17/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

So we left Lee watching Amanda leave to follow Joe.
Lee stands up to follow them…Calamity!!
Yo Lee!!
Uh oh.. Shamba has found Dooley’s!!! and.. he’s spotted Lee! eek!!!! It certainly increases the suspense here!!!
Shamba: Hello.
Lee: Inspector, what are you doing here?
Shamba: Police work.
Lee: Ahh.
Shamba: One of the students at the house said that they saw Joe here last night, so – er –…
…we’ll wait here until he comes.
[Gee why didn’t Lee and Amanda think of that! Smile Guess Shamba isn’t as dumb as he pretends to be]
Lee gives a nonchalant nod..
Lee: Hmm.
Shamba: And why are you here?
Well.. thirsty!…

[haaaa good one! Quick Lee.. you might loose Amanda and Joe!]
…Uh, look, why don’t you wait for me right here at the bar….
(Lee directs Shamba to the booth he just left, for Shamba to sit on Amanda’s purse? 😉 )
… I’ll be right back, and have yourself a beer, huh? Good…
Shamba goes to sit at the booth.. not sure of Lee at all.. Hmm can’t see if Amanda’s purse was still there! drat!
(Lee approaches the bar..)
…Hey, Dooley. Listen my friend over there…
TWWH.avi_001674674(Lee points at Shamba)
[for a guy who actually gets a name, we don’t get a very good look at Dooley!]
…wants to pick up the tab,…
(Much louder now):
…in fact he wants to buy a round for the whole bar!…What a guy!
[whooo ‘what a guy’ is that shades of Hart to Hart?! or Lester the duck?!]
Everyone in Dooley’s thinks Shamba is an alright dude! they crowd him and share their thanks..
TWWH.avi_001685185[Dooley…lol.. I guess it had to be.. Ned at Nedlindger’s.. Dooley at Dooley’s.. and at Monks there was… Monk?! I guess it wasn’t ‘Monk’s’ so maybe not.. lol..]

Lee sneaks out while Shamba is distracted..
Looks like Dooley’s is grammatically correct! Smile
Outside he finds no sign of Amanda or Joe.. Uh oh!!!
Gosh you’d think Amanda would have left some kind of a trail for Lee to follow but no.. she doesn’t.. maybe she didn’t know she needed it at first… it  leaves open the question – maybe.. was Amanda doing to Lee what Lee was doing to Shamba?? Does Amanda want Joe alone so they can talk before Lee gets involved??

We find Joe heading down an alley way- Queue the sad/wistful/bittersweet music.. which I can only guess is the Joe/ Amanda theme!
Joe stops halfway and hides, Amanda walks down the alley and past Joe not seeing him.
[Do you think the writers were wanting us to feel a little suspense here that Joe may harm Amanda? Hmm.. or I guess it could be suspense that Joe may evade Amanda.. thoughts?]
Well I’m in suspense!! Just what will Amanda’s purse do next?!!! It seems to have an automatically return to Amanda homing device inserted..Or maybe Amanda bought one while she followed Joe… an identical one.. ahem!

Joe comes out from hiding, and follows Amanda around the corner – revealing himself to her.

Amanda’s immediate reaction is a smile.. TWWH.avi_001728728
Joe: Oh Amanda.
[I’m not thrilled to see them hugging!! lol.. I’m trying to reserve judgement about Joe till I’ve seen this episode’s events in completion, he seems to be a ‘good guy’ but(!!) he left his wife and two kids because he ‘had something to give’?!
So far, this character is not meshing for me! The possibility that Amanda could still have feelings for him makes me like him even less at this point – ha! ]
Amanda: Oh, I’ve been so worried about you. Everybody’s worried about you.

Joe: Everybody?
TWWH.avi_001737137[why does Joe ask that?? Is he wondering if there is  a new significant other in Amanda’s life?]
Amanda: Well, yah, me and mother and Mr Prescott at EAO…
…You look kinda tired.
Joe: Yeah.

Amanda: Would you like to come back to the house?
[I gotta say, with Joe in trouble this feels like a silly thing to suggest – why bring the boys into it? but then, I guess at this stage there is no known danger as far as Amanda can see]
Joe: I can’t. I daresn’t take that chance. But we have to talk – not here.
TWWH.avi_001749449[I think he says ‘daresn’t’ as opposed to what Kiwismh heard ‘daren’t’ – what do you all think? It sounds flippin ridiculous either way.
He may as well have done a Boromir Meme: Amanda, One does not simply come back to the house!
(something about the fumes being a poison haaaa)
-This is for you KC! Smile ]
Joe and Amanda leave to go somewhere else..and heading sneakily down the alley way is
Prescott.. still on their trail! gah!!
He will not stop until you are dead!!

Sooo I shall stop here for the moment.. what do you all make of our first chance to see Joe and Amanda alone?
A smile and a hug?? So flippin welcoming! this is not animosity!! This is not a vibe of he deserted his family!! What do you all make of it??
All views very welcome!! Smile
Anything else you’d like to share about this part? I love all the possibilities Joe’s arrival brings.. but.. can’t say I love him being around! haa!!!
Byeee for now!

45 responses to “17/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home:Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. “Daresn’t” is what I hear and it cracks me up EVERY TIME!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Who says that!?!?! (Sorry if any of you use that word on a regular basis. Your vocabulary is amazing! 😬) I think they had to give us a distraction from the magic purse. Which, I might add, I think Lee let her leave there so he could hold her hand more. She always wears that stinkin’ purse on the arm between her and Lee and it creates this weird bump space between them! Sheesh!

    Wonder if when Joe says “Everybody”….did he see her with Lee? Is that why he took off?….I don’t really think so, but just a “noodle” to work with….😉

    I am in the [maybe minority] camp of not minding how Amanda welcomed Joe (I mean, they could’ve kissed, so thank you for the hug!!). I DO, however, not like the music. I feel like it does lend itself to a romantic moment. And I just don’t see Amanda there. I think she is dealing with a lot, but I genuinely never feel like she wants to reconcile a romantic relationship with Joe. (Please, don’t daresn’t throw anything at me.) (Daresn’t isn’t even recognized by my phone as a word. Come on, Joe!!!)

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  2. ScarecrowsAngel

    Back when I first watched this ep, (in 1988), I really thought Joe would let Amanda walk by his hiding place and then get the samhill outta there. How surprised I was when he went after her instead.


  3. Well, since no one else has said it, I will. I totally agree with you, Iwsod, about that “daresn’t” quote. Who says that in the 20th century??? I only know the word from reading the “Little House on the Prairie” books about the American family pioneer experience, set in the mid 1800’s. THe script writer must have been a history buff. I think it makes Joe sound very goofy.


  4. I agree in the past I always thought it was Lee who was taking things slowly and Amanda was just reluctant to get involved until she saw a difference in him. Now I think Amanda had her own baggage that prevented her from completely opening up her heart too. As I said in a previous post I think dealing with the reappearance of Joe in her life is something Amanda had to deal with before she would have been completely able to give her heart to Lee. She needed closure on the past before she could completely look forward.

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  5. Totally frivolous fashion comment – love the boots that lady in the white top and black jeans is wearing outside Dooleys.
    PS. Wouldn’t it have been good if Amanda had taken her cardigan off at Dooleys and left behind instead of her bag. 😉

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    • Or at least take out the shoulder pads and tailor it to fit. Naw, Lee should have accidentally spilt beer on the sweater… 😉

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    • I love your ‘frivolous fashion comments’ !!! anytime you want to do a post on it feel free – I suspect you would do a frivolously fantastic job of it! 🙂

      I agree – I loathe this cardigan… and ugh we have to see it for a lot of this episode!!!!


    • I’d love to see Amanda in a tasteful pair of boots. And you just can’t wear a cardigan like that with boots, so she’d be forced to the moving the offending (and offensive) knitwear.


  6. To me Amanda looks quite radiant at seeing Joe again. This makes me think more about her harbouring a hope of reconciliation with Joe. Perhaps before she met Lee and got involved with the Agency, or if this had never happened, she and Joe might just have reconciled on his eventual return to the US.
    But… a lot has happened and changed in Amanda’s life in the last couple of years, and she has grown and become fulfilled in ways even she probably doesn’t fully realise yet.
    I am interested to see how or if this inner growth and fulfilment shows in the remainder of this episode.

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    • I am wondering though, if Amanda feels so strongly about marriage and family, why would she allow them to get divorced if she really had plans to reconcile. Why not just stay married but apart instead. There must be some realization that there really wasn’t enough love to make a marriage, either on her side or his or both. If there was any dream or hope of reconciliation I think it would have to be in the recesses of her heart and mind, instead of a concrete hope or plan.

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      • It may just be me because they never really say, but just knowing how strongly Amanda feels about marriage, I always got the impression it was probably Joe that finally gave up and asked her for the divorce. I know she says that they realized it wasn’t going to work, but I wonder if she was just repeating back what Joe said to her, and trying to protect herself. It had to be one of them that actually asked for the divorce and I just doubt it was her. She was so committed to the marriage that she let him go across the world to do what he wanted and stay married to him. I think a lot of women would have told Joe that if he took that job and left his family that she would divorce him, but Amanda didn’t.

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        • If it was Joe who asked for the divorce, and we’ve already theorized that Amanda has never really dealt with the feelings and issues raised by it, she could very easily be harboring a hope of reconciliation. Sometimes, when a traumatic incident occurs, we can use an irrational hope that it will “all turn out right” as a defense mechanism.


          • Hey Happy camper! great to see you stop by 🙂

            I’m trying to get my thoughts in order here! How does Amanda here fit with how she has been growing in her feelings and relationship with Lee?

            I guess one way to fit this all together is… I could just decide Amanda was moving closer to a relationship with Lee.. and none of that has changed – it’s a very slow and cautious ‘moving closer’.
            When Joe came along – all these emotions Amanda thought were history came rising to the surface – her feelings for Joe, her desire to have a home for all her family, for her children to have a father – their father.. and past pain which had not yet been dealt with.. smashed hopes and dreams..

            Sometimes it isn’t until an ex comes back into our lives that we realise – oh man! I hadn’t completely dealt with him after all!!! when you had honestly thought you had, and could have even started a new relationship.
            So all I can say at this point is – flippin thank goodness that Joe came back now and not at the end of season 3 -or things could have been very different!!!!

            I’m looking forward to exploring Amanda for the rest of this ep – I’m transfixed by her, wondering what she will say or do next.. what will I see?? will there be signs at all that she has moved on??!!!! whoooo hoooo! I’ll be doing a happy dance if I can see this 🙂

            Happy Camper, your idea about if Joe had asked for the divorce is interesting- yep I agree- it is possible Amanda is harbouring a hope.. or.. at the very least – that when Joe returned she would ask herself if there was a hope.. does that make sense?
            Morley too – your point about why would Amanda have asked for the divorce is interesting also!
            I don’t know if we get the answers to this in this ep (or if we’ll have to come up with our own)..
            The way Amanda tells the story, they both just decided after a few years of separation. but that doesn’t make sense to me -and seems like an Amanda ‘brushing over of the finer messy details’.
            Someone had to decide – but who? and why?
            If it had been Joe who asked for the divorce – why did he ask for it? If Amanda didn’t ask for it – he could have gone off and had his adventures, and come home to his boys and a home, and a shell of a marriage.. but why actually take the legal step of divorcing? As Morley says -not divorcing leaves reconnecting with your spouse more open..
            What was the reason for Joe that he would ask for a divorce? the only thing that I can think of is – he had a new relationship in Africa.. but.. that doesn’t seem to be even hinted at so far.. ??

            And yes, why would Amanda have asked for the divorce? If Joe didn’t ask for it, and she valued her family and marriage – would she have kept open the chance of rekindling her marriage? (with a sexy nightgown and some mulled wine.. wasn’t that what she said solved her marriage problems in Always look a gift horse?! well.. apparently it didn’t work 😉 )

            Aside from the whole Joe leaving his family behind to ‘give something’ in Africa, I don’t really get why either of them would have asked for a divorce – well the episode hasn’t given me a good reason.. other than the show started with Amanda newly divorced.
            With the way they actually portray these two it seems much more likely they would have stayed separated until they years later reconnected, or one of them had started serious relationship.. but then we couldn’t have Amanda and Lee starting a relationship while Amanda was technically still married! whahahah..

            Oh and I find Dotty’s attitude toward Joe to also be far too warm and friendly.. completely unrealistic! For Amanda to idealise about Joe and excuse his leaving as being because of a grander purpose (apparently grander than a family) seems feasible, but Amanda’s mother – you would think, would be much less forgiving!!!!! Dotty is usually much more protective of ‘my baby!!’ (not to mention protective of her grandsons).
            What do you all think? or am I just thinking in circles here.. it’s not coming together for me so far..

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            • Oh and – to ‘TK’ :if you are a real person.. comment again and I’ll approve you – your comment was very vague just like spammers love to write to try and get access to this blog and spoil all our fun!


            • So much here! My thoughts…

              I believe Amanda when she says “we” realized it just wasn’t going to work, so they both agreed to a divorce. I think she wanted a father/man at home for her kids. I think she realized she never loved Joe like she needed to to stay married to him, despite the fact that he was the father of her children. Amanda’s strong feelings about marriage have made her feel like a terrible failure in this area. I do think she wanted to get divorced. I don’t know if there was someone else for Joe, but I do think Amanda had met Dean and for all the reasons we heard Dotty say so many times, he was an excellent candidate for a step-father for the two boys. But, because of her experience with Joe, and the fact that she didn’t really, truly love Dean, it never went anywhere, and Amanda could not make the same marriage mistake again. I think she tried to love Dean, but was honest enough with herself to know that it wouldn’t have worked either. Had she not met Lee, she may have just given up and sacrificed herself again for her kids, but after she met Lee everything changed and she decided to stop sacrificing her personal happiness with a man just to find a step-dad for her kids.


      • Yes, that’s what I meant. I don’t think it is something that that she really thinks about consciously. It is more like an ideal that resides in the recesses of her mind. Perhaps it is more like an instinct – this is how it should be, mother, father, children. It’s a societal norm but also for Amanda I think she particularly values family and to have a “broken” family probably does not sit well with her.

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        • Yeah, I don’t think Amanda has been going around on a day to day basis thinking about the day Joe would come back and they would be a family again. I think Amanda has done a good job at moving on and making a life for herself and being the best single parent she can be. However, when sometimes just a fact of life and sometimes even necessary a broken family is always a heartbreaking thing, and as strong as Amanda feels about family I think it would be even harder on her. It would be understandable if somewhere deep down she had never let go of the dream that somehow it would work out.


  7. When they are coming through that passageway I got the impression that Amanda knew where Joe was and just kept going until there was a spot where they would be alone and out of the way. It was as if she wanted Joe to see that she was alone and not being followed or bringing anyone else along with her.

    I think Amanda is happy to see Joe and hugging him in sense that he is okay, safe, and unharmed. I think she has locked down any other feelings she may be having at this moment and focusing on Joe being safe. Asking him to go back to the house may have been just been one of those things you say, but don’t really mean. At least that’s how I’m playing it in my head. It’s so hard to see where everything is at this moment now that everything is colliding together. Amanda is always in some sort of protect mode with those she cares about and I think that’s where she is with Joe at this particular moment.

    I’m thinking back to Lee’s reaction when Eva showed up. He was pretty anxious himself even though she sort of kicked him to the curb and married Angelo. That first love can become sort of mythical and the image of it all sort of becomes distorted and you sometimes see things a little better than they actually were. And it could remain mythical were you to never see that first love again, but growth, maturity, time and distance causes change in people and circumstances. Lee was no longer that young (or stupid) so reality kicked in pretty quickly. We’ll have to wait and see what reality does for Amanda.

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  8. I guess I am in the minority where I am not bothered by Amanda’s reaction to Joe. Weird, I know.


    • Of course, I was less than thrilled when I first saw this episode. 🙂


    • I’m not bothered by Amanda’s reaction to Joe either. Considering she was married to the man and has two kids with him I would actually think less of her if she had no feelings for Joe. That being said I don’t think her reaction to Joe here is because of her feelings for him. I think she is genuinely happy to see him because she has been worried about him, and she happy to see he is ok. I think she invited him to the house because at this point it hasn’t occurred to her that the boys could be in danger and she was trying to offer some comfort to someone she cares about. Also she says mother and the boys have been worried about him, so she might want Joe to come back to the house not only so he can get some rest, but so Mother and the boys can see him too. Honestly, even at this point I think Amanda is a little naieve. As many times as she’s been in danger, it seldom occurs to her that her job could put her kids in the line of fire, and she is probably thinking the same about Joe. I think her left over nature of believing the best about people prevents her from thinking people would target children. I don’t think Amanda just invites Joe to the house as something people say because I just don’t think Amanda has an insincere bone in her body.

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      • I like your take on this, creaturecuddler, particularly in regard to Amanda’s naievity and the statement it makes about her generally positive nature. I guess at some point she will need to shed some more of the naievity, but when optimisim and faith in human nature is in your core like it is in Amanda’s, I don’t think you can give up that belief entirely and still be yourself. I wonder if the opposite is true? We see Lee gradually developing more trust and faith in human nature, and losing some of the cynicism. Is being a cynic part of Lee’s permanent nature, or is it an effect of the job? (not to mention his difficult childhood) I guess I’m wondering out loud how much of the cynic is Lee and how much is life.


      • Well said, creaturecuddler!


    • Me too Cindy, doesn’t really bother me. Me weird too 😉


    • Count me in this minority here too!


  9. Yes!! Thank you for putting this here.
    I have been thinking a lot about the “Not exactly” in the tag of UN because I am working on the Window Reflections story for that episode.
    I really think that what we are seeing here in TWWH so far is an Amanda that has not integrated her life experience yet. I don’t really blame her, or find it a flaw, yet. If she continues on this way I think I would. But I think the fact that her marriage kind of dissolved over time and over a great distance. And part of the reason she hasn’t integrated the reality of the pain that she feels was because she was focused so intently on her children and building a home and that was all that she was left with,this home and her kids. She needs a catalyst to move her into the present moment and the present relationships and what is a real beneficial one and which should be relegated into past history.
    So what does that have to do with the tag of UN? Well, I guess I had always viewed it that Amanda was completely aware of and comfortable with her feelings for Lee and was trying to get Lee to own up that he had feelings for her, that there was something going on between them. But now I don’t know if I think Amanda would have been ready to have Lee acknowledge that. I guess I am leaning towards thinking that Amanda didn’t like it that Lee was sweeping everything, especially his kind words and deep friendship connection under the rug of another situation, just two cold people seeking a little warmth. I think she was so happy to hear him say the things he said. But I think she was probably ready to spin her own form f denial about the kiss. Maybe she was going to say something like, “two good friends trying to comfort each other.”

    I just don’t think that Amanda is completely aware of her emotional realities yet, and she can’t be until she deals with this stuff with Joe. Just my two cents and I am not even sure if I have fully developed my ideas yet.

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    • Ugh, that was supposed to be in response to Iwsod’s invitation to rethink Amanda in previous episodes.


    • Actually, I think Amanda has feelings for Lee that go beyond friendship and she is well aware of that, but may not be entirely ready to deal with that yet. At the end of UN I think Amanda was simply acknowledging that fact, but doesn’t say any more than that because she is no more ready to deal with it than Lee is. She is simple to honest to wrap things up in pretense. Amanda still seems open to seeing what could happen with Lee before Joe’s return as you do see her and Lee kind of start to unofficially date after OTL and the fact that it’s progressed enough in FFF that holding hands seems to come very naturally at that point. However, I think Amanda is still playing it safe. She has feelings for Lee and she is aware of it, but she’s not ready to fully open her heart because last time she did she was hurt greatly, and let’s face it Lee doesn’t have the best track record in romantic relationships either. I think those two things have kept Amanda from fully giving her heart to Lee, and both coming to terms with what happened with Joe and seeing the change in Lee that we do start to see a little way into this season are things that had to happen before Amanda could completely give her heart to Lee.

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  10. I love Amanda’s magical purse that seems to find her no matter where she leaves it. I never noticed that before. If that’s some kind of special Agency technology for making sure that agents don’t accidentally lose something important, I want one!


  11. Hi,

    I do not like the way Amanda treats Joe one tiny bit. She really should stand up to this guy, if only for the sake of the boys. It is just not the thing, her being on such a tight budget and only coping because of her generous mother. She should do a lot more growing up. For her it seems ok to rely on her widowed mother and asking for more than a little help form her too and not to ask anything of the father of her children. This is just wrong.

    I really like Amanda, but this is a distinct flaw I find hard to overlook.

    It is ok for me, she does not believe accusations without very real proof, but hugging and all happy smiles is just too much, in my opinion.



    • I agree Amanda should stand up to Joe, but probably doesn’t think this is the time and place, which I actually agree with. Joe’s running for his life he’s got other things on his mind, and probably wouldn’t really listen if Amanda did stand up to him right now. I think Amanda has always been very wise in discerning when is the time and place to confront people on things, a big reason I think Lee comes to appreciate her so much and eventually fall in love with her.

      That being said the fact that Amanda never really does stand up to Joe is irksome. I don’t really blame Amanda for relying on her mother’s help taking care of the boys. Once she starts working for the agency it’s unpredictable when she will be home and when not, and can’t see her being comfortable leaving the kids with a nanny. However, I totally agree that it is not right that Amanda has been stranded always worrying about money while Joe is on the other side of the world making no money while his family barely makes ends meat. He says at one point in this episode the reason he got involved in all of this is because people are starving while the powers that be take food right out of their mouth. Okay Amanda and the boys aren’t starving, but was I only one that saw a correlation. Isn’t Joe kind of taking food out of their mouth so he can help other people.

      During one episode in season one Amanda said she didn’t take alimony, but she did take child support. I have no problem with her not taking alimony, but considering in this episode she says the only time she hears from Joe is when he writes, I wonder how much he really sends that child support. I doubt he can afford it, which is one more reason why no matter how much Joe felt he had to give, he was being very selfish. His first obligation is to his family. Like the old saying says Charity begins at home.


      • Hmm, interesting perspective, although I can’t quite get my head around it. Back in The Mole I got the impression that Amanda chose not to get alimony, although I can’t recall the words well enough to know whether they script actually implied as much or if it was my own spin.

        As a grandma who can never see too much of the grandbaby, I don’t see Dotty’s position as being sacrificing nor do I see it as Amanda taking advantage. I see it as win-win for both of them.

        But this whole thing brings me back to the 80’s and the changing times once again. (Sorry, broken record — lol, that’s an appropriately dated expression, isn’t it?) We were starting to get away from obligatory alimony from the man. The thinking was: if a woman was capable of working, why should the guy have to pay for her life style? Isn’t it enough that he’s bearing the full load for both kids? I think Amanda bought into this and it sparked a suppressed desire to be more than a housewife. Furthermore, I’ll go out on a limb and say I think in the next year or two, Dotty was going to find some kind of job. She has seen Amanda’s example, the boys are getting older, she has gotten her driver’s license, and I am sure she wouldn’t mind some spending money of her own.

        Now one can’t overlook the difficulty of managing a job and a household as a single mom. Even if there is no alimony, certainly Joe’s child support should include the cost of after school supervision for the boys. If that supervision is provided by Dotty, then by all means she should get that money!


    • whooooo this is interesting Julia! I think I agree with you – sort of.. I think I’ll need to come back to this one at the end of the episode – if I don’t remember please feel free to share these thoughts again at the end of the episode.. I’m going to ponder all this and what I think about this till the end of the episode.. but yeah – not a real fan of Joe’s!


  12. I’ve been thinking.. does Amanda’s behaviour here in the first part of this episode change how you view Amanda in earlier episodes? How does what we are learning about her inform our view of where Amanda was at in say Wizard? OTL? ALLA? or.. Utopia Now?? Flight to Freedom??!!! I’m pondering this myself at the moment.. I’ll try and put a few thoughts together next time I stop by. Bye everyone hope you are well!


    • And we thought it was just Lee that was moving slowly. After some of the reveals in this episode you can see that Amanda is just as hesitant as Lee in some ways. The way Lee carried himself and his lack of patience and control captured our attention right away and all of his changes seemed more obvious and overt. Amanda’s change has been more subtle.

      I think it’s what I’ve said before, Joe has been out of sight and for the most part out of mind for quite some time. Amanda has not had to deal with his presence or what Joe’s presence might mean for the life she has been leading. She hasn’t had to deal with the effect of what that all might entail. As she has gotten closer to Lee she has probably been thinking that at some point she is going to have to figure out what (and possibly who) she truly wants. She probably felt that at some point she would have to have a discussion with Lee about what happened with her marriage. She has been able to delay that for as long as possible.

      For the longest time Lee hadn’t been someone who she might have considered having a serious relationship with, but she has to have noticed some of the changes he’s made in the person that he is and how he has been living his life. She was content and happy with their friendship, but she has to sense that it is becoming something more and more. She’s had some wake up calls this season. Leslie certainly threw her off balance, so did the awesome near miss kiss, along with her own reaction to Alan. She has to feel how Lee is becoming so drawn to her.

      I think what happened in her marriage has held her back. Joe was a seemingly good guy and he left. Lee has been a love ’em and leave ’em type and she is trying to guard her heart as much as possible. I think she has been waiting for a more overt or obvious sign from Lee and then I think she can be more sure herself. Of course, now here’s Joe, another monkey wrench to muddle things up even more.

      It’s late and I just meandered all over the place. Time to go to bed.


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