20/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Tag time! Lee and Amanda stop by the convalescent home so Bart can reunite with Colleen..
Lee: All right, now Bart, you’ve got 5 minutes,..
…because you’ve got to get downtown to the Capital building before Rattragan bangs that gavel.

Bart has to rush his reunion with Colleen, but he had to wait for Lee to get himself a hairdryer to fix his hair and a change of clothes?! Winking smile Oh man!! Tee hee.. Lee has his priorities right me thinks! Winking smile Me like!! 😉 Love this rugby top on Lee!!! Even better with no stripes..and – suitably yachty! 🙂
(Hmm we never do hear where Bart stashed his video tapes- weird! oh and I guess Bart was not hurt after all!)
Bart: Stetson….
(To Amanda, and motioning at Lee) …– never changes…
(Bart starts turning toward the home)
(to Lee and Amanda)… Work, work, work.

[I love this jokey comment of Bart’s.. why? I’ll come back to it!]

Bart makes this comment on Lee with the friendly affection of an old friend.. and then rushes up to meet Colleen..
FTF.avi_002692559I see in this final scene Amanda has changed her shirt and jumper too (they look like they are her Lee jeans Smile  though)  I guess her changing after the night on the boat makes sense.. but not really when you consider they were rushing Bart to get to the hearing! hmm.. (rofl. I guess she had the spare time.. given she had to wait for Lee to style his hair too! Winking smile )
oh whatev!
Awhhhhh time for the lover’s reunion!! Colleen even did away with her sunglasses for the occasion!
Love how the lady behind them doesn’t pay any attention to them Winking smile
Whoo hooooo nice groan there Colleen.. When Lee and Amanda finally kiss (not as a cover) we better hear a groan like that at some point or I’m going to be mighty annoyed!  (don’t tell me!!!)
FTF.avi_002698398Next thing, Lee and Amanda are turning away to give them a bit of privacy Winking smile tee hee.. Awkies! Winking smile Their bashfulness is kinda cute!
They kinda wish they were kissing no?? Or at least they would have been doing that if Dotty hadn’t walked out with her one shoe and interrupted them!
Lee: Ah,…
FTF.avi_002699866[I love how we can see Bart and Colleen gettin it on in the distance between Lee and Amanda! It’s like it’s a thought bubble of what Lee and Amanda would like to be doing about now Winking smile ]
Amanda: yeah
FTF.avi_002700667Lee: I’ve gotta sail the Mata Hari…
…back to it’s own slip…
They’re silent for a moment..
FTF.avi_002704404FTF.avi_002705338then Amanda asks: need a hand?
FTF.avi_002705739Lee: I think I might.
FTF.avi_002707507[Love how Lee says this quietly.. like a realisation is dawning here for him –of what? I think it’s interesting that Lee is serious here when he says this.. not joking and hiding like he has done previously say like with the la traviata tickets]
FTF.avi_002708541Amanda: Love to
FTF.avi_002708808[Amanda doesn’t hesitate, she responds with openness and happiness.. and they are both happy to get back to ‘work, work, work’! Winking smile err which isn’t really work work work :)]
FTF.avi_002709209I love how their smiles get bigger and bigger here as the scene fades away..
FTF.avi_002709876whooo it looks like Amanda says something to Lee when we see the ship fade in over them at the last moment.. or was it KJ and the scene had ended?
well.. either way.. they are both very happy to have the opportunity to be together and sail together again.

I especially like how this relates back to Amanda being captain and the real expert yachtsperson between them – and that Lee is acknowledging that here.. I like to think Lee is realising that having Amanda around as his partner in things is great- because he doesn’t have to do everything alone – he is no longer the loner.. not just that, he is happy to have Amanda sometimes take the lead and to accept her help in areas where she is expert.. could it be that when he says ‘I think I might’ that he is thinking Amanda may be able to help him become a fully, well rounded man in a real committed relationship?? I like to think so..
It’s like Lee is getting closer and closer to that ideal of self – actualisation or something.. and Amanda helps him to be a real man Smile  lol I’m sure you guys will express it s much better!

So with all this in mind – Bart’s comment that with  Lee he ‘never changes.. work work work’ – is fascinating, because here we see the opposite – and the contrast between the old Lee that Bart knows and this Lee is informative! Lee has changed – and he is no longer work work work.. he is more and more opening himself up to a real life outside of work – and getting comfortable with this.. and enjoying being with Amanda – the work part is just a good excuse to be together Smile now that the case and their common purpose is over..

I liked how Amanda said ‘Love to’ just like she did at the end of A Lovely Little Affair when Lee invites her to the opera –  they are the final words of that episode. They could have been here too and it would have been fine with me.. but there’s more!! FTF.avi_002712946
Next thing we see the Mata Hari sailing out of the mariner, down the river (Not the ocean right?) .. and then we see the boat  with the  sun setting..
Umm this looks like ocean??!!! Anyway..
haaaa! Lee and Amanda are sailing off into the sunset!!! How cheesy!!! How SMK!!! They love to do these little set ups Winking smile
Who loves it?  This is like a little wink to the audience – that we all know Lee and Amanda will fully sail off into the sunset one day Smile
We hear Amanda off camera:
What are you going to whip up in the galley?
[rofl.. still bossing him around.. and she’s probably busy sailing so figures he should cook!]
Lee: Me?
Amanda: you didn’t tell me you can’t cook.

[And you didn’t tell Lee you could sail a 55 foot ketch! Winking smile ]
hmm maybe Amanda was hoping for another little picnic of wine and cheese Winking smile
sunsetThe episode ends here.. and I feel guilty everyone! Guilty that I got this cute little sailing off into the sunset moment and I’m thinking I was happier with the tag ending with ‘Love to’ and their big smiles!!! I’m not a fan of the last line about Lee not being able to cook.. Lee proved he could cook in Remembrance of Things Past..  this again seems like a random little moment (biiiig rats!!) for the sake of a cute little gag.. that doesn’t really fit with what we know of the characters.. a bit.. Meh.. for me..
Whereas Lee thinking he might need help sailing and Amanda loving to? that was gold!!!  Smile

Lee and Amanda seems so comfortable together in this episode, relishing their cover, and all the hand holding.. What’s going on? why haven’t they tried to kiss again? They were alone on the sail boat after the case was solved.. and we just get more playful banter about how Lee can’t cook.. why no lip action?!

Well I’m really not sure why or where these two are at – but for now the vibe for me is that these two are not thinking too far ahead, they’re just enjoying the here and now, not pushing ahead right now dramatically as that would be too scary.. and why rush right? They’re a team.. there’s no hurry.. right?
I think both are choosing not to think too deeply about such scary things right now –they’re just enjoying today – and this wonderful phase of their friendship and what is now building on this solid foundation – but let’s not quite name it just yet! Smile The thing that strikes me now is – they are so comfortable and relaxed.. what’s it going to take for them to move forward?? Will it take an outside force to jolt them forward?? or.. is time enough? hmm after this ep I sense they are currently in no hurry to change anything.. maybe it’s going to take some kind of jolt to shake things up.. I look forward to exploring how this all plays out with you all!!
So what do you think of where they are currently at everyone? Do tell! 🙂 

I think Bart and Colleen show Lee and Amanda the joy that there is in sharing your life with someone – having a common purpose and just having someone’s arms to run into when you’ve had a bad day.. you know?? (it’s not just work work work) Colleen and Bart are thrilled to see each other.. and are each other’s ‘safe harbour’.  Swim to me! I’m your safe place Smile
For Lee and Amanda.. They are already each other’s ‘safe harbour’ too – they just haven’t fully acknowledged that between them yet..but I think they both know it’s true- awh!! What do you think?

Last random thoughts on this ep – This episode had next to no references to Dotty and the boys – the whole set up with the drain/ pipe in the beginning is all we got..and that just seemed kind of like a pre tag or something! – not sure what it brought to the rest of the episode.. same with the efficiency review.. This smells like re-writes to me!
We also got to see very little of Francine in this ep – she did a little exposition and that’s it this week.. it all had a different feel overall I think.. did anyone else find this? A lot of scenes with Lee and Amanda alone maybe?
So what did you all think of this episode over all?? and how did you find the tag? or should I say the double tag?! I enjoyed the light-hearted flavour to this ep!
A huge thank you again go to Jule and Happy Camper – you guys were so generous to help out and transcribe the dialogue in this episode – thank you thank you!!
So the next episode coming up is… Wrong Way Home!!! Whoa!! so glad I didn’t know this when I first watched Flight to Freedom all the way through!
Anyone else not see WWH in ages?? I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode – would love to hear from you! byeee for now! Smile

30 responses to “20/20 Season Three, Episode 10:Flight to Freedom-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Having re-watched this ep. during my vacations at the sea.
    I think the tag should have ended after ‘love to’. Not only because of the silly dialogue that follows. Amanda and we all know that Lee can cook.
    What irks me too (as a ship enthusiast though not a sailor) is that it isn’t even the same boat. The masts, riggings and superstructur are totally different. The Mata Hari’s first mast is a good deal higher than the second one. Whereas with the boat in the sunset it is the other way. With that the riggings are different too. It is not so easy to see in the picture in this post. On 19:34 there is a view with all sails set and both midships and afterships the riggings are different. The Mata Hari has a deckhouse midships whereas the other boat has one at the stern.


  2. #Rewatch
    I watched this episode today simply to figure out where i felt it sat well in the episode order😊
    Leaving the storyline aside….i felt it was actually a feel-good episode. I didn’t really think much of their hand holding coz there have been quite a bit of PDA by both of them even in S2😊. But what i liked was the emotional comfort that they shared…
    Both Lee and Amanda were so much at ease with each other..both professionally(when Amanda willingly agreed to Lee’s suggestion of going as a couple to strike a convo with the couple on Sea Chance) and emotionally(when Amanda had got past the psychological barrier of spending the night with Lee)
    They have grown to respect each other and become so comfortable with each other😊👌
    Sometimes i wonder….they had all the time in the world..so much alone time and they didn’t trýyy to kiss??🤔

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  3. Aww, love your idea with the “thought bubble”, it really is. And I agree with the cooking part, it not only makes no sense, since we and Amanda know he learned how to cook, but the “love too” from Amanda would have been a nice ending with the boat sailing off into the sunset. Why they felt the need to add dialogue at all in this moment, no idea.

    BTW, this is the tag I jumped the shark with in one of my previous posts, sorry. But this tag would have been totally different, if Lee had been portrayed as seasick before, imo. Not very romantic in any way, if the viewer has to wonder if Lee’s gonna throw up any second and miss that beautiful sunset, lol.


  4. IWSOD said, “This episode had next to no references to Dotty and the boys – the whole set up with the drain/ pipe in the beginning is all we got..and that just seemed kind of like a pre tag or something! – not sure what it brought to the rest of the episode”
    Maybe it was simply put in there to remind us that Amanda has a family life. It is hard enough being a working mother, but it is even more difficult to be a single working mother, working as a secret agent, working on a secret relationship with the hottest secret agent.
    IWSOD said, “Lee and Amanda seems so comfortable together in this episode, relishing their cover, and all the hand holding.. What’s going on? why haven’t they tried to kiss again? They were alone on the sail boat after the case was solved..”
    They are still in a bit of a tentative phase. They risk losing their friendship if the romantic relationship doesn’t work out. Lee has been coming to terms with his past (Eva, Dorothy, his partner who was shot, being raised by his Uncle). He may have not come to terms yet with losing his parents and his Uncle is the kind of person who would not have really let Lee grieve. Amanda may have not really dealt with her divorce yet. Often time the mom just has to be strong for her kids, and “pick herself up by her boot straps” and move on. She knows she made a wrong choice settling for Dean, and she doesn’t want to make another bad choice. With Dean she had the comfort and security, but no sparks. She’s got the sparks with Lee, but not sure yet if he would be willing to commit to the long term.

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  5. Anybody else notice the color coordination? Lee in navy with light pants, Amanda with a light top and navy jeans. Love the way they lean into each other.


  6. As I think about this part outside of the convalescent home where Lee asks Amanda to help him with the boat again, I think about Magic Bus. Can you imagine Lee asking Amanda, “So I have to drive this thing to Arizona…” you want to come??? He he. How far they have come.
    I love so much of what everyone has said already. Very pre relationship, especially with Bart and Coleen celebrating their reunion in the back ground. But there is still something holding them back. I agree so many fire walls down and yet, there must be some rather large ones still up to keep those hands in the pockets. I have always felt that it was their own personal fears that kept them from each other. I wonder what it will take for the last of them to come down enough that they are willing to finally take those steps. I do think that some of their fears are out of deference towards one another, not necessarily because of the other. I think in some ways their fierce protection of one another is also keeping them apart still. I think they are both very aware of the full weight of what a romantic relationship would mean for each other, Amanda’s family and their job. Even though they are unable at this stage to articulate how much they really do feel to each other and maybe even to themselves I think they are aware of the potential ramifications if they were to take a step closer.

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    • Like this Morley. You’ve explained it really well – “I do think that some of their fears are out of deference towards one another, not necessarily because of the other. I think in some ways their fierce protection of one another is also keeping them apart still.” Excellent observation. 🙂


  7. 2Goldens offers another serving of moon cheese for the reviled “didn’t tell me you can’t cook” line…

    Actually Amanda is pretty crafty here. She knows darn well that Lee can cook, but she’s coaxing (a much nicer term than “manipulating”) him into preparing dinner. Think of what Lee’s response to “didn’t tell me you can’t cook” would be. Probably something like, “What do you mean I can’t cook?! I’ll show you ‘can’t cook’! ” And voila! Lee is now making dinner for her, and probably a very nice one, to boot. If she had handled it any other way, the result might have been a squabble about who made dinner versus who steered the boat. You go, Amanda! 😉

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    • Grrr! I have no time!! and there’s so many great comments here!!!

      you guys rock!

      2Goldens.. love your explanation here.. yes let’s go with that! 🙂


    • That’s a pretty good explanation for that scene. If they’d actually shown Lee saying “I’ll show you!” and Amanda smirking in victory, that would have been much better.

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  8. 😦 Boo Hissssss to the dimwit who wrote those last lines. We all know Lee can cook really, really well. A rare fail for BB and KJ for not correcting this – they are usually much better at knowing their characters. I feel these lines were written for them rather than ad-libbed.
    The script ending is completely different and more satisfying – with Amanda teasing Lee about Colleen (“Maggie” as she is called in the script) being an intelligent, perceptive, strong woman and how Bart benefits from this, and that “love” really “works”. Lee smiles and says, “No comment”, which I think illustrates how he is open to the idea but not ready to plunge right into the deep end yet.

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  9. Love how Amanda is looking so casually stylely these days. She always dressed nicely (given the styles of the time) but not always to show off her figure and attract you know who’s attention. I think as the series has progressed we do see her looking more stylish even in casual clothes. She’s definitely thinking about her look these days (but still not afraid to be practical – which is how I explain her attachment to that heinous orange life jacket earlier in this episode).
    How different Lee looks now from the Tuxedo’ed playboy of TFT. He can still GQ it up with the best of them when he wants to, but these days he could be mistaken for a style conscious suburban dad. (By that I mean I can’t see his fashion sense ever deteriorating to the level of “Dad pants”, sloppy t-shirts, walk shorts and jandals, and so on…)
    Aside from their clothes, both routinely look more relaxed and confident these days – again a very attractive look for both of them. Lee looks more mature but at the same time refreshed. I think if he had continued the life he was living (and indeed continued to live at all, as he seemed on a fast track to self-destruction or death in the line of duty initially) his features and body would have aged quickly.
    Amanda’s short hair cut of the latter part of S2 made her look much older and more severe. Thank goodness we see her now, like Lee, more natural, relaxed and refreshed.
    Yay for both of them! 😀

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  10. I’m a big fan of foreshadowing so that is how I see that ‘thought bubble’ of Colleen and Bart kissing. I also see it played out in the relationship of Colleen and Bart and what it means for Lee and Amanda. All of them have taken on careers that are potentially dangerous, but have done it because of trying to make a difference in the world. Neither Colleen nor Bart wanted to give up hope about the other one. They’ve worked well together and they have been able to have and maintain a professional and personal relationship.

    I think it all says that Lee and Amanda are on the precipice of something awesome. They have been able to come together extremely well as professionals and we get to see that more and more with each episode. They are relaxed and comfortable with one another and have learned how to play off each other as professionals. We already know they have that eye-speak down pat. They have also developed a great personal friendship and do spend time with each other away from the office.

    Maybe the reason we don’t see much of anyone else in this episode is so that we can see just how much these two have gelled and that it is something that is becoming more real each day. There is no pressure to get back to the office or take care of something on the home front. It is just the two of them.

    Bart’s comment about Lee being all about work also shows how most of his so-called friends don’t really know him anymore, at least not in the way they used to. The real Lee is coming out more and more and there is more to him than anyone (other than Amanda) knows. Amanda has always been more than willing to help Lee. Even with the slight hesitancy from the very first time until now. She has made it comfortable for him to open up more. She is there when others aren’t.

    I think Amanda knows that Lee is moving at his own pace and she is comfortable with it as she doesn’t want to rush either. She knows just how much he is having to overcome because of all he has been willing to share. Even though we don’t like the rat and sleeping with the light discussion, it does show Lee opening up more. I wouldn’t think that this is information known by either Francine or Billy, but Amanda knows and that’s okay with Lee. He doesn’t mind showing some vulnerability to her.

    Iwsod, you mentioned needing a jolt to shake things up. I think that every step forward they’ve taken has been because of some sort of jolt or experience that has opened their eyes more. Lee had several situations that occurred in the last season that made him think about his life without Amanda in it. He always gets a jolt when he sees some man talking to her. I think it’s just more firewalls that Lee needs to drop and more tupperware that Amanda needs to open.

    As far as the comments while sailing into the sunset, I think it should have come when they were first on board and he surprised Amanda with the wine and cheese. Maybe his comment led to the surprise. It is not a good way to end the episode.

    Okay, sorry I wandered down a path there.

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  11. Lee and Amanda both with hands in pockets got me to thinking that this is where they are at – look, admire, be tempted, but don’t touch… yet. It’s too soon.
    Watching Bart and Colleen is like a fast-forward for them – a bit too much for either to gaze on unabashedly at the moment, but still both of them feeling a longing to continue the journey towards that intimacy.

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    • Right. Except that Lee confesses (with a smile) that he might need her help and Amanda responds that she would love to. Hands in pockets, leaning into each other and huge smiles on their faces…

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    • I think they both know, deep down, that when the hands come out of the pockets there’s going to be no going back.

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      • I agree happycamper – and neither is ready for that. If they go forward and it doesn’t work, then what? How hard would working for the Agency be then? It would royally screw everything up if they moved to fast and it didn’t work out. There is huge professional risk here for Amanda as well as personal. Although I think Billy sees value in Amanda, he knows she is not capable of being an agent in her own right – at least not yet.


      • Whooooo I love this!!!! 🙂


  12. Yep, I could have done without the ‘sailing into the sunset’ tag if I have to put up with the ‘Lee can’t cook” comment. Very out of character since (like Learjet pointed out), Lee can cook. Maybe he’s a one dish wonder. 🙂


  13. I don’t really understand that last part about Lee not being able to cook, either. Like Iwsod said, we already know that Lee knows how to cook. It feels almost like the writer wanted to have them say something else at the end but didn’t quite know what.


  14. I love your comment about the thought bubble, Iwsod. With both Lee and Amanda standing there like that, both with their hands in their pockets and looking a little embarrassed (at first), I don’t think that’s far from the truth. 🙂


  15. The second rugby shirt of the episode. I think I prefer this one. The rambling rugby shirt conversation can continue at Neds!! I’d post the link if I knew how…

    I also think the 2nd part of the tag is silly – we know all about Lee’s fancy cooking skills (Japanese wasn’t it?) and I don’t find this exchange cute or funny. But I like the “sailing into the sunset” bit.

    I love the Bart/Colleen snog (@bjo 😉 ) – very sweet in a chaste-but-heartfelt way ❤
    And Lee and Amanda’s embarrassment is even cuter. Makes me feel all soggy and sentimental. I think we’ve all had those moments pre-relationship where one just doesn’t know where to look….

    Anyway, I can’t put this profoundly, but this episode feels like a big step forward in the L & A relationship. They really feel like they’re behaving like a pre-couple, for want of a better description. Happy Learjet 🙂

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