17/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to the baddies’ lair – the Triton Club! We find the baddies have just arrived with Bart and have tied his hands behind his back.
Ohhhh boy.. Is it just me or does it look like Bart’s hands aren’t really tied? He’s just holding his hands behind his back like he is tied?!
anyway.. they head in side..
Back to the boat –
Amanda quickly removes the covering..
to find there’s a guard right in front of her with is back to her –FTF.avi_002176643eek! she quickly covers herself again. Nice touch! Funny how she FTF.avi_002178244does FTF.avi_002177711this.. and then she slowly uncovers herself again and quietly heads up to the bridge of FTF.avi_002199599the boat – she tries to find the radio and call for help – as she does so, she finds one of those ‘safe harbour’ pennants again..she shoves it into FTF.avi_002206006her jeans.. and then.. uh oh.. the guard spots her. Love the look he gives her – come on! What are you trying to pull?! silly woman!
Hmm this is about where I fast forward.. or wish to.. come on Lee please hurry up so all this lame ending can be over??!! Rescue Us Lee!! Rescue this episode Lee!! Winking smile
Harcourt is interrogating Bart.. whoa.. I’m surprised he is dirtying his hands like this… Bart is not talking- go Bart!
FTF.avi_002230563In bursts Amanda being shoved by the baddie..
FTF.avi_002254587Oh rofl! I don’t know why but Bart tied to the ship wheel like this cracks me up.. Hmm.. FTF.avi_002253520
maybe it’s because it reminds me of that old circus trick.. The Wheel of Death!!!!
wheel of death!
I was sure Harcourt was about to start throwing knives! lol.. back to the ep.. I digress!
So, Lanz sees Amanda and exclaims: That’s that dame who was with that agent.
whoooo she’s a dame! that’s Naasty!
Harcourt tells the baddie to take Amanda upstairs and tie her up.
Here comes Lee!
He’s looking super heroic with this camera angle!!
Lee Lee he’s our man! Hurry Lee, fast as you can! [me bored!]
ROFL! Harcourt said to take Amanda upstairs and tie her up.. what did he do? took her upstairs tied her hands together and then left her free to wander the room haaa… too funny.. no wonder Harcourt felt he had to be there these baddies are dummies..
Amanda see’s this view out the window: FTF.avi_002275408

She feels a tingle down her spine..her tummy does a flip.. she gets butterflies.. she starts to feel slightly dizzy..(Keep it PG iwsod.. Keep it PG!! gah!)  – so she knows it just has to be Lee Stetson! ..err from that distance how else could she know?!

Amanda zips into action.. finds something to work the ropes free behind her back..

Back to Harcourt playing wheel of death, and interrogating Bart. Just can’t take it seriously! with that big wheel! whahaha
FTF.avi_002301034Bart still isn’t talking. Go Bart!
Seems Harcourt is not getting his hands really dirty..
He turns his back as Heck whacks Bart in the stomach..
FTF.avi_002319185good cut there – we totally didn’t need to see it happen to feel it! Ouch!!
FTF.avi_002319719Back to that teeny tiny boat getting closer.. and Amanda realises –FTF.avi_002322389doh! cutting her ropes is not fast enough.. so tries another tactic..
Amanda sees a fishing rod and hooks to Amanda sees a fishing rod and hooks to it the yellow/ blue pennant she had stashed  in her jeans..
she hangs it out the window realising Lee would know the FTF.avi_002375775significance.. Good one Amanda!FTF.avi_002384851

Amanda gets back to working her ropes free.. Now she knows Lee would have seen her. You know what, I love that Amanda doesn’t just stand there and wait for Lee to come – she keeps trying to cut her ropes anyway – Love that!!!

Lee sneaks up on the guard..
Looks like Lee was protecting his tush by sitting on  some life jackets! [phew! don’t want anything to happen to it 😉 ]
FTF.avi_002385919I gotta say this is hilarious..  As Lee sneaks out of the boat we can juuust make out that Lee has wet his (very attractive) butt in the speedboat Winking smile
Oh the indignity!
FTF.avi_002417951Lee takes out the guard..
FTF.avi_002420620(before the guard’s smoking does!)
Lee hides the guard..
Okay, Lee putting the boat over the unconscious baddie? That is not Lee Stetson.. that is a way more buff stunt man me thinks! [that and no soggy bottom is a give away Winking smile  okay, and the different coloured belt!]

Back to Amanda untying her ropes.. Wait a second!!! –
did you notice the jeans Amanda was wearing??
Look! They’re ‘Lee’ Jeans!!!! whwahahaaha!!! ohh hooo hooo that has made my day!!! Hilarious!!
(I know, it seems like I have a butt fixation this post! whwhaaha.. but they’re interesting!! )

I’ll stop here for the moment!
I’m hoping you guys don’t mind the express version of the action finale.. these do tend to go on from time to time.. but.. I hope I’ve captured the most  important parts ( all the butt references… Lee’s soggy bottom.. wahahah.. and My fave: the Lee jeans!!!) I don’t remember this coming up in the fandom before  – I’d never noticed it.. I’m chuffed to have found them! Now.. all I need is a hollywood sign sighting and I’ll be blissful!!Okay guys bye for now!!

23 responses to “17/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. OMG, I just realized something this morning. I have a pair of Lee khakis. I also have a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. There’s a tag in the jeans with the style name. And the style name is–you guessed it–Amanda!!! Seriously! (I’d post a picture if I knew how/where to do it.) So for a few years now Lee and Amanda have actually been hanging around together (so to speak) in my closet! I can’t believe I never realized this before!! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. LOL’ing at the different colored belt on the stunt guy!


  3. Before SMK I always wore Lee jeans because that’s what my dad calls me. I think it’s left over from not being able to name me Arlene Francis.

    Every time I see these specific scenes I get so jealous of KJ’s flexibility. I think the ropes are a little loosely tied, but she’s pretty agile with what she’s doing.

    Since we don’t have the baddie using a baddie phone he’s wearing two pinky rings instead. I’m trying to remember if Frankie Columbo had one. That Harcourt is a slick and smarmy character.

    Love intense, jean wearing Lee!!


    • 2 pinky rings? why that’s positively evil!!!!

      It was Frankie Columbus. I had to laugh Valerie because the tv detective Columbo (who I am clearly crazy about) – his first name was ‘Frank’ and it’s a little bit of Columbo trivia because they never actually say his first name on the show (think when asked he says “Lieutenant”)!

      Great point about KJ Valerie! the more I think about it, the more I admire her performance in the scene with her hands tied behind her back – it was quite a long scene all in one shot wasn’t it? very well done KJ!


    • As maybe another example of KJ’s flexibility, when Lee looks up to see the safe harbor pennant waving from the window, we can clearly see a pink-clad arm extended out the window holding it. Not an easy thing to do with your hands tied behind your back! 😉


      • WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. I nearly just sprayed my drink everywhere reading this!!! that is tooooo funny 2Goldens!! maybe that should be your name.. 2funny2Goldens! 🙂


  4. I laughed my way through this whole post. Brilliant and analytical! Thank you, Iwsod, for such a detailed and well illustrated blow by blow of this action scene. I have noticed things that I never would have been aware of with out JWWM.

    I also like the way Amanda continues to be a part of the operation, no longer is she waiting for Lee to come save the day. I wonder what he will do when he finds her and sees how proactive she has been in his absence?


    • Oh my.. thanks Morley!! I’m seriously chuffed at your kind words!

      These action sequences can, dare I say it, be a bit of a drag at times.. so they can send me slightly loopy.. but believe it or not – I thought I’d done an express version!


  5. I love Lee jeans but they are very expensive in NZ. Unusual for SMK to show a recognisable real life brand name. Maybe they thought no one would notice. Little did they suspect… >:D

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  6. Lee jeans Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This has my vote as the best “Lee in Jeans” set of screen caps in the series thus far. I think Lee’s flexed trunk and knees just create that extra bit of tension to the rear end section….
    {dizziness is overcoming me – I’ll have to spike myself with that hook on a stick thingy – which is the other fascinating object in this scene IMO – to clear my head}


  8. The real question is….just how many of us out there have our own “Lee jeans”?? LOL! Awesome catch, iwsod!!


    • Thanks BJo! I’m sure Lee is quite pleased with the thought that his name is on Amanda’s butt! 🙂


      • He’s claimed her already… She’s mine! My name is on her butt!!!

        BTW–what’s with the post order? Last time I checked, 17 should be after 16… Meh.


        • Hiya I’ve stuffed up the order? if so thanks for telling me.. I’m in the middle of work at the moment and I’ll fix it up when I’m done. Thanks KC!


        • All fixed! I hadn’t looked at the date before I published it, should have updated it.. no biggie easy to fix! so long as I don’t publish post 17 before post 16 lol..

          Putting his claim on Amanda?! that’s exactly what I was thinking when I thought of Lee being happy to have Amanda wearing Lee jeans..
          Hmm maybe that’s what he was noticing when Amanda climbed back onto the boat before him a few posts back 😉 ahem..

          Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly I’ve gone off wearing jeans the last few years.. I use to live in them! which is maybe why I have..


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