15/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Bart phones Colleen..
[How he found her I have no idea! He has his ways Winking smile ]  awwwwhhhhh… A lovely sort of reunion!!
Bart lets Colleen know he’s alive too! Hooray!!

Ooooh dear.. Blind Colleen tells Bart she has to see him! oops what a pun!!… Nah.. and I figure she is not completely blind it’s just the light that bugs her but still I thought this was a fab pun! Bart encourages Colleen to hang in there just a little longer,

once the hearings are over they can be together again.. Awh!! clip_image008
We haven’t really seen these two together huh.. but I’m liking them- and hope things work out for them! A man and woman who are in love and committed to each other? who want to together do their jobs and make the world a better place? That’s a couple I can totally support!!!!
[Yes – they totally mirror Lee and Amanda’s own story! 🙂 ]

On to IFF, and Billy is not forthcoming with help for Lee…there isn’t enough to go on..
Lee pleads his case.
Lee: ….Now, sometimes you have got to throw away logic and play your hunches.
Hmm I don’t think that’s going to work with your boss!
clip_image012(Lee! why don’t you try that line.. you know.. tell Billy: “I’ve seen you chase plenty of geese with less to go on!” – it worked on  you!!)
I find this scene lame.. soooo not going to dwell on it too much!
Amanda interrupts their meeting with a phone call for Lee..
clip_image014[I really am not a fan of that shirt!!]
Amanda:  Hi, we’ve got a problem.  The Cummings are headed toward a fishing boat in D Basin,…

(lol how does Amanda know where they  are headed?! They’re not there yet!  It’s not the only boat in ‘ D basin’ – whatev! )
…and there are two guys following them, and I think one of them is one of the guys who was following us.
clip_image018[whooo hooo!! goooo Amanda!! she is rockin this!!! See that amazing piece of technology she is holding up to her ear? and that clever little box that contains it?? (Yes a public phone) Clever to use that.. Lee could have used it.. but instead he chose to drive over to order..err talk to Billy!]
Lee:  It’s that boat.  It’s gotta be where they’re holding Bart.  I’ll be there in 5 minutes.
clip_image020So surely now Amanda has seen the baddies following the Cummings there could be call to maybe at least send a few more agents to the Marina? Guess not!

Billy was pretty useless in this scene huh! What was the point of Lee going to the agency? – to set up Amanda and Lee being separated so Lee could need to track her down maybe?? I guess so.. ideas? It does add to the suspense..
Ahhh does this relate to Billy’s efficiency review? (coloured pens and a stopwatch?!)  whahahaa.. that seemed so random- and there doesn’t seem to be any reference to it up to this point – orrr is this another one of those bits that gets cut from the script, and then other bits are left in that just seem random?!

Anyway, we see Amanda hang up the phone and rush over to the boat.. in the distance we can see the Cummings arriving at the Endeavour.. clip_image022

We cut to Lee leaving IFF…Whooo we see Lee’s vette exit the IFF underground parking.. clip_image024
have we seen that so far before? not sure if this is the first time..
Interesting, we also get quite a long view of the clip_image028street IFF is on..

Amanda finds a spot to hide as the Cummings arrive at Bart’s boat..clip_image030

You know, these Gaviota are so lame.. With Lee and Amanda knowing the Cummings are helping Bart, they should keep as far away from Bart as possible! Then again.. I guess seagulls are not the most intelligent animals..
JJ greets the Cummings: Did you talk to the senator?
clip_image032David:  Yep, we’re gonna move him.
clip_image034J.J:  Good idea.  We can’t take any chances.
[Anyone else want to bang their head against the wall here with this lot?! They mean well… but they’re way out of their league!!.. Lee was brutally accurate!]
‘We can’t take any chances’ is still ringing in our ears when.. here we go!! the baddies have arrived!!!
clip_image036The baddies hold guns on them all..and tell them to get below.. Heck says the tapes aren’t on the Sea Chance.. so they need to search the Endeavour..[oh right.. I’d forgotten all about Bart having video- I thought it was just Bart’s testimony that mattered..]
clip_image038JJ pulls a gun on them and tries to defend the boat, but he gets shot in the shoulder..
clip_image040We see Bart inside turn his head
Only.. LOL I think they’ve recycled that shot from the first conversation he had with JJ wanting to get off the boat! lol!! Bart doesn’t even look scared at the gunshot! His buddy JJ just got shot! 😉
With everyone inside the boat (while the baddies search for the tapes) Amanda sneaks onto the boat.
JJ (rather loudly!) tells Amanda: go get help!
clip_image044but.. the baddies are approaching again..
so Amanda hides herself under a covering of some kind.. Go Amanda!!
[btw – Noooo JJ you go get help!! 😉

JJ I’m disappointed! you got shot in the shoulder!! why didn’t you jump off the boat and go get help yourself?! there’s a public phone right near the boat! 🙂  and here I was thinking JJ could be future agent material!]

The baddies head back outside..
and I’d better stop here for the moment – what’s Amanda going to do now??!!!! These Seagulls don’t seem to be much help! Pretty brave of Amanda to get on that boat – with no idea how she would tell Lee where she is.. Amanda’s brilliant at thinking on her feet huh! I love to see her in action! Okay guys.. can’t wait to hear from ya! byeeee

7 responses to “15/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Iwsod, I know that you don’t like that shirt on Lee, but I do like the navy blue windbreaker and the jeans. It is a relaxed but active look.
    And it looks like Amanda has grown a lot professionally the way she jumps on that boat and puts herself in the fray. A real agent!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I forgot to mention one other thing. I was thinking about Amanda having to use a pay phone to call in and how technology has changed so much. I do wonder sometimes when I’m watching this show how different it would be if they had some of the more current technology. Mostly it comes up when they have to get in contact with someone or when they had to go through that massive cleaning of the Q Bureau, and most definitely when I see all those computers in the bullpen. But if they did we would miss out on some of the little gems we’ve gotten, like when Amanda’s phone is off the hook and Lee has to go over there to see her.


  3. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around a few little nit picky details. I’m wondering just exactly where the Mata Hari was docked originally and how big of a marina this is. They can’t have sailed very far if Lee’s car is at the ready. And he tells Amanda that he is going to be back at the marina in 5 minutes. So where does that put the Agency in regards to the location of the marina? I know it’s a minor thing, but sometimes the minor things stick with me more than the bigger ones.

    I do like Bart and Colleen’s little mini reunion over the phone. And like how they know they need to finish the job at hand first before they can truly see each other again.

    Good to see Amanda and how she is handling herself in this situation. She isn’t doing that frazzled-confused-what do I do now? routine. She’s doing what any agent would do. She’s being observant, following at a discreet distance and making instantaneous decisions. Usually by now, Amanda would have been caught herself. And as soon as she saw things change she contacted Lee. What Lee doesn’t tell her is the “stay in the car” routine. He doesn’t tell her to sit tight or not go anywhere. He just says he’s on his way. So good on him.

    These La gaviota people are as bad as some of these baddies, pretty inept I must say.

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  4. Good point, Iwsod. I don’t know why JJ didn’t try to escape once everyone else went inside. He obviously wasn’t hurt that badly–there wasn’t even any blood. Oh, wait a minute, this is SMK….there’s never any blood! 😉


  5. Frivolous stuff :
    – I couldn’t help but notice the frames in the first half of this post feature just about everyone using clunky old 1980’s phones. 😀
    Endeavor – made me smile, not exactly an original name for a boat, albeit a somewhat different and much smaller boat from the original (and British spelled) Endeavour. Captain Cook reached New Zealand on the Endeavour in 1769, and the ship features on our 50 cent coin.
    – The Corvette is looking fine. I think this is the first time we have seen those particular shots of the Corvette coming out of the parking lot… parking garage,,, underground car park… or whatever the hell is hidden behind that hole in the wall. o_O


  6. Couldn’t Lee just have phoned Billy? Why waste so much time driving back to the office, and then of course having to drive back go the harbour because – well, colour me surprised 🙄 – Amanda’s ended up in the thick of it…again!
    Having said that, it’s good to see Amanda using her professional judgment to swing into action to do everything she can to make sure all is not lost when it looks like the bad guys might just be capable of carrying out their dastardly plan to make this an unhappy ending for everyone but them and Harcourt. I think this again shows how far she has progressed with her skills and her potential to become a very competent fully-fledged agent. (I won’t say “top agent” as that is Lee’s perenial title 😉 )


  7. Ahh yes, I guess Lee really needed to go and talk to Billy face to face. Oh well, I guess it is needed to advance the plot. 🙂


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