18/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee finds Amanda and her Lee jeans.. just about to get her ropes free..
Amanda turns to give him easy access to her ropes.
Amanda: Oh here.
Lee:  Amanda, what are you doing here?  I told you to watch the Cummings from the shore, not stow away on the boat.

Lee when did you tell her to ‘watch the Cummings  from the shore’? you did not say that on the phone!
How was Amanda to know the script got changed?! tee hee..
All Lee said was he’ll be there in 5 minutes! bad Lee!! errr I mean bad script writers this week!!! I much preferred this when I thought Lee had left Amanda to watch the Cummings knowing she would ‘be careful’ and use her head.. Hmmm! ]
Amanda:  Well, I didn’t mean to.  Bart’s downstairs and I think he’s hurt.  Thank you.

[Hmm seems Amanda doesn’t argue that Lee didn’t say that.. I’m going to put it down to Lee’s worry for Amanda, that it has made him completely illogical!]

Go Amanda! Love how she’s thinking of the case – Bart’s downstairs!! Meanwhile.. the top spy is rousing on her for not staying on shore Winking smile

Lee goes to open the door.. so Amanda braces herself by the wall.. [LOL they seem to have this routine down pat now!]
Amanda:  Ready?
Lee opens the door.. and sees it’s clear..
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda:  OK?
Lee: Come on.
They exit out onto the roof.. 

Whooo whoo another hand holding moment!
Lee guides Amanda toward the stairs for his contractually obligated action showdown with the baddies..
Oh too funny.. how did that baddie coming up the stairs not see Lee and Amanda?
He must have!! He was just being polite when he acted like normal and let Lee kick him in the face and look all heroic! Winking smile
Lee leads Amanda down the stairs.. more hand holding!! Smile
Back to the interrogation.. We see Lanz holding up a big.. scary.. shiny… sharp looking knife, stroking the blade..(rofl! how ridiculous!!) Oh hey.. are they about to do Wheel of death after all??!!
Harcourt: Stoller, you should make it easy on yourself.
FTF.avi_002485218yeah!!! that big sharp shiny knife is a great convincer.. backs up very nicely what Harcourt is saying.. only.. umm hey bad guys-  Bart is blindfolded.. BLIND folded!!! I don’t think that showing him the knife is going to do any good! Winking smile whahahaahhah!! Hilarious!!

Lanz approaches Bart about to do something evil when..
Ta da!!!! In storms Lee and…. Amanda!!!!!
Whooo hooo!! check out Lee’s roll! It confuses Lanz and enables Lee to get the jump on him.. lol!  while Amanda grabs an oar and whacks Heck with it – in the stomach??!!! Maybe.. either way.. it’s poetic! Or shall I say it’s ‘Oarsome!’ Winking smile
FTF.avi_002493226Who can believe that Lee let Amanda follow him into this battle??!!!  this is huge!! and takes away any bad taste in my mouth, left from the ‘I told you to watch the Cummings from the shore’ comment. Winking smile
There is no doubting that Lee is trusting Amanda to hold her own here – up against baddies who Lee was describing earlier as ‘heavy hitters’ (err even if they are a bit dumb!)
What do you all make of this?!
Amanda follows up her King hit on Heck by grabbing his gun which he dropped on the floor..
FTF.avi_002496963lol.. how did Heck end up in a net too?! lol.. overkill! but who cares right?! tee hee..
Way to go Amanda!
Amanda aims the gun very convincingly at Heck saying (I think): don’t move.
CA training
[So convincing.. it makes me wonder if she has progressed in her practice on the shooting range.. do you think so?
Do you think Amanda would shoot someone now?]

Hey, check out the props here in this room….
Is it just me or do some of the props in this office look vaguely familiar?
do you think the tall ship is from Billy’s office? and why does that globe look so familiar? anyone? I don’t know.. and not time to check! if anyone wants to take this and run with it.. be my guest..

Meanwhile.. Lee is still fighting Harcourt and Lanz… but he did that amazing roll.. that should have disabled Lanz no? because it was so cool and spy like?
With all the fighting going on.. Harcourt escapes.. yes stopping Harcourt now would be too easy..
(no really it wouldn’t we’d be happy!)
Gah! you mean the action finale isn’t over yet??
Heck tries to move.. but Amanda is steadfast.
Amanda: Whoa. Just lie down on the floor and turn over on your stomach and spread your hands out. Put ‘em up, please.
Heck is not responding with enough obedience.. so… FTF.avi_002519919Amanda gets firmer:   Put ‘em up!
Go Amanda!!!

After being tripped by Lanz on his way out, Lee again throws him over the balcony – this time into the water.. lol Nice little replay of that earlier toss.

I better stop here for the moment.. with the baddie flying through mid air! lol!!
What do you make of Amanda here?! whoo hoooo!!!
Can’t wait to hear from ya! byeeeee!!

18 responses to “18/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think Amanda was holding the gun more for show here. I don’t think she’d actually shoot. However, it is good just to see her holding the gun. That is one thing that always bothered me about Amanda. I am sorry but if I was a spy I’d want my back up to be armed. Maybe if Amanda had gotten into that shooting range a little earlier she wouldn’t have been taken hostage quite so many times. At least Amanda was willing to go into the fight and she did hold her own. Yah!


    • Hey creature cuddler – Exactly! Amanda held her own – she’s become quite a superspy package of her own 🙂 yes true.. but then Billy did give Amanda to Lee as his partner with no backup.. ahem.. maybe we should blame billy? then again, Amanda has proven time and again she doesn’t need a gun 🙂 she is a black belt confuser 😉 haaaa

      I’m super busy at the moment – boooooo!!! but just wanted to say creature cuddler that all your comments today have been such a treat!!! so glad you have gone on an SMK binge!! 🙂 whooo hooo!

      I’ll try to share some thoughts when I can – I have a friend visiting from interstate this week – so I’m not really going to get a chance to comment till the weekend at the earliest – oh well.. in the meantime I’ll relish everyone’s comments! byeeee


  2. ”Amanda turns to give him easy access to her ropes.”

    LOL – I don’t know why but this is cracking me up!!! What else does he have easy access to?

    Yep, Amanda is all business here, but Lee is well, a little flustered but glad his housewife spy partner is safe with him again. I guess he needed an excuse to grab her hand again.

    ” It’s Oarsome!”

    Love it, iwsod! A new SMK term!

    And yes, Amanda has come a long way, baby, with her skills. Lee is totally trusting her to help him or at least take care of herself. He doesn’t even have to tell her what to do! And I love that she points the gun at the baddy instead of gripping it between her thumb and pointer finger like it’s icky…. Amanda is pretty awesome, I mean oarsome, in this scene!

    I think the carpet looks familiar…perhaps we’ve seen that in a baddies hideout before? Or maybe it was in Blue-eyed Bracken’s office? I didn’t go check.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To answer the question as to whether Amanda would actually shoot someone at this point…..I think yes. If Lee’s life or her mother’s or her son’s lives were in danger, I think she would. I think she would have a very hard time dealing with it, but in the moment, I think she would do it.
    Maybe that knife is one of those bendy knives (ROTP), so he couldn’t really hurt Bart too much!


    • Too funny, LAAL!

      I think I agree with you on Amanda shooting someone too. In the right situation with the right person threatened, I think she could pull the trigger. But like you said, I think she would have a hard time coping with the consequences.


  4. Ignoring all the glorious plot holes and inconsistencies, I like how the scenes in this post show that Lee and Amanda have now reached the nucleus of their personal and professional relationship. What I mean by that is that they have both melded the best parts of the very different worlds they came from and the best parts of themselves, and I think they now exist in this essentially beautiful and freeing place where together they can achieve great things professionally and personally.
    Lee expresses genuine concern for Amanda without getting angry or questioning her judgment or her right to be in the spy business at all. Amanda now has the confidence to use her instincts and the extra competence she has acquired at the Agency to make sound professional decisions and act on them.
    The hand-holding and other personal gestures are seamlessly integrated into their everyday activities, and they both seem at this point to be completely at ease and even a little excited about their friendship/personal relationship. To me this “completion” came about some time during JEG.
    What does everyone else think?
    PS. I’ve had a little SMK thinking time today since it’s Waitangi (Why-tung-eee) Day in NZ, and that being the case I’ve seen fit to give myself the day off to contemplate Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) and, of course, SMK. 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • I would hit the ‘like” button many times if I could!!! Beautifully put. Yes, yes and yes!!!
      Is it appropriate to wish you a happy “Waitangi Day”? Well, even if it isn’t I appreciate the NZ tradition of contemplating Te Tiriti o Waitangi, it brings great things!!!


    • Oh, and I am thinking that the “completion” probably gelled as Amanda leaned into Lee’s flirtatious challenge over his desk and continued over that dinner at Spencer’s. Of course I also think the “we’re talking about love” conversation set the outline for their understanding to line up with. Do I think they actually vocalized any of this, no. But their thinking is beginning to line up with each other finally. I wonder if the trajectory is smooth??? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see you’re on the same wavelength as I am Morley. We shall see if the trajectory is smooth. Or will we simply conclude that the episode order is messed up. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • I loved your comment too Kiwismh!! Genius!! I was just thinking this morning that things seem just so darn harmonious between them at the moment.. but.. eek.. I think this relates more to my comments on the final post for this ep – so I’ll hold off saying more till then sorry.
          I finished writing this ep last night.. 🙂 So happy to be a little ahead.. good for my stress levels and enjoyment 🙂

          Ep order? ahhh I have no idea – I’m looking forward to discussing it though once we’ve walked through this next lot of episodes! byeee


  5. I like how Amanda just sort of ignores Lee’s little bluster about staying on shore. She quickly responds and moves on. She even thanks Lee for untying her. Lee, in turn doesn’t belabor the issue and moves on as well. Such change. Amanda also remains calm, cool, and collected when handling the gun. Considering her ease in UN she had to have continued to work at the shooting range. Lee knew she didn’t like to shoot so maybe he helped her out some. I like how she says please after telling the guy to “Put ’em up.”

    Not sure if they planned it or it just happened but when Lee and Amanda are running towards the stairs they are in sync with how they are running, on the same foot at the same time.


  6. Amanda does seem a bit more comfortable with that gun. I am trying to remember all the times since OTL that she has used one. All I can think of was the Uzi in UN and she was pretty gutsy with that one although not as comfortable and authoritative as she is here.
    That model ship looks familiar too…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So what on earth were they going to do with the knife in that very nicely decorated room. Surely they wouldn’t want Bart bleeding on the lovely blue carpet?! 😯
    It’s all a bit random really, isn’t it?
    Didn’t Billy have a stuffed fish in his office at one time. Was it one of those fish behind Bart?


  8. Regarding the props: the telescope is from Lee’s apartment in season 1… 🙂


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