22/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Barry freezes when he sees the oh so scary gun. FFFT1.avi_20150609_173134.629_thumb[1] Barry: Look… okay, okay. Billy climbs out of Lee’s Corvette. Whooo looks like the ‘team’ of agents has also joined them – excited to get the chance to see the great scarecrow in action.. all by himself.. doing everything.. (guess goofy golf is later!) FFFT1.avi_20150609_173138.128_thumb[1] Barry: Don’t shoot… I’ll tell you what you want. Lee: The poison—where was it sent? FFFT1.avi_20150609_173530.303_thumb[1] Barry: Carla’s got all the information… FFFT1.avi_20150516_223727.250_thumb[1] Billy joins them. Rofl at the row of agents now holding the one little wimpy Barry at gun point!! FFFT1.avi_20150516_223728.450_thumb[1] [Oh wait.. there’s an agent in the driver’s seat there.. there were 5 agents in that one car! lol!] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223728. 50_thumb[1] Barry (continues): … probably on her way to the airport at Silver Springs. Billy: I’ll get the Agency chopper. [oh yeah.. the chopper.. why it wasn’t following Barry on his motorbike is anyone’s guess] (Billy turns around and hurries in the direction of the Agency sedan.- I guess he tells that agent there in the driver’s seat to radio for the chopper.. Off Billy goes to deal with the poison.. Ahhhh notice what Lee did here? He asked about the poison first.. Not about Amanda first.. I wonder, if Billy hadn’t shown up so quickly, would Lee have asked about Amanda first?? Or is this part of Lee coming to terms with being a professional and dealing with is feelings for Amanda? Ohhh how I want to jump ahead here.. but I must resist – be strong!!!! What do you all think of this?] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223731.653 Lee: Yeah… Get up. (Barry does what he’s told.. as usual! lol!) (Lee grabs Barry’s jacket) Lee: All right, now—Amanda and Francine. Where are they? [I guess Lee is assuming Francine has been taken at this point? No one has confirmed this.. but okay.. whatev] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223734.458FFFT1.avi_20150516_223736. 58 The actor playing Barry has it down pat.. He just looks soooo dumb and wimpy!! FFFT1.avi_20150516_223736.459 Barry: In a flash-freezing compartment at the plant. Number 4. It’s set to go on at 4:30…. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223737.658 …Once it does, you’ve got ten minutes. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223743.265 (he sounds like such a brat at the end here! but.. he still easily hands over the information.. rofl! ) FFFT1.avi_20150516_223744. 66(Lee grits his teeth.) [what was it Carla said? ‘…once activated, these units can freeze up to fourteen tons of beef patties rock solid in less than twenty minutes.’ Barry knocked off ten just to annoy Lee?] [Lee’s cheeky mad! Scum!] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223744.466 Lee: You… [I’m guessing the next word was ‘Scum’ errr.. dirtbag?! what other PG rated names are baddies called?] (Lee pushes Barry away and starts running toward his Corvette.) Lee: Take care of him. [Oh please let that be code for: Beat the snot out of him! Winking smile ] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223750. 72 I like to think the ‘team’ are leading Barry away and giving him a few whacks err ‘accidentally’.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223751.674 One punch? grabbing his jacket? that’s it??!! very unsatisfying! lol.. Barry was just too easy haaaa  I wanted him to suffer more! [lol how did five agents, Billy and Barry all fit in that little car? tee hee.. maybe the chopper came to get Billy and Barry, so the ‘team’ could head off to goofy golf after all..] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223756. 79 The dirt flies! (cool turn!) Lee speeds off to find Freezer 4.. Freezer 4.. Back to the freezer.. that’s freezer 4.. and we see the clock hit 4:30 and the freezer kicks in. We see Amanda and Francine very subdued and sleepy in the freezer.. Francine groggily comments: The timer… FFFT1.avi_20150516_223806.890 In comes the snap freezing stuff! FFFT1.avi_20150516_223822.907Lee speeds to Marvin’s.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223824.908 Francine and Amanda are very sleepy semi popsicles. Hurry Lee! Freezer 4!! Lee arrives. hurrah! He rushes to free them.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223839.721 Yes!!! He’s found the freezer.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223843.725 Errr.. Freezer 3??? you big dufus scarecrow!!!! You need Freezer 4!!!!! Lee looks inside, then slams the door. Rofl.. let’s have Lee go to the wrong freezer first to increase the suspense [and make Lee look like he really is ‘Scarecrow without a brain’ in the process! Ohh defender of Lee’s dignity Raffie.. what do you make of this one??!!!] Lee runs some more.. Oh looky.. Freezer 4!!!! Hurrah! FFFT1.avi_20150516_223852.534 Lee struggles with the door.. Hurry Lee! eek!!! I can’t stand the suspense here! Quick! GIVE ME CHOCOLATE- NOW!!!  Num num.. oh look (num  num) Lee shoots the padlock.. and (num num) opens the door to find Francine and (num num) Amanda! Lee (shouts): ‘Manda? Amanda: Yes! [whoo he doesn’t even call Francine’s name.. poor Francine! but hey.. It’s Amanda Lee is in love with Smile ] Lee bends down to help Amanda and Francine up.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223911.756 They both seem a bit dopey.. but their legs work pretty well.. me thinks Lee should have carried Amanda out Smile FFFT1.avi_20150516_223912.559 I do believe they are Amanda’s ‘Lee’ jeans she is wearing Smile FFFT1.avi_20150516_223914.557 Lee: Come on. Outside Amanda and Francine are rubbing their arms and hands. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223916.559 Lee shuts the freezer door while Amanda and Francine watch. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223919.362 Lee turns back to Francine FFFT1.avi_20150516_223919.762 and Amanda, FFFT1.avi_20150516_223919.762 Francine: Ohh. Lee: Come here. Lee pulls them both into his arms. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223921.363 There’s something really really wrong with this picture.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223921.764 LOL it’s probably the look on Francine’s face.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223923.365 I’ll focus on how Lee only has eyes for Amanda! FFFT1.avi_20150516_223923.766 Francine seems to look at Lee looking at Amanda here.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223924.166 what can she see? FFFT1.avi_20150516_223924.567 So interesting how Francine is so fixated on Lee here.. FFFT1.avi_20150516_223925.368 What’s she thinking? [Maybe this trusting people thing isn’t so hopeless after all huh?] FFFT1.avi_20150516_223927.770 And Amanda is staring off into the distance.. Not really focused on Lee or Francine.. What do you all make of this?? whoooo do tell!!! The scene ends here so I shall too. I can’t do this post and not mention the fabulous smk blooper vid by SMKjennilee about this famous freezer 4 moment.

Such a cleverly done little vid.. I love it! come on you lot! If you’d like to share your ideas: what’s going on here with Lee, Francine and Amanda?????!!!!  Or you got questions about it you’d like to ask others? go for it!! I can’t wait to hear what you guys make of this!!!! Byeeee!

31 responses to “22/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Just want to add my two cents that I don’t think Amanda would have ever considered Lee prioritizing saving her over saving millions. He would have known that she would want him to stop the poison sauce first – after all, this episode began with her boys eating Marvin’s burgers.

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  2. Not liking Francine snuggling her head up to Lee’s chin….but boy Lee is sure looking rather intently at Amanda. I have to say I think she’s probably in a wee bit of shock at the thought of how close she came to being a frozen popcicle hence staring off into the middle distance.

    I did laugh at that picture of Lee threatening Barry…..must be super important to make his jawbone protrude like that LOL


  3. LOL, 5 (or more) agents in the car, and then all holding Barry at gunpoint — I love it! I hope this is another case of SMK laughing a bit at itself, because, if this was meant to be serious, the script-writers have some serious self-evaluation to be do! (This reminds me a bit of “Playing Possum” — I always get a giggle when I see Billy, Lee, Yury, and Amanda all looking so serious about the possible fate of the human race as their station wagon chases a hearse! (Oh, I never picked up on the symbolism there til I wrote that … probably ought to go back and read the blogging on it.) But I digress…..

    Yep, Lee had to ask about the poison first, of course for professional reasons, but also to give Billy something else to scurry off to. Billy and the agents are only allowed to take so much face time away from our Lee … whose face looks particularly good in this particular episode, by the way.

    Oh, I see my GOLD (Guardian of Lee’s Dignity) credentials have been called upon and that other club members have jumped to Lee’s defense. Yay! Of course he didn’t trust Barry! The other possibility is that Lee’s eyes were blurred by his emotions and he could not discern the 3 from the 4. Surely Lee, the champion of the “hunh?” look in Season 1 :-),
    could not otherwise confuse a 3 for a 4.

    Is the freezer not already cold before Amanda and Francine are placed in it? I guess not, but I see boxes in it. Francine and Amanda don’t look as though it’s cold in there. I’d be balled up in a little knot. So I guess it’s a warm fridge/freezer and the boxes are not full of perishable items.

    And in response to BJo’s last thought, I agree that Amanda seems to be guarding her emotions with Francine around. When they were all in Lee’s hotel room, Amanda was so reserved as to almost make me wonder what was bugging KJ.


  4. There’s something really wrong with this picture..LOL it’s probably the look on Francine’s face..


    Okay, if Francine was wondering about Lee and Amanda’s relationship now, I think she has just found a big clue about it.

    I think it’s odd that Amanda doesn’t look at Lee at all here. Perhaps she is afraid to because she thinks she’ll give away something in front of Francine about her feelings for Lee? Or to Lee? Or to herself? This is not her first very close brush with death, not even in this episode, so her shell-shocked look here seems off to me.

    Francine is thinking, damn!, Lee really does have a white horse somewhere…wonder where he’s parked it?


  5. You know, I think Francine’s looking at Lee the way she does because she just can’t believe he really did come in the nick of time to rescue them – proving that, yes, you actually can rely on some people. (At least when you’re Amanda King, as she might think later when it sinks in that Lee only called out for Amanda but not for her.) Her and Amanda are probably still not all there, yet, and maybe Francine’s thinking for a moment she might be dreaming or hallucinating or something – but nope, Lee’s still there and he won’t go away so it’s probably true, they’re still alive and well.

    Looking at those pics, I’d say Francine’s just so immensely relieved Lee did come to the rescue and didn’t let her down (even though he mainly came for Amanda) that she’s allowing herself another moment of weakness and leans back against Lee (for support?) the way she does. (Cos, yeah, even when you claim you don’t rely on anyone but yourself it’s still good to know there’s someone out there who’s got your back.) After all, she knows neither Lee nor Amanda will tell anyone that the Wicked Witch of the Office is only human, too. 😉

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    • Yes I am seeing along the same lines as you Knell. I was leaning toward the realisation that hey sometimes you can trust people. awh..

      lol I figure Francine was too out of it to notice Lee didn’t call her name.. lol..

      Indeed she is ‘only human’ and thank goodness for that 😉 I was a little worried about her 😉
      Now I know she is human – I think I can connect with her more maybe from this point onwards.. Hmm we’ll see! 🙂


  6. “What big teeth you have, Lee”, thinks Barry. Well, Lee certainly must have had to flossed, cleaned and polished well before this confrontation. Barry’s “Ralph Fiennes” moment is over – he looks very unheroic here.

    The look triangle is fascinating: Francine to Lee, Lee to Amanda, Amanda into space. I’m wondering if this a hint of where Lee and Amanda are at the moment: Lee is definitely focused exclusively on Amanda; Amanda isn’t quite sure yet….

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  7. I don’t fault Barry for saying Lee only had 10 minutes to save the women once the freezer kicks in. I do that (shave time) when there is an important deadline or start time that I think my chronically late family members/friends are going to make me miss. (Besides, maybe cellular damage starts at 10 minutes in, and frozen solid at 20? Not that I would expect the writers of this episode to take that into consideration) 🙂

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    • rofl.. nice mental gymnastics Cindy! I like it!!
      haaa yes true.. the writers would not have thought that deeply about it me thinks!

      I’m sensing a pattern here in all your responses to this whole Barry thing Cindy, KC and Valerie – and whether Lee should believe him. Barry can’t count! 10?20? who knows! 3? 4? who knows!
      Barry is so dumb, Lee was right to not pay any attention to what Barry said about numbers lol! (or to steal and twist a Spaceballs gag: ‘this is why Bad will always loose. because Bad is dumb!’)

      Yes I like this.. Lee was wise to not listen to Barry. Much better than Lee having a scarecrow moment of his own..

      I think we could have done with Lee mumbling frantically to himself as he entered the factory:
      freezer 4.. freezer 4.. (he sees freezer 3 and says to himself)... maybe Barry was lying.. or can’t count..Just check them all man! quickly!!”
      Yep.. I’m happy now.. Lee’s dignity is still intact 🙂 though heck I find that video blooper hilarious 🙂

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    • I just thought, when I saw it, that 10 minutes was about the time death would occur. Anyone looking for the women wouldn’t be wanting to find them a minute shy of rock solid — obviously they would want them still in a condition to be resuscitated.


  8. I agree with KC on the clown car scenario. Too funny. Also, true about Billy being the only one allowed to be in the ‘Vette.

    I think that Lee listened and truly heard what Billy was saying before in regards to his responsibilities. I also agree with what has been said before in regards to Lee knowing that moving forward with Amanda involves him making sure he’s stays focused on the job he has chosen to do I think that he is aware that Amanda now knows the full extent of the consequences of being an Agent. And that she is better prepared to handle those difficult situations. It’s funny, even though Francine told Amanda not to expect Lee to charge in on a white horse all the time, Amanda never said anything about Lee at all. She didn’t bring up Lee, Francine did. Amanda was focused on working as a team. Maybe it was really Francine expecting Lee to show up. Hmmm…

    I think that Lee choosing to move forward with Amanda has somehow made his job a bit tougher. There is so much more at stake now, and he will have to work harder to stay focused on the job at hand. Early on it didn’t seem like he struggled with what choices he had to make. If Amanda was in trouble that was his first order of business, because she was an innocent and didn’t understand all the risks involved. Now he can no longer say that so he has to hope that he can either get to her in time or that she can get her own way out of her predicament. I think that even though he seemed relaxed earlier I think he was just sublimating his concern for Amanda and maybe in turn focused it on Marvin. In looking back at that post Lee even asks Marvin what he’s always asking Amanda, “You all right?”

    Now that Barry’s been handled Lee can get all intense and swoony again and focus on getting to Amanda. Honestly, I think Lee heard Barry, but didn’t at the same time. When I’ve watched this before I was thinking how can he not remember what freezer. But in going through this walk I see it differently. Seriously, how trustworthy could Barry be? Lee wouldn’t know if Barry really knew which freezer or not. He wouldn’t know if Barry was there to see it or if it was Carla who told him which freezer. Also, his focus is on getting to Amanda in time so he may have all sorts of stuff running through his head. I can forgive that little faux pas as I think his emotions are running incredibly high at the moment.

    Love how Lee shouts Amanda’s name in such a panic and also only Amanda’s name. Francine looks very surprised to see him. I love how he keeps looking at Amanda. I think in this moment this is a lot of food for thought for Francine. She is seeing a different to side to both Lee and Amanda, as individuals and partners. She is seeing that Amanda’s faith and trust in Lee is not misplaced. She is seeing Amanda’s backbone and what it could be like to be friends with Amanda.

    Not too sure about Amanda here. She too may be doing some thinking and Francine’s comments have given her some food for thought. That was a close call and maybe she needs to understand that it’s possible that Lee may not get there in time. When I first saw this I didn’t like how it seemed as if Francine was sort of basking in Lee’s embrace whereas Amanda wasn’t. Maybe it relates back to the beginning when Lee consciously chose Amanda as a partner and Francine has been off balance ever since. Amanda is content with where she is with Lee and it’s Francine that needs that reassurance. Of course, I seem to be rambling now and I’ll stop.

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    • I like what you wrote here about what was going on with Lee, Amanda and Francine. I also like Khell’s comments about Francine being amazed that lee cam through and did rescue them. Knights on white horse do exist, not everyone leaves.
      Amanda… I think she is not as amazed as Francine, Lee has come through for her every time. I think that may have something to do with her look at the end. But I wonder if she can’t identify a bit with Francine’s comment about people leaving? Amanda has been left as well…. But Lee does come through every time. Lee hasn’t left. I think she has some more food for thought now, and Francine has seen the whole thing. I kind of like it. You would think that little suburban normal housewife Amanda would be amazed that super spy Lee came for her,yelling her name. But it was Francine who was amazed, for Amanda this has become routine. But in this new context it may become something remarkable to her. Does that make sense?


      • oh my! I like this train of thought Morley! I see what you are saying here about Amanda- at least I think I do!
        Amanda didn’t truly appreciate how lucky she is to have Lee always be there for her.. seeing things through Francine’s eyes, she can now appreciate more fully how much Lee does for her? Real food for thought..
        I wonder if that would give Amanda food for thought in that – this agency work is dangerous, and it is possible one day Lee won’t be able to come (though he would move heaven and earth to and she knows it). You know?? Or had she already dealt with that?
        If Amanda has a new appreciation for what Lee does, she could have a corresponding new appreciation for the danger she faces, and how people can’t always ride in on a white horse and rescue you..
        I really don’t know what’s ahead.. so not sure what to make of things.. I was thinking Amanda had dealt with the danger and chosen the life.. but maybe she hasn’t fully?? What do you all think? I don’t know.. I guess I”ll know looking back on the eps eventually!


        • Really like this valeriejw, Morley, and iwsod! Amanda is definitely ‘growing up’ in the spy business here. After reading this, I can understand Amanda’s far-off look better. I think she is thinking through that Lee will save the millions before he saves me. And am I okay with that? What does that mean from here on out? She must know that Lee and Billy had to put Amanda second in terms of priority here. I guess Amanda is perhaps shocked to be realizing this for the first time perhaps? Now that her brain is getting full oxygen. I wonder if she thought that Lee would save her first and say forget about the sauce – he’d figure out how to stop that later? Maybe these thoughts of Amanda’s are just as chilling as that freezer was, and so she can’t lean back against Lee and look like Francine does because she’s not yet feeling the warmth.


        • Not for nothing, but if I just spent a fair amount of time in a cold, airless freezer, I would be looking a lot more like Amanda than Francine at this moment! However, I do like the point that Francine’s comments have heightened Amanda’s awareness of how much Lee does for her and how much faith she has in him to do these things. She’s probably considering how grey that line has gotten between personal and profesional emotions.


  9. Oh, and… re: checking freezer 3 first — I probably would have done the same thing. He was told it was number 4 but when he has to hunt for freezers and 3 is right in front of him, wouldn’t you check the one right there before running on, just in case? What if Barry got the number wrong and Lee went and hunted for and checked number 4 first and eventually got back to number 3 and it was too late? Two seconds now versus longer to double back later? Just sayin’…

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    • Yes, I always thought Lee checked 3 just in case Barry was telling fibs… or didn’t know his numbers.
      I hope Billy put the driver’s seat back when he got out of the Corvette. Lee has much longer legs. Time is of the essence here and he wouldn’t want to waste precious seconds getting his seat adjusted just right. 😉

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    • Me too, KC. In fact the first time I watched that blooper video that iwsod linked, I thought – I don’t get it. What was the blooper? Who wouldn’t check freezer 3? He was going right by it. He obviously can’t fully trust the baddies?!?

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  10. I was laughing when transcribing that part of this ep (all the agents in the one car) — it’s like a clown car… how many agents can we fit in? (And note that none dare enter the sacred Corvette except Billy.)

    BTW — are these four gun-toting agents the same ones who ran for their lives in Savior? 😀 Safety in numbers, boys!

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    • Yeah! clown car is right! Hilarious!!

      ‘sacred Corvette’?! Love it!!

      haaaa.. they may be the same.. wasn’t fred fielder one of them?

      edited: to fix sacred corvette quote of KC’s..

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