21/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

So at the end of the last post we left Amanda and Francine with the giggles.. and Amanda realising ‘We’re in a lot of trouble’
I love that the scene then cuts straight to Marvin standing at the location with his briefcase – oh yes Amanda! You and Francine are in a lot of trouble!!!

FFFT1.avi_20150516_223403. 45
It’s 4:05; they’re late. Everybody, stay on your toes.
Billy orders the team.. why I don’t know.. since the team never do anything anyway! Only Lee can save the day!! right?!
Billy scurries (yes scurries) over to join Lee.
LOL. Billy looks so tiny next to Lee here.. he umm must be standing in a ditch.. and Lee.. isn’t! Seems Lee has decided watching the drop requires a leather jacket and gloves.. well.. you’ve got to have a good firm grip on those binoculars!
(The scarecrow could probably open a safe with those binoculars! Winking smile )

Back to Carla and Barry..
Carla looks pretty happy with how things are going.. she can hear the ker-ching already!
Carla turns and walks over to Barry.
Carla: Meet you at the airport.  Twenty minutes.
[so weird how all of a sudden she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty. She strikes me as the sort who would not have trusted Barry to collect the $$. ]
Barry: Right.
(Carla turns and collects a gun from the van.. then turns back to Barry)
Carla: And Barry… Once you’ve got the money… take him out.
(Carla holds the gun out for Barry, who looks at it and then finally takes it.)
Barry: Take him out? My father?
Carla: He’ll be the last witness, Barry—once the women die in that freezer.
[Umm have we forgotten about Mr Stemson? and Eddie isn’t dead either for that matter! Carla has suddenly gone soft in the head now all that money is so close!
Plus, how arrogant is this woman to think that she could just tell Barry to kill his father and he would do it?? She’s dumb to trust Barry to do this.. the guy is a wimp- he was okay with remotely stealing money from pop.. but not with standing in front of him and shooting him.. he’s too gutless for that! Any dill can see that!]
Barry: You’re not planning to tell them where they are?
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223435. 78FFFT1.avi_20150516_223436.678
[Barry seems to have thought he was playing a game here.. did he not know that Bendix is murdered? or that Eddie got a radiator rammed down his throat? or about the bomb in Lee’s room? He’s been too dumb to realise how ruthless Carla is.. but now he’s in so deep he can’t say no. I figure Carla would have just shot him there and then and collected the money herself if he had refused]
Carla: This is the big leagues, Barry. We’re playing for keeps. Get going.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223440.683Barry looks unsure of this plan.. but being a good little wimpy boy, he does what he’s told,
puts on his helmet, flips down the visor.. revs the motorbike and then rides off to collect the money.. and kill his father!
This has failure written all over it! Who would trust Barry?!
Back to Marvin waiting…
We hear the motorcycle approaching..
Lee and Billy at a distance watch on and see Marvin moving..
They see the motorcycle approaching.. Is it just me or does that motorbike sound like a fly?!
uh oh … Lee’s not happy..
Lee: A motorcycle. Dammit!!!
Oh noooo! A motorcycle will ruin everything!!! The homing device will no longer be effective??!! and.. that helicopter that Lee mentioned will be rendered inoperable??!! (ahem.. )
If only Lee the superspy had prepared for the all powerful buzzing motorbike!!!
We see Barry approaching Marvin and the briefcase..
He rides past, and turns to come back..
Lee runs for the motorbike blurting out before he goes:
He’s gonna snatch the case and run.
[Ummm what did Lee expect? that Barry stop, pick up the money, assemble a trusty fold out table on which he would  count all the money and then figure it was a good time to leave? oh my.. Scarecrow! This Barry is super clever! He’s going to take the case… And Run!!!]
Lee runs to the motorbike which just happened to be waiting there.. what luck.. Love how the other 4 or 5? agents all get in the one car.. lol I’m sure they’ll head straight to goofy golf and not even bother to try and nab the cunning Barry!
But Lee – he’s got the jacket for a motorbike ride.. oh and he has a helmet?!!  what luck! and gloves? what luck!
Back to Barry, who gets off the motorbike and asks for the briefcase. lol!!! (I’m surprised he doesn’t say please!)
why not just take it..
Barry: Give me the money, Pop!
Marvin: Never!
[they should have given Barry a less shiny helmet.. you can see all the crew lighting in it and reflection of the sound guy.. everything. lol.. yes that’s how interested I am in this little scene!]
(Barry pulls the gun on Marvin.)
Marvin: You haven’t got the guts.
Correct! (Barry throws the gun to the side and tackles Marvin.)

Marvin was right.. he didn’t have the guts.. I’m pretty sure I’m suppose to be thinking right now – ahh Marvin took a stand! I figure this is suppose to be Marvin’s moment of triumph.  He knew his son was a wimp and knew he wouldn’t shoot.. rah rah.. but you know what? Maybe it’s just me but I’m annoyed at Marvin. He hasn’t followed what Lee said – and Amanda is being held hostage (as far as he knows) and is counting on this exchange to be returned. Not to mention all those innocent Marvin’s customers.. Lee promised trackers and helicopters – and they weren’t going to get away with it. To me, this moment for Marvin is all about his ego – and sticking it to his wimpy son. Goading Barry that he hasn’t got the guts?! Marvin has completely thrown the plan into disarray and has once again put Amanda’s life at risk. It was because of Marvin she was captured in the first place – and now? All Marvin can think about is teaching his good for nothing son a lesson.. This is maybe one reason why I’ve never warmed to the Marvin character, I see him as quite  selfish individual.

Ignore me if you like him.. I often ignore myself Winking smile tee hee..

Lee would never let his own ego or need for revenge get in the way of risking an innocent’s life.. Poor form Marvin.. It makes me wonder if Barry and Marvin are more similar than they first appear.. both have lousy taste in FFFT1.avi_20150516_223541.143women and a lack of judgement. Booooo..

The shot cuts to Carla, standing near the van and looking through binoculars. She takes a deep breath and watches on as this colossal mess unfolds..
Looks like Barry and Marvin fight, Marvin ends up on the ground and the $$ spills out of the briefcase..
How ridiculous..
but wait! Here comes Lee on his motorbike! It’s time for the duel of leatherjackets and motorbikes!
[what’s with the tinkling mixed in with the super ramped up action music??!!!! rofl!!!! the music is so over the top it’s funny!]
Rofl at the treasury notes sticking out of the briefcase as Barry takes off..
Here comes Lee.. well.. probably stunt Lee..
I guess it’s not Olympics this week.. it’s motorcycle grand prix and the race is on..
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223606.367Billy has prime position with his binoculars but decides.. nahh I want to be in the race too! I’m going to join the race with Lee’s corvette! why does Lee get to have all the fun?! Carla runs to the van and takes off – is she joining the race too? Hey why not… let’s all race! this could be fun!
Well everyone.. what can we say about this oh sooo hooo humm motorbike race?
Not Barry is chased by Not Lee..
ROFL at the ‘Lee Cam’ camera view!
Barry, Lee, motorbikes.. trees.. grass.. growing.. over it!
But wait! we have another Lee cam shot!
Quit playing around Lee..
Is it just me or does Lee’s motorbike sound so much more masculine than Barry’s! Winking smile
Oh enough! Not Lee pulls up along side Not Barry and dives on him, sending them both down a grassy soft hill Winking smile
Silver helmet wrestles Black helmet.
[Or is that ‘Dark Helmet’ from Spaceballs?! lol that would make Lee Captain Lone Starr!]
lone starr and dark helmet
whahahaaa.. Sorry.. I digress!
Billy obediently brings Lee his corvette.. LOL..
One punch in the guts and Barry is begging for mercy – wimp!!
Barry: Okay, okay!
[rofl.. he’s begging for mercy before he’s even seen the big gun! What! A! Wimp!]
(Lee aims his gun at Barry.)
Am I distracted?? You bet I am..
Whoooo me like Lee and his helmet hair! Is there anything this man’s hair can’t cope with?!
Lookin good scarecrow! Ahem.. right..
I better pause here for the moment and collect myself!
Anyone love this action finale??
What did you all make of Marvin’s performance here at the handover? Do tell!!! byeee for now and back with more soon Smile

18 responses to “21/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. One perfect question: “Is there anything this man’s hair can’t cope with?” I’m rolling.

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  2. Hi everyone! I’ve been stuck in RL far away from the rabbit hole for a while and now I’m trying to catch up with you. Just a couple of quick comments while I catch my breath. First, for the record my votes go to Dove dark chocolate and Lindor dark chocolate truffles. Second, love the coincidental color coordination between the bikes and their respective riders. Third, questionable call for Billy to take Lee’s ‘vette, don’t you think? Wouldn’t he have wasted far too much time adjusting the seat so he could reach the pedals. 😉

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  3. Just a quickie – as I’m almost caught up and want to be through with Barry the Brainless!

    I’m not a fan of 80s fashion. Not one bit. But I’ll admit that while I didn’t have a sweater like Carla’s got no here, when I was a teen watching this show, I probably would have wanted one. The repetitive geometric pattern on it would have appealed to me.

    “This is the big leagues, Barry.” I guess it’s the baseball reference, but I’ve always loved this line of Carla’s. Probably doesn’t translate well outside the US.

    Now we see Carla’s fatal flaw – she trusts Barry to carry out the critical part of her plan. At this point, if anyone out there was wondering if these two would succeed and Francine and Amanda would freeze to death, we now know that it won’t happen. Yet another silly baddie who just isn’t good enough to outwit Lee!

    LOL at Barry’s shiny helmet! God catch!

    Iwsod, I think I am finally agreeing with you about Marvin here and how he gets caught up in the present moment with his son and seems to forget all about Amanda and isn’t following orders like he is supposed to. (Actually that sounds a bit Amanda-ish. But he isn’t Amanda, now, is he?) . He does seem quite selfish here, but the drama of the moment is so overwhelming, and he is not a trained agent at handling his emotions, so I can give him a little slack.


  4. Iwsod, this post had me cracking up from beginning to end. Your comments are so awesome and I absolutely loved the Spaceballs shout out.

    As Lee told Amanda earlier he’s had a lot of field experience, so just like a boy scout he’s always prepared. Cheesy leather jacket, check…miraculously appearing leather gloves, check…ridiculously large binoculars, check…matching, just-in-case motorcycle, check…stuntman transition helmet, check…requisite chase scene, check….and action!

    All those hamburgers must have made Carla suddenly stupid or she ingested some of that poison. Really, did she think that anyone wouldn’t be able to connect her and Barry to this whole mess? And did she really think that milquetoast Barry would actually kill his father. I don’t think it would have mattered who it really was Barry just wasn’t going to be able to do it. I don’t know why she didn’t go for the money herself.

    Marvin just doesn’t seem to get it and he keeps messing things up. I don’t think I ever really focused on Marvin that much to begin with. He seemed to be a somewhat benign character, but walking through this episode has made me see him in a more negative way. He certainly doesn’t listen and is pretty pigheaded hone it comes to following directions. He keeps saying that he’s concerned about his customers and others, but then doesn’t follow through with the plan.

    Loving intense, helmet hair Lee!!


    • Awh Valerie! you made my day 🙂 thanks!

      I love this show.. and at the same time.. it deserves a bit of making fun of sometimes.. you know? Hopefully my posts haven’t gone too far over the edge – sorry if for you they have everyone – I’m very aware when I write whooooo is that too harsh?! and I actually pull back a bit (occasionally!) out of love for the show.. It can be a bit of a guessing game when publishing online and sharing your thoughts with others.. even after a few years doing this I still have concern for it.. and maybe that is not a bad thing..
      Well there ya go – anyone who is considering writing a post about smk for JWWM? Rest assured, it is normal to be a little anxious about what readers will think – but time and again the readers here are generous and kind.. and just want to enjoy the show together – yes even the lame bits! lol!! 🙂 So maybe that will reassure some of you to make the leap – and comment.. or make the leap and – write a guest post! the offer to publish the posts of regular comments is still very much alive and well 🙂

      Valerie! ‘milquetoast Barry’ is Perfect! I Love that! You’ve captured the essence of Barry 🙂

      good call Valerie, Marvin’s words are that he’s an okay guy.. but his actions? Say otherwise!


      • So, now that some graduations and open houses are lessening and the cleaning and closing of my classroom is settling down I’m working on a possible post of Amanda’s ability to get what she wants, especially in regards to Lee. Am going back to S1 and taking notes. Will keep you posted as to how it goes.

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    • Forgot to add – Use the Schwartz Valerie!!!! (gotta start a spaceballs thread over at Ned’s!!!)


  5. I am with you on the Marvin analysis Iwsod. He’s a bit of a self righteous so and so….
    I am LMAO at the pic of Lee and Billy with those binoculars, for some reason I just think they look funny. Why does Lee have to have the largest pair, is it a euphemism for something 😉 Billy’s seem a bit smaller and Carla got a teeny tiny wimpy pair. Cmon she’s the rutheless evil killer….she can handle a big pair LOL
    Hilarious that Lee just happens to keep some leather gloves on, good thinking, you never know when you might be needed to join in the Isle of Man TT race…..sorry high powered and exciting (not) bike chase.

    I reckon Carla would probably bump Barry off at a later date when they had safely escaped. She definitely used him as an ally against Marvin but not feeling a deeper Bonnie and Clyde connection between them.

    Helmet hair LOL it still hasn’t moved much has it.

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    • Helmet hair is part of the reason I stopped bike riding – it’s compulsory to wear a bike helmet in NZ. It’s a sensible rule, but a source of not a little anxiety for those of us who don’t have Lee Stetson magic hair. 😀

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    • Hey Jenbo.. yeah Marvin hasn’t improved on closer inspection.. but I guess it does highlight the good that Lee and Amanda are doing – regardless of whether the individual deserves it – because it’s for the good of society and the good of all those innocent marvin’s customers..
      I see it as highlighting the agency’s graciousness.. Yep that’ll do!

      rofl at the comparison of the size of the binoculars! I never noticed that before!!!! so funny!!


    • I am late to the party. Those first weeks out of school are supposed to be relaxing, but really they are full of catching up on everything that you have ignored all semester… arg!

      Marvin is self righteous. He reminds me of people I know that have lived their life in their own bubble of what they were passionate about and have become separated from reality in some way. Marvin has forsaken family for burgers and as much as I do not think Barry is admirable in any way, part of the problem is Marvin’s. Carla has figured out how o prey on everyone’s short comings, the poor guys (not).

      I have to overlook the convenience of the leather (look) jacket and gloves. I guess the guys would think the motor bikes are cool. I only care about the freezer, get on with it already boys…

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      • Welcome to the party 🙂 It never ends!
        ‘self-righteous’ whooo I like that description..
        Milequetoast Barry and self-righteous Marvin!

        Yes Carla could have been a good agent.. and used those skills for good – not for evil! oh well..


  6. Ahh – obligatory action sequence to appease all the men (yeah right!) that tune in every week.


  7. I don’t have anything profound to say but note that:
    – Carla looks muche better in a 80s jumper, jeans and ankle boots than she does in canary yellow and Marvellous Marvin red
    – Barry looks a bit like Ralph Fiennes in his motorcycle gear
    – despite his unfortunate open mouth/tongue half-out expression, Lee looks very good in the last screen cap: his hair is almost up to early season two standards 🙂 (and I still like that shirt)


    • It’s funny, I was looking at those pics of Barry and thinking that he should have had a career as a leading man. But there’s something about his look, his features, his aspect… not sure what it is, but it’s a magic something that BB and Ralph Feines have, that the guy who plays Barry doesn’t have.
      Just goes to prove it’s more than just looks that make the man. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • You think Barry is good looking?
        While it is universally acknowledged by all that Mr Lee Stetson is a honey to look at… I would assume we rate attractiveness with some variety between us… which is half the fun 🙂 I liked the busker Lee look (what was it Jenbo called it? the beardy weirdy look?!) – but I know others thought it was not a good look lol..
        For me, Barry is too much of a wimp who is not a good person – for me to find him good looking..
        Spot on Kiwismh! It’s sooo much more than looks that make the man 🙂 well said!

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