14/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hiya. time to step away from the disguises (thanks Learjet!!) and get back to our current episode – Wrong Way Home!
Lee and Amanda have just managed to ditch Shamba by making him stay at Joe’s room in case he returns..
Lee: Listen I don’t think Joe is going to go back there, so Shamba can sit on the house for all I care…
…We’re going to follow this lead.
(Lee motions to Amanda to sit on the bench while he gets something out of his pocket.)

Oh wait, I thought you said that wasn’t a lead.
[LOL well there goes my idea that Amanda might have picked up on Lee’s silent conversation back in the room!]
Lee: Well, it will be in a minute…
…I need something to raise the impression of the last cheque he wrote.

Amanda: Like a pencil?
Yeah, that’ll work.
Amanda: There you go.
Lee: Okay— Look at that.
Amanda: Yeah.

Lee: Dooleys. You know it?

Whooo hooo!!! Rather brave of Joe to use Travellers cheques while he is on the run though no?! but.. whatev..
I love watching Lee and Amanda here.. two peas in a pod, and that connection between them is as healthy as ever.. Only.. I think they don’t touch each other enough.. they act like they can’t stand each other – yep totally don’t mean it!!! they don’t stop touching each other the whole time!!!! Squeeeee!!! [tried to put as many touching pics  here as possible Smile ]
Here at the end is another one of those moments where they are both holding on to the same thing for an extra long time while they talk!

So, moving on to Dooleys (Is there an apostrophe?!).
Uh oh.. love the announcement that Prescott is on their trail –  the way he walks in front of the camera,the close up and how removes his sunglasses..
this to me seems like a Terminator homage!!
with the sunglasses and all.. (that movie was 1984)
Prescott won’t stop until Joe is dead!!

Inside, we find Lee leaving the bar with a jug of beer.. He finds Amanda standing at the jukebox.
Lee: Ella, Basie,…
…Goodman, the Trogs.
Amanda: ha haa.. It’s great isn’t it?
Lee: Yeah.
[Wonderful to see the two of them getting along. and Amanda even laughs here – this is the most relaxed we’ve seen her all episode. Great to see being with Lee has a positive affect on her! I also love that there is no residual tension between the two of them because of that unfinished conversation – ]
Amanda: I don’t think they’ve changed a record on there since Joe and I used to come in here.
Lee: You came in here a lot didn’t you?

[I love that Lee seems curious about Amanda.. more so than about Joe here.. he’s just really curious to know more about Amanda and he’s relishing this little window into Amanda’s past]
(they turn and head back to the booth. Both of them grinning to themselves..)
Oh yeah, we came in almost every night. Yep, we didn’t have much money but you know that thing…
…would take a nickel and play a song. We could always play that one.

(they arrive at their booth and sit down.)
[I always figured they just found this booth – but looking at it more closely, Amanda takes the glass off the table and Lee fills it for her. So it seems to me this was already their booth – and they had already shared a pizza from the looks of it. they’ve been there a little while..]
Lee: Mmm. Let’s hope he comes in here one more time.
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee picks up the jug of beer and starts pouring Amanda a drink as he begins to speak.. but.. I shall hold off here for the moment. I don’t want to split this next big moment Smile and I don’t want the post getting too long..

What do you all make of Dooley’s everyone? Is it my imagination or is there an awful lot of couples at Dooley’s?
Interesting for Lee to learn here that Amanda and Joe were here and out often – Amanda has not always been the homebody that he knows or at first imagined her to be. He is really viewing her more and more an a whole person – here he is getting a nice piece of the Amanda King Puzzle! and he is rivetted!!! Smile 

Maybe it’s just me.. but Amanda being here with Lee reminded me of waaaay back in Remembrance of things past – when Lee takes Amanda to Monks.

Amanda was fascinated to discover something new about Lee and the spy biz.. where they hang out.. though it was about the spy biz, it was also about Lee and how he spent his time.

Here? Lee also gets to know Amanda.. and discovers I guess that she doesn’t mind beer Smile pizza and jazz music Smile
Amanda copes very well with Lee’s attentiveness – she doesn’t seem nervous about this change in him at all.. I wonder how much of it she notices right now? What do you all think?
I mean she has sooo much other stuff going on at the moment.. but man.. we notice it right???
Any thought you’d like to share so far?? byee for now!!

13 responses to “14/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Love, love, love the closeness… this cap is awesome: https://justwalkwithme.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/twwh-avi_001485852.jpg – they couldn’t be closer unless Amanda was in Lee’s lap… 🙂 sigh…

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  2. Too bad there wasn’t an ‘i’ in Dooley’s, so Joe could have put a smiley face or heart instead of the dot. 🙂


    • OK, computer being a total pain, this was in response to the huge, flourishy “Dooleys” on Joe’s traveller’s cheque (and assuming they were Amex travellers cheques, where was his signature, or countersignature?)


  3. Interesting to compare the Remembrance clip. How much more mature and relaxed Lee looks, and Amanda looks more relaxed and less earnest (maybe that earnestness was part of the crush she had on Lee and his lifestyle back then).
    Beer and pizza – maybe they’ve had similar meals before. Lee seems to know many of Amanda’s food and drink likes and dislikes quite well by now. He’s now working on learning more personal info about her – she must have noticed this since UN. I think she likes the attention and how sincere he is. It certainly seems to have had a relaxing effect on her here, especially in light of her so far harrowing day. She’s letting herself relax and enjoy Lee’s attention.
    How many women drink beer, even occasionally? I’m guessing Amanda likes an occasional beer with a meal like pizza, and Lee knows this. There’s a fanfic in there somewhere, I’m sure. 😉

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  4. It’s interesting that the ease and comfort that these two have with one another has become so effortless, but we know that it was because of effort that they have become so. They have “worked” their way towards one another. Sometimes it seems that it has been painstakingly slow, but look at how that effort has paid off.

    Iwsod, I like how you say that being with Lee has had a positive affect on Amanda. So many times we see just how much of an effect she has had on him and he even admitted it to her in the swamp in UN. From Amanda he’s also learned how to better deal with and handle people. Now it’s his turn to be patient and just see where she wants to go with all of this. He is still doing his level best to make this an easier situation for her to deal with. He has gotten Shamba out of the way, is sharing with her and is keeping her close. They’re in a place that is familiar and seemingly comfortable to Amanda and she is able to feel a bit more at ease. Her clamming up earlier has made him realize that he cannot push her.

    Right now they are in somewhat of a holding pattern as they sort of wait for Joe to make a move or either appear, so why not take a minute to relax, unwind, and brings things back to that comfort zone between them.

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    • enjoyed your comments here Valerie!

      soooo true about all that effort and patience finally beginning to produce some fruit here!!!! So wonderful to watch them ‘bring in the harvest’!

      I am with you Valerie, until I started blogging I was always caught up in Lee..but now I find Amanda just as interesting a character to explore.. I enjoyed seeing Lee help Amanda relax here too 🙂


  5. This whole episode feels like Lee (and we) are getting a window into Amanda’s past. A lot of it is angsty – Amanda feels awkward and unsettled about remembering her divorce and conveying that to Lee, and Lee feels edgy.
    But this section is almost like that pre-dating stage where the almost couple bond over things from the past that you didn’t do together but you both experienced because you’re the same age and from the same culture. The movies, the music, the life of being a student. It’s a happy interlude in an emotional episode.

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  6. Yup. Lee and Amanda don’t skip a beat with their connectedness as they work together. And they don’t seem to mind or give their close physical contact a second thought. At Dooley’s they seem relaxed with each other and also very comfortable with the continued mix of their work and personal relationship. I think Amanda feels comfortable here with Lee even in the midst f the unsettling personal events happening at the moment. And I don”t view Lee as anxious either about the case or his relationship with Amanda, at this moment. It is like when they get alone with each other they can easily get right back into their groove together.

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  7. No time to say anything else right now, but who else is amused by Joe’s traveller ‘s cheques that must have so much space for the who to pay, judging by how big he wrote Dooley’s, and so little room for other things? Meh. 😀

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