20/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

It’s location time! You know.. the location we’ve know for ages but been waiting to get a phone call about to identify it? Me confused..
We’re in the evil countryside.. where bad things happen on smk! We see a sign:
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223116. 78
We find Marvin looking nervous..
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223118. 79
Lee’s picks up on this and heads over the Marvin to reassure him.
Guess that’s the ‘team’ behind Lee there? Motorbike front and centre.. gee what could they want to use that for?
(Whoo Billy’s there too!)
Lee: Just ten more minutes, Marvin…You all right?
Marvin (nods): Yeah.
Lee: Okay, now you’re the key—remember that. You just stand there. When they show up, you hand them this briefcase.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223126.890(Lee hands the briefcase to Marvin.) -See Marvin, that’s how you HAND someone a briefcase! Winking smile
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223130.492Lee: We’ll handle the rest. Now, there’s a homing device inside so we can follow them. We also have a chopper standing by, so everything’s gonna be all right.
[If Lee told me everything’s gonna be alright, I’d believe him.. and then.. well .. swoon! checked shirt or not! Love the action man shoulder holster!! hooo haaaa..]
Marvin: They’re greedy, selfish criminals, Mr. Stetson… [Sooo Marvin knows Lee’s real name now? Guess so..] …Barry’s blood, but it’s true… [oh my.. why does this seem to be too little too late in that regard? Just not feelin it] …
They’re bad people. We can’t let them get away with this.
We’re not gonna let them get away with it…
…And you let us handle it, all right?
[Yeah! look what happened last time you went running in Marvin, you got Amanda captured! Now do what you’re told.. Amanda’s life depends on it!]
Marvin: All right.
I guess the point of this little exchange is to show Marvin is not sure the agency (you know- the experts) can handle this..? thoughts? Oh and to give us some swoony action man Lee!

We cut to a van pulling up.. Barry and Carla get out.
Why does Barry look ridiculous in that faux leather jacket?
Too wimpy for it maybe..
Carla looks down at the ‘location’
Barry: Well?
Carla: It’s clear… but that doesn’t mean anything… [Aie, it’s like she’s talking to a five year old!) …It’s five of; you’d better get ready to ride.
Barry gets a motorbike out of the back of the van..
What luck. Lee has a motorbike and a ‘leather’ jacket too!!! It’s the duel of the jackets! who shall win?!!!

We cut back to the Freezer.. That’s Freezer 4!!!!!
the timer says it’s 4:01.. 44 minutes till it’s Amanda and Francine popsicles! eek!
Inside Francine and Amanda are sitting down, leaning against the wall.
Amanda: Francine, do you feel funny?
I feel like I’ve had too much champagne.
Francine: Light-headed. There’s not enough oxygen.
Amanda (agrees): Mmm.
We cut back to a close up on Amanda, suddenly looking much more alert.. lol they don’t match.. but.. whatev..
Amanda: You know, Francine, I’m really sorry if I was ever rude to you…
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223238.159FFFT1.avi_20150516_223241.763In response to this, the look on Francine’s face is hilarious – like.. Huh???
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223242.162We watch Francine as Amanda continues: …I never meant to be rude to you…
Slowly Francine turns to look at crazy Amanda.. speaking some weird language that Francine doesn’t understand?! tee hee..
… and I think, maybe, sometimes… I just didn’t… understand you as well as I should have, and…
[Nooo I think we all understand Francine pretty well.. Amanda you’re not obliged to like everyone.. it’s okay..]
… you know, it’s just sometimes you’re just such a witch!
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223249.370FFFT1.avi_20150516_223250.973It seems to be out of Amanda’s mouth before she realises it.. lol.. I love it! Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!!
[I think I audibly cheered the first time I saw this moment – hooray! Amanda finally, in her own unique way, finally let Francine have it!!! I don’t care why Francine does what she does.. she shouldn’t treat Amanda the way she does and it’s not okay!]
Rather appropriate that Francine would be a witch.. given this show has a wizard of oz theme going.. Hmm so deep down.. will Francine be the good witch? or is she really the bad witch? or heck.. maybe she’s both?!
Francine reacts a bit stunned but stunted..
A what?

FFFT1.avi_20150516_223254.176Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry…
[Love how she is giggling as she says this.. Not really sorry! *don’t mention the nose job! don’t mention the nose job!]
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223254.977I’m really- That was stupid, [no it was genius!] I mean, that’s a great apology, isn’t it? I’m really sorry-
Francine : –
Amanda: I didn’t mean to-  I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again.
Francine (interrupts): Aman-
Amanda (over Francine): -Are you kidding me-
Francine (interrupts): -Amanda, will you please shut up?
Francine : I would rather have air than apologies.
Amanda nods and whispers: You’re right. I’m sorry, I’m a motor-mouth, I talk when I get scared.
Amanda motions like she won’t talk anymore..
or.. at least.. she’ll try not to!
Francine slowly grins.. and sneaks a look at Amanda..
Francine: You know what I do when I get scared?
Rofl! The way Amanda’s eyes light up when she hears this!
Like Wha?! Francine’s going to talk to me like she is a normal human being?
Like I’m a normal human being??!!! Whoo hoo!!
Amanda looks attentively at Francine.
Francine: I eat chocolates.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223320.602Amanda: You?
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223321.  2
[This ‘you??!!’ from Amanda was always curious to me.. why not Francine? Hmm maybe Amanda thought Francine bit the head off live birds or something.. I guess this is a whole ‘guilty secrets’ thing going on here.. but still.. I don’t see why Francine would be a shock to eat chocolate. I mean it’s not like it’s bad quality stuff only..]
Francine: Truffles, bonbons, éclairs, kisses…
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223323.405[I think kisses are pretty poor quality! very low cocoa and full of additives, I’d have Francine pegged as a high cocoa girl.. or handmade high quality..uh oh.. I’m the same!!! eek!! what does it mean?!!]  —anything I can get my hands on. I love chocolate. [Anything huh.. so in chocolates Francine slums it!]
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223327.  8FFFT1.avi_20150516_223327.409

Francine: I kinda like this place, you know. In a place like this, you cannot score an éclair anywhere.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223331. 13
: Hah…
…I like hot fudge sundaes with the extra hot fudge.
[You????!!! Winking smile ]
Oh hang on.. if we’re gonna do this.. I’ve gotta be eating chocolate.. Got it… Num. Nummmmmm.
Francine: Oh, yeah…
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223341. 22
…chocolate dipped strawberries.
Amanda: Chocolate cheesecake.
Francine: Double chocolate brownies.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223345.827Amanda: Chocolate-covered raisins.
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223349. 34
Francine: Ohhh… chocolate Easter bunnies.
Amanda: Chocolate Easter bunnies with marshmallow on the inside.

Francine and Amanda both giggle away together..
Ahhh nothing like a lack of oxygen and chocolate to bring two women together!
– Francine looks at Amanda
FFFT1.avi_20150516_223357. 38
Francine looks away.. sobering a little..
Francine flatly: This isn’t funny.
Amanda (shaking her head, still smiling):
We’re in a lotta trouble.
[It’s hilarious how Amanda says this!!.. and she’s still laughing! Yup.. lots of trouble!!]
This seems to set Francine off again. ha!
I suspect a little of this is also, we’re laughing together? we must be in really serious trouble!! you know?

So come on everyone.. which chocolate they mention is your favourite? I’m going to vote for chocolate covered strawberries.. Mmmm…

One thing and I’ll finish up with this post.
Whenever I watch this scene, I am relieved to see that Lee doesn’t come up as a topic of conversation here – as both women are light headed and could have said something that they would genuinely, deeply, really regret! I’m very glad Amanda didn’t talk about Lee to Francine! phew! ?Anyone else think this??
Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!! byeee for now!!

39 responses to “20/24 Season Three, Episode 12: Fast Food For Thought- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This conversation that Amanda has with Francine in the freezer is the only time I ever liked Francine…. and even then she’s snarky.

    I love all sorts of chocolate Hershey’s, of course, because I’m American and my uncle was one of the VP’s there. I also like Lindt.

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  3. Hahaha – love this scene in the freezer with these two – before they start talking about chocolate. And great job with your commentary, iwsod! You made the scene even better! I think it’s hysterical what Amanda says when she calls Francine a witch. I wanted her to say the other word though 😉

    Francine takes it like she should and doesn’t seem to be offended by it. I think she knows she can be a witch and doesn’t care – well maybe a little bit, but not enough to stop it. I think she is secretly impressed that Amanda actually called her on it though – Amanda has gone up in Francine’s estimation. She gives Amanda a little respect because she took a figurative swing at her. Another surprise, Francine? You don’t have Amanda figured out do you? And love that line about rather having air than apologies – hahaha! And the eyeroll! I hear ya, Francine!

    Anyway, I think she opens up about the chocolate bit because of her new favorable opinion of Amanda.

    You know, I think Francine just doesn’t like Amanda because she thinks of her as a stereotype and undeserving of how she gets treated at the Agency. I think if Francine could erase that thinking and get to know Amanda, she would like her.

    Okay – so none of these chocolate things they mention are my favorites. Eclairs? That’s not chocolate – that’s fried dough with pudding and a tiny bit of chocolate. Chocolate covered marshmallows or raisins? Puhlease! If I want chocolate I want just chocolate – as in the big bar! Cadbury, Lindt, Milka, Hershey (well, I am an American), Valrhona, Ghirardelli, no nuts, caramel, berries, or other bits in it, thank you.

    Agree, iwsod – so glad Lee didn’t come up here in the conversation!!


  4. Wowee…..nice to see a bit of vulnerability from Francine. I guess given its a PG show Francine was never gonna say she likes to drink a glass of hard liquid when she gets scared lol
    I love Amanda when she calls her a witch and her non apology. Been a long time coming. The inhibitions sure are relaxed….imagine what Amanda might come out of if she were drunk 😉

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  5. I can forgive Francine lots of snide remarks and jealous moments on the basis of this scene alone. IMHO, there can’t be too much wrong with someone with a genuine love of chocolate 🙂

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  6. Any kind of chocolate would be welcome now – provided it’s the European kind. I did try some Hershey’s when I last was in the U.S. and sorry to say that but that’s NOT chocolate. At least not what I call chocolate but maybe I’m a chocolate snob. 😉

    I think Amanda’s actually more right with calling Francine a witch than she might realize. Since maybe not all here are familiar with Terry Pratchett and his witches (Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, Tiffany Aching being my favourites), let me explain here. Discworld-witches are mean. They’re blunt and cold. They can be menacing. They’re egoistic and possessive. But they’re also the ones guarding the edges. The ones who do what needs to be done and what no one else will (or can) do. You better NOT try messing with whatever they consider theirs – their friends, their turf, their world, all THEIRS and don’t you dare try to take it or there will be a reckoning! They aren’t either black or white – they’re both at the same time.

    So – yes, that’s why I actually like thinking of Francine as a witch. She’s quite a bit like that, imho, both the good and the bad.


  7. I am still puzzled about the elusive location: why does a campground say “For day use only”? Isn’t the definition of campgrounds a place to stay over night? And this one is closed for the season, which might give us some idea of the time the episode is set. Maybe being closed is supposed to point out that there’s not likely to be anyone around, a perfect location to pick for criminal activity.

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    • We have camps here that don’t allow overnights and I have always been puzzled why they are called ‘camp grounds’


      • I agree with happycamper – day only sounds weird to me.. (and having the handle ‘happycamper’ I think think happycamper would know haaaa!)

        But.. good point Cindy.. I wondered if this was an American slightly different meaning situation ‘campground’ may just mean grounds for having a fire and setting yourselves up for the day – but you can’t sleep there.. Hmm.. sounds a bit like a barbeque area in Australia.. or picnic area where you can cook over a fire?
        I just hope there are no junior trailblazers wandering around shooting arrows or we could be in trouble here 😉


      • I used to go to “day camp” when I was a kid. We did everything you’d do at overnight camp (swimming, sports, arts and crafts, singing, etc) except sleep. I Don’t think it was even set up for over nights.


    • Happycamper, you made me wonder with your query about the campground. I looked up a Thompkins campground near Reston, VA which is where this all is supposed to be taking place and it doesn’t exist. Not sure if it ever did. I think this is just some innocuous sign that the prop people created and didn’t have any idea as to what “day use” actually means. I have done a fair amount of camping and every campground I’ve ever been to that has day use, usually charges a specific fee which is much less than full camping. Usually people use it for hiking or nature tours and some use the beach area if there is one. Some schools use camps that have day use fees for picnics and other nature activities. The pay phone in the background doesn’t help the the whole campground situation. They should have just referred to it as a park.


    • So glad you thought the same Happy Camper…..a day campsite…..is that like a picnic site?!! If so why not just call it that.


  8. I am glad they didn’t talk about Lee as well. And I am glad that Amanda let the “witch” comment slip out. Its a time for honesty and both of them are partaking. I think the fact that Amanda was honest like that actually impressed Francine. Maybe Francine had thought that Amanda was always sticky sweet and a push over, but no, she can call it like it is. Chocolate is a way for women to bond, isn’t it? And it is a safe way. Talking about chocolate is a lot safer than talking about Lee Stetson….
    I would pick truffles, especially if they had a raspberry chocolate flavored filling. I would turn down a chocolate cheesecake (sorry Amanda). I would always eat an eclair. I guess I have Francine’s taste, but only when it comes to chocolates.


    • I for a moment thought Amanda was going to call Francine something that rhymed with ‘witch’, but this was an 80s tv show. I love this exchange between Francine and Amanda.


      • I think SMK does occasionally use a PG word or phrase knowing the adult audience will know that a more realistic word or phrase is what the character would really say. I don’t think Amanda is above using the occasional “bad” word if the circumstances warrant it. 😉


      • I’m glad Amanda only called her a witch, because if she had used a word that rhymed with witch, my parents would have made me stop watching the show lol

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    • Agree with your first paragraph, Morley! Said the same thing in my comment 🙂

      I do like a good raspberry, but I prefer just plain chocolate. 🙂


  9. BB must like plaid shirts. Even on his current Facebook posts he’s wearing some plaid.

    Marvin seems to have no love lost for his son at all. He just flat out calls him a criminal and refers to him as a bad person. He has not said one thing in this whole episode that expresses any regret on his part about whatever happened in their relationship. He seems more regretful about the way things ended with Carla. Barry didn’t just suddenly become greedy and selfish. Something happened, somewhere. We get Carla’s story, but only get that Barry was given everything and doesn’t know hard work.

    I like that we get to only focus on Amanda and Francine and their situation and possibly changing relationship. The focus needed to stay on them. I’m glad they stayed away from any Lee discussion. Amanda’s witch comment reminds me of of her jab back at Francine in JEG about the gin mills. But then she took it back right away and indicated that she knew Francine would get her back for it. Francine’s response to Amanda’s apology here is different. She lets the comment go. I think Francine knows good and well what people think of her, but is probably surprised that Amanda vocalized it so.

    I think Amanda’s is not so much surprised that Francine eats chocolate, but that she is admitting a bit of a weakness here. First she admits that she gets scared and then what she does when she is. Amanda saying what she did to Francine sort of opened a door. I think Francine is tentatively stepping through it here. They are bonding over chocolate and the laughing helps to ease that tension that’s been building.

    I would have to take a pass on the bunnies with marshmallows. I would definitely go for the chocolate dipped strawberries and the chocolate cheesecake. Oh, and some truffles would be great also.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmmmm, truffles. I agree with you on the marshmallow bunnies – Life is too short for crappy chocolate!


      • Marshmallows look better than they taste. A marshmallow bunny? Why waste good chocolate space by sticking in marshmallow.


      • Since we are talking about campgrounds and camping I would take the marshmallow if it was toasted nicely over a campfire and them smashed between two pieces of chocolate with graham crackers surrounding it all. I will only eat marshmallows if they are warmly melted within my s’mores.


      • We have something in UK called Tunnocks Tea Cake which is funny biscuity base, marshmallow and all covered in chocolate. It’s “gert lush” as they say in the West Country which roughly translates as very very good lol


  10. Brief Observation : There was a time when Lee wouldn’t have bothered with the “…. so everything’s going to be all-right.” That’s a very Amanda thing to say.

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    • Spot on me thinks Kiwimsh!!! I thought Lee was using those skills he hadn’t learned at the agency here too 🙂

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    • He’s amazingly calm at this moment. No pacing, or cheek flexing. He almost looks relaxed.


      • very true Valerie.. and to think – right now Amanda is being held hostage? Lee is patient with Marvin when there is so much he cares about on the line here. I hadn’t fully appreciated that.. but now I do 🙂 ‘amazingly calm’ is spot on..

        I guess this is part of the little sub story we have going on at this point in the story – Billy telling Lee to remember where his priorities are.. Lee having to confront his growing feelings for Amanda all while being professional.. it’s a tough call!
        whoooo I know Raffie made a great comment about that sorry I missed it Raffie I’ll try and find that now 🙂

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