2/3 Scarecrow and Mrs King Sceneframing

Back for more SMK scene frames!
Thanks again to the mystery SMK fan, whom we are referring to as Agent Framer ( lol! ) who has created these scene frames and chosen to share them with us all!!

To start we’ll continue with some scene frames from…

The Times they are a Changin’…
Munich, Germany

 Villa Stuck (interior of Baron von Eiger’s house):

St. Emmeramsmühle:

Schloss Nymphenburg:

Our Man in Tegernsee..
Munich, Germany

Max-Joseph Platz:

Thanks again Agent Framer for yet another brilliant excuse to enjoy Lee in a tux images…

Next post – we’ll explore Agent Framer’s scene frames for The Legend of Das Geisterschloss..  Smile 

Bye for now! 

17 responses to “2/3 Scarecrow and Mrs King Sceneframing

  1. Agent Framer, these are awesome and so are you!


  2. Another great post I love it. I actually am in awe concerning the skill at which you do this and yes, I too am fascinated at your trip to Germany/Austria. Was it a coincidence that you ended up in the SMK sites or was is planned ? ie an Assignment (full of danger excitement and intrigue:-) )

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    • Thanks, Michele. I had planned out all the SMK locations I wanted to visit ahead of time, which allowed me to get the images (thanks again, iwsod!) I wanted to frame saved to my tablet before I left. The locations were great, though, because most were places I would have liked to have seen anyway. Such beautiful cities!

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      • You are very welcome Agent Framer!!! Anytime 🙂 and thanks sooo much for sharing the fun with us all 🙂

        I agree I can’t think of a location it would be a sacrifice to visit!! Umm maybe that rubbish tip at the end of J.Edgar’s ghost! lol.. anyone want to scene frame that one?! 😉


  3. Well Agent Framer, yet another great post which makes me want to put on my traveling shoes and check out in person all the lovely places you highlighted so well. Grazie!


  4. Impressive! I would love to have been on this trip. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and these lovely photos, Agent Framer! 🙂


  5. Hi guys- I miss the walk! I miss being on JWWM more often! – Just want you to know 🙂

    Thanks again Agent Framer for sharing your smk creations with us all!!!

    I love them all – but I think I especially prefer the MaxJosephPlatz1 sceneframe – it shows brilliantly the old and the new combined – an smk time warp!! 🙂

    The Nymphenburg1 image is also spectacular!! I must go there one day!

    Me thinks on Neds it would be awesome to start compiling a list of scene location so anyone who goes to a location can scene frame if they wish.. lol yes there I go again wanting to be ridiculously comprehensive and organised.. I think I’ve got some kind of smk sickness going on..
    I know – AmLeesia!

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    • I also love MaxJosephPlatz3 – the contrast between Volkenauer’s 80’s hairstyle and moustache and the outfit on the crouching figure in the 21st section of the picture is really interesting.

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  6. I love how you lined Lee and Amanda up so well with the arches in MaxJosephPlatz2. You do an excellent job of positioning for your photos, Agent Framer! 🙂


  7. More fun pictures! This is such a fun way to connect SMK with our world today.

    Agent Framer, how did you know which location was used for the Baron’s house? Was that easy to find out?


    • I was wondering the same thing myself BJo, it looks like Villa Stuck is a well known Munich tourist destination..


    • Hi BJo, I found a map online of SMK locations in Munich, which had it listed. So, then I looked up some images of the interior just to confirm they matched the Baron’s house. It’s a pretty nice little museum, and was fairly empty when we visited, which was nice for trying to take images. 🙂

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  8. These are so wonderful!

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