18/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

I’m in suspense!!! Have Lee and Francine been taken in by North? Will they believe him and leave? gah!!!
Let’s find out Smile
Back in the warehouse.. We see a room with furniture piled up in the middle..
It’s a all a bit ‘huh??!!’
North is spinning a cover story.
North: And just as I turned the corner, um I saw this van come tearing out of the parking lot. And when I came inside I found all this. [uh oh… furniture!!! Is it just me or is this extremely lame?!]
[Francine has put away her gun.. hmm.. But.. Lee is looking rather edgy.. the fingers are twitching.. Scarecrow’s thoughts – and fears- are bubbling away just beneath the surface! Yes, I can agree with you all who suggested Lee and Francine were being cautious here and had not completely bought North’s story – now that I’ve seen this part Smile ]
Francine: Did you get a license plate number on the vehicle?
Well, almost.
Lee: Well we’ll need a description of it.
North: Well of course.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150809_100109.444[Oh nooo.. I’m thinking Lee isn’t buying it.. but.. he’s not seeing what’s going on here either..]

Next thing.. Back to Amanda listening at the door.. she suddenly starts pounding and yelling – oh good timing Amanda!!! phew!!!
Amanda: In HERE!!!!
I love that it takes just a second for Dotty and Zernoff to join in with Amanda!!! they don’t hesitate.. this is a fight for their lives and they are all on board with the fight! Love that!! [btw I think there’s a meme in this image above – out of context Smile ]
Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff: yell anything and everything to get someone’s attention!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150809_100416. 25
Lee, Francine and North hear the muffled yelling and Lee says to himself: Wait a second.
Lee runs off toward the noise without a second thought.
North tries to pull out a gun,
Francine grabs the gun..(Interesting, that is not the same gun Amanda handed over to him!)
kicks North in the stomach.
Francine you is da woman!!!! I confess.. I relish seeing North get pummelled by Francine Smile Sweeeeeet! and.. I love that it’s not Mancine! Francine is really doing the fighting and owning it Smile tee hee..
MS does a great job here looking tough and commanding! Smile
I bet she relished being able to finally do a bit of fighting rather than Mancine!
(North ends up on the ground.) ..very satisfying!

Back to Amanda, Dotty and Zernoff all yelling at the top of their lungs.. and banging on the door..
Oh wait.. Lee is heading their way.. Lee will meet Dotty????!!!!!!! How could he avoid meeting her in this circumstance?? whoooo now I’m feeling the suspense for a different reason Smile It’s certainly a new spin on the ‘will they or won’t they’!
Lee rounds a corner, gun drawn..
[and lookin good!]
[here’s another one.. because.. he’s lookin good]
he gets closer to the yelling.. but.. suddenly he is fired upon and has to take cover.
We see there are random baddies firing from behind wooden crates.. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150809_102258.430
Lee fires back..
You know what I love? This is really a rather polite gunfight! Why? well.. there’s lots of noise and sparks flying around – but there are no bullet holes Smile just powdery scorch marks! lol!!
phew… wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt! Smile

Suddenly Billy (with his army of agents) appears and yells: FREEZE! Drop your weapons!..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150809_102422. 15[Whoooo Billy really can sound authoritative?!! He’s showing the baddies who’s boss! Smile  lol.. The baddies don’t even fire at Billy.. they just come out from where they were hiding and put down their guns like good little boys! It looks to me in the wide shot like they still had plenty of cover and could have started shooting in that direction too.. but hey.. why complain? do I really want a long drawn out gun battle? nah!!!]
…Put your hands on top of your heads, slowly. Slowly!…Up Up!…
[Oh I see Lawrence was one of the baddies shooting.. ]
…All right would you come this way please?
[Please?! rofl!!! Is Amanda rubbing off on Billy?! Or rofl.. maybe Billy is being extra polite because he is speaking to a diplomat 😉 ]

Lee gets up and rushes to the door yelling: Dr. Zernoff?
Oh my gosh!!! Dotty is in there!!!!! He’s gonna meet her!!!
[btw  – how interesting that he calls for Dr Zernoff, not Amanda.. what do you all make of this? I’ll share in comments my own ideas, eventually.. Smile ]
Lee forces the door open..
Amanda is closest to the door..
Dotty and Zernoff are behind the door…Lee seems to hit Dotty with the door?? or at least just scare her and force her back against the wall? lol.. umm that could be quite a first impression there!
Hmm seems Zernoff and Dotty are letting Amanda be their shield.. They really do seem to have noted Amanda is the authority here..
But.. back to Lee..about to meet Dotty.. the anticipation builds!!!
Lee comes face to face with Amanda. But they don’t say anything..
.. they don’t have time! [but I did  find a split second where Lee seems happy to see her!]
Amanda sees Kurtz behind Lee lining up his shot and yells: LOOK OUT!!!
Amanda slams the door shut on Lee and the gunman.
Lee turns and ducks, while the darts go flying into the now closed door..
LOL! tiny little darts? so scary!
Phew.. good thing they were darts and not bullets – or they could have gone through the door no? oh wait.. no it would have been okay anyway, these baddies don’t use bullets that make holes.. Hmm.. okay.. so it’s the darts we need to be afraid of..

What do you make of how Amanda acts here shutting the door on Lee and the gunman?
I kinda like it.. lol.. protecting Dotty and Zernoff is the priority – and Lee can take care of himself! tee hee.. I think it shows that she has utmost confidence in Lee’s ability to look after himself – and it shows she can put her own growing feelings toward Lee to one side on the job Smile
We’ve discussed how Lee is grappling with this issue – but what about Amanda?? What do we all think?
Lee takes aim at Kurtz as Kurtz runs to escape capture,
but drat.. no bullets! don’t worry Lee, the scorchy marks would not have stopped Kurtz anyway!
Kurtz escapes in an army truck.
Lee leaps on the back of the truck as it drives off.
Oh wait! Lee didn’t meet Dotty???!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!!
All because of this Kurtz??!!! Get him Lee!!!! go make him pay!!!!! Smile
Oh rofl.. the comparisons in this final sequence with Raiders of the Lost Arc are clear! If you want to watch this scene, it’s on YouTube

I am going to go with the view that they wanted it to be clear – that’s the whole point! And.. it’s all one big wink to the audience that they are just going with it and having fun with this action finale… The only thing missing is Lee didn’t jump from his horse onto the truck! Winking smile oh.. err..and the arc Winking smile
– heck.. I’ll go along with their big wink! .. it’s the only way for me to get through them!!! Plus, Raiders is one of the greatest movies of all time!! lol.. I know I’m going off on a tangent.. but one last thing. check out the movie Top Secret’s take on spoofing this Raiders’ truck chase –
The fight over which radio station to have the radio playing is genius –  hilarious!!!!  [Top Secret was 1984 – dang.. smk could have spoofed the spoof! after all we debriefed the debrief and the leak had a  leak!]

Okay.. back to Lee on the side of the truck..
No tribute to Raiders of the Lost Arc would be complete without..
Vintage cars that would fit in the 1930s! whahahahaa..and old fashioned telegraph poles!  Smile Aie!! they are soooo noticeable!

It isn’t long before Kurtz sees Lee.. Kurtz manoeuvres the truck in the hopes of knocking Lee off..(Literally and figuratively!)..
This truck is magical.. when it’s a close up on Lee.. we are transported back in time.. but when a wide shot, we’re back in the 1980s! whooooo could it also be a nod to the movie  ‘Back to the Future’ ??!!! tee hee.. 😉  [That was 1985.. and this episode was 1986 ha!]
Whooo and close ups on Kurtz move the truck into an area with high-rise apartments! tee hee..

Stunt Lee moves all over the truck..
Kurtz shoots some darts (but luckily never gets a bullseye!)
Lee opens the passenger door to get inside but has to avoid getting shot.. while hanging onto this magical space and time shifting truck!
Oh dear.. poor BB.. the indignity!!!! Couldn’t they have found a half realistic looking film to play on the screen behind BB pretending to do his best Indiana Jones??!! Ohhh the shame!!! whahahahaa.. I didn’t even need to slow this sequence down to see how badly all this fits together – it’s flippin obvious!!

I bet the stunt guy had fun the day they filmed this! SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150809_111624.351
How is that Raiders of the Lost Arc tribute looking? Well..
Army truck? check!
Bullets? well.. darts will do- check!
Hanging off the side of the truck?  – check!!
Crawling on the roof? – check!!!
Heroic determination while lookin good? triple check!!!!!!

Whooo Lee reaches in the driver’s window for the gun..
rofl.. this sequence is fabulous for memes! So much inspiration!
Fight Gif
Ohhh Rofl! this action finale is one of the funniest yet!! well.. at least.. it is to me!

Okay iwsod.. focus here!!.. Stunt Lee with the stripey socks gets into the truck.. grabs Kurtz..
We see they are about to hit a dead-end (living up to it’s name!)
Love the randomly piled up boxes and crates..
So Lee grabs Kurtz and they both leap from the truck.
Rofl! I think the footage behind them here is downtown Washington DC..
I can see an obelisk and fancy buildings.. rofl.. then again, it could be Paris!

The magical truck continues on into the boxes and crates.. and randomly explodes..
lol.. me thinks it had a self-destruct.. it seems to explode before it really ends up in the crates Smile .. whatevs.. it’s magical!
Lee looks on in amazement at the magical truck.
whooo lots of bright flame here.. nicely done Winking smile
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150809_113943. 83
And to finish things off.. we get one last big explosion..
As they say – this action finale goes out with a bang.. (or five..)
Lee picks Kurtz up off the road and they move on..
Lee’s got his man!!!! whooo hoooo..
I was a bit distracted during this finale huh.. oh dear.. I’m so ashamed!!! Winking smile not really.. I think its safe to say Iwsod has lost the plot – in both senses Smile
Well this post is getting massive. I better pause here and we’ll finish off this episode in the next post.
Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this action finale!!! Gotta go!  byeeee

30 responses to “18/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t talk about the most important part of that action sequence. When Lee is lying on the ground after the explosion, you see his shirt has come untucked a little ways and…

    Just had to mention that important detail.


  2. Amandarambler

    The only thing I can ever see in that truck scene are stunt Lee’s socks. I can’t not see them.


  3. I think the “Look out” is perfect. I think it is very important to Amanda that she is able to get the balance between personal and professional in balance and she does it very well here. She is protecting her mother and working in conjunction with Lee and the other agents without letting any of them know her own personal connections or her own emotions control her. I think this is not only important for Amanda but it is also important for Lee to see. He may be aware that he has very strong feelings for Amanda growing inside of him, but engaging in a relationship is so fraught with many different issues. Her family is one, their job is another. Here she is demostrating her ability to handle both.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. There is a lot going on in this scene. First of all, I don’t like the fact that Lee and Francine put their guns away. I”m sure that they are hedging their bets, but better to be safe than sorry. That North is driving me nuts, he’s just so dry and such a horrible baddie, kind of milquetoast and a bit blah. I love how antsy Lee is. He just wants to move things along. He probably wants to start searching for Amanda, but has deal with North first. Love how he immediately takes off when he hears Amanda’s voice.

    I do like that Francine gets some action and that it’s actually Francine and not a stunt-person of some sort. Never mind that she’s in white and and handles this guy with no muss or fuss. That’s the quickest action scene ever in SMK-land and Francine stays as clean as a whistle. There seems to be a lot of blandness in the colors everyone’s wearing. Maybe that’s why the plot seems so blah. Billy gets even less action than Francine.

    Love Lee’s look of relief at seeing that Amanda is okay. This whole situation has been a lot of close calls. Amanda has to be wound pretty tight right about now. Her mother doesn’t listen to her about staying away from Zernoff. She gets caught by Dotty at the park. And Dotty ends up in a hostage situation. A lot of what has happened in this episode is a lot like what used to happen with Amanda in earlier episodes. Lee used to tease Amanda about the “danger, excitement, and intrigue” and it didn’t deter Amanda in the least. I like the fact that Amanda and Lee stick to being professional and continue to focus on this case. Once they see that the other is okay and can handle the rest of what’s going on, they know they’ll discuss and reconnect later on.

    What I would have been more interested to see was Dotty seeing Francine. She’s met Francine, but as a chimp owner. That would have been some serious explaining.

    Love the shout out to Raiders. Loved that movie and definitely saw how similar that little truck ride was. But as usual, it went on for too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dotty’s also met Magda – who’s basically Francine with brown hair. Guess that would have required some more explaining. Kinda like “Oh well, you know what they say – everyone’s got an evil twin somewhere …” uncertain laugh – “Well, she must have been your evil twin since I really can’t imagine her being anyone’s NICE twin …”

      I love how little action scenes like Francine’s here actually SHOW that she’s a trained professional. I mean, everyone’s always TALKING about her being one (well, Francine, mostly) and about her being a good agent. Yah, well, you can tell me a lot. You can tell me you’re the president of the United States. I’ll find it easier to believe things that you actually SHOW me.

      Maybe Martha Smith insisted on doing that part herself? I can see her arguing “Look, guys, it’s not much, a martial arts trainer can show me the right move and it would be a waste of money to get a stunt double to do that. Besides – have you ever looked at my stunt double? Like, how that guy looks NOTHING like me?” 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • What’s kind of sad is that no one is around to see Francine send North, south. Seeing her handle this guy like this sort of makes you understand why she gets a bit snarky sometimes when she is sidelined on some of the cases. She is quite capable of handling herself.


        • Oh, I’d think the Agency folks would know she can handle herself. And we do know – from “Life of the Party” – that she’s an expert in small arms and hand-to-hand (as we can see here). Now, what I’m wondering is: Why would she need that as Billy’s assistant? Is that kind of training required for everyone working in Field Section, no matter if they’re working mainly in the office (just in case someone decides to grab them and interrogate them)? Or is Field Section made up entirely of agents who are or were active in the field (we do know Billy used to be), even those dealing mainly with administrative stuff? Or was Francine more active in the field before the show started and for some reason decided to do more office work? If she’s career-oriented (and she is!), maybe that job as Billy’s assistant is just another stepping stone on the way up in the Agency’s hierarchy? So many questions … 😀

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hi Khell, I always thought about Francine as a former field agent (“a perfectly trained agent” as she always use to tell everybody 😉 ). Then, some day before the show started, she became Billy’s secetary errrr… sorry errrr…. assistant of course. :oops
            As Billy’s assistant she can’t do that much field work any longer although I always thought she missed working in the field and therefor becomes jealous of Amanda. She IS career-oriented and I always thought about her as someone who likes to climb up into the Agency’s hierarchy – maybe as the next section chief in Field Section? Awwwww poor Amanda if that would happen… 😥

            And as we all know, only Amanda as a part time working civilian is capable of working in the field as Lee’s partner, doing all HIS paperwork, doing all HER paperwork, even doing some paperwork from other agents or transscribing tapes or whatever she did in her early days at IFF. 😀
            Soooo sorry Francine, there is just nooo need for another Powerlady in the field… 😉


            • I’ve been kind of working on a profile of Billy for some later posts, and my theory is like you guys said, that administrators like Billy came up through the ranks in their departments. Even though they don’t say it outright, I think Billy selected Francine as his assistant when he became the head of the field section and is kind of grooming her to be his successor. That’s why Billy keeps Francine with him most of the time and even sometimes brings her into meetings when their department is facing criticism so she can “help take the flak” and learn how to deal with similar situations when she moves up through the ranks and becomes a full-time administrator herself. Francine loves being in the thick of things and misses the excitement of being out in the field with Lee, but I think that Billy really relies on her to help with the administrative tasks. It might not seem as glamorous as field work, but it’s necessary, and people who have a background in fieldwork, like Francine and Billy, would be better managers for the field agents than those who had never been out in the field and wouldn’t understand what it was like.

              Liked by 3 people

              • I think you might be on to something here, Jestress. Of course, Lee would also be a candidate for taking over for Billy when Billy retires – only we all know how much Lee hates paperwork and being tied to a desk and there’s a LOT of paperwork when you’re heading Field Section, and you spend a LOT of time not only at your desk but also in meetings. Often with people you can’t stand (like – Smyth) and who tell you what you CAN’T do to help one of your people who’s in a tight spot. I don’t think Lee would be happy doing Billy’s job. I predict he’d be going nuts after a week, two at the most.

                On the other hand we do know that Francine’s holding down the fort for Billy (well – more or less … ;)) in “Reach for the Sky” so she obviously got the necessary clearances and know-how (even though it doesn’t all go smoothly – probably her first attempt at running things all on her own).

                Liked by 2 people

                • It’s tempting sometimes to think that Lee might turn into kind of a Billy type as he gets older, but I think you’re right that he doesn’t really have the temperament. At the beginning of the series, when Francine is already Billy’s assistant, Lee is especially hot-headed and thoughtless. I think when it came to choosing between these two, Billy picked Francine for his assistant (even though I think Lee says at one point that he was already working for the Agency when Francine joined and would seem like he might have some seniority) because she was more thoughtful and patient and would be better able to keep her cool even when dealing with unreasonable people in higher positions than Lee would.

                  Lee becomes more thoughtful as the series goes on, but he doesn’t have the same degree of patience for that kind of thing that Francine does. Francine can be catty and sarcastic when something gets on her nerves, but Lee yells, and you just can’t shout at your superiors. Francine is more the type for cool negotiation than shouting matches, especially when dealing with a superior.

                  What that Francine really still needs for Billy’s job is a little more humility and patience for those less experienced than she is. I think that’s part of the reason Billy enjoys sending Amanda out in the field while he keeps Francine at the office. Francine hates it because she’s had the training and wants to be in the thick of things, but Billy’s pretty good at assessing people’s character and skills. I think he’s trying to teach Francine to delegate tasks to other people, especially if there’s something about them, their skills or their personality, which would make them better suited to the task. Francine would also have to learn to cultivate skills in people with less experience than herself and not get impatient just because they’re not already as professional as she is.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Yah, I think you’re right. Plus, I’ve always considered Francine coming from a family that’s at least well-off. I mean – she did mention a cook, Moline, and she did go to Sarah Lawrence, which is expensive. So, with that kind of background, she’d probably also know how to move among the “elites” and not stick out. And probably got connections, too, either those she built herself (I mean – she seems to be dating quite a lot and I assume that, of course, she’s dating the “right” kind of guys) or via her family (the better-offs ALWAYS have connections). Connections are a good thing when you’re working for the Agency – they help you find out things you’re not supposed to know … 😉

                    And I think we can agree that Francine indeed can master the high art of diplomacy – as in insulting someone in a way that they actually think they’ve been complimented. She’ll have to practice a little, her jabs are still way too obvious, but I’m sure she’ll get there.

                    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one reminded of Indiana Jones in the truck scene… I mentioned it once — I think it was over at Yuku (?) — and people told me I was nuts. shrug

    I think I feel a meme or two — or at least doctoring some images — coming on…

    Oh, yeah…. and I love Stunt Lee’s stripey socks. It always cracks me up when we see him bending over or stretching… his legs are so much longer than BB’s and when they dress Stunt Lee in Lee’s pants he always end up totally high-water — only accentuated by the leaning. 😀


    • Oh definitely KC, I’m with you!!! had Raiders all over it!! 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing those memes!!!

      If anyone else is inspired to give them a go – head to the Nedlindger’s forum and the Meme thread.. we can help you get started!!! It’s all about multiplying the fun!!!! 🙂
      I had a look through these the other week.. it had been ages since I’d seen some of them – and they were still hilarious!!!
      Jenbo your meme about the ice cap was genius! – errr see you all over at Neds to discuss memes!!! 🙂


  6. Love Raiders of the Lost Ark (I seem to remember going to multiple viewings of it when it was originally on at the movies. Exciting stuff, and I was rather fond of Harrison Ford. 😉 ). SMK’s low budget – almost no budget – homage to the truck walking sequence is hilarious… but not really improving this episode for me. :-/
    BTW, another connection between SMK and Raiders – John Rhys-Davies who most of you will remember as Lord Ralph Bromfield in Affair at Bromfield Hall played the ever helpful Sallah in Raiders.
    Why did Billy and his rent an agent team come to this fight with old-fashioned revolvers when just about everyone else seems to have more modern (semi-automatic?) hand guns?
    Lee might as well have had a revolver since he ran out of bullets after about 6 shots. Well, I don’t know anything about guns – maybe his whizzy looking gun only holds a 6 bullet clip. Of course, Indy would have resorted to his whip and had that darty-gun thing out’ve Kurtz’s hand in the blink of an eye! 😀


    • I’m with you kiwismh! I was giving a big : ‘whooo hoo!!’ when I read this comment of yours – sorry just been too busy to get back here to comment – boooo!! Yep, Harrison Ford floated my boat 😉 Indy, Hans Solo.. didn’t matter.. 🙂

      Yes! Lord Bromfield (Asps! very dangerous! You go first!) was one of my fave things about bromfield hall.. an episode which I found surprisingly annoying..

      rofl- Indy and his whip!! I love it!!!


  7. Vintage footage? This is “vintage Iwsod” in the best possible sense of the words. Iwsod is at the height of her powers – making lemonade out of lemons. Iwsod, I’m in awe of your powers of connection and writing! I always have a power nap at this stage of the episode…

    Other than this, MS’s action stint stands out for me (once I block out those enormous jacket shoulder pads and the twin goldy triangle collar decorations/female tie pins). Yessss! Francine is way more impressive than Lee here (although Lee looks better). It’s fabulous seeing her in action.

    The ‘will they, won’t they’ Lee/Dotty encounter is handled very neatly here IMHO. I feel a bit cheated, but only slightly. I love the expression on Lee’s face when he sees Amanda, but wish she’d screamed “Leeeeeee” instead of “Look out” – which was admittedly more useful under the circumstances 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awh!!! thanks Learjet 🙂 you made my night!!!

      I noticed Amanda doesn’t say Lee’s name too.. I actually specifically checked for that – trying to think about what information Dotty could have put together after all this.
      If Amanda had called Lee’s name – Dotty could have connected this to her work – because in Mr Brand, Dotty heard Mr Brand talk about Lee to Amanda!!!! So she knows that name – and IMHO she would have stored that man away as a possible man at work that she’s seeing.. hint hint.. So I think it’s quite clever that Amanda didn’t say Lee’s name.

      And if Lee had said Amanda’s name, that could have told Dotty a lot too! How is it Amanda calls the authorities then this guy is calling her name?! gee.. it’s like she already knows him! 😉 so I thought that was clever he didn’t call out to her..

      I agree learjet – the near miss encounter was handled really well – totally plausible chain of events here that leads to Dotty and Lee not meeting.. yet!
      But.. I was hoping!!!! Maybe the wedgie can be for stopping Lee and Dotty from meeting too.. lol..

      Do you think Lee would have wanted to meet Dotty now?
      Would Amanda have wanted Lee and Dotty to meet now?

      I would have liked them to…lol.. but.. I’m not sure the characters are ready for it.. maybe they are.. ??
      What do you all think?



      • “Phew.. good thing they were darts and not bullets – or they could have gone through the door no? oh wait.. no it would have been okay anyway, these baddies don’t use bullets that make holes.. Hmm.. okay.. so it’s the darts we need to be afraid of..” Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! So awesome!

        And I will block the sight of the stripey stripe stunt double’s socks — Where’s the protect Lee’s Dignity League when you need them?

        Liked by 2 people

    • Oh! I loved the lemonade!!! Vintage. And that is enough for Lee to know he needs to haul the bad guy out of the truck. 🙂


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