SMK Dating Advice: 20 Signs they’re not ‘the one’–Part 2

Phew.. more SMK advice for navigating the dating jungle!
Let the advice continue..

You know he or she is not ‘the one’ when:

11) She’s gone ahead and married someone else!





12) He asks you out on a date to forget his troubles, and risks putting you in danger for the privilege.. (The Chin strikes!)

13) He buys you a concubine ring. [thanks for this one learjet]

14) .. and worse.. It’s fugly!

15) … and worse! It’s bugged! Yep.. definitely time to dump him!

16) He specialises in Quickie Chickies and uses the line “where have you been all my life?”

17) Your date drops his Rome and Paris apartments into conversation with your mother.
(He’s clearly over compensating!)

18) He sets you up as a courier for some bad guys..

19) She sets you up for a knockout drug!

20) I’ve left my favourite for last.. You know she’s not the one when:
She ‘took off’ with an airline pilot!

So there you go everyone – you’ve been warned!!! In SMK, dating is a dangerous business Winking smile 

Is there more you can think of? Probably! Smile
Which advice is your favourite?
If anyone is inspired to write a version of this – when you know someone loves you/when you know they’re a keeper?? – feel free to go for it! Smile

I’m wondering if there’s a need for part 3. I might keep my eyes out for this as the walk continues – I am thinking there’s loads I’ve missed probably!
Thanks for reading!

Hope the Holiday preparations are coming along well!! Who here will be away over the Christmas/New Year?

17 responses to “SMK Dating Advice: 20 Signs they’re not ‘the one’–Part 2

  1. You are all too funny. Best dating advice from SMK, stop trying to date other’s when your soul mate is standing right in front of you!


  2. Another brilliant post! Hahaha – I guessed number 16 in my comment on your first post! hoo haa! These are fun! Hope you are well!


  3. There are a couple from WTAMB…he’s an accountant in pensions, he’s an octopus you have to arm wrestle. Great post, Iwsod!


    • whoooo this one’s added to my list!
      LOL I’ll put all these together when you guys have forgotten you suggested them haaa (and I’ll remind you in the post that you came up with it haaa)

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  4. Love it 🙂 Here are a few more:
    When his name sounds like a desert (Bryce Topping – who I actually quite liked)
    When he gets himself murdered after date one
    When he thinks you are a counterfeiter
    When he tells you he wears his underwear inside out
    When a woman leaves his apartment every time you arrive (Randi baby)
    Yes probably there is a part 3 or even 4 in this

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  5. To add to number 16 – he can’t distinguish between a real woman and the heroine of a romance novel dressed in a computer composite favourite outfit and hairdo

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  6. How could we forget “doesn’t give you his number”? Because only married men and weirdos don’t give you their number!

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