Francine’s Fashion Faux Pas: Part two

Welcome back to our exploration of Francine’s fashions. We’ve seen Francine at her worst in the first post on Francine’s fashions. In this second post about Francine, I’ll be showing you how beautiful Francine is in the right outfit and, for a bit of fun, I’ve found some animal-themed outfits that Francine. Just a little bit of Learjet craziness crazy .

Francine looks fetching

Yes, Francine is gorgeous. However, this is just my opinion so you may well think some of these ensembles are nonsembles spin that belong in the previous post. Feel free to object.

She is looking lovely in this blue dress with silver jewellery (Dead Ringer)


– the silver sets off her colouring much better than gold.

I’d say this is a great work outfit (The Artful Dodger)…


…if it weren’t for that strange clip/ pin/ brooch/ ornament (thanks to KC for this last suggestion) on her left shoulder. (Is it a not-so-hidden instrument of torture?)      S1E17_good_blue_Francine_strange_brooch The blue and black look good; the shoulder pads are built in and very discreet. Even Francine looks surprised, in a defensive kind of way.

I love this outfit of Francine’s at the close of Waiting for Godorsky. Yes, the necklace is too busy with the dress but otherwise I love it. Minijet two says that it’s weird. And “her hair looks weird. Even her face looks weird”. I disagree – I think this highlights MS’s lovely bone structure. Are you with me or Minijet two?

S1E21_colourfuldress_close_Francine  S1E21_colourfuldress_Francine

Not my favourite outfit but I like these red-themed outfits from A Little Sex, A Little Scandal (KC will tell us what colour this is – kind of deep pinkish red?) and DOA (maroon? Burgundy?).

S2E14_good_darkpink_Francine S2E19_burgundy_jumper_good_Francine

Actually, I like Francine in a cowl neck. Including this little number (also from A Little Sex, A Little Scandal). Why the sceptical face, Francine?

S2E14_blue_good_Francine  S2E14_good_Francine

And more blue – she wouldn’t stop moving her head in this. I even quite like the accessories.

And more blue (I like Francine in blue smile ) – A Relative Situation (let’s just pretend her earlobes are unadorned) and Life of the Party (pity about those v. 80s navy blue pantyhose)

S2E15_earrings_goodcolour_dress_Francine S2E16_teal_good_Francine

Also from Life of the Party – Francine’s interview outfit for becoming an undercover maid.

S2E16_blueandpurple_full_Francine  S2E16_blueandpurple_top_Francine

Looking shocked shocked  at how great she looks (You Only Die Twice) S2E20_blue_top_detail_good_Francine


And finally, in black and looking very professional and not a bit ridiculous (from Burn Out) – bottle green top with flare at the bottom black skirt (not wild about jewellery).


Does anyone remember “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson (1987)? Each person was categorised as season according to hair, skin and eye colour. Did you have your colours done? My mother did and was diagnosed as a “winter”. I had the make-up book and – didn’t get round to using it. Was Francine a “spring”? “Your coloration is bright and sunny. Select colors that look as if they are bathed in sunlight. Your best color will mirror the color of your eyes. You receive compliments in bright shades: turquoise, watermelon, salmon” (from )

Animal themed Francine

“Always there but not doing much. Pleasant, unassuming. Easy to overlook! Loyal, faithful…” (Spiderweb). No, Francine is not, as Amanda astutely comments, referring to the family dog but to Amanda cow . And dog-like characteristics are evidently not something that Francine admires. So it’s surprising that Francine shows a previously undocumented affinity for animals. Or at least for clothing with an animal theme.

The first animal moment was unintentional.

S1E8_chimp_owner_Francine Amanda introduced her to Dotty as the owner of the chimpanzee which Amanda cared for as part of her pets and plants business (Saved by the Bells). She succeeded in charming Dotty and irritating Amanda.

S2E14_blue_good_Francine Next, Minijet one saw this outfit from “Saviour” on the screen and said: “She looks like a budgie”.Maybe she had a point – you can carry the monochromatic look a little too far.


And, as we will discover, Francine does seem to like birds…

The Galah (Eolophus Roseicapilla, a small cockatoo from

GalahAustralia, seems to have inspired Francine more than any other. Galahs apparently mate for life and can learn to talk .

In Fearless Dotty and Waiting for Godorsky, she wears her first Galah-like outfit.

S1E19_galah_Francine S1E19_galah_full_Francine S1E21_galah_returns

And in Vigilante Mothers, she varies the feather colours a bit (note the matching feather ear-rings) .

S2E23_bird_feather_Francine S2E23_bird_feather_full_Francine

Was Francine a particular fan of Australian birds? Her next choice (Ship of Spies) suggests that she may have been inspired by the Grey Cockatoo but she’s much brighter (in more ways than one). And she has matching ear-rings too…

SONY DSC S2E12_red_feather_Francine

A bold choice (Fearless Dotty) was her zebra look. “Inspector Shamba” was later inspired to use this for his luggage (The Wrong Way Home).


In Odds on a Dead Pigeon, she appears to been inspired by a snake’s pattern

S2E17_snakeskin_turquoise_animal_Francine – try to not look at those incongruous turquoise ear-rings and neck-bow and look more closely at the snakeskin printed blouse.

Her final animal inspiration is the cat. In The Artful Dodger, her gilet looks like the cat ate something it shouldn’t have… yuck


And in A Class Act, she plays the cat burglar – who then attacks poor Amanda shocked . She even has matching ear-rings under her fur, I mean balaclava.



So what animal does Francine most closely resemble? Cast your votes…!

That’s all on Francine. Have I missed anything out? Am I being too charitable (or not charitable enough) about Francine’s fashion choices? Should she be confined for fashion felonies? I’d love to hear what you think !wave


Iwsod edited colour me beautiful link 🙂

38 responses to “Francine’s Fashion Faux Pas: Part two

  1. Hi Learjet – love this post! I just realized that I didn’t comment on it. I read it when it came out and commented in my mind, but obviously those comments never made it to the blog…I remember having to look up what a budgie was though.

    Yes, Francine is pretty. I’m not sure I can go all the way out on that limb with you and call her gorgeous though. I have a hard time discounting the “inner Francine” and the volume of her hair. Puffed up hair = puffed up person. I know it was the way hair was styled back then, so it is not necessarily a statement about who Francine was – she was good at her job – but the volume and the fact that her blond color doesn’t look totally real is off-putting to me. She does look very good in blue though! My favorite look on Francine is in S3, so I’ll be sure to point it out when you do that post. 😉

    Err, umm, err, I’m with Minijet two on that Godorsky look…sorry! But I agree with you on the two red outfits and the cowl neck. Actually, that red outfit from ALSALS isn’t all that bad – really like the drop waits and her jewelry isn’t completely hideous – nothing too big or weapon-shaped.

    I really like Francine’s hair in the LOTP interview picture. It is flat on the one side… 🙂 I think I just like the look on her face in that pic too – is this when she is being humbled by Mrs. Flanagan? If it is, humble pie looks good on her, especially when it is in an area that Amanda is so good at.

    Just did the color website thing – it says I’m an autumn. While that is my favorite season of the year, I’m not sure I agree with the blurb about it and the colors I’d look good in. Then again, I wear make-up about twice a year so what do I know….

    Love animal-Francine!!! You had me laughing out loud at these! That chimpanzee outfit is awful! I’m not sure what is worse – the hat or the jacket. And that galah picture – OMG! That really had me going. All these bird pics are hysterical!

    This was a fun and awesome post!


  2. Firstly- kudos to Learjet for putting herself out there, and sharing with us her fashion ideas about Fashion scary Francine.
    It’s all very subjective – and there are bound to be differing opinions.
    I love that you’ve presented your ideas in such an open way Learjet, and welcomed our views (and the minijets!) here. Thanks!!!!

    ‘A bit of Learjet craziness’? I love it!! Go crazy as much as you like! 
    Fetching Francine eh.. okay okay.. she is quite beautiful. Only her attitude seems to prevent me from seeing that!!

    I don’t mind the colour of the first dead ringer dress – but I didn’t like that necklace I thought it looked like she had been stringing paperclips into a necklace.. but yes the colour is lovely.

    Oh yes! Love that brooch.. it looks deadly! But the umm black serviette that Francine wore while eating lunch and forgot to take off? Not liking that so much 😉

    Wow interesting choice of that last waiting for godorksy outfit Learjet! I had forgotten all about this one.. too busy watching Lee and Amanda I guess 😉
    I think the colours are lovely.. but the dress? That fabric?? Umm grannies wear that don’t they? I gotta agree with minijet2! Sorry!! But those colours are lovely on Francine!

    Whoooo love that brunettes burgundy cowl neck sweater!!! I love the belt with it too, very stylish and classic – IMHO could wear that today.. yes maybe even with those earrings!

    Ahh isn’t that ALSALS dress the one Lee says has come back in fashion? She sooo deserves it.. that’s awful that dress- does nothing for her figure. Sorry if you like it!!

    I had not noticed how much blue Francine wears Learjet, Until you pointed it out here – good call!

    That necklace Francine wears to the party planners interview is in fashion today – IMHO I think you can buy that in the shops now!

    Love that black outfit – she looks kick arse professional!! (yes.. agree about the jewellery but then it’s so rare I actually like any of her jewellery!)

    Oh yes! I remember colour me beautiful. I think thanks to that book Carole Jackson must have purchased a private lsand resort to retire to!

    I think I was a summer..
    I’d say Francine is a summer too.. doesn’t silver suit summer/winters and gold suits autumn/springs? Or am I remembering wrong?
    Oh rofl at that poetic quote from color me beautiful!! I gotta check out that site during a study break! Thanks for the link!

    Whooo hooo!!! Animal themed Francine? Well sign me up!! This I want to see!! 
    Lol trust Learjet to finally ‘document’ Francine’s affinity for animals! Thanks for this service Learjet 😉 we salute you!!
    I think I had found at one time her red bow/3 faces of Emily look was similar to the cowardly lion in wizard of oz – but.. no idea where I put that now! Anyone?

    Yes Francine did Charm Dotty – very disloyal of Dotty 😉 but I guess she appealed to Dotty’s pretentions..

    Sorry Minijet1- not seeing the budgie?!

    Whooo hoo who knew aussie birds were trend setters!!! Squark! That is Hilarious!!!!
    She definitely looks like a galah in that pink fluffy thing.. but also in the sense that a ‘galah’ is what aussies call someone who looks like a joke!

    Oh yeah!!! That leafy applique/ earrings combo is sooo funny!!! I think I thought she should have a Koala on her left shoulder.. or maybe a kookaburra? Following on with the theme.. ahem.. and that way the kookaburra could be laughing his head off at her outfit 😉

    Oh this is fun!!! More great finds!!

    Oh yeah!! I forgot Francine had tried the zebra herself! Good find!!

    I think the black balaclava and matching black earrings is her funniest look ever!!
    You missed the tracksuit from A class Act – Francine added a snazzy belt to it. and it just looked really wrong!!

    Oh I think you missed another one..
    The ‘Mancine’ look in Life of the party is a gem!!! 😉 she’s errr he’s never looked better!!!!
    Thanks Learjet!!!


    • Here ya go.. I found Francine’s tips for jazzing up a dull grey tracksuit:

      a low slung belt that isn’t matchy matchy!

      a chunky red bangle.. because.. well.. why not! 😉


      • I think I’m even more convinced now that Francine’s accessories could double as weapons…this belt and bangle of hers at this Station 1 training seem so out of place…maybe they just decided not to film that part of the training – How to Accessorize to Maximize your Ability to Defend Yourself.


    • I’m going to admit that I actually had the “Color Me Beautiful Make-up” book. I think my mum was hoping it would encourage me to make an effort with my appearance. It didn’t. Turning 35 was what worked 🙂 (I think I’m a winter BTW). Maybe Francine is a summer. I remember thinking she looked good in salmon and that’s why I thought she was a spring….

      Um, thanks for reminding us about that tracksuit, and that horrible episode, iwsod. Maybe someone can do an “exercise”-themed post (Fitness with Dave, Lee’s legs in the red and white layered socks, Sandy Newcombe, Dotty on the exercise bicycle…) The low-slung belt is – unusual. Must have been uncomfortable.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for more Francine animal moments.


  3. I may be getting a little ahead of myself because I can’t remember what episode this fashion felony occurred, but my favourite ‘love-to-hate’ outfit is the blue paisley blouse with matching yellow paisley tie (or was that the other way around? I am not sure if it the original outfit or it’s retinal after image that has burned into my brain 🙂 ) I’ll try to find what episode that is from and my bad if this delicious ensemble is yet to come for us to enjoy.


    • Hey Cindy.. I remember seeing that outfit too so it can’t be in an ep beyond where we are up to – or I would not have seen it 🙂

      I vaguely remember it was a scene where we were introduced to someone.. was it Utopia Now? I won’t go look..
      Anyway – that one is flippin hilarious! will be interesting to see where Learjet puts that outfit in her next Francine fashion faux pas posts covering season 3!!! or maybe.. it resembles an animal!! this could be start of something awesome.. maybe we can find an animal for every one of Francine’s outfits?


      • I thinking the purple paisley might make the “look what the cat shouldn’t have eaten and so brought up on the carpet” category. Or we could link it to BJo’s dog. But I wouldn’t want to insult PaisleyJo.


    • Okay, I went to the Utopia Now post for a different reason and in the very first post is a pic of Francine in the paisley blouse (which looks purple) and yellow tie. The reason I went to the post is because I’m not sure if anyone heard, but Geoffrey Lewis passed away a few days ago. He played Peter Sacker in the UN episode. For some reason I forgot that he was Juliette Lewis’s father.


  4. Highly entertaining, Learjet. I especially like the input of the minijets! You know, I like Francine in the darker, bolder colors like the royal blue and burgundy, rather than pastels. Pastels often make her seem washed out.


    • I agree she looks good in stronger colours, but I do think she looks good in an icy blue (suits her personality!)
      The minijets are subjected to much SMK, so it’s only fair that their opinions are aired 😀


  5. Psssttt… Learjet, you left an important animal off the voting list: cow (moo)! Tee hee hee… 😀

    Oh, Francine, Francine, Francine… how I love to dislike you. I think you probably have a squishy center (chocolate coated marshmallow bunny, anyone?), and you’re loyal, and probably have other redeeming qualities, but you’re such a b-you-know-what much of the time! 😛

    I also like Francine in blue and in cowl-necks. Good call, Learjet. 🙂 I think I have to vote with Minijet two on the WFG outfit, though — it’s a bit too much, although I do like that’s knee-length… any longer would definitely be waaaaayyyyy too much. 🙂

    You’re asking for my colour opinions? Well, totally unscientifically and ignoring all the variables involved, I’d go with maroon for the left and deep/old burgundy for the right… feel free to disagree!

    Nice job, Learjet!!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to any more Learjet posts… (hint, hint)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the “non-scientific” colour opinions. At least they could be called “educated” opinions on colour, unlike mine 😉

      Re Francine as a cow – I refer you the Johari Window : her “blind” quadrant is such that we realise that she has moo-like characteristics but she remains – well – blind to them. And she dresses accordingly ….


    • Wasn’t that “Milka cow outfit” (as I call it) Amanda wore at the baron’s reception/party in “The Times They Are A Changin'” supposed to be the gown she borrowed from Francine for the occasion? Because she didn’t bring one of her own? (Though it could be debated it might not actually have been Francine’s since it wasn’t exactly a gown but rather, a top and pants, wasn’t it? Maybe Francine packed two evening outfits? Or they got the one Amanda wore elsewhere?)

      Anywhere – there you go. Cow. 😉


      • Oooh, I love Milka chocolate. I don’t see that as a cow-like outfit. I see another animal. More in a future post 😉


        • Ditto on the Milka chocolate…and I never thought of that gown as cow-like…but now that you mention itk Khell…I can see glitzy, glamorous cow!

          Future post, learjet? Yay! Looking forward to it!


  6. I think blue really is Francine’s best color (although, admittedly, I think that of pretty much everyone because I like blue 😉 ). I think it brings out the blue of her eyes, especially the lighter shades.

    I love the comparison with Galahs, too. I notice that her “Galah” outfits tend to have this feathery look to them.

    I don’t think her Waiting for Godorsky outfit is bad. The colors are nice, although maybe your daughter’s finding the pattern a little too chaotic. From her expression, it looks like she might be trying not to laugh at something, but other than that, I think her face looks normal, too. (Jestress hesitates to comment too much on the hair. Her own hair is naturally frizzy. Not like the I-just-stuck-my-finger-in-a-light-socket electric frizz from that last Francine post, though. :P)


    • So easy to judge other people’s hair when one’s own is less than perfect. I admire those who achieve sleek locks through 20 to 30 minutes of careful drying and styling a day, but frankly I couldn’t be bothered. My argument is that my hair frizzes as soon as a drop of rain falls, styled or not, but I’m just lazy.

      While I enjoy the Galah look, purely from an academic (?) point of view, I’m not keen on that greyed-pink on Francine. (I think it might it might work on Dotty though – although Dotty looks good in dramatic colours like black and bright reds so maybe not)


      • So easy to judge other people’s hair when one’s own is less than perfect.

        So true…my hair is soo flat and lifeless and looks the color of dirty dishwater. Volume? What’s that? I missed the line for the hair and make-up gene when they got handed out on my birth day. If it takes more than a few minutes or costs too much, forget it. It’s just hair.


  7. Love your fun, albeit Francine-like snarky animal part of the post Learjet! It had me laughing out loud! I do think Francine is quite beautiful in her own right but her backbiting and snide remarks distract (in addition to some of her godawful, and lethal, jewelry and fashion choices). Oh, and her hair was quite in style back in the day. (Yep, I remember trying to tame my hair so it would be sleek like hers instead of looking like the proverbial wild woman. Alas, never succeeded…. :/


  8. One thing all these pics make me realize again – how different Francine can look depending on the clothes, make-up and hairstyle she’s wearing. Look at that pic from “Vigilante Mothers” (the Galah outfit, the pic on the left) – she could easily pass as college kid there. Then, look at the one right below, from “Ship of Spies” – she looks at least ten years older on that one, doesn’t she? A bit like Mrs. Marston, actually … XD

    I really like the maroon cowl neck from “DOA”, especially in combination with that hairstyle. Proof that the 80s were less “abominable”, fashion-wise, than I remember them. 😉 As for the animal themes, I chose “snake” because – well, fashions aside, it simply suits Francine best. She can be just as poisonous but on the other hand, snakes are a symbol for wisdom, too and in China “You’re a true snake” actually is a compliment that means “You’re very beautiful” because Snakes (Chinese Zodiac Snakes) among other things also stand for beauty. (Fun fact: In my own headcanon I manipulated Francine’s year of birth so that she could be a Snake in Chinese Zodiac – because that sign simply is a great fit for her, personality-wise (though Horse might work, too). Her Chinese Element, btw, is Water … maybe explains why blue suits her so well? 😉 – I have to admit, though, that Horse with an element of Wood might suit her even better. She looks pretty good in earthy tones, too, doesn’t she? I’ll think about it. :))


    • She looks very young and carefree in the blues but more adult and dull in the dark reds and blacks. I think the “Out of Africa” look from Weekend was good (if she lost the headgear and ?icepack or heat pack). I also loved her outfit in Utopia Now (the posh dressage competitor look) – those earthy colours looked great on her.


      • There’s also an episode where she wears a very nice red cowl neck dress – and the jewelry is pretty toned down, too, as far as I remember. Might be an episode that hasn’t been talked about yet on here, though. I think it was either late season 3 or early season 4 … Don’t remember the episode’s title either …


  9. I am loving the bird look a like pictures. They are perfect!


    • I picture Francine is a more exotic bird, like a peacock (or a peahen to be pedantic). She’d look lovely in those colours and suits her more “showy” side more than the galah (which is a cute but very common bird on every corner and in every park here).


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