3/3 Scarecrow and Mrs King Sceneframing

Hello again! We’re back again to enjoy some more of Agent Framer’s SMK scene frames..  Agent Framer: We Salute You!!

Ready for some more swoony European Scenery?
Castles? Nah…
Mountains? Nah..
European Lee? Yessss!!! Squeeeee… Let’s go!! Smile 

The Legend of Das Geisterschloss…

Salzburg, Austria

Mirabell Garden:


Cafe Glockenspiel (Residenzplatz):

Domplatz Arches:

Werfen, Austria

Hohenwerfen Fortress: (Das Geisterschloss)

Thanks again Agent Framer!! I hope this was fun to create – it has certainly been fun to see it!! 

So, who is planning to head to an smk location and get busy sceneframing?! tee hee..
I know exactly which shot I want to scene frame..
Hey this could be a fun game..
Can anyone guess which image?
[I’ll give you a Hint: Monarch]
Anyone else have a screen shot in mind that we can have a go at guessing too? Smile

So what’s going to be the next post published on JWWM? Next up, we’re going to start to start our search for the best Lee Tuxedo moment in smk.. we’re going to vote!  I miss being on here more often- I miss the walk!!! Miss you guys!  Byeeeee!

14 responses to “3/3 Scarecrow and Mrs King Sceneframing

  1. As soon as I can find my DVDs that are still packed I’m going to start SMK all over again. Have to review the early seasons every once in a while and these scenes have inspired me to do so.


    • Valerie this is a brilliant idea! I think I’m going to do the same thing! I’ve met all my pending deadlines and am ready to relax, enjoy Christmas and start writing for the walk again..

      revisiting early smk would be perfect! Please share with us anything that comes to mind as you do 🙂

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  2. Thanks again, everyone! I’m so glad you like them. 🙂 I would love to see any that you do. I may try to get down to DC this Spring to do some.

    That’s so cool, Lauren, that you re-enacted that shot. When I lived in DC and would take family/friends who were visiting to the monuments, we used to do the Lee jump off the Lincoln Memorial stairs and run along the reflecting pool. 🙂

    London is also on my list to do – I was only there for a day after my Germany trip, and being Sherlock fans, my sister and I decided to do a few of those instead. Next time SMK, though! 🙂

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  3. Man I wish I had thought to do this when I was in dc this summer. I did reenact a classic shot though! 🙂

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  4. Another excellent post Agent Framer – I think you definitely have gone past the guest pass (so hated by IWSOD) and deserve a proper badge;)

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  5. Minijet no 2 has just finished a “Vacation” project a couple of weeks ago and she choose to “spend” her 2 weeks in Salzburg. She planned to visited Mirabell Gardens and do a Sound of Music tour. I told her she needed to do some SMK touring as well. And now here are these screenframed Salzburg moments. Glorious! And I must show my minijet 🙂
    (And keep looking at the hair…)

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    • Hey Learjet! I’d love to hear Minijet 2’s feedback on the whole scene framing idea.. you could even show her the fan girl website (link in first post) – that has loads of scene frames from many tv shows and movies.. I especially remember the forrest gump ones and Dr Who.. I think there were Sherlock ones there also.. whoooo that sounds like a job for Jenbo!!! Miss ya Jenbo!!!!

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  6. These are great! thanks Agent Framer!! This has been a really fun and new way to enjoy SMK… and an excellent excuse to post some Lee in Europe images again 😉
    I love that in a few of the scene frames it looks like people now are looking back in time at Lee and Amanda 🙂

    I also love all the tourist signs at the Hohenwerfen – really shows how different the location is now errr.. but not different!

    Anyone have a scene frame in mind they really want to do one day?

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  7. All of these posts have been amazing. Beautifully framed, beautiful screen caps and great being-in-focus! These are all places that are on my bucket list anyway and now they’ve moved way up for destination priorities! Thanks Agent Framer!

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  8. Awesome drool-worthy scenes (and the European back ground ain’t bad either 😉 ) Another excellent post, Agent Framer!

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  9. Love it! Looks great, Agent Framer! Thanks for sharing these! 🙂


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