3/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda are shown to their room.. I know it’s a cover.. but I still love to hear Lee call Amanda Darling and Amanda call Lee sweetheart! The script has Amanda cringing at Lee’s use of an endearment, but here we see no evidence of it- I’m glad Smile
Lee: Oh, look at this. Darling, look at this terrific view.
Amanda: Oh, that’s really beautiful, isn’t it, sweetheart?


I Lee responds: Yeeeaaaaaasssss. Yes.
He is soo cheesy and over the top I love it! So cheesy! Amanda lowers her gaze though when he looks at her.. All this gushing Lee is a bit of a shock! I can understand why she would have trouble with it! Smile

Lee tips the Bellman who then leaves the room.. Amanda immediately starts in with: OK. Don’t you think we should talk about-
and Lee pulls out what looks like a cigarette case with an antenna and gives
her a look that says ‘official spy  business going on here!’ – and he finishes her sentence with
..‘ dinner? If you don’t mind darling I’d like to go down just a little early. I worked up quite an appetite on my drive.’ banter banter.. insert coupley banter.. tee hee.. Is it just me or is it really nice to see a Lee wearing a wedding ring?!

Hey this is interesting.. I went back to the car scene and arrival to check- when Amanda pulls Lee to one side to ask if he should be using his real name, He is already wearing his wedding ring! wouldn’t it have been a hoot if Amanda had noticed! Smile

See?!!  Smile Lee wasn’t wearing it when he said 96Francine’s jaw was out to here.. when did he put it on?! Winking smile Anyway, back to the room!
Lee continues: The room’s not bugged.
whoo Looks like Lee was about to head out when 77he realises Amanda is rumaging somewhere and calls out to her: What are you looking for? 78Amanda reappears..
Amanda: My room.
[Amanda is not happy! See the sudden flash of panic on Lee’s face when he sees her expression? Lol.. he knows she is not happy!!]
: Well, this is your room.
81Amanda: Then where is your room?
[Lee lets out a huge sigh.. I think he was hoping this would not be an issue- and totally kidding himself! Smile]
84Lee: It’s also my room. It’s our room. [Lee seems to be struggling for patience here..]
85Amanda: Oh, no.
Lee: Amanda, I’m going to take a look around
86while you’re dressing for dinner.
Amanda: Oh, no, wait, it’s too early for dinner. It’s only five-fifteen.
Lee: We have to be down in the lobby before six o’clock.
Amanda: Oh. Well, don’t you think that we should discuss the accommodations? I mean, do you know what I’m talking about? There aren’t enough . . . 87accommodations.
[Another huge sigh from Lee here.. suffer Lee]
88Lee: Later, okay?
[Lee heads to the door]
Amanda: How much later?
89[Lee has had enough! This look he gives her absolutely cracks me up!! Lee, she is not going to let this go- you can’t avoid this and she has a say in this!!]
Lee: Later. 1HaHaHa
91He gives Amanda a backward glances as he heads out the door- like: take a chilll pill Amanda! Well Lee’s got a lot to learn!!! Smile
92Amanda: Later means never.
The script is missing that last fabulous line of Amanda’s.. I wonder if it was a KJ ad lib.. 

I love that Amanda is not ok with sharing the room with Lee, and that she doesn’t just go along with it and not create a fuss- she is just quietly adamant that this is not ok. Amanda is willing to go along with alot- let’s face it.. ALOT! In the name of national security.. but she is not willing to go along with this!!!

I would love to hear if others agree with this or have other views- please share! but I feel like Lee is a bit exasperated with Amanda for not just going along with his plans- he keeps hoping she will change her mind.. he doesn’t listen to her when she says no here. He avoids it.. postponing things and hoping she will acquiesce in my view! I really admire Amanda for her stance.. and how she conducts herself.. Smile Man I love this episode!!

Lee takes a stroll down by the pool.. and who should shout out ‘Hi’ to him?? but a very bad girl! Wow.. this spy stuff is easy… you just walk along and they approach you and let you know they are there and make a play for you! Winking smile Soooo do you guys think Lee is taken in by Valerie here?


The pool boy fills in the gaps.. Valerie is Mrs Tuck Tucker.. Lee’s heard of Dr Tucker? Man.. is there anyone Lee hasn’t heard of? LOL! Lee is a senator’s son.. why would he say he’s heard of him.. doesn’t that lead to suspicion? hey, what do I know..  Whhoooo hooo how good is it to hear Lee say ‘my wife and I?!’ Smile
Lee: Of course, I’ve heard of Dr Tucker. Perhaps you and your husband would join us for dinner one night.
Valerie: “Us”?
Lee: My wife and I.  
Valerie: Oh. Sure. If he shows up. But you know how unreliable geniuses can be.
Lee walks off promising to look them up when Mr Tucker gets there.. (personally, I don’t see Lee being taken in by her at all but YMMV!)
ROFLMAO at the saxophone we hear as Valerie 95bosses the pool boy.. so funny! [Very Jessica Rabbit!] Ok ok.. we get it she’s smokin!!! Winking smile Ahhh smk, it’s so subtle! I love it!! whwhahaa! What a sharp contrast with Amanda wanting her own room eh..

On that saxophone note.. hoo haaaa.. I will leave it there! Did I mention I love this episode??!!!

Love to hear your thoughts! byeee back with more soon!

31 responses to “3/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hello everyone. Just loved reading about all of your thoughts on this episode, I really wish I could figure out how to “like” your comments. It’s such a pleasure to “meet” you all.
    My two cents worth are that I agree with ebineezo1, Paula and Jestress about Amanda’s attitude towards Lee. Amanda has always displayed such maturity, professionalism and wisdom it’s seems odd that she couldn’t just make the situation work. However, that being said, I wanted to also suggest that Amanda just didn’t know if she could trust herself around Lee. She knows she has a crush on him, he is indeed sending signals and has a playboy reputation, which worries her. Perhaps what she fears is waking up and finding Lee next to her in bed (post-stake out). Maybe she didn’t know if she could resist such an attraction (frankly, I know what I would do if I found Lee snuggled beside me in bed wink).
    Iswod, I love the comment from the previous page that had the script mention swimming, dancing, ect.. It would have made me swoon to have just a small scene where Amanda goes to the pool in a swimsuit. Maybe she’ll remove her swim cover in front of Lee and we get to see his reaction. Yep, I would have loved something like that. 🙂

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    • frankly, I know what I would do if I found Lee snuggled beside me in bed wink

      Well, welcome to the blog, RBG!! Now there’s a poll idea for the blog, iwsod 😉

      I wonder if the “Like” button wasn’t there for you if you’d not commented before? Every comment should have a “Like” with a little blue star to its left at the bottom. At least that is what I see on my computer.

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      • My answer to the poll question?

        I’d say, “What the heck are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Amanda?”

        Unless I’m supposed to be playing the role of Amanda. Then, I stand by my earlier idea of calling him different embarrassing nicknames. I’ve thought of a lot more since we last talked about it, and it would be a shame not to use them all. 😉


  2. Hi there.
    Okay, so I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, cause it’s not meant to be, but I just re-read it & I think it kinda does sound a bit harsh – but it’s really not meant to be…wait…mini Amandaramble! LOL! Anyway to get on with it…

    I kinda have completely the opposite view on this one. I’m siding with Lee.
    So I’m off on a bit of a rant as this has always bothered me about this episode.
    First of all, I’ll admit that Lee should have told her more about the mission before she agreed to go, including or maybe even especially about the part where they’d have to share a room. He does say that he tried to get another room but it was too short notice – but they’re meant to be married, so why would they want two rooms anyway?
    In saying that, Amanda probably has the right to be miffed about that, but once the arrangements were known I think she really should have either told Lee that she wasn’t happy about it and wanted to leave or if she decided to stay, like she did, then realise that part of being an agent, like she wants to be, is being able to work with what you’ve been given and adapt to all situations to get the job done. And I think that’s why Lee looks so annoyed in the end because he’s used to working with professionals who would realise that this is part of the job, and purely business.
    I know she has her morals and we could say that she’s sticking to them, but by this stage her and Lee have been through quite a lot together, and for a long time she’s considered them friends, so it’s not like she’s been put in this situation with some random agent that she’s only just met.
    So,if she does consider them friends and her mother doesn’t know she’s staying away and the people at the hotel think they’re married, and she no longer has Dean to consider, then doesn’t she think she can trust Lee to be alone in a room with her overnight without trying something? I really don’t think that’s fair. They are both adults after all.
    Francine was obviously going to be adult enough to share a room with Lee and realise it was all part of their cover for their mission. I know I would certainly have no objections! 😀
    What also really annoys me is the scene where they come back from dinner and he wants to get a few hours sleep before he has to go do surveillance for the rest of the night.
    After making such a fuss about the sleeping arrangements she offers to sit and read for a while, but I think he’s so over it by then that he would just rather go & sit in a closet. Why didn’t she just offer to do that in the first place as he’d made it clear he only wanted to get a couple hours sleep and then he was heading out anyway. She could have sat up and read for a few hours and then went to bed after he left. I think it was also pretty clear that he was intending on sleeping on top of the covers in his clothes…not sure why she has such a problem with this? Does she not trust that Lee wouldn’t be able to control himself if she was in the room with him or even lying fully clothed on top of the covers? You’re adults people! And I don’t want to see Lee get caught or killed because he can’t get the rest he needs before going out to tackle the bad guys (just like he says in TGTN)

    All I can say is in S3 when they goto that franchisee convention for Marvellous Marvin’s, she obviously doesn’t mind the idea of sharing a room with him then – then he gets some payback when he tells her that their cover is that they’re brother and sister and have their own rooms and you can tell she’s more than a little disappointed. So they’ve obviously known each other long enough by then for her morals not to get in the way of a mission.
    Again – sorry, but I think she should have been able to be a little more adult about it and reconcile her morals with the job at hand and the fact that she was sharing the room with Lee, someone that she’s been through a lot with by now, and not some random agent they sent her there with.
    Hmmm…maybe it’s not that she doesn’t trust Lee…maybe it’s the other way round 🙂
    Anyway – that’s what I reckon – you can probably tell that it’s been annoying me since I’ve seen this episode again LOL!


    • Nice ramble! 🙂

      I see what you’re saying. Actually, I was kind of thinking to myself one day what I would have done in Amanda’s place in that situation, and I came up with the same thing you did: tell the guy that I wasn’t tired yet and that I wanted to sit up and read for awhile and let him go to bed. Just because he’s going to sleep doesn’t mean that she has to at the same time. Plus, hotel rooms often have extra blankets and pillows in the closet (at least, the ones I’ve been to have), and I’d have scouted that out beforehand in case I needed to make up a bed for myself on the couch (such as it is) or sleep on top of the other covers myself. I’m a great believer in contingency plans.

      I also decided that I would probably get my revenge for not being told about this whole marriage things by choosing the stupidest term of endearment I could think of and calling him that all weekend. “What a lovely surprise, Sugar Kitten!”

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      • That’s an awesome idea Jestress! We should have a competition to see who can come up with the pet name we think would annoy Lee the most LOL!
        Hmmm…how about….damn! Now I’m trying I can’t bloody think of anything!


        • Love muffin? I’ve been watching Phineas and Ferb. 🙂

          Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Today is the day we reveal to the Tri-State Area the existence of the
          Investments in

          Dr. Bloodpudding: You want us to be called L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.?


      • Come to think of it, waiting for Lee to fall asleep first would also allow Amanda to do any snooping around that she might want to do on her own. Added benefit! 🙂

        On the other hand, that would be another reason for Lee to be worried about Amanda not sleeping. lol! 😉


        • Yeah..True Jestress! I think Lee was in a no win situation here! 🙂 Poor Lee!!!

          I like to think that it would have been a tougher assignment with Francine though.. she may be a professional and all but she’s so prickly and competitive!
          Actually.. imagining Francine in Amanda’s role for this job is making me feel sick. Must.. stop this train of thought!

          It’s groovy ebineez came back to this episode just as we finished up Mr Brand – given that the baddie Kenneth Clayton-Dobbs was living at the Cumberland 🙂

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    • All good Ebineez! I hear ya!!!

      Oh I think weekend is one of those episodes where It was a process. I really went through a journey of understanding with this one and it wasn’t until the end of it that I came up with a picture of what was going on. I’d say to anyone reading my weekend posts – read the whole lot – my views tend to change or expand over the course of the episode..

      I can see both Lee and Amanda’s side.. and blaming Lee for everything is a bit rough 🙂

      At the same time, Lee knew Amanda would not be happy about it – he knows she is not a pro, and he knows she is sensitive about this stuff – so IMHO he can’t blame her for being her about it..

      Yeah later in the show, Amanda has grown and learned.. but for now, Amanda is a newbie and Lee can’t and shouldn’t expect Amanda to be a different at this point IMHO.. I vaguely remember saying that Lee knows this is how Amanda is at this point because of TGTN and also because that’s why he keeps the cover from her in the first place.

      Sure Lee had no choice about the room.. not his fault.. but he had a few things he did or expected which were not fair of Amanda. Whether I agree with her stance or not doesn’t matter – it only mattered what Amanda thought of it.. and it was clear what she would think. thus- why Lee was also avoiding dealing with it..

      I see Lee as caught in a situation with Amanda that is partly his own making, but also partly not his own making. I think Lee and Amanda have a better understanding of each other by the end of the episode..

      I’ve enjoyed hearing your thoughts ebineez.. I found weekend to be a fascinating little riddle to make some sense of.. I came up with my own theory about it all – but I also vaguely recall that many people did not agree with my view of things on this one.. but that’s okay.
      I loved the thought that Lee was saying to Amanda he wasn’t making an assignation, while his body and his unconscious were sending out vibes to Amanda unconsciously that he was interested 😉 It’s that whole capgras syndrome thing we were talking about in OOADP – their bodies are communicating to each other the whole time.. and neither is really aware of it!
      gosh.. has anything I’ve just written made any sense? at all?
      Oh well.. just my ramble in response to ebineez sharing her thoughts.. make of it what you will!!!
      Ebineez would be interested to hear what you make of the episode after having walked through the whole episode – if you’d like to share! byeeee


      • Oh yeah I agree that Lee should definitely have told Amanda before they left for the hotel so she could have made a decision then about it. I think she still would have went when she found out because she knew Lee needed her – no matter how badly he may have phrased it 🙂
        And if he had done that then she wouldn’t have been surprised about it when she got there. I don’t think it’s the fact that she objected to it that ruffled my feathers – she has that right under the circumstances. I think it’s like Paula & Jestress said it wouldn’t have been too hard to get around it. But if Lee had told her in the first place she could have been thinking about all those things on the way there instead of freaking out about it when she did get there. And maybe if she didn’t feel anything but friendship for Lee at that stage it wouldn’t have bothered her so much.
        Though like we all say – then it wouldn’t be as interesting for the show – and have us talking about it thirty years later LOL!
        I only just watched this episode again recently so I think that’s why I had to jump on the reply this afternoon when I was reading your post 🙂


      • I was thinking about this conversation yesterday as I was working on a story. Actually it was perfect timing for you to bring this up ebineez as far as my SMK world was concerned. So thanks.
        Amanda can be a very flexible person, she can go with the flow as Lee said about her in 3 Faces of Emily. But there are some times that she gets inflexible, this was one of them. And I tend to think I was because she hadn’t sorted herself out yet. She was still trying to get a handle on the crush thing she had for Lee and so she got a bit irrational.
        I like the capgras syndrome argument, obviously. A lot of the conflict between the two of them had nothing to do with rational thought or actions, I think.


  3. I don’t think Lee is interested in Valerie, but perhaps feels a twinge of satisfaction at her obvious interest – especially since the woman he really is interested in has just acted like sharing a room with him is the most appalling idea she’s ever heard of.

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  4. I feel conflicted about this. On the one hand Lee has been abominably sneaky, after TGTN he knew Amanda would have a problem it’s this and he decided to railroad her into it anyway.
    However in TGTN Amanda didn’t know Lee very well and therefore had more cause for concern about sharing a room with a man she didn’t really know. They are now, in her words friends, so really what’s the big deal about one of them sleeping on the floor. Amanda is not dating anyone else, Lee despite his playboy reputation hasn’t made any sort of play for Amanda so surely as friends they could have shared a room. A room, not a bed.
    I guess secretly I am watching this scratching my head thinking what wrong with you woman, how can you resist sharing a room with this man! I’d do it in a heartbeat but I guess I have loose morals LOL
    The line about later being never is spot on!


  5. Look! Another “Darling”


  6. iwsod, yes – Amanda does go along with A LOT for national security – and I’m with you, I’m glad she stood her ground here….cuz she’s nowhere near being in loooove…he is not her type! Nor does he deserve her!

    She is obviously veeery attracted to Lee – who wouldn’t be? – but has been kicked around by him enough professionally. It’s clear he doesn’t respect her that much, if at all, professionally and I think that really bugs her. I think she realizes in this episode that he is not going to change and that it is no big deal to share a bed with a woman he’s not married to or respects, etc. I think that is not okay with her and she wants no part of that.

    And no, I don’t think Lee gets taken in by Valerie Tucker – especially based on what he said to Billy later. He may be a playboy, but I think he draws the line at married women – don’t know why, we have no real evidence of that – it’s just a gut feel. I think having the pool ‘boy’ present makes it a bit obvious that Valerie is into looking good and being worshipped by men…. I don’t think Lee likes that kind of woman. Again – gut feel.

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  7. I agree Paula, How hard would it be to say ‘I’ll sleep on the floor’. But I think this is an example of her stubborn streak. I considered for a bit that she might be extra pushy about the situation because she’s still thrown by the married cover and worried Lee had ‘that kind of weekend’ in mind but while Lee is a playboy, I don’t think Amanda would think he would put pressure on her for something like that.


    • Hi Allofakind! So great you found your way over here! ( I edited that first post of yours to fix your name so don’t worry!)

      Maybe it was Amanda’s stubborn streak.. It is probably my psychology studies affecting me(LOL!) I thought Amanda’s behaviour was not rational.( not badly written, it was written to be not rational) – Amanda has a deep trust in Lee already.. and on some level she knows he isn’t going to just ‘go there’ with her – but at the same time – her fears go wild! Her strong attraction to him, the intimacy of the situation, and the hints he ( unconsciously) gives that he finds her attractive are playing havoc with Amanda’s logical mind- eek! I am probably reading way more into it than there was.. but that is how I see it.. Amanda’s imagination or neuroses take over Amanda’s mind for a crazy moment! ( another crazy moment: in filming Raul in the car – where Lee didn’t take up her ‘challenge’ ahem…) I’m not sure if I said it in my post – but I see this epiosde as being the one where Amanda puts her crush on Lee away.. She still finds him attractive and all, but by the end of the episode she has dealt with her strong attraction to him, accepted nothing is going to happen, and that Lee wasn’t looking for anything to happen.. they are just going to be friends and co-workers/ partners?! Lee isn’t looking to add Amanda to his list of flings.. (as you wrote on yuku Allofakind, he knew she was different and if something started with Amanda- it would have to be the real deal.. )
      Thanks for bringing me back to this episode Allofakind I hope we have given you food for thought on the shower scene and what it means 🙂 byeeee


  8. I am going to go with my newly arrived at theory htat Amanda only packed a slinky night gown or forgot to pack anything at all. Or maybe she sleep walks and doesn’t trust herself not to ravish Lee, floor or no (I wouldn’t trust myself IYKWIM). I’ll join you in that snicker.


  9. You know, I think the only thing that bugs me about this episode is how over-the-top Amanda is about the bedroom situation. Every resort/hotel has extra pillows and blankets in the closet. The whole thing could be put to rest if she decided she was setting up camp on the carpet rather than risk losing control of herself and ravishing fine Lee Stetson (snicker). If Lee’s a gentleman, he’d offer to take the floor setup and let Amanda take the bed.

    Of course, that would be too easy and not nearly as much fun.

    Valerie Tucker. I think if Lee’s cover was anything but married (especially newly married), he’d probably meet up with Valerie once, just for kicks. Painful as it is to admit, I think that’s Scarecrow’s frame of mind at this point in his life. Good thing his finer character wins in the end, huh?


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