19/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

It’s tag time!!!! Back to IFF we go..
We find Dotty and Zernoff in a briefing room with Billy. [I guess this is a debriefing of the debriefing debriefing?]
Amanda is watching and listening to their conversation through the one way glass.
Billy: And then your daughter…..
Dotty: Amanda
Billy nods patiently: Yes. ..[love the way Billy says this ‘Yes’ humouring Dotty – he knows full well her name.. and who she is Smile  Clever Billy.. yes her daughter, whatever her name is! BTW- why is Billy, section chief interviewing them? Awhhh I will put it down to his wanting to look after Amanda’s mum and personally see this through Smile as a favour to Amanda.. thank goodness he didn’t let Francine interview her! then again, Dotty could have recognised nasty Magda!]
… and she appeared?
[Just as he says ‘she appeared’, Lee appears!]
Zernoff: That’s right.
to Amanda:
How’s it going in there?
turns down the volume and responds: Oh it’s going fine,…
…except he told her… (Amanda switches off the speaker)
…that it’s top secret…
…and she won’t be able to tell anybody….
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124016.430(Lee chuckles at this and looks back at Dotty)
… Its going to drive her crazy.
[Interesting, since Amanda was there – Dotty could talk to her about it.. which could lead to some awkward moments for Amanda!!! I think there’s a fan fic in that!!! lol..]
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124017.730(Lee laughs some more)
– love this laugh of his.. so indulgent, comfortable.. intimate- it’s the kind of laugh IMHO you only share with those close to you!
Lee chuckles:
Listen Amanda,…
…I want to talk to you about something-
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124020. 31
Amanda: I know, I know. I should NEVER have tried to follow her alone.
An agent never makes a move- [Lee is calling Amanda an agent now??!!! Without qualification and blatantly?? whooo hoooo!!!! Now.. give her a proper ID badge will ya!]
Together: -Without a backup.
Plenty of eye speak going on here… so few words are needed.. Amanda’s got the message loud and clear, and knows she did the wrong thing.
Lee seems to hear this- and he moves on.
Lee: How’d you find that place anyway?
Mother and I took Jamie’s class on a tour of the North eastern Candy Company last spring. I remembered the Mr Marshmallow sign.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124033.946[Ugh!!! North eastern candy company was a school excursion? Way to go teaching kids to eat rubbish.. like they need any encouragement!!]
Lee wryly grins and shakes his head (typical Amanda! –luck.. but also a good memory thrown in there!)
Well you nearly scared me half to death you know that?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124037. 50
Oh I’m sorry.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124039. 51

Amanda apologises and smiles.. they’re both so open with each other now!!!! Isn’t it lovely? Smile
I think she is sorry.. but she’s also enjoying how he openly admits his concern for her now.. Lee is getting comfortable sharing his feelings – and doesn’t resort to expressing his concern as anger like he use to. Hooray!
Yeah but what’s new huh?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124040. 0
(Hearing this, Amanda’s smile gets even bigger!! Smile )
[so matter of fact.. and so revealing!!! this is something Lee has done a lot of-being scared about Amanda’s safety.. and he is becoming comfortable with that.. He accepts it.  What do you all make of this little throw away line of Lee’s?]
[Aie.. the dimples! the dimples! And a sweet lovely man? Such a killer combo!]
They smile and laugh together, then Lee turns to look at the debriefing..
Lee: Uh oh,… [too cute how he says that!]
… what’s happening?
Amanda turns the intercom back on again.
Billy is making moves to leave.. He shakes Zernoff’s hand… then Dotty’s.
Billy: Thank you.
Dotty: Good Bye Mr. Melrose.
[Phew good thing she didn’t learn his first name is Billy.. in DOA Amanda was talking to ‘Bill’ at the office wasn ‘t she? Has Dotty ever come across the name ‘Billy’ yet? ]
Dotty and Zernoff are ‘left alone’ .. well as far as they know Winking smile
So, official business is over now.. Will Amanda still listen in or give her mother some privacy?  That dial isn’t moving!! Smile
Zernoff: Yes, and I’m afraid soon, I will also have to leave. I have been offered a job in nuclear medicine. See Dorothea, for years now I have dreamed of using my knowledge to save lives. Not to destroy. Unfortunately, I ah, must live in California.
Dotty: Hmmm. Well, then you have to go.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_132229.127[This idea that Zernoff is using his knowledge to save lives is an interesting one…. and that Dotty sees this is the right decision- he has to go if it means he can save lives.
This is exactly what Lee and Amanda do! It calls for sacrifice.. for Zernoff, it’s moving to California and no longer seeing Dotty.. for Lee and Amanda – it’s a sacrifice to live a secret life your family can’t know about.. With this in mind, I think if Dotty knew what Amanda was up to – she’d say Amanda had to do it.. but.. maybe it’s just me..]
Zernoff: But I never forget you Dorothea…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_132236. 6(Zernoff reaches over to pat Dotty on the hand)
…You are a special woman.
(A hand pat won’t cut it Winking smile)
Zernoff gives Dotty a kiss on the cheek and Dotty happily accepts it. Awh.. a very sweet moment. So respectful, and affectionate..
It makes everything Dotty went through in her adventure worth while.. I think in years to come, Dotty would pinch herself and wonder if she had dreamed it!
A very sweet goodbye.. and a thank you too IMHO.. what do you think?

We cut to Amanda smiling away at this special, romantic moment her mother is experiencing.. lol.. no more worries about invading her privacy here!
Lee turns to look at Amanda… and notices how touched she is by the special moment Dotty and Zernoff are sharing.
Lee: And she has a…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124126. 0
…very special daughter…
… too.
Whoooooo! Lee gives Amanda an admiring look up and down as he says this.. taking in all the specialness that is Amanda Smile  SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124127.800
Amanda reacts..
All things considered I think she keeps her head well!
Love the little – ‘awhhh isn’t that sweet’ gesture she makes!
But, Lee doesn’t stop there!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124130. 3
Lee leans in closer..
and Amanda offers him her right cheek…
They look pretty happy huh!!! Smile
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150812_124131. 5
Love the ‘cat that got the cream’ expression on Amanda’s face above… dang she’s lucky!
Lee pulls back.. and they smile… too many photos?
Yeah.. didn’t think so Winking smile
they smile some more..
aaaaand some more!
and then.. kapow!!! Lee pulls out the big guns: His Dimples!! We freeze on this moment.. and the episode draws to a close..

What a sweet little ending! I can’t wait to hear what you all make of it.. and what thoughts you may have about this episode overall! I prefer this one to FFFT hands down!

I like how Lee pays Amanda the same compliment as gallant Zernoff.. it’s like he is learning how to be a gentleman from the count Smile and through watching Dotty and Amanda’s reaction to Dotty and Zernoff, Lee has been reminded how much it means to a woman to show that you think she is special Smile Lee is stepping into new territory here.. and is learning how to make a woman feel special (no cheap champagne for Amanda!).

I also like how for Dotty and Zernoff have a sweet goodbye moment.. but for Lee and Amanda – it’s more of a sweet hello moment – as they continue to explore each other and what is developing between them. Smile 

So.. this reference to ‘special’ had me intrigued- anyone else? I vaguely remembered we had  a discussion about the word special.. searching JWWM, I think I found two of the references.. are there more?

Toward the end of A Lovely Little Affair – there’s another sweet goodbye.. Amanda tells Alan: “I’m sorry Alan, I didn’t mean to trick you. I think you’re very special. You made me feel very special.”
The scene ends with Alan giving Amanda a brief kiss on the lips.. [I’ll spare you from seeing an image of that! 🙂 ]
Interesting to note -here Lee is much more gentlemanly (IMHO) and more respectful of Amanda than Alan was – I think that kiss of Alan’s was a bit presumptuous.. not gentlemanly.. meh..  – Lee through his respectful kiss here conveys to Amanda how special she is.. but .. this is just my opinion.. what do you all think?

Has Lee ever told Amanda she is special before??
In We’re off to see the Wizard – Amanda told Lee he is special (just not superman Winking smile ).

But I am also reminded of the Wizard Tag – In OBDOBD Lee is modelling his actions on Zernoff here.. but maybe he is also modelling Amanda’s actions in the Wizard Tag.. Where Amanda gave Lee a sweet kiss on the cheek.

– I think she was letting him know he was special there too..

Oh hey everyone.. do you think this kiss on the cheek fits better before or after Lee’s little quip about his ‘field experience’ in FFFT???? Do tell!!!!

I’m left curious about what Dotty has figured out about Amanda – and I’m looking forward to seeing how she is in future episodes!!
So, I’ll finish up here – I’ve found this episode to be an enjoyable one – full of lots of great moments – which were not solely Lee/Amanda moments, great variety! I can’t wait to hear how you’ve all found this episode… Bye for now!!!

31 responses to “19/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Not to spam or anything, but I noticed something while rewatching this scene and the tag for the Oz ep. Both times after the kiss on the cheek, Lee gives this kind of little chuckle. It’s so cute. I think there’s one more moment in the series where he does it in a similar scene but I can’t place the ep off hand.


  2. Too many photos? Have you been sniffing zap gas or did you taste one of Restig’s Chicken Salad Sandwiches? LOL

    Just wanted to add that I absolutely LOVE Bruce’s laugh.


  3. I have rewatched that tag at least five times now…and recorded it with my Ipad to watch and rewatch some more! Quite possibly my favorite ending ever (and that says something after losing my mind with The Eyes Have It!)

    I love Lee’s voice when he says “An agent never goes in without backup.” (Although he has done that more than once! LOL)


  4. Amandarambler

    Holy cow, this is one of my favorite tags. Smelling salts STAT!!!!!! I just adore this Lee Stetson and his entire way with Amanda in this scene. Good-ness!!!

    Two other non-swoony thoughts…I’ve always been so confused that Dotty meets Billy here and then in the Stems, I always get the feeling that she is supposedly meeting him for the first time there….but now that I think about it, maybe I just presumed that. I don’t think she actually says anything about that she’s meeting him for the first time in the Stems. Huh! She was just told she couldn’t talk about this whole situation to anyone. So maybe she was still just kinda giving that air out in the Stems and I just jumped to a conclusion!

    Also, the title of this episode. That’s a tough one. Maybe one West girl is really an agent, one is not? The bear that doesn’t dance wishes they could be the one that does? Dotty walks into Amanda’s world, albeit unknowingly, but kinda takes on her “dance” of agent work for an episode? Who knows. Maybe it’s really about Francine and Amanda and their contrast!!! (I really don’t think that, but the idea is a little funny.)

    Thanks for letting me stay up WAAAAAAAYY too late to go through this episode, y’all. This part of Lee and Amanda’s relationship is so wonderful. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, and why in the world is this episode called One Bear Dances, the Other Bear Doesn’t??!! I never figured that out! Who dances? Who doesn’t? I’m so confused!


  6. I like how Amanda has to hold onto the wall to stay upright in the face of all this swooniness that is the new and improved Lee Stetson smiling at her like that and kissing her on the cheek. Shows she’s at least a little human for not ending up at his feet in a puddle (like I would have)! 🤣🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love how much is communicated between these two in just expressions and gestures. That happens a lot, but this is a big scene. As is mentioned in the other comments, we see Lee being much more open here. I’m wondering if Dotty’s earlier comment, “I think that there’s somebody at work.” re-enters his mind here, or has stuck with him all this time. Lee takes the opportunity to make a move, hinting that he’s ready to be that “somebody at work.”

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  8. I’m really not sure what to think of this episode. No one hand there are so many plot holes, inconsistencies etc. In this ep and on the other hand there are also some of my favorite SMK-moments (car scene, tag, dotty!)

    IMHO it’s sad that we didn’t get to see more of those “dotty gets involved”-episodes culminating in her finding out about the agency or at least about Lee (giving the series -and me – closure). But my closure issues are better kept for the last episodes, right?!

    Lee (BB) in this tag scene gets me every time. He’s so open now… And those dimples… Sigh…

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Melissa Robertson

    One of my favorite episodes of season 3. I love it when Dotty gets mixed up in the spy biz. It’s wonderful that Dotty actually gets to see Amanda in action without learning the truth about her double life 🙂 It will be interesting to see if Dotty starts to suspect about Amanda’s job in future episodes.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Melissa! so lovely to hear from you – I agree it’s a hoot to get a chance to see Amanda’s two worlds collide.. that and Dotty’s little foray into some danger, excitement, innnnnnntrigue!

      Oh I so agree! I’m busting to find out what happens next!!

      forcing myself to take a break though. because I need it.. lol.. but.. I miss it!! man.. it’s like an addiction!!!

      Give me some of the good stuff man!!!! 😉


  10. Helloooo!!! Back from immensely beautiful mountains only to gaze on immensely beautiful pictures of Lee smiling, kissing Amanda on the cheek and being so very open. Wow!
    Firstly, I think Dotty may not beable to talk to Amanda about what happened because Doty had been involved from the get go, and she believes that Amanda just got caught up in the end. So Dotty would be thinking that she had to protect Amanda from the whole truth (as she understands it) while Amanda must play ignorant even though it is really Amanda who has full layers of knowledge. I wonder if Amanda will be able to identify even more with how Lee had to handle things with her early on?
    And speaking of Lee handling things. Our man has turned a corner. Yes, I love his open confession about being scared for her, no anger. no control, just an honest and very informative little statement there. That is what I love about SMK, they only need one line, spoken so brilliantly and kapow, they tell the tale!
    I think they are working out the balance between superior/ trainee, partnering and falling in love…
    I can see that this little kiss could be in response to the “what kind of field experience” comment in FFFT, but I think I could still do gymnastics to make it work before. It is a little foray into affection, still professional, and a little let go after the wonderful revelation during the stake out in the car. It is a lovely response to that great awkward moment and now they don’t really have to discuss it or pretend to let it slide. Lee just walked through the door and said “you are very special to me.” Lee has been thinking that way of Amanda for a while. Aren’t those the words he used to describe Amanda to Leslie after that slip up. I bet it was a huge relief to tell her to her face. “Special” does have a lot of meaning in SMK, doesn’t it?

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Love how Lee scolds Amanda oh, so gently. And he knows she didn’t really run off without backup — she did call, and it isn’t her fault that the message didn’t get through. The kiss on the cheek is the perfect moment at this stage in their relationship. I’m one of the people who really enjoys the slow progress of this relationship, and am not in a hurry for them to get more involved faster.

    Regarding Lee ever telling Amanda she is special — I’m trying to remember. I think I remember him telling someone else she was very special, but I can’t think where. I can just about remember it — I can see him saying it — oh, wait a minute, maybe that’s why I can’t remember anything else.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee did tell Leslie that Amanda was very special. This was after he mistakenly called Leslie, Amanda and then Leslie commented that Amanda was nice. Lee then said Amanda was very special. Still looking to see if he ever said it directly to Amanda.


  12. What really strikes me about this tag is…the size of Lee’s jacket sleeves (is someone hiding inside one?
    More swoonworthy is how different this cute moment is from the corridor scene in FFFT. I loved that scene but Lee was flirting with Amanda, which is fun and sweet, but in this tag he is being completely open and genuine. No games, no hiding behind flirting or wittiness. And I see the kiss on the cheek in this context (other than mirroring Zernoff and Dotty) as a prelude to a more intimate kiss….We’re getting there 🙂 .

    I have absolutely no idea what goes on in this plot – it’s beyond my little brain – but I don’t care. I love this episode for it’s Dotty-heaviness and L&A development.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No time but to give a quick “agree” to the notion that Lee is giving a not so subtle “intimacy” hint to Amanda. And I think her look and reaction this time is her hint to him that she’s open to going down that track.
      But, for me, without the relationship progression and Dotty moments, this episode would’ve been a complete botch. Others are probably more charitable but this one has been so riddled with holes the lace has fallen apart! (Like the moths have got at it 😉 )

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  13. Such a lovely and swoonworthy tag! Iwsod, great job as usual!


  14. I’m going to have a slight nit-pick before I get to the swooning and thudding. It’s that whole Dotty not connecting the Mr. Melrose name to anything. In Burn Out and Murder Between Friends his name is specifically brought up and there’s the indication that he’s Amanda’s boss, but in this scene it’s like that never happened.

    In BO Dotty is on the phone taking a message for Amanda which is most likely Brackin. She’s written the name down and said it twice. In MBF it’s Amanda who says she has an appointment with Mr. Melrose and will ask for a raise. Now, did Billy not indicate who he was, which I would find that hard to believe considering protocol in the debriefing process, etc. or is this just one of those that SMK hopes the audience doesn’t remember what happened in the previous season? It could be another one of those continuity issues. It’s just irksome to me. Okay, I’ve vented for now, but I’m sure it will happen again.

    Now, on the wonderfulness that is Lee. Love that Lee is getting to see, learn, and enjoy some things about Dotty. In Sudden Death he was intrigued by her Uncle Iggy story and then he made a crack about her bubble bath ingredients. He’s also seen her struggle to learn how to drive. Just as he has become much more appreciative of Amanda he is getting to see her close relationship to her mother and understand more what a family is like. I think that has also led to an appreciation of Dotty as well. He showed his concern for her safety throughout this episode and is seeing just how close that mother/daughter bond is. Lee is progressing by leaps and bounds these days. Loving all of it. Heavy sigh!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. And he knows it was her MOTHER, and it’s hard not to rush off impulsively to save someone who is so special to you!


    • Ahhh Cindy.. you have such a brilliant way with words! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • It’s really hard to say more than that, Cindy. 😉

      At least I’ll try: Lee is sooo sweeeeeet here with “his” Amanda. ❤
      Although she nearly scared him half to death he stays calm and in a lovely mood. Old Lee would have become very angry with her. Now Lee becomes sweet. He knows she didn’t do it on pupose. AND she called for him – it’s not her fault her massage wasn’t given to Lee. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • L&A, you have either a Freudian typo or a very perceptive autocorrect. Amanda trying to give Lee a massage? Why couldn’t the scriptwriters have thought of that one?

        Liked by 2 people

        • blushing me 😳

          Take it as a Freudian typo, happycamper. LOL
          I reread it but I didn’t see it. 😀

          Of course it should be “her message”…. although “her massage” would be nice too – at least if she massages Lee…

          Hopefully without typos this time… 😉


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