17/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff being held captive.
Amanda: All right now, when Dr. Zernoff blows the whistle, the guard will come in….
…I’ll kick the gun out of his hand, and Mother? You pick it up , ok?
Dotty: You think this is gonna work? I mean, this is not the movies. [Or on TV shows! Winking smile ]
Mother, we have to try something.
Dorothea we are fighting for our lives here.
I know that Andrei, but one of us could get hurt. I mean, Amanda, none of this have ever done this before.
[Oh my!!! this is just dripping with irony isn’t it??!!! How tempting it must be for Amanda to suggest that she’s done this before! Maybe just once Winking smile ]
Amanda: The secret here is teamwork. Right?
Dotty: Ok.
Amanda: OK lets give it a try.
I think this is a very sweet moment here between Dotty and Amanda.. they are all being very brave- and the way Amanda stares determined into her mother’s eyes while holding both her hands really helps Dotty to focus and gather her courage – don’t focus on how you haven’t done this before. Focus on the plan!
Phew.. I’m feeling the suspense here!.. Here goes!!
They move into their positions without another word.
Amanda signals Zernoff and he blows the whistle.
The  door opens, Amanda kicks the gun from the guard’s hand.
Dotty doesn’t do her job and pick it up!! doh!!!
The guard picks it up and aims it at Amanda and Zernoff.
But wait!! What’s this I see behind him??!!!!
Whooooo hooooooo!!!!
Dotty hits guard from behind with a chair and knocks him out!
Love her reaction it’s like she’s thinking– ‘ohhh my gosh! I can’t believe I did that!!’
She didn’t follow the plan- but.. she came through in the end!
Okay, so what’s with the kooky clown music!
Ummm does this work for you?
For me, I found it clunky, I’m full of suspense at such a serious moment – and they give us clown music??!! IMHO there was a real risk of danger here with not knowing how Dotty would cope – the clown music doesn’t work for me! but.. I’ll move on..
Amanda closes the door as she says:
Oh good work Mother!
Dotty: Oh dear! I think I really hurt him.
(Amanda sticks her head out to check the hallway)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_192444. 54
Amanda picks up the guard’s gun and whispers: All right, come on.
(She grabs her mother by the jacket. lol leave the guard as he is Dotty!)
Oh! (she whispers to Zernoff) Come on.
[Zernoff puts the whistle in his pocket I think?]
They sneak down the hallway, Amanda leading the way with the gun drawn. They meet North. [I loathe him.. but.. he’s so bland! maybe the point is that he is so bland the agency may not realise he’s bad.. he’s really really bad! Winking smile ] Oh hey, this means if Lee had continued to watch North’s place he would have been led straight to Amanda!
North: Mrs. King? You won’t be needing that.SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_193134.560
Kurtz sneaks up behind them..
While Amanda isn’t believing nice harmless Mr North..
Kurtz: (From behind): Would you mind giving Mr. North the gun?  [Nah.. give him a bullet Amanda!! 😉 ]
uh oh.. Amanda does as she’s told and hands it over to North, who them aims the gun back at her.. what a guy! ugh..
Zernoff steps forward toward Kurtz and North.
Zernoff: All right. I tell you what you want to know, but you must not treat these ladies in such a-
Awh bless him!
Kurtz suddenly lashes out and punches Zernoff
Kurtz: I should have wrapped this up an hour ago.
Outside, an agency car zooms over the bump to get into the car park. LOL!
I think Lee may have hit his head!! haaa..
Is this a tribute to the dukes of hazzard? okay.. a mini tribute? Winking smile and why not the corvette? Oh I see.. three people in the car. hmm.
Plenty of squealing tyres.. everyone gets out of their cars..
Billy: There’s our Marshmallow Man.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_194555. 55
[Lol who cares about Mr Marshmallow who is now Marshmallow man??!!! Amanda’s car is right in front of them!! rofl!]
  …I’ll cover the back.
LOL ‘I’ Billy? Teamwork!!!
Billy doesn’t cover the back without his army! Lee and Francine head for the front door, while Billy and the other five agents [whoo hooo!!! there’s a woman agent in there!!!] all head for the back! Three cars? they’ve pulled out all the stops!

Back inside, Lawrence rushes up to North, me thinks he is having kittens!
Lawrence: (to North) Three unmarked cars just pulled up outside.
Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff listen with interest. LOL.. umm Zernoff seems to be up the back again.. almost like he was never hit.
North: Get them out of sight.
Kurtz: Come on! Come on.
Kurtz and Lawrence push them down the hallway and we cut back to Lee and Francine at the door..
It’s locked, I’ll have to blow it open.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_195412. 97
Lee steps back and begins to aim at the door to shoot at it. when the door suddenly opens to reveal North. Trying to act very casual. Like ohh I didn’t know you were there!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150806_195413. 97
North: Ohhhh Mr. Stetson!!!…
[rofl! how camp does he sound at that moment! hilariously high pitched! finally.. he starts to get more interesting!!! But.. will Lee and Francine fall for it?]
… For heaven’s sake I was just going to call you. I found something very unusual. Come in!
North smiles and waves them in.
Lee looks back at Francine a little confused and no longer holding his gun at the ready.. they head inside.
The vibe I get is that Lee doesn’t suspect North, which means he wasn’t poking him with a stick when he was speculating earlier..
Francine has her gun hidden down behind her handbag though…

Zernoff: I failed, I should have attacked them.
Dotty: Andrei Andrei, you did the best you could…
Amanda: Shhh
(Amanda is listening at the door)
[She hasn’t given up hope.. she’s still on the case, and given she knows Lee is nearby she’s probably on high alert! A rescue is close!!]
Dotty: I am so sorry I got you into this. But you have been very cool under fire.
I love how Dotty says this.. she’s so matter of fact. I think she too is being very cool under fire all things considered!
How interesting that in spite of everything that’s going on- Dotty has noticed how cool Amanda is Smile
Amanda doesn’t seem to respond or maybe even hear her, she’s so intent on listening for what’s going on..
Okay guys I better pause here for a moment.. as always – when I hear from you it makes my day!! I hope it makes your day to write and say hi and share what you think too!! Smile
Hope you are all well and bye for now..

32 responses to “17/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I am so enjoying your “in the moment” suspense in this one, iwsod! It’s recapturing that first time I saw it vibe for me! So much fun!


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  3. I agree with the concept that Lee is backing down with North until he knows Amanda, Dotty, and Andrei are safe. Old Lee would have gone in guns blazing. I think he is showing more patience due to the influence of Amanda.
    What must Dotty think of her Daughter at this point. In the script, it had Amanda attempting to pick the lock first, and the setting up this plan to escape.
    And the script also has Lee saying that he is going to stake out Jake Lawrence’s place, then back at the agency saying he was staking out North’s place.

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    • hiya LAAL!!! so great to hear from you!! Hope you are well and enjoying your summer 🙂

      thanks for sharing the insights from the script – so interesting!! Why do we all think they changed the whole lock pick scenario?

      I thought it was interesting that everyone had a job to do in Amanda’s plan – I mean Zernoff was just holding a whistle, why did it have to be Dotty who picked up the gun?! tee hee..

      Poor BB was set up by he script editor! 😉


    • I am very glad they changed the script and did not have Amanda try and pick the lock. I am assuming she wouldn’t have a lock picking kit with her (no matter how in denial Dotty is about what Amanda has been doing the past couple of years — even she wouldn’t be able to overlook that one), and using anything else and failing would have detracted from how far Amanda has grown professionally and just looked silly.

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  4. So glad you are posting further here iwsod! I am only up to the very start of Over the Limit in following this blog, though my family is into the start of Season 4 in watching again from start to finish of the whole show. We were already into Season 2 by the time I discovered JWWM, so I am just taking both the blog and the family-watching separately but in order. But, I am enjoying this so much! So fun to be able to go back slowly through all the earlier episodes and read all your insights, everyone! Sorry I don’t have much to add, but usually you all seem to have explored the nuances pretty thoroughly by the time I get to each post. I have loved this show since my husband and I first watched it back in the 80’s right after we were married, and have enjoyed having the DVD’s (birthday Christmas gifts from my husband whenever they became available). Our boys were fans from about when they were Philip and Jamie’s ages–they loved Lee’s heroics and driving panache (but now my 19-year old is noticing how badly Lee often parks his car 😉 Anyway, thanks for letting me jump in and try to catch up, and for giving me another way to enjoy this wonderful and now-familiar journey! I hope to catch up to you all before too long, but school starts soon here, and it may slow me down a bit. I am a fan of your perception and humor, iwsod!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Colleen – oh thanks! you made my day!!!

      i’m really thrilled that you have shared your experiences with us! Hey don’t worry if someone else has said what you think – you can always just share that you agree!!! I mean.. no one has shared yet what Colleen thinks of things!!! 🙂

      driving panache? rofl!!!

      Loved your insights on how your family and it’s view of smk has varied over time!!

      Your hubby knows how to buy a fabulous gift!!! 🙂

      please feel free to keep your insights coming – and thank so much for the lovely compliments!

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    • Welcome Colleen

      *edited by iwsod to update Colleen’s handle by request

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    • Hi, Colleen!

      I like the critique of Lee’s parking skills, lol!

      “You do some things with your car I bet you’d never notice.”
      — Scotty to Lee in Filming Raul

      But we appreciate people who notice things here. 😉

      *comment edited by iwsod to update Colleen’s handle

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  5. So loving Amanda (and Dotty) in all of this. Dotty is improvising much the same way Amanda sometimes does. Amanda and Dotty can both be unconventional.

    When I see Amanda holding the gun the way she does I think of a couple of things. First off, I think of KJ on Charlie’s Angels. It was the same way in OTL when she picked up Francine’s dropped gun. She holds it in a specific way. Secondly, I sense that Amanda has become more relaxed since OTL with handling a gun. We definitely saw it in UN. She must be taking more trips to the simulator or gun range.

    I also like how Amanda takes charge here. It’s a different Amanda than the one in FFFT. She is not waiting for the rescue, she is being proactive. Either she has learned from FFFT not to just sit and wait for Lee or she is more highly motivated to get out because her mother is involved. Either way she is different, which would lend some credence as to the placement of this episode.

    I don’t think Lee has been that fooled by North. I just think he is in wait and see mode. He doesn’t holster his weapon yet, so I think he is a bit hesitant and waiting to see what unfolds with North.

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  6. Dotty and the chair attack comes in second after Mrs Marsden with the machine gun in Dancing Weasel for best girl civilian moment ever ! (excluding Amanda moments) Go Dotty!!! You’re my hero(ine)!

    Both Dotty and Amanda do what needs to be done here – the difference is that Amanda maintains her cool, while Dotty turns in a bit of a jelly post-heroic act (I’m sure I’d be the same so I won’t hold it against her 🙂 ).

    North really handled Lee nicely here – Lee was cleverly out-manoevred here (the Society for the Protection of Lee’s honour need to come in and rescue him from looking like a less than stellar spy!)

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    • North did handle him pretty well … I thought Lee was suspicious, but he didn’t want to start shooting until he knew Amanda and Dotty (and Zernoff) were safe, so he let North handle him rather than risk something (else) going wrong.

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      • Exactly my thought, jillyfae. Lee holds back until he knows that Amanda, Dotty and Andrei are safe. He doesn’t want to take any chance here.

        BTW, I like Amanda starring determined into her mother’s eyes while holding both her hands very much. It’s usually Lee’s way to encourage Amanda. Now Amanda coppies his behaviour to encourage her mother – so sweet. 😀

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        • I think you make an interesting point here L&A regarding Amanda sort of taking on Lee’s traits in how she handles this. She has come such a long way and has truly learned a lot from Lee in regards to being an agent. She has certainly been very professional throughout all of this episode when she could have very easily flown off the handle, especially after her mother went missing. Wasn’t Lee always professing “patience and control”? Amanda is definitely exhibiting it here. She knows what she is capable of and what needs to be done. And in much the same way Lee’s touches probably keep Amanda on an even keel she’s doing the same for her mother.

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          • Yes! I noticed how much Amanda was taking on Lee’s role here with her mother. She has learned a lot and is now able to apply that with others who are finding themselves in a new situation. I also like the way she is taking the lead with the gun there. OTL wasn’t that far away. I also notice her comment about teamwork. She says that teamwork is the key to the situation. In FFFT she does the same thing with Francine and Francine doesn’t get it (another reason why I think this one goes first).

            I agree with Jilly, Lee is suspicious but he needs to figure out what is happening to Dotty and Amanda before he gets the gun out.
            And North is still a wet noodle as far as I am concerned, just a very bad one.

            I am going to gone for a week. Going to explore the western mountains of the USA and ride some horses. Very exciting. See ya all when I get back!


            • Hey Morley – will miss you!!! But.. now is a great time to take a break – Once this ep is finished.. JWWM will be taking a break till the start of September..


        • BTW, I like Amanda starring determined into her mother’s eyes while holding both her hands very much. It’s usually Lee’s way to encourage Amanda. Now Amanda copies his behaviour to encourage her mother – so sweet. 😀

          Good call L&A!! It’s a very special moment.. I was thinking – in this show we saw Amanda lose some of her naiveté as she dealt with bad guys… and Lee at times seemed almost regretful that she had to experience that – Maybe this little moment is so touching (literally and emotionally!) because this is a big moment for Dotty – she’s never done this, but she has to try – that excitement (danger, excitement intrigue!) that she was craving in the opening is really coming home here – she’s seeing this kind of adventure is not so fun and that the world is quite a scary place to be in when there are bad guys around who want to kill you!
          This situation is maybe Dotty beginning to lose her naivete about the world – I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like to think Amanda wishes Dotty wasn’t involved in this- like Lee she regrets that Dotty has had to experience this – it’s like the knowledge of good and evil- once you’ve experienced this you are forever changed!!!
          Still, there will be more time to process this regret and life changing experience later – for now.. they must be strong and focus..
          I find this little Dotty/Amanda moment to be HUGE – and I can’t wait to see what it does to Dotty’s character and her relationship with Amanda in future!!!!

          Oh dear.. I’ve gone on a ramble.. I must head off and get stuck into the days work. I’d much prefer to stay here and soak up all the smk goodness that you guys have shared!!! okay going! really going!!! byee for now 🙂

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      • That’s a good point jillyfae.. I am really flying blind on this one.. no idea what comes next (and I still don’t) – so at this moment, I’m literally still ‘in the moment’ worrying and wondering.. have they truly believed him? or is this them playing it cool!!! you know?

        But what you say is indeed a smart plan for Lee.. Hey jillyfae you are a great defender of Lee’s dignity! 🙂

        I think ‘Ohhh Mr Stetson’ was about as alive as North has been in this ep.. is it just me who finds him kinda dull? but as I said- maybe that’s what they were aiming for.. the suspense is whether Lee and Francine are taken in by it. you know?
        I was thinking how much more interesting this ep would have been if we hadn’t seen North meet Kurtz and Lawrence at the start, there was just some mystery third party.. but we were not kept in the dark at all about who was involved.. So I figure, the writing is trying to gain suspense here with North being so harmless at first appearance – I took comfort from the fact that Francine is hiding her gun but it is still out!
        But I have no idea what comes next! lol!!

        There you go Learjet, Jillyfae stepped up and defended Lee’s honour!! 🙂 What do you think of Jilly’s view of Lee here? Is that workin for ya??

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      • I’m late to the party but I agree Lee is suspicious of North but playing along for now until he gets a better handle on the situation with Amanda & Co.
        But Lee and Francine get a D- in spy-craft for walking through the door ahead of North – he’s behind them both now and could just shoot them both dead if he had a gun.
        Lee should have said, “After you…” (which, in addition to enabling Lee and Francine to keep North covered, would also show us Lee practising his increasingly good manners 😉 )
        Re the unmarked cars and the absence of the ‘vette – I would cringe to see the ‘vette jumped over that bump. 😯

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      • Good point jillyfrae. Lee’s honour is intact thanks to your quick actions 🙂
        A small corner of my mind is not completely convinced, but I’m feeling grumpy so maybe it’s me not Lee….

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    • Mrs. Marsden – a civilian? I always thought of her as an agent. Maybe as an old agent out of field-work, jet not old enough to retire, but still an agent.

      But you’re right, Learjet, Dotty’s chair attack is GREAT 🙂 and her concern about the guard afterwards is sooo like Amanda… 😉

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