SMK disguises part two: Lee

Welcome back to part two of SMK disguises. Thank you for your patience wink . Your reward? Lee in uniform and disguise. Grab your helmets and smelling salts as we explore Scarecrow pretending not to be Lee Stetson. And Lee Stetson pretending not to be Scarecrow. And all combinations and permutations thereof spin  (Don’t panic, I won’t mention probability again smile ).

Lee’s first disguise came early on: as a pirate waiter in Moby Docks in The First Time. He is possibly the only man (fictitious or otherwise) who can actually this carry this off without looking completely ridiculous. Look at those dimples drool1 .


However, this isn’t Lee best look. Thank goodness for the many Lee in a tux moments which block this unusual, yet strangely fetching Lee moment.

Edited to add: KC has alerted me to the fact that I missed Lee’s first disguise of the series: the non-pirate waiter in  The First Time:

This is for those fans who like the tousled Lee, complete with ripped clothing:


And this reminded me of the other waiter Lee moment: in Charity Begins At Home. Lee can pour me a drink any day wlEmoticon-winkingsmile.png


Next, in Service Above and Beyond, is Lee as the chauffeur of Victoria Greenwich (“You look fabulous”).


And then angry chauffeur Lee rescues Amanda


The chauffeur’s cap doesn’t really work for me but the three piece suit, the anger, the knight-in-shining-armour-rescue is swoonworthy. Where’s the white horse? whiteknight

Then we have the avoiding-the-paparazzi celebrity or convicted criminal look – when Amanda (or should I say “The Scarecrow” wink ) finds him hiding out at his gym (Saved by the Bells).

S1E8_gymdisguise_Lee  Actually, he looks better in this (less than flattering) disguise than when he removes those disguise layers: S1E8_worst_yellowvest_withplaid_Lee Learjet and both Minijets were horrified by this nonsemble hiding sneakily under the mystery hoodie and towel cravat.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, we have Lee posing as Dan, I mean Dean. For their visit to the scary pay-by-the-hour style motel, Lee disguises himself in Dean’s fishing outfit (“I hate plaid. I look like the front seat of a DeSoto”). Yup, I don’t blame you for looking nauseated, Lee. I think it’s worse than Dotty’s plaid horror in The Wrong Way Home.

S1E11_Deanfishing_Lee S1E11_LandA_inbed And to think this is the only time we see Lee and Amanda in bed together…blush

One of Lee’s “charms” is his clean-cut, shaven look. I know there’re a couple of Magnum PI moustache fans in JWWM-land. I’m not naming any names, but this is for you, KC …

Tom Selleck Magnum moustache

During my “research” I discovered this post: The 35 Manliest Mustaches of All Time and suddenly Tom Selleck’s moustache started looking really appealing in comparison.

Moving on,  I’ve established that I’m not a fan of facial hair on a man. So, IMHO, the  busker in Trafalgar Square with beard isn’t Lee’s best facial moment (To Catch a Mongoose). The sighting of Lee in jeans doesn’t even make up for it. The guitar’s in the way anyway wink . (Yes, Learjet can inhabit the gutter too).


Next up, we have the rather, um, inappropriate sight of Lee as a priest in Munich (The Times They Are A Changin’). Best looking priest I’ve ever seen….and quite the flirt.


We also see Lee as a security guard (Charity Begins at Home and Burn Out) – note “wet Lee” to brighten up this rather dull collection of photos – more of these damp moments in a future post.

S2E5_securityguard_Lee  S2E21_security_guard_Lee S2E21_security_guard_top_Lee  S2E21_wet_security_guard_Lee Postman Lee (A Class Act) is almost identical to Security Guard Lee – just a badge change.

S2E9_Postman_full_Lee S2E9_Postman_Lee

Inexplicably, I’m quite fond of Cabbie Lee (Spiderweb) .


Now, as a special treat, I’m going to let you have a look at Lee-as-a-spy (also in Spiderweb).


Fortify yourself with a few rewatches of this outfit and a few if this: S1E1_Tux_Lee

in preparation for the following images.  warningsign  Cover your eyes if you’re squeamish!

Lee as Emily-the-rich-old-lady’s personal assistant, Lee as fellow homeless person (The Three Faces of Emily)

S2E11_Emily_helper_disguise_Lee S2E11_homeless_disguise_Lee and finally Lee the termite man, in a very fetching (not) orange jumpsuit (A Little Sex, a Little Scandal).


Jumpsuits. Yes, thank goodness, we have Lee in a black jumpsuit woot  . Some very pleasant images follow of Lee in a jumpsuit (You Only Die Twice and Murder Between Friends).

S2E20_jumpsuit_full_Lee S2E20_jumpsuit_helicopter_Lee S2E22_jumpsuit_another_Lee S2E22_jumpsuit_Lee

The last one is my favourite. I think it’s a combination of the earnest look into the distance and the V-neck wink .

Vote for your favourite Lee disguises:

That’s all for the SMK disguises. Does Lee look fetching or off-putting? What do you think? Until we explore Francine’s Fashion Faux Pas, it’s goodbye from Learjet!

51 responses to “SMK disguises part two: Lee

  1. Oh! Hey! Just realized something! Where’s Ricky Joe? Does the bolo tie count as a disguise with his cornpone accent? We could have seen Lee barechested!!! Sorry, seem to have fallen into the gutter here…it’s all these swoony pics of Lee that are to blame! hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Learjet! Sorry I’m just now getting round to checking this post out! After an intense end to my class I’ve been avoiding my computer and office.

    Love how this starts off with Pirate Lee! One of my favorite undercover looks! He looks good in stripes :drool:

    If Lee ever pours you a drink, call me!!! I want him to pour me one too!

    And I must respectfully disagree on the Unabomber being better than Lee in plaid – despite that awful yellow jumper wardrobe made him wear!

    Hoo-haa! Magnum! I’m not a moustache fan, but Tom Selleck wouldn’t be Tom Selleck without his trademark moustache! On him somehow I don’t think I’d mind it! And I agree, Tom’s stache is so much better than all those other wannabe staches in that post.

    Quick question – do you think Bob earned any money while he was busking in Trafalgar Square? And who do you think is a better busker – Bob here or Liam Jay? My money’s on Liam.

    Ooooh, Lee does make quite a fetching priest, but Father Ralph de Bricassart makes my heart go pitter pat too 🙂

    LOL – Every time I see “Lee as a spy” from Spiderweb, the song “Every Girls’ Crazy ‘bout a Sharp-Dressed Man” starts running through my head!

    Loved this post, Learjet!! Thanks for taking it on! A tough job, I know 😉 ! Which disguise is the minijets’ favorite?


  3. Thanks so much for the fun posts, Learjet! These disguises are so very fun to view, Lee’s most of all. Lee the spy is very, very nice to look at, but I do enjoy the Lee rich-old-Emily’s-boy, too. He looked like he really enjoyed having fun with that one.


  4. I made it back! 🙂

    I don’t know… I actually think that the Scarecrow Unabomber look is worse than the hideous corduroy jacket, yellow sweater and tartan shirt–though it is a pretty close race. shudder

    LOL — the cabbie hat always cracks me up. Did cabbies really wear hats stating “CAB”?!?!?

    Oh, sweet!!! swoon-thud Tom Selleck’s moustache and dimples and smiley eyes are a masterpiece. Sorry, BB, but if that TS pic was in a poll for best pic on the page, I’d be choosing it–no hesitation. (Yeah, yeah — not an even competition ‘cos Lee’s in disguise, yada yada, whatever… I’m just blinded by the dimples + moustache combination… droooolll)

    Hey — does the pizza box in ALLA count as a disguise for Scarecrow (where he pays the pizza guy and takes the box to the door)? 😀 Just kidding…

    Nice job, learjet!!! 🙂 Looking forward to the next one…


  5. Especially loving this Lee-filled post! Just what I needed after the excruciating length of last week. Count me in the love me some Tom Selleck/Magnum camp. Also, with 2Goldens on his shout outs to Detroit.

    Have recently been catching some of the old Starsky and Hutch episodes and Lee’s guitar player disguise reminds me so much of David Soul. He was okay, but I was more of a Starsky fan, way more… I seem to like my men to have some smolder to them. I don’t mind some facial hair and I’ll even take a bald head, but there better be some fire somewhere. And no matter what the disguise Lee has that smoking’ intensity working somewhere in the mix.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Valerie sorry to hear things were excruciating at work- but glad you were able to stop by and get some LeeRelief.. I guess that’s ReLeef?!

      Hey now that’s interesting.. wasn’t David Soul one of the top choices to play Scarecrow??!!! Soo glad we got BB.. No offense to David Soul but BB just plays the emotional notes so sensitively in this show – I can’t imagine anyone else doing the character/ jeans/ tux a justice! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. helmet? check! smelling salts? check!!!
    I’m commenting on this post before reading everyone else’s so if I say the same thing – this is why 🙂

    Awh… Scarecrow pretending not to be Lee Stetson?Awhhhhh!!
    whahahahaa love your emoticon after ‘thereof’ – genius!

    Lee starts the whole show in disguise!!! Which I love btw.. it means Lee is a bit of a mystery to us along with Amanda as she slowly gets to know him in the first time. oops sorry I digress..

    Arghhhh love me some Captain Lee!!!! I think Lee trying to be mad at Amanda while looking ridiculous is funny 🙂

    Oh there you go! I see you’ve updated with waiter Lee.. hoooo haaaaaa- oh yeah! Lee can pour me drinks too!!! (Hey get in line! 😉 )

    Angry Chauffeur?! genius!!! Is the limo the white horse? or lol we have to wait till the next ep for the white horse 😉

    lol enjoyed your comments on Lee in plaid! Hmm.. we don’t see Lee and Amanda in bed?? you sure about that?? – don’t tell me!!!!

    whahahaha.. so funny how you digress into manly moustaches!

    I like Busker Bob.. I think he’s kinda hot! Am I alone in this? I think he looks kinda edgy and grrrr! 🙂

    Lee the priest is just.. wrong!!! Never want to see that again!

    Dull? no chance! this is Lee Stetson we are talking about!!!

    Postman Lee and Security Guard Lee are different in another way – at least I hope so.. Security guard Lee has a gun!!!

    Lee can drive my cab anytime!

    Whoooo thanks for the treat Learjet!!! super swoony Lee as a spy!!! hoooo haaaa..
    man oh man.. so good.. and gah!! straight after that the tux? A girl’s got her limits! I can’t take much more of this.. (iwsod grabs drool bucket)

    ohhhh..houseboy Lee as I like to call him! I love love love this disguise – because it’s so great to see Lee playing so against his type… and without shame.. he just totally goes for it! and I’ll bet BB had a fun time here too.. Let’s not keep madam waiting!!!

    whooooo hobo Lee.. the ultimate antidote when you’ve been looking at too many swoony Lee pics. Thank goodness you included this learjet or I was going to faint!

    Jumpsuits!! Jumpsuits!!! I think shoot out bug control is funny.. I loved to see Lee play the part of bug controller!

    Mmmm num num.. love me some black jumpsuit! I’d officially like to thank Learjet for including not one but four pictures of the fabulous black jumpsuit. Learjet – I salute you!!!! You know what I like..

    Oh my gosh.. I have to pick one?? just one?? once again I struggle with the criteria here learjet – ‘best’ in what way?!

    I think Houseboy Lee is so against type and such a rare funny treat that I love it.. but.. you haven’t given me the option! boo!

    Lee as a spy with the fedora is like – Kapow!!

    I am tempted to vote for Lee homeless man because I don’t think anyone else will haaaaa..
    Okay okay.. gotta go with the the Kapow moment..

    but can we vote for best uniform too?? [I know.. I’m never satisfied!]

    Such a fun blog post Learjet – thanks so much for sharing this with us!!! I hope you’ve had fun writing it 🙂

    Looking forward to reading now what everyone else has had to say- byeeee!!


    • Did they do market research to see what “looks” appeal to SMK (female) viewers? It seems that what appeals to two women (iwsod and kiwismh) doesn’t appeal to me. I like the coat and hat look, for the more refined spy. I will freely admit that I was overcome by the swooniness of some of these images while writing this post….but I bravely gulped, shook my head to clear it and soldiered on.
      Maybe I’ll disable to “don’t allow multiple votes” function on the poll, just for you, iwsod 😉 More detailed criteria sounds too much like hard work.


  7. I like Lee as the busker in Trafalgar Square. Would have been even better if he actually knew how to play the guitar, but in my imagination I “insert competent guitar strumming here”. 😀
    I didn’t realise just how versatile BB had to be in those first two seasons!
    Great post.


    • It’s the facial hair, isn’t it 😀
      OK, a man playing a musical instrument is very appealing – although it’s always been the clarinet rather than the guitar for me. Wouldn’t work so well in Trafalgar Square though…


    • I’m with you kiwismh – I think Lee the busker is mighty fine! grrr!


  8. Pics of Lee Stetson and Thomas Magnum in the same post! Ahh, this girl will have happy dreams tonight. 😀 Thanks, Learjet!


  9. I still think Lee should have hung onto the pirate costume and worn it to the Halloween party where he arranges to meet Amanda. Not that Lee doesn’t look great in a tux, but other people at least had hats or masks. The pirate costume would have been so perfect. At least, he could have kept the scarf and eye patch.


  10. Ha ha ha – Amanda in bed still wearing THAT headband just cracks me up every time! Thanks for the awesome screen caps, Learjet!


  11. This is a wonderful way to start a Monday morning!
    I kind of like the exterminator’s suit. It is just funny and it cracks me up in the middle of ALSALS.
    I agree Learjet, I like that last photo too.
    I still would have loved to have seen a Magnum PI/SMK crossover.


  12. I’ll have to come back later to properly comment, but… what about his very first disguise… the white waiter’s uniform? Or is that waiting for special mention? Especially with the scruffy trashed look (ripped sleeve, dirt…)… 🙂 Swoon-Thud.


    • {blush} – I missed the disguise in the opening scene of the series. Plus then I thought of when Lee was a waiter in Charity Begins at Home (before he was a security guard in the same episode)
      Thanks, KC, I’ll have to do some amendments tonight. But at least you had Tom Selleck to console yourself 😉


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