24/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So Shamba is not Shamba… He’s the PM.. sooo what’s his name? notShamba?
We see another exterior shot of Lee’s apartment block..
Only now he seems to live on the ground or first floor?
Okay! I have it!! Lee actually lives on all floors! He has an exact replica of his apartment on each level. Hmm maybe with just a few variations.. the one where Leslie was in the Kitchen and it seemed to have been remodelled must have been a different floor!
The ground floor apartment is where he lives when he’s expecting crooks to show up and recruit him as a double agent (Burn Out), Umm the first floor is for entertaining the PM of a foreign country that you umm accidentally drugged with a glass of milk- whoopsie!
The second, third,  fourth and fifth floors? well maybe the fifth floor was for his bachelor days (no yellow flowers there!!) the rest? I haven’t figured them out yet.. but it looks like the seventh floor was for knocking people around/ giving them a good hard shake.. [the block looks like it’s seven floors..] anyone able to help us with what goes on in Lee’s second/third/fourth and fifth floor apartments?! Winking smile

Oh dear.. I digress.. Focus iwsod!!! Okay okay.. we find Lee and Amanda in Lee’s kitchen.. whoo me like!
What is that awful disaster decorating Lee’s wall?!

Lee has his hip holster on full display.. guess now  it is well and truly open knowledge Lee is an agent..
Lee and Amanda together take the tray loaded with mugs etc. off the bench..
It’s quite sad how delighted I am to see these two doing something so natural and domestic.. Having focused on this ep for soooo long (errr unintentionally) this is like a well in the Lee and Amanda desert.. and Me is Thirsty!!!!
Things certainly have a more upbeat vibe now the PM lives!
Lee and Amanda head into the living room to join notShamba and Joe.
Lee: Here we go.
NotShamba: America is deceptively exhausting.
At this point, Amanda walks by Lee.. and I never seem to hear notShamba’s line.. because I’m transfixed by her hand running along his haaard muscled shoulder .. like that.. ahem.. alsahga
Who isn’t?! I mean come on.. this is what we are thirsty to see no?!
Sooo why does Amanda do this?? what’s going on guys?
I’ll hold off and share in comments my thoughts.. but.. it is a little familiar of Amanda to do that to ‘Mr Stetson’ whom she hardly knows huh?!!! Winking smile
Lee pauses a moment before answering notShamba, and Joe TWWH.avi_002261961looks over at Amanda – I think this is Joe looking at Amanda as if to say oops the PM got drugged and he doesn’t know it!
Lee: Ah, yeah!… it’s ahhh probably all those time zones between you and a good night’s sleep… (Lee looks up and chuckles toward Amanda.. too cute how Lee does this!)
…Ah , here, how about some coffee – it’ll make you feel better. Amanda, (Awwhhh Lee gives Amanda the first coffee!)
Amanda: thank you.
(Lee passes a coffee to Joe.. who doesn’t say thank you.. hmm.. interesting.. is Joe worried it’s drugged?)
… There you go Prime Minister.
(Lee gives Notshamba a mug also.. but.. NotShamba reaches over to take Lee’s instead –looks like Notshamba is on to Lee! Jetlag? no way!! Winking smile  Joe has a sip of his – lol guess he didn’t think it was drugged!)
NotShamba: Thank you, very much.
[Love Lee’s reaction, he seems to freeze! haaaa so busted!!]
Have you been able to figure out what happened?
NotShamba: Oh yes, you see I took a round-about way to my office and I saw my Police Chief
TWWH.avi_002281781Shamba waiting for me with a gun. He fired, I fired, he was dead!
[soo you’re not Shamba.. your name is??!!!]
TWWH.avi_002296796Joe: Shamba’s accomplice was trying to kill me and hit the guard instead. Then he must’ve panicked and he ran screaming into the streets that you (pointing to Notshamba)
were dead.
I was not of course, but I could see there was a plot against me, and Joe here was my link to understanding.
And you thought it a good idea to stay dead.
Shamba: Why be killed twice?..
(Whooo Lee’s thinking thumb starts tapping away on his mug! tee hee.. )
…My friends in Estoccia – my trusted friends – are seeing to it that my first death lasts as long as they are able.
Lee: Yes, but the truth is, you’re both still quite vulnerable…
..Now you’ve been framed for those thefts sir but you’ve suddenly coming back to life is going to look even more suspicious.
Notshamba nods.
Joe: But we know the stealing has been going on inside the EAO. We just don’t have a name.
[that is hilarious!! Just like Notshamba! No name!]
Lee: Yes we do. You shared your suspicions with one man Joe, and look what happened.
Then it is Foster. But how do we prove that?
Lee: The same way you prove a snake’s not dead…
– you see if he wants to bite ya.

[LOL Lee is starting to sound like Shamba!!]
Lots of looks…. and the scene ends there.. whoooo it’s snake bite time! I hope SMK uses a coral snake again!!! whahahahaa.

Kiwismh’s script notes:
Lee’s apartment – kitchen – night.
Lee is pouring water through a coffee filter. Amanda is talking quietly with him , looking out at Joe and Shamba in the living room.

Amanda –
I can’t get used to seeing Joe with you, here, in the middle of a case. It’s just not… Joe.
Lee – You mean he’s changed?
Amanda – No… I think I have. All the things we’ve done, places we’ve been. I’m different. He still thinks I’m just a housewife.
Amanda takes the brewed coffee into the living room. Lee follows her, privately enjoying her compliment. _________________________________________

Oh my.. what do you make of this script version guys? Adds some insight I think… thanks for sharing that snippet with us Kiwismh! I guess this underlines what some of us have been saying about how Amanda has changed and moved on.. and in Joe’s eyes Amanda is still ‘just a housewife’. Thoughts??

What do you make of Lee opening up his apartment for this little meeting?? He could have taken them all back to IFF no? what do you think guys?

Lee calls Amanda by her first name too huh.. the guy can’t help it.. oh and did you all noticed who was the one person to use a coaster on Lee’s coffee table? such a nice touch! (If you didn’t it was Amanda- of course Smile ) Aaand what do you make of the shoulder sweep (with maybe a tiny squeeze thrown in?! tee hee)

Okay byeee for now! Can’t wait to hear from ya!

35 responses to “24/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh my word, Iwsod, you have me in stitches! Between the multiple apartments and their purposes and Lee’s “thinking thumb” (which I love when he does that but it totally cracked me up when you called it that) to NotShamba…I am laughing uuncontrollably! I think my kids must think this is the funniest dinner I’ve ever made!😂 I’m also still laughing at another one of your comments from a previous post. So thank you for helping me de-stress after a stressful afternoon!

    Man, I actually wish they’d have left that exchange in from the script!!

    Also, does anyone think it’s funny that as Shamba, he wears suits, but as soon as he is revealed to be the prime minister he changes into authentic African clothing? Why could he have not worn that as Shamba!?

    I also am loving notShamba. Too bad they never brought him back with Travis the trucker from Burn Out. Would’ve been the greatest episode ever….

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  2. ScarecrowsAngel

    Yeah, too bad the Prime Minister never got a name.

    But YAY for a bit of Amanda and Lee closeness! I squeee’d the first time I saw that! Back then, I had no idea how Joe would fit in with the greater scheme of things. As an avid Amanda/Lee shipper. I admit I was a bit tense about that.


  3. I just wanted to add my appreciation for NotShamba’s “America is deceptively exhausting” line. Not only is it perfect hint to Lee that NotSHamba knows what happened with the milk, but it resonates (for me at least) outside of the episode. Many Americans program their time with leisure activities so much so that they forget to take time to simply relax with family. And with that boring philosophical interlude, I will get back to treadmilling as I enjoy my SMK leisure activity — never said I wasn’t one of the guilty ones!!

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  4. Where’s Kiwismh?? Missing ya!!! where did you go??? Hope all is okay!
    how are you finding walking through this episode you must know so well because you transcribed it?!


    • I miss hearing from KC on the walk too.. and raffie! and debilyn! I could go on and on… Hey everyone!! if you stop by – feel free to say a quick hi and goodbye 🙂


      • Thanks for missing me, Iwsod! Easter, work, houseguests, grandbaby-sitting, and some church stuff plus sonny-boy sleeping in the room with the treadmill has made it hard to get the treadmill-time I need to catch up and keep up. (It also means laundry isn’t getting folded, my other treadmill activity 😉 ) This week is crazy nuttty and I’m hoping things calm down after it, but I’ve said that before! Enjoying catching up with 2 posts this morning. Like everyone else, I’m loving this walk through WWHome. I could sub-title it as “picking apart all the million reasons that I never even realized have always made me love this episode!”


        • Huge day today.. just wanted to say – hiya Raffie!! glad you stopped by!

          I’ll try and get back in the next few days to respond to comments.. loving hearing your thoughts and feedback on myself and others!

          ready for the next post?!


        • I’m impressed, raffie! I think if I tried to fold clothes while on a treadmill I’ll fall off – LOL. When I get on one of those things I have to hold on for dear life – I’m afraid I’ll do a face plant!


    • I’m here – short on inspiration at the moment.
      Just a couple of days ago at the office, as I leaned back in my chair in quiet contentment and contemplated the number of holes that might be counted in an acoustic ceiling tile, a colleague unhelpfully observed that I should be spending my time more productively. I had no choice to inform him that, “My periods of uselessness can go on for weeks.” 😉

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  5. I kind of took the shoulder squeeze to be partly because Amanda is starting to relax and behave more like herself again. Up until now, she’s been seriously worried about Joe because he’s had a murder charge hanging over him. But now, they find out that the man he supposedly killed is still alive, and Joe can’t be charged with murdering a man who isn’t dead. The danger hasn’t completely passed because their enemies are still out there, but things are starting to come together for them. Amanda might feel like hugging Lee, but the shoulder squeeze is the most she can do in front of their guests. 😉

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  6. I love all of these comments.
    NotShamba cracks me up, both his name and his character. he mug switch, the deceptively exhausting. What a great character.

    I, too love the lingering shoulder touch, but I think it starts in the kitchen. Iwsod, I agree. Seeing them together in Lee’s kitchen making coffee for the two guests waiting in the living room. Wow!!! Amanda and Lee are so at home together, in his apartment, working as hosts, and as partners. The “Sweetheart” and the “Mr. Stetson” sounded forced, but this coffee prep and the touch on the shoulder don’t.

    Whenever I watch this scene, I try t watch Joe to see if he notices, but I always get distracted without fail by watching Lee and Amanda. Joe has got to have seen that. And maybe for the first time since he arrived back home, he may be thinking about how Amanda has changed. I have always felt that Joe was a god guy, his mind so much on the plight of those in Africa., but also very self centered. I wonder if he ever really considered what his choices were doing to his wife and kids. I think he was probably more caught up in what was happening in the country he was working in. Sometimes I think concerning yourself with others that will always thank you is easier than concerning yourself with family. Interesting that the country that he had left all to help had accused him of murder and that drove home back home. Now he realizes that so much has changed. His sons are grown and his ex wife (who remains loyal to him as a person) appears to have developed a whole life beyond him. Well, at least the PM is alive.

    I can’t help but think that Lee is thrilling inside with what just transpired between himself and Amanda. He has a pretty pleased look on his face. Not only is the PM alive, but Amanda has just aligned herself with him instead of Joe. He has got to be carefully on cloud nine.

    I think that Amanda may feel free now to reach out to Lee because Joe is acquitted. Not that she was waiting for that, but I think it was a moment of a calm in the storm that had engulfed her since she had received that call from Joe. I think she is very aware of how much things have changed in her life and as this day progressed she was more and more able to see how much more she belongs next to Lee and how much being next to Joe doesn’t fit anymore.

    Maybe now, instead of the two of them responding to each other and wondering if it would work, they can begin to realize how right it is and that it is exactly what they both want? Maybe?

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  7. “Notshamba” ROFL! Iwsod is on a roll here- great post 🙂

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  8. Melissa Robertson

    I’ve always wondered what Joe was thinking right about now. Lee called Amanda by name and a little frantically too in the library. She saved his life. Lee let her go with them to the EAO. All the looks between Lee and Amanda. Maybe he chalked her helping get the coffee with that Amanda is alls trying to be helpful. But IMHO I think he saw her rub Lee’s shoulder, and would know that was out of character for the Amanda he knows(or knew). IMHO I think right now he doesn’t have time to think about, but when it is all over he will be replaying all of this over in his mind. In the end I think he will see Amanda as a puzzle.

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    • I was thinking the same things. As much as Lee and Amanda are trying to act like they don’t know each other, they are failing miserably. They have a much easier time playing a married couple. There are so many times that people saw them together and assumed they were “together.”

      I also think that this is the time that Joe can now start to notice and process everything, now that the PM is alive so he is off of the hook.

      I think they stay at Lee’s apartment, so that he can control what happens vs. going back to the agency and Dr. Smith may take over and decide what happens. Maybe then it is case closed. The PM is not dead so Joe is not wanted for murder. End of story. But that won’t solve the corruption in the EAO.

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      • love your thoughts on how it is so much more natural for Lee and Amanda to play married couple LAAL!! 🙂

        Oh I like your ideas on why they regather to collect their thoughts at Lee’s place.. I think it’s good of Lee to open up his home to them.. he didn’t have to.. though there are reasons why it is a good idea.. he doesn’t usually have work meetings at his house – I think it’s because resolving all this is to help Amanda.. and it’s more personal.. your ideas LAAL about how the agency would view all this are IMHO spot on! 🙂

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  9. I think Amanda did it automatically. Lee and Amanda touch each other all the time and she was evidently relaxed enough that she was acting “normally”. But I do love it. And admit to rewinding and replaying it a lot

    I think that NotShamba is in the running for my favourite guest character of SMK 🙂

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    • I love the little shoulder squeeze, too. There are so many things it could be saying. Amanda approves of the way Lee is handling things now that he believes Joe is innocent. She wants to connect with him after the impersonal (and slightly disapproving) “Mr Stetson”. They’ve just had a major breakthrough in the case and can’t talk about it as partners right now, but she wants to share the moment. I could go on, but I think that all these nuances play into it — I don’t want to pick just one!

      I also love NotShamba. His pointed little trick with the coffee mugs gives new meaning to his “deceptively exhausting” remark. Deceptive? Who, Lee? And Lee’s “busted” reaction is so funny. Seems that NotShamba is not only smarter than he looks, but a quick draw and a good shot.

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      • I’ve loved reading everyone’s ideas on the shoulder caress, grope.. squeeze.. ahem..
        I think I’m with Happy Camper – there are so many things it can be saying, and it’s probably saying it all..
        An unconscious gesture of Amanda’s to reconnect with Lee, receive some comfort, give comfort, show her gratitude to Lee.. offer encouragement..
        A silent communication that all is okay between them..

        But infront of Joe like that? I’m squeezing!!! 🙂

        Yeah!!! Notshamba is a cool dude!! 🙂 Notshamboga!

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    • Favourite guest character – now that sounds like a post in the making, learjet! He’s in my top three – along with Emily and maybe Haddie Kemp 😉


  10. I love this section of the episode (who I am kidding, I LOVE this episode). NotShamba’s switching of the coffee mugs is hysterical – a great touch and reinforces the opinion we had that he was much deeper and smarter than he let on.
    I wonder too if Joe noticed Amanda’s hand trail across Lee’s back. I think he did on some level but maybe repressed it. If I were him, I would assume my ex-wife wouldn’t change so much that she was suddenly groping federal agents she just met no matter how hot they were. (And I would also wonder why Amanda seemed pretty comfortable in the federal agent’s kitchen.)
    I agree with others here — Amanda touches Lee to reassure him. Not to spoil what comes in future episodes, but I am glad the powers that be left out the “compliment’ Amanda pays Lee in the script. I hope I remember to come back to this when we do the next episode. 🙂


  11. First of all, I love the continued little comic stuff between Lee and the PM.

    Secondly, I love Amanda’s hands-on approach to Lee. This is when I felt better about where she was in regards to Lee and Joe. I wondered if it was also a way to let Lee know where she was. Now that bit from the script I would have like to have seen as it would have fit in here, but the powers that be just liked to keep dangling little tidbits here and there at us, never really satisfying our hunger for more Lee and Amanda at this point. Thanks Kiwismh for the script notes, missing you and your comments.

    Again, I have to say that Lee has just been so awesome in this episode. I like how he keeps saying “we” in all of this. Once it’s been determined that Joe is innocent he is more than willing to help him out to get the evidence that helps to prove that. He goes into protect mode and is going to do what needs to be done see this case through. And I’m sure that a lot of it has to do with Amanda.

    They needed to be at Lee’s apartment to talk to the supposed Shamba, and it was probably best to stay there especially since they know Prescott has been lurking about with the shooting at that library. No sense in letting Prescott see Shamba and realize that it’s not the Shamba he knows. Interesting how Prescott didn’t see him entering Dooley’s earlier on when he was skulking about the place. Surely he would know what the PM looks like if he knows what Shamba looks like. Besides, this is a special assignment for Lee so at this point he’s the go to person for the case. He wouldn’t need to go back to the Agency.


    • I’ m glad you brought up Prescott, Valeriejw. One thing that always bothers me is Prescott’s comments to Foster back at the baddie’s tea party about his “friend” who they can’t contact “while he’s over here.” At that time of course it was leading us to more suspicion of who we thought was Shamba, but now we know it couldn’t be him, so who was or is it? So far it seems like a total loose end. Unless we are therefore still supposed to be suspecting “NotShamba.” I guess we must still wait for the resolution till the ep is concluded.

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      • Yes! so glad Valerie raised this again.. and so did you Ruth! I meant to comment on this and forgot..
        Prescott seeing Shamba arrive at Dooley’s? I figured that Joe and Amanda left before Shamba arrived, and Prescott was following Joe and Amanda..so he didn’t see the PM.

        but.. as Ruth points out the whole inside man thing hasn’t been mentioned again yet.. if ever.. I guess we can keep an eye out for this..
        but at this point, I’m thinking Foster and Prescott had gotten news that their inside man, Shamba, had killed the PM and was on his way to the US to track down Joe and kill him too..
        They were not to know that Shamba did not kill the PM (reports were that he had been killed) and that Shamba instead had been killed by the PM.
        The PM then impersonating Shamba entered the US on his papers and so unless they saw him they wouldn’t know it wasn’t ‘their Shamba’.. it was ‘NotShamba’ 😉 .. how is that? does that fit?

        A bit random – but I also meant to get back here and tell Knell – Hey Knell I loved your Milka cow outfit idea!! lol.. no time to go hunting for where that comment of yours ended up….byee!
        Next post is coming up right away!! 🙂

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  12. The shoulder squeeze spoke volumes-did Joe even notice it? It was territorial but perhaps done subconsciously by Amanda. She had her two men together but touched only one. The script was great to read (thanks kiwismk) but not necessary for us to hear it at that point-as we could see it and we wanted Joe to see it too.
    I actually think having Joe here marks a huge turning point for Lee and Amanda. Amanda has to consciously choose now and she does. Not only do we know that but she does too.

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    • Jane!!! so great to see you stop by!!! 🙂

      Yeah I wonder how much Joe is seeing myself.. Yes I think she didn’t realise what she was doing also..

      I agree, the script is interesting, but I figure we’d come to that conclusion more or less..

      Amanda consciously chooses.. soooo true.. he is a great catalyst.. dealing with him raises so many interesting things for all the characters.. sooo I guess I do have a reason to like Joe after all 😉 tee hee..

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