16/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We pick up again with Amanda hiding under the covering on Bart’s boat.. The baddies make their way outside pushing and shoving the Cummings.. they order them to pick up JJ (because he got shot in the shoulder and can’t get up??!) Lol..

FTF.avi_001974307At gunpoint Heck motions for them to get off the boat together..
FTF.avi_001979112Heck leads the seagulls to a conveniently (randomly!) located vacant shed.. door open and ready to be utilised for evil! Muahahahaa..  Heck locks them inside and heads back to the boat..
Lanz has come up empty handed in his search..
FTF.avi_001997263Lanz:  I looked everywhere.  The videotapes aren’t down there.
Heck:  Untie the boat.  We’re gonna go up to the Triton club.  I’ll contact Harcourt on the radio and have him meet us there.

Whooo great! Amanda heard their evil plans!!! muahahaha!! but how will she tell scarecrow?!

Heck heads up to the bridge to get the boat moving.. and Lanz works on getting the ropes untied.. So Amanda has a brief window of opportunity here to do something.

She reaches out a hand.. LOL!!!

She pulls it in under her covering.. just in time before Lanz walks past to work on the front ropes.. Phew!
Amanda’s sooo lucky! Winking smile
but what will she do with a life vest? don’t tell me she feels she needs to wear one for this unexpected journey?!! whahahaa.. She really does take safety very seriously! Smile
Nahhh just kidding..
Under the covering we find Amanda writing a message on the life vest for Scarecrow. Hmm ‘Lee’ would have been quicker to write!
umm I must have missed something here.. umm where did she get the giant marker from??!! guys

Lanz gets back on board and the boat starts to leave the dock..
Lanz heads up to the bridge giving Amanda the chance to throw the life vest back onto the dock  – somewhere.. anywhere!!!
Whoo hooo! there it goes! Smile This really is a life vest!! Might save Bart and Amanda’s life!! Smile
FTF.avi_002041574Oh looky! It landed right next to the random shed and  with the side up with a message for Scarecrow (okay maybe she wrote it on both sides?!)
FTF.avi_002046913It even lands with the writing the right way up!
Cue the super suspenseful music.. Lee is in hot pursuit..
FTF.avi_002069869Lee arrives just as the Endeavour pulls away.. tyres squealing.. Music swelling.. Help is on the way!!!
Oh wait..no..no false alarm..  that’s not Lee!! It’s some poor schlep driving his car and wearing his clothes.. but.. not Lee the superspy.. ahem..
whahahaaa.. It’s an imposter!
Lee hears the seagulls crying for help and releases them.. fly birds! fly!!

Lee:  All right, all right, I’m here!…  (Lee opens the door- Umm it doesn’t seem to be locked?!)
…What the hell happened?
[whahahaa.. Lee is really sympathetic here haaaa..not!  love it! ]
David:  Those guys took Bart.
Lee:  What?
David:  We blew it.
Lee:  Here, sit down.
Diane:  I wish to God we’d listened to you.
[oh dear.. well.. at least they were well meaning Winking smile maybe now they can apply for a job at the agency? and get some training?]
Lee:  All right, now, what about the woman I was with — Amanda?  She here?
J.J:  Tall, brunette? (gorgeous..)
Lee:  Yeah.
FTF.avi_002099232J.J:  I think she’s still on the boat.
Lee:  Oh, great. [Oh boy!! well Lee this is Amanda you could have predicted that Smile ]
Diane:  Wait a minute.  What is — what is this?

FTF.avi_002101368Diane Cummings spots the life vest..
and ta da..
Lee (reads): 
Scarecrow, Triton Club.  Triton Club?..
— yeah, I know where that is…
FTF.avi_002112579[Of course he does!! Smile can you imagine him looking all determined to find Amanda and Bart and asking for directions to the triton club?whahaha! ]
…You can take this card, call this number.  Talk to a Mr Melrose….
  …Tell him we’ve got a code Seven-TAK emergency.  And get on it quick.  You sure you’re OK?

J.J:  I’m all right.
ahh Lee is such a superstud.. he takes a last moment to make sure JJ is okay Winking smile before racing off to save the day! He’s the whole package!!!
Lee Lee he’s our man!! swoon emoticon Ahem! sorry.. got carried away there! head slap emoticon

A code 7 tack emergency?? Ohhh kaaay.. I just love these random codes they throw out there!

I miss the old gag of needing to contact Billy and not being able to get through.. what ep was that in?? didn’t Amanda try and describe his office or something?! I forget.. anyone?
Seems those days are long gone.. now anyone can call and talk to section chief Billy!! err is this a new development thanks to the efficiency study?! tee hee..

Lee jumps into a speedboat heading for the triton club… err Lee have you handled one that big by yourself before? sure you’re ok there buddy?? Winking smile  FTF.avi_002141408
Well I’ll stop here for the moment.. anyone else blown away by action Lee racing to the rescue?! Winking smile BB somehow manages to do this cheese with dignity! well.. so far!! but I’ll come back to that! Smile
And what about Amanda?? such luck!! lol.. nahhh such quick thinking!! and carrying around a big marker just in case she might need it one day? genius! Winking smile  Okay byee for now- can’t wait to hear from ya!

34 responses to “16/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. It’s too bad that Amanda didn’t have her purse with her. Women used to carry huge purses with them with just about everything in them in the 80’s, so it wouldn’t be such a stretch for her to have a marker with her. I just looked back at the scene and I don’t see a purse. I love that Amanda is always thinking and not just assuming that Lee will figure out and come rescue her.


  2. Groooaan…really? This is where things just go downhill…magically appearing magic markers, one in a million perfect life vest throws – she must not have been trying. Isn’t that what she told Mr. Brand? Things happen when you aren’t trying so hard? She must have just been aiming for dry land…..

    Anyone think a code 7 TAK emergency is code for “Dumb Luck – Typical Amanda King”? After all, 7 is the luckiest number, right?

    Amanda trying to get through to Billy by describing his “tweed sofas” was in that swoony ep in S1 where Amanda is kidnapped by the baddies because they think she is “the Scarecrow”. SBTBells. It would be too funny to hear Lee describe Billy’s office…I bet he wouldn’t have any idea if the sofas were tweed or not!


    • Bjo wrote:

      Anyone think a code 7 TAK emergency is code for “Dumb Luck – Typical Amanda King”? After all, 7 is the luckiest number, right?

      Oh my gosh!!! that had me roflmbo!!! Love that BJo!!! too funny.. if that’s not what it means.. well it flippin should be! 🙂

      So funny you mentioned Mr Brand – that moment of tossing the hat onto the hat stand came to my mind at some point too- and them promptly left it 😉 Whoooo love your reference to things happening when you don’t try so hard! 🙂

      Ah thanks well remembered on the SBTB reference!
      I’d have trouble describing billy’s office.. it has a big marlin on the back wall.. err no wait a minute.. it has a big flat screen.. err no it has trophies! oh I don’t know!


    • Excellent, BJo! I bet the Agency’s had to develop a whole new series of codes in the last couple of years just for Typical Amanda King Situations. I wonder what 1 through 6 are? Maybe…

      Code 1 TAK = station wagon wrecked again
      Code 2 TAK = kidnapped again
      Code 3 TAK = hit on by baddie again
      Code 4 TAK = didn’t stay in car again

      Anyone else want to play? 🙂

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  3. I am so loving everyone’s hole fillers. It reminds me of the cliffhanger stories I read to my students and they have to either finish the story or fill in what’s missing. Maybe I should give them some SMK plot holes and see how they would fill them in. This probably didn’t all seem so cheesy and implausible back then. However, that magically appearing marker did bother me, along with the difference in the handwriting and the fact that it went from being more diagonal to more horizontal. At least the Cummings admit that they were wrong and should have listened. I guess these bad guys are only willing to shoot, but not kill. I do like the bit of Lee running, once we move away from the random stunt guy getting out of the car.

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  4. I wonder why, the used some 20 seconds of Lee driving back to the marina and then it is not even “Lee” getting out of the car. They could have used that 20 seconds to fill in one of the many plot holes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hey Jo! Ohhh I think it was to add to the suspense – whoooo here comes Lee.. hurry Lee!! the music really swells.. it’s kinda over the top and hilarious!!
      And then – I saw the stand in and was all deflated;) tee hee..

      they use stand ins for far away shots and stuff to save the lead actors some work – and it saves $$ on production when a second unit can be out filming these kinds of things while the leads film in the studio.
      But wait! there’s more.. You’ll see him again soon enough!! 🙂 I think it’s hilarious!! Oh smk.. I love ya!

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  5. A Junior Trailblazer only needs one match and one Sharpie marker. Always be prepared!

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  6. I appreciate all of the wonderful things you all are doing with the Swiss cheese in these scenes. Thank you.

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  7. Where did the marker come from? From second crew Amanda, probably. And if she didn’t write the message on both sides, that’s gotta be the second crew life jacket as well. The ties are on the top side as she writes, and on the lower side in the rest of the shots. BTW, I often carry a Sharpie in my pocket. I use it for work.

    I think the episode where Amanda is trying to describe Billy’s office is SBTB.

    I feel bad that JJ got shot (how often does anyone get shot in SMK?). I think he seems like a nice guy, unlike David who’s a little touchy.


  8. Very much agree about Diane’s outfit – looks like she went out in her jim jams (pyjamas) this morning.
    Amanda has interesting writing – some capital letters, some lower case letters. Anyone who can analyse that?
    And yes, I think we have to fill in the gaps here that she did write the message on both sides. And the accuracy of her throwing is just sensational.
    Where did she get the marker pen? Again, I think SMK leaves it to viewers to “insert most plausible explanation here”. I imagine there might have been a box of supplies or tools under the tarpaulin and the pen was in amongst these.
    And notice how the weather changes from blue sky sunny midday-ish, to what looks like early morning or very late afternoon grey and dull when Imposter Lee arrives in the ‘vette, then magically it’s all sunny midday-ish again when Lee lets the “seagulls” out of the unlocked shed.
    Oi o_O … It’s times like this I have to remind myself that lace is pretty because of the holes.

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    • Prior to Sharpies, we used to generically call those kinds of pens “Magic Markers” and now I guess I know why. Because they magically appear just when you need them (at least if you’re Amanda)!

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    • “…lace is pretty because of the holes.”

      Good one! Gotta remember that! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Now I know why I do not like lace….


    • Indeed Kiwismh the weather has been doing that this whole episode! but because I was poking holes in other things I didn’t bring it up – there is always sooo much more that could be said- so I”m glad you’ve mentioned this!!

      Hmm.. Is the marker explained in the script?

      I just figure this is SMK not really trying very hard to be too logical.. or take itself very seriously.. lol..
      I can imagine the writers all discussing it and saying:
      writer 1: – well how will Amanda tell Lee where she’s going?
      writer 2: oh just have her carry a random marker in her pocket – the fans won’t care.. they’ll be so excited over Lee coming to the rescue they’ll see it as a great big wink to the audience – it’s like we are saying – yes we know this is a bit silly audience.
      Writer 1: Well this is true, SMK fans tend to be extremely intelligent.. (ahem)
      Writer 2: Soooo let’s not get a brain strain here.. we’ll just go with the flow.. A bit of farce to get the plot we want is fine! (Lee rescuing Amanda.. and Amanda using her smarts to contact Lee).

      Yep.. I’ll go with this..
      The writers were in on the gag with us.. they know it’s lame.. but.. they don’t care.. and we don’t care.. how’s that?

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  9. Is it just me or is that “outfit” that Diane is wearing the biggest fashion atrocity we’ve seen on SMK yet? Why do the SMK wardrobe folks periodically feel the need to dress women in ugly pajama-looking things? What’s next? Dotty heading out for a night on the town in a onesie? Sheesh! 😦

    Although very similar, the letters in the closeup of Amanda writing the message are a little different than when the life jacket’s hanging on the crate. Notice the “n” in Triton Club, for instance. So, Amanda must have written her message on both sides of the life jacket. Yup, that’s gotta be the reason. 😉


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