18/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and Joe have got to talk..
We see  the exterior of a large building.
Have we seen this one before? anyone?
We then see Lee looking around for Joe and Amanda and so far not having much luck..
We find Joe and Amanda scurrying into the library- well Joe is scurrying and kinda pushing Amanda along for the ride.
What do you make of the way Joe handles Amanda here?
I find it very controlling –but then, I guess he sees Amanda as a housewife and the grumpiest man she knows is the milkman Winking smile Joe is in for a shock! Smile
Amanda: Joe, wait a minute. You gotta stop running, it’s not safe.

[help me.. why is it ‘not safe’ Amanda doesn’t know they are in danger yet?]
’it’s not safe’ is still ringing in my ears and we TWWH.avi_001778878see the terminator’s shiny shoes approaching –  think there’s a shot in the Terminator like this too..
I can’t. Somebody needs a fall guy and I’m afraid it’s me. Amanda I told you it was way too dangerous for you to try to see me.

Amanda: Oh J—
TWWH.avi_001785485(Amanda stops short the second she hears the cocking sound of a gun)
[.. go Amanda! you legend you!! Winking smile Watch and learn Joe- Amanda is no longer just a housewife!]
Ohhh rofl!!! so this is where KC found the picture of the filing cabinet shooting!!!
whahahaha.. [where is that meme, gosh.. anyone got time to search for the link? me no Sad smile] Anyway, we see a terminator arm reach around TWWH.avi_001786986the side of a filing cabinet and shoot his gun at Amanda and Joe. Amanda shoves Joe down to take cover..
By the way- this is a magic terminator gun.. we hear one gunshot – we see two bullet holes!
We see Lee outside immediately react to the gunshot. He looks up, his gun ready.. and he takes off toward the noise. Hurry Lee!!
We see Amanda and Joe moving quietly around the library..
We see another shot..
This time Amanda and Joe are moving between the book shelves…
We see Lee turn toward the noise outside- ta da!!! the Georgetown university Research Library.. what a non descript entrance.. Hmm this must be the staff entrance ahem.
The terminator walks to a different part of the library.
We see Amanda and Joe still hiding between the books.
…He’s moving.
Amanda motions to Joe to move to a different spot.
We see Lee arrive, carefully entering the library gun drawn.
Whooo he’s looking good!!! Smile
ahem.. focus iwsod!
Lots of Amanda and Joe moving, the Terminator Prescott moving.. and Lee moving..
gee.. which one do we want to see a picture of??!!! did I guess right?! Smile
Back to Amanda and Joe.. still crouched and trying to avoid detection. They pause a moment, and Amanda seems to give her okay to moving..
Could this be Amanda now taking the lead?? Whereas when they entered the library Joe was running the show?! Very interesting!
In a wide shot, Lee comes across the terminator.. but there’s a crouching innocent bystander..
(man.. the consequences of not returning your books on time at this library are brutal!)
Lee to crouching lady:   Get outta here…
(Love how she suddenly just flings the books)
However, when she flings the books it gets the terminator’s attention.. so he does a groovy roll and then takes a shot at Lee and runs out of the library.
Lee runs after him, but can’t get a shot..
Prescott the terminator gets away to fight another day (Hmm let me guess – He’ll be back!!  Winking smile )
Lee immediately looks very worried..
He looks around.. searching for Amanda.. (okay and maybe Joe Winking smile  )
Lee calls out: Amanda!
Amanda pops up from behind the counter: Here!
ROFL Amanda scares the daylights out of Lee! Smile
Lee: Come on…
Hey.. do you think that little sign there saying ‘History’ is deliberate?
history and future
(Lee helps Amanda over the counter.)
I like to think Lee wants to touch her asap to feel better about the close call there! Smile
(to Joe): … you too… there’ll be people crawling all over this place soon. Let’s go.
LOL umm is there no other way out of there? I can just picture librarians getting in and out that way Winking smile whahahaa. okay they were in a hurry I guess! but the idea of librarians doing this cracked me up!
I notice that Lee doesn’t let go of Amanda until they are truly running out the door Smile
Joe? He can get himself over the counter – haa.

Amanda: Joe, could you get my purse?

rofl.. the magical purse! don’t worry Amanda – it will find it’s own way back to you!! Smile
The scene ends there.. with the three of them rushing out of the library..
Okay I need to finish up here..
What do you make of all this?
What must Joe make of all this? who is this man that Amanda seems to know? who calls Amanda by her first name, who carries a gun, and who touches her so easily?!
And how did Amanda manage to avoid the gunshots?? and how did she know they were in danger and to take cover?? Joe must be absolutely full of questions now!!

45 responses to “18/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Should have been a sign above Lee pointing toward the Romance section. 😉

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  2. I also love that Lee & Amanda do seem so familiar to each other. That beginning conversation about “we don’t know each other” always seemed mostly directed at when Shamba would be around, IMO. I don’t think they ever really pull that off, though. 😉 Nor do I think they care! 😊

    And, someone else commented below- Lee addresses her first after the Terminator filing cabinet gun fight as “Amanda”, not “Mrs. King” when he calls for her, so he kinda sets the tone there to me of the familiarity level they will display to each other in front of Joe. Maybe Lee didn’t want to use that name at all in this episode – Mrs. King. Doesn’t he introduce her to Shamba as something like “she used to be married to the man we’re looking for”? I think maybe he is subconsciously separating who he knows Amanda to be from “Mrs.” Joe King. And maybe she is also.

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    • I hadn’t noticed how he introduced her. That’s funny. I also noticed from these pics that right after the history/future scene that Amanda goes from standing next to Joe with a divider between her and Lee to crossing over the barrier to leave Joe and be next to Lee. Does anyone think that could have been a possible hint at what is to come? I am watching these episodes for the first time in years so reading everyone’s thoughts is just great!!

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      • Hi Audra! I enjoy reading everyone’s insights also – there are some truly thought-provoking commenters here on JWWM. The last scene you referred to is such an interesting one! I loved reading everyone’s thoughts over on the last post about that fade out from Joe to Lee.

        Following up on my original comment here…I went back to post 10 of this episode to find Lee’s direct quote. When he introduces notShamba to Amanda, he says:
        “This is Amanda King…She’s the ex-wife of the man we’re after…:
        Slightly different from the way I quoted him saying it in my original comment, but still carries the same tone to me of him subconsciously trying to separate her from being Mrs. Joe King. He doesn’t use “Mrs.” here, or maybe not the whole episode. That seems quite interesting to me.

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        • I agree. It is interesting. Lee just can’t bring himself to refer to her with Joe’s name. I’m glad you pointed that out. He just subconsciously doesn’t want to associate them together.

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      • Hi Audra!! I’ve been enjoying reading all your thought lately! Even if I don’t get to respond, I read and enjoy them all!
        Yep I agree with what you’ve said here- I think it is significant.. I think she has already crossed over into a new life with Lee and left the old life with Joe behind.. this ep I guess is really shedding a light on this.

        Awhhhh how awesome to hear you are watching them all again after years! Do please share any new thoughts or insights or maybe someone’s comment gave you new thoughts? – would love to hear about it Audra!


        • I am just enjoying everyone’s thoughts here, and I am reinforcing my knowledge of myself that I am one of the least observant people on Earth. Haha. You all notice things I never would have seen. So much fun!!

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  3. I never really took notice of how Joe is forcefully directing Amanda around when they first get into the library before reading this post and the comments. After thinking about it, I do think he is running scared and frightened for himself and now Amanda now that she is physically with him. He has absolutely no idea how much Amanda has grown and changed, much less that she’s a trainee spy and already has some skills. He’s been living in a third-world country where guns and unrest are probably a way of life. He’s grown and changed too, I bet, and realizes just how dangerous the world can be versus the cocoon of white, suburban Arlington. He’s also probably exhausted and running on adrenaline. I also think he is a little mad at her for tracking him down because now he thinks she has no idea of the danger he’s in and the danger she’s now put herself in. All of that combined leads me to give the man a tiny break. I don’t think he means to harm or control Amanda with from a negative motivation, I think he is trying to protect her even though he may be a little irritated that she’s popped up.

    However, once the gunshots start and Amanda takes control, I think he is probably wondering what the heck is going on and is in a bit of a state of shock. He was shot at several times at the beginning of the ep and is now being shot at again. His mind is probably reeling and wondering if Prescott used Amanda to find him and is now shooting at him. Amanda may sense this and seizes the opportunity to act instinctively and take over while he is trying to figure things out. Her on-the-job training from Lee and training classes are kicking in. This has got to further confuse Joe, but I think at this point he is so exhausted and scared that he’s not processing much of what is happening around him. I think later, when he thinks it through is when he’ll have some questions for Amanda about how she kept them from getting shot and who the handsome man was with the gun.

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  4. As usual, I see I should have read through all the comments before adding my own late and not-so-unique-after-all insights!

    I will say that it is discussions like this that really make me appreciate the shorter original posts, especially when the scene is symbolic and pivotal like this one is. So many great comments and insights and speculations!

    And I love how respectful everyone is of the differing points of view. I would be so saddened if someone felt afraid to express their own opinion but that never seems to be the case (I hope), so thanks everyone and especially Iwsod for that!

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  5. I love Amanda going into “agent mode” here. We’ve talked a lot about Lee doing that, but I think this is the first, biggest place we see it from her. It’s not only the ability to take charge; it also includes having the necessary knowledge and skills to function in a situation like this. Case in point: recognizing the sound of the gun cocking immediately, and launching into evasive action. Quite apart from the fact that Joe should be able to tell Lee and Amanda know each other, her instant recognition of the sound should be a tip-off to him that something is different.

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  6. Wahaha, LOL the history/future comment is brilliant 🙂


  7. How did it take me so long to get here?
    I love the “history/future” comment. I actually noticed the history sign in front of Joe and thought it was funny and then I saw that Iwsod mentioned it. Made me laugh out loud.
    And I really like the comments about how Joe appears controlling. I think he is scared here and is not used to being in situations like this. I am sure that he has been in scary situations due to his job, but he was probably always the good guy aid worker and had lots of protection. Here he is being hunted and he may worry about the dangers he is subjecting Amanda to. But he does appear to grab her and direct her and it looks rough. Not at all like the way Lee has always led her.
    I keep thinking about the way Amanda ran alongside of Dean at the train station. She sort of skipped along to catch up with him. Now she has developed a real stride. I kind of think that illustrates Amanda before and after Lee, and Joe only really knows the before Lee Amanda.

    I haven’t had a moment to read everyone’s comment. When I do I will comment more.


    • I don’t know if I necessarily see him as controlling in the scene, I think he is just in panic mode and trying to get Amanda to safety. Still over all I just don’t think the mild manners and nice guy Joe seems to present throughout this episode are attributes of a nice in this case. I have known people who could smile at you ever so sweetly while telling you to go to hell. This is what I think Joe was probably like during his marriage to Amanda. He probably came off as a rational guy who cared about her feelings, probably never lost his temper, and then very nicely tell her he’s going to do what he wants.


      • I love this idea of Joe being a ‘running man’ – cool stuff!! There does seem to be a ‘running theme’ here!

        At this point though, I agree with creature cuddler, I’m not drawing huge conclusions about Joe based on a fleeting moment of Joe pushing Amanda around – but.. it is fun to speculate 🙂 and.. it could explain a few things!!
        and.. as always- I’ve loved hearing your thoughts guys!


      • I like this explanation.


  8. First of all, always love intense Lee and then how he transitions to worried Lee. Secondly, loving all the comments. I’m seeing several things in that screen cap of Joe trying to be protective of Amanda, but in a controlling way. There’s also that great catch of Iwsod’s about Joe being history and Lee being the future. While this episode looks to be a turning point in several ways I think this scene right here is very pivotal to that. Up to this point Joe still hasn’t been a real presence. Amanda had a brief phone conversation and a brief alley conversation. Now they find themselves in a life and death situation and it’s Amanda who knows how to deal with it and handle it. She is not cowering behind Joe or waiting or allowing for him to take control, she is doing it. She pulls away from Joe, but not Lee. I can’t imagine that she doesn’t notice how those touches from Joe and Lee feel different and cause a different reaction within her. I see a subtle transition here, maybe not complete but heading in that general direction.

    This has to not only speak to Joe, but also register with Amanda herself. At some point it’s going to kick in that while Joe is probably the same old person that he always was, she has grown and changed in so many ways. It should also hopefully register as to what, and who somewhat, has been responsible for that growth and change. Lee has always been protective, but never in a way as such to diminish Amanda for who she is or in such a controlling way. I know that Amanda has to feel as if she has come a long way, but has she truly internalized that growth. She knows that Lee sees her as a partner and as a friend (and possibly more) and she is on that path to truly becoming an agent, but how much of that does she truly see in herself? She transitioned Lee’s comment about being a housewife to wanting a home. But how does she truly see herself? And what is it that she is now truly wanting? If Joe is truly the same Joe, then nothing will have changed and the issues they had before will still be there. It’s obvious that his view of Amanda hasn’t changed. I think a lot of this has to be making a strong impact on Amanda’s thoughts and feelings about so many thing right now.

    It’s funny, I just had a thought about my life and death situation comment. It’s interesting how Joe has handled this Estoccia situation. HIs way of handling the situation was to run away and not deal with it head on. Maybe with the unrest there it was best to run, but running away seems to be his MO. Even Amanda says he has to stop running. Shamba also commented earlier about the running. Maybe Joe’s initial trek to Estoccia was less about running toward something and more about running away from his marriage and family.

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    • Ooooo. Love this, Valerie, especially your last paragraph. I think you’ve hit upon something with the “running” theme and Joe! 🙂


    • The running is a great point. I also really like your second paragraph. I think all of those questions that you brought up in that paragraph are the real crux of this episode fr Amanda.It will be interesting to watch her closely as she responds to these two men throughout the rest of it.


    • First of all, always love intense Lee and then how he transitions to worried Lee.

      Equals swoonworthy Lee 🙂


  9. This discussion about Joe trying to “control” Amanda is fascinating.
    Back in the ‘70s, when Joe and Amanda were first married, they may have both bought into the traditional husband-leads-wife-follows mindset. However, as the ‘70s became the ‘80s, Amanda became a transitional woman: one foot in the traditional world of her upbringing and the other in the quickly changing world created by the feminist revolution. She balked at following Joe to Africa and decided instead to go it alone because she felt it would be better for the kids—and probably herself–that way. Joe, with both feet still in the traditional world, couldn’t understand Amanda’s refusal to follow where he led. Ironically, he labeled her resistant to change.

    In the library, Joe initially tries to take the lead but is quickly in over his head. I love how Amanda steps up and takes charge of the situation, making the decisions about where and when to move and even assuming a more dominant posture over Joe as they are hiding in the stacks. If it were Lee and Amanda, Lee would be positioned over and in front of Amanda to shelter her from the gunfire. Here, it’s Amanda sheltering Joe. She is definitely in “agent mode” here and it’s good to see!

    Since Lee had a non-traditional upbringing living with his uncle, he may have never assimilated the traditional husband and wife mindset like Joe did. Although Lee initially rejected Amanda as his partner, I never got the impression that he felt that she was not capable because she was a woman. He never gave any indication that he thought Francine shouldn’t be an agent. I felt his resistance, aside from thinking of himself as a lone wolf, was more because Amanda was not a “trained” agent, he was concerned for her safety and, well, her spot-on intuition just kind of bugged him.

    I guess all of this is why your “History” and “Future” meme really tickled me, Iwsod. Joe is indeed stuck in history, and Lee is ready for the future.

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    • Am I the only one that thinks Joe looks like a wimp hiding behind Amanda. I actually don’t have a problem with traditional husband and wife roles, but if that is what’s going on with Joe than he really is a hypocrite. Expecting Amanda to do what he says because he as the man is the head of the family, but willing to hide behind the woman when there’s danger. Uck! Good for Amanda for being able to handle herself in dangerous situations, but that just makes me think even less of Joe.


      • Agree that Joe looks like a bit of a wimp. After living in Estoccia for a while, surely he’s used to the odd gunshot?


        • Valerie asked a bunch of questions about how Amanda must be viewing her interaction with Joe here, and how she views her own growth as an agent. I think it is very interesting that Joe instinctively lets Amanda take the lead here. In the beginning of this scene he was trying to lead them through this apparent gauntlet, but quickly Amanda shows that she is better equipped to handle the situation. She really must feel confident in her skills here, because it isn’t hard for her t break out of their old behavior patterns and take the lead. Joe must also somehow sense her confidence (even if he doesn’t understand where it comes from) because he allows her to take the lead and appears to very easily relinquish his control. I wonder what Joe is thinking?

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          • Yes, I completely agree, morley. I honestly don’t have an issue with Joe protecting Amanda as they enter the ilbrary. Even now, if I were someone whose actions were now endangering someone else, I would take responsibility for trying to protect him. I prefer this picture of Joe to one where he runs ahead and looks over his shoulder saying “Hurry Amanda, hope you make it 🙂 ” So Joe is protective because he feels responsible (and yeah, I am not dismissing his controlling aspect, just saying this might not be a fair scene to fully judge that with), but then defers to her leadership when he sees she has a command of the situation. It’s almost cartoon-like in its irony, which is why I too loved the history sign so much (once Iwsod pointed it out)!

            2Goldens, I like how you summarize Joe’s view of Amanda versus Lee’s. I agree about what were (and weren’t) Lee’s issues with Amanda in the beginning — you summed it up wonderfully, right down to how much her intuition irked Lee 🙂

            It might even have been linked to here some time back, but I know on FB I saw a posting of a real life article from a ladies magazine in the 50’s that described the woman’s role in a marriage. To say it was subservient is putting it mildly. She was to ensure dinner was on the table when he got home, and not cold. His slippers had to be ready near his favorite chair so he could relax after a busy day. Any children were to be properly washed, in clean clothes, and magically induced into proper behavior, and the little lady was to have just done her hair, make-up, and changed into a newly pressed dress in anticipation of her man’s arrival home. Compare that to today, 60 years later, and then picture SMK, right in the middle of those two views. Joe is on the 50’s side of the dividing line while Amanda is on the 21st century side. I think Lee might even be more on the 21st century side than Amanda. Amanda seems to be feeling her way in this brave new world of working moms, whereas Lee doesn’t give it a thought. Of course this is likely due to a certain lack of sensitivity in that area which in turn is likely due to a lack of experience with the traditional home life.


    • The computer ate my first response earlier today, but you said it much better than I did. 🙂


  10. The thing that always stuck out to me in this scene is how Lee calls out to Amanda in the library by name. He doesn’t say Mrs. King. It is so obvious they know each other. Maybe Joe just isn’t thinking clearly because he’s got other things on his mind, but you think at least in the back of his mind he’d take note that the little woman is quite comfortable with a federal agent. It just comes back to what I’ve noticed earlier in the episode that there is such a familiarity between Lee and Amanda that the whole not knowing each other really doesn’t stick. It’s obvious to anyone that they do. I love that.

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  11. I was going to post this during the last post, but never got around to it. It will fit well here too. What I understand happens with military families would most likely have happened with Amanda and Joe. Joe is away and Amanda is used to running the household and being in charge. Joe comes back and tries to be head of the household again and there is tension. They would also have issues, because I would imagine Joe would be trying to convince Amanda to come with him each time he returns home and Amanda would say it wasn’t good for the kids. I could see Amanda on board with the divorce or even asking for the divorce because if they were fighting every time Joe was home, that wouldn’t be good for the kids to witness. They might have gotten along much better once they were separated/divorced since a lot of this tension was gone.

    I never really noticed before how Joe “handled” Amanda going into the library. When Lee and Amanda were running in the past (even going back to The First Time) they are running hand-in-hand, together. I’ve always loved the part where Amanda has taken over and is protecting Joe. Another scene where it is obvious that Lee and Amanda already know each other. It is much easier for them to pretend to be a couple then it is to act like they don’t know each other.

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    • All good points LAAL. This fits my mental image of Joe and Amanda’s marriage too.


    • I was thinking more about how Joe handles and pushes Amanda along. He probably tried that technique to try to get her to go to Estoccia. It didn’t work then and didn’t work here either. It’s amazing how we see Lee being there beside Amanda when there is trouble. As opposed to pushing her he brings her along with him.


    • LAAL this is the best explanation I’ve heard yet! If I don’t come up with anything I like.. I’m going to go with this!!! 🙂 bye!


  12. As we go through this episode I can mention a little bit more about how I feel Joe might have been in the past. I always thought he was possibly a quietly controlling sort of person – he may have “directed” Amanda a great deal more than she would put up with now. If it was Joe that asked for the divorce, may be it was partly because Amanda was not doing what he wanted. In refusing to follow Joe to Africa, Amanda had begun to exert her own influence on the relationship and may be this was an affront to Joe, sufficient for him to consider the relationship was just not viable any longer. Having said that, I get the feeling there may have been other issues leading up to that, e.g. was the first and possibly even second pregnancy unplanned? Did Amanda want to work, have her own career, not just follow and support Joe in whatever he wanted to do/
    So far between how Amanda has described him and how Joe is behaving, he seems just a little too “mild-mannered” and “nice” to be true.
    But here we do see him may be revealing something of the old-Joe – more controlling and assuming that Amanda needs help and cannot fend for herself in difficult situations.

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    • Hey kiwismh!

      If it was Joe that asked for the divorce, may be it was partly because Amanda was not doing what he wanted

      fascinating!! and.. this fits with Joe’s version of the divorce that Amanda was reading earlier.

      I will say this for joe – I don’t see him as being supportive of Amanda blossoming, growing and becoming a well rounded individual. I think it may have been looking at her as his girlfriend, his wife and then.. the mother of his children – but.. not as her own person.

      But here we do see him may be revealing something of the old-Joe – more controlling and assuming that Amanda needs help and cannot fend for herself in difficult situations.

      here here! I think Joe underestimates Amanda.. funny.. Lee was guilty of that too – to begin with.. but Amanda fought tooth and nail to find a place in his life.. with Joe? maybe she didn’t do any fighting?
      Ohh who knows! we aren’t given much detail are we grrrr.. but loved your thoughts kiwismh!

      By the way – thanks sooooooo much for transcribing this episode!!!!!


      • I like all of this. I think since Amanda didn’t ask Joe for a divorce in the first place, Joe probably figured eventually she would give in and follow him. After a couple years when he realized that was never going to happen, he probably wanted to be free to find someone who would support his decisions. At least that’s the way I pictured it. I’ve always had a hard time picturing Amanda being the one who filed for divorce just knowing how strongly she feels about marriage and family, and I think you hit it head on when you said that is probably why Joe had such a different take on the divorce than Amanda, because she wouldn’t just do what he said. I also can’t see Amanda asking for the divorce because it’s what is best for the kids, because I think she probably sees things the way I do in that area, that whenever possible staying married is what is best for the kids. That is probably why she put up with it for so long. That being said I do recognize that sometimes it isn’t possible which is probably why she didn’t fight the divorce. Amanda probably did the right thing in letting Joe go because while I believe your marriage and your kids are something you sacrifice for, at some point you have to take care of yourself or you can’t take care of anyone. And this nice, mild mannered Joe just isn’t how I pictured him either. His actions speak of someone much more selfish and controlling. He may be all nice on the surface, but I bet when push comes to shove he can be quite demanding.

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  13. Any one else feel very disturbed about the books which lost their lives in the filming of this episode 😦 ?

    I just love the way Amanda takes over control after Joe treats her like the “little woman” to be protected (yes, it really bugs me too, Iwsod!)

    Also like how she pops up from behind the counter and surprises Lee – love how they manage to draw this “surprising each other” theme into this rather serious episode. The theme of “surprise” has been progressing from the merely “physical” surprise to Amanda and Lee surprising each other in other ways as the series progresses…

    On a shallow note, can I just say how much I prefer Lee’s hair and clothes to Joe’s?? (And I hope they burnt Amanda’s cardi at the end of this episode).

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    • burn the cardie! burn the cardie! 🙂

      oh cool.. glad you shared you feel the same way about Joe ‘little woman’ haaaa brilliant!

      but the books died for a good cause – saved Amanda!

      Oh yeah cool I hadn’t picked up on the whole surprise motif- good call Learjet!!!

      Hey I think Joe is dressed like a grandad!


      • I thought “motif” was the word but didn’t want to risk it because of my lack of qualitative credentials… 🙂
        Grandad is right – it’s the jacket!


  14. History! Future? I love it, Iwsod!!!! 😀

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    • Awhh!! thanks!!!! this made my day 🙂


    • Yep, laughed out loud at that one, Iwsod! Great catch!

      Also loved the point of contrast raised between what Joe thought of Amanda as they entered the library and what he must have been thinking of her as they left. “So much has changed.”


  15. Not much time right now, but here’s the angry filing cabinet meme link:


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