1/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hello! Who is not excited to start walking through this episode???!!!! Anyone?! Squeee!!!!! I’m super excited to recommence the walk with you all!!! Are we ready?! 🙂

A HUGE thank you to Learjet for transcribing this episode and sharing it with us all – and for formatting this dialogue in the blog writing software – Learjet that is a ‘Service above and beyond’! I’m in ‘Utopia Now’!! And.. it’s not ‘The First Time’ Learjet has done this! Learjet you are a ‘Savior’ 🙂

Okay focus iwsod.. The Triumvirate.. right! Got to get back into the swing of writing up the walk! You know the original airdate of this episode was 10 Feb 1986 – week of valentine’s day.. I bet they planned that.. I can see the commercials now. And yes.. this leads me to want to question episode order. It’s fun to ponder how the order could have been adjusted based on RL dates and happenings.. but I do enter this having no idea in mind that this is out of order or anything.

I see this episode is written by Robert Bielak. Usually a script editor – let’s see if the plot has less holes if he writes it Winking smile whooo he also wrote Utopia now? whoo and ship of spies? Oh my.. this is gonna be good!!!!!!!

The episode opens with a gorgeous snowy mountain vista.
3.16 TT.avi_000079813
Ah! we’re in Berne, Switzerland..
3.16 TT.avi_000092325
Anyway.. We cut to a close-up of a newspaper
3.16 TT.avi_000098832
shows the following headline:
“Spies Exchanged, Krakower Freed by US. Czech Hitman Given up for U.S. School Teacher. Did Reds Get Better Deal?”
3.16 TT.avi_000111845

It’s Krakower looking at his own photo in the newspaper. So is he the hitman or the school teacher? The shot cuts to a blue truck parked up the street and a close up on the driver.
3.16 TT.avi_0001173503.16 TT.avi_000118351

Krakower leaves the cafe and starts up the street..
3.16 TT.avi_000130864
The truck driver checks his file..
3.16 TT.avi_000131865
and begins to drive toward Krakower.
3.16 TT.avi_000147881
This so doesn’t look like Berne! Totally unconvincing-  looks like a Warner’s set..
The truck speeds toward him, the driver turns and all the beer kegs on the back of the truck go flying toward Krakower.
3.16 TT.avi_000157891
Death by Beer Keg!

We cut to a film of the same scene.
3.16 TT.avi_000164397
A man (Falkan) addresses a panel of four people..
3.16 TT.avi_000168902
(Looks like one of the panel is operating the projector?)
The coroner issued Krakower’s death certificate at 14:07…
Berne time.
End Faceless baddie: Swiss police?
3.16 TT.avi_000173907
Falkan: Ruled an accident. They found the truck abandoned, its Turkish driver long gone, obviously fearing the consequences. Our man was already in Austria. No connection.
[Hmm our man? ]
3.16 TT.avi_000181414
End Faceless Baddie: Any other questions? [faceless female baddie shakes her head – okay I’m guessing these are baddies?!]
…Disagreements?…  [more head shakes]
Put through the payment to King.
[King? uh oh!!!]
Falkan: Yes, sir.
3.16 TT.avi_000195929
The scene closes with the film of Krakower dead.
Back in DC..
3.16 TT.avi_000197931
Is it winter?!

We find Francine, Lee and Billy are in Billy’s office.
Francine: Lee, look at this.
3.16 TT.avi_000210443
[whooo the Betty Grable look from playing possum is back!]
Francine: Here.
Lee: Krakower’s dead?
Francine: Hit and run. We only gave him back, what, 48 hours ago? [Ah okay so I take it he was the Czech hitman then..not the school teacher!]
Lee: Talk about an irony – here’s one of the world’s deadliest men and he buys it by getting run over by a truck.
3.16 TT.avi_000218451
Francine: Ah, actually about a thousand gallons of German pilsner, but why quibble. [Why quibble? because it can be fun!!!! I’m with Francine.. which.. scares me actually Winking smile whahahaa]
…Maybe there is some justice in the world after all.
3.16 TT.avi_000224457
Billy: First Omar Kalim falls off the Eiffel Tower… [lol really?!] …And now Krakower gets run over. Both of them were Eastern Bloc agents that we traded back and both died in the last month.
3.16 TT.avi_000234968
Lee: You think there’s a connection? [Umm yeah!! she just said: both are now dead eastern bloc agents traded back in the last month! = connection!]
3.16 TT.avi_000237470
[Let’s ask TP to explain the connection! Okay okay.. that was The Pharaoh’s Engineer.. I’ll let that one go.. maybe we’ll see the gathering of evidence in this episode. cool!]
Billy: Let’s find out.
Amanda knocks on Billy’s office door. [Let me guess.. Amanda knocks on the door with : Evidence!!!! rofl!!! Oh smk I love ya! but it’s too funny how Amanda keeps stumbling into the evidence!]
Amanda enters and everyone says their good mornings.. 
3.16 TT.avi_000243476
[Okay.. what do you make of Francine’s dress all? I don’t think it’s a travesty.. but then I don’t think it is very professional either… the flowers are not the prettiest I’ve seen either.. and the earbuttons? Poor Francine! ]
Billy: What is it, Amanda?
3.16 TT.avi_000244477
Amanda: Well, sir, it’s about my pay cheque.
Billy: Didn’t you get it?
Amanda: Oh, no, sir, I- I got it all right. (Takes out her purse and opens it.)
Francine: If you’re worried about them taking too much out, Amanda, don’t. It’s a universal problem.
Lee (laughs wryly): Hmmm.
3.16 TT.avi_000252986
Amanda takes a piece of paper out of her purse.
Amanda: No. No, they- they didn’t take out too much. No, that’s not the problem at all. They – they seem to have given me just, ah, you know, a little too much.
3.16 TT.avi_000259993
Billy turns away with an indulgent smile. Ah Amanda.. they give you 50 cents too much and you feel bad! Bless her!
3.16 TT.avi_000261995
Lee (raises his eyebrows): That’s a problem?
3.16 TT.avi_000262495
[Is it just me or is BB looking very tanned again?]
Amanda: Well, heh…
3.16 TT.avi_000264998
Lee: Maybe it’s your overtime?
3.16 TT.avi_000265999
Amanda (flatly): A hundred thousand dollars.
3.16 TT.avi_000267000
3.16 TT.avi_000268001
Everyone reacts!
3.16 TT.avi_000269002
Hey.. I think 100 thousand for Amanda’s work is long overdue! Winking smile
3.16 TT.avi_000270003
We see a (high speed lol!) close-up of the cheque, made out to Amanda King. Whoooo so it’s January 1986.. that’s good to know Winking smile Oh and we know IFF’s address now?! ha!! 1363 Constitution avenue? or is that 1563?
3.16 TT.avi_000271504
Moving on to a queue at an IFF counter. LOL who knew they had counters! Uh oh.. Amanda is at the back of the queue.
Agent Duffy: So waiting here for 20 minutes… (my name is) Duffy?
3.16 TT.avi_000275508
Go Duffy! It’s been a while since I saw him!
3.16 TT.avi_000280013
Amanda sighs loudly (“Ohh!”) when she sees the size of the book the guy is searching.
3.16 TT.avi_000282515
Lee approaches Amanda from behind.
3.16 TT.avi_000283516
Lee: Amanda?!
3.16 TT.avi_000284517
LOL he scares her! It’s been a while since he’s done that!
3.16 TT.avi_000285018
Amanda: Oh. Yes.
Lee: Have you been waiting here all this time?
3.16 TT.avi_000287020
Amanda (through gritted teeth): Yes, I have. I’ve been standing here waiting at the end of this line.
3.16 TT.avi_000288521
Lee: Why?
3.16 TT.avi_000290023
Amanda: Why? Because I’m the person at the end of the line. Nobody comes and stands behind me. I am here waiting in my place at the end of the line.
3.16 TT.avi_000293526
[lol at the lady in front of Amanda.. she seems to agree this stinks!]
Lee (more quietly): Well, there is an easier way to do this, you know.
3.16 TT.avi_000300033
[hoo haa these two stand close to each other!!!]
No, I don’t know. I’m not gonna break in front of these people.
3.16 TT.avi_000303036
…They have all been waiting in this line and I’m not gonna break.
3.16 TT.avi_000306539
Lee: Amanda, this is gonna take forever.
3.16 TT.avi_000307040
[And Lee just can’t do without Amanda!]
Amanda: No, it’s not. Look at that, you see…?
3.16 TT.avi_000309042
Duffy (at the counter, snatching what looks like a cheque): Finally. Thank you.
Duffy goes to leave but then turns back to the guy.
3.16 TT.avi_000313046
Duffy: No, this is still not right. It’s not right.
3.16 TT.avi_000314047
Amanda: Oh, no.
3.16 TT.avi_000315548
Lee takes Amanda by both arms.
3.16 TT.avi_000318051
He certainly knows how to help her to listen to him Smile
3.16 TT.avi_000319552
Lee: Look, I know a fellow that can take care of this immediately, huh?…
3.16 TT.avi_000320553
[Who can resist that much eye contact from the master? Amanda’s lucky her legs keep her standing up! My legs would have buckled Winking smile ]
Amanda takes a look at the line again.. and needs no further convincing! go with Lee? or stand in line? tough choice!! Not!!
3.16 TT.avi_000322055
…Come on.
Amanda goes with Lee.
3.16 TT.avi_000324557
Love the last little look at the line. Lee’s a rule breaker.. he doesn’t have to wait in line!
3.16 TT.avi_000325058
And it’s all finished off with this long suffering woman glaring at him as he leaves.
3.16 TT.avi_000326059
Good luck lady! Hey, at least you aren’t having to wear a guest pass like Amanda does. ugh.

How wonderful is it to see Lee and Amanda interacting so much huh??!!! It’s been a while since we got a big dose of Lee/Amanda interaction without someone else around!

Okay guys.. finishing here – and as always a big hello from me and I can’t wait to hear what thoughts you’d like to share!!!! Soooo exciting to start the walk again!!!! Happy 2016 Everyone!!!

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  1. Duffy has another line, folks. Watch out folks. He could have a breakthrough moment any day now. #goduffygo


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  3. I was just re-reading the walk through “Wizard” (shoutout to Morley for making me want to review it in depth with her fanfic) and there’s that great scene where Lee realizes Amanda read the file on Dorothy’s death. It made me realize that Amanda actually does that a fair bit: she does it in Wizard AND uses Francine’s clearance to alert Billy to the problem, she does it in WTAMB and in PE, where she both times she fakes Lee’s signature to get at info she shouldn’t have, and later she does – well stuff I’m not allowed to talk about yet because we’re not there yet on the walk. However, the interesting thing is that she only ever does it when it’s for other people. She’ll do any number of slightly unethical things (like breaking into a Post Office!) if it’s to help someone else with a problem but she draws the line at cutting the line, so to speak.

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    • Hey Janet, phew! So glad I found this comment.. I knew I had read it ages ago but wasn’t sure where to find it!
      Yes Amanda can be quite devious errr I mean ingenious when it’s called for..
      rule breaker or rule follower?
      I think for Amanda it’s not so black and white – When someone she cares about is in trouble she will definitely break some rules (accessing thing she shouldn’t or breaking into post offices etc…)

      Here, Amanda refuses to cut in line and break the rules – no one is in trouble here really… she just has to wait.. and I think one of Amanda’s main values is a strong sense of fairness. I think this informs many of her decisions about whether or not to follow the rules 🙂

      I enjoyed this comment of your Janet it got me thinking about something I hadn’t really thought of before!
      Hope you are well! byee!

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  4. Hello and good evening all. Been absent for a while, busy life and in part wasn’t enamoured with a couple of the episodes 😮
    Anyway I couldn’t miss The Triumvirate squeeeeeeeee!!!!

    So…..death by keg…..not exactly a reliable way to knock someone off is it? What if he had only been slightly maimed?

    Urgh really not liking Francines outfit…..the dress I can put up with but the ear buttons and the hair!!!! Is she attending a 40’s revival later? It’s quite aging on her I think.

    Cringing at the dialogue discussing the death of the two agents…..isn’t Lee one of the Agency’s best….not showing himself to be the brightest lamp in the street here.
    For some reason the way Amanda displays her cheque tickles me…you aren’t in show and tell now! Most people would have handed it over to their boss to see. However she is having a really good hair day so will forgive her voluminous skirt 😉

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    • Hi there Jenbo! So nice to see you on the blog! I must share that I thought about you just last night – coincidence? – I watched the US premiere of Sherlock Holmes and The Abominable Bride. Sherlock Holmes and Jenbo go together for me like peanut butter and chocolate – hahaha! Glad to see you’re doing good!


      • Hello BJo how are my lovely? Yes me and Sherlock go hand in hand but I was sooooo disappointed with The Abominable Bride……well loved it and hated it in equal measure LOL


  5. Yippee!!! The Triumvirate! I’m so glad we’ve made it through PFK and TPE! And iwsod, I think you are ‘A Class Act’ for keeping us all in thrall to Lee and SMK 😉 And so glad that with the slower schedule you didn’t go ‘Over the Limit’ and that you are not a ‘Burn Out’. That would just lead to ‘Sour Grapes’. 🙂

    Why does the truck driver look familiar to me? Has he been an SMK baddie before?

    Francine hair and wardrobe critique – I’ve seen better, but I’ve definitely seen worse. Not my favorite hairstyle on her. It does not say ‘Spy’ to me. Looks more 80’s librarian. I also don’t like the big red jewelry with her blue/white dress. It may be patriotic, but it’s not even July according to her paycheck.

    Jack! I see Jack! Anyone remember him? Hahaha It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do a stats post. Actually, the woman in line in front of Amanda is a Jill. I think we’ve seen her before. I know we see her in a later episode, but I won’t say anything till we get there. Actually, I think the guy handing out the paychecks is quite familiar too….

    Lee is looking oh so very handsome while trying to convince Amanda to let him help her with her paycheck problem. Hubba hubba…my knees would buckle!

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    • You wonder why the truck driver looks so familiar to you? No, he hasn’t been a SMK baddy before – as far as I remember – but he will become a SMK baddy again in S4 (Bodega). And my guess is, he’ll become the most hated SMK baddy ever… 😦


    • I’m going to let the (moderator) side down as I can’t come with any more witty SMK title comments. But at least I’m finally on the blog (albeit on my phone) while travelling.
      On the transcription dull to exciting spectrum, the episode was definitely on the more exciting end of the scale. Almost too exciting at times 🙂
      I like Amanda’s shirt so much that I can block out the shoulder pads and horror skirt. And I love her reaction in the queue. So human. So Amanda. I’m wondering if she really thinks she’ll have time by going with Lee?!?

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    • ROFL so glad I finally remembered to get back to this comment of yours BJo!

      Yippee!!! The Triumvirate! I’m so glad we’ve made it through PFK and TPE! And iwsod, I think you are ‘A Class Act’ for keeping us all in thrall to Lee and SMK 😉 And so glad that with the slower schedule you didn’t go ‘Over the Limit’ and that you are not a ‘Burn Out’. That would just lead to ‘Sour Grapes’. 🙂

      This had me laughing my butt off BJo!! I love it!!! Guess I am in ‘Utopia Now’ 🙂
      Why do we need to utilise SMK titles? Is it ‘A matter of choice’?
      Or just that we are The ‘Life of the Party’?
      Or maybe ‘it’s in the water’ at JWWM??
      Either way.. I’m beginning to suspect I’m ‘DOA: Delirious on Arrival’
      But then again – It’s ‘A relative situation’ 🙂

      Do you mind if I post this little exchange over at Neds? I have an idea!

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    • “Actually, the woman in line in front of Amanda is a Jill. I think we’ve seen her before.”
      Been waiting to say this a long time — this Jill answered the Colonel’s initial phone call in ARS and announced it to Lee. “Scarecrow, call for you on three.” I of course had to watch again to research this point. I love her expressions here in the line and the nice job she does as a foil to Lee and Amanda’s conversation.

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      • Oh my gosh! Ruth you have amazing patience and control!! whooo you should have been an agent 🙂

        Great catch!!

        Here she is in A relative situation:

        it would be a hoot to keep an eye more on these faces as we walk.. maybe we’ll see some more? or.. maybe we’ll just have to walk through the eps all over again 🙂

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  6. Hey everyone!!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing from you all!!

    I currently have the luxury of actually responding to you all too!!! I know this won’t always be the case.. so I’m relishing it!!! 🙂

    I’m trying to get ahead with writing blog posts, so when life busyness kicks in again I wont need to pause the walk (I don’t like doing that!). I’m quite a way into writing up this episode.. nearly 3/4’s.. and have got to say – I am really looking forward to the discussions ahead!!

    After playing for keeps and pharaoh’s engineer it’s been a bit of a struggle for me at times to be motivated.. lol… but with the triumvirate? there are no motivation problems!!! 🙂

    BTW- I wanted to ask: If anyone is super clever with graphics or wants to take on a new hobby – I’d love it if we got some more smk headers for the blog… if you are interested in making some please email me and I can give you the dimensions (email in sidebar). I should probably mix it up a bit again.. the lovely tux header has been up for ages.. I’ll set the headers to random again – so keep an eye out for them 🙂 Byeeee!!

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    • I’ve always felt that The Triumvirate is the reward for sticking with SMK through Pharaoh’s Engineer and Playing for Keeps! I’m so looking forward to this part of the walk!!

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  7. I’m loving the Lee/Amanda interaction too — and yep, they do both look really good here! I’m with you, Valerie — so nice to hear Lee’s cheery hello and to be able to tell he’s grinning at Amanda even when filmed from behind. And their banter in line is very sweet, Amanda being able to vent her frustration to Lee, and Lee staying calm and controlled and gorgeous. I’m sure in 1986 the contact in this scene must have gotten my heart all a-flutter! (Still does 🙂 )

    Welcome back, Duffy! I always enjoy a good Duffy-sighting.

    I was hoping I wouldn’t need to pull out my GOLD badge so soon in 2016 (Happy New Year everyone!) but they have given Lee what my family calls a Lassie line. I’m sure you know what I mean…. Lassie is barking her fool head off and bouncing up and down and all but standing on her head pointing with her paw, and what does someone say? “I think Lassie’s trying to tell us something.” Duh! Lee:”You think there’s a connection?” Duh!

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  8. Happy new year! L&A interaction goodies are back – squeeeee 🙂

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  9. So happy the walk is back and so happy I can walk along now instead of playing catch up from behind. I’m going back to what I was doing before and only watching, or re-watching up to where we are in the walk.

    Billy sounds like he has a cold, some congestion. When Amanda arrives and says hello to everyone, Lee seems especially happy to see her, you can hear it in the way he says hi and you can see this big smile from the side. It’s almost like he hasn’t seen her in a while. Francine seems to be in some patriotic colors. Last episode it was everyone in front of a flag, now she’s in red, white, and blue. I need to go back and see when they changed the opening credits and added the red, white, and blue. Not sure historically if anything was going on that lent itself to showing some patriotism. Need to check that out.

    I wonder if Lee specifically went looking for Amanda. He can’t have just been passing by. It doesn’t seem as if there are any pressing cases at the moment. But of course, now that Amanda has arrived, a case will arrive as well. Everyone in that line seems to be their usual extras.

    Lee pulled out the big guns to work on Amanda, the taking of both arms, the gentle speaking, the looking deeply into her eyes, the smile, the dimples. He would have had me at “Look..”. Otherwise I would have just collapsed on the floor. Amanda is a woman of great restraint.

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    • Hey Valerie. I think you are right about Billy being snuffly.. good catch..

      Yes! I saw Lee’s huge smile too.. so big we can see it from behind him! haaaaa!!! 🙂
      I was thinking that’s what Francine turned and looked at Lee to observe as he interacted with Amanda here..

      .. she does look in this image to be taking note of his pleasure at Amanda’s arrival.. and after playing for keeps and fast food for thought – she has well… plenty of food for thought!… 🙂

      Agreed!!! That taking Amanda by both arms technique is a winner!!! we could do a whole blog post on all the times Lee has done that to Amanda – usually it’s when he is trying to convince her of something or get her to cooperate.. and.. I can’t think of a time he’s done it and she’s resisted it??!!! Can anyone??

      Amanda can resist sliding to the floor in a puddle.. but she doesn’t seem to be able to resist the genuine double hand hold combined with direct eye contact from Lee – it’s Amanda’s weakness 🙂

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      • Look what I found!!!
        Lee has been using this technique with Amanda from the moment he met her – and pleaded with her to give the package to the man in the red hat 🙂

        He held her like this as he looked her in the eyes and said ‘Please!!’
        Swoony huh!! And… it worked.. Amanda melted 🙂

        This definitely deserves a post of it’s own one day..

        and see sidebar – I found he does it again in the very next episode.. yet again when he is trying to convince her to do something (i.e. work with him in the suburbs)

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        • Adding to that thought (post of its own)… I don’t recall that Lee’s done this two-arm technique and swoony eye gaze with anyone except Amanda. 😉

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        • Lee taking Amanda’s arms surely does deserve a post. Now I’m wondering just how often he’s done it, as well as why. I know to convince her, but was it something he noticed after the first time or just something natural that he did or felt?

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  10. Yay!!! We are back! And I could use some SMK walking exercise right about now.
    Yes, I love the interaction at the back of that line between our two favorite people. Amanda and Lee are still both so in character, but not at odds. They are accepting of each other’s characters and comfortable with each other. And yes, I think the girl in front of Amanda was jealous that Scarecrow was giving Amanda so much attentive help. He he.

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  11. Happy New Year!

    I can’t help but grin how they conveniently made the Swiss paper English so that U.S. viewers would understand what was written there. If that episode really starts in Bern, then the newspaper ought to be in German, I’d say, because that’s the official language spoken in Bern (well, the Swiss version of it, Allemannic German which is kinda hard to understand for Germans …). Chances are there might also be Italian and French language newspapers since that’s the other two languages spoken in Switzerland (depending on which part you’re in). In addition to that, an English newspaper probably would be called “Swiss Telegrapher”, using the proper English word, not French “Suisse” … Just me nitpicking. 😀

    I agree about Francine’s dress – the cut and the color are okay but I really don’t like the flowers …

    And as for the lady in line before Amanda – she’s also probably jealous Amanda’s getting so much attention from Scarecrow! 😀


    • haaaa yes rather convenient!

      The newspaper in English didn’t strike me as strange, as I know from when I lived in Europe there are English language newspapers for sale for expats.. but why would the local man be reading a newspaper in English?! hankering for his US imprisoned days?! lol.. I can’t see a way around that one 🙂

      lol yes the Suisse use is funny.. I wonder if these days there would be more knowledge about what that word means in English speaking countries – thanks to some big companies using that word it may be more widely known now that it is ‘switzerland’? who knows..

      Hey nitpick away Knell, it’s fun 🙂 Or as Francine would say ‘why quibble’?! iwsod says- because it’s fun! 🙂

      lol.. I think the lady in line just wants a fast solution.. what a waste of agency $$ to have all those staff waiting around and not doing their jobs!

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      • I’ll chime in with a quick answer to your long-ago question, iwsod. Doesn’t the newspaper article say that Krakower is Czech? I think he is hiding out in neutral Switzerland but not a local which explained to me why he would read an English newspaper. With the US being the primary enemy of the Eastern Bloc, I would expect him to have focused more on his English than any of the primary languages of Switzerland.


  12. So excited! Thank you, Iwsod! 😀 Happy New Year’s to all! Still not even midnight here. I ended up watching this whole episode tonight. I needed a mood lifter tonight and this was great! 🙂

    Can anyone explain how this Krakower guy (aka., ‘one of the world’s deadliest men’) can miss a big blue truck coming at him?

    Very excited to have the Lee/Amanda interactions back! We’ve missed that in the last two. I like how Lee tries to gently nudge her away from the line, while she’s giving her Amanda-rant about waiting her turn to fix her check. She can resist a $100,000 check…but not the Lee dimples. 😉

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    • What a great way to start the year Sara.. watching the Triumvirate!

      rofl.. umm Krakower loved pilsner and saw the truck approaching and thought his dreams had come true?!

      Yes!!!! Such intense Lee/Amanda interaction is like rain after a drought!

      She can resist a $100,000 check…but not the Lee dimples. 😉

      whoooo love this!!! so true Sara!!!

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  13. Happy new year fellow SMK travelers! Ooooh, I am so excited, this might be my favorite episode ever! And who could resist those dimples swoon thud – oh, I must concentrate and not get lost in the scenery 🙂 ! I love that Amanda wants to be fair yet is chewing on nails while waiting in those horrible lines to fix her slight overpayment. I think the two of them look gorgeous here! I can handle the plaid, but not the shoulder pads (and yes, I wore em in the 80s too). But who cares, these two are a delightful feast for the eyes and heart!
    Happiest of years to come to all!


    • Hiya Jule, love your current avatar – did you create that one? you are moving into images of people now? I know you’ve done amazing patterns in the past 🙂 hope business is going well!!!

      rofl yep that scenery is mighty distracting 🙂

      So true – they do both look gorgeous! Agreed. the shoulder pads are nasty!
      Happy 2016 to you too Jule!


      • Hi Iwsod, I hope you’ve had a bit of a breather before plunging into 2016!
        The avatar is one of my bracelets, a newish line which I’ve been working on. You should see my workroom, what a mess-paint and ink everywhere! (My husband has given up on the idea that it’s an office lol!)
        And yes, Lee and Amanda look especially lovely here! Such a terrific way to start the new year, with this episode!
        Cheers 🙂


  14. Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome back, iwsod. It’s good to be walking with you all again.

    Even if you wanted to you wouldn’t be able to cash that check, Amanda. There are no bank account numbers on it. You’d probably get arrested for trying to pass a counterfeit check and Lee would have to bail you out of jail…again.

    Can anyone make something out of that scrawl of a signature?

    Love the facial expressions of that lady in front of Amanda!

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    • rofl no bank account numbers?! whahahaa.. umm is that maybe a special agency thing?

      Oh gosh no sorry I can’t make out the signature. would be hilarious if it was signed by say…. Oscar the grouch!

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  15. First of all, Happy New Year everyone! We get it first in NZ so it’s 2.00pm 1 Jan here already. I decided to sleep through it last night but some pr***, I mean, not so considerate person in my street, decided that loud and copious fireworks were in order. A pox on them for 2016, I say. 😡
    So, I’m off to a positive start to the year already. 😉
    The Fashion Police have reviewed the footage of Francine’s dress and found nothing that warrants an arrest – plastic ear furniture and neck beads notwithstanding. These pale in comparison to Amanda’s heinous plaid shirt and parachute skirt outfit – that is an offence warranting a serious warning. Go home change now, Missy! I let her off lightly because her hair looks nice and her restrained earrings are a welcome relief from Francine’s clunky accessories.
    This is an intriguing start to the episode. They must’ve been empty beer kegs… no spillage. I would’ve thought full beer kegs would be more lethal.
    So, someone was standing there with a camera filming it all for the baddies? Just as well it was 1986 – these days there’d be 20 people filming on their smart phones and it’d be on You Tube in minutes. The baddie might not have gotten away so easily. SMK is often an amusing reminder of how quickly technology has developed in the last 30 years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, dear, I hope the plaid shirt is only heinous because it’s paired with that skirt, because I love, love, love it!! (Well, it could stand to lose the shoulder pads — ew.) Flannel shirts were big in the late 70s and early 80s, and I’ve never lost my love for them! In fact I am sitting here right now in the cozy blue and black buffalo plaid flannel that I got for Christmas 🙂

      I wonder if the person doing the filming was “our man”, as in “our man was already in Austria”?

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      • I agree about Amanda’s plaid shirt. Love it too! I had some like that back in the day and in fact, she may have inspired them. The colors are really what flatter her in that scene. Maybe that’s why her outfit (as a whole) doesn’t bother me.

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        • Hiya Kiwismh, Raffie and Sara,

          I have to agree with Raffie and Sara, the red plaid on Amanda does not strike me as heinous. It sounds like Officer Kiwismh has had a bad experience with plaid in the past which makes her loathe it that little bit more 🙂
          Fashion is always a matter of opinion.. and I love that we can disagree happily 🙂
          Oh wait.. no I’m sure there are some Francine outfits that are hideous and it is a matter of fact not opinion.. err right?! 😉

          I agree the red on Amanda is a great colour! Loving her hair too! and lack of earbuttons!!

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    • Hey Kiwismh – happy 2016! the parachute skirt.. I’m not a fan of them but at the same time I think KJ gets away with them..
      what does everyone else think?

      lol good point about the smart phones- would have made the spy business a bit tricky.. how many images of waiter Lee handing Amanda the package at the train station would there have been?! not very secure..

      – plastic ear furniture and neck beads notwithstanding.

      rofl!!!! I loved this Kiwismh – so funny! 🙂

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      • I meant to ask, what exactly is a parachute skirt? Because if it is the cut, I think I got one for Christmas and I like it…

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        • I keep wondering too….I’ve never heard the term before I joined this walk through…..


        • Just a skirt with lots and lots of fabric, enough to make a parachute 😉 … and would probably make an effective parachute if you had to jump out of a plane. I guess they suit Amanda’s character but they don’t seem particularly practical for the job she is in now – not really ideal for lots of running, jumping, falling – but then neither are the high heel shoes.
          In the 80’s I used to favour pencil skirts – no more practical really than the parachute skirts as they were tight and hard to walk in, but they looked up-market and showed off the figure. I also found that wearing a full (parachute) skirt on a windy day resulted in me performing many less than glamorous Marilyn Munroe Seven Year Itch re-enactments. 😯

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  16. Can I just start by saying how nice it is to be so many time zones behind Iwsod that this came in a whole day earlier than expected? Yay!

    No one does exasperated better than KJ. “Why? Because I am the person at the end of the line! No one comes and stands behind me.”

    And all those almost-dimples screen caps. What a great start to 2016!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy new year Janet!!! 🙂

      lol yeah I thought I could have waited till tonight my time so it is new years day for everyone.. and then I thought: nah who cares! just go for it! haaaa!

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