25/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King


Kiwismh’s Script notes- After conclusion of the scene at Lee’s… Amanda returns home at night.

The King den – night.
Dotty is sitting up watching TV . Jamie and Philip are sacked out on the couch. Amanda enters, and realises her mother is sleeping. She turns off the TV, which of course wakes Dotty up.
Dotty – Amanda…what time is it?
Amanda – Too late for you to be sleeping sitting up. I meant to call.
Dotty – Any word?
Amanda – The best… we found him. He’s fine… he’ll visit soon.
Dotty – That’s good. You want me to help you put the boys to bed.
Amanda – They might as well stay.
Dotty – Ok, night. I knew it would work out. Dotty shuffles off to bed.
Amanda (to herself) – I sure hope it does.
Amanda turns off a few lights, then stands for a long moment looking down at her angelic sleeping sons. She gives the each a kiss on the cheek.
Amanda – Sleep tight guys… your father sends his love.
Amanda turns out the light and heads for bed.

Soooo what do you all think??!! Why did they cut it?? Kiwismh, why did you choose to share this scene with us? (Thanks by the way!! 🙂 )

Moving on.. and it’s time I guess to poke a snake with a stick and see if he wants to bite! Or maybe I should say, knock on the snake’s door and see if he wants to bite?!
[oh rofl!!! did you guys here the little snake riff as Foster opens the door?!!!]

Foster: What’s so damn important?
Lee: Hello Mr Foster. I’m a Federal Agent…
…and what’s so “damned important” is the amount of freedom you enjoy for the next 10 or 20 years.

[whooo what a line!! and said with such suave panache! soooo debonaire! Teee heee.. Such a gleam in his eyes.. I think Lee enjoys his work Smile and.. we get a good look at Lee’s ID badge here.. ]
Foster moves from the door and let’s Lee in.
[Looks like Foster is in his jimjams.. oh the indignity! 🙂 ]
… Thank you.
Lee heads inside turning to almost close the front door.. leaving it ajar.. and he heads in to talk to Snake Foster. Foster: Serious allegations Mr Stetson. A great deal of money. Do you have a name to attach to this or is strictly for my edification?
Hey, I think this use to be Mr Falcone’s office from Car wars! or at least the curtains are the same.. just no fringe..
2.18 CAR WARS.avi_20150414_153801.933
Actually I have two names. (
Lee calls out to the door:) … Gentlemen!
(Joe and NotShamba enter)
…You know Joe King,..
…and I believe by the look on your face you recognise the Prime Minister of Estoccia.

[Hilarious! No one else in Washington did!!! err well except for Joe]
Foster: Good-day Mr Stetson.
[Now that’s magical and snake like! He refers to Lee by name, but Lee never told him his name! rofl!!]
Lee nods and makes a move to leave.. pleased with how things have gone.
Lee: Good-day Mr Foster.

Why is Lee not wearing a suit? Seeing the three men standing there, Joe and Lee are dressed so similarly! Not liking that!! lol..

Well the moment Lee, Joe and Notshamba leave, the snake Foster is on the phone.. oh goody.. the agency would have tapped it right?! ahem.. On to the schoool!!!
Receptionist Arlington Heights Middle School: Just a moment. (she calls out to Prescott no longer looking like a private investigator by the way.. )
..Mr Pryor!
Prescott: Thank you. Yes sir?
[He doesn’t half look suspicious trying to go around the corner! And how does Foster know the school’s phone number of by heart?! tee hee.. ]
…No, I don’t see a problem with that at all.
Right – right…
TWWH.avi_002443476He finishes the call and hands it back to the receptionist with the most gag worthy smile of sincerity.. ugh.. this guy is  such a creep!
…Thank you very much.

Next thing we see Amanda drive into the school grounds to drop off the boys. Well this is ridiculous! It’s flippin obvious that Jamie in the backseat has nooo seatbelt on..
Not Amanda like at all! 

Amanda: Okay, have a good day. Be good.
Jamie: Bye Mom.
Amanda: Bye bye. Be good.
They share kisses and goodbyes and the boys head off..
Mrs Dennis approaches the car..
Good morning Mrs Dennis.
Mrs Dennis: Good morning Mrs King. Did you get my message?
Amanda: No, I’m sorry, I didn’t.
Mrs Dennis: Well, it’s just that he’s here again this morning and I’m very nervous about it without your say so. [and yet you let him stay.. grr..]
Amanda: Just a minute, Mrs Dennis. Who’s here again?

Mrs Dennis: Your private detective.
Amanda: My private detective?
Mrs Dennis:
The one you sent to watch the boys in case your husband comes after them. You really should have called me first.

Amanda: Mrs Dennis could you show me where he is please.
Mrs Dennis: Yes, he’s right inside.
Amanda: Right.

Amanda rushes in to where the private detective was waiting..

We see Amanda and Mrs Dennis walking toward the office, and there’s no Mr PrescottPryor.. (how come he gets two names! why can’t notshamba?!)
TWWH.avi_002490824Mrs Dennis: I’ll check to see where he went.
Amanda: Thank you Mrs Dennis.
(Mrs Dennis heads into the office to try and find Prescott.. Amanda gets out her mobile errr thingy.. phone? and punches in some numbers )
Amanda into the phone: Lee, are you there?
Lee: I’m here Amanda. What is it?
TWWH.avi_002499999[wow.. quick draw Lee! He certainly gets that phone thingy out and antenna up pretty fast while he’s driving there! lol! Oh hey, no corvette.. guess three’s a crowd.. have we seen it at all this episode? anyone? I don’t remember.. ]
Amanda: Look, I think it’s an emergency. I’m at the school. There’s been someone here. I think he’s after the boys. He’s been here before looking for Joe.
God no. We should have guessed he’d do something like this.
[Yes! You should have! well.. Lee the professional agent probably shoulda had some kind of protection for the boys – given he was poking the snake with a stick and then waiting for it to bite.. Poor Lee’s character.. for things to come together plot wise Lee seems to be rather bad at his job from time to time Winking smile I put it down to plot demands.. we must have a final showdown where Lee saves the day! sorry.. I digress!]
Lee: Amanda, where are you?
[I must resist looking at that lame phone thingie.. focus on Lee.. there.. that’s better!! Naughty Lee! he isn’t wearing his seat belt!! Actually none of these men are! very naughty!]
Amanda: At the school, 9th and Filer.
Joe: That’s the Middle School.
[Umm you do know your children go to middle school do you Joe?! Hmm I think at this point Lee may know the boys lives better than Joe does! ]
Lee: Right Amanda, you find the kids and you stay on the air okay? We’re on our way.
Amanda immediately hangs up.. or whatever that thing does.. she puts down the antenna… is she still on the air?!
Mrs Dennis approaches..aaaand sorry guys! gotta finish up here for the moment.

Hey I notice Amanda calls Mr Stetson Lee over the phone thingie that Joe can hear.. Hmm.. Sooo what do you all think of this little set up? do tell! byeee for now..

17 responses to “25/29 Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. ScarecrowsAngel

    I don’t think Amanda (or any of the guys, for that matter) ever noticed that little name faux pas, because they were all way too worried about the fellas.
    I remember that this development did not come as a surprise because it was mentioned in the German TV magazines.


  2. I assume Foster is supposed to have squinted really tight and read Lee’s name from his ID. They do put the real name on there, don’t they?


    • Yes I think they do… Or then again.. Lee’s may say ‘Resident Hunk’ it’s a toss up 😉

      Great to hear from you happycamper! How are things going? Hope things are looking good for ya!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Agree, and furthermore, Foster might have used the name very deliberately to make a point to Lee that he was a dangerous force to be reckoned with, a veiled threat.


  3. I’m currently entertaining my visiting friend from South Australia so I’ll will be doing a quick drive by here. Just wanted to say that ever since the shoulder touch Lee seems to be on a bit more even keel. I like his attitude with Foster and as he’s in the “driver’s seat” (so eloquently put by Morley) literally and figuratively. There is hint of more confidence about his standing in regards to Amanda. I keep thinking back to his reaction at Dooley’s when Amanda held him off about Joe and took charge herself. He even seems a bit smug at Foster’s. And the best lines are, “Lee, are you there?” “I’m here, Amanda.” There’s trust, there’s reassurance. So simple, so sweet, so wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Both seat belt usage and high security in public schools were at a minimum in the late 80’s in the US. But I love the way Lee and Amanda are totally forgoing the “We don’t know each other” cover now. I am glad that they aren’t trying to keep that cover so iron clad like because it is looking like this case may go even further into Amanda’s inner sanctum which is her family. When I watch this scene in the car, I am always so glad that Amanda has that ridiculous phone thing because she can be immediately connected to Lee. Joe is just an appendage here. It is Lee that is in the driver’s seat (both real and proverbial) and has the means for true communication (both real and proverbial as well). Right now I think everyone (us and the characters) are glad that Lee is in Amanda’s life.

    Sorry I am not keeping up with the posts now. Spring has finally sprung and there is so much to do outdoors, when I finally get inside to the computer I can’t keep my eyes open.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Joe can’t wear his seatbelt ‘cos he’s sitting all the way over in his seat, nice and close to Lee… just like Amanda does. 😀 (I know, I know, he has to do that in order to fit into the frame. How comfortable do you think it is, though? Do they install a bench seat [bottom] up front, or is he sitting with only one cheek on the seat? runs off to the rabbit hole)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oops — that’ll teach me not to carefully read all the other comments… Sorry, kiwismh — didn’t mean to essentially parrot you. 😦


      • I enjoyed what both kiwismh and KC wrote.. because they wrote it in their own special way 🙂 doesn’t matter that it’s the same thing.. that just means you agree! 🙂


  6. Why did I choose to share that scene, Iwsod?
    ummm, because it was there… 😀

    So Foster looks like he is in his pj’s and night robe, but it’s day time. Maybe that’s one of the perks of being rich – you get to lounge around in your jim-jams all day. 😀

    Another frivolous observation – Joe seems to be both literally and figuratively “sitting on the edge of his seat” in the car. Either that or he just wants to be close to Lee – perhaps hoping some of that drop dead handsome super-spy charisma will rub off onto him so he can get Amanda back. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  7. So can I just note that Amanda is out of the lightning cardigan, thank goodness! Not wild about that rather loud “blouse” and baby pink vest/sleeveless jumper over it, but at least the cardigan has finally gone into the wash (or hopefully the incinerator).

    Prescott give me the creeps – he’s one of those not-so-funny, oily SMK baddies that I don’t enjoy. Plus I recognise his tie. I’ve got a funny feeling Lee wore it sometime in an earlier season (KC?????) I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it on him. I have to say that I think Mrs Dennis is a bit trusting. I would hope that the head of my kids’ school would be a bit more careful. But I guess times have changed…..

    NotShamba isn’t wearing a seatbelt neither. (Was it the law to wear seatbelts in the back in the mid-80s? maybe not?) Lee may not be wearing a seatbelt and pulling up the antennae on his radio while driving, but he does look pleasingly intense while doing it 😉


    • Melissa Robertson

      If I remember correctly seat belt usage in the U.S. was just starting to be a thing. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a law yet. I remember my mom was one of the first people in my family to insist on seat belts being worn. My dad didn’t wear one until he was almost killed in a car accident.


    • in Canada mandatory seat beat use varied by province. The earliest was legislated in 1976, the latest was 1987 (1991 in the one of the territories). My father made it mandatory from the day we were born.


  8. SIGH, yes they should have protection on the kids especially since Joe specifically told Amanda it was too dangerous for her and the kids for them to know where he was at the beginning of the episode. Yes, they should have tapped Foster’s phone before revealing Joe and NotShamba. Not Lee at his spy best, for sure.


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