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I may not have paid close attention here to the plot and missed some vital information, but I always wondered how Lee’s car got there? I thought they sailed the Mata Hari II to this place? So did the magic car drive there all by itself (is this K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider?) or did Lee park his car here the day before and drove back with some unknown person, because he is such a Top Agent, he could anticipate he would need it at some point…confused


  2. Maybe Bart had a recording of the previous day’s news. They already got a late newspaper late, so maybe he is in catch up mode and only now had the chance to watch yesterday’s news. Speaking of news, maybe Dotty only gets her news from the paper. She’s always reading it and commenting on it. They don’t often seem to have the TV on.

    Love Lee’s confidence in Amanda to handle things on her own. Not sure what red tape he needs to get through. Do they need a warrant to search the boat? Obstruction of justice? I agree that at the time, the options of viewing a show over and over again were limited to our VCRs and at the time shows wouldn’t expect that 30 years later people would go through them with a fine tooth comb. I’ll cut them a little slack, because they did get a great love story out of the holes, timing issues, etc.

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    • I agree Valerie! I love to poke fun.. but I love the show.. and I cut them slack because it’s not the reason why I’ve loved the show for 30 years….
      And yet.. at the same time, it seems to be becoming one reason why I love chatting about the show now – when we discuss the weird plot holes or random clothes changes – it’s fun because it means we are not taking the show too seriously..

      and yet.. we can still enjoy the heart of the show.. which does touch on serious, important issues..and which touches (I am guessing) all our hearts. SMK is a real mixture.. an oddity.. and for that I love it!

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  3. I am sure back in 1980s, the “powers that be” at SMK felt nobody will notice these minor inconsistencies. (They knew we were only watching what was happening between Lee and Amanda.)

    LOL, Jo! That describes me watching SMK in the 80s exactly!

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  4. I’m enjoying the Morse connection here… 🙂

    And I’m guessing Dotty doesn’t watch the news? Although since Amanda spent the night with Lee (tee hee) I guess Dotty hasn’t had a chance to grill her on why she was protesting.

    Head slap! Love at the flaws you’re pointing out with this episode. Except for the overnight bit, there aren’t a whole lot of redeeming qualities about this episode. I do love that Lee leaves Amanda here while he goes back to the Agency. Sort of like a flip from RFTS when Amanda suggests she trail Zorbel and Lee follow the paper trail. Amanda finally gets her chance to do the action-y bit while Lee goes back to the office. Although I don’t think Lee believes Amanda is in any danger by being left behind, I still like that he is letting her do this as it shows his increasing level of trust in her. I don’t think he even has to think about it anymore. As long as there is no real threat to Amanda in Lee’s mind, he thinks of her as his partner. A subordinate sure, but still a partner.

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  5. Does anyone find it interesting that Lee leaves Amanda where the action is and he goes back to the office. I know he thinks it is just watching the boat, but this is Amanda, she never stays out of trouble. And I know he is probably the better candidate to light a fire under Billy, but this is true division of labor, a real partnership and trust in the other one. He finally did it!

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    • Yes, this is really a big step for Lee – leaving Amanda where it is most likely something will happen. I like the “Be careful.” I think Lee’s meaning here is both professional and personal.


    • I do, I do! Check out the comment I just left! Too funny!


    • yes I loved that.. especially teamed with Lee’s earlier calling Amanda a government agent! whoo hooo!!!

      division of labour is a great way to describe it – reminds me of that scene in RFTS where Amanda is fighting for more action! yes! here she is getting more! though.. ahem.. I think Lee thought the action would be sitting on a chair and watching the Cummings do nothing..
      [because they wouldn’t really be so dumb as to actually go see Bart now.. would they?!]

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  6. Iwsod – Your commentary is too funny for this episode. Not really a great spy moment for Lee. I will agree this is not a stellar episode for consistency. And I guess it was lucky for Amanda that none of her friends and family watch the news that day, so she did not need to explain to her mother why she was at the court house. But I have to admit, I have enjoyed this episode and all the comments. I think the lack of continuity, plot holes, editing errors, etc. makes the show fun. I am sure back in 1980s, the “powers that be” at SMK felt nobody will notice these minor inconsistencies. (They knew we were only watching what was happening between Lee and Amanda.) Thank for taking the time to critique each episode and then let us put our 2 cents in. It was a great show and BB and KJ had great chemistry.

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    • My thoughts exactly — it was a good thing Dotty was having her hair done at Mr. Emilio’s and wasn’t watching the news, otherwise there would be a lot of ‘plaining to do.


    • I guess if Dotty did see Amanda on TV, Amanda could use the IFF cover and say she was interviewing Colleen for a documentary.


    • Awh thanks Jo!!! that makes my day 🙂

      Glad you are enjoying the show.. you are spot on.. the inconsistencies are sometimes quite major when one actually pays attention to the plot.. but then.. Lee Stetson is a wonderful distraction 😉

      Oh you are very welcome! critique and discuss away!!! It just multiplies the fun!! 🙂


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